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Sunrise Records, Inc., 7033 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028

-- Singles --

042: Buddy Raye -- My Dream Girl (Dominic Tedesco) / Kneel And Pray (Talk With Jesus Today) (Lora Kinch) // Words Of Love (Jean Monroe) / Michelle Wood -- Just A Crying (Minnie Lee)
unnumbered acetate: no artist named -- I Cheated Myself (Carolyn Seymour) ('84)

-- Albums --

HS-001: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: When Love Goes Down (Tom Crusinberry)
Buddy Raye: Beelzebub (Paul Sampson)
Buddy Raye: In Love Without You (Robert Schlacher)
Michelle Wood: You Have To Ride The Hard Times (Arthur Schmidel)
Michelle Wood: Ride High (Joe S. Johnson)
Buddy Raye: The Travelin' Man (Louise W. Conn)
Buddy Raye: Forgiven, I Can Sing (Vicky Crosby)
Buddy Raye: A Trucker's Love (Bobby Brown)
Buddy Raye: Don't Fail Me, Jesus (Dorothy Halcombe)
Michelle Wood: Awake, My Love (Bessie M. Clayton)
Michelle Wood: Searching (Gary Talley)
Buddy Raye: Tender Love And Sweet Forgiveness (Ruth Ratliff)
Buddy Raye: Three Degrees Below (Felix Andino)
Buddy Raye: Little Darling, I'll Always Love You (Eva Mae Roberts)
Buddy Raye: I Hope Her Rainbow Falls On Me (Tom Crusinberry)

HS-002: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Your Love Theme (Robert Young)
Michelle Wood: Lonesome Heart (Daniel Shansky)
Buddy Raye: Just Seeing Things (Robert Rhoden)
Buddy Raye: I'll Never Be The Same Again (
Butch Willis)
Buddy Raye: Bar-Filled Drinkin' Honky Tonk Ladies (Jerry Bruner)
Buddy Raye: I Know He Cares Always (Donald Swift)
Buddy Raye: I've Got A Like On You (Dwayne Kramer)
Buddy Raye: The Pine Trees (Lowell Reid Elder)
Buddy Raye: Gypsy Lady (Joseph Hammond)
Buddy Raye: Doin' Fine (J. Eric Knudsen)
Buddy Raye: Classy Lady (Kenneth Evans)
Michelle Wood: Big Wheels Keep Humming (Fay Deaton)
Michelle Wood: Don't Go Breaking My Heart Again (Edith Ritz)
Buddy Raye: Southern Disco (Cynthia Foreman)
Buddy Raye: The Greatest Man (Eddie Kirby)
Buddy Raye: Love You (Oh, So Much) (Douglas Grant)

HS-003: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: What Love Really Means (Linda Harris)
Buddy Raye: I Was A Fool (To Let You Into My Heart) (Marge Yost)
Buddy Raye: Losing Ground (Max DeHaven)
Michelle Wood: I Love You, Darling (Jacquelyn Bernstein)
Michelle Wood: Keep His Love To Yourself (Mary Ellen Kay)
Michelle Wood: Freshman Love (Mrs. Perri Koller)
Buddy Raye: I Am In Love (Dorothy Wesley)
Buddy Raye: Love, Love, Love (Ralph Gilman)
Buddy Raye: What A Fool (Harry Norstrand)
Michelle Wood: Yes, I Will (Lenard Walcott)
Michelle Wood: Like You've Given It To Me (Robert Houlihan)
Michelle Wood: Rocky Train (Mildred Warneke)
Michelle Wood: His Love (W.C. McCoy)
Buddy Raye: The Lord Has Chosen Mary (Gladys Tillson)
Buddy Raye: Trouble Woman (David Decker)

HS-004: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Simply Because (Herb Ohta)
Buddy Raye: My Lord Was There (William Flowers & Dr. R. Eugenia Evans-Cleary)
Buddy Raye: There's No Love Without You (Theodore Stokes)
Buddy Raye: London Is Five (Ellen Jamison)
Buddy Raye: What You Do To Me (Barbara Pecor)
Michelle Wood: The Touch of HIs Hand (Ora Burress)
Michelle Wood: I Need (Cecil Brown)
Michelle Wood: Open Your Heart (June Sardilli)
Michelle Wood: I Am Depending On You (Martha Williams)
Michelle Wood: If Love Is A Song (Joyce Hailey Penfold)
Buddy Raye: Sweet Surrender (Robert Swift)
Buddy Raye: You're Gonna Have To Live Without Me (Mark Uncle)
Buddy Raye: Don't Be A Gambler (James Jewell)
Buddy Raye: The Love Is Going Away (Francisco Fernandez)
Buddy Raye: Lucy (Marilou Fears)
Buddy Raye: Falling In Love With You (Bradley Reuvers)

HS-005: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Crickett's Angela Rose (Ronald Gima)
Buddy Raye: Now I'm Walking With My Shadow All Alone (Austin Spence)
Buddy Raye: Times Are So Hard (Joel Mitchell)
Michelle Wood: I'm Looking For Someone (Ann Wright)
Michelle Wood: Walk In The Promised Land (Jerry Flowers)
Buddy Raye: Sing Away Your Troubles Like The Bluebirds Do (Thornton Rogers)
Buddy Raye: Let's Stop Pretending (Frank Wolff)
Buddy Raye: Hey, Conductor (Wayne Michaels)
Michelle Wood: Seasons Of Our Love (Preston Prentiss)
Michelle Wood: Beyond Her Prayers (Aneta Ziegler)
Buddy Raye: Bridges Of Love (Duane Williams)
Buddy Raye: A Broken Heart (Robert Eckleberry)
Buddy Raye: I've Waited So Long For Your Kisses, My Dear (William Pierce)
Buddy Raye: Thank You, Lord (Verna Wilson)
Buddy Raye: Could You Read Between The Lines? (Charles Wall)
Buddy Raye: Travelin' Home On The Railroad (Matthew Fuller)

HS-006: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: I Live To Love You (Richard Schade)
Buddy Raye: Walk An Extra Mile (Ralph Sharp)
Buddy Raye: Lonesome Love (Mrs. Jessie Rich)
Michelle Wood: Lord, Let Me Walk With You Today (Mary Spencer)
Michelle Wood: Don't Let Those Love Feelings End (Doris Moore)
Buddy Raye: To Have And To Hold You (W. Gray)
Buddy Raye: Make Me Feel Fine (George Onorato)
Michelle Wood: A Love Sweeter Than I'll Ever Know In My Life (David Graff)
Michelle Wood: The Dreamer Has Lost His Dream (George Leonard)
Michelle Wood: Western Boots (Martha Hastings)
Buddy Raye: From Dusk 'Till Dawn (Erwin Gougis)
Buddy Raye: God's Cowboy (Buelah Martin)
Buddy Raye: Stay As You Are (Peter Chapel)
Buddy Raye: Mean Woman Blues (Artie Rhodes)
Buddy Raye: True To You (Floyd Wright Jr.)

HS-007: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Let's Get Up (Marvin Mann)
Buddy Raye: Music (Clarence Lundquist)
Buddy Raye: Man Of Galilee (Steven Burbick)
Michelle Wood: Coming Down To Meet You (Robert Manginelli)
Michelle Wood: I Need To Know (Richard Mathews)
Buddy Raye: Oh Terri (Clyde Richardson)
Buddy Raye: Memories Of An Old Love Affair (Arthur Tevay)
Buddy Raye: Go Go Kelly (August Gagliardo)
Buddy Raye: Down And Blue (Dave DeCaigney)
Buddy Raye: What About (Victor Attard)
Buddy Raye: Did Anyone Ever Tell You? (Robert Puente)
Michelle Wood: Your Twinkle (Tom Vincent)
Michelle Wood: Oh, I'm So Glad (Judge Davis)
Buddy Raye: Because I Love You So (Eli Schler)
Buddy Raye: Chapel Bells Are Ringing (Alfred Mason)
Buddy Raye: Johnny Lee (Deborah Cancilliere)

