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Customer Complaint (1984)

Located inside the jacket of field rep Jack Tieleman's copy of the HS-062 edition of Sunrise's Hollywood Sessions series was a sheaf of papers representing an exchange between the label and Jon Gaither, the author (under the pseudonym Brad Alter) of one of the songs on the album. Among these papers were the original contract between the song-poet and Sunrise Records; a form for ordering more copies of the album ($5.00 per copy, and they pay the postage); and a page-and-a-half letter of complaint from the song-poet to the company, which we reproduce below.

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September 14, 1984

To Mr. Wade Wallace
& Mr. Gary Roberts
c/o Sunrise Records, Inc.
7033 Sunset Blvd. Suite 304
Hollywood, California 90028

Dear Sirs:

I have not heard anything from either of you, or your company concerning the positive or the negative outlook towards my song (Lovers By The Sea, Forever). Also I have not seen the album (Hollywood Sessions) in any of the local Atlanta record stores, that you requested I give you the names of these stores during the time that my payments to your company for this song were being made.

To have sent a 45 rpm single recording contract to me was totally unnecessary, when your company was to have long since distributed the (Hollywood Sessions) album throughout this country (USA), according to clause four (4) in the original contract of which I was given. If there is no available album status on the album success or downfall, then how can a single (45 rpm) recording be derrived unless the album itself is a success.

As of the day that you two gentlemen recieve this letter, you will both have until the 30th of September to send a valid and a substantial form of the present outlook concerning the success or the downfall of the (Hollywood Sessions) album. Also I would like to have some type of form concerning the said royalties in the contract, that I am to recieve, along with proof of your manufacturer having done his duty with the distribution of this album along with the manufacturer's proper address.

I will not be left wondering about this strange situation any longer. I demand to know about this album through and through. I have been more than patient, and I have long since completed the stated payments of 385.00 total, and I demand to know how my capital was spent. Two album recordings are not sufficient in pleasing my interest.

I would like to have the information requested no later than the 30th of September, and please do not try and lead me on any further.

[Jon B. Gaither]

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