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Fable Records, 2608 Sunset Blvd., LA 26 CA
then: Fable Record Co. & Recording Studio, 6601 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood 28 CA; (213) HO7-2141 (also HO7-0777)
then: Fable Records!, P.O. Box 9721, N. Hollywood, CA 91609

Note: Many of the records that follow are not song-poem records. However, there is a train of logic to the reason that I felt it pertinent to list all the known Fable releases anyway: Sandy Stanton's Fable label was the direct antecedent to his Film City imprint; at least some of Fable's releases were definitely of the song-poem variety; Film City was one of the most important as well as blatant song-poem outfits; and since songwriter information is not yet available for most of the following titles, it's unclear which are and which are not song-poem.

Most of the information we have on Fable was provided by Terry Gordon, who compiled it by pouring through crinkly old issues of Billboard. His yeoman efforts and dwindling eyesight on our behalf are extremely appreciated. Terry's interest in Fable stems from its growing reputation as a not-half-bad rockabilly label, particularly their earlier efforts. As their release numbers progress and titles like "Teenie Weenie Man," "Teen Age Brain Surgeon" and "The Happy Hop" start to appear, Fable's shift from bop to schlock becomes quite evident.

For more on Stanton's weird career, don't miss the Film City page.

-- Singles --

501: Randy Brent -- Because Of Love / I Never Want To Dream Again (1955)
504/505: Sandy Stanton & His Fable Orchestra -- I Don't Want Your Address Anymore (Bob Hill) / Why Don't You Smile At Me (1955)
506/507: Sandy Stanton & His Fable Label Orch. -- My Western Home / vocal by J.D. Langford, music by Sandy Stanton & His Fable Label Orch. -- I Want To Be A Lover (both wr. Danny Rhythm) (1955)
508/509: Sandy Stanton with His Fable Recording Orch. -- What They Sing About On Mars / Drifting Apart (both wr. Lysle Tomerlin) (1955; red vinyl)
508/532: Sandy Stanton & His Fable Recording Orch. What They Sing About On Mars / The Whippoorwills feat. Sweet Georgia Brown -- Charmful Armful (both wr. Lysle Tomerlin)
512/513: Johnny Bowen, music by Sandy Stanton & His Fable Recording Orch. -- Honky Tonk Wife (George Wilson) / Fickle Fool (Sandy Stanton) (1955)
517: Dusty Ward -- If You Two Time Me / Two Timin' Mamma (1955)
519: Wayne Brock -- You're Breaking In Another / Yellow Roses
520/521: Cecil & Janey Payne, music by Sandy Stanton & His Fable Label Orch. -- Fall / Cecil Payne -- Broken Hearted Fool (both wr. C.J. Payne) (1955; red vinyl)
522/523: Bob Nations -- It's Your Turn Now / I Don't Believe You Ever Cared (1955)
524/525: Jack Eaton -- I Could Never Find Another Sweetheart / I Love The U.S.A. (1955)
532: Whippoorwills -- Charmful Armful (1955)
533/534: Wayne Brock, music by Sandy Stanton & His Fable Recording Orchestra -- Santa Claus Has A Secret / Too Late To Shed A Tear (both wr. Ina Parry) (1955)
535/536: Mike Sather with the Ferguson Four & Sandy Stanton's Top Flighters -- I Was So In Love / Mary Louise (both wr. Mildred Romer)
unnumbered demo: Hasil Adkins -- My Mama Loves Me/I Woke Up This Morning (both wr. Hasil Adkins) (10-inch, 78 rpm acetate; Feb. 1956, Hasil's "debut")
