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Milstein's World
Dion McGregor Dreams Again
He talks in his sleep. Hear it on CD.
How To Be A Cult Guru
It's easy, if you follow these six basic steps.
The Many Mishaps of Butch Willis
A near-definitive interview with the shaky genius who wrote "(I Got) Pizza On My Jeans."
Celebrity ABC Gum Project
See what hilarity ensues when I ask Tori Spelling and Don Ho to send me their chewed gum.
Shangri-Las '77
The complete story of the great girl group's abortive 1977 comeback. With tons of rare photos.
Emily's Illness: Diagnosis Of A Song
The story of (daughter-of-Woody) Nora Guthrie's 1967 moment in the sun.
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Yvan LeVoyeur
Chinese-American Zodiac
Fun with placemats.
Behold the Son.
Play Among The Stars
Bad Day for Big Daddies
Claire's World
The bedroom poetry of a junkie-witch.
I Sit On The Beach And Stare . . .
A cheerleader ponders boyfriends and eternity.
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Rodd's Relations
Tenor giant Ellery Eskelin
The son of our hero, song-poem auteur Rodd Keith.
Dakota Kelly
The daughter of our hero, song-poem auteur Rodd Keith.
Gerald Eskelin, D.M.E.
The brother of our hero, song-poem auteur Rodd Keith.
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Active Song-Poem Companies
Magic Key
Ramsey Kearney
The "Blind Man's Penis" singer his badself.
This company actually posts submitted lyrics.
Nashville Song Service
It's Only Words
Might be the world's first lyrics brokerage. From Australia.
Hit Citi Music Productions
Poems To Music
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Happenin' Labels
Many these companies also distribute cool product by other companies.
Norton Records
Arf! Arf! Records
Stanton Park Records
Torpor Vigil
Hot new record label and litbook publisher from Toronto.
Go Little Records
Smells Like Records
Stranded Records
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Record Stores, Dealers & Distributors
Twisted Village
Down thar in Mamphis.
Goner Records
Mamphibian too.
Forced Exposure
Ecstatic Yod
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Various Artists (A-Z)
Hasil Adkins
Willie Alexander
The Bell Sisters
Wonderful site about an early '50s sister duet act.
Hal Blaine
The drummer on two out of every three of your favorite records.
Sonny Bono's InnerViews
Top article on page, a review of Sonny Bono's solo album, is the most right-on writing about him ever done ... and the funniest.
1. Jackie DeShannon Appreciation Society / 2. Jackie DeShannon (official)
The Dictators
Bo Diddley
The Originator. Everything before Bo was leading up to him; everything since has been in response.
Die Electric Eels
The best in Cleveland dadapunk.
The Double U
John Fahey
Jad Fair
Henry Flynt
Brute Force
Foreign Objects
The defending champions of "Rock & Wrestling Roll."
The Frogs
Robbie Fulks
Let's kill Saturday night!
Woody Guthrie Foundation & Archives
Run by his daughter Nora.
1. Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson / 2. Bruce Haack
Psychedelic music for kids.
Dora Hall
Richard Hell
Skip Heller
Holy Modal Rounders
Becky Hobbs
Are there any more like her where she came from?
Horse Cock Kids
Cologne's hottest groove-rock duo.
1. Daniel Johnston / 2. Daniel Johnston
Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Danielle Lemaire
Our favorite Dutch artist.
Donna Loren
So, do The Zonk.
Buddy Max
Mrs. Miller
Mission Of Burma
The Monkees
Nino Tempo & April Stevens
Dr. Babatunde Olatunji
1. Lucia Pamela 2. Lucia Pamela
"The missing link between Sun Ra and The Shaggs."
Righteous Brothers
1. The Shaggs [official!] / 2. The Shaggs
John Grecco's in-depth history with tons of rare photos.
Del Shannon
The prince of paranoid pop.
Silver Apples
Nancy Sinatra
Frank Sinatra, Jr.
Sun Ra
Swamp Dogg
The Tammys
Shimmy shimmy shimmy shy-aye miss-ediss. Slow to load, but so worth the wait.
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Johnny Thunders Cyber Lounge
The Tinklers
Tiny Tim
Authorized by Tiny's widow, Miss Sue. Do you dare peek at Tiny Tim's birth certificate?
Maureen Tucker
Moe's the greatest.
Velvet Underground
Sonny Vincent
Jon Wayne
The band, not the dead actor.
The Wildweeds
Wreckless Eric
Yo La Tengo
Thalia Zedek
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Garage Fumes
The Monks
The Sonics
And check out their great links page.
The Del-Vetts
'60s Garage Bands
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Other Discographies & Record Databases
Rockin' Country Style
Terry Gordon's massive database of records that are a little too country to be strictly rocknroll, a little too rocknroll to be strictly country.
