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Rainbow Records, 6253 Hollywood Blvd. (corner of Hollywood and Vine), Suite 700 [also: Suite 1003], Hollywood CA 90028; 213-465-0063

-- Singles --

504: Cathy Cox -- The Rainbow Tree (Mary Ann Christe') / Patti Rich -- One Little Kiss (Robert Herzfelder) // Patti Rich -- Musical Collision (Douglas Burbol) / Patti Rich -- Lonely Walk (Rhonda Burich)

-- Albums --

HG-502: Hollywood Gold
Buddy Mix: Blind Sight (Edwin W. Kelsey)
Buddy Mix: We'll Be Loving Well Tonight (Matthew Allen Lamphear)
Buddy Mix: First Love (Carlos Torres)
Buddy Mix: Watching My Hero Die (Shawn Hinkle)
instrumental: RCA Waltz (Manuel Comulada)
Cathy Cox: Only Because You're Near (Isaac L. Watson)
Cathy Cox: Tell Me What I'm Gonna Do (Roger Bell)
Cathy Cox: Somewhere My Love (R. Alan Brown)
Jamal Haqq: Greased Lightnin' Skinner (Verna Schatzel)
Jamal Haqq: Spider Baby (Tyrell S. Wilson)
Jamal Haqq: Four Winds (Charles W. Kennedy)
Jamal & Robin Haqq: Between Us Two (James Chislom)
Cathy Cox: So True (Yves Wanza)
Ernesto Onofre: Espirata Jovial-Mañana De Abril (Fermin Augustin, arr. Robert Glover)
Ernesto Onofre: Desolacion (Esther Mejia)
Ernesto Onofre: Un Dia De Verano (Marie Elena Lopez)

HG-503: Hollywood Gold
Kate Miller: Thoughts (Debra Faith Fullington)
Kate Miller: I Want To Go Back (Madelyn Thomas Thigpen)
Kate Miller: Due To Circumstances Beyond My Control, I Love You (Edna M. Graham)
Kate Miller: Fairies Sailing On An Ocean Blue (Verna Flonnes)
Kate Miller: Here's My Story, Folks (Janet Dossigny)
Kate Miller: Summertime Romance (Frances Foley)
Kate Miller: My Last Night To Cry (Loyal Pritchard)
Kate Miller: Bed Of Fire (J. Bruce Kernan)
John Lehman: I Love You So True (Dr. Pandit B.S. Tiwari, Msc D. & D.D.)
John Lehman: Every Moment (Paul Fletcher)
John Lehman: Part-Time Dad (J. B. Smith)
John Lehman: Our Life (Augustus P. Gregory, Jr.)
John Lehman: The Way That I Love (Robert J. Bales, Jr.)
John Lehman: All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go (Raymond A. Watts, Jr.)
Kate Miller: This Is Our Song (Freddie Mae Butler)
Kate Miller: Love Ain't Easy When You're Cheatin' (Arnold D. Holbrook)

HG-504: Hollywood Gold
Buddy Mix: The Halloween Queen (Charles E. Warden)
Buddy Mix: In Search of You (Eddie M. Quenomoen)
Buddy Mix: Teenage Beauty (Laura Reese-Cindy Lyons)
Buddy Mix: Withheld Passions (Vicki Lyn Schmitt)
Buddy Mix: Teenage Man ("Sir Leo" Benford)
Buddy Mix: The Electric Girl (William Reaume)
Cathy Cox: To You With Love (Les Race)
Cathy Cox: It's Been A Year Today (Chris Stupplebeen)
Cathy Cox: Fugitive From Love (Sandi Slatter)
Cathy Cox: Cross-Eyed Cat (Jean Kay Cook)
Cathy Cox: Magical Moments (Bee Macy)
Cathy Cox: Summer Nights Are Special (Nathan Palmer (The Bodyman))
Cathy Cox: I Need Somebody's Loving (Ray Rokita)
Tom Armbruster: Deception (Robert Fleischer)
Tom Armbruster: Make Mine A Double (Patty Johnson)
Tom Armbruster: Meanwhile, Back At The Bar (Kermit Fox)