546: Ramblin' Everett & Sandy Stanton & His Fable Recording Stars -- Cincinnati Woman (Everett Whitson) / Forever In Dreams (1956)
547/548: Maggie Morgan, music by Sandy Stanton & His Fable Record Stars -- Stop Your Running Around / The Sugar Blues (both wr. Maggie Morgan (?))
549/550: Glen Goff & Edward Davidson, featuring The Wandering Waddies -- Livin' For Your Lovin' (Goff-Davidson-Johnston) (1956)
555/556: Sandy Stanton -- Sadie Lou (1956; apparently released as both 45 and 78)
557: Jesse Hodges: Old Time Melodies
559/560: Jack Carlen -- The Onliest Thing I Won't Do / I Got One Foot In The Grave (1956)
563/564: Kenny McKennon & His Blue Cats -- Catwalk / Call Your Daddy, Baby (both wr. Kennon McKennon) (1956; not a song-poem record)
565: Denny Fenn -- Hey Bo
567/568: Catherine Russell, music by Sandy Stanton and the Fable Recording Orch. -- You Are Not Alone / Walk In The Sun (both wr. Price-Brown)
571: Gene McKown -- I'm Still Wondering Why / My Heart Belongs To You (both wr. Coates-McKown)
573: Billy Macklin -- Knock On Wood (W.E. Macklin)
575/576: music by Larry Drake & His Vagabonds, vocal by Jesse Hodges & The Spotlighters -- Tears (Irwin-Drake-Largura) / music by Larry Drake & His Vagabonds, vocal by The Spotlighters and Plus One -- Boppin' Baby (Maxine Largura) (1957)
577/578: vocal by Betty Farrell, music by Larry Drake & His Vagabonds -- I Wouldn't Take A Million Dollars / Every Little Wish (both wr. Ethel Greenwood) (1957)
583/584: Jimmie Lawson & Sandy Stanton Band -- Ol' Jack Hammer Blues (M. Okum) / Fickle Fool (1957)
587: Jesse Dale, music by Sandy Stanton Orchestra -- You Will Always Be / You Are Mine (both wr. Daniel Goros) (1957)
588: Ray DiVic, music by Sandy Stanton Orchestra -- Have Faith / I'll Be Loving You (both wr. Voleta Osborne)
590: Roberta May -- I Belong To You / Ask For Herman (1957)
592: Jody McGeary -- These Lips / That's When Youre Gonna Be Sorry (1957)
594: Randie Nissen -- You Are You
595: Tim Dinkins, music by The Texas Cutups -- It's All In A Lifetime / Cattin' Tonight (both wr. Tim Dinkins) (1957; not a song-poem record) (Note: Discographer Terry Gordon believes that with this release, Fable began single-numbering all their releases (in fact taking that scheme to an extreme on 601, below). Releases prior to 595 are listed here with split numbers only in confirmed cases, but it is assumed that all, or at least virtually all, of Fable's earlier releases were split-numbered.)
597: Bob Bonn, music by Sandy Stanton -- Ooo, Baby / Soft Spot In My Heart (both wr. George Blevins) (1957)
598: Beryln Bates, music by Sandy Stanton -- Don't Ever Lie To Me Baby / Beryln Bates with Fable Chorus, music by Sandy Stanton -- Do I Dare (both wr. B.W. Bates-Ethel MacLean)
599: Roberta May with Fable Chorus, Music by Sandy Stanton -- Tell Me / Don't Tell Me That Jive (both wr. Sidney Whitacker) (1957)
600: Jesse Hodges with Fable Chorus, music by Sandy Stanton -- Beautiful Los Angeles / All For You (both wr. Ruby Robelen-Mildred Walker) (1957)

Note: three variations on Fable 601. Johnny Faire later recorded under the name Donnie Brooks, scoring a big hit in 1960 with "Mission Bell":
601: Johnny Faire -- If I'm A Fool / Make Up Your Mind Baby (1957)
601: Johnny Faire -- If I'm A Fool / You Gotta Walk The Line (1957)
601: Johnny Faire -- You Gotta Walk The Line / Make Up Your Mind Baby (1957)