1. Louie Louie / 2. Louie Louie
Show And Tell Music
Great collection of thrift-store LP covers.
Radio Jingles
Does for jingles what we do for song-poems.
Laughing and Crying Records
The Blue Pages
"The Encyclopedic Guide to 78 R.P.M. Party Records."
Camp Records
... and other research findings from the Queer Music Heritage
The Internet Museum of Flexi / Cardboard / Oddity Records
"So, you thought they were only round and black."
Hip-Pocket Records
With images of the complete Philco HP catalogue.
Paisley Haze
"The Northeast's independent labels from the '50s through early '70s."
Yé-Yé Girls
Valuable intro to the French '60s girl pop scene.
Cynthia P. Caster Foundation
Cynthia's plaster casts.
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The Producers
Lee Hazlewood
Kim Fowley
Andrew Loog Oldham
Jack Nitzsche
Beyond good and evil.
Artie Butler
"Roses, they won't hurt you."
Al Kooper
Don Fleming
Jon Brion
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Rod McKuen
"A Safe Place To Land" -- McKuen's own site, and an excellent one.
Jimmy Webb
Bert Berns
Al Hazan
Tony Hatch
Toni Wine
Artie Wayne
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Groovy Instruments
1. Mellotron Archives / 2. Mellotrons, Chamberlins & Their Sound
Max Crook
Featuring his Musitron, of "Runaway" fame.
Combo Organ Discography
What keyboards were used on which hits.
120 Years Of Electronic Music
Includes histories of many fascinating instruments.
The Serpent Website
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Complete song-poem compilation!
Comfort Stand Records
A new concept in album marketing.
John Fitzpatrick's Oddball Auditorium
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Pranks & Cranks
Burger King Coal
Was this devilish Giftmas Night '98 prank carried out by agents for "arch"-rival McDonald's, or by a pack of elves a-wilding?
Red's Tube Bar
From the darkest bowels of prank call history. "I'll cutcha belly open!"
Shut Up Little Man
Enter the mystical, drunken world of Raymond & Peter.
Coyle & Sharpe
Neil Hamburger
"That's my life."
Melba Jackson
Your favorite sweet-and-sour old Christian broad.
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Rick Altergott
Peter Bagge
Suzanne Baumann
Jim Blanchard
Peter Blegvad's beautiful cartoon illustrations
Ariel Bordeaux
Leela Corman
Sam Henderson's Magic Whistle
John Holmstrom
Pat Moriarty
P. Shaw's One-Eyed World
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Roberta Bayley
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The Zine Scene
Cha Cha Charming
Fab online girlpop 'zine.
Ugly Things
Duplex Planet
Cle as in Cleveland.
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Beyond Hollywood
Off The Charts: The Song-Poem Story
Heavy Metal Parking Lot
Hell yeah.
Planet Krulik
Other projects by the Heavy Metal Parking Lot co-auteur.
Complex Corporation
Indie film producer/ex-Crime drummer Henry Rosenthal.
Jandek On Corwood
Out Of The Darkness
Matt Frere hand-tints the B&W starlets.
Welcome To The Club
Great documentary on the female rockabilly stars.
Beth Harrington Productions
River Of Grass
A caper film with no crime; a road film where nobody goes anywhere.
Horror's future here now.
"Dedicated to the folks who've had enough of The Man."
Warhol Stars
Holly Woodlawn
Mary Woronov
Eddie Deezen
Character actors rule.
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The Gallerists
Phluxus Gallery and Museum
Launch Pad Gallery
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And More Again
Covering Phil Spector, the girl group sound, and all manner of '60s pop in general.
Best radio station in the land? Could be.
Incorrect Music
WFMU program. They play a lot of song-poem stuff.
Songs In The Key Of Z
Irwin Chusid's book and CD of "outsider music." Both formats include song-poem music.
Tyree Guyton's amazing Heidelberg Project
Penn & Teller's Sin City
Ads from Comic Books
Les Scopitones
Hoy Hoy
The prehistory of rocknroll.
Virtual gallery for real art.
Snake Oil
Latest gospel gossip.
Nardwuar The Human Serviette
Entertaining interviews with cool pop stars.
Cynthia Plaster Caster
Long Shot
Excellent litmag from NJ.
Must-see areas: Institute Of Official Cheer; Ghost Ads; Flotsam Cove.
Remembering The ABA
"Where Dennis Rodman wouldn't have received a second look."
TV Party
Brilliant website devoted to reclaiming obscure and forgotten TV programs.
Come On Get Happy
Excellent Partridge Family fansite.
Gary E. Myers
author of Wisconsin 50s/'60s discography Do You Hear That Beat
Johnny Eck
You're not half the man he used to be.

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