HG-506: Hollywood Gold
Cathy Cox: Kansas Cold -- Snow (McBland Lee)
Cathy Cox: Our Trails (Geneva S. (Pardy) Park)
Cathy Cox: Memory Lane (Patricia A. Walsh)
Cathy Cox: Blinky, The Firefly (Doris MacKenzie)
Cathy Cox: The Other Woman (Sharon A. Cook)
Buddy Mix: Let 'Em Roll (Franklin S. Wilson)
Buddy Mix: Accept My Love (Antonio G. Mitchell)
Buddy Mix: Hand Me Another Bottle (Bruce Edward Denny)
Robin Haqq: Fahrenheit (Peggy Hunter)
Robin Haqq: Headed For The Heart (Chris Cooper)
Robin Haqq: Familiar Lover (Christine Montgomery-Christa Michaels)
Buddy Mix: Melody (Norris Highway)
Buddy Mix: My Life (Sverre Haug)
Ernesto Onofre: Marisela (Silvio L. Vera)
Ernesto Onofre: Quedate Con Tu Orgullo (Adalberto Verdin)

HG-518: Hollywood Gold
Max Hamilton: Got To Be A Rock Star (Kathy Lundeen-Tim Archibald)
Max Hamilton: It Amazes Me (Brian C. Breene)
Buddy Mix: Heartaches Of Desire (Dominic J. Raitano)
Buddy Mix: Beyond Forever (Sal Latella)
Buddy Mix: Your Magic Spell (Lee A. Bernstein)
Buddy Mix: My Heart's Desire (Frank James Large)
Buddy Mix: Bye Bye Now (Thomas J. "Speed" Funari)
Cathy Cox: Summer Magic, Summer Moon (A.J. Rademacher [Burton Hall])
Cathy Cox: Love That's Forever (Julie Heeren)
Cathy Cox: Affair Of The Hearts (Judy L. Rodrick-Julius E. James)
Dave Wooley: Heaven Inside Your Arms (Ralph H. Green)
Diana Zazlove: El Poster De Raphael (Olga V. Diaz "Sor Abeja"-Enrique Romero Aguilar)
Ernesto Onofre: Marleta (Robert Myles)
Ernesto Onofre: Amargura (Ricardo Rodriguez)
Ernesto Onofre: Allegro Despertar (Gilberto Rivera)

HG-520: Hollywood Gold
Rita Rogers: A Love Of My Own (Sharon A. Nock)
Buddy Mix: Watch Your Mouth (DGD/ASFHM)
Buddy Mix: Does The Man In The Moon Have A Girl? (Bobby Wetzell)
Buddy Mix: Eternity (Frank A. Feudi)
Buddy Mix: Don't Waste Your Time (Pearlie Pruitt-Westbrook)
Buddy Mix: Names (Clarence Lumpkin)
Buddy Mix: The Road To Yesterday (P.K. Edmunds, M.D.)
Buddy Mix: You Are My World (Jamaal)
Cathy Cox: The Winter Snow (Angela Jane Miller)
Cathy Cox: The Dogwood Song (Ellen Whitakayed By Me When I Needed You (Virginia Watterson)
Cathy Cox: Loved One (Eunice O. White)
Dave Wooley: I'll Be In Oregon (Ken W. Vandergriff)
Dave Wooley: On The Good Ol' Farm (Henry Stahla)
Wanda Fey: I Ain't Loving You No More (JoAnn Guest)
Wanda Fey: Cowboy From Alabam (Gaynell Franks)

HG-523: Hollywood Gold
Jon Clarke: What If You Were Mine (Geraldine Gill)
Kate Miller: It Ain't Easy (Suzanne "Rudy" Temple)
Jon Clarke: This Time I Couldn't Walk Away (Susanne Wheat)
Jon Clarke: Goodbye (Tom Bisker)
Roburt Anderson: Let Me Dry Your Tears (Paul Everson)
Kate Miller: The Time Is Gone (John J. Kuszynski)
Jon Clarke: Tell Her (That You Really Love Her) (Albert Love)
Jon Clarke: I Believe (Phil Biamonte)
John Lehman: Reach Out, Touch A Hand (Ellen Paxton)
Kate Miller: Your Eyes (Julie Anne Swanson)
Jon Clarke: Stop And Think (Gil Turner)
Kate Miller: I've Got Time To Have My Coffee Now (June B. Johnson)
John Lehman: I Just Sit Alone And Cry (Olga D. Poole)
John Lehman: Inspiration (Joe Vanier)
Kate Miller: Nobody Loves You Like I Do (Adela J. Hobaica)