HS-008: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Rubbing Off Over Me (Kathy Beverly McGee)
Michelle Wood: When Time Gets In The Way Of Love (Vera Miller)
Michelle Wood: Blue Kentucky Sky (Sheila Saam)
Michelle Wood: The Passing Dream (Evelyn Anderson)
Michelle Wood: I'm Leavin', Sweetheart (Leo Riley)
Michelle Wood: My Sweetest Friend (Sandy Warren)
Michelle Wood: I'll Never Forget You (Marion Pender)
Michelle Wood: Don't Make Of Me A Christmas Tree (LeMoine Wright)
Buddy Raye: Sandy Girl (Richard Kunkle)
Buddy Raye: Seasons Of The Sun (Carmon Cunningham)
Buddy Raye: As I Was Looking In Your Eyes (Frank Viggiani)
Buddy Raye: I Need A Lots Of Your Love (Saveria Irma Juarez)
Buddy Raye: The Country Boy And The City Girl (Tommy Clark Sr.)
Buddy Raye: Once A Bad Boy (Walter Parham)
Buddy Raye: Fight For Freedom (James Davis)
Buddy Raye: This Time (Thomas Roser)

HS-009: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: The Man In The 280-Z (Marty Feely)
Buddy Raye: Christmas Time Is Almost Here (James Gareri)
Buddy Raye: Lois (Bill Cameron)
Buddy Raye: Just An Ex-Con That's Done Time (Douglas Harrison)
Buddy Raye: Why Should You Care? (Prince O. Williams)
Buddy Raye: Solitary Dove (Joseph Merrell III)
Buddy Raye: Let Me Walk In Thy Way (Robert Matthews)
Buddy Raye: The Lord's Plea (Matt Heath)
Michelle Wood: Where Are You Now? (Delores Butyter)
Michelle Wood: My Sweet Love (Mrs. Terry Campbell)
Michelle Wood: I'll Live My Life For You (Kenneth Butler)
Michelle Wood: Does Someone Really Care? (Florence Coons)
Michelle Wood: What Else Can I Do? (Prince O. Williams)
Michelle Wood: Sam, You Just Don't Understand (Sam Weaver)
Michelle Wood: I'll Ask For A Miracle (Clayton Hoskins)
Michelle Wood: Sweet Lies (Dorothy Swisher)

HS-010: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: I Lost A Friend (Claudia Reid)
Michelle Wood: Left Alone (Lena Ice)
Michelle Wood: Wild Roses (Mae Manning)
Michelle Wood: I'm Still The Same (MaryJane McNamara)
Michelle Wood: That's Just The Way It Is (Petra Butto)
Michelle Wood: Little Birdie (Carl Forbes Sr.)
Michelle Wood: Golondrina (Swallow) (Bertha Alonso)
Michelle Wood: Start To Fall In Love All Over Again With You (Robert Black)
Buddy Raye: Wow! For Puppy Love (Marjorie Fisher)
Buddy Raye: Work On Your Love (Murray Turner)
Buddy Raye: My Family (Juanita Gielarowski)
Buddy Raye: I'll Be Forever Blue (Russell Mize)
Buddy Raye: On This Day (Raymond Moberly)
Michelle Wood: Big Punch (Adichie Obiesie)
Michelle Wood: Blessed Are (Joel Gallegos)
Michelle Wood: I Still Love You (Bessie Panagopoulos)

HS-011: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: You Got Me (Jean Meese)
Buddy Raye: The Long Road (Marcel Lope)
Buddy Raye: Love Is The Only Way (Michael Bobo)
Buddy Raye: Love Is Made From Dreams (Walter Moore)
Buddy Raye: Don't Wait Till Tomorrow (Robert Matthews)
Buddy Raye: Tramp's Prayer (Heidrun Hopfe)
Michelle Wood: Along The Way (Howard Jefferson)
Michelle Wood: Marvelous Mel (Mel Schlieff)
Michelle Wood: Two In Love (Carla Thomas)
Michelle Wood: I Need You (Michael Arcuri)
Buddy Raye: Bound To Be Loved (Joseph McKinney)
Buddy Raye: Old Lonesome Times (Knox Bowman)
Buddy Raye: The Basics Of Love (Red Allen)
Buddy Raye: Lover (Walter Smith Jr.)
Buddy Raye: Wrong Number (Ivan Stulley)
Buddy Raye: Come On, Everybody, Come On (Paul Seiler)

HS-012: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Gymnasium Girl (Melody Cy)
Buddy Raye: I Would Like To (Menzo Bronson)
Buddy Raye: The Heart I Gave You (William Mech)
Buddy Raye: I'm Ready To Follow Jesus (Clarence Kelley)
Buddy Raye: Salvation (Eileen Caroline Wood)
Buddy Raye: I Love Mary Ann (Joe Lester)
Buddy Raye: The Wonder Of It All (You And Me)
Buddy Raye: Anything Goes (Grayson Smyer)
Michelle Wood: Inside My Heart (Pearl Lindberg)
Michelle Wood: With You (Robin Pruden)
Michelle Wood: Lonesome Kentucky Girl (Tessie Mosley)
Michelle Wood: Forever 17 Song (Betty Melow)
Michelle Wood: Our First Christmas (Charlotte Kieffer)
Michelle Wood: First (Benjamin Rimbon)
Michelle Wood: Autumn (Clarence Lundquist)
Michelle Wood: Music (Joe S. Johnson)

HS-013: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Peace Starts Within (Tim Peterson)
Michelle Wood: I Thank You (Vicket Sawyer)
Michelle Wood: Our Precious Little Angel (Mary Geesaman)
Michelle Wood: Lonely Dream (Shirley Marquez)
Michelle Wood: You Don't Believe (Dorothy Derr)
Michelle Wood: My Enchanted Love (Harvey Matthews)
Buddy Raye: My Beautiful Pebbles (Frank Myers)
Buddy Raye: Blue (Mario Chavez, John W. Randle, Julia A. Espinosa, & Jim Peay)
Buddy Raye: Another Fool Like Me (Barney Nye)
Buddy Raye: My Irish Rose (Robert Rauch)
Buddy Raye: I Have Found A Friend (Mrs. I.M. Donaldson)
Buddy Raye: In My Dreams (Benito Quartuccio)
Buddy Raye: Why Do You Cry? (Sheriff Mosadee)
Buddy Raye: Long Road (Phillip Schramm)
Buddy Raye: My Secret Love (Clyde Richardson)
Buddy Raye: Perfect Love (Joseph Edwards)

HS-014: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Dreamer (Tim Silvey)
Buddy Raye: Walking After Midnight (Leslie Adams)
Buddy Raye: The Darkest Part Of Loving You (Dori Campman)
Buddy Raye: Away From You (Dural Jones)
Buddy Raye: Laredo (Arthur Randolph)
Buddy Raye: Colorado Moonlight (Mary Little)
Buddy Raye: My Heart Is Knockin' At Your Door (Debbie Russell)
Buddy Raye: Remember (Edward Hughey)
Michelle Wood: Losing Myself To You (Steven Berger)
Michelle Wood: Love Is A Game (Jose Teves)
Michelle Wood: Spend A Lifetime With Me (Sharon Cannon & Kathy Nelson)
Michelle Wood: Sisters (Candy Fish)
Buddy Raye: Baby, Baby, Want To Kiss You (Brian Rohrs)
Buddy Raye: My Louisiana Belle (George Riley)
Buddy Raye: Why Shy? (Robert Hall Jr.)
Buddy Raye: Let The Light Come Shinin' Through (Paula Goodell)

HS-015: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Craving Your Body (Patricia McBean)
Michelle Wood: Beautiful Melody (Kenneth Hill)
Michelle Wood: I Feel A Hurtin' (Lois Eutsler)
Michelle Wood: Foggy Country Morning (Lillie Stevens)
Michelle Wood: The Beautiful People (Brenda Clem)
Michelle Wood: I Wish I'd Kept A Diary (Alexander Jacques)
Michelle Wood: Won't Somebody Love? (William Denson)
Michelle Wood: When I'm Alone (Wanda Heady)
Buddy Raye: Don't Disguise (Neil Ridgell Jr.)
Buddy Raye: Sonja's Song (Charles Davis)
Buddy Raye: Juicy Lucy (Deborah Willis)
Buddy Raye: Down A Country Lane (Harry Emerson)
Buddy Raye: Ain't No Woman Like You (Tony Creccentini)
Buddy Raye: Blue Lady (Jose Villot)
Buddy Raye: Father's Day Song (Luther Fortinberry)
Buddy Raye: Your Kisses Linger On (Willie Allen)

