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Abbey Records, Box 2494, Hollywood 28, CA
then: Abbey Records, Inc., Box 251, Hollywood 28, CA
then: Abbey Records!, 6565 Sunset Blvd. (315), Hollywood CA 90028
then: Abbey Records, P.O. Box 9721, N. Hollywood, CA 91609
also: 1485 Vine St., Hollywood 28, Calif.

-- Singles --

113: Patty Wheeler, music by Sandy Stanton & The Panics -- Silly Symphony Band (George Haas) / Herbie Derby (J.J. Jeager-P.C. Medalle) (yellow vinyl)
201: Sandy Stanton, Patty Wheeler, music by Sandy Stanton Combo -- Gone And Left Me Blues / Patty Wheeler, music by Sandy Stanton Combo -- I Adore You
202: Colleen Carson, music by Sandy Stanton & The Swinging Strings -- Going Going Gone (Sandy Stanton) / He's Not Your Love (Patsy Willsey) (Note: "Going Going Gone" appears on two compilation albums: Hot Boppin' Girls, vol. 7 (Supersonic 1175) and Rock And Roll Girls (White Label 8866).)
606: vocal: Sandy Stanton, His Orchestra And Chorus -- Time Has No End / Don't Play With My Heart Like A Toy (both wr. Melody Pascaul)
630: Sandy Stanton, Carolyn Waits; vocal: Sandy & Carolyn, music by Sandy Stanton's Panics -- Honey Do You Think It's Wrong (A. Dexter) / Gone And Left Me Blues (no writer credit)
686: Sandy Stanton & The Panics -- Everyone Needs Someone (Stanton-Solovay; this side is not an amateur submission) / If You Feel The Way I Do (Steve Mosberger)

687: vocal: Beverly Aadland; music by Sandy Stanton & The Panics -- Some Say (Soland) / Secret Place (Solovay)
Note: The A-side was actually written by Ron Solovay and Eugene Orland, but miscredited to Soland, the name of their publishing company.
More interesting note: This is not a song-poem record, although we list it here because Abbey was primarily a song-poem label. The singer, Beverly Aadland, was Errol Flynn's teenage girlfriend for the last two years of his life, starting when she was only 15. Their Lolita-esque affair became a national scandal upon Flynn's death in 1959. Sandy Stanton, owner of Abbey Records, took advantage of Aadland's brief spurt of notoriety by taking her into his studio to cut this record. Although she was a nightclub singer throughout most of the 1960s, Abbey 687 was Aadland's only release.

701: Swingin' Sisters, music by Sandy Stanton -- Swinging Down The Avenue (I.L. Kent) / Moonlight Bay (no writer credit) (yellow vinyl)
704: Randy Robins, with Ork & Chorus -- Wishing Star / Night Life (both wr. Steve Waltner) (yellow vinyl)
1064: Sandy Stanton & The "Swinging Strings" -- Heartaches Coast To Coast (Sandy Stanton; this side is not an amateur submission) / Boomerang (Charles Hofmann-Sandy Stanton)
1211: Stan Beard & The "Swinging Strings" -- Build Your Home In Heaven / Snobows (both wr. Eleanor Gless-Sandy Stanton) (1977)
1214: Lyle Carsons & The "Swinging Strings" -- Loving You / Dorothy Carson & The "Swinging Strings" -- Daddy (both wr. Joe Albe)
number unknown: Roy Dunten & The Royalties -- One Short Step / When God Made You (both wr. Ad Zielsdorf) (1977; Royalties: "a Seattle country group")

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