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Columbine Records Corporation, 6000 Sunset Blvd., Studio 208, Hollywood CA 90028; phone: 213-462-5379; fax: 213-462-2654
prev.: 1611 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood CA 90028
then: 6753 Hollywood Blvd. (Mezz.), Hollywood CA 90028
1999: 6115 Selma Ave., Studio #202, Hollywood CA 90028

-- Singles --

101: Vernon Wade -- You've Got Me Cryin' / I Need Your Every Thing (both wr. Godown-Hall)
102: Erica Campbell -- Remember Me (Darling) (stereo) (Fannie Fantin) / My Life (Bill Johnson)
874: Erica Campbell -- Remember Me (Darling) (stereo) / Remember Me (Darling) (mono) (both wr. Fannie Fantin)
HV-5: Kay Weaver -- Springtime (Lasaro Lujan) / Ralph Lowe -- Hey, Hey Baby (Francie M. Hutton) // John Muir -- If You'll Be Mine (Robert W. Gollahon) / Kay Weaver -- I'm Shipwrecked On The Sea (Euria Hall)
HV-20: John Muir -- Could You Read Between The Lines? (Charles Wall) / Kay Weaver -- Tell Me, My Good Friend (Joseph Palazzo) // Kay Weaver -- Give Me, Gonna Give Me Your Love ("Chuckie" Johnson) / Get Up Again (Hattie Irene Whitaker)
HV-21: John Muir -- Popcorn Polka (Drusilla Ashley) / John Muir -- Faithful Servant (Isaac Camarena) // Kay Weaver -- Lord Jesus (Peggie Wagnon) / Kay Weaver -- Cheer Up (Stanley Rod)
HV-23: Kay Weaver -- Memory From Under A Rock (Tommy Jean Martin) / Escape From The Land Of Broken Dreams (James Gibson) / John Muir -- I Need Your Love (Clayton Wright) / All I Have Left Is My Heart (Frank Viggiani & Leonard Schoenberger)
HV-32: Kay Carpenter -- Deep In The Blues (Michael Wlach & Francis Mandarano) / Make Love To Me (Barbara Frye) // The Old Circle T (William Dibble) / I Love You (Ahmed)
HV-36: Kay Carpenter -- Love Is Like A Narrow Line (Mel Miller) / Kay Weaver -- Watch It (Jessie Lee Tuft) // Kay Weaver -- The Cream Of My Dream (Norman V. Farwell) / Kay Weaver -- I Still Love You (Carmen Lopez)
HV-37: John Muir -- You Are A Lady To Me (Kenneth D. Senior) / Jimmy Carter Blues (Charlie Taylor) // Kay Weaver -- I Have Found A Blessed Savior (Mary Woodley) / Oh Holy One Of Israel (Iola A. Lockskin)
HV-41: Kay Weaver -- What Life Is (Techeir Akbar) / Kay Weaver -- I Am A Little Bit Country (Marion Sylvester) // Kay Weaver -- God Is Love (Beverly Ann Hightower) / John Muir -- I Love You So (Michael Kasberg)
EP-43: Kay Weaver -- Nightmare Of The Past (Alfred Warren) / Ralph Lowe -- Are You Missing Me? (Robert Patterson) // Ralph Lowe -- She Always Loved Me (Lester Evert) / Kay Weaver -- Seek First His Kingdom (Lois Nafzinger)
HV-51: John Muir -- America, This Is My Day (Mark Nichols) / Kay Carpenter -- Do You Heart A Favor (Frances "Case" Kopp) // Kajana -- Queen Of The Night (David Wiggins) / John Muir -- One More Time (R.G. Haberman)
EP-52: Ralph Lowe -- Move Over, Ruby / Kay Weaver -- Cornhuskin' Time (both wr. George King, Sr.) // Kay Weaver -- To Mend A Broken Heart (Mrs. Dale Nicholas) / Keith Sargent -- Jesus Cares If You Fail To Win (Sarah Bowles)
HV-54: Kay Carpenter -- I Am With Him (Helen Keas) / Kay Weaver -- Lens Cycles Of Gismosologistics (James Wilson, Jr.) // Laura Manning -- Swinging Underground Music (Diaz Castellanos) / Kay Carpenter -- The Lord Is My Shepherd (George Haines Warden)
EP-92: Ralph Lowe -- Afterglow (Dick Carr) / Kay Weaver -- People (Linda Russell) // Kay Weaver -- Return (Vertis Quarles) / Ralph Lowe -- We All Need Love (Douglas McCoy)
EP-101: Kay Weaver -- Living Together (Gail Rivers) / Sugar Daddy (John Hall) // Ralph Lowe -- Night In The City (Mr. H. Mayer) / Kay Weaver -- Alone With A Love Song (Deborah Simerly)
EP-168: Kay Weaver -- Just Rockin' (Oscar Schrack, Jr.) / The Wind Blows Free (Granville Dalton) // I Love You As Much As If There Was No Tomorrow (Mary Duncan) / About Life (Stanley Barber)
7406: Kay Weaver -- No Luck At All / Billy Erwin & Kay Weaver -- My Sweet Pecola (both wr. R.S. Burke)
unnumbered acetate: Sue Ambers -- What Is Love (Emma Sierra)
unnumbered acetate: no artist named -- How I Loved And Died (George H. Collins)
number unknown: artist unknown -- I Wanna Be With You (Mary M. Siano) (1978)

-- Albums --

CRH-2: The Now Sounds Of Today
Rave-Ons: Golden Wedding Ring (Marilyn Davis)
Rave-Ons: A One Way Road (Allen Polite)
Rave-Ons: I'll Have To Live My Life Alone (Barry Towns)
Rave-Ons: Love Sonnet (Doris Burroughs)
Rave-Ons: I Travel (Victor Guzzo)
Bob Grummer: And I Love You So (Don McLean)
Rave-Ons: Alone (John Slavey)
Rave-Ons: God And The Man In The Moon (Mae Guy)
Rave-Ons: Don't Double Cross Me (Harold Walk)
Erica Campbell: Yours (Irene Warrington)
Rave-Ons: Tower Of Strength (Primus Young)
Rave-Ons: It's True (Peter W. Collins)
Rave-Ons: My Little Red Rosafine (Jack Richards)
Rave-Ons: Fallin' In Love (Tony Lang)
Rave-Ons: Day Labor Man (Johnny Wiser)
Rave-Ons: Blues (Sylvia Crewse)
Bob Grummer: Didn't We (Jimmy Webb)
Rave-Ons: The Champ (Louis Hall)
Rave-Ons: Thy Heavenly Sunset (Gladys Morton)
Rave-Ons: Hoorah Americans (Pauline Yarmey)
Rave-Ons: Sing A Song Of Joy (Anna Andrade)
Erica Campbell: My Baby Can't Be Beat (Luberdia Richard)

CRH-3: The Now Sounds Of Today
Rave-Ons: Sincere Love (Anthony V. Warner)
Rave-Ons: If You Were Me (Tex Walker)
Rave-Ons: All For You (Wendell Lawson)
Rave-Ons: Stepping Out (Berry Slater)
Rave-Ons: Someone Like You (Joseph Williams)
Rave-Ons: No Tomorrow's Little One (Lawrence P. Torres)
Bob Grummer: Stranger In Paradise (Alexander Borodin)
Rave-Ons: The Beauty Of The Evergreen (MackArthur Henry)
Rave-Ons: I'm Not Going To Be A Bachelor Till I Die (Juliana Brand)
Rave-Ons: Goodbye Loveliness (Fred L. Baker)
Rave-Ons: America Is All Love (Anne Dorsey Brown)
Rave-Ons: She Was Always Blind (Michael Tilo & Larry Wesnofske)
Rave-Ons: The Woodpeckers (Rosy Knapp)
Rave-Ons: A Strong Heart (Lucille Morrison)
Rave-Ons: I Remember, Don't You (Jean Carter)
Rave-Ons: My Guiding Light (Jennie Thompson)
Rave-Ons: Cheating Adeline (Nick Guvakosky)
Bob Grummer: I'll Never Say No To You (Meredith Wilson)
Rave-Ons: Moonlight (Hedard Hebert)
Rave-Ons: You Lied To Me Again (Doris Wilkerson)
Rave-Ons: Talk To Me (Karry Michael Lane)
Rave-Ons: I Should Be (Ethel Kasold)

CRH-11: The Now Sounds Of Today
Rave-Ons: Christmas Heart (Janet Bolivar)
Rave-Ons: Pattern Of Love (Adeline Doege)
Erica Campbell: You Do Something To My Heart (Glen W. Baird)
Rave-Ons: All Is Well (Ralph Riols)
Rave-Ons: Time And Tide Waits On No One (T. R. McGregor)
Erica Campbell: Without A Tear (Arnold Donaldson)
Erica Campbell: You Are My Sunshine
Rave-Ons: Hey Mr. Trucker (Gary E. Stevens)
Rave-Ons: Why Should I (Hileene Baugh)
Rave-Ons: Too Late (Josie Butera)
Rave-Ons: I Shouldn't Have Come Home Last Night (Daisy Padgett)
Rave-Ons: You Put It Inside (Felie Dumlao)
Rave-Ons: Mambo (J. G. El Bati)
Erica Campbell: Darktown Strutters' Ball

CRH-12: The Now Sounds Of Today
Rave-Ons: Stand Up For America (Jessie Hindman)
Rave-Ons: Down The Trail Of Broken Dreams (Frances Felch)
Rave-Ons: I'm Getting Hitched (Edward Koch)
Erica Campbell: A Broken Love Affair (Clarence Lowe)
Rave-Ons: Thinking Of You (Marisa Mauriello)
Rave-Ons: I Just Want You To Know (Dessie Gilmer)
Rave-Ons: Cara Mia (Tulio Trapani & Lee Lange)
Rave-Ons: Another Time, Another Girl (Dale Wilkinson)
Rave-Ons: The Last Laugh (Naomi Cuddy)
Rave-Ons: Rollin', Rockin', Jody (Harry Lacey)
Rave-Ons: Big Dan (Irene Gomez)
Rave-Ons: Prairie Blues (Paul Peck)
Rave-Ons: Just For You (Raymond Moberly)
Rave-Ons: I'm In Love With You, Honey (Seymour Simons)

CRH-14: The Rave Ons -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Dianne (Kenneth Kamp)
You're Mine All Mine (John Rush)
A Mellow Sweet Sixteen (John Byrd)
What Now, My Darling (Elizabeth Bartle)
Just A Poor Girl (Bonnie Moore)
A Shepherd's Prayer (Joseph L. Curbow)
Our Natural Energy (Walter A. Schultz)
I'm In Love With You, Honey (Seymour Simons)
Nature (Nelson Roy Reid)
My Opinion (Minnie Baugh)
I Drifted To Heaven (Charles Ferrell)
You're Got Everything This Man Needs (Precious Wilkins)
Pay Attention To My Love (E.W. Miller)
Pretty Little Gal (Alice Wilson)
You'll See Me Smiling (Dorothy Norton)
Cara Mia (Tulio Trapani & Lee Lange)

CRH-16: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Take My Hand (John Goings)
Erica Campbell: Will You Be Mine? (Dorothy Jordan)
Lee Scott: A Wish To You (George E. Martin)
Ralph Lowe: To Be With You (William C. Dincher, Sr.)
Erica Campbell: Remembering (Thelma Berry)
Lee Scott: Being Alone (Betty Schwartze)
Ralph Lowe: Please, Please Love Me Again (Elvina Leezynski)
Rave-Ons: I'm In Love With You, Honey (Seymour Simons)
Ralph Lowe: I Got A Right To Serve My Lord (Rev. E.Z. Clemons)
Lee Scott: Waltzing (Winona O'Byrne)
Ralph Lowe: The Hippie (Vivian Newton)
Erica Campbell: Just As You Are (Glenn Blubaugh)
Ralph Lowe: With You I'll Sing (Lorna Elaine Gomez)
Lee Scott: I Can't Wait (Harvey Bouche)
Rave-Ons: Cara Mia (Tulio Trampani-Lee Lange)

CRH-27: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Call Me A Fool (Al Spino)
Ralph Lowe: Huckleberry Finn (George A. Hebert)
Lee Scott: Strange Cold Feeling (Thomas J. Bardi)
Ralph Lowe: Loving You (John B. McKinney)
Ralph Lowe: Pretty Girl With The Natural Look (Joe Davis)
Ralph Lowe: Lay It On Me Slow (Howard A. Baldauf)
Lee Scott: The Red Skidoo (Myrtle Moorhouse)
Ralph Lowe: Oh Baby (You Thrill Me) (Patrick Seet Chiew Kim)
Melissa Griffith: Delta Dawn (Alex Harvey and Larry Collins)
Ralph Lowe: Sing Away (Alma M. Jackson)
Lee Scott: Did I Really Lose (Amos D. Atwood)
Ralph Lowe: Forgot To Forget (Charlie L. Wright)
Ralph Lowe: Desert Cowpoke (Norine Sloan)
Lee Scott: Heartbeats (Barbara Ann Angyan)
Ralph Lowe: Love (Gertrude W. Bravender)
Lee Scott: Generation Gap (Allegra Pope)
Ralph Lowe: I Feel That I've Known You Forever (Duanne Ray Ugofsky)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were (Marvin Hamlish & Marilyn Bergman)

CRH-28: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Mr. Destroyer (Mrs. Josie A. Jenkins)>
Ralph Lowe: Hard Life (Ivan Samson)
Lee Scott: This Man Of Mine (Emma Bergstrom)
Ralph Lowe: While Walking In The Shadows Of Time (Janet W. Navarre)
Ralph Lowe: They're Singin' My Song (Deborah Jane Labarre)
Lee Scott: Blue Jean Stringbean (Gertrude W. Bravender)
Ralph Lowe: Hawaii Calls (Walter Wagner)
Ralph Lowe: Those Days Of Our Love (Sandra Dee Coggin)
Melissa Griffith: Delta Dawn (Alex Harvey & Larry Collins)
Ralph Lowe: I Am A Womens Man (Hunter Williams)
Lee Scott: Hard Times (Brenda Crichton)
Ralph Lowe: Make Up A Song (Mrs. Bertha Carlson)
Lee Scott: Tell Me What Went Wrong (Virgil L. Ward)
Lee Scott: Love Was ... (Paula Holmes)
Ralph Lowe: Make Someone Happy (Paul Eugene Skaggs)
Lee Scott: Saint Of Life (Louis Twinn)
Ralph Lowe: You're Mine, All Mine (John Rush)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were (Marvin Hamlisch & Marilyn Bergman)

CRH-29: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Drive And Live (Sarah Belle Conley)
Kay Weaver: Promises Of Spring (Jack Hauser)
Ralph Lowe: Stop In And Howdy With Me (Norma J. Robinson)
Lee Scott: I Made An Angel Cry Last Night (Medie Dawson)
Ralph Lowe: Eve (Richard G. Stammer, Sr.)
Lee Scott: Brotherhood (Ronnie Kuehn)
Kay Weaver: Someone Like You (Elizabeth A. Moran)
Ralph Lowe: Reach Me (Tony Anderson)
Melissa Griffith: You Will Be My Music (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Summer All Year Round (Linda Hickey)
Lee Scott: The End Of A Rainbow (Pat Hurley)
Kay Weaver: A Lonely Night (Catherine Chism)
Ralph Lowe: Lost Imagination (Richard Mizak)
Ralph Lowe: Battle Of The Brothers (Mary Gross)
Lee Scott: Sweet Mystery (Edward Neco)
Kay Weaver: California On My Mind (Janis Jeglum)
Ralph Lowe: Munchikins (Harold Drake)
Melissa Griffith: My Buddy (public domain)

CRH-32: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: I Perceive (Irene Wong)
Kay Weaver: Follow God (Ronald R. Forshee)
Lee Scott: Stealing Paradise (William Noah Owens)
Ralph Lowe: Love Can Be A Part Of You (John Preston Coleman)
Lee Scott: Love Me (Theo Kolman)
Ralph Lowe: She Sat There (Mallo Stagnaro)
Kay Weaver: As Long As You Want Me (Hugh Copeland)
Ralph Lowe: Magic Carpet (Thomas E. Wagner)
Melissa Griffith: You Will Be My Music
Ralph Lowe: People Without Love (Max Topf)
Kay Weaver: My Darling (Carmine M. Pisaturo)
Ralph Lowe: The Crime Shows (Anne Collins)
Lee Scott: Feelings (Jay Sheppard)
Ralph Lowe: Heaven Is Only One Heartbeat Away (Lorene S. Harris)
Lee Scott: Your Engagement Ring (Ramona Hoyt)
Kay Weaver: Hold Me Close (Ronald F. Foss)
Ralph Lowe: Prayer (Dorothy Coultier)
Melissa Griffith: Delta Dawn

CRH-33: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Would I Be Wrong (Hayes Brogdon)
Ralph Lowe: Trials Of A Teacher (Kathryn Cory Jones)
Kay Weaver: I'm So All Alone (Orpha Sibell)
Kay Weaver: My Old Rocking Chair (Rose Wilder)
Ralph Lowe: Why (Deborah Long)
Kay Weaver: Dreams (Denise Davis)
Ralph Lowe: Loss Of A Friend (Lucille Luckenbill)
Kay Weaver: Your Love (Luther C. Damon)
Melissa Griffith: You Will Be My Music (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Take A Chance On Me (Robert P. Sanford)
Kay Weaver: How Can I Forgive (Sheri Sobczak)
Kay Weaver: The Wrong One (Mildred Jackson)
Ralph Lowe: Colorful America (Lonnie James Clark, Sr.)
Kay Weaver: Young Lovers -- Hand In Hand (Minerva Bannister)
Kay Weaver: Are You Ready For The Coming Of Our Lord (Eunice Fralish)
Kay Weaver: For Some Special Reason (Anthony R. Major)
Bill LeBlanc: Static On The Brain (Irving G. Rumbolt)
Melissa Griffith: My Buddy (public domain)

CRH-35: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: This Crazy Crazy Weather (Rocco J. Basile)
Kay Weaver: My Mother's Love (Anna Clymer)
Ralph Lowe: This Day We Call Christmas (Joseph Holt)
Lee Scott: Wondering Why (Lucene Vesper)
Ralph Lowe: Mellissa (Linda D. Peake)
Ralph Lowe: People (Lillie Williams)
Kay Weaver: I Am Not The Same (Albert D. Smith)
Ralph Lowe: Somebody (Cynthia Diaz)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: To Love You (Phillip Miller)
Kay Weaver: Tell Him So (Charlie Coleman)
Ralph Lowe: Life Must Go On (Sherry Lasich)
Ralph Lowe: Light Of My Dreams (James Strange)
Lee Scott: This Is My Country (Bonnie Agresta)
Ralph Lowe: Forsythia (Eleanor Otto)
Kay Weaver: Woman's Liberation (Helen E. Osborne)
Ralph Lowe: Jackson (Carol Iler)
Melissa Griffith: My Buddy (public domain)

CRH-41: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Paula, My Dear (Joseph Ralph Mackenney)
Kay Weaver: Trapped (Gloria Ann Chandler)
Ralph Lowe: I Love You, Caroline (William H. Knapp)
Lee Scott: A Better Place To Live (Emma Young)
Kay Weaver: He Walked That Dark Road To Calvary (Alice V. Allen Rhea)
Ralph Lowe: Sharecropper ((Betty Byrd)
Lee Scott: I Dreamed (Selena Gay)
Kay Weaver: Like It Is (Betty June Holmberg)
Ralph Lowe: Youth Gone By (Mildred Jones)
Melissa Griffith: My Buddy (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Lucky Woman (Ron Tognarelli)
Lee Scott: Remembering You (Connie S. Leonard)
Kay Weaver: Help Us Do Thy Will (Lubertha Allen)
Ralph Lowe: The Shah Of Iran (Violet E. Jackson)
Kay Weaver: Well Honey (Adam Carroll)
Lee Scott: I Was Tired Of Living 'Till You Came Along (Omer F. J. Belland)
Ralph Lowe: Just Keep On Going (Karen Zimmerman)
Kay Weaver: I Left You (Mary Maturi)
Melissa Griffith: You Will Be My Music (public domain)