HS-016: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Grown Up Lady (Marie Stadler)
Michelle Wood: If I Owned The World (Otis Pope)
Michelle Wood: Waiting For You (Jeanette Cole)
Michelle Wood: Shadows Of My Life (Judi Doerner)
Michelle Wood: I Love You Dearly (Corrine Sprowls)
Michelle Wood: I've Come A Long Long Way (Blake Campman)
Michelle Wood: Lost In A Sea Of Love (Terry Mahoney)
Michelle Wood: Why Do We Have To Part? (Emma Sheridan)
Buddy Raye: For The First Time (Timothy Maxfield)
Buddy Raye: What About Me? (Randall Hutchcraft)
Buddy Raye: The Mississippi "Rosebud Express" (Jesse Miles)
Buddy Raye: Leela, Lila, Lola (Hazel Henslowe)
Buddy Raye: Gettin' Back (Ricky Dale O'Bryan)
Buddy Raye: I've Got The Honky Tonk Blues (Michael Holt)
Buddy Raye: Different Understanding (Erik Lacy)
Buddy Raye: Pretty Lady (Jareld Reese)

HS-017: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: So Hard To Say Goodbye (Irene Whitaker)
Buddy Raye: You Had Your Chance (Calvin Monts)
Buddy Raye: Drugstore Cowboy (David LeBlanc)
Buddy Raye: Label Her With Love (Valeria Jones)
Buddy Raye: Beach Bunny Honey (Steve Pasqua)
Buddy Raye: And I Say (Eva Bomback)
Buddy Raye: Whiskey Road (Vance Gill)
Buddy Raye: Never Wanna Go Back (James Carrabia)
Michelle Wood: Loving You From Earth (Omar DelRio)
Michelle Wood: What Does It Matter? (Brenda Kerns)
Michelle Wood: Beautiful Baby Blue Eyes (Marjorie Peterson)
Michelle Wood: Broom Stick Boogie (Louise Simmons)
Michelle Wood: Loser's Digest (Christene Wagner)
Michelle Wood: California (Renee Lawson)
Michelle Wood: When I Get It Up, It Will Never Fall (Steve Harris)
Michelle Wood: Physical Love (Norris DuBose, Jr.)

HS-018: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Something Good (Andre Laflora)
Michelle Wood: The Book Of Love (Harvis Satcher)
Michelle Wood: Get A Piece Of The Action (Lisa Jordan)
Michelle Wood: Was It A Dream? (Irene Whitaker)
Michelle Wood: This Is A Night For Love (Lorraine Boesche)
Michelle Wood: When You Love Me As If No One Else Is Around (Marcia McKenzie)
Michelle Wood: Young Lovers (Jimmie Isom)
Michelle Wood: Yesterday (Helen Washington)
Buddy Raye: Woman And Love (Theodore Stokes)
Buddy Raye: I'm In Love With Sue (Trevor Hughes)
Buddy Raye: My Friend Shirley V. (Michael Nicholoff)
Buddy Raye: Knoxville (Dorothy VanDyke)
Buddy Raye: Lookin' For A Shoulder To Cry On (Phenyo Victor Mpa)
Buddy Raye: People Must Change With Time (William McGrew)
Buddy Raye: What's Yours And Mine Is Ours (Bobby Smith)
Buddy Raye: Been A-Dreaming About You (Jeffrey Begley)

HS-019: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: I'm A Happy-Go-Lucky Girl (Bea Labonte)
Michelle Wood: Enjoy Your Life (John McMickin Jr.)
Michelle Wood: My Heart Can't Take Another Ache (Calvin VanPelt)
Michelle Wood: By The Telephone (Arnold Hardin)
Buddy Raye: My Lady Love (Joseph Provet)
Buddy Raye: Bound To Be Loved (Joseph McKinney)
Buddy Raye: Let's Have An Affair (Alice Riggs)
Buddy Raye: Heaven Bound (Scott Stone)
Buddy Raye: Get On Down And Boogie With Me (Juanita Johnson)
Buddy Raye: It's All For Her (James Ferreira)
Buddy Raye: Bonjour, Bonjour (August Gagliardo)
Buddy Raye: I Cannot Let You Go (Raymond Hicks)
Buddy Raye: Alone And Free (Anthony Kosten)
Buddy Raye: Katusha (Guillermo Ordosgoitia)
Buddy Raye: Los Angeles (Mary Lang Dell)
Buddy Raye: If You Love Him, Don't Give Up (Lewis Rutherford)

HS-020: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: What Is Life? (Andrea Wilson)
Michelle Wood: He Said Let's Be Friends (Norma Bobowicz)
Michelle Wood: If You Say So (Floyd Scott)
Michelle Wood: Love (Mattie Floyd)
Michelle Wood: Enough (Wilnetta Franklin)
Michelle Wood: Living Fancy Free (Needham Lisenby)
Michelle Wood: The Crystal Heart (Nathan Vogt)
Michelle Wood: Leaving Your Love (Charles Packard)
Buddy Raye: It's Hard To Say I Love You (Arnold Gadsen)
Buddy Raye: When Times Change (Eileen Caroline Wood)
Buddy Raye: I Haven't Got A Heart (Joe Greene)
Buddy Raye: Nancy (Dana Turner)
Buddy Raye: Now I Have You (Krist Andersen)
Buddy Raye: You're A Study In Love (Bernard Herring)
Buddy Raye: Back In The Mountains (William Dixon)
Buddy Raye: Girl, It's Hot (Terry Ford)

HS-021: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Got Things On My Mind (Eric Coffman)
Buddy Raye: A Fantasy Go-Round (Paul Anderson)
Buddy Raye: Goin' To A Party (Jim Faragalli)
Buddy Raye: Thanks, America (Perfecto Jose)
Buddy Raye: Wyoming Sky (Paul Munson Jr.)
Buddy Raye: That's When The Music Takes Me Away (Joe Burke)
Buddy Raye: Full Of Desire (E. Rico Land)
Buddy Raye: Between Places And Spaces (Kristy Furumo)
Michelle Wood: Stop What You're Doing To Me (Beverly Hendershot)
Michelle Wood: Street Cruiser (Tim Reed)
Michelle Wood: Loving You Is What It's All About (Oscar Murphy Jr.)
Michelle Wood: The Love I Have For You (Unity)
Buddy Raye: Headed For The Road Tomorrow (Jerry House)
Buddy Raye: Civism (Noah Gidiglo)
Buddy Raye: Forbidden Love (Cynthia LeRoux)
Buddy Raye: Whispering Streets (Ken Moore)

HS-022: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: I Will Always Give You My Love (Arlene Nicholas)
Michelle Wood: The Memories Of Love (Yvonne Caswell)
Michelle Wood: A Forgotten Love (Aaron Davis)
Michelle Wood: The People In This World (Lynda Gray)
Michelle Wood: Not Noah's Ark (Connie Jones)
Michelle Wood: Little Cowboy (Ivan Blank)
Michelle Wood: Ragamuffin Boy (Hank Seiders)
Michelle Wood: You Are My Island In A Storm (Freda Nelson)
Buddy Raye: Two Stoned Gamblers (Gerald Rawls)
Buddy Raye: About That Fight (Vincent Nestor)
Buddy Raye: Pretty Baby (John Harris)
Buddy Raye: Lovin' You Is A Melody (Henderson Price Jr.)
Buddy Raye: Has The Light Gone Out In Your Heart? (Billy McBride)
Buddy Raye: Fine Wine (Joseph Nichols)
Buddy Raye: Love Came My Way (Lionel Jiggetts)
Buddy Raye: Words Of Love (Clarence Baum)

HS-023: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Troubled Soul (Felix Ezejiofo)
Michelle Wood: Send Me Back To Windsor (Elizabeth Renaud)
Michelle Wood: This Lonely Song (Mark Durant)
Michelle Wood: Going Home (Sandra McMahan)
Michelle Wood: I'll Tell You What It Is (Tina Harris)
Michelle Wood: Love Made The (Swanie Swanberg)
Michelle Wood: Freedom (Daniel Fischer)
Michelle Wood: The Possible Goal (Norman Spencer)
Buddy Raye: Senior Citizens (Kenneth Yamao)
Buddy Raye: Yes I Do (Budry Pierre-Louis)
Buddy Raye: Sad Feeling Called The Blues (Joan Calnan)
Buddy Raye: We Have The Right Man In The White House (Joe Walsh)
Buddy Raye: Positive Attitudes (Timothy Grogean)
Buddy Raye: Female Companionship (Paul Lepley)
Buddy Raye: The Time Was Now (Jacob Kahele)
Buddy Raye: We'll Never Touch Again (Janice Burns)