602: Roberta May -- I Promise Faithfully / High School Love (1957)
603: vocal: Jesse Hodges with Fable Chorus, Sandy Stanton Orch. -- My Christmas Prayer (Ramsey-Colello) / Donna Zuker with Fable Chorus, Sandy Stanton Orch. -- I Think It's Almost Christmas Time (F. Demoss) (1957; Donna Zuker (correct spelling: Zukor) was a 9-year-old, who a few years later would change her name to become pop star Donna Loren)
604: Honey Sisters, music by Sandy Stanton -- Dream Of The Teens / Fast Fast Beats My Heart (both wr. Stephen F. Todd) (1958)
605: Jesse Dale, Music by Sandy Stanton -- No One I Know (Mosberger-Dominguez) / Enchanting Night (Owens)
606: Sandy Stanton and Fable Chorus -- Time Has No End (Paschall-Blake) / Don't Play With My Heart Like A Toy (Melody Paschall)
607: vocal: Jodie Decker with Fable Chorus, music by Sandy Stanton -- Teenage Blues (J. Decker) / Heartbreak Joe (1958)
608: The Eligibles -- Little Fire Eyes (Mr. Fire Eyes) (Miller-Guitar) / Shakespeare Rock (Bob Zwinn) (1957)
609: Jesse Hodges with the Four Fables; music by Sandy Stanton -- Until / This Is My Love (Lewis-Hall) (1958)
611: Danny Wheeler, music by Sandy Stanton -- Teenie Weenie Man / Knee Deep In Alligators (both wr. Wheeler) (1958; not a song-poem record)
613: Jimmy Wasson, music by Sandy Stanton Orchestra -- No-Idea-Poor-Girl (Why Keep Foolin Me) / Come Back To Me (both wr. John Frank Holmes)
614: Colleen Frazier featuring Sparky Frazier -- You're [sic] Mama's Here / Whose Lips Matched Mine (both wr. Frazier-Cole) (1958)
615: Ray McCoy, music by Sandy Stanton's Combo -- Rockin' Baby / I Need It (Old Fashioned Love) (both wr. Ray McCoy Kimes) (1958)
616: vocal, Chuck Grey, music by Sandy Stanton & The Panics -- Push The Panic Button / Rock And Roll Is In My Soul (both wr. Ethel Greenwood)
617/618: Vince Bruno (vocal): Oh My Cheree / Sandy Stanton & The Panics -- Spanish Rock Tango (instr.) (both wr. Daniel Goros)
618: Chuck Grey & The Panics -- Foot Loose And Free
621: The Pages, music by Tommy Oliver -- Spanish Rock-Tango (Goros) / Ill Wind (Koehler-Arlen)
623: Sandy & Carolyn -- That Certain Smile / Sunshine Just Walked In (1958)
629: Wally Black -- Rock And Roll Mama / That's The Best Way (1958)
630: Sandy & Carolyn, vocal by Sandy Stanton & Carolyn Watts [sic], music by Sandy Stanton's Panics -- Honey Do You Think It's Wrong (Dexter-Marvin) / Gone And Left Me Blues (writer unknown)
632: Sandy & Caroyln [sic], vocal by Sandy Stanton & Carolyn Waits, music by Sandy Stanton's Panics -- That Certain Smile / Sunshine Just Walked In Again (both wr. Doris Hill)
637: Eddie L. Davis & The Bureaucats -- Teen Age Brain Surgeon / Tick Tock Rock (both wr. Corps-Davis) (1958; arr. Wayne Corps; not a song-poem record)
638: Joe Diamond -- The Happy Hop / Trouble In Mind (1958)
639: Jim Jackson -- I Want Your Love / Say Hey I Love You (1958)
644: vocal: Gil Jones, music by Sandy Stanton featuring the Gus Norman Singers -- Love At First Sight / Be Nice To Me (both wr. Thelma H. Jones)
647: Whalen J. Jones (music by Sandy Stanton's Panics) -- (I've Got On) My Rock And Rollin' Shoes (Ruth Jenkins) / Dee Dum Dee (1958)