CRH-43: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: I'm So Very Happy (Steve Smith)
Kay Weaver: Look Inside (Charmaine Pliska)
Ralph Lowe: Are You Lonely, Are You Blue? (Lawrence N. Parks)
Lee Scott: God's Almighty Plan (Elizabeth Wright)
Kay Weaver: The Old Mill (Delora Metzger)
Ralph Lowe: I Have Tried To Forget You (Rosita V. Ruaro)
Lee Scott: Moonlight Rocket From The U.S.A. (J.A. Boles)
Kay Weaver: Did You Find What You Are Looking For? (Rex Tidwell)
Ralph Lowe: Love Wanted -- One Night Only (James L. Bybee)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: I Dreamed Last Night (Alvin R. Nephew)
Kay Weaver: He Has The Answer For You (Clarice Bottenfield)
Ralph Lowe: Why Is That? (Patrick Paul Postelwaite)
Lee Scott: Lonesome Nettie Blues (Nettie Jackson)
Kay Weaver: Time (Louis Chiras, Jr.)
Ralph Lowe: My Silent Thoughts (Virginia Bailey)
Lee Scott: Making Love (Helen M. Pierce)
Kay Weaver: David (Karen Roberts)
Melissa Griffith: Delta Dawn (public domain)

CRH-46: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: A Mother's Love (Clara Lilliock)
Ralph Lowe: How Do You Do? (Darnley Browne)
Lee Scott: Look For Me, I'll Be Around (Mary Kathryn Curry)
Billy Erwin: I Think Life Has Passed Me By (Carol Turner)
Kay Weaver: That Wonderful Place (Patricia Rose)
Ralph Lowe: Lost (Mrs. E.B. Felix)
Kay Weaver: The Girl With High Hopes (Earnest L. Boykins)
Ralph Lowe: One Little Son, Then Another (Joseph Secor)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: For You And Me (Randall Hoefling)
Kay Weaver: Come Back To Me (Kathleen Mancinelli)
Ralph Lowe: So Boldly (James Gamble)
Lee Scott: No Trespassing (James Benishek)
Kay Weaver: How Can You Ask Me? (Beatrice Atkins)
Ralph Lowe: Just A Life, This Life (Ben Civita)
Kay Weaver: Feelings Past (Brad Aylett)
Ralph Lowe: Loneliness (Jeffrey Carsey)
Melissa Griffith: Delta Dawn (public domain)

CRH-50: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: A White Rose For Jenny (Virginia White)
Ralph Lowe: My Get Up And Go Has Got Up And Went (J. C. Cotton)
Lee Scott: Letter To America (Jim Atwood, Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Love, Don't Let Me Down (E. Louise Lininger)
Ralph Lowe: By My Window (William H. Rundle)
Kay Weaver: We Pass By Here Only Once (Marie Slaughter)
Lee Scott: Just Living In A Dream (Parnell James Pierce)
Ralph Lowe: I Did It All For You, Girl (Murray Brook)
Melissa Griffith: My Buddy (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Little Girl (George W. Grant)
Lee Scott: Please Don't Ever Leave Me (Bobby Whighams)
Kay Weaver: Over The Way (Ruth Shelton)
Ralph Lowe: Moon Man (Allison Davis)
Kay Weaver: The Creator Of Us All (Vera Watson)
Lee Scott: You Say (Marsha Loraine Fox)
Ralph Lowe: Drowning In My Memories (Anthony Tutor)
Kay Weaver: Tell The Other Children (Colin R. Young)
Melissa Griffith: You Will Be My Music (public domain)

CRH-51: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Let Your Love Blow (Harvey L. Brown)
Kay Weaver: If You Would Ask Me (Lena Linebarger)
Lee Scott: The Old Man (William L. Zottoli)
Kay Weaver: Wish I Could Shoot A Gun (Juanita Young Felker)
Ralph Lowe: Here Myself, But Baby Is Gone (Ricky Rageth)
Lee Scott: Half-Brother Man (James D. Stevenson, Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Ripoff U.S.A. (Dan Moon)
Ralph Lowe: An Old Man's Life (Gary M. Gaston)
Melissa Griffith: You Will Be My Music
Lee Scott: No Words Can Tell (Sharl J. McElroy)
Ralph Lowe: Becky (Charlotte Fiore)
Kay Weaver: Speeding (Margery Vandeveire)
Ralph Lowe: Grow Up And Go Away (Willie Bostick)
Kay Weaver: This Old Body (Ross Cuba)
Lee Scott: The Power Of Love Is So Strong (Robert G. Pride)
Kay Weaver: Feel My Love (John H. Robinson)
Ralph Lowe: If I Were Wise (Rupert Hall)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were
cover art ©1972, Tom Britton & Associates

CRH-52: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: A Heart Forever In Pain (James Rabon)
Kay Brown: Joy Bells Are Still Ringing In My Soul (Lizzie Calloway)
Lee Scott: Baby, Can You Love A Virgin Woman? (Jona M. Evans)
Ralph Lowe: Caroline's Poem (Joseph La Spisa)
Kay Brown: Star of Love (Joseph E. Green)
Lee Scott: You and I (Laura Keyser)
Kay Brown: My Friend (Cheryl Mongold)
Ralph Lowe: Love That Rock 'N Roll (Jerry Hughes, Jr.)
Melissa Griffith: My Buddy
Ralph Lowe: Don't Make Me Cry (Irene Helm)
Lee Scott: Darling, Please Come Home (Charles W. Harris, Jr.)
Kay Brown: Dad (Mary Lou Winnie)
Ralph Lowe: Wheel, Wheel Rolling (Charles H. Broussard)
Lee Scott: He's Gone (Karlene Franklin)
Kay Brown: Love is a Great Thing Between You and Me (Kathy Faulling)
Lee Scott: I've Seen (Edeltraud Michaelis)
Ralph Lowe: Green, Green (Ella Hickok)
Melissa Griffith: You Will Be My Music

CRH-53: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Lose (Frank Irvin & Russell Priest)
Kay Brown: MIA (Dennis Tweedy)
Lee Scott: I Took A Risk (Don McCree)
Ralph Lowe: She Still Loves Me Too (Clyde Craig)
Kay Brown: The Testament Of Forbidden Love (Grace M. Nardi)
Ralph Lowe: Your Memory (Betty Wilkins)
Lee Scott: Tipsy Topsy Turvey (Anna Caspeele)
Ralph Lowe: That Little Girl Of Mine (Walter Lee Murray)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Loyal Spouse Devotion (Assunto Norelli)
Lee Scott: Have A Little Faith In Me (Joyce Warre)
Kay Brown: March Was Yesterday (Richard Keyes)
Ralph Lowe: Cherokee Pride (Thelma Branson Norwood)
Kay Brown: A New Song (Cheryl Morgan)
Ralph Lowe: The World Is A Jungle (Haywood Monk Jr.)
Lee Scott: Looking On The Right Side (Pearl Gist)
Ralph Lowe: I Search For You (John Hudson)
Melissa Griffith: Delta Dawn (public domain)

CRH-54: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: If I Had A Penny (Rose M. Broecker)
Kay Brown: Parable Man (Ginger Lentell)
Ralph Lowe: Grave On The Hillside (Pauline Basham)
Lee Scott: Don't Leave Me (Coleen Gorski)
Kay Brown: Don't Look Back (Carol Needham)
Ralph Lowe: Harold, The Drag Strip Streaker< (John R. Jones)
Kay Brown: I'd Like To Be (Clara Schneider)
Ralph Lowe: A Poor Ragged Boy (Corett R. Powell)
Melissa Griffith: Delta Dawn (public domain)
Kay Brown: Pretending (Madeline Gardner)
Ralph Lowe: Maybe You're Lying Again (W. Keith Ard)
Kay Brown: I Want To Be Treated Right (Geraldine Stewart)
Kay Brown: Daddy, Is Santa Really Six Foot Four? (Ivery Lee Wilbon)
Ralph Lowe: Trinidad Carnival (Ralph L.H. Thomas)
Lee Scott: This Wonderful U.S.A. (Ethel Moss)
Kay Brown: Does The World See Jesus In You? (Willie Edna Craig)
Ralph Lowe: Farewell (Gregoria G. Guarin)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were (public domain)

CRH-55: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: You (John Tornatore)
Kay Brown: Lonesome Prisoner (Pearl Young)
Lee Scott: The Man I Love (Inez P. Eriksen)
Kay Brown: Peace (Thelma Lewis)
Ralph Lowe: Weary Man (James Washington)
Lee Scott: One Summer's Love (Martha Hoffman)
Kay Brown: Mama Cries (Lanaya Herr)
Ralph Lowe: Don't Go Astray Darling (Femi Ajibade)
Melissa Griffith: Delta Dawn (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Song Of Time (George Amerin)
Lee Scott: Hard Times (Shirley M. Pegues)
Kay Brown: My Love For You (Tim Clanton)
Ralph Lowe: My Queen (Vincent Delvalle)
Kay Brown: Nobody Else Like Jesus (Emma McRae)
Ralph Lowe: Dogpatch (John Kermit Guest)
Kay Brown: Anymore (Amon Screen)
Lee Scott: Be Yourself (Michael McCormick)
Melissa Griffith: The Way We Were (public domain)

CRH-59: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Brown: What Good Is A Wish? (Richard Lines)
Kay Brown: My Best Friend Is Jesus (Mary B. Rozelle)
Ralph Lowe: The Door Of Love (Mary Davis)
Kay Brown: Love Makes The Roses Bloom (Myrtle C. Stanley)
Kay Brown: There Was A President (James Leatherman)
Kay Brown: One-Way Road (Fernando Dueri)
Ralph Lowe: She's My Love (Everett Scolley)
Kay Brown: Smile (Donna L. Russell)
Kay Brown: Greensleeves (public domain)
Kay Brown: The Love I Once Cherished (Emma James)
Kay Brown: Love Divine (Alma Dowling)
Ralph Lowe: Jenny (Lorraine Quintana)
Kay Brown: How Can I Go On Living? (Nathalie Van Cleef)
Kay Brown: Holding On To His Hand (Jestine Rowell)
Kay Brown: Troubles (Thomas D. Hummel)
Kay Brown: In The Evening Of My Life (Jewel Looper Holder)
Ralph Lowe: Darling, When I Walk Back Into Your Life (Ina Stanley)
Kay Brown: Give Me That Old-Time Religion (public domain)

CRH-62: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Sara (Rory Richardson)
Kay Brown: We Need Each Other (Ben W. Pearson)
Lee Scott: Sometimes, When I Am Alone (Norma Carter Mullings)
Kay Brown: A Page In The Bible Written For You (Marion F. Park)
Ralph Lowe: My Darling's Gone And Left Me (Ben Green)
Kay Brown: Peanut Packing Mama (Walter R. Peterson)
Lee Scott: Untold Love (Shirleen Moe)
Ralph Lowe: Flirty Eyes (Vincent Dosado)
Kay Brown: Greensleeves
Ralph Lowe: Tomorrow I'll Live With The Blues (Gene B. Shull)
Kay Brown: To Shed A Tear (Janet Lynn Rose)
Lee Scott: The Love I Can Remember (Ray Dickenson)
Ralph Lowe: Answer To Satin Sheets (Forrest M. Myers)
Kay Brown: As The Years Go By (Alma Hoellein)
Kay Brown: Baby, Get Close To Me (Brandon Kaufman)
Ralph Lowe: I Love You Because (Dave Morton)
Lee Scott: The Sandman Song (Florence James)
Kay Brown: Mockingbird

CRH-70: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Stranger At My Door (Barbara Macauley)
Ralph Lowe: Just A Moment (Max G. Beier)
Kay Weaver: Hurry, Baby, Or It Will Be Late (Edeltraud Korytar)
Kay Weaver: Me (Judith Lynn Curry)
Lee Scott: If I Could Have One Yesterday (Elaine J. Iberer)
Kay Weaver: Someone I Love (Dives A. Wilmore)
Ralph Lowe: Hard Workin' Man (James Tate)
Kay Weaver: All The Way (Tom Harris, Sandra & Ethel Hall)
Kay Weaver: Mockingbird (pub. dom.)
Ralph Lowe: Falling In Love (Jennifer Miller)
Kay Weaver: Our Love (Verna Johnson)
Kay Weaver: The Greyhound (Robert A. Thomas)
Ralph Lowe: Part Of The American Way (Steve Little)
Kay Weaver: You Just Take Your Time And Pray (Juanita Edwards)
Lee Scott: Money Or Poverty (Mrs. S.A. Kimmel)
Kay Weaver: Stranger (Peggy A. Cameron)
Ralph Lowe: Only With You (E.C. Anglin)
Kay Weaver: Greensleeves (pub. dom.)

CRH-73: Kay Weaver, Ralph Lowe & Lee Scott -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Message To Youth; Honey, Come Back Home; Because You Were Untrue; Only A Golden Curl; Angels' Footsteps; Baby, Don't Cry No More; Now, I Don't Care Anymore; I Will Give My Love To This Man; Greensleeves; A Prayer For Peace; My One And Only; Held In Empty Arms; Memories; The Bar Is Where I Live; Broken Heart; If You Love Me; Talking About Love; Give Me That Old-Time Religion
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-74: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: I'm Just A Fool Of Paradise
Ralph Lowe: To My Wife
Elvis Green: I'm Going To Roam
Lee Scott: What Time Has Taken Away
Ralph Lowe: Come A Little Closer To My Father
Kay Weaver: A Heartbroken Prayer
Lee Scott: We Must Uphold Our Constition
Kay Weaver: Rainbow Son
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace
Kay Weaver: Sweet Love
Ralph Lowe: Promises
Lee Scott: Please Say You Love Me
Kay Weaver: When My Life Is Over Here
Ralph Lowe: When I Gave My Heart To You
Kay Weaver: Please Don't Hurt My Mommy Anymore
Lee Scott: When I First Saw You
Ralph Lowe: Inside Love
Kay Weaver: When Johnny Comes Marching Home
songwriters unknown

CRH-85: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: You Better Cool It, Baby (Louis Belle)
Kay Weaver: Let's Sing Our Love Songs Again (Robert Francis)
Kay Weaver: Loving A Soldier (Charles L. Ziegler)
Ralph Lowe: Whom The Shoe Fits (Alvin A. Smith)
Lee Scott: Love In A Ring (Amy Mattson)
Ralph Lowe: Friends Sincere (Wilhelmina McClellan)
Kay Weaver: I Was A Lonely Girl (Freda Lumbama)
Lee Scott: Tears (Avis Harrison)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (public domain)
Kay Weaver: I Love You Too (Annie Jackson)
Ralph Lowe: If I Could Live Forever (Gunnard Lundstrom)
Lee Scott: That Kind Of Girl (Carla Baca)
Kay Weaver: All We Need Is Love (Monte Paul)
Ralph Lowe: My Heart And Soul (Robin Gennette)
Kay Weaver: Starlit Lane (Sam Buford)
Kay Weaver: Kiss Me Tender (Dane Wano)
Ralph Lowe: I've Been In Trouble (Charles J. Kastelberg)
Kay Weaver: Give Me That Old-Time Religion (public domain)

CRH-88: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Love Is Not A Secret To Hide (William Sherman)
Kay Weaver: I'd Like You To Always Smile For Me (Bill Solonika)
Ralph Lowe: Sally (Dorothy Brumbalow)
Ralph Lowe: The Love Of That Girl (Carlyle Simon)
Kay Weaver: You Knew (Gina Cianfarani)
Kay Weaver: Jeannie's Christmas Joy (Walter P. Moddie)
Ralph Lowe: Silent Dreams And Solitude (Glen Harmeling)
Ralph Lowe: Bingo (Leon Wilson)
Kay Weaver: Frankie And Johnny (public domain)
Kay Weaver: Days Of My Youth (Frank S. Dionise)
Kay Weaver: Away (Michael Cox)
Ralph Lowe: Crazy Mary (Paul Trull)
Ralph Lowe: Getting Nowhere (Eddie Benton)
Kay Weaver: Serving You, Lord (Johnnie M. Hester)
Ralph Lowe: I Brushed Away My Tears (Faye Manning)
Kay Weaver: That's When You're Unemployed (David D. Derflinger)
Ralph Lowe: The Lovely Faces (Bobby Potter)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (public domain)

CRH-90: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Being Alone With You (Mary Richardson)
Ralph Lowe: How Do You Think I Feel? (Roland Tsuchiya)
Kay Weaver: Remember (Dawn Merlyn Birchall)
Kay Weaver: America (I Love You) (Wesley Oliver)
Ralph Lowe: Walk Across The Hall (Theresa Bingham)
Kay Weaver: Why Make Me Cry? (Linda Gutierrez)
Kay Weaver: The Journey (Rose Solic)
Ralph Lowe: I Still Love You (Elias G. Moutsioulis)
Kay Weaver: It'sa Me, Oh Lord, Standin' In The Need Of Prayer (public domain)
Kay Weaver: My Dear (Zamila Ali Yardon)
Ralph Lowe: Bring Back My Love (Frank Iyatunguk)
Kay Weaver: The Feeling (Willie Lee Little)
Kay Weaver: Under The Satin Sheet (Wesley Oliver)
Ralph Lowe: If You Could Sit On A Cloud (Robert Mahan)
Kay Weaver: Any Girl Can Be A Fool (Cheryl Pennant)
Ralph Lowe: I Know What It Means (Pearlie Sellers)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)

CRH-94: Kay Weaver -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Delta's Mansion In The Sky (Janet H. Stokes)
Slowly By (Stella Lomando)
Juke Box Rock & Roll Waitress (Marjorie Fisk)
My Darling (Madeline Springhart)
Believe It (Vera Ferrara)
Back To The Southland (Julian J. McClain)
A Lover's Part (Ronda Heimbigner)
Power To The Music (Paul Wyant)
Give Me That Old-Time Religion (pub. dom.)
You're The Reason (Annie & Sherri Ledbetter)
In The Tavern (Jerry Katz)
Junkies And Monkeys (James I. Yates, II)
Is It The End? (Charles Potter)
Love Me (Rosemary Ball)
The Pretty Flower (Hugo V. Gurney)
Love Comes, Love Goes (Mike Shreves)
It's Wrong To Say "I Love You" (Pauline Tharp)
America The Beautiful (pub. dom.)