HS-024: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: All Alone Without You (Willie Wilkins)
Buddy Raye: Love Ache (Albert Humphries)
Buddy Raye: Ten O'Clock Is Boogie Time (Hycienth Ideozu)
Buddy Raye: I Need Your Faith Again (Dean Swenson)
Buddy Raye: Don't Say (Vladimir Yarovinsky)
Buddy Raye: New City Blues (Dan Hollingworth & Nora Reed)
Buddy Raye: The Apple Tree (Donald Swift)
Buddy Raye: Coming After You (Gary Johnson)
Michelle Wood: Checkered Floors (Joe Kozdra)
Michelle Wood: So Alone (R. Norman Hackett)
Michelle Wood: The Musical D.J. Master (Percy Holder)
Michelle Wood: I Take Thee (Wandra Counsell)
Michelle Wood: I Need You In My Life (Ernest Wheeler)
Buddy Raye: Complete Because Of You (Don Glommen)
Buddy Raye: Just Remember I Love You (Joe Conway)
Buddy Raye: Go Find A New Lover (Luissa)

HS-025: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Island Of Love (Clarence Lundquist)
Buddy Raye: Cumberlain Mountains (Clarence Lundquist)
Buddy Raye: My Love For Her (Thomas Laxton)
Buddy Raye: To Be In Love (Robert Dickson)
Buddy Raye: High Volts Of Fun (Dan Frank)
Buddy Raye: I Had To Say Good Bye (Billy Goodwin)
Buddy Raye: Disillusion (Miguel Pedro Ballares)
Buddy Raye: Without You (Nick Yatron)
Michelle Wood: Siamese Lovers (Isihaka Umaru Lafia)
Michelle Wood: My One And Only Lover (Ronnie Cossom)
Michelle Wood: Your Memory (Dorris Urich)
Michelle Wood: You And I (Scott Manges)
Buddy Raye: Shine On Me (Terry Lee)
Buddy Raye: True Liberty (Lula Snowden)
Buddy Raye: Words To A Lady (Frederick Lockhart)
Buddy Raye: Rainbow At Midnight (Clarence Lundquist)

HS-026: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Dreamer (Larry Smith)
Buddy Raye: Once In A Lifetime Lovers (Bob Holzer)
Buddy Raye: Racetrack Blues (Bennet Allen)
Buddy Raye: The Cry Of Youth (Ira Mae Lewis)
Buddy Raye: You Must Be An Angel (Cliff Ledig)
Buddy Raye: An Impromptu Card Game (David Terrell)
Buddy Raye: When The Juke Box Is Playin' (Preston McKeehan)
Buddy Raye: A Railroad Kid's Lament (Russell Mercer)
Michelle Wood: In My Dream (Jim Murdock)
Michelle Wood: Shadows (Carol Solheim)
Michelle Wood: Dedication (James Fronk)
Michelle Wood: Forever (Thomas Shortsleeve)
Michelle Wood: Hidden Dream Waltz (Nova Cornett)
Michelle Wood: The Bad Side Of Love (Richard Lovato)
Buddy Raye: What Do You Want From Me? (Donival Brown)
Buddy Raye: Yes, I've Been Born Again (Rev. George Hite)

HS-027: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Summer Night (Amilcar Tijerino)
Buddy Raye: I Woke Up This Morning Feeling Great (Yves Simard)
Buddy Raye: Headin' For A New Range Tonight (M. Merrill Clayton)
Buddy Raye: There's A Dirth (Elnorist Dial)
Buddy Raye: You Must Talk (Candido Acosta)
Buddy Raye: I Love You (Virgil Archer)
Buddy Raye: Bumping Into You (Howard Mueller)
Buddy Raye: Proud To Be An American (Miroslava Novakovic)
Michelle Wood: Getting Better With Age (Isaac King)
Michelle Wood: You're Everything To Me (Vickie Casillas)
Michelle Wood: Moon Lace (Frank Nicolas)
Michelle Wood: Test Your Love With Mine (Paulina Smith)
Michelle Wood: Please Come Back (Edie Carlson)
Michelle Wood: Mr. Nice Guy (Christina Warren)
Buddy Raye: Love Is Coming (William Dougherty III)
Buddy Raye: Words Of Love (Jean Monroe)

HS-029: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Until You Came Along (Lorena Moore)
Michelle Wood: Looking Down On Me (Millie Lear)
Michelle Wood: Jack Hammer Man (Anna Goble)
Michelle Wood: Me And My Silver Slippers (Jan Bridgeman)
Michelle Wood: Why Can't I Forget? (Lois Swenson)
Michelle Wood: Honky Tonk Dreams (Paul Tunstall)
Michelle Wood: Wonderful Cowboy (Dragan Ivankovic)
Michelle Wood: When You Walk Out That Door (Louis Milstein)
Buddy Raye: Playing Hard To Get (Reginal Harris)
Buddy Raye: Let's Talk About Spring (Louis Milstein)
Buddy Raye: Little Old Sadie (Elva Richter)
Buddy Raye: Of All The Things (Clyde Davis)
Buddy Raye: Ballad Of The Frisco Lines (Lee Monroe)
Buddy Raye: Life Is So Beautiful (Kelly Trujillo)
Buddy Raye: I Can (Gary Gilder)
Buddy Raye: Without You (Robert O'Connell)

HS-030: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Yesterday's Love (Garry McCurry)
Michelle Wood: Visions (Brenda Barnes)
Michelle Wood: He Was The King Of Rock 'N Roll (Dolly Jo Giorgio)
Michelle Wood: On Those Special Nights (Kathy Brodman)
Michelle Wood: True Feelings (Bobby Dunn)
Michelle Wood: Playing Games (Mary Adams)
Michelle Wood: Love Me Forever (Patricia Thomas)
Michelle Wood: Love (Elmerine Fleming)
Buddy Raye: You And Me (Kenneth Clendaniel)
Buddy Raye: Take Me Away (Steve Alexander)
Buddy Raye: When We Meet (Dr. T.F. Rogers)
Buddy Raye: First Flame (Joe Keiling)
Buddy Raye: My Foolish Pride (Prince V. James)
Buddy Raye: Harbor City (Lehua Kalua)
Buddy Raye: Hey You There (Kevin Reilly)
Buddy Raye: I'm Sorry I Bothered You (Randy Leggett)

HS-031: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: For All Those Times You Were Gentle (Graham Brownlow-Hewett)
Buddy Raye: Your Love Is All I Need (Bruce Nash)
Buddy Raye: Maybe, Oh Baby, You'll Be The One (C. Vail)
Buddy Raye: Transmutation (Raphael Sone)
Buddy Raye: Don't Cry No More, My Little Lady (Carlos Quaglia)
Buddy Raye: Let's Be Friends (Annie Malatino & Eddie Lowe)
Buddy Raye: I Wish That You Weren't Gone (Merle Stafford)
Buddy Raye: No Reason To Stay (Donald Smith)
Michelle Wood: You And Me (Miguel Pedro Barrales)
Michelle Wood: There Will Be A New Beginning (Margaret Davy)
Michelle Wood: Don't Cry For Me (Roburt Gajdos)
Michelle Wood: For You With Love (Jo B. Comberiate)
Michelle Wood: Life Is Such A Confusing State (Church Saufley)
Michelle Wood: Texas Inheritance Honey (Frances Blackmur)
Michelle Wood: A Lesson (Joe Bruce)
Michelle Wood: My Love Endured (Tangela Brown)

HS-032: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Tell Me What You Want Me To Do (Lucy Banks)
Michelle Wood: Music Of Today (Pat Gregory)
Michelle Wood: I Can't Be Yours Anymore (Millicent Johnston)
Michelle Wood: I Know It's You (Robert Nehrebecki)
Michelle Wood: It's Just The Way (Kota Futatsugi)
Michelle Wood: Finally (I'm Not Alone) (Edna Taite)
Michelle Wood: Love Search (Shirelene Andrews)
Michelle Wood: Much More Than Life Can Give (Joseph Palazzo)
Buddy Raye: Judy Ann (Patrick Fergus Price)
Buddy Raye: So Far, So Good (John A. Stretto)
Buddy Raye: Fresh As The Dew (Rocco D'Andrea Jr.)
Buddy Raye: Guantanamo Bay (Adah Manning Young)
Buddy Raye: If You Love The Young And The Old Together (Olekamma Odor)
Buddy Raye: Breaking Point (Joseph Ferrara & Sandra Politano)
Buddy Raye: You Are All I Need (Oliver Vining)
Buddy Raye: My Dream Girl (Dominic Tedesco)

HS-033: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: The Name Of The Game (George Ross)
Buddy Raye: Not Going To See (Joe Sands)
Buddy Raye: A Hole In My Sole (Frederick Kaufmann)
Buddy Raye: Here I Am (Jaimede Jesus)
Buddy Raye: For You (John Holton)
Buddy Raye: If We Try (Francis Farren)
Buddy Raye: Come To The Country (Richard Swink, Mark Storey, & Wanda Storey)
Buddy Raye: Love (Gregory Sturgis)
Michelle Wood: Am I Heading the Right Way Back To You (Bonnie Scott)
Michelle Wood: Watching Heaven Walk Away (Mary Pennington)
Michelle Wood: Your Cheatin' Days Are Over (Harriet Yanego)
Michelle Wood: He Was More Than A Dad (Velma Pless)
Michelle Wood: It Takes Us (Ricky McCoy)
Michelle Wood: You Build Me Up (Rose Richwine)
Michelle Wood: The Sad Goodbye (Napoleon Fontanosa II)
Michelle Wood: Feelings (Albert Sheppard)

HS-035: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Let Go (Abraham Napoles)
Buddy Raye: I Don't Want To Get Burned Again (Lee Studer)
Buddy Raye: A Brand New Loving Me Loving You (Jim Nolan)
Buddy Raye: You Gotta Have (Louie Robirts)
Buddy Raye: Casa Grande (Jim Nolan)
Buddy Raye: She Is Still My Only Girl (Russell Mote)
Buddy Raye: Goliath, The Stripper King (David Raikes)
Buddy Raye: Just Two Arms (Joachim Millien)
Michelle Wood: Hard Core Woman (Debra Buchanan)
Michelle Wood: Your Heart Is Strong (Sy Lankin)
Michelle Wood: Love On Hold (Mark Kozak)
Michelle Wood: Journey Through Love (Moses Malone)
Buddy Raye: Hi, Dear (Umar Latif)
Buddy Raye: I Always Come Back To Loving You (Laurence Lavergne)
Buddy Raye: Will You Give Me All Your Love Tonight (Catherine Yasyszczuk)
Buddy Raye: Pretty Girl (I Think I Love You) (Gary Leiss)

HS-036: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: West Virginia Truck Driving Man (Freda Holmes)
Buddy Raye: The Essence Of Love To Me (Patricia Reynolds)
Buddy Raye: I'll Take Off My Jeans (Anthony Whitt)
Buddy Raye: Full Moon Over Georgia (Elliot James)
Buddy Raye: The Joy Of Loving You (Curtis Andrews)
Buddy Raye: Waiting For The Show (Anthony Romigosa)
Buddy Raye: Doing Things My Way (Roger Helm)
Buddy Raye: Old Billie Joe (Victor Lucky)
Michelle Wood: Don't Walk Away (Shannee Gonzalez)
Michelle Wood: Maybe I'll Find Another You (Beatrice Cikizwa Mokoena)
Michelle Wood: No More A Stranger (Teresita Burkhardt)
Michelle Wood: Superstar Dream (Keith Hubbard)
Michelle Wood: Patchwork (Barbara Bohnberg & Carole M. Denzien)
Michelle Wood: Our Time (Will Come) (Lloyd Douglas W.)
Michelle Wood: Heart's Desire (Barry Johnson)
Michelle Wood: I Am Falling In Love (Clyde Richardson)

HS-037: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Loving You Is A Shame (Matthew Watty)
Buddy Raye: Jennifer Black (David Banjock)
Buddy Raye: I'm In Love With You, Girl (Shawn Smith)
Buddy Raye: For My Wife (Betty Schrader)
Buddy Raye:
1040 Coal (Cecil Temple)
Buddy Raye: Genuine Certified Love (Robert C. Hall)
Buddy Raye: I Love You -- Yes, I Do (Don Leonard)
Buddy Raye: Will You Be Ready (When God Comes)? (Gerthel Crutchfield)
Michelle Wood: He's A Womanizer (Helen Slade)
Michelle Wood: The Days In New England (Elizabeth Beeson)
Michelle Wood: How Much I Love You (Eva Camarillo)
Michelle Wood: You Got The Power (Cedric Long)
Buddy Raye: My Lady Love (Seymour Montague)
Buddy Raye: You Are My Life (Claude Cummings)
Buddy Raye: I Remember (Gary Neumann)
Buddy Raye: How Wonderful Was The Fifties (Vicky Ortega)

HS-038: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Main Floor (Kim Thomas)
Buddy Raye: I Need You (David Jones)
Buddy Raye: Tennessee Moon (Jean Monroe)
Buddy Raye: The Kiss Of Fire (Edith Ritz)
Buddy Raye: Big Mama (Cliff Monroe)
Buddy Raye: Weekend Lovers (Ramiro Q. Salinas)
Buddy Raye: That Old Inflation (Rusty Underwood)
Buddy Raye: Satisfy (Furman Bowen)
Michelle Wood: Love (Tyrone Wardlaw)
Michelle Wood: Thoughts Of Happiness In My Mind (Arthur Boston)
Michelle Wood: You Don't Seem To Love Me Anymore (Albert Nichols & James Kladis)
Michelle Wood: I Count The Days (Betty McDonough)
Michelle Wood: Shifty Eyes (Bonnie Genest)
Michelle Wood: Darling, I'll Wait For You (James Tieh-Hooks)
Michelle Wood: You Can't Lose, You're A Winner (Phyllis Oden)
Buddy Raye & Michelle Wood: Love In Our Dream (Larry Young)

HS-042: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Love Is A Treasure (James Ursin, Jr.)
Buddy Raye: Say That You Love Me (Jerome Rives)
Buddy Raye: Two Happy People (Mary Hartley)
Buddy Raye: It Only Lasts For A While (Roger Stanley)
Buddy Raye: Sentimental Music (Marty Lott) (same Marty Lott as "The Phantom"?)
Buddy Raye: You've Got Me Talking To Myself (Dorothy Kepler)
Buddy Raye: The Ideal Gal (Raymond Moberly)
Buddy Raye: Snowflakes Are Falling (Howard Mueller)
Michelle Wood: Sweet Dreams (Ray Gordon)
Michelle Wood: I Am Water (Alphonsus Ibe)
Michelle Wood: You Hurt Me (Anna Reyes)
Michelle Wood: The Play Of Life (Mary Musselwhite)
Buddy Raye: Lady Snow (Paul Curo)
Buddy Raye: Samuel Jackson (Jerry Cole)
Buddy Raye: I Am Sure, My Love (Penman Lovingood)
Buddy Raye: The Family Circle (George Swafford)

HS-044: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: For Your Love (Beatrice Milera)
Buddy Raye: Rainy Day Blues (Dorcas Howard)
Buddy Raye: You've Got Another Think [sic] Comin' (Richard Swink & Mark Storey)
Buddy Raye: Wishing Well (Frances Thomas)
Buddy Raye: I've Sat So Long (Daniel Michel)
Buddy Raye: Good Bye (Stanley Habedank)
Buddy Raye: One More Time (David Vander Kooi)
Buddy Raye: I'm Freaking Out, Baby (Kjell Karlsson)
Michelle Wood: Now Listen, It Says (Maria Porak)
Michelle Wood: Living Again (Wanda Faye Malone)
Michelle Wood: The Tragic Night (Luevonda McCauley)
Michelle Wood: Sometimes (Rose Hodges)
Buddy Raye: Revelation Time (Michael Crouch)
Buddy Raye: Concrete And Steel (Tony Jenkins)
Buddy Raye: Party Down (Lorene Miller)
Buddy Raye: Loving, Blue On Blue (Marilyn Cross)
found in Adelaide, Australia

HS-047: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Special Love (Dennis Jones)
Buddy Raye: Dust In The Wind (Billy Ashworth)
Buddy Raye: Family Man (Dennis Peasnall)
Buddy Raye: Lady Of Love (David Sugars)
Buddy Raye: I Hear Angels Sing (John Kinailuk)
Buddy Raye: I Understand (Siegfried Kiefer)
Buddy Raye: You Know Me (Edward Weyburn)
Buddy Raye: Magic (Arnold Heichman)
Buddy Raye: Oil From The Soil (Pauline Pojorlie)
Buddy Raye: It Was Only A Dream (Merriel Williams)
Buddy Raye: Sparkling Eyes (Curley Richard)
Buddy Raye: Me And Johnnie Lee (Roger DeLease)
Buddy Raye: I Love You, Darlin' (Fred McKinney)
Michelle Wood: Summertime (Ivy Stohr)
Michelle Wood: Time Is A Thought Of The Past (Karen Perez)
Michelle Wood: Remembering (Shelly Christner)

HS-048: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Talk About A Heartburn (Jan Bridgeman)
Buddy Raye: Travelin' (Lloyd Gaudet)
Buddy Raye: Just You, Lord (Maurice Mallory)
Buddy Raye: The People (Michael Webster)
Buddy Raye: Singing To My Baby (Leo Durbin)
Buddy Raye: A Million Miles Away (Steve Feldman)
Buddy Raye: My Heart Skips A Beat (Mel Miller)
Buddy Raye: I Will Never Say Goodbye (Boris Majnaric)
Michelle Wood: Looking Back (Janice Kutnar)
Michelle Wood: Friendship And Sorrow (Maria Bettin)
Michelle Wood: The Letter (Linda Sawtell)
Michelle Wood: Nowhere To Run And Hide (Karla Smith)
Buddy Raye: You Boggle My Mind (Laura Imperatrice)
Buddy Raye: If I Had A Girl Like You (Dewey Hill, Jr.)
Buddy Raye: A Little Rendezvous (Karen Stamp)
Buddy Raye: Golden Hours (Thornton Rogers)

HS-051: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Dreamtime Love Affair (Carl Harness)
Michelle Wood: Wanted -- Someone (Carla Lane)
Michelle Wood: As Usual, I Pray (Mae Deaton)
Michelle Wood: Stolen Love (Elsie Saksa)
Michelle Wood: Mr. Tomorrow (Maria Vieira)
Michelle Wood: My Love For You (Cecelia Joseph & Jim Joseph)
Michelle Wood: Good Bye (Marcella Wright)
Michelle Wood: Oh! Yes -- I Was A Fool (Barbara Shirley)
Buddy Raye: Why Did You Leave Me, Mercine? (Lowell Tolston)
Buddy Raye: Witchcraft (Melvin Cheese)
Buddy Raye: You Get Me Mixed Up (Donovan Miller)
Buddy Raye: I'll Come Running To You (Cecil Kirkwood)
Buddy Raye: Karen (Erik Cloud)
Buddy Raye: A Beautiful Love Song (Olean Kelley)
Buddy Raye: South Side Rag (David Bohn)
Buddy Raye: Let's Try Again Just One More Time (Jerry Ray)

HS-053: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Being Next To You (Michael Totten)
Buddy Raye: Imaginary Lover (Andre Baptiste)
Buddy Raye: You're The One Girl In My Dreams (Iola McNutt)
Buddy Raye: We'll Meet Again (Julia Augusta)
Buddy Raye: Why Cry? (Clyde Palmer)
Buddy Raye: Ribbons And Roses (Mildred Braswell)
Buddy Raye: Don't Ever Say Good Bye (I. Bonnett)
Buddy Raye: He Did It -- Not Me (Dave Schug)
Michelle Wood: Night Time Lover (Lucretia Marcellin)
Michelle Wood: A Heart Of Stone (Mike Mayo)
Michelle Wood: Roller Coaster (Paul Yost)
Michelle Wood: A Dream Of Love (Rodolfo Navarro)
Michelle Wood: Solo Is No Way To Go (Jo Worden)
Michelle Wood: Love Knew (Sharon Ramsay)
Michelle Wood: Lovers By The Sea Forever (Brad Alder)
Michelle Wood & Buddy Raye: Paradise! (George Ross)
album pressed with significant signal only on one channel

HS-062: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Another Day (Demsey Rodney)
Michelle Wood: Feeling (Susan Journey)
Michelle Wood: Northern Lights (Lillian L. Davis)
Michelle Wood: Happy Go Lucky (Walter Wyman)
Michelle Wood: That's Just How I Want To Be (Doug Tomlin)
Michelle Wood: The Man Of My Dreams (Edna Sharp)
Michelle Wood: Write Me A Love Song (Josephine Spina)
Michelle Wood: Boulevard Of Life (Mitchell Kurk)
Buddy Raye: I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart (Keith MacDonnell)
Buddy Raye: Let Me Talk To You (S. Bob Buljovcic)
Buddy Raye: Evening Shadows (Michael L. Gage)
Buddy Raye: Tarry, My Yellow Canary (Victoria Rashid)
Buddy Raye: Another Seven And Seven (Jeffrey A. Smith)
Buddy Raye: The Sweetest Kisses (Shelly J. Stack)
Buddy Raye: Melinda (Brian F. Kiggen)
Buddy Raye: Having You Around (John F. Bowe)

HS-066: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Saying Good Bye (Kevin Coleman)
Buddy Raye: Love Letter (Otis Bennett, Jr.)
Buddy Raye: Slipping Through My Fingers (John Eastburn)
Buddy Raye: True Love Is Diamonds And Gold
Buddy Raye: Child Of Dark (Mary M. Lewis)
Buddy Raye: Forever I Will Love You (Cecelia G. Davis)
Buddy Raye: This Is My Song (Karl Smith)
Buddy Raye: Intriguing Love Affair (Reuben Roberts)
Michelle Wood: The Big Man (Jimmie Robinson)
Colette Coleman: One Is Not Enough (Queenesta M. Baker)
Colette Coleman: Marked "Fragile," Handle Me With Care (Lusi Anna)
Colette Coleman: The Desperate Need Of Love (Priscilla Bell)
Buddy Raye: Touches The Night (Andy Van Erp)
Buddy Raye: Cow Girl (Jeremy Booth)
Buddy Raye: I Dreamed (Roy H. Gibbs)
Buddy Raye: Hitting Below The Belt (Martha Duckett)

HS-067: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Open Your Eyes (James Bolles)
Buddy Raye: Lost A Friend (Jane Dudan)
Buddy Raye: Shine On Down (Michael Morrison)
Buddy Raye: I've Never Been Loved (And I've Never Been Sorry) (David L. Padilla)
Buddy Raye: It Would Be You (Bill D'Amato)
Buddy Raye: I'm Gonna Find Me A Planet Out In Space (Irene Shaw)
Buddy Raye: I'm Tired Of Hanging Around (Ed Kurzenberger)
Buddy Raye: I'm So Tired (Lonny E. Mosby)
Buddy Raye: Alphabet Man (Gary Cargle)
Buddy Raye: Ransom Heart (Emanuel Reynolds)
Buddy Raye: Strive (Goree Smith)
Buddy Raye: Lighten Up (Charles Gillen)
Colette Coleman: Waiting For You (Cheryl Doty)
Colette Coleman: Winners In The End (Carito)
Colette Coleman: To You (Andrea L. Waddell)
Colette Coleman: Radioitus (Jean Monroe)

HS-068: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Reunion (Michael Saviano & Robert Dunham)
Buddy Raye: Check It Out With Me (Freddie Robinson)
Buddy Raye: Country Used To Be (Faith Kennedy)
Buddy Raye: Loving Me Crazy (Wade Cothran)
Buddy Raye: And I Wonder (Robert E. Jones & Vincent Barriere)
Buddy Raye: I'm Not Afraid (Elise E. Green)
Buddy Raye: Which Way (John J. Tarallo)
Buddy Raye: The Record's Scratched (David Jarrell)
Michelle Wood: Love Trap (Roxie Jackson)
Michelle Wood: If I Ever (Raul Soltero)
Michelle Wood: Lonely Girl (Susan Gad)
Michelle Wood: Caring Still (Holly Monte)
Buddy Raye: Oh Baby, My Oh My (Tze Sih Chang)
Buddy Raye: Of Thirst And Carry (N. D. Phelps)
Buddy Raye: I Love You (Julieta Strause)
Buddy Raye: Average Joe (Garrick Adams)

HS-071: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: I Think Our Love Is Gone (Martin Smith)
Buddy Raye: Day By Day (Gregory C. Butcher)
Buddy Raye: I Thought I'd Never Love Again (Raymond S. Rokita)
Buddy Raye: Walking You Home (Charles Kirbo)
Buddy Raye: If You Don't Care About Me (Lewis B. Spencer)
Buddy Raye: The Love Letter (Antonio Fiornascente)
Buddy Raye: No More Liberty (Teodorico Sforza)
Buddy Raye: Six Long Years (Danny Apodaca)
Michelle Wood: When Lives Touch (Saleem Shaheed)
Michelle Wood: You're Not The Same (Cassandra Lee)
Michelle Wood: Heartache Running Wild (Richard Lynch)
Michelle Wood: The Power In Our Lives (Mike Gladden)
Buddy Raye: Anything (Melecio Martinez)
Buddy Raye: Pretty Girls (Cleve Whitmore)
Buddy Raye: Your Friends (Joe Wolfe)
Buddy Raye: Love The Second Time Around (Carlo Franco)

HS-080: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: You Got A Cold Love (Andre Rivers)
Buddy Raye: Trails Past The King Of Nines (Cross People Poetry)
Buddy Raye: Chicago Is Home (Michael T. Lackey)
Buddy Raye: It's Been A Long Time (Jeff Wagner)
Buddy Raye: Blue Over You (Johnny J. Senger)
Buddy Raye: Never Be Happy Again (Rex Gilbum)
Buddy Raye: Study Hall (Tony Lorie)
Buddy Raye: A Cheer For Elvis (Konrad Armour)
Heather Noel: Heartless (B. J. Lambert)
Heather Noel: Light Of My Life (Barbara Lindsey)
Heather Noel: Bride's Prayer (George C. Leonard)
Heather Noel: The Magician (James M Sandelius)
Buddy Raye: I Kissed The Pillow (Gwyndell B. Watson)
Buddy Raye: Remember You (Stand DeLuyck)
Buddy Raye: Witch With A Capital B (Wesley E. Smith)
Buddy Raye: Ocean (Ferdinand Peters)

HS-102: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: How Shall I Choose? (Harry Demby)
Ralph London: Memories of Your Love (Vivian Allen)
Buddy Raye: I'm So Blue (Wilson R. Parker)
Buddy Raye: Lost For Words (John R. Kelly)
Michelle Wood: Keep Your Eyes Open (Wayne Rinehart)
Buddy Raye: Great--America (Sam Nudo)
Ralph London: Jamaica Way (Wayne E. Johnson)
Buddy Raye: Winds Of Wyoming (Rusty Bonser)
Ralph London: Hey Hey, L.A. (Wilfred Wiebers)
Buddy Raye: Riding This Train To Nowhere (Derrick Bradshaw)
Michelle Wood: The Good Old Days (Steven Miller)
Buddy Raye: Once Upon A Time In New York (J. Roberto Batres)
Buddy Raye: Don't You Know? (Aubrey Williams)
Michelle Wood: To The Future (Betty Martin)
Ralph London: I Love-A You, You (Alice Thatcher)
Buddy Raye: She's Gonna Be Mine Tonight (Kenneth E. Tude Thuot)

HS-103: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: Come To Me, Prime Time Girl (Stanwood R. Sterling)
Michelle Wood: Duties Of A Man (Ethel Darden)
Michelle Wood: All In A Day (Peter J. Herrin)
Buddy Raye: Please Don't Leave Me Now (G.S. Chocker)
Heather Noel: Too Late, I Discovered (Douglas W. Krause)
Heather Noel: No More Goodbyes (Hope Roberts)
Buddy Raye: Sunday's Day Of Rest (Ingrid Carlson)
Michelle Wood: Stamp That Robin (Hazel M. Craddock)
Michelle Wood: New Invention (Wayne E. Johnson)
Buddy Raye: Between The Cheats (Arthur J. Scharinger)
Heather Noel: We'll Go On Our Way (Randy Pittman)
Michelle Wood: What Is This Emotion Called Love? (Sonia L. Ferrer)
Buddy Raye: I'll Never Stop Loving You (Lynnette Anderson)
Buddy Raye: Unity (Dan Johnson)
Heather Noel: Make That Move (Charles Robinson)
Michelle Wood: Let's Fly Away (Gene Roberts)

HS-104: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: If You'd Just Come Over (Kevin M. Tatro)
Buddy Raye: Shake Baby, Shake Pretty Lady (Nathaniel Lofland)
Buddy Raye: Do Not Disturb (Paul Lynch)
Michelle Wood: Because I Love You (Kevin S. Hayes)
Buddy Raye: Nobody Else (Richard Illgen)
Michelle Wood: The Ash Grove (Sandra Wolk)
Michelle Wood: All I Want To Do Is Love You (Vincent J. Indelicato)
Buddy Raye: Let's Make Woo-Woo (Henry Arana)
Buddy Raye: Baby, Why Run? (Luria Hardison)
Michelle Wood: Help Me To Love Again (Carlos Martinez)
Michelle Wood: Tackles (Mary H. Spinks)
Buddy Raye: Feeling Beside Myself (Conor P. Kelly)
Michelle Wood: Come Back To Me (Jerry Lester)
Buddy Raye: Why Should I Be? (Carmen Santiago)
Buddy Raye: Flashback Memory (Gregory R. Hopkins)
Michelle Wood: Rich's Song/'Round And Around (Frank Hepp)

HS-106: Hollywood Sessions
Michelle Wood: Promise (Alex S. Nwigbo)
Michelle Wood: Vaya (Thomas J. "Speed" Funari)
Buddy Raye: Free As Can Be (No Drugs In Me) (Amos L. Harris)
Michelle Wood: Now Is The Time (Anthony D. Ferrell)
Buddy Raye: Going For The Big One (Aaron A. Smith)
Buddy Raye: Oh, It's Hell To Be Poor (Henry R. Kattner)
Michelle Wood: When I See Your Face (Jeffrey L. Huddleston)
Buddy Raye: Yes, I'd Audition For Your Love (Jesse R. Davis, Jr.)
Buddy Raye: You're So Special (Aaron A. Smith)
Michelle Wood: Time And Loneliness (Susan McAuley)
Buddy Raye: Second Hand Love (Saye Z. Gorgor)
Buddy Raye: It's Christmas Time Once Again (Leon E. Barr)
Michelle Wood: I'm Gonna Bawl (Susanne C. Wheat)
Buddy Raye: L.O.V.E. (Alex S. Nwigbo)
Michelle Wood: This Is Real Love (Elzie N. Ross)
Michelle Wood: Willing To Play (Aderemi Babayale)

HS-110: Hollywood Sessions
Heather Noel: Love Feels Like Fire (Robert C. Porter)
Buddy Raye & Heather Noel: Saturday Night (Tony A. Rowe)
Buddy Raye: Welcome (Ruth R. McDowell)
Buddy Raye: All Alone (Alfred W. Mueller)
Heather Noel: I Have Heard The Word Love (Ricky James)
Buddy Raye: Stole My Dancin' Shoes (Caldwell Myrick)
Heather Noel: These People Called Parents (Theodore A German)
Buddy Raye: Driving Drunk Ain't The Funk (Brian K. Ivory)
Buddy Raye: Don't Say Goodbye (Randy Isbell)
Michelle Wood: Lonely Cries The Moon (Quentin Loggains)
Buddy Raye: Mary Jane (John L. Foster)
Heather Noel: Into Motion (John R. Forcinelli)
Buddy Raye: Fly Again (John Tegrotenhuis)
Heather Noel: Don't Send Me Roses (Thomas R. Davidson)
Buddy Raye: This Time Together (Joseph P. Saimeri)

HS-113: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: What Is Love? (Estella Todd)
Michelle Wood: Just One More Time For Love (Jestine G. Roper)
Ralph London: True Is My Love (Jeff "Alzeus Truelord" Kulp)
Buddy Raye: Across The Ocean (Vladimir Mikle)
Michelle Wood: From Sadness To A Smile (James P. Cadotte)
Ralph London: Storms Aren't Forever (Ray Mendez)
Michelle Wood: Must Be Love (John L. Garland)
Buddy Raye: Your Love Is Divine (Ron Chiles)
Ralph London: She's Pretty In White (Mark A. Tillett)
Michelle Wood: Say No To Drugs (Johnnie M. Johnson)
Buddy Raye: Thoughts (Dolly J. Harris)
Michelle Wood: Paint A Portrait Of Your Life (Lona Thomas)
Ralph London: Yesterday's World (Joe Ritchie)
Buddy Raye: November Blue (Paul T. Arnold)
Michelle Wood: Open Up Your Heart (Cecelia Anderson)
Buddy Raye: I'll Love You (Frederick L. McClendon)

HS-118: Hollywood Sessions
Buddy Raye: The Phone Is Ringing (Henry Arana)
Buddy Raye: Each Night My Heart Leaves Me For A While (Liv Gurevitz)
Heather Noel: Another Woman's Man (Madeline Kennedy)
Ralph London: A Happy Hooker (Major McKenzie, Jr.)
Buddy Raye: My First Song (Kenneth Weems)
Heather Noel: To Say New Sun (Leonardo Rodz)
Buddy Raye: Brahms Lullaby (Lydia Regehr)
Ralph London: For Eternity (Henry Arana)
Heather Noel: The Tears I Cry (Mona V. Phillips)
Buddy Raye: All I Want Is A 9 To 5 (Jerry D. Walker)
Ralph London: A Contemporary Love (Bo Wiley)
Buddy Raye: Little Girl (Rolf Petry)
Heather Noel: Don't Be Afraid (Amy S. Beck)
Buddy Raye: Memories Of You (Norbert J. Belisle)
Ralph London: I Want Your Love (Cordale Cornell)
Buddy Raye: Let It Be Me (Laura Trawick)

HS-121: Hollywood Sessions
Heather Noel: Something Special (Sal Sansone)
Buddy Raye: Things Have Got To Get Much Better (Thomas M. Fedorko)
Buddy Raye: Love Is Not A Game (Bernard L. Wade)
Susan Stevens: My Love For Him (Tracy M. Cathey)
Buddy Raye & Heather Noel: She Looks So Lonely (Barry Brunette)
Heather Noel: Invitation To Life (Margaret Monahan)
Buddy Raye: Exclusively Mine (Michael Gorman)
Buddy Raye: One, Not Two (Scott B. Armacost)
Buddy Raye: Whenever You're Around (William R. Hastings)
Heather Noel: Feeling Lonely (John Y. Moua)
Buddy Raye: They Call It Love (Harry Nesmith, Jr.)
Buddy Raye: Our Land (Albert M. Simms)
Susan Stevens: Friend-Liar (Cora Smith)
Buddy Raye: Jesus (Alex B. Mingle)
Heather Noel: The Final Meltdown (Wayne A. Leskosky)
Buddy Raye: Woman, Please Stay With Me (Sam J. Davis)

HS-123: Hollywood Sessions
Ralph London: Mid-Summer's Dream (Dale Major)
Heather Noel: Bound By Love (Benjamin Ikwueme)
Ralph London: Coastin' (Ethel M. Jones)
Heather Noel: Our Romance (Mary Ribas)
Buddy Raye: Lessons in Life (Kris H. Terry)
Heather Noel: So In Love (James W. Foulk)
Ralph London: Little Girl (Joleen J. Martini)
Heather Noel: Is There A Place Somewhere For Me? (Angela Hackshaw-Montague)
Ralph London: The Moment When You Look At Me (Puff P.F.B.)
Heather Noel: The Soul of Man (Bruce F. Hirdler - B.M.I.)
Buddy Raye: Ecstacy (Charles K. Addo)
Heather Noel: Your Talk is My Talk (Dudley Alexander, Jr.)
Ralph London: Sweetheart (Shawn B. Peck)
Heather Noel: What Went Wrong? (Fannie Dixon)
Ralph London: Abre Tu Corazon (Jesus Calvillo)

HS-139: Hollywood Sessions
Susie Daniels: Summertime Affair (Scott A. Pinkerton)
Ralph London: Love Is In The Air (Ali F. Rasool)
Buddy Raye: Suzanne (Graham M. Guy)
Susie Daniels: Lonely Long Enough (Kitty Carson)
Ralph London: Like In The Movies (P.S. Canfield)
Buddy Raye: Warm, Safe Within His Love (Dewey C. Riggs and Andrew C. Riggs)
Susie Daniels: Silver Wings (Fannie S. Jeffares)
Ralph London: You Are Mine (Ray Woodard)
Buddy Raye: Just Havin' Fun (Warren Blue)
Susie Daniels: Sweet Daddy Daddy Father (Alpertina McGuill)
Ralph London: A Lady (William J. Lopes)
Buddy Raye: So You Remembered To Forget (Kitty Carson)
Susie Daniels: Bound For Glory (Jessie Myers)
Ralph London: Whatever-Whatever (Jerome N. Johnson)
Susie Daniels: How Do You Do It To Me? (Charles Rayborn, III)
Ralph London: Life Must Go On (Orrin Nahr)

G-001: Praising His Heavenly Light
Michelle Wood: The Lord Is With Me (Andra Robinson)
Michelle Wood: I'm Reaching Out (Lucy Randolph)
Michelle Wood: Sunlight (Clarence Lundquist)
Michelle Wood: These Are God's Creations (Frederick Kaufmann)
Buddy Raye: You Need Not Walk Alone (Bill Hudson)
Buddy Raye: This Time (Carl Brown)
Buddy Raye: Look To God And Pray (Lois Oglesby)
Buddy Raye: And So We Sing (David Bohn & Lois McMullen)
Buddy Raye: When Jesus Comes (Clarence Lundquist)
Buddy Raye: God Is So Good To Me (Marvin Waters)
Buddy Raye: Scars Of Victory (James Matheny)
Buddy Raye: He Calmed The Raging Waters (Sammy Taylor)
Buddy Raye: A New Dawn (Joseph Detreville Jr.)
Buddy Raye: My Grace Is Sufficient (David Inzer)
Buddy Raye: Lord, Help Us (Link Muldrow)
Buddy Raye: Jesus, My Friend (Ruby Rowe)
Buddy Raye: Song Of The Spirit (Nancy Vecchio)

G-008: Praising His Heavenly Light
Buddy Raye: Curtain Call (Evelyn Wheeler)
Buddy Raye: My God Bless You (John King)
Buddy Raye: When I Behold His Face (Diretta Shipman)
Buddy Raye: Holding Hands (Mella Rider)
Buddy Raye: Angels At Christmas (Lisa Craig)
Buddy Raye: Lead Me, Lord (E.S. McGlone)
Buddy Raye: My Evidence, The Living God (Frank McClellan)
Buddy Raye: Jesus, My Savior, I Come To Thee (Graham Gladwin)
Michelle Wood: It Only Takes Jesus (Bettie G. Ford)
Michelle Wood: Have You Told The Lord You Love Him? (Rev. Joyce Montgomery)
Buddy Raye: I'm So Glad (Richard Morrison)
Buddy Raye: The Lord Is My Shepherd (Alma Young)
Buddy Raye: I Can't Give Up My Christ (Eirvan Ussery)
Buddy Raye: He Is Watching Me (Mary Peirano)
Buddy Raye: The Highest Star (Jeremy Ehlers)
Buddy Raye: God Speaks To Me (Eleanor Lang)

X-011: The Sounds of Christmas
Heather Noel: It's Christmas (Fern Sneed Roberts)
Susan Stevens: What's The Fuss All About Christmas? (Michael J. White)
Buddy Raye: If I Were Santa Dear (Ananth Narayan)
Heather Noel: A Time For Love (R. Norman Hackett)
Heather Noel: Christmas Joy (Michael A. Federika)
Ralph London: Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem (William L. Nelson)
Heather Noel: Because It's Christmas (Andrew Gieron )
Heather Noel: Santa Came On A Nuclear Missile (Ananth Narayan)
Heather Noel: It's Christmas Time Again (Anna Marsh)
Susan Stevens: There's No Place For Sadness At Christmas Time (Paula Thomas)
Heather Noel: Christmas Wouldn't Be Anything Without You Jesus (Marion Hudak)
Ralph London: A Little Snow On Christmas (Isaac B. King)
Heather Noel: The Reason Christmas Is So Special (Ruth Pollard)

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