650: Ernie Mathis, music by Sandy Stanton -- I Didn't Know (I Loved You So) (Sandy Stanton)/Blue Teardrops (Ernie Mathis) (not a song-poem record)
651: Lillian Sprotte -- In Texas
655: Bob Norwood, featuring the Gus Norman Singers, music by Sandy Stanton -- Passing Fancy (D. Fisher-D. Haut) / Lonely Woman (Fisher-Haut)
657: Carolyn Waits with the Gus Norman Singers -- School
660: Anthony Renfro -- Come On Baby
number unknown: Anthony Renfro -- Stomping / I'm Scheming (both wr. Anthony Renfro) (not a song-poem record)
number unknown: Anthony Renfro -- She Upsets Me / Honey You Tickle Me (both wr. Anthony Renfro) (not a song-poem record)
662/663: vocal, Tony Casino, music: Sandy Stanton, featuring The Blobs -- The Devil's On A Soiree / Poor Satiny Sue (both wr. Wally Arno) (1959?)
665: The Capris -- Can't Get Over You / This Is Goodbye (both wr. Esther Weiser) (owner's note: "The Capris were Esther and Libby Weiser from Montebello, a town east of East L.A. Their mom financed the session and they got royalties. Probably the rarest and costliest Fable 45"; c.'59)
670: Jack Holiday -- Letter To Brigitte / You Cant Be Right (When You're Wrong)
676: Whalen T. Jones -- Rock 'N' Roll Dice / Rock Honey Rock (1959)
678: Carolyn Waits with The Sensational Wonders, music by Sandy Stanton -- Silly Symphony Band (George Haas) / Carolyn Waits, music by Sandy Stanton's Panics -- Don't Teep Me Tanding (Bud Hall)
684: vocal: Carolyn Waits, music by Sandy Stanton & His Orchestra & Chorus -- Christmas Holiday (Connie Hampton) / Lies (Hampton-Solovay-Orland)
688: Bob Martin, music by Sandy Stanton -- Baby It's You / Baby Me (both wr. Malcomb McComb)
690: Carol Gerroir, music featuring Mike Jonas & The Harmoderns -- Wait Baby / In My Rock 'N' Rollin' Rocket (In The Sky)
700: Carol Gerroir, music featuring Mike Jonas & The Harmoderns -- My Heart's In Heaven / Talk To Me, Baby
705: Jim Moore -- Are You Gonna Be / California Waltz
706: Little Donnie Lane, music by Sandy Stanton -- Go Away / Foolish (both wr. Donald Culton) (owner's note: "good C&W")
707: Jack Belveau -- I Ain't Nothin' But A Houndog
712: Bob Starr & His All-Starr Band -- Keep Her Satisfied (Bob Starr) / Hounddog (Leiber & Stoller) (c.1959)
713: Mickey Waycaster, music by Sandy Stanton & The Panics -- When You Smile (Elizabeth Cook) / Every Little Wish (Ethyl Greenwood)
714: Sandy & Patty (Sandy Stanton & Patty Wheeler) -- Christmas Tree (Ethyl [sic] Greenwood) / Oh Lovely Night (Charles Leont) (1958)
1060: Sandy Stanton & the "Singing Strings" -- I'm Going Through Hell (With An Angel On My Mind) / Fly Away Little Bird (both wr. Obal Keathley-Sandy Stanton)
1061: Sandy Stanton & the "Swinging Strings" -- Will It Be You, Or Be Me / Love Is A Girl (both wr. Robert Lyle-Sandy Stanton)
1167: Scotty (Sandy) Scott & the Rockin' Country Band -- As Long As I Have You (Obal Keathley)
4037: Rod Rogers with The Swinging Strings -- Hey! Mister! / Look, Ma (both wr. Ben H. Lee) (yellow vinyl)
unnumbered acetate: no artist named -- I Went Walking / Padre Island (both wr. Zelda Monux)

-- Albums --

649: narrated by Barbara Gill -- Hansel And Gretel: A Candle Time Tale

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