HG-524: Hollywood Gold
Buddy Mix: Synthetic Love (James Piazza)
Buddy Mix: Magazine Queen (Dennis Wayne Palmer)
Buddy Mix & Cathy Cox: You Bring Out the Magic (Jim Bordua-Johnaton Michaels)
Cathy Cox: I For You And You For Me (Alice Thatcher)
Cathy Cox: Always On My Mind (Linda R. Darling Payne)
Ernesto Onofre: Entrega (Juan Roure, Jr.)
Rita Rogers: Games ... Always (Tammy Marie E Lloyd)
Rita Rogers: All Good Intentions (Constance Chasmont)
Rita Rogers: One I Care About So Dear (Karmen A. Yorker)
Buddy Mix: Honalee (Tommy Blackstone)
Buddy Mix: Oh Sailor, Oh Sailor (J.C. Samuels)
Cathy Cox: Tell Me A Story That I'll Live To See (George W. Gill)
Ernesto Onofre: Sigo Arrastrando El Zarape (Eliseo Cabral Garcia)
Rita Rogers: It's A Material Thing (Les Mangum)
Dave Wooley: If I Made Love For A Living (James O. Evans (Jim))
Dave Wooley: Going Home Again (Douglas O. Hunter)

HG-526: Hollywood Gold
Cathy Cox: Hope It Never Rains Again (Al (Bert) Steeves)
Roburt Anderson: Mountain And Sky (Paul Chappelear-Bertha Shard)
Rita Rogers: They Can Tell (Constance Benton)
Buddy Mix: Begging That Girl (Vernell McGee)
Buddy Mix: Truth Hurts (Steve Lomelino)
Wanda Fey: Love Thinks Love (Kenneth Ray Kinsey)
Wanda Fey: The Devil Knows I'll Soon Be His (Donna J. Gibson)
Ernesto Onofre: Un Despertar (Emiliano Martin)
Steffen Presley: Special In My Eyes (Timothy Clay Hickerson)
Wanda Fey: That Special Look (Stacy Cunningham)
Wanda Fey: Curious Cat (Majeskia C. Dent, Jr.)
Roburt Anderson: Maybe We'll Meet Again (Doug Smith)
Cathy Cox: Look Into The Heart Of Me (Bert Taylor)
Cathy Cox: Your Love (Ruth Calkins)
Steffen Presley: Night Flight (Nanette Gandy)
Zavier: Melody In C (David E. Briggs) (acoustic guitar instrumental)

HG-529: Hollywood Gold
Roburt Anderson: Departing Denver (Melinda E. Maybruck)
Jon Clarke: To Have To Fly (William Beauciel)
Kate Miller: Hands Across America (Doris M. Stone)
Jon Clarke: Give Me A Chance To Explain (Thad Watkins)
Jon Clarke: Moonlight Madness (Deloris Harvey)
Kate Miller: Yesterday's Love (Toni Cambron)
Roburt Anderson: Look Who's Crying Now (Betty J. Holland)
Jon Clarke: I Started Loving Her Again (Henry R. Kattner)
Jon Clarke: Laredo Blues (J. Michael Denver)
Larry Donaldson: Dream It (John Edward Ploszkiewicz)
Kate Miller: Missing People (Mrs. Rosalinda Adams (Sugar))
Jon Clarke: I Appreciate (Larry B. Frison)
Roburt Anderson: Don't You Know? (Alberto Martinez)
Kate Miller: Stay With Me (Miss. P.G. Robinson)
Jon Clarke: Where Are All The Roses? (Texas T. Trott)

HG-532: Hollywood Gold
Steffan Presley: Night Crawler (Robert Battle-B)
Steffan Presley & Rita Rogers: Can't You See We're In Love (Rodney M. Fasching)
Rita Rogers: I've Been Around (Nathaniel Lofland)
Roburt Anderson: Yesterday's Angel (Ronald H. Brewer)
Cathy Cox: I've Got To Get Back To You (Marvin W. Sapaugh)
Cathy Cox: Places In My Heart (McKinley C. Dorough)
Roburt Anderson: Song In The Wind (Rex Van Wormer)
Rita Rogers: Think Of You (Ira Blyden)
Rita Rogers: L.O.V.E. (C.O. Duron)
Steffen Presley: Our Love Was Meant To Be (Louis R. Williams)
Cathy Cox: I Just Want To Be Your Rocking Girl (Z. Donatin)
Roburt Anderson: Another Desperado (Joseph C. Mullally, II)
Rita Rogers: Only For You (Jimmy Haskett)
Steffen Presley: Purple Passion (Niles Lorenson)
Cathy Cox: American Made (Lavern Grant)
Dave Wooley: Sweet Sally Lou (Frederick Hodges)