CRH-98: The Now Sounds of Today
Kay Weaver: Solitaire (Carmel Ann Urciuoli)
Ralph Lowe: Let Me See The Sunshine In Your Smile (Sam Austin)
Kay Weaver: My Only Dream (John O. Eiffel)
Ralph Lowe: I'm A Little Boy (Betty Watkins)
Lee Scott: Love Returns (Tommy Alsbrooks)
Kay Weaver: Wedding Vows (Willard Parson)
Ralph Lowe: Pretend (Georgina Bouzoukis)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace
Kay Weaver: You Are My Love (Roger Flynn)
Raph [sic] Lowe: There Ought To Be A Law (Charles Dodgen)
Kay Weaver: To You From Me (Armeline d'Entremont)
Kay Weaver: High Illusion (Randy Ott)
Ralph Lowe: Snap Out Of It (Roscoe Caston)
Kay Weaver: I Am A Black Ghetto Child (Mary Hobbs)
Kay Weaver: Sweet Baby (Josephine Roper)
Ralph Lowe: Haunted Love (Josephine Roper)
Kay Weaver: It'sa Me, Oh, Lord, Standin' In The Need Of Prayer

CRH-99: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Just An Old Courtship (Ima Claywell)
Kay Weaver: From The Start To The End Of The Rainbow (Edna L. Weatherwalk)
Ralph Lowe: My Life Is Too Short (Masao Miyashita)
Kay Weaver: Dreaming Of You, My Love (Bart Longo)
Kay Weaver: To Make It Right Again (James E. Burson)
Ralph Lowe: It Won't Work (Cora Grahame)
Kay Weaver: Your Eyes (Gia Daniel)
Ralph Lowe: Why Did You? (Thurman Bullock)
Kay Weaver: It'sa Me, Oh Lord, Standin' In The Need Of Prayer (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: The Fights (Hubert Capleton)
Kay Weaver: Follow Me (Billy Joe Duncan)
Kay Weaver: Love (Mike McKinnon)
Kay Weaver: You'll Never Reach The Promised Land (Leonard L. Hicks)
Ralph Lowe: When I Met You (Jean Blackwood)
Kay Weaver: I Wish I Could Go Home With You (Johnnie Lee Pugh)
Kay Weaver: You Ought To Be Glad Baby (George Johnson)
Ralph Lowe: I'd Spent My Life (Edward Arnold Cook)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)

CRH-104: cover lost; title not known (but prob. The Now Sounds Of Today)
Kay Weaver: Your Love Is My Song (Ida Williams)
Ralph Lowe: All By Myself (Louis Piejko)
Kay Weaver: The Fading Flowers (David Wood)
Kay Weaver: In The Shadow Of My Heart (S. "Archie" Argentina)
Ralph Lowe: Why Did You Do This To Me? (Jaaron Mozelle Smith)
Kay Weaver: I Thought Of You Again (Randy Allen Gustavus)
Kay Weaver: Do The Bike Ride Baby (Freddie Hobson)
Ralph Lowe: A Song Of Love (Mrs. Emma Janisky)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)
Kay Weaver: Dreaming About You (Richard Bailey)
Ralph Lowe: I'm Lonely Because (Frank Yearwood)
Kay Weaver: You Just Changed My Mind (Opal Hurst)
Kay Weaver: Falling In Love (Johnny Roberts)
Ralph Lowe: Now's The Time (Cynthia Pierson)
Kay Weaver: Lonely Redbird (Thomas Seidel)
Kay Weaver: My Last Love (Theresa Potkey)
Ralph Lowe: Sonata For Marie (Taiseer Zaid Kailani)
Kay Weaver: It'sa Me, Oh Lord, Standin' In The Need Of Prayer (public domain)

CRH-109: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Just Plain Crazy (Al Milanette)
Kay Weaver: Just One More Mile To Go (Mary Antinson)
Ralph Lowe: I Had A Dream Last Night (Ted Cole)
Ralph Lowe and Kay Weaver: Just Plain Me (Martha Scogin)
Kay Weaver: Will I Find Peace Underneath My Christmas Tree (Lawrence Smith)
Ralph Lowe: The Lottery Freak (Iva Jasper)
Kay Weaver: On Guard (Veronica Thomasson)
Ralph Lowe: Satanic Woman (Ray Culberson)
Kay Weaver: Give Me That Old-Time Religion (public domain)
Kay Weaver: My Love And I (Lorna Kidwell)
Ralph Lowe: How I Lived And Died (George Collins)
Kay Weaver: Green Valley (Claude Marks)
Kay Weaver: A Talk With Him (Connie Jackson)
Ralph Lowe: Loving Her (Keith Jackson)
Kay Weaver: You And Me (Denise Sparks)
Kay Weaver: Mom's Faith (Annie Demont)
Ralph Lowe: I Am Standing Under The Globe (E.C. Clark)
Kay Weaver: Mockingbird (public domain)

CRH-110: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: One Night Stand Life (Bill Centers)
Ralph Lowe: To Tell You Of My Love (John Warinner)
Kay Weaver: People We Are (Mrs. Rena Kendrick)
Ralph Lowe: C.B. Heartbreak (Kenneth Skasick)
Kay Weaver: I'll Forget You (Mrs. Inez Jones)
Ralph Lowe: The Beginning Love (Don Adams)
Kay Weaver: Just For One Day (Mrs. Georgie Kovacs)
Ralph Lowe: The Revenge (Ann Watters)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (pub. dom.)
Ralph Lowe: Just A Kiss Away (Mrs. Maxine Long)
Kay Weaver: Years Of Lasting Love (Nellie Robinett)
Kay Weaver: Love Is Like Fool's Gold (Mrs. Jo Ence)
Ralph Lowe: I Laughed Until I Cried The Blues (Edsel M. Johns; ©1977)
Kay Weaver: South In Dixie (James Sadler)
Ralph Lowe: There's A Little Brown House (Cornelius Payne)
Kay Weaver: As I Took A Trip (John Monty)
Ralph Lowe: There Is Life (Tammy Fernandez)
Kay Weaver: Mockingbird (pub. dom.)

CRH-114: Kay Weaver & Ralph Lowe -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Jesus Is Coming; If I Had One Wish; Because You're You; Take Me Back To Paint Rock Bend C.O.D.; Cry Cry Cry; Who's Cheating; Disco Queen; Mommy, Where's My Daddy?; Amazing Grace; I'm Going To Dig Me A Hole; Past Dreams; The Tenderness Of Misused Love; Patricia Ann; When I Get Over You; Time To Change; The Answer; The Goddess Of Love; It's A Me, Oh Lord, Standin' In The Need Of Prayer
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-128: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: The Best In You (John Myatt)
Kay Weaver: Oh Lord, My God (Ron Nelson)
Ralph Lowe: You Will Never Find Out (C.J. Adams)
Kay Weaver: What Is Love? (Debra Martin)
Kay Weaver: My Lucky Stars (Doris Crowe)
Kay Weaver: Please Let Me Go (Sinita Walker)
Ralph Lowe: Non-Support And Felony (Glen Buntin)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (public domain)
Kay Weaver: Deacon Johnson (Betsy Neil)
Kay Weaver: Think (Dorothy Meyer)
Ralph Lowe: Disco King (Kathie Wright)
Kay Weaver: Do You Remember? (Elmon Henry)
Kay Weaver: These Tears Were Not Shed By Me (Dee Sakovitch)
Kay Weaver: Mr. Right (Cherrie Whitaker)
Ralph Lowe: Love Is On Its Way (David Lawrence)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)

CRH-130: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Suddenly Baby (Dorothy Meredith)
Ralph Lowe: The Biggest Fool's In Me (James Greenshaw)
Kay Weaver: Sitting Near The Fire (Verna Shellenberger)
Kay Weaver: Don't Cry -- We're Not So Foolish (Dan MacPherson)
Ralph Lowe: Seldom Did You Ever See Me Cry (Lonnie Nance)
Kay Weaver: The Cry Of A Lonesome Child (Nelly Hanna)
Ralph Lowe: Love Is Here (Philip Wright)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Joe Goes Disco (Nicholson Pierre)
Kay Weaver: Sleep On (Dasha Toth)
Kay Weaver: Busy Streets (Eva Stockton)
Ralph Lowe: The Look In Your Eyes (Natalie Alder)
Kay Weaver: I Loved Him (Kim Gardner)
Ralph Lowe: What Happened To Yesterday? (Richard Ashworth)
Kay Weaver: Get Down Tonight (Christine Riley)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)

CRH-135: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Country Boy (George Ward)
Kay Weaver: There's A Star In The Heavens (Joseph Beauregard)
Kay Weaver: Presser's Blues (Mrs. Edward Richno)
Ralph Lowe: Leave Me Alone (William Tift)
Kay Weaver: Chase Away The Blues (Tony Morgan)
Kay Weaver: I Must Be Myself (Linda Newman)
Ralph Lowe: Texas Rio Grande (Emerson Ernst)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (pub. dom.)
Kay Weaver: Mr. Together Man (Philip Pares)
Ralph Lowe: To My Mother (Hazel Lee Hosch)
Kay Weaver: I Think We Could Do It Again (Hassan Ammari)
Kay Weaver: A Beautiful Place In The Mountains (Roy McQueen)
Ralph Lowe: Summer Days (Carol Ann Damptz)
Kay Weaver: Talk Of The Town (Brenda White)
Ralph Lowe: Direct Love (Michael Frost)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (pub. dom.)

CRH-138: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Yes, I'm Crying (Carmellia Leimkuhler)
Keith Sargent: Beauty Woman (William Gough)
Kay Weaver: I'm Not Going To Cry This Time (Beverly Evan)
Keith Sargent: All I Need Is My Woman (Charlie Faulk)
Kay Weaver: Love Reward (Burrough Mills III)
Kay Weaver: In Need Of You (Edward Johnson)
Keith Sargent: What's In A Mind? (Amanda Cooper)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (pub. dom.)
Kay Weaver: If You Feel (Roscoe Croskey)
Keith Sargent: My New Love (Beatriz Roman)
Kay Weaver: From Rags To Riches (Ni'Mat Shareef)
Kay Weaver: Acceptance (Lula Murphy)
Keith Sargent: Playful Baby Blues (Robert Parham)
Kay Weaver: Young Love All Mine (Doris La Croix)
Kay Weaver: You Don't Say (Edwena Grafer)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (pub. dom.)

CRH-141: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Inside Fears (Wayne Thurston)
Kay Weaver: Why Did Daddy Go? (Charmaine LeBlanc)
Keith Sargent: It's Been A Long Time (Daniel Kimball)
Kay Weaver: Wake Up (Judy Hasselbach)
Kay Weaver: I Thank God For His Blessing (Joyce Cannon)
Kay Weaver: I Am In Love (Vashti Holmes)
Keith Sargent: The Ballad Of Sir George (David Thomas)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (public domain)
Kay Weaver: The Love We Recite (Glenda Jeffery)
Keith Sargent: The Better Man (Larry K. Williams)
Kay Weaver: You Just Don't Understand (Charlotte Simpson)
Kay Weaver: Reflections (Bronson)
Kay Weaver: I Won't Toss And Turn No More (Wilton Ray Bourne)
Keith Sargent: I'll Be Coming Home Tonight (Gary House)
Kay Weaver: I Just Want To Be With You (Emma Trexler)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)

CRH-146: Kay Weaver & Ralph Lowe -- The Now Sounds Of Today
That's Why I'm Leaving On A Friday Morning Train; Shadow Of Tears; Game Of Chance; Be Daddy's Little Man; Loneliness; Is It Fair?; That's My Black Woman; Amazing Grace; Know Now; Let Me Grow Up And Be A Man; I Hear The Song; Singing, Singing Away; We'll Plan Our Life Ahead; Baby, I'll Need You; We Are One; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-147: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Driftin' (Robert Tichenor)
Kay Weaver: He's Mine In My Dreams (Vickie Brown)
Kay Weaver: Love (Wilbert Garris)
Ralph Lowe: What Is Being Black? (Habib Mohamed Hasham)
Kay Weaver: The Future Holds Nothing For Me (James Adams)
Kay Weaver: Wrong Kind Of Love (Betty Balderas)
Ralph Lowe: It's You (Sebastian Kong)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)
Kay Weaver: It Doesn't Matter Any More (Becky Gibson)
Ralph Lowe: When We Go To Live With Jesus Up There (Bob Sims)
Kay Weaver: Childhood Memories (Gordon Kendell)
Ralph Lowe: I Will Always Love You (Irma L. Beal)
Ralph Lowe: Bad Days, Good Days (Carl Chapin)
Kay Weaver: Lovin' You (Bernadette Parrott)
Ralph Lowe: The End Is Coming, But None Too Soon (Gary Rehberg)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)

CRH-148: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: When I'm With You (Louis Takacs)
Ralph Lowe: He Is The Light (Mary Sims)
Kay Weaver: My Son (Bertha Newport)
Ralph Lowe: Janis (James Lister)
Kay Weaver: Set My Heart Free (Violet Walker)
Ralph Lowe: Happiness Is Found Along The Way (Pauline Young)
Ralph Lowe: You Took Advantage Of Me (Willie Barnes)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Without You (Wynona St. Clair)
Kay Weaver: They Always Pick On Me (Pearl Patterson)
Ralph Lowe: Free (Philip Abish)
Ralph Lowe: Your Love For Me (Frank Delgado)
Kay Weaver: You Are The Only One (Jessie Ware)
Ralph Lowe: Teardrop Roses (Mary Maston)
Ralph Lowe: Moving With The Wind (Warren White)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)

CRH-149: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: All The World Fell Apart (Tom Denny)
Ralph Lowe: A Bundle Of Silver (Alice Curry)
Kay Weaver: My Love Is Stronger Than Steel (Dorothy Moy)
Ralph Lowe: I Love You (Jacques Carl Conde)
Ralph Lowe: There's No Me Without You (Major Turner)
Kay Weaver: That Night (Kenneth Ordog)
Ralph Lowe: You Are The Man (I. Gbombadee Wiles)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (pub. dom.)
Ralph Lowe: Unwanted Love (Margaret Milks)
Ralph Lowe: It Has Been Such A Very Long Time (Willie Dudley)
Kay Weaver: The Power Of My Hands (Diane Thompson)
Ralph Lowe: Soft Eyes (Betty Pruitt)
Kay Weaver: The Lover (Nancy Toth)
Ralph Lowe: Working At Midnight (Bonnie Jean Oliver)
Ralph Lowe: Please Don't Cry (Michelle Bokoskie) (handwritten: "©1978")
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (pub. dom.)

CRH-150: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Heartbreaker (Gloria Jean Jones)
Ralph Lowe: Summer Of Life (Jean Geotz)
Kay Weaver: Just Like Brother Should (James Walker)
Kay Weaver: I'm Just A Nobody (William Neal)
Ralph Lowe: Life Of Loving (Gloria Jean Bennett)
Kay Weaver: Love Has Gone (Elsa Palacios)
Ralph Lowe: Girl With The Big City Man (Irene Shattuck)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace
Kay Weaver: Baby, Stop By Tomorrow (Willie Mercer)
Kay Weaver: Letter Of Love (Darlene Barr)
Ralph Lowe: Thinking Of You (Victor Gomez Cuevas)
Kay Weaver: Don't Say Good Bye (Maria Francesca)
Ralph Lowe: Wonderful And It's Cool (Laszlo Matyus)
Kay Weaver: Thoughts (Gene Hays)
Ralph Lowe: The Merry Gang (Trevor Hughes)
Kay Weaver: America the Beautiful
signed by Maria Francesa, aka Mary Bartholomew, w/ inscription: "To Kelly and brother, I'll never forget you and love very much, Oct. 21 1978."

CRH-151: Kay Weaver & Ralph Lowe -- The Now Sounds Of Today
The World's Almost Over; If You Would Believe In Me; Our Time Will Come; Troubles And Bubbles; Casanova Man; When Angels Cry; I Surrender; Amazing Grace; When I Was In Love; Our Home In The Valley; I Found You; The Girls Who Bowled On Four; I'll Cry Tomorrow; Love Later; Get It All Together; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-154: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: I'll Love You Forever (Mary Eury)
Kay Weaver: Darling, It's Not Right To Go On Loving You (Ellen Hendrickson)
Ralph Lowe: Daydream Of A Working Man (Robert Knox)
Ralph Lowe: Lonely Life (Ostella Torain Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Illinois, Land Of Lincoln (Ray Vickers)
Billy Erwin: Missing You (Garnell Etheridge)
Kay Weaver: Getting A Natural High (David Wlenk)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (pub. dom.)
Kay Weaver: Lost Winter Love (Anthony Knipp)
Ralph Lowe: Decision Time (Connell Bell)
Kay Weaver: In My Lifetime (Nickolas John Corsetti)
Kay Weaver: Bonnie Blue Blues (Catherine Hobbs)
Ralph Lowe: I Found Love (Mignon Guishard)
Kay Weaver: Something Is Worrying Me (Walter Scott Loyden, Jr.)
Ralph Lowe: I'm Going Home (James Van Nostrand)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (pub. dom.)

CRH-158: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Lovin' You (Les Lehs)
Kay Weaver: Cry, Cry, Cry (Shirley Wynn)
Ralph Lowe: I Used To Love Someone (Marianne LeFevre)
Marie Bain & Ralph Lowe: I Want To Come Home, Babe (Hobert Franks)
Ralph Lowe: Sweetest Loving Thing (Norma Rice)
Kay Weaver: We Are Strangers In So Many Ways (D. Charlene Gills)
Ralph Lowe: Ballad Of A Woman (David Bull)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (pub. dom.)
Ralph Lowe: Litter, Litter (Helen Bray)
Marie Bain: Just For A While (Robin Starolitz)
Ralph Lowe: How You Make Me Feel (Brenda Guillory)
Ralph Lowe: Makin' Mash, Haulin' Trash, Countin' Cash (Susan Redmond)
Marie Bain: A Thought I'd Express (Anna Rose Battaglia)
Ralph Lowe: I Wish I Had You (Glenn Raley)
Ralph Lowe: What Can I Do Now? (Bambi-Lynn DeGeorge)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (pub. dom.)

CRH-162: Ralph Lowe, Marie Bain & Kay Weaver -- The Now Sounds Of Today
I Really Love You; Yesterday's Gone; Drinkin' Was To Blame; Pathway To Nowhere; Poor Man; Please Hurry Home; It's Too Late To Change Your Mind; Swing Low, Sweet Chariot; A Message To My Love; A Man On The Scene; Hold On To What You've Got; Another Love Song; My Little Angel; He Came To Me; Never You Lie To Me; Amazing Grace
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-163: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: The Cajun Bride (Jerrold Thornton)
Kay Weaver: Please Tell Me (Della Dyer)
Kay Weaver: To The Woman That I Love (Frank Cicalese)
Ralph Lowe: Born Black (Lorraine Bayer)
Marie Bain: Remember Me Always (Rondy Slater)
Kay Weaver: My Kind Of World (Arlene Bassett)
Ralph Lowe: Tell Me That You Love Me (Douglas Spach)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (pub. dom.)
Ralph Lowe: Our Lives Are Beginning To Start (Christopher Waterman)
Kay Weaver: You're Like Wine (Linda Manns)
Ralph Lowe: Silvery Texas Moon (Loneta Reser)
Kay Weaver: A Man's Got To Do What A Man's Got To Do (Linda Williams)
Marie Bain: Don't Cry For Me (Lena Tracy)
Ralph Lowe: I Wanta Know Why (Genova B aker)
Ralph Lowe: Taxation Blues (Leslie Frisk)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (pub. dom.)

CRH-174: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: You Are My Everything (Mrs. W. Mosaval)
Kay Weaver: Why Can't I Forget You? (Janet Gesford)
Marie Bain: Let's Live For Today (Rhonda Keatts)
Kay Weaver: Waking Up Alone (Michael Kilroy)
Ralph Lowe: Montana Sue (Florence Gaetano)
Marie Bain: With The Dawn (Fred Pecci)
Ralph Lowe: I Am Just Me (Mary Suter)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: Why Didn't You Know? (Angie Leo)
Marie Bain: It's Love This Time (Eric Murphy)
Kay Weaver: Mr. Songmaker (Ida Hinsa)
Marie Bain: Hello, My Friend (Dellbee Jones)
Ralph Lowe: Inside My Dreams (Mark Durando)
Kay Weaver: The Price (James Raiford)
Ralph Lowe: Why Couldn't You Be Mine? (James Holland)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)

CRH-180: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: I'll Never Say Good-Bye To You (Larry Ewoldt)
Kay Weaver: One-Sided Love (Mary Ann Cove)
Ralph Lowe: Please Mister (Jack Morris)
Kay Weaver: I Had A Dream (Mary Lunsford)
Kay Weaver: God's Power (Chester Tiffany)
Ralph Lowe: I Will Find Out, Baby (David Masadas)
Ralph Lowe: Let Me Take The Time To Tell You (Michael Mulvaney)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (pub. dom.)
Ralph Lowe: A Tearful Love (Truenea Bingman)
Kay Weaver: I'm Only Asking That You Come Back (Danny Page)
Ralph Lowe: The Love Of My Life (Carmel Joyce)
Kay Weaver: How Long? (Terry Stuwe)
Ralph Lowe: I'm Sorry Again (Wayne Knotts)
Kay Weaver: My Man (Opal Smith)
Ralph Lowe: This World Of Mine (Virginia Martin)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (pub. dom.)

