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Deeper into the "Shadow World" of Song-Poem Music

A typical song-poem solicitation mailing

Thomas J. Guygax, Sr., the greatest of all song-poets

The story of John Trubee's "Blind Man's Penis," the most famous of all song-poems

The Many Mysteries Of Nervous Norvus

William H. Arpaia, another of our favorite song-poets

Songwriter's Review, curious artifacts from the pages of a tipsheet for amateur songwriters

Rodd Keith, Ellery Eskelin's site about his father's life and work [offsite]

Ellery Eskelin's This American Life interview about Rodd Keith, available in both RealAudio and text formats

Ken's Corner: a cool old guy reviews song-poem records

Malaprops, Non Sequiturs, and Other Lines That Go Clunk in the Night

How to write and sell your songs in five easy lessons -- "a $9.99 value!"

Song-poem sheet music from 1901

Mysterious song-poem sheet music from 1906

Correspondence between a song-poet and a song-poem company from 1906/1907

Weird song-poem brochure from 1913

Sarcastic 1914 exposé of the possible founder of song-poem music

Possible song-poem solicitation letter sent to Outsider Artist Henry Darger in 1921

Cartoon from 1925 song-poem exposé

Song Requirements Of Talking Pictures, 1930 song-poem promotional booklet

Inside account of Depression-era song-poem company (recalled in 1950)

Chapter about song-poem music from 1935 songwriting book

Song-poem "how-to" booklet (in three complete lessons) from 1937

Two consecutive ads from May, 1943 Issue of Song Parade magazine

The rise and fall of a '40s powerhouse -- the Nordyke story

Song-Poem References in Popular Culture (1946 to 1998)

Song-poem classifieds from a 1955 issue of Popular Mechanics

Tommy Durden, Inc., 1958 ad for "Heartbreak Hotel" co-author's song-poem company

Great 1962 brochure for Ascot Records (photo above)

Capitol Records' 1962 "Songs Without Words" contest

I Was A Teenage Song-Poet (1969/1972/1988)

Customer Complaint #1 (1969)

Clever kid decides to start his own late-'70s song-poem company, Swell Music, Inc. (offsite)

Customer Complaint #2 (1984)

Come-on letters from Donn Hecht Organization, a high-end song shark outfit (1997)

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