HG-534: Hollywood Gold
Rita Rogers: Wasting Up Time (Cindy M. Brown)
Roburt Anderson: Surely There's A Place In Your Heart For Me (Jay W. Spadafora)
Cathy Cox: I'm Sorry (Carmen Santiago)
Steffen Presley: Lady In Darkness (Johnny Frank Barnes, Jr.)
Cathy Cox: He Ran To Meet Me (Jeanné Steging)
Roburt Anderson: One Tomorrow With You (John Mark Green)
Cathy Cox: Love's Melody (Robert Merrell/Linda Bendik-Smith)
Roburt Anderson: Old Man Steddle (Michael Thomas Babcock/Geoffrey Bouc)
Roburt Anderson: The World And All Its Charms (T.L. Wallis)
Rita Rogers: I'll Be Back (Luis Rogelio Torres)
Steffen Presley: Cities Child (Gerald Karpinski)
Cathy Cox: Oh, What Do I Want? (Lillie Seidel Hinton)
Roburt Anderson: All Night In A Dream (Stephen H. Bogart)
Rita Rogers: Just A Little Bit At A Time (Barcus Richard, Jr.)
Steffen Presley: Caravan Of Cadillacs (Richard Rinke)
Cathy Cox: Infinity (Milly Osvold Wells)

HG-550: Hollywood Gold
Rita Rogers: Kiss Me Again (Princess Taskin N. Al-Badee)
Roburt Anderson: The Poet And The Lady (B. Scott Wiley)
Patti Rich: Don't Turn Me Away (Vermelle D. Langford)
Steffen Presley: Now Is Your Time (Nicolaos Koutinas)
Rita Rogers: And I Do (Phyllis Bettino)
Roburt Anderson: We're Magic (Keith Botton)
Patti Rich: Yes, True Love Will Last Forever (Joe Ray Snyder)
Steffen Presley: My Greatest Hit Is You (Lawrence Sigman)
Steffen Presley: Baby, Call On Me (Charles V. Vance)
Rita Rogers: But A Dream (Sue Zimmerman)
Roburt Anderson: To The Great Communicator (Ezra Philo)
Patti Rich: The Determined Mind (Beatrice Mitchell)
Steffen Presley: True (Juan Tufino)
Rita Rogers: I'd Be A Fool To Love You (Jane Southworth)
Roburt Anderson: San Lealon (Rolland L. Doty)
Patti Rich: Eyes Full Of Love (Clyde William Darnell, Jr.)

HG-552: Hollywood Gold
Rita Rogers: Never Gonna Love Again (George D. Smorse)
Roburt Anderson: Our Symbol Of Freedom (Emma G. Riley)
Patti Rich: Eagle's Wings (Helen E. Bishop)
Steffen Presley: Faith In You (Linda M. Hancock)
Rita Rogers: A Love That Grows (Marie A. Pitassi)
Roburt Anderson: Flight 007 (James Cliff. Stone)
Patti Rich: On Your Wedding Day (Jean Foster)
Rita Rogers: I Want To See (Cindy Lou Dysard)
Steffen Presley: Thinking Of (Steve West)
Rita Rogers: I Know You Have A Girlfriend (Jewell Showers)
Roburt Anderson: Howdy, Pretty Lady (Mary Alice Kirschenmann)
Patti Rich: Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Go Home? (Lizzy Hunter)
Rita Rogers: Won't You Come In? (Joyce A. Gill)
Roburt Anderson: I Am A King (Quirino C. Amore (UBM))
Patti Rich: Annie Kennedy (Joan Goger)
Steffen Presley: On My Mind (JoAnn D. Pelino)
liner notes: "Welcome to the Rainbow! Hollywood Gold features the best and most current music being written by new, talented songwriters and performed by artists and musicians who are well established in the music industry. From all over America and various parts of the world, Hollywood Gold is a mother lode of Rock, Country, Pop, Blues, and MOR that will amaze and move you by the rich variety of ways which we, the people, make music."