CRH-182: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: The Test Of Love (Joan Tomaini)
Kay Weaver: Being Very Special (Douglas Clark)
Ralph Lowe: Can You Take Me As I Am? (Rose Mary Rohrig)
Ralph Lowe: Lost Love (Bertha Jones)
Kay Weaver: A Long Hard Mile (Iva Perbetsky)
Ralph Lowe: My Love (Ruben Earl Flanagan)
Ralph Lowe: The Music Box (Steve Cooper)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: I Can't Stand The Pain (Clinton Hightower)
Kay Weaver: Oh What I'd Give (Bettie Johnson)
Ralph Lowe: I'm Gone (Ken Kendzior)
Kay Weaver: Hope For Tomorrow (Diane Statter)
Ralph Lowe: Investment (James McCready)
Kay Weaver: Lucille Must Be My Momma (Janice Burns)
Ralph Lowe: A Broken Down Merry-Go-Round (Lucy Allen)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)

CRH-184: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Don't Doubt My Love (Michael Figueroa)
Kay Weaver: Triangle Of Love (Cecil Adams)
Kay Weaver: Back In My Arms (Vivienne Barrilleaux)
Ralph Lowe: Golden Love (Betty Brown)
Kay Weaver: Heaven's A Kiss Away (Doris Turner)
Kay Weaver: Joey's Love Song (Lily Joan Fong)
Ralph Lowe: Someday (Doreen Sheen)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: It's Over, Yes, It's Over (Gloria Williams)
Kay Weaver: I Just Can't Stay (Kathy Alton)
Ralph Lowe: Full Blue Moon (Ray Lawson)
Kay Weaver: Why Can't We Be Lovers? (Jeff Pitts)
Ralph Lowe: I'm Scared (Maribeth O'Donnell)
Kay Weaver: In The Barn (Mrs. I. McAnuff)
Ralph Lowe: Funk With Us (Lisco Simmons)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (public domain)

CRH-189: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Keep On Lovin' Me (Pamela Cossins)
Kay Weaver: Sunshine And Shadows (Edwin Kukee)
Kay Weaver: I'll Never Be The Same (Purnell Church)
Ralph Lowe: Who Was He? (Couston Mennefee)
Kay Weaver: Love Will Never Fade Away (Ronnie Waggoner)
Ralph Lowe: Friendship (James Robinson)
Ralph Lowe: I've Got To Tell You Something (Diana Sprinkle)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: A Life Of Sweets (George Taylor)
Kay Weaver: Don't Leave Me (Edward Chirwa)
Ralph Lowe: It's You That I Need (Claude Spurlock)
Kay Weaver: Son, Why Don't You Settle Down? (Jerry Glen Roberts)
Ralph Lowe: She Is My Everything (John Myers)
Kay Weaver: A Wonderful Thing Came To An End (Carrie Thezine)
Ralph Lowe: Pretty Lady (Bill Mooney)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)

CRH-190: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Haven't I Tried? (Ina Kaye Ryan)
Kay Weaver: I'll Be Waiting (June Morgan)
Ralph Lowe: She's My Kind Of Lady (Thomas Ray)
Kay Weaver: When You Say Good Bye (Debbie Brown)
Ralph Lowe: Disco Dancer, You're The Answer (Paul Sueoka)
Kay Weaver: Lost Soul (Nancie Wike)
Ralph Lowe: Lady In Waiting (Judith Ellis)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: The Longest Night Of My Life (Elmer Galloway)
Kay Weaver: Heartaches Of A Station (Margaret Thompson)
Kay Weaver: Disco Midnight (Maureen Michel)
Ralph Lowe: Time Will Tell On You Tonight (Thomas Kmetz)
Kay Weaver: Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice (Lola Hyde)
Kay Weaver: Life Is Just A Trip (Olga Paul)
Ralph Lowe: A Thousand Dancing Girls (John Fisher)
Kay Weaver: When You're Gone (Ron Galichinski)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)

CRH-191: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Sayin' Good Bye (Carla Horsley)
Kay Weaver: Stranger Tonight (Lourial Allen)
Ralph Lowe: Put It Back (Cindy Rhodes)
Kay Weaver: Keep The World Beautiful (Sarah McDougald)
Ralph Lowe: Afterglow (Dick Carr)
Kay Weaver: Let Us Part (Joseph Therance)
Ralph Lowe: Love Me Halfway (Sherrie Papagiacumos)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: You, My Love (Grant Lanham)
Kay Weaver: 'Cause I Love You (Keith Perry)
Ralph Lowe: A Special Song (Robert Davis)
Kay Weaver: I'm Happy Now (Jessie Mitchell)
Kay Weaver: Confess, My Darling (Booker Prude)
Ralph Lowe: Don't Tell Me (Royland Jarrett)
Kay Weaver: Music Is (Jacqueline Pruitt)
Ralph Lowe: Chance (Roosevelt Bryant)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (public domain)

CRH-193: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: You Are My Darling (Paul Walker)
Ralph Lowe: There Is A Girl For Me, A Girl For You (Lauriston Jones)
Ralph Lowe: How Will I Live Without You? (Christine Kelly)
Ralph Lowe: Stop That Train (William Jennings)
Kay Weaver: Trapped In Your Heart With Love (Essie Dillion)
Ralph Lowe: Everyday People, Everyday Life (George Appel)
Ralph Lowe: Let Down Blues (Marlene Buhler)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (public domain)
Ralph Lowe: There's No Need To Say Good Bye (Josephine Vernon)
Kay Weaver: Last Chance For Love (Penny Barber)
Ralph Lowe: One Night Stand Affair (Ron Calloway)
Ralph Lowe: I Thought I Would Never Cry Any More (Larry Carter)
Ralph Lowe: Hard To Pick A Lover (Michael Carder)
Kay Weaver: Always A Singing (Everett Stevens)
Ralph Lowe: Sick And Tired Of You (Joseph Quao)
Ralph Lowe: Tomorrow (Edith Applegate)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (public domain)

CRH-198: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: The Aging (Rose Ehlers)
Kay Weaver: Sam (Mae Willie Miah)
Ralph Lowe: Come Here, Baby (Edward Vance)
Ralph Lowe: I Want To Write Of You Forever (J. Peter Wisniowski)
Kay Weaver: My Love For a Married Man (Carolyn Crawford)
Ralph Lowe: I Realize Now How Much I Love You (Mary Nix)
Kay Weaver: No Money (Wallace Patton)
Ralph Lowe: I Wonder Why (Marilyn Kemp)
Kay Weaver: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (pub. dom.)
Ralph Lowe: Daylight (Nazih Makki)
Kay Weaver: Bad Bad Winter (Edward Cook)
Ralph Lowe: Strange As It May Seem (Charles Randolph)
Kay Weaver: Shake (Frelesta Lambert)
Ralph Lowe: Love Is Just A Heartache To Me (Bradley Davis)
Kay Weaver: Tell Me That You Love Me (Elizabeth Gauldin)
Ralph Lowe: Rodeo Cowboy (Patricia Corcoran)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (pub. dom.)

CRH-205: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Where Are You Now? (Dale Redican)
Kay Weaver: A Man Can't Be True (Cecelia Mays)
Ralph Lowe: The Lady I Love (Wayne Bridge)
Kay Weaver: Baby, Don't Go Away (Randall Bowen)
Kay Weaver: I Met You (John Ellis)
Ralph Lowe: A Broken Heart (Norman Brooks)
Kay Weaver: Worry No More (Celia Kindschy)
Ralph Lowe: Truly Yours (Charles Duick)
Kay Weaver: America The Beautiful (pub. dom.)
Kay Weaver: My Heart Is Filled With Love (Howard Reid)
Ralph Lowe: She's Too Young And I'm Too Old (Steven Reed)
Kay Weaver: Tell Her There's No Reason To Cry (Wanda Sturgeon)
Ralph Lowe: There Is No Happy Medium (Oscar Gomez)
Kay Weaver: It's Really Been Fun (Gary Green)
Ralph Lowe: Dreamland Home (Waunita Young)
Kay Weaver: Don't Leave Your Heart Out There (Laura Simpson)
Kay Weaver: Amazing Grace (pub. dom.)

CRH-214: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Sweet Love Lost (Bhatkin Devi)
Ralph Lowe: I Wanna Party On Friday Night (Willie Justice III)
Kay Weaver: No More (Rosalyn Braxton)
Ralph Lowe: You Were To Blame (Robert Johnson)
Ralph Lowe: This Is My Love (Lorraine Hobby)
Kay Weaver: Is This The Place? (Cammie Anderson)
Ralph Lowe: When We Were Together (Bobby Trussel)
Ralph Lowe: Night Girl (Jerome Everett)
Ralph Lowe: Time (Donna Hamel)
Ralph Lowe: Memories (Nancy Andersen)
Ralph Lowe: Cowpokes (Nina Starr)
Kay Weaver: My Love (Louvenia Graves)
Ralph Lowe: It's In The Heart Of Love (Floyd Haughton)
Ralph Lowe: Don't Come Crawling (Goldie Hood)
Kay Weaver: Don't Turn Me Down (Richard Mulanax)
Ralph Lowe: Our Love (Robert V. Larsen)
Ralph Lowe: Tired Of Me (Clara Black)

CRH-215: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: A Small Cafe (Edward Bible)
Michelle Wood: Best Friends (Jeanie Behrend)
Ralph Lowe: Can Beauty Such As Yours Be Cruel? (Kumar Hemandas)
Kay Weaver: Little Drifter (Robert May)
Ralph Lowe: For Just You And Me (Tod Baugh)
Ralph Lowe: Lost Love (Noel Duguid)
Kay Weaver: Mephisto Disco (Edmond Huertas)
Ralph Lowe: I Can't Live Without You (Ekhlass Raie)
Ralph Lowe: Forever (Gonzalo Medel & Maude Kelley)
Kay Weaver: Make Believe (Marie Hitchcock)
Ralph Lowe: Beautiful World (Verna Penn)
Ralph Lowe: Disco Rock 'N' Roll (Jerry Hunt)
Ralph Lowe: Getting High (Joanne Santa Maria)
Ralph Lowe: Thinking of You (Loretta Walters)
Ralph Lowe: When We First Met (Pamela Perry)
Kay Weaver: My True Love Baby (Lillian E. White)
Ralph Lowe: My Blues (Janette Everson)

CRH-224: The Now Sounds Of Today
Michelle Wood: What Happened To Our Love (Floyd Golly)
Ralph Lowe: Dream Girl (Rosemary Wells)
Kay Weaver: Lonely (R. Ethelbert Caldwell)
Ralph Lowe: Hello Out There (John Miley)
Kay Weaver: Immortal Love (Helen Kiraly)
Ralph Lowe: We Will Have Love (Stanley Clark)
Michelle Wood: Once Again (Harland Melton)
Ralph Lowe: Men, Be Cautious (George Aguirre)
Ralph Lowe: Believe In Me (William Thompson)
Kay Weaver: I Won't Let You Hurt Him Any More (Mrs. Tommy Long)
Ralph Lowe: The Funky Road (Peter Sealy)
Michelle Wood: Here Is The Key To My Heart (Irma Juarez)
Kay Weaver: Please Don't Leave Me (Cheryl Burton)
Ralph Lowe: The Love We Thought We Knew (Mitchell Daniels)
Kay Weaver: Show Me (Frances Osborne)
Kay Weaver: The Door That Tempted Me (Jean Ghent)
Ralph Lowe: The Girl I Love Left Me Today (Dale Bounds)

CRH-225: Kay Weaver, Ralph Lowe & Michelle Wood -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Let Me In Your Life; Not In My Lifetime; I Want To See You Once More; Ain't Ya Got A Song?; Talking Guitar Strings; Hello, Friend; The Burning Girl; I Won A Beauty Contest (And Lost The Man I Love); I Wonder Why; Baby, I Refuse To Let You Go; Why I Love You; Little Turned-Up Nose; The Time For Parting Is Here Now; Some Forgotten Day; Baby, Be Mine; Sad Songs; Theme For A Future Promise
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-226: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: A Lover's Lament (Gilberto Colon)
Ralph Lowe: I'll Always Be There (Oliver Clay)
Kay Weaver: Sharing Our Love (Doris Lehner)
Kay Weaver: You're My Everything (Johnanna Rowe)
Michelle Wood: Hi Spots (Robert Merrell)
Ralph Lowe: Trapped By A Love Affair (Charles Johnson)
Kay Weaver: All Over You (Jay Dee Todd)
Ralph Lowe: He Didn't Like It (Richard Luzader)
Kay Weaver: Conquering Dreams (Marian Go-Sam)
Ralph Lowe: Just Doing Our Thing (Edward Fussello Jr.)
Michelle Wood: Last Night Together (Kathy Wicker)
Kay Weaver: Cowgirl Heaven (Charles Robinson)
Ralph Lowe: Frankly, I Don't Know (Frank Swan)
Kay Weaver: Beloved, I Have Found You (Josephine Merrell)
Kay Weaver: Why Didn't We? (Frances Ewing)
Ralph Lowe: That's A Long Time To Be Gone (Lilly Buckner)
Michelle Wood: Wait For Me (Priscilla Stone)

CRH-229: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: I Want Love (Hilda Porto)
Ralph Lowe: May I Love You Tonight? (Michael Jessel)
Kay Weaver: Why Don't You Let Me Go? (Cathie B. Nelson)
Ralph Lowe: Smile (Syneta King)
Kay Weaver: Don't Play Around With My Heart (Dawn Nolan)
Ralph Lowe: Where The Roses Don't Seem To Grow (William Baumgratz)
Kay Weaver: You Were Arranged For Me (D. Joyce Renforth)
Ralph Lowe: Waiting (Will Hodge)
Ralph Lowe: What Good Is Joy Without Your Love? (William Sykes)
Kay Weaver: To Ola (Deborah Lynn Bay)
Ralph Lowe: You Were Never Mine (Tony Lombardi)
Kay Weaver: Come On, Baby (Nina White)
Ralph Lowe: I Feel So Lonely (Allain Lecours)
Kay Weaver: Old McDonald #1 (Aron Davis)
Ralph Lowe: Rye Whiskey (Brian Chaboyer)
Kay Weaver: Just Saying How Much I Love You (Joseph Testa)
Ralph Lowe: That Is What I Want From You (James Gabourel)

CRH-235: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Future Woman (Grady Faulkner Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Your Smile (Gloria Perez)
Ralph Lowe: Could This Be Love? (Yvette Bogle)
Kay Weaver: Never In Your Plans (Betty Peterson)
Ralph Lowe: The Way We Feel (Douglas Jones)
Michelle Wood: Love Lost (Onia Mack)
Ralph Lowe: A Truck Driver's Life (Raymond Sauer)
Kay Weaver: All That It Takes (John Moosey)
Ralph Lowe: Endless Ages (Larry Walters)
Ralph Lowe: The Blues In Black And White (Isaac King)
Kay Weaver: Desire (Brenda Royle)
Ralph Lowe: Flow Of Tears (Edward Smrekar)
Kay Weaver: City Strain (Judy Schneider)
Ralph Lowe: Come Back To Me (Stephen McIntosh)
Ralph Lowe: Daytime Dreamer (Ron Ritco)
Kay Weaver: How True Is Your Heart? (Harry Eckert)
Ralph Lowe: Fair Warning (William Horn)

CRH-237: The Now Sounds Of Today
Ralph Lowe: Is It Love? (Richard Harris)
Kay Weaver: I Tried (Edie Tedrow)
Ralph Lowe: Running Away From Love (Robert Noble)
Kay Weaver: Stepping Out (Kenneth North)
Ralph Lowe: Home Sweet Home (George Rouse)
Kay Weaver: My Song (Stella Edwards)
Ralph Lowe: You Stole My Heart Away (Dorothy Matlack)
Kay Weaver: I Know That Love Has Passed Me By (Clint Burnette)
Ralph Lowe: I Love Everything About You (Horace Bonds)
Kay Weaver: Waiting For You (Dorothy Grogan)
Ralph Lowe: One Dream For Two (W. David Humphries)
Kay Weaver: This Pain In My Heart (Dottie Dennis)
Ralph Lowe: My Darling (Lucille Pastor)
Kay Weaver: To Be Together (Richard King)
Kay Weaver: Now That I Am Gone (Jennalyn Audain)
Ralph Lowe: Just Trying (David Herrmann)
Kay Weaver: Our Love Is So Bright (Emil Khoury)

CRH-238: Michelle Wood, John Muir, Kay Weaver & Ralph Lowe -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Not Til Then (Shall I Be Free); The Ways Of Love; The Great Highway; Remember The Good Times; In Memory Of Elvis; Black And White People; Love; A Little Boy In The Cold; This Little Love Of Mine; A Stranger In The City; Don't Wait For Tomorrow; Only You, My Love; The Ones He's Loved And Seen; I Believe The Love Is Still There; Don't Want To Lose; You Said You Would Never Leave; So Good, So Good
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-242: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Muir: Dreamy Night
Kay Weaver: Here's A Little Message
John Muir: Use Me As A Fool, But Please Don't Go
John Muir: Let Me Comfort You
Michelle Wood: Knowing Love
John Muir: I'm Still In Love With You
Kay Weaver: Having To Wait A Long Time For Love
John Muir: I Have Tried
John Muir: I Thought You Would Be Superfine
John Muir: She Knows I Always Take Her Back
Kay Weaver: Guess What
John Muir: Don't Say Good-Bye
Michelle Wood: The Waiting Game
John Muir: Love Me Still
Kay Weaver: Why Do You Keep Teasing Me?
John Muir: Guilty Of Lovin' You Again
Michelle Wood & John Muir: Baby, You're Mine songwriters unknown

CRH-243: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Muir: If I Ever Dream (Eddie Johnson)
Kay Weaver: Let Me Be Your Lover (Erline Williams)
John Muir: Old Nag And Two Dollar Bill (Theo Putnam)
Michelle Wood: Dark Cave (Mark Banks)
Kay Weaver: You Used Me Long Enough (Wandalyn Monk)
John Muir: So Nice To See You (Kaizer Netshitangani)
John Muir: Since You Left Me, Baby (Janice Cooper)
Kay Weaver: If You Were Another You (Marilyn Dacanay)
John Muir: Magazine Pretty Ladies (Russell Preci)
John Muir: Moonlight Memories (Almon Kirchhoff)
Kay Weaver: Our Pledge (Dorothy Davis)
John Muir: How Can I Keep From Loving You? (John Zuckett)
Michelle Wood: My Own True Love (Maudeste Simmons)
Kay Weaver: How Long Did It Take? (Terry Persun)
John Muir: Blind Love (Calvin Lewis)
John Muir: Beloved (Merle Beckwith)
Kay Weaver: The Waterfall (Ella Hall)

CRH-245: The Now Sounds Of Today
Michelle Wood: The Love I Have To Hide (Sia Trapalis)
Sonny Cash: Saved In Time (Skip Proscia)
John Muir: Should I Feel Blue? (Irwin Lewin)
Michelle Wood: Blind And Crazy Love (Betty Justus)
Kay Weaver: Good Ole Country Music (Frank Stanford)
Kay Weaver: Smile, Smile (Ella Corprew)
John Muir: Believe In Yourself (James Coleman)
John Muir: Sweet Talk (Arlon Hodge)
Sonny Cash: Can't Learn To Love No One (Chester Plumlee)
Michelle Wood: Us (Caroline McWhirter)
John Muir: A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry (Rose Milner)
John Muir: Get Away (J.C. Cervantes)
Sonny Cash: You Walked Out Of My Life (Larry Richardson)
Kay Weaver: Unsearchable (Anna Virginia Knill)
Kay Weaver: It Takes Two (Irene Whitaker)
Michelle Wood: Remember Me (Norman Armogan)
Michelle Wood & John Muir: But Do You Really Love Me? (Omentha Turner)

CRH-246: The Now Sounds Of Today
Sonny Cash: Picture Albums (Marjorie Garrett)
Sonny Cash & Michelle Wood: One Little Flower Is Crying Over Thee (John Forsman)
Kay Weaver: Take Time (Jennia Anspaugh)
Kay Weaver: My Last Cup Of Coffee With You (Bessie Burr)
Sonny Cash: Country Living (Leon Nicholson)
Sonny Cash: Give Me Another Chance (Brian Jefferson)
Kay Weaver: Take Me Back (Mary Keegan)
Kay Weaver: Searching For A Star (Grace Reynolds)
Kay Weaver: Too Late (Ethelann Hall)
Kay Weaver: Ice Cream Dreams (Barbara Gibbs)
Sonny Cash: Sweet Dream (Mark Weise)
Sonny Cash: Share My Love (Masahiro Hozaki)
Kay Weaver: These Little Things (Lula Chance)
Kay Weaver: Shared Love (Irene Valencia)
Ralph Lowe: The Playgirl Game (John Clark)
Sonny Cash: Don't You Care? (Frank Brattnick)

CRH-247: The Now Sounds Of Today
Sonny Cash: This Love I Feel Inside (Leon Nicholson)
Sonny Cash: That Song (June Bailey)
Kay Weaver: I'm Hanging On [jacket reads: "I'm Hanging One"] (Ernestine Rice)
Kay Weaver: You Can Do It (Cedric Johnson)
Sonny Cash: You Don't Mind Me Looking (Jimmie Vanley)
Sonny Cash: It's So Hard To Live (Without You) (Luke Ober & John McKinnell)
Michelle Wood: The Perfect Love (Reginald Lewis)
Kay Weaver: There's Going To Be Heartaches Tonight (Paul Keyes)
Kay Weaver: Butterfly Of Yesterday (Shoshana Kirsh)
Kay Weaver: Curiosity (Mr. Jojo Gatpayat)
Kay Weaver: Real Love (Elizabeth Sackman)
Sonny Cash: You Will Cry (William Cermak)
Sonny Cash: That Certain Melody (Lawrence Limbeck)
Michelle Wood: Cold Water Blues (Margaret Burns)
Kay Weaver: Just Friends And Company (Joy Cary)
Sonny Cash: Come On Home (William Murray)
Sonny Cash: Is It Too Late? (Anthony Browne)

CRH-248: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Why Do I Feel Crazy? (Audley Timol)
Kay Weaver: Trust In Me (Susan Poling)
Sonny Cash: You Need What I Need (Robert Braswell)
Sonny Cash: Watching And Waiting (Edwin Scott)
Michelle Wood: I Can't See You Without Me (Joyce Couch)
Kay Weaver: Once These Were Mine (Ms. G.B. Tan)
Sonny Cash: Embers Of Love (Harold Babcock)
Sonny Cash: I'm Sorry (Robert Wingard)
Kay Weaver: Destiny (Kathleen Coleman)
Kay Weaver: Why Were We Born? (Rita Matarese)
Sonny Cash: Waiting For You (Michael Dupont)
Sonny Cash: Senseless Woman (James Hartzog)
Sonny Cash: Pick Yourself Up And Start Again (Kevin Krestel)
Michelle Wood: Should I? (Johnnie Mae Williams)
Sonny Cash: I Will Love You Forever And Ever (Robert Porter)
Sonny Cash: I'm A Runner (Charles Longgrear)
Sonny Cash: Key Ring (Kathleen Waight)

CRH-249: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Never Give Up My Loving (Sylvia Kenton)
Kay Weaver: Check In (Bernice Page)
Sonny Cash: Sensuous Lady (Larry Shortt)
Sonny Cash: Our New Beginning (Earl Spivey)
Sonny Cash: Hurting And Going Through Changes (Linda McCoy)
Michelle Wood: Oh Gem Of Mine (Andrew Oyovwi Ikpoma)
Michelle Wood: The Lonely Girl You Found (Jim Monday)
Sonny Cash: Eternally Yours (Glendell Moore)
Sonny Cash: Sweet Thing On My Mind (James Lafavor Jr.)
Michelle Wood: Let's Throw Our Dreams Away (Dorothy Stock)
Michelle Wood: I Found The Man (Hulene Totten)
Sonny Cash: Holding Things Together (Robert Sloan)
Sonny Cash: Anna Lee (Dewey DeMott)
Sonny Cash: Gone (Fred Clifford)
Michelle Wood: I Loved You -- Couldn't They See? (Rita Nelson)
Kay Weaver: Love Me (Jim Taormina II)
Kay Weaver: Somebody's Taking Your Place (Len'a Cash)

CRH-250: The Now Sounds Of Today
Michelle Wood: You're Not Me (Linda Jenkins)
Michelle Wood: Never Take Love For Granted (Lisa Layton)
Sonny Cash: How To Tell Her You Love Her (Wallace Mivins)
Sonny Cash: Cry Softly, Dear Heart (Joseph McKinney)
Sonny Cash: Just Be Yourself (Robert Dorsey)
Sonny Cash: You're My Angel (Henry Touchton)
Sonny Cash: The World Is Beautiful (Mark Banks)
Michelle Wood: Caught On The Rebound (Mary Seat)
Sonny Cash: Sweet Sue (Minnie Shields)
Sonny Cash: Don't Love Me (Robert Locke Sr.)
Kay Weaver: Reaching Out For Love (Lena Davis)
Kay Weaver: Memories (Veronica Flemming)
Sonny Cash: Hamburger Heaven (James Killough Jr.)
Sonny Cash: Midnight Sounds (Lawrence Bricker)
Sonny Cash: That's Why I'm Crazy About You (McCrae Pearson)
Michelle Wood: You Are My Life, You Are My Love (Paul Pierce)
Michelle Wood: Tear Drops Fall (Roy Chambers)

CRH-251: The Now Sounds Of Today
Michelle Wood: You Are My Love (Evelyn Blackburn)
Michelle Wood: I Never Knew (Bob Garity)
Sonny Cash: The Waterfall (Ella Hall)
Sonny Cash: Because I Miss You So (J. Lamont Doyle)
Sonny Cash: You're Some Kind Of Lovely Woman (Alfred Reynolds)
Kay Weaver: You Turn Me Off (Yvonne Cote)
Kay Weaver: They Call Her The Loner (Gail Haak)
Sonny Cash: All This You Gave To Me (Ronald Moewes)
Sonny Cash: Give Yourself A Chance To Fall In Love (Ms. M.E. Thompson)
Sonny Cash: Take My Hand And Love Me Again (Desmond Silpatt)
Sonny Cash: I'm A Rodeo Cowboy (Don Hampp)
Sonny Cash: You Can't Take It With You (William Schneider)
Kay Weaver: Another Woman (Brenda Watson)
Michelle Wood: Peace Within (Edwella Falgout)
Michelle Wood: Me And You (Darnella Fuller)
Sonny Cash: You're Everything (Uzzell Rouse)
Sonny Cash: The Facts Of Life (Joshua Dailey)

CRH-252: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: I Hold On To Memories (Zelda Kirkpatrick)
Kay Weaver: I'm Not A Little Girl Any More (Barbara Lowe)
Kay Weaver: Love, Sweet Love (Bernie Lowe)
Sonny Cash: Away (Sherry McCoy)
Sonny Cash: Take Control Of Me (Horace Thompson)
Sonny Cash: Feelings (Arthur Rouse)
Sonny Cash: Lonesome Time (Jack Martin)
Kate Markowitz & Sonny Cash: The Happiest Day (Eurma Landry)
Kay Weaver: Please (Cecilia Hamme)
Kay Weaver: Yes, I'm So Blue (Glenn Wiser)
Sonny Cash: Don't Try To Fool Me (Paul Barrett)
Sonny Cash: Different Kind Of Man (Mark Radic)
Kate Markowitz: Guess I'll Try The Phone (Ruth Buck)
Kate Markowitz: Understanding Love (Gracie Sousa)
Sonny Cash: Why Should You Care? (Prince Williams)
Sonny Cash: You And I Were Meant To Be (Charles Smith)

CRH-254: The Now Sounds Of Today
Michelle Wood: You Got To Go (Jane Washington)
Michelle Wood: So Lonely (Michael Stranger)
Sonny Cash: Bittersweet (Margaret Barrows)
Sonny Cash: A Price To Pay (Robert Puente)
Sonny Cash: When You Think It's Right (Murray Adams)
Kay Weaver: Until The Sun Goes Down (Lavern Walker)
Kay Weaver: Searching Through The Dust (William Watson)
Kay Weaver: Remember, Baby (Laverne Bierbaum)
Sonny Cash: While I Play (Steven Skudler)
Sonny Cash: I'll Sing You A Love Song (Ed Hutzler)
Kay Weaver: Today Is Gone (Susan Stanley)
Kay Weaver: Would You Tell It To The World (Ann Merrick)
Kay Weaver: Morning Tryst Of Love (Evelyn Beitman)
Kay Weaver: You Are Only A Dream (Jacqueline Wallace)
Sonny Cash: Lonesome Little World (John Tingler)
Sonny Cash: Hey, Sweet Cookie (Arcilla Sapp)
Michelle Wood: Dreaming Of What Might Have Been (Don Crowson)

CRH-264: Kay Weaver & John Muir -- The Now Sounds Of Today
You Make Me Feel Love; Pretending; Then You Came; Dream; Gone Golfing; I'll Keep On Loving You; Sorry Sweet Lady; Eagle Flying; Let's Do Some Dancing; All I Really Want; Happy, Happy, Woman; The Case Of The Blues; Sentries; Saturday Nights; Memories Of Our Love; My Guardian Angel; My Autumn Rendevous [sic]
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-266: Kay Weaver & John Muir -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Waking Up Without You; I Want To Hold You; Waiting For You; My City Of The Angels; She Said She'd Love Me Forever; Stop And Listen; This Thing Called Life; Over What They Say; This Love I Feel; Rainbow In The Sky; Go Away With Me; Questioning; Just Lovers; This Time On; Lost Love; Crying Time Again; Younger Women Age Like Fine Wine
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-267: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Muir: Disco Blues (Pansy Loop)
John Muir: Betrayal (Brenda J. Falcon)
John Muir: Together (Ronald T. Forde)
Kay Weaver: A Magic Love (Lawrence R. Olczak)
Kay Weaver: Scatter My Dreams (Tom B. Colwell)
Kay Weaver: Broken Heart At Home (Pat Wren & Ivan Brown)
Kay Weaver: Smiles And Laughter (Timothy House)
Kay Weaver: I Miss You (Frederick Cave)
Kay Weaver: You Can Run Around On Me (Randy Martin)
Kay Weaver: Everything's Good When You're In Love (Larry Blackwell)
Kay Weaver: Take Me Home To Pennsylvania (Leslie J. Browne)
Kay Weaver: Happy Pines (Edward A. Zachow)
John Muir: Said Goodbye To My Heart (Howard Coyle)
John Muir: Judy, Judy (Emilio Ebanez)
Kay Weaver: What A Fool I Am To Let You Go (Cely Pagusara)
Kay Weaver: You Are So Special To Me (Saluda Carrington)

CRH-271: Kay Weaver & John Muir -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Trying Not To Fall In Love With You; Loving You For Loving Me; All In Your Eyes; The Rose Colored World Of Rosey; Never Disdain Destiny; Blue Shadows; Let Me ("Deja"); It's Hard To Walk Away; Beauty; A Dream That's Coming True; So In Love; You Can Make It; In Our Mirror Of You And Me; I Was Only Dreaming; Some People Have All The Luck; What Would I Do Without You
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-272: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Love Is (Charles R. Dunkelberger)
Kay Weaver: Married Lover (Daphne Gerke)
Kay Weaver: Love Came, Now It's Gone (Ronald Alexander)
Kay Weaver: I Will Never Forget Deacon Brown (Russell Mitchell)
Kay Weaver & John Muir: No, No, No, No, I Don't Wanna! (Hank Seiders)
John Muir: We're Not Falling Apart (David Esau Climer)
John Muir: Oh Girl (Edward Davis)
John Muir: She Is (Stephen H. Baer)
Kay Weaver: Dixie Highway (Bill & Mabel Tetterington)
John Muir: You Cried In My Dream Last Night (J. Frank Otto)
John Muir: Torna (Return) (Ben M. Quartuccio)
Kay Weaver & John Muir: On The Day I Sent You Roses (Frank Schofield)
Kay Weaver: Let It Be Kindness (Nikola Ovanin & Judy Stewart)
Kay Weaver: Set It For Another Day (Dragan Ivankovic)
Kay Weaver: The Love I Lost (Janice Mae Barton)
Kay Weaver: An Earned Love Affair (Willie Johnson)
Kay Weaver: Don't Be Afraid To Try Love Once More (Lucy Franklin)
Kay Weaver: River Of Love (Smokey Rigdon)

CRH-275: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: I Know I'll Find My Way (Louis Brown, Jr.)
Kay Weaver: It's Like A Dream, So It Seems (Frank Oldham)
John Muir: Crystal Falls (Michael Apples)
John Muir: You're The Woman (Bill Lane)
Kay Weaver: Where Could You Be? (A. McGriffe)
Kay Weaver: Can We? (Ronald Alexander)
Kay Weaver: I'm Shipwrecked On The Sea (Euria Hall)
John Muir: My Dream Come True (Arlie Bradshaw)
John Muir: Yell It ("Gritalo") (Jaime de Jesus)
Kay Weaver: Image (Anthony Raunikar)
Kay Weaver: Attila The Hun (Bill Johnston)
Kay Weaver: I Want To Be With You (Dave Spillers)
Kay Weaver: Baby, You're Absolutely Right! (Johnny M. Latkovich & Rose D. (Perky) Latkovich)
John Muir: I Still Love You So (Milton Darby)
John Muir: If You'll Be Mine (Robert W. Gollahon)
John Muir: A Cowboy Song (Kirk Jordan)
Kay Weaver: So Many Things (Dan Muehlmeier)
John Muir: Show Your Love (Charles I. Nwaezeapu)

CRH-276: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Muir: (When She's) Near To Me (Bob Holzer)
John Muir: Love (Richard C. Wurth)
Kay Weaver: I'm Married But I'm Lonely All The Time (Amy Wellard)
Kay Weaver: Get Off Of My Back (S.A. Martin)
Kay Weaver: Growing Pains (Sarah Dionne)
Kay Weaver: Expand Your Horizon (Sarah Dionne)
John Muir: I Need A Lots Of Your Love (Saveria Irma Juarez)
Kay Weaver: Little Tommy With Tears In His Eyes (Rolland Schneider)
Kay Weaver: Undying Love (Terry A. Herring)
Kay Weaver: Our Love (Angelina L. Solicito)
Kay Weaver: Number One In Your Love (Festus Marazere)
Kay Weaver: The Family Tree (Kathleen M. Byrne)
Kay Weaver: We Need More (Dwayne Fogle)
John Muir: Searching And Finding (Mollie E. Brick & Ada M. Reynolds)
John Muir: Darling, I'll Never Forget You (Gaston St. Louis)
John Muir: Steal My Music (Byron K. Massey)
Kay Weaver: I'm Crying In The Blue (Robert Aldridge)
Kay Weaver: I'm Comin' Home, My Darlin' (William Grimm)

CRH-279: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: The Road That Leads To Nowhere (Katherine A. Lords)
Kay Weaver: September Gypsy (Esther Dorothy Jacobsen)
Kay Weaver: (Lock Me Up And) Throw Away The Key (Robert D. Holt)
John Muir: Green Eyes (Steven Jeffery Berger)
John Muir: Working Girl (Ray A. Haapala)
Kay Weaver: The Flame Of Love (Steve Spruill)
Kay Weaver: Alone, But Not Lonely (Beverley Gustafson)
Kay Weaver: Memories Are My Life (Joseph W. Myers)
Kay Weaver: The Sweetest Flowers (Lelia Egbert)
Kay Weaver: Love Is Real (John W. Harden)
Kay Weaver: The Wall Street Blues (George O. Chaires)
John Muir: Worried And Wandering (Robert Lee Williams)
John Muir: She Believes Me (Lasaro Lujan)
John Muir: Flower Of All Mexico (George Bowlby & Esther Bowlby)
Kay Weaver: I Really Started Something (Beverly Vazzano)
Kay Weaver: My Wondering Lover (Ms. Delores Dottle)
Kay Weaver: I Got To Cool Down (Lincoln Blackwell)
Kay Weaver: You Put A Hurt In My Eyes (Dewey Hill Jr.)

CRH-281: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Keep On Dreamin' (Regina Mauceri)
Kay Weaver: Tomorrow's Jeanie (Constance McBride)
John Muir: Give Me A Hand To Live (Thi D. Bui)
Kay Weaver: At The Crossroads Of Life (K. Chakravarthi)
Kay Weaver: A Love For A Good Woman (Aba Meitta Coleman)
Kay Weaver: That Was Yesterday (Robert E. Dix)
John Muir: Honolulu Breeze (John Allen)
John Muir: Sue (Vinny Marini)
Kay Weaver: Foolin' Myself (Cari Harner)
Kay Weaver: You Don't Need Any Riches To Make Your Days Go By (Nina M. Hammelev)
Kay Weaver: Living A Lie Of Love On You (Yvonne Marsh)
Kay Weaver: Hell Express (Cracked Eyes)
Kay Weaver: Watch It (Jessie Lee Tuft)
John Muir: I Really Care (Jerry D. Olson)
John Muir: Lover's Song (Dick Clay)
John Muir: Here On An Evening (Dick Lang)
Kay Weaver: In And Out Of Love With You (Richard G. Lovato)
Kay Weaver: Biggest Gossip Town Around (David R. LeBlanc)

CRH-283: Kay Weaver & John Muir -- The Now Sounds Of Today
Locked Door; Dead Flight; I Loved You, You Loved Me; If You'll Always Love Me; Enough Love To See Us Through; A Love That's Lost; Give Me Loving; Elvis, Still The King; Melody And Me; I Dreamt The Dreams; Makings Of A Woman; Broken Heart And Broken Dreams; I Had Her; You Are A Lady To Me; How Lucky Am I!; Sad, Sad Dreams; The First Time Is Free; Love Me Always
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-285: Kay Weaver & John Muir -- The Now Sounds Of Today
'Cause I Want You; Your Vagabond Heart; They Said; Reach Out Your Hand; She Is My Love; Set Me Free; You Said Our Love Wouldn't Be Hurting; Don't Send Me Roses; With Only You; I Wanna See You On The Dance Floor; We Left It There; Don't Mention The Past; Ha Hou Ho Ho; Babe, I Miss You; When The Rain Falls; She Still Follows Her Man; The Bells Of Love Are Ringing; A Passing Thing
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

CRH-286: The Now Sounds Of Today
Buddy Mix: Dance On (Kristy Furumo)
Buddy Mix: Child Of The World (David Morris)
Max Hamilton: I Want To Share My Love With You (Calvin Battey)
Catherine Cox: Just To Know (Margaret N. Bartlett)
Catherine Cox: No One Can Take Daddy's Place (Tiny Norris)
Catherine Cox: It's Good To See You (Gary Alan Hall)
Katie Parkin: My Loneliness (Stephen E. Ifill)
Katie Parkin: This House Is Full Of Memories (Glen Farrington)
Max Hamilton: The Magic Man (Charles Olensky)
Laura Manning: Swinging Underground Music (Diaz Castellanos)
Katie Parkin: 29 Is Here (Robert Wellington Dowse)
Katie Parkin: Don't Take My Love For Granted (Lucille Borden)
Catherine Cox: Love, Love (Diane Mitchell)
Catherine Cox: Don't Forsake Me (Louise S. Nixon)
Buddy Mix: Just Think About It (Eva Hasslinger)
Buddy Mix: You Told Me, Baby (Joe Carson Combs)
Max Hamilton: Tuesday Blues (Nancy Livingston & Dennis Livingston)
Max Hamilton: Kiss The Hurt From My Heart (Lois Janes)

CRH-287: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: It's More Than A Dream (Norman W. Cook)
Kay Weaver: Stranger In My Heart (Helen L. Jackson)
Kay Weaver: You Are In Me (Trifon Solow)
Kay Weaver: True Love (Shernell Louise Tucker & Denise Tucker)
John Muir: Life Is A Three Way Triangle (Albion Verne Lambertis (Dreadie))
John Muir: A Woman Like You Is All I Need (Won't You Go Out With Me?) (Charles Johnson)
John Muir: Peaceful Love (Pablo F. Garcia)
Kay Weaver: I Want To Know (Florence M. Disney)
Kay Weaver: Lens Cycles Of Gismosologistics (James Wilson, Jr.)
Kay Weaver: That Special Person (James Martin)
Kay Weaver: What Do You Want From Me? (Donival)
John Muir: Memories Of Adee (Rodrey Burchell Shay)
John Muir: Her Smile (Roland E. Allen)
John Muir: L.A. Lady (C.C.C. Cherry)
Kay Weaver: Climbin' High (Carol Yourison)
Kay Weaver: Leaving Home, Sugar Baby! (Nihal S. Dillon)
Kay Weaver: Fight Back (Merry Joyce Bellflower)
Kay Weaver: Jozy, My Love (Maybell Winchell)

CRH-289: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: Don't Tell A Soul (Gail C. Ramcharan)
Kay Weaver: In This World Of Ours (Ada Urry)
Kay Weaver: Curse Of Big Sister Jake (M. J. Gingera II)
Kay Weaver: So Much A Woman (Don Leonard)
John Muir: The Mighty C & O (E. C. "Eddie" Cales)
John Muir: Do You Still Love Me? (Pat Howard)
John Muir: Hey, Special Angel (Donald Manuel)
Kay Weaver: Feelings Of Me (Jasper B. Dodson)
Kay Weaver: Goodbye Is Around (Napoleon E. Fontanosa II)
Kay Weaver: I Need Some Loving (Luciano DiMario & Sandro Spaziani)
Kay Weaver: I'm Going To Reach My Dreams (Debby R. Miller)
John Muir: Stay With Me Now (Kevin Reilly)
John Muir: I Love You So (Michael Kasberg)
John Muir: Sweet Cherry Lee (James Parker)
Kay Weaver: Transmutation (Raphael Soné)
Kay Weaver: Fabulous Love (Lamar McKnight)
Kay Weaver: Over And Over (Kenneth Harley)
Kay Weaver: Astrouniverse (James Wilson, Jr.)

CRH-292: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Muir: Sheer Delight (Lionel Wise)
Kay Carpenter: Isotopic-Spatial Series (James Wilson, Jr.)
Kay Carpenter: Ruby Star (Anthony P. Romigosa)
Kay Carpenter: As I Awake (Heriberto Coto)
John Muir: Fly Away (Kiefer-Horschitz)
Kay Carpenter: My Love (Wallace Muhammad)
Kay Carpenter: Sad And Blue (Aliece Prince)
Kay Carpenter: Tale Of A Little Boy (Santo LoPiccolo)
John Muir: We Feel So Good (Frank Nugent)
John Muir: Love Can Really Hurt (Edward Kurzenberger)
John Muir: I Need You (Cardell G. Carter & Glenn Nixon)
Kay Carpenter: You Are The Only One For Me (M.R. Keck)
Kay Carpenter: My Beloved (Melchor M. Manjares)
Kay Carpenter: Love Is Beautiful (Richard Harris Jr. & Ruby Hodge)
Kay Carpenter: Refill This Life Of Mine (Vivian Brooks)
John Muir: Somehow (Furman Bowen)
Kay Carpenter: Little Tears, You're Crazy (Willie Joe Davis)
Kay Carpenter: Take Time To Care (Lan Jordan, Ph.D)

CRH-297: The Now Sounds Of Today
Beverly Derby: City (Marschon Q. Cassinova)
Kajana: I Never Knew (Gregory Martin)
Carlos Wright & Kate Wright: Loyalty To Humanity (Carito)
Kay Carpenter: Christmas Horizons (James Wilson, Jr.)
Kajana: Loving A Sweet Girl (Lino Lakey)
Kay Carpenter: Love Just Ain't The Same Without Your Love (Aubrey Louis Barnes)
Kajana: Hopeless Love (Ira Jones)
Damion: Today I Discovered (Manuel Leyva)
Kay Carpenter: You'll Soon Find Out (Ernest Samuels)
John Muir: If I Only Had You (Cora Alexander)
Kay Carpenter: Liblanders Cahoot (James Wilson, Jr.)
Kajana: Don't Let It End (George Trammell Jr.)
Carlos Wright & Kate Wright: You Say I'm Sorry (N. Ennis & O. & S. Milton)
Damion: You Mean The World To Me (Mitchell Beamon)
Beverly Derby: Love Is ... (Ivory Jean Bray)
Kajana: This Feeling Of Love (Dionne Lawson)
Kay Carpenter: You May Love Me (Ernest Samuels)
John Muir: Sometimes I Wonder (Laszlo Somogyi)

X-1: Songs For The Christmas Season
Kay Weaver: Pre-Christmas In San Francisco (Maria Sweet)
Kay Weaver: Christmas Within My Eyes (Elizabeth Hulsachor)
Ralph Lowe: So Blue On Christmas Day (Eddie Benton)
Kay Weaver: Christmas With Mother (Rocky Pawl)
Kay Weaver: A Babe Was Born (Iva Booth)
Kay Weaver: We Thank Thee Dear God -- Not Only At Christmas (Dolly O. Curran)
Kay Weaver: Christmas Song (Myrtle Moorehouse)
Kay Weaver: Heavenly Angels (Dud Darrow Hetebrink)
Kay Weaver: Christmas Is Coming (Glenna Gilbert)
Kay Weaver: It's Christmas Eve (Ann Snyder)
Kay Weaver: A Christmas Treat (Hubert Capleton)
Kay Weaver: Santa Is On His Way (S. (Archie) Argentina)
Ralph Lowe: Santa's Song (James Botticelli)
Kay Weaver: Let Us Have A Christmas Party (Frank Jakubowski)
Kay Weaver: That's What Christmas Means To Me (Herbert Johnson)
Kay Weaver: Season's Greetings (Raymond Moberly)

X-7: Songs For The Christmas Season
Kay Weaver: I Love Christmas (David Bryant)
Kay Weaver: Christmas Love (Linda Russell)
Ralph Lowe: All I Want For Christmas Is A Little Rag Doll (Everett Stevens & Kay Thompson)
Kay Weaver: The Adorable Snowman (Bert Alexander)
Kay Weaver: Seasons Greetings (Raymond Moberly)
Kay Weaver: St. Nick's The Name (Frank Leeper)
Ralph Lowe: Tonight Christ Is Born (Brenda Bell)
Kay Weaver: A Better Christmas (Charles Nelson)
Kay Weaver: Twinkle, Little Star (Ibrahim Akilu)
Ralph Lowe: My Best Christmas (Leon Guinn)
Kay Weaver: Frisky, Santa's Dog (Joseph Schambier)
Kay Weaver: Never Alone On Christmas (John Kordich)
Ralph Lowe: The Miracle Of Chistmas (Essie Dillon)
Kay Weaver: Tommy, Tommy, The Little Christmas Mouse (Marguerite Englehart)
Ralph Lowe: Holiday Joys (Maria Francesca)
Kay Weaver: It's Christmas Time Again (Michael Krkoska, Jr.)

GJ-1: Gospel Jubilee
Arnie Rios: The Precious Blood (Mary F. Witcher)
Heidi Brom: Sweet Jesus (Ruby N. White)
Lance King: He's The Master Of My Sea (Mary Bell Blalock)
Arnie Rios: Please (Evelyn Ferguson)
Heidi Brom: Praise Him (Donald E. Beal)
Lance King: Jesus Standing By (Edyce Conder)
Sue Romm: I Believe In The Lord (Edna M. Sharp)
Arnie Ross: Free Your Soul (Rebecca W. Shelton)
Heidi Brom: I Give Thanks To The Lord (Wayne Roden)
Sue Romm: A Blind Man's Happiness (C.H. Churchwell)
Arnie Rios: Jesus The One (N.D. Phelps)
Heidi Brom: Christ (Bobby Joe Leos & Mary Leos)
Sue Romm: My Child, Look To Jesus (Linda M. Dees)
Arnie Rios: With Jesus (Furman G. Cason)
Heidi Brom: Heaven's Lighthouse (Tracey A. Bennett)
Beverly Derby: My Jesus, My Lord (Roxanne M. Collyer)

GJ-2: Gospel Jubilee
Denny Brook: Father Send Me (Lucille Stevens)
Lisa Ann Donovan: Someone Loves You (Evolyn Beth Feiring)
Lance King: Let The Church Roll On (Jesse Stevens)
Arnie Rios: Reach Out And Touch (Rev. E.P. Johnson)
Denny Brook: Kingdom Of God (Norsie Harrison)
Lisa Ann Donovan: Grace (Ann River)
Lance King: Think About It, Friends (Roland D. Pacudan)
Arnie Rios: Today's World (Dr. David Jarrell)
Denny Brook: Inner Light (Steve Cunningham)
Lisa Ann Donovan: The Cross Is Really Good For Me (Melvin H. Canter)
Lance King: Oh, We Oughta Praise God (Rev. James R. Lea)
Sue Romm: Father God (Sis. Missouri Holland Shellman)
Arnie Rios: I Have A Friend Called Jesus (Geneva Stephenson)
Lance King: A Story That's Never Too Old To Be Told (Dollie Haynes Hibbitts)
Sue Romm: I Knocked And Jesus Opened The Door (Betty L. Cauthen)
Denny Brook: You Can Bank On Jesus (Larry Thomson, Sr.)
Lance King: The Crucifixion (Gary A. Waltemire)
Sue Romm: Pray Every Day (Matilda K. Scarafiotti)

G-13: Gospel Jubilee
Kay Weaver: His Sweet Feet (Minnie Souza)
Kay Weaver: The Savior of My Soul (Rufus Farrington)
Kay Weaver: Reach Out and Touch God's Hand (Ruth Petracek)
Kay Weaver: Going To Win A Race With Jesus (Earl Wilkerson)
John Muir: Don't Keep The Faith (P.D. Hann)
Kay Weaver: Lord and I (Georgianna Williams)
Kay Weaver: My Thanks To God (Robert Matthews)
Kay Weaver: Let Us Work Together (Charlotte Nash)
Kay Weaver: Oh Lord, I Pray For the People I Do Not Know (Robert Brown)
Kay Weaver: Glory Be On The Highest (Opal Amundson)
Kay Weaver: One Small Prayer (Virginia Carroll)
John Muir: The Whole World Lies Within His Hand (Loyd Horton)
Kay Weaver: With My Savior (Carolyn Howard)
Kay Weaver: Show Me This Man Called Jesus (Jean Preston)
Kay Weaver: If We Believe (Eric Rainwater)
Michelle Wood: Take Time Out For the Old (Precival Samuels)
Kay Weaver: Ten Commandments (Odell Boles, Jr.)

G-14: Gospel Jubilee
Kay Weaver: Waiting For The Rapture To Come (Rev. Raymond Franklin Sr.)
Kay Weaver: He Leads Me Through Sorrow (Frances James)
Kay Weaver: Come And March (Melissa Roesch)
Sonny Cash: A Love That Waits (Gloria Jennings)
Sonny Cash: My Prayer (Chester Cheney)
Sonny Cash: He's Always There (Mrs. Gordon Lambert)
Michelle Wood: Make The World Over (Pearlie Mae Perry)
Michelle Wood: Lord, Don't Give Up On Me (Dewey Hill Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Let's Sing About Jesus (Lois Newcomb)
Kay Weaver: Come On To Me (Mrs. A. Aliferis)
Kay Weaver: End Of The Rainbow (Edith Devine)
John Muir: I'm Tootin' God's Horn (Raymond Van Munster)
Michelle Wood: If I Will Only Learn To Pray (Anges [sic] Nunley)
Kay Weaver: I Heard About Jesus (Ronald Tarter)
Kay Weaver: Footsteps of Our Lord (George Liggett)
Sonny Cash: Let Us Pray (Helene Velvette)
Kay Weaver: Almighty God (Billie Joyce Beard)

G-15: Gospel Jubilee
Sonny Cash: Jesus Still Makes House Calls
Sonny Cash: The Wedding In The Sky
Kay Weaver: Jesus Is The Answer
Kay Weaver: Lord, I Want To Thank You
Kay Weaver: Alone Together
Kay Weaver: My Prayer Song
Kay Weaver: Such A Feeling
Sonny Cash: New Heavenly Home
Kay Weaver: Passport To Heaven
Kay Weaver: I Opened My Heart To Jesus
Kay Weaver: Jesus Is Greater Yet
Kay Weaver: Take My Hand
Sonny Cash: There Has To Be A God
Sonny Cash: What A Great Savior
Kay Weaver: From Dust Thou Art
Kay Weaver: The Story
Kay Weaver: That Land So Bright And Fair
songwriters unknown

G-24: Gospel Jubilee
Kay Weaver: Little Baby Jesus
Kay Weaver: Great Jehovah, Gently Lead Me!
John Muir: Shouting On Hills Of Glory
Kay Weaver: Open Me, Set Me Free
Kay Weaver: Baby Grace
Kay Weaver: God Is Love
Kay Weaver: Child Of Night
John Muir: Lord, I Wish I Knew
John Muir: This Room
Kay Weaver: God's Will
Kay Weaver: Should I Believe?
Kay Weaver: The Sweetest Name I Know
Kay Weaver: He Changed My Life
John Muir: He That Dwelleth In
Kay Weaver: Bubbling Over With God's Love
Kay Weaver: What Would Jesus Laugh At?
Kay Weaver: The Least Of These
Kay Weaver: I Have Found A Blessed Savior
songwriters unknown

K-3: New Favorites Of Kay Weaver
Two Babies And Me (Riley L. Young)
Crying On My Pillow (Jewel R. Mathis)
Dear Motherheart (Fred Fischer)
Road To Romance (Barry Quilendrin)
Love And Desire (Italia Gordon)
Watermelon Man (Elmer Pereira)
Us (Greg Jarosh)
The Search (Nathalie Van Cleef)
Strip Mining Blues (Millard Branam)
They're Yours Eternally (William Crowley)
I Love You (Robert Martin)
The Chosen One (Gertrude W. Bravender)
Money Jingle (Michael Fraulino)
Photographs And Memories (Bert Denny)
A Letter To God (Ted R. Collins)
The Labrador Retriever (Robert Geertz)
Beautiful Dream (Harley Asbury)
If Your Love Was Mine (Charles N. Harris Jr.)

K-7: New Favorites Of Kay Weaver
U.S.A., My Land, My Country (Felipe A. Ochoco)
Tomorrow I'll Be Blue (Leo Daniel Boyd)
Locked Away (Jo Anne Boon)
Everyone Loves A Bargain (Vinetta Bianchi)
A Thing Of Joy (C.O. Makoyawo)
Barefoot Days (Kevin Randall)
Our Kitchen Prayer (Mrs. Pinkie Williams)
I Walk (Joseph Green)
Hey Little Children (Donna J. Nolen)
The Blues (Margaret Bunton)
I'm A Mother, You See (Felicia Saucier)
Come Closer (John Hap Lambie)
Just Like Love (Rollin Curtis)
The Old Rocking Chair (Mrs. Alta Alger)
I'm So Glad I Found You (Mary Roberts)
My Precious Lord (Helen Allen)
The End (Marie Vitelli)
Close Your Eyes; Go To Sleep (Manolya Arcayurek)

K-16: New Favorites Of Kay Weaver
Going To New Orleans; Wild Whirlwind; Knowing; Just Plain Crazy; Reaching; Golden Childhood; Merle Babe; Can't You Remember?; I'm So Lonely For You; Not Near; Weather Of Love; Since I Left My Happy Home; Dancing In The Shadow Of The Blues; It's Never Too Late; Song To J.
songwriters unknown

K-17: New Favorites Of Kay Weaver
Praise My Lover (Julius Solberg)
Pillow Talk (Al Humphreys)
You Are My Love (Lucy Burzynski)
Alone I Sit (Lucy Reed)
My Thoughts (Lisa Seward)
Roaming (Ruth Billhimer)
Hitchhiking Down The Highway (Ronnie Mullins)
Sweet Talk (Charlotte Bond)
Sweet Honey (Theola Knox)
If You Want Love (Mildred Bradshaw)
I've Got A Picture Of Jesus (George Collins)
Don't Live It With Me (Carlo Di Bello)
It's Been So Long Ago (Joe Devine)
The Law (Randolph Yetman)
Shadow Of Your Heart (Dola Lindsay)
Come One, Let's Boogie (Veronica Mendoza)

K-22: New Favorites Of Kay Weaver
Pick Up Your Life And Live Again (Walter L. Brown & Creola Lowder)
Money Hungry (William F. Erickson)
The Cheatin' Game (Bessie J. Burr)
When'er I Make My Wish (Ms. G.B. Tan)
Saturday Night (Jim Dunham)
Another Song In The Night (Ruth E. Buck)
They're Coming After Me (Katherine Maynard)
Little Black Sambo And Old Black Joe (Wayne C. Eckert)
I Love You For What You Are (Jeanette Currier)
Take Me In Your Arms (John Forsman & Ronald Stein & Sven Rye)
What A Love (Ella Hall)
If The Lord Had A Gal, She'd Be Like You (Wade Bullard)
One Way To Heaven (Cleo Critelli)
Let There Be Love (Earl C.D. Linden)
Hush, Good Night, Love Lullaby (George Killips)
Between You And Me (Charles L. Longgrear)
Gyrate For Physicet Beam Dreams, Kay (James Wilson, Jr.)

K-24: New Favorites Of Kay Weaver
Get Up Again (Hattie Irene Whitaker)
When We First Met (Hilda Porto)
Marty's Song (Martha Kummerer Gibson)
God Loves Each One (Dorothy L. Matlack)
My Precious Savior (Sara Gardner Rogers)
Somethin' A Lot Like Me (Herb Ohta & Carolyn Dickens)
The Choice Is Yours (Robert Puente)
I Will Believe (Ken Moore)
While Love Is On My Mind (Richard Batchelder)
Double Happiness (Alexander Jacques)
The World We Live In (Beulah Bough)
I Want To (Robert G. (Bob) Sloan)
Memories Only Make My Blue (B. Wilson Kirkby)
In Peace With The Lord (Julius A. Olowoyo)
Met Up With A Stranger (Iris Jean Stinson)
The Language Of Love (Todd McKay & Ada M. Dransfeldt)
Listen To The Beat Of The Drums (Frank Wolff & Fritzi May Stegeman)
Love Me! (Frank Wolff & F.M. Stegeman)

R-4: Ralph Lowe Sings
It Should've Been (Ricky Corbin)
Alphabet Rock (Graham Dowthwaite)
Twinkle Toes (Mary McMullin)
Follow The Lord In All His Ways (Minerva Bannister)
Louisiana Lady (George Collins)
Seven Days A Week (Pecola Zeigler)
Unlucky In Love (Hubert Capleton)
Chicken Little (George Killips)
August Rain (Vera M. Miller)
Sometime, Someplace (Ethel Kasold)
Wayward Stress Crying Tollen (Willie James)
Please Trust In God (Lucy Dye)
I Lose You Only In My Dreams (Robert J. Johnson, Jr.)
One Of Your Peers (Eleanor Otto)
Time To Time (Mary Siano)
You Came My Way (Lena Linebarger)
Sad And Alone (Claude Pearson)

L-2: Kay Weaver & Ralph Lowe -- Love
For The Love Of Mike; To You With Love; No One Knows; Love; Moonlight Love; Love Me, Jesus; Please Baby, Come Home; For You Are My Angel; Searching For Love; Mixed Up; I Am Crossing The Atlantic; Be Kind; I'm In Love With Jesus
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

L-3: Love
Ralph Lowe: It's Love I'm After (Lena Linebarger)
Kay Weaver: Love-The Gate To Paradise (John Rodriguez)
Ralph Lowe: Forever (Eleanor Otto)
Kay Weaver: Love Through The Years (Ethel C. Parker)
Ralph Lowe: Don't Make The Same Mistake (Odell Tillman)
Kay Weaver: Love Will Be Love (Cora Stallworth)
Ralph Lowe: Loving You True (Louis V. Adolph, Sr.)
Ralph Lowe: I'll Never Know (Jean McCrea)
Kay Weaver: Love Of God (Helen Keas)
Kay Weaver: Crystal Ball (Cora White)
Ralph Lowe: Roses You Hold (Andy Bailey)
Kay Weaver: Since You (Sally Dunlap)
Ralph Lowe: Lillie (Roy Snell)
Kay Weaver: God's Gift Of Love (Inez Pulliam)

M-1: Bicentennial Addition
Ralph Lowe: Wedding Vows (Walter Wagner)
Kay Weaver: Happy Birthday, America (Frances Amato)
Kay Weaver: We Must Give God A Helping Hand (Belle Miller Goldsmith)
Kay Weaver: The Light Is Near (Mrs. Jerry Lenz)
Kay Weaver: Independence Day (Walter Niles)
Ralph Lowe: The Peg-Leg Mine (Freddie Smith)
Kay Weaver: The Cherry Tree (Fred Fischer)
Kay Weaver: Thanks (Mrs. D. M. Brown)
Kay Weaver: This Land That Is So Verdant And Vast (Celeta Felby)
Kay Weaver: America For Me (Glenna L. Gilbert)
Kay Weaver: Somebody Knows The Sailor's Trouble (Inez Eriksen)
Ralph Lowe: Care (Viola Brown)
Kay Weaver: Our Grand Old Lady (Frank Jakubowsky)
Kay Weaver: 1776-1976 (200 Years) (Ben W. Pearson)
Kay Weaver: Fifteen Million Dollar Land (Florence James)
Ralph Lowe: Unknown Soldier's Prayer (Monte Paul)
Kay Weaver: Our Grand American Land (Rocco Foderaro)
Kay Weaver: We're Proud To Be Americans (Edith M. Duncan)

M-2: Music Of America
Kay Weaver: Most Of All (Bert Denny)
Ralph Lowe: Spring In My Heart (Elias G. Moutsiolis)
Kay Weaver: Dear Uncle Sam (Mrs. E.C. Williams)
Kay Weaver: Hush Little One, Don't You Cry (William Dibble)
Ralph Lowe: When The Sun Rises (Sarah Davenport)
Kay Weaver: The American Dream (Charles L. Ziegler)
Kay Weaver: Empty Heart (Ladonia Carlisle Cuppes)
Ralph Lowe: Our Bicentennial Year (Wilhelmina McClellan)
Kay Weaver: The Gasoline Engine (Robert Geertz)
Kay Weaver: The Hill (Nancy L. Abel)
Ralph Lowe: Can You? (William Russell)
Kay Weaver: Everywhere (Elva Stratemann)
Ralph Lowe: Of The U.S.A. (Mrs. R.M. Broecker)
Ralph Lowe: Believe In God Until You Die (George D. Baucum)
Kay Weaver: Happy Birthday, America (Sybil Goodwin)
Ralph Lowe: Thank You, Mr. Seward (Chester Jackson)
Kay Weaver: America, The Lord Is With Thee (Albert D. Smith)
Ralph Lowe: This Land That Is So Verdant And Vast (Celeta Felby)

M-6: Music Of America
Kay Weaver: You Loving Me (Freelin Kidd)
Kay Weaver: Green Valleys, Let Me Thank You Lord (Roland Tsuchiya)
Ralph Lowe: Sunset On An Island (Robert J. Johnson Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Stand Up, Americans (Bill Landers)
Kay Weaver: If I Come Back To You (Willie Jackson Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Brotherly Love (Hubert Capleton)
Ralph Lowe: Don't Let Me Cry, Baby (James Strange)
Kay Weaver: You Have Got Hold Of My Mind (Raheem Ajenifuja)
Kay Weaver: You And Me (Denise Sparks)
Kay Weaver: Spirit Of '76 (Richard Stammer)
Ralph Lowe: Country Town (Andrew Scruggs)
Kay Weaver: I Am Going To Get Rid Of You (Lee Roy Driver)
Ralph Lowe: My Favorite Song (Maria Sweet)

M-8: Music Of America
Kay Weaver: Looks Like We Made It (Patricia Guay)
Ralph Lowe: Apple Blossom Time (Lester Evert)
Keith Sargent: Love Me, Baby, Love Me (Willie Jackson, Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Gingham Girl (Rose Wilder)
Keith Sargent: Dear Lady, If Only You Could (Randy Weinstein)
Kay Weaver: Until You're Mine Again (Jo Scott)
Kay Weaver: Why Should I Care About You? (Debbie Graham)
Keith Sargent: Gallup, New Mexico (Ferman Salazar)
Keith Sargent: Visions (John Gaynor)
Kay Weaver: My Son (Vera Mosley)
Keith Sargent: Christmas Trance (Rickey Kellison)
Kay Weaver: I Need (Sonia Machagna)
Ralph Lowe: Could Be (Mary Dean)
Keith Sargent: The First Battle (Ralph Gibbs & Beulah Allen)
Kay Weaver: Sweet Sweet Memories (Carlton Steadman)
Keith Sargent: Shuffle And Rope-A-Dope (Ni'Mat Shareef)

M-9: Kay Weaver, Ralph Lowe & Keith Sargent -- Music Of America
Tina Marie; My Moonlight Fantasy; Our Flag; Big El; Christmas Child; My Father; It's Been A Long Time; Back In Spring; Especially For You; The Ballad Of Fury; Take Off Your Hat To Our Dear Old Flag; From Poor To Fame And Fortune; Res'less Me; Don't Come Back Home Again; Autumn Love Song; Feather Of Freedom
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

M-11: Music Of America
Ralph Lowe: Music (Michelle Molisse)
Kay Weaver: Too Many Crutches (Mildred Womack)
Ralph Lowe: The King Lives On (Mrs. Jimmie Dial)
Marie Bain: I Need The Real Thing (Janette Pontis)
Ralph Lowe: Springtime In Pennsylvania (Miles Knappenberger)
Kay Weaver: Take The Blues Out Of My Mind (Paul Barton)
Ralph Lowe: Together (George Sendelbach)
Ralph Lowe: Las Vegas (Sally Potter)
Ralph Lowe: To My Fans From Elvis (Debra Franzwa)
Marie Bain: You (Linda Leiss)
Ralph Lowe: In The Gloom Of Evening (A.G. Kane)
Ralph Lowe: Little Blue River (Miriam Hildreth)
Kay Weaver: Friendship (Darnel Gay)
Ralph Lowe: Why Did It Happen So Fast? (Lupe Romero)
Ralph Lowe: Let's Rock And Roll Tonight (Charles Herwig)

M-17: Music Of America
Ralph Lowe: In The Way Of Dancin' (Alvaro De Jesus Buenfil)
Kay Weaver: Disco At Night (Virginia Martin)
Kay Weaver: The Three Kings (Janie Spivey)
Ralph Lowe: Shall We Not Forget The Times Of Our Lives (Beatrice Westover)
Kay Weaver: Year Of The Child -- 1979 (Mary-Ruth Mundy)
Ralph Lowe: Friend Of Mine (John Davis)
Kay Weaver: The Kid (David Abrams)
Ralph Lowe: Weekend Affair (Joseph Therance)
Ralph Lowe: My Love Is Still Gone (Kevin Johnson)
Kay Weaver: Is There Any Reason? (Lena Linebarger)
Ralph Lowe: Last Night (Sarah Pichon)
Kay Weaver: There's Always Hope (Michael McIntosh)
Ralph Lowe: Indiana Bluebird (Joe Deehan)
Kay Weaver: A Tribute To Bing (Mary V. Morris)
Ralph Lowe: Stars Love (Wanda Niec)
Ralph Lowe: A Tribute To Stevie (Robert James)
Kay Weaver: My Christmas (John Kordich)

M-22: Music Of America
Kay Weaver: The Fair In Town (John Springer)
Ralph Lowe: Princess Playmate (James Wilson Jr.)
Kay Weaver: Elvis, You'll Always Be Remembered (Claudette Caruthers)
Kay Weaver: Little Skipper (Rush Rowley)
Ralph Lowe: When I Am Gone (Clara Trotter)
Kay Weaver: Our Little Girl (Betty Weller)
Kay Weaver: A Scientific Fact Of Life (Vida Linden)
Ralph Lowe: Until The End Of Forever (John Miley)
Ralph Lowe: Elvis (Douglas Schrack)
Kay Weaver: Joe (Joseph Nalezny Sr.)
Ralph Lowe: Martha, I Love You (Angel Molina)
Michelle Wood: Loving You (Lorraine Hobby)
Kay Weaver: L.A. (Los Angeles) (Pat Wixted)
Ralph Lowe: I've Got A Brand New Love For You (Ms. H.E. Teague)
Kay Weaver: Flashbacks (Karen Rodriguez)
Ralph Lowe: My Son (Steven Gibson)
Kay Weaver: Christopher Columbus (Rod Woodburn)

M-28: Music Of America
Michelle Wood: When Someone Loves You (Akoli Fenuku)
Michelle Wood: Blue Love (Adelia Gary)
Sonny Cash: To Yoko (Raymond West)
Sonny Cash: U.S.A. (Garden Of Roses) (Ben Macrander)
Kay Weaver: The Rush Of Horses (Julio Melendez)
Kay Weaver: A Long Way To Sacramento (Bhatkin Devi)
Kay Weaver: On Christmas, When It's White With Snow (Roland J. Simmonds)
Sonny Cash: Elvis Forever (Irene S. Pollard)
Sonny Cash: Californian Ridin' High (A.M. Frederick)
Sonny Cash: Psychic Cigarette (James Wilson Jr.)
Kate Weaver: Baby, Will You Come With Me (Frances I. Brantley)
Kay Weaver: Do It (Colbert Dalen)
Kay Weaver: Our Government (Margie M. Curry)
Kay Weaver: You're A Fool (T.M.E. Haque)
Sonny Cash: Merry Christmas Polka (William Schneider)
Sonny Cash: Up Hurley Way (William Schneider)
Michelle Wood: My Dear Friends (Joyce Dimarco)

M-30: Music Of America
Kay Weaver: New York City (Chris Pastorino)
Kay Weaver: Darling, I'm So Sorry I Made You Cry (William F. Schneider)
Kay Weaver: United Together, Forever We Stand (William D. Rauff)
John Muir: Mr. President (Fanny Stone)
John Muir: Indian Summer (Mary Tester)
John Muir: Good Old America (Pauline Eanes)
Kay Weaver: Cleanin' Time (Betty J. Peterson)
Kay Weaver: Another Disco Night (Larry P. Greene)
Kay Weaver: Summer Love Song (Vernita Cruz)
John Muir: Los Angeles (Dr. Robert J. Nebesar)
John Muir: Let's Shake This Town (Kevin D. Truttling)
John Muir: Arizona Sweetheart (William C. Higgins)
Kay Weaver: Little Gray Squirrel (J.E. Blevins)
Kay Weaver: Love Is Wonderful And Also Grand (Joseph Snipe)
Kay Weaver: Five O'Clock (Lawrence K. Bricken)
John Muir: If I Had An Old-Fashioned Girl (Dorothy Yaist)
John Muir: Santa's Solo (Leo A. Paul)
John Muir: Mother's Birthday (Jean Anderson)

M-32: Kay Weaver & John Muir -- Music Of America
Kay Weaver: Princess Of Tomorrow (Archie Lee Rhodes)
Kay Weaver: New York, New York (Yetta Davis)
Kay Weaver: Those Mean Inflation Blues (Harry Schaffer)
Kay Weaver: Old McDonald, No. 1 (Aron Davis)
John Muir: The Forgotten Man (Charles Osbourne)
John Muir: Music City, U.S.A. (Maurice Woodfin)
Kay Weaver: Shut Down This Nuke (Esther Stein)
Kay Weaver: I See You In My Daughter's Smile (Susan Barbour)
Kay Weaver: In Vermont (Paul Munson)
Kay Weaver: Can It Be Love? (Brenda Shoots)
Kay Weaver: Friends In Space (Adrian Bond)
John Muir: Again Christmas Is Here (Frank B. McClellan)
John Muir: Believe In Me (Hank Anderson)
Kay Weaver: A Child's World (Linda E. Kingsley)
Kay Weaver: I Seem To Be Living A Dream (Janet Kolarczyk)
Kay Weaver: Taxes And Being Free (James M. Johnson)
Kay Weaver: As Happy As I've Been (Barbara J. Olson)
Kay Weaver: A Little Love Is Many Things (Brenda Heard)

M-38: Kay Weaver & John Muir -- Music Of America
Making My Way Back To You; Hard Knocks; Jolene's New Mexico Waltz; Many Nights; Evil In The City; Full Moon Over Georgia; The Lesson That I Learned; Mother; Let Me Hold You Tonight; Many's The Time; So You Are Back Again; Jimmy Carter Blues; Shopping Bag Lady; John F. Kennedy; Arizona; Long Live The King; Loving Is So Hard, When; Hello, Butterfly
songwriters and vocalists of individual songs unknown

M-40: Music Of America
John Muir: The Wind Brought A Rose (José Luis Garcia)
John Muir: Auctioneering (Claude Ellison)
John Muir: Friends,Women And Lives (Dean Cummins)
John Muir: Truck Wheels (William J. Foster)
John Muir: It Always Rains On Sundays (John Michael Cross)
John Muir: Lazy Rose (Vance C. Giésé)
John Muir: You're Just The Girl Of My Dreams (Solomon Goldstein)
John Muir: What Chirstmas Means To Me (Patricia Ford & Marjorie N. Pirillo)
Kay Weaver & John Muir: It Was Easy To Love You (Frank Pirillo & Marjorie N. Pirillo)
Kay Weaver: Guitar Man (Robert C. Lockett)
Kay Weaver: Always Wanting You (Donald Manuel)
Kay Weaver: Country Is The Only Life For Me (Kathy Lynn Suits)
Kay Weaver: Oh My Love My Wonderful Love (Ronald Henry)
Kay Weaver: Black And Blue Heart (William F. Mech)
Kay Weaver: Today Is My Day (Raquel Martin)
Kay Weaver: Softly You Tell Me (Michael Schleimer)
Kay Weaver: American Dream (Mr. M. Roy Crouch & Taylor)
Kay Weaver: Darling It's True (S.V. Curtis)

M-42: Music Of America
Kay Weaver: Starlites (Curtis Rogers)
Kay Weaver: Mysteries Of The Sea (Harold E.J. Friedrichs)
Kay Weaver: The Cowboy Rides Alone (Dennis L. Schmidt)
Kay Weaver: So Here's To Country Music (Dick Baur)
Kay Weaver: To Me You Mean Everything (Buck Dave Williams)
John Muir: No One To Love Me, Not Even A Cat (Ivy Rogers)
John Muir: America's On Parade! (Barthold (Bill) Max)
John Muir: It's Written In The Stars (Angel Gil Martinez)
Kay Weaver: Christmas Joy (R.K.Y. Dusinberre)
Kay Weaver: Always Together (Jay Lansdale)
John Muir: I'll Go Look For Someone Who Cares (Tom D. Bailey)
John Muir: Seattle (Robert Bove & Dick Contino)
John Muir: Funny Old Scarecrow (Fred L. Wiseman)
Kay Weaver: Lonely (Diana Lubega)
Kay Weaver: See The Seed (Donald Swift)
Kay Weaver: I Am Proud Of Me (Audrey M. Gallagher)
Kay Weaver: The Sheriff (Clyde S. Richardson)
Kay Weaver: Windows Of My Mind (Laura Imperatrice)

NST-6: The Now Sounds Of Today
Catherine Cox: In Love Again (A.J. Marques)
Kirkland Patton: Whiskey Blues (John Bruflodt)
Buddy Mix: Alley For A Home (Joe Kenny Bunton)
Max Hamilton: Forget Me (Zoila Cuesta)
Luretta McCray: If You Were Love, Where Would You Hide? (Glenn Lewis)
Buddy Mix: Most Pretty Woman (Jose M Duarte)
Max Hamilton: Love Is Here For You (Leroy L. Jenkins)
Catherine Cox: Oh, How Beautiful Is Winter (Evadney Flowers)
Buddy Mix: Country Girl, What's Your Name? (John (Horse) Fisher)
Max Hamilton: Lover Blue (Jess Cuenca)
Buddy Mix: Time Has Come (Rosie El)
Luretta McCray: My Heart (Evadney Flowers)
Buddy Mix: When You Move (Mark Wilfinger)
Lisa Ann Donovan: Last Love (Winston Cooper)
Max Hamilton: I'm Hot Doing My Thing With You, Baby (Clarence Dotson)
Buddy Mix: It Seems So Unfair (Frederick Kaufmann)
Luretta McCray: For All Of You (Raul Piedravilla)
Buddy Mix: On My Mind (Comtois & Long Comtois)
"Produced & Arranged by Judas Benedict"

NST-7: The Now Sounds Of Today
Lisa Ann Donovan: I'll Follow The Wind (Frank A. Pogue, Sr.)
Buddy Mix: Send Up A Flare (Thomas Haeberle)
Lance King: Sharon Marie (Chico Emerico Bencivenga & Sharon O'Leary)
Lisa Ann Donovan: As Love Only (Tsol')
Denny Brook: Only You (Felix L. Sanders)
Lance King: Turn To Me For The Time You Need (Neil Michelsen)
Lisa Ann Donovan: I Could Never Be Your Dream Girl (Anita Dallas)
Arnie Rios: Mail Order Bride (Paul Dale Shelden & Will Gentry)
Denny Brook: My Strange Way (Eddie Quenomoen)
Lance King: The Fiftieth Year (Betty Jean Jordan)
Denny Brook: Talk To You (Lew Price & Tony Beverage)
Arnie Rios: My First Love (Norbert J. Albelo)
Lisa Ann Donovan: I Just Love That Man (Chequita L. Johnson)
Denny Brook: Inside Of My Heart (John Capuano)
Lance King: Window Woman (Richard F. Schaal)
Arnie Rios & Lisa Ann Donovan: Live In Harmony (Jan Cooper)
Denny Brook: Last Chance (Wilson Crowell)
Lance King: For You (My Love) (Scheel J. Nasarro)

NST-10: The Now Sounds Of Today
Sue Romm: The Last Time You Kissed Me (Virginia Telintelo)
Lance King: Beast Star (Sonia "Sue" Erfon)
Doug St. John: Burning Love (Anirude Motie & Savitrie Motie)
Donna Louise: Still Thinking Of You (Gary Van Voorhis)
Sue Romm: Honeydew (Elena Willis)
Lance King: Indigestion (Robert Kagan)
Doug St. John: Dear Lady Of Mine (Steven T. Perea)
Sue Romm: Blue Memories (Virginia Meredith)
Donna Louise: Hold On To Love (Bob Sundgren)
Sue Romm: Oh Why? (John D. Constable)
Doug St. John: Rain (Irene Rebosky)
Lance King: The One That Got Away (Chris Wallisch)
Sue Romm: Old-Fashioned Love (Dorocas Octavia)
Lance King: My Baby (Alphanso T. Ellis)
Doug St. John: Hawaiian Memory (Loretta Pearl Jackson, Jerry Coakley, John W. Hansen & Herbert Yuen)
Sue Romm: That Kind Of Love (N. Landsness)
Lance King: The Man Who'll Always Love You (Ron Prefontaine)
Doug St. John: My Love For Ann (Mario DeStefanis)

NST-16: The Now Sounds Of Today
Lance King: Do You Remember What I'm Trying To Forget (Lloyd R. Stewart)
Jimmy Roland: Deep In A Dream (Don Hudson)
Sue Romm: Baby, You Missed The Boat (Harold M. Jones)
Lance King: Turn To Me For The Time You Need (Neil Michelsen)
Lisa Donovan: Respect True Love (Rayford Dillon)
Frankie Blue: Stay With Me (Dorothy Patterson)
Jimmy Roland: Winter Of Love (Paul B. Hammond Jr.)
Lance King: Love Made You (Hilda Goehring)
Sue Romm: Keep On Searching For Love (Stephen Emeto)
Sue Romm: All Alone Without You (Inez Coleman & Willie Wilkins)
John Newmen: Riding On (L.R. Rankin)
Frankie Blue: Just As Much As You Need Me (Fern Breaux)
Lance King: And Rain Comes Down (L.D. Talafuse)
Lisa Dovovan: It's Gonna Rain (Silvio L. Vera)
Jimmy Roland: Care For Me (Stur Rumlin)
Lance King: In The Middle Of The Night (Martha T. Escobedo)
Arnie Rios: I Wouldn't Play A Second Fiddle (Glen W. Baird)
Sue Romm: My Rock And Roll Baby (Sheila R. Gorman)

NST-25: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Fulker: Family Man (Sampa Subba)
Rick Kershaw: Happy Go Lucky Me (Julia De Janis)
Sue Romm: Fly Away Lonely Dove (Joel Camacho)
Elaine Patree: In Memory Of 101st Airborne (Gertrude Stoddard)
John-Boy Perkins: She's A Beautiful Woman To Me (Richard Stewart Whatley)
Rick Kershaw: Rocky Mountain Rose (John Linwood McNeil)
Rick Kershaw: All Aboard (Hope B. Mueller)
John Fulker: You Captured My Heart (Jose Manuel Rodriguez)
Rick Kershaw: Huckleberry Pie (James F. Schweikl (Jim))
John Fulker: Up Like A Light (Lanier Featuring Champ)
Rick Kershaw: Dedication (Philippidou Alexandra)
Sue Romm: Like A Dream (Elias Almodovar)
Elaine Patree: She's A New Girl (F. Spenser Wilson)
Rick Kershaw: Annie's Song (Don Pierce Jr.)
Rick Kershaw: We'll Be Loving Well Tonight (Matthew Lamphear)
John Fulker: Crazy With Passion (Jose A Almodovar-Martinez)
Rick Kershaw: My Wish (Margaret Molchan)
Rick Kershaw: Two Legged Kitten (Charles S. Hanna)

NST-30: The Now Sounds Of Today
Sue Romm: Old Love (James M. Taft)
Michael Levin: Midnight Sailor (Brad Winkler)
Lisa Donovan: I Close My Eyes (Carl Schmidt)
John Fulker: Dancing In The Rain (Patrick Mercado)
Rick Kershaw & Sue Romm: Silent Love (Frank Large)
Sue Romm: Victims Of Sin (Andrew Nogaj)
Michael Levin: Your Sinful Heart (Randy Messina)
Michael Levin: Love Comes Once To A Woman's Eyes (William V. Whittington)
Lisa Donovan: Innocent Cries, Innocent Tears (Harry Miles)
Sue Romm: Only You And I Were There (Rachel Lee)
John Muir: Come My Way (Todd R. Abernathy)
Lisa Donovan: Christmas Meant To Me (Patricia Niver)
John Fulker: Can't Give You Up (James L. Pollard)
Sue Romm: I Feel I've Met You Before (Denise Kacvinski)
Michael Levin: Grandma's Into Rock (Yadira I. Tijerina)
Michael Levin: Terror's Delight (Lloyd H. Phillips)
Lisa Donovan: Life Courtesy (Valerie Earley)
Lisa Donovan: I'll Never Leave You (Juventino Baca)

NST-31: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Fulker: Lady Love Me (Anthony John Barone)
Lisa Donovan: When You Were Here (Julie Ann Heeren)
Rick Kershaw: Very First Touch (Keith L. Van Sickle)
Sue Romm: On My Own (Scheman Hill & Will Gentry)
Rick Kershaw: It Didn't Occur To Me My Heart Might Break (Ken Ostro)
John Fulker: She Knows How To Do The Doo Dee Do (Raymond N. Moore)
John Fulker: Get Out Of My Life (Geoff Flood)
Sue Romm: I'm With You All The Way (Johnnie Mae Crow)
John Fulker: Can't Get Away (Robert Lee Abbott)
John Fulker: Mama Rock (Glenn E. Bryant)
Lisa Donovan: He's Mine (Julie Ann Heeren)
Rick Kershaw: Eagle Creek (Kevin Michael Tatro)
Sue Romm: Hot Country Single (Celeste Carneal)
John Fulker: One Unto One (Steven C. Meyer)
John Fulker: The Bride And Groom (Tim Patrick)
Sue Romm: In The Heart (Chiara McCauley)
Rick Kershaw: It's Morning Again (Richard Begole)
John Fulker: An Unpredictable Girl Like Julia (R. Holder)

NST-33: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Fluker: The Fisherman (Cretora Alexander)
Sue Romm: If Love (James Wilson Jr.)
Doug St. John: Cowboy Duds (Ken W. Vandergriff)
Lisa Donovan: Forecast of Love (Leon Kidd Jr.)
Rick Kershaw: Get Into My Life (Michael R. Parisi)
Elaine Patree: My Grandma And Grandpa Invented Rock & Roll (Gerald F. Schwind)
John Muir: Because I Love You (Howard Mew)
Sue Romm: Kiss Me At Least Once (Adela Hobaica)
Rick Kershaw: Raining Sunshine, Snowing Love (Gary D. Mendenhall)
Rick Kershaw: I Care Now More Than Ever (Mark S. Ryan)
Sue Romm: The Cemetery Of The Seven Graves (Emily Spurlock)
Doug St. John: Voting For Who (Mitch Tribe)
Lisa Donovan: Zip Up Your Love For Me (Uduma Igwe Katu)
John Fluker: Louise (Dock Crawford)
Elaine Patree: He's Right For Me (Helen Frena)
John Muir: Mystery Lady (R. Brown)
Sue Romm: Somewhere Along The Way (Bruce Posner & Jon Wettingfeld)
Rick Kershaw: Tomorrow May Be My Day (Lou Golde, Lou Halmy & Mike Lawrence)

NST-35: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Fluker: Love Is Painful (Henry Hamilton)
John Muir: Sweet Thoughts Of You (Irose Adams Robert)
Sue Romm: Sittin' Alone (William R. Randall)
Rick Kershaw: Lightning Girl (Ralph H. Weir)
Rick Kershaw: Put It On The Line (Grover Bud Korando)
John Fluker: We've Got Each Other For Christmas (Robert (Buzz) Murphy)
Elaine Patree: Cupid's Noose (Oswald Harding)
Rick Kershaw: I Know (Pedro Grajeda)
Sue Romm: Love Goes Around (Gregory John Putz)
John Fluker & Sue Romm: Wandering In the Dark (Ben Aidoo)
John Muir: On My Way To L.A. (B. Devi)
Sue Romm: I Really Love You (Bill Woods)
Rick Kershaw: What You Do (Rick Hussey)
John Fluker: Mother of the Children In Harmony (Gregory E. Holland)
Rick Kershaw: Flying Information (Robert J. Bales Jr.)
Sue Romm: You Will Stand As I (W.J. Lewis)
Sue Romm: Sweetness of Love (Ann Cagle)
John Fluker: She Makes Me Wonder (Carlo Driggs)
Michael Levin: You Mix Me Up (Todd Abernathy)

NST-36: The Now Sounds Of Today
Elaine Patree: The Bride I Never Will Be (Flossie Ritchie)
Suzy Lovely: I Want To Kiss Your Smile (Margaret Marie Lee & Milton Lee)
Rick Kershaw: Hard Feelings (Luther Allen & Tommy Sellers)
Sue Romm: Naughty Old Moon (Orion M. White)
Howard Michael: She's Gone (Todd R. Abernathy & Uprise)
Elaine Patree: I Love You, Mommy And Daddy (Alice Thatcher)
Suzy Lovely: I Know (Ray Shell Le Gardeur)
Rick Kershaw: Your Sweet Love Has Died (James Wesley Chenault)
Sue Romm: Melody In "C" (David E. Briggs)
Elaine Patree: If You Return To Me (Fernando De Leo'n)
Suzy Lovely: I'm So Sorry Baby (Clarence Dotson)
Rick Kershaw: Headlines Of My Heart (Marguriete Crum)
Sue Romm: And You Cried All The Tears (Stephen H. Kidder)
Columbine Quintet: Ruthless Springs (Nieth Selzech)
Elaine Patree: We Know Of Love (Richard Giannantoni)
Suzy Lovely: Stop And Look Around (Neville Scott)
Rick Kershaw: She's Got This Heartache (Art Scharinger)
Sue Romm: Your Faithful Love (Dulce Maria Castillo)

NST-37: The Now Sounds Of Today
Rick Kershaw: Don't Let A Good Thing Slip Away (Mark A. Ledford)
Sue Romm: My Friend (Bee-Jaye Jones)
Howard Michael: Last One Left Behind (Dale A. Weed)
Elaine Patree: Hot Rod (Tom Ferro)
John Fluker: Memory (Gerald D. Jackson)
Sue Romm: Why Not Me (Julie Ann Heeren)
John Muir: Don't Want To Live Without You Baby (Greer Ward)
John Fluker: Against The Night (James Sonny Jones)
Howard Michael: How Long My Love Will Last (Timothy Green)
Sue Romm & Rick Kershaw: Just A Little Bit Longer (R. Brown)
Sue Romm: My Cabin By The Country Road (Fred Rich)
Howard Michael: Little Angel (Haywood Myrick & Paulette Myrick)
Elaine Patree: Private Murder (Andrea Ross)
John Fluker: Lady (Billy Tucker)
John Muir: Shattered Dreams (Henry R. Kattner)
Luretta McCray: Unreal Love (Joy M. Dawes & John Garland)
John Fluker: Feel The Need In Me (S. Robinson & C. Felton)
Howard Michael: A Happy Dance, A Snappy Smile (Thomas J. Mazzone)

NST-39: The Now Sounds Of Today
John Fluker: Love Is Painful (Henry Hamilton)
Sue Romm: Kentucky (Beverly Jo Hollis)
Suzy Lovely: My Best Friend (Valerie Broadnax)
Julie Hollie: Song To Share (Curtis P. Allen & Sallie B. Chattman)
John Muir: A Rose For Mom (John G. Laureno)
Rick Kershaw: Damned Cowboy (Joe Agnew)
Sue Romm: New Little Star (Conchita L. Carpenter)
John Muir: The Moon Men (Dom Betro)
Rick Kershaw: Let's Play Love (Reiss Stefan)
Sue Romm & John Fluker: Constant Love (J. Darryn Zewalk)
Sue Romm: Mr. Perfect (Jerry Abrahamson)
Julie Hollie: You're Not In Love (Rodney Kieth)
John Muir: Mr. Earthquake (Gerald F. Schwind)
Rick Kershaw: I'm Just Telling It Like It Is ("Mighty Joe" Joseph Young Jr.)
Rick Kershaw: Go Little Girl (David Riccio)
Sue Romm: Sweep Me Off Of My Feet (Shelia Darby)
John Muir: I'm Looking For A Soul Mate (Francisco Carlos Romero)
Rick Kershaw: Molly (John R. Gallagher & Matthew Frucht)

NST-47: The Now Sounds Of Today
John-Boy Perkins: That's What Love Will Do To You (Daniel Andrade)
Elaine Patree: Above All Else (Rita T. Matarese)
John Fluker: It Was Just A Matter Of Business (R. Brown)
Sue Romm: Take My Hand (Lourdes O. Tanjoco, Edna De Guzman, Rosalinda Opilas)
Rick Kershaw: What Went Wrong (Chuck Payne; Steve English)
Elaine Patree: Kisses Of The Breeze (Harry D. Demby)
John Fluker: Our Love Will Spread (Wash Jacobs)
Sue Romm: Ev'rywhere I Look Is Love (Margaret M. Warrick)
Rick Kershaw: Walking Down A Country Road (Doris Lehner, Ralph O. Tate)
Elaine Patree: Which Way Did They Go (Shara D. Young)
John Fluker: Hide Away Love (Jonathan Keeney)
Sue Romm: Witchita Kansas (Birtie L. Douglas)
Rick Kershaw: My Love For You (Floyd (Dusty) Lane, Georgia Lane)
Elaine Patree: Painted Pictures (Kitty-Leigh Middleton)
John Fluker: Misty Old Mountains (Connie L. Davis)
John Fluker, Sue Romm: Do Baby, Do (Tonya Johnson)
Rick Kershaw: Deanna (Perry Kane)
Rick Kershaw: Spread Your Love Around (John L. Dudley, Linda D. Dudley)

NST-48: The Now Sounds Of Today
Elaine Patree: Forever A Wanderer (Noreeta D. Clark)
John Fluker: I Still Wanna Be With You (Christopher Miller)
Rick Kershaw: My Best Friend (Ssgt Ulysses McDowell, Jr.)
Trendy: Facts About Crack (Rex Gray)
Adam Poirier: The Hawk (Dennis P. Register, Deborah G. Register)
Elaine Patree, Rick Kershaw: Women, The Mothers Of Mankind (Phyllis W. Ford)
Elaine Patree, Rick Kershaw: Right Fight (Chuck Barrow)
John Fluker: I'm Going To Love You (Austin T. Fitzgerald, Dawn Burkhardt)
Sue Romm: Wide Awake (Lamonte Le'Child)
Sue Romm: Touch And Go (Myrna Lee)
John Fluker: My Baby's Gone (Sweet Berry)
Rick Kershaw: The Law Of Nature (Robert Lorenz)
Adam Poirier: Television Teasin' (Robert L. King (Hop Sing))
Adam Poirier: Our Lady (Janet A. Wilkins)
Elaine Patree, Rick Kershaw: Feelings Of You (Cameron S. Farmer)
Rick Kershaw: Paradise (Michael J. Texeira)
Sue Romm: You Turn Me Away (Elena Brokus)
Sue Romm: Grandma Is A Gambler (Marguriete Crum)

NST-50: The Now Sounds Of Today
Rick Kershaw: Man With A Gun (Virginia Meredith)
Sue Romm: You Crossed My Mind Today (Nell J. Wright & Donna Shipp)
Adam Poirier: Lost In Love (Kenneth Azorian)
Sue Romm: Love Me (Joe Bono)
Adam Poirier: Can't Wait Anymore (Roy Daniello)
Rick Kershaw & Sue Romm: I Wan'ta See Jesus (Will Hicks, Jr.)
John Muir: Miss Ruby Lee (Aud Sowell)
Rick Kershaw: Young Soldier (Akshay Bandhu)
John Fluker: My Own Washington State (Louise M. Bush)
Rick Kershaw: Dog Track Blues (Mal Faircloth)
Sue Romm: Surrender (Jackquline M. Oliver)
Sue Romm: This Man Is My Father (Roberta Laurange)
Adam Poirier: Sounds Like Hurt (Harold Ryan Kaiser)
Sue Romm: You're The Reason Love Is Called A Game (Marie Prestigiacomo)
John Muir: You Were In My Dreams Last Night (H. G. Newsom)
Adam Poirier: In Peace (Helen M. Mendler)
Rick Kershaw: Just Forget About Me (Ray Williams)
John Fluker: This Is Not A Holiday (Jonathan Bruce)

NST-51: The Now Sounds Of Today
Adam Poirier: Behind The Window (Angel M. & Maria M. Durazo)
John Fluker: Every Other Girl (Silvino G. Regalado)
Beverly "G": Something Comes Along (Tracey Covell)
Beverly "G": What Goes Around Comes Around (Martha Rainey)
Elaine Patree: I'll Give It Back (John Santora & Anthony Polvere)
Sue Romm: Your Memories Haunt My Mind (Ray Rinc)
Rick Kershaw: Happy Birthday To Me (Donald Green)
Rick Kershaw: Breath Of Spring (R.T.J. Flood)
Jimmy Roland: A Story That's Never Been Told (Dallas Bennett & Frances B. McClain)
John Fluker: I Want You (Steve Cirone)
Adam Poirier: I Don't Want To Hear That Melody (John Foster)
John Fluker: So Far (John TeGrotenhuis)
Beverly "G": Don't Be No Mans' Fool (Annie Mae Wilson)
Elaine Patree: That's The Way It's Gotta Be (Edgard Kouyela)
Elaine Patree: Love Is Real (Caroline Phillip & Art Snyder)
Sue Romm: My Sweet Little Darling (Frederick Hodges)
Rick Kershaw: Tennessee Man (D. M. Summer)
Jimmy Roland: The Come-On (Lee Royal)
Adam Poirier: Never Satisfied (Shawn Perry)

number unknown: The Now Sounds Of Today
Kay Weaver: That's What Christmas Means To Me (Herbert William Johnson)
Kay Weaver: Why Did We Ever Say Hello (Herbert William Johnson)

N.Y.-1: The New York Pro/Am Song Jubilee
Jeff Pescetto: Woman To Blame (Jeffrey Pescetto/Bruce Hippurd)
John Newman: Heartache In The Morning (Ann Finn/Julie Parsons)
Rod Young: Washed In The Blood (Michael Faircloth)
Jimmy Roland: One Way Out (John Currier)
Sy: Toot D-K-O (Joseph Piccoli)
Loretta McCray: I'll Be Your Lady (Jacqueline Frazier)
Sue Romm: Rhinestone Stars (Joyce Holter-Collins)
Sy: Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (Daniel Martin)
Jimmy Roland: Comeback (David Croce)
Lisa Donovan: The Lonesome Side Of The Bed (Shasta Sue Moles)
Jeff Pescetto: Just In The Nick Of Time (Michael Malone/Tony Fama)
Loretta McCray: At The Feet Of Jesus (Bernice Dietz)
John Newman: Golden Chains (Gary Milici)
Sue Romm: Learn To Let You Go (Robin Randell)
John Newman: The Life Of The Party (Burnell Hosey)

-- Cassettes --

T-235: Music Of America
Charise Shelly: I Wonder (Kathryn Asbury)
Charise Shelly: Eternal Love (Lee Lynch, Jr.)
Charlie Clark: River Of Tears (Edward Persaud)
Charlie Clark: Darkness Within (John Brown)
Charlie Clark: The Liar Cheats Tonight (Jerry Main)
William LeBlanc: Since You Went Away (Lenword Leyford)
William LeBlanc: Say Yes To My Love (Earl Williams)
William LeBlanc: Hop On Board The Columbine (Karen Glancy)
William LeBlanc: Close Your Eyes (Kevin Cato)
William LeBlanc: Who Gets The Last Laugh (Allen M. Shuford)
Stephanie Allen: Our Country (John A. Tait)
Stephanie Allen: Newest Song (Verna Mae Floristine Franklin)
Stephanie Allen: A Message From My Heart (Josef Salls)
Charise Shelly: Family's Devotion To Santa Maria (John Mary Hanh Huu Vo)
Charise Shelly: Rhythm & Rhymes (Mabline Johnson)
Charise Shelly: Down Here On Earth (Leroy S. Mays)
Charlie Clark: To Love You, Lady (Jose Antonio)
Charlie Clark: Drive Me Away (Quinn Robert Haber)
Charlie Clark: Bar Eyes (Scott A. Gammon)
Stephanie Allen: Invisible Test (Rampersaud Toolsie)

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