HG-566: Hollywood Gold
Rita Rogers: Slowly Blowing My Mind (Karen Lynne Swain)
Roburt Anderson: My Little Sunshine (Barbara Garcia)
Steffen Presley: You Are My Forever Love (Andre Rowe)
Rita Rogers: A Black Rose (Rita Donnelly/Vic Jorgensen)
Roburt Anderson: Let Me Down Softly (Charles Martin)
Steffen Presley: When The Love Is Right (Beverly Wright)
Rita Rogers: Love In The Universe (Beverly Wright)
Roburt Anderson: My Loving Wife (Beverly Wright)
Roburt Anderson: The Songwriting Truck Driver (Jerry Lee Craig, Sr./Jerry Lee Craig, Jr.)
Rita Rogers: I Need You (Susie Woodall / Brooks Harris)
Steffen Presley: Touch Me (Langston G. "Iceman" Menefee)
Roburt Anderson: Clubs and Diamonds (Virginia Sue Luckert)
Rita Rogers: The Edge of Forever (Robert D. Hardy)
Steffen Presley: Lovely Eyes (David H. Hunt)
Roburt Anderson: When Your Hair Turns To Grey (Jack Gaylord Greer, Sr.)
Rita Rogers: Where Is My Ticket? (Florence Schmalke)

HG-570: Hollywood Gold
Steffen Presley: We're Going Out Tonight (Sam Junior Davis)
Roburt Anderson: I Wonder If She Ever Thinks Of Me (Jesse G. Harper)
Rita Rogers: Yes Means Happiness (Stanley Rod)
Steffen Presley: AIDS Is Out (Jerry Craig McKenzie)
Roburt Anderson: We Salute Our Honored Old Glory (w: Clinton Hendrickson, m: Phyllis Roberts)
Rita Rogers: My Last Goodbye (Connie Rice)
Dave Wooley: I Can Put That Smile On Your Face (Anthony Ingram-Donna G. Hart)
Roburt Anderson: Lonesome Highway Blues (Michael Gorman)
Steffen Presley: Wasted At Heart (Steve Barnes)
Roburt Anderson: Got My Rainbow Down In Texas (Puff P.F.B.)
Rita Rogers: One Little Rose (Iva P. Hughes)
Roburt Anderson: You're The One In My Life I Adore (Marc Blackwell)
Steffen Presley: Hocus Pocus (Arthur L. Caine)
Rita Rogers: Game Of Chess (Yvonne L. Combs)
Steffen Presley: Street Fighting Days (Eric L. Lynch)
Roburt Anderson: America, Our Land Over Here (Glenn Trotter)

HG-572: Hollywood Gold
Rita Rogers: Can't Play This Game (Torrey Peck)
Cathy Cox: Cruel People (Shirley Ann Irish)
Steffen Presley: You Mean The World To Me (Lori Hoerl)
Rita Rogers: The Right Time For People In Love (Shirley Vloeberghs)
Cathy Cox: Seven Heroes Reaching For The Stars (Nell Worthington)
Roburt Anderson: America Is Beautiful (Beverly Wright)
Rita Rogers: David's Song (Crystal Abercrombie)
Cathy Cox: I Heard They Cried (Shawn Peck)
Steffen Presley: Love Damage (Jeff Baker)
Rita Rogers: The Blue Sea Of Love (Arthur Vasquez)
Cathy Cox: I Don't Know What I'd Do With You (Aimee E. Bush)
Roburt Anderson: In Your Eyes (Michael Monette)
Rita Rogers: Summer Lightning (Dottie Smiley)
Cathy Cox: Tonight Waltz (John S. Lynch)
Steffen Presley: I Can Love You (Sue Gordon)
Rita Rogers: My Colorado Cowboy (Sandy Keehner)

HG-588: Hollywood Gold
Rita Rogers: It's Time For Movin' On (Daniel Scott, Jr.)
Roburt Anderson: March King (Frank B. McClellan)
Rita Rogers: It's Just A Homeroom Romance (Patricia A. Dade-Stevens)
Steffen Presley: Young Girl (Susan Elizabeth)
Cathy Cox: Hold You Near (Norma Pingleton)
Roburt Anderson: That's Living (Don Folsom)
Rita Rogers: A Million And One (H.B. Scheurer)
Roburt Anderson: Why Am I A Poor Romancer? (Alvin J. Herzig)
Steffen Presley: A Love Like Yours (Joe Kegel)
Rita Rogers: You Are The Answer (K.E. Armstrong)
Roburt Anderson: My Country Music Dreams (Norman Rayman)
Cathy Cox: I Hope I Cross Your Mind (Emery Shane Morley)
Roburt Anderson: How's Your New Love Tonight (Lloyd Longwith)
Dave Wooley: Uncle Clarence (Gary Dean Nell)
Rita Rogers: Love Cost (Tina Marie Chaisson)
Roburt Anderson: Big Iron Blues (Marge Scanlon)

HG-594: Hollywood Gold
Rita Rogers: Follow Your Heart (Bill E. Spielman)
Roburt Anderson: You Only Get Better With Age (Jim Cook/Ray Cook)
Steffen Presley: Gentle Thoughts, Tender Moments (Tommy L. Robbins)
Roburt Anderson: The Joker's Hand (Jean Yeomans)
Cathy Cox: Broken Hearted Girl (Barbara Walker)
Roburt Anderson: My Country Music Dreams (Norman Rayman)
Cathy Cox: Daddy, Why Did you Make Mommy Cry (Eva G. Loreg)
Steffen Presley: Backlash II (Randy A. Davis)
Rita Rogers: Living on a Shoestring (Petrella Pollefeyt)
Steffen Presley: Cajun Baby (Ann L. Verner)
Roburt Anderson: Last Night I Died One More Time (Gary D. Hansen)
Rita Rogers: Youngblood, Be Careful (Vincent E. Fondren)
Cathy Cox: Darling, Wherever You Are (Van O. Alexander)
Steffen Presley: Dog Town (Herb R. Youngdale)
Rita Rogers: A Better Life (Beverly A. Pekas)

HG-622: Hollywood Gold
Roburt Anderson: My Country Music Dreams (Norman Rayman)
Cathy Cox: Nothing Else To Do (Danielle Lee Robinson)
Roburt Anderson: Call On Me (Danny F. Wear)
Rita Rogers: Crying (Rodney Mayfield)
Dave Wooley: Makin' Love (Buddy R. Kelly, Jr.)
Cathy Cox: I Want To Keep You (Wilma Jean Gilliam)
Steffen Presley: If Only To One (Roger D. Carnes)
Rita Rogers: Loving You (Richard Vines-Mirian Huckeba)
Steffen Presley: You're Making Me Crazy (A. Catapano)
Rita Rogers: You Are A Dove, Peace Sender (Alfonso Te Rodriguez)
Roburt Anderson: Life's Rodeo (Danny F. Wear)
Cathy Cox: Break My Heart, I'll Do The Same (Danielle Lee Robinson)
Roburt Anderson: A Cowboy Keeps Moving Along (Ivan Milbourn)
The Rainbows: Autumn Breezes (Dan Evans)
Roburt Anderson: Mean Lorene (Ivan Milbourn)
Cathy Cox: Love Thee ("Maria")

HG-632: Hollywood Gold
Roburt Anderson: My Country Music Dreams (Norman Rayman)
Rita Rogers: Part-Time Lover (J. Maynard McCoy)
Roburt Anderson: Drinkin' And Drivin' (J. Maynard McCoy)
Cathy Cox: That Nite -- That Day (Jim Koczat-Tracey Koczat)
Steffen Presley: Show Me How To Love You (Bruce Charlton)
Rita Rogers: Two Hearts (Bruce Charlton)
Roburt Anderson: My Heart (George Good)
Rita Rogers: Stars In Heaven (Dema Rivera)
Steffen Presley: I'm Going Back To L.A. (Mr. Wayne J. David)
Cathy Cox: Stolen Love (Eddie Dess)
Dave Wooley: Barroom Of Loneliness (Eddie Dess)
Rita Rogers: The Candleman (Scott Fleming)
Steffen Presley: Warp Rap (Scott Fleming)
Rita Rogers: Chocolate Sundaes (Donna Sue Haynes)
Roburt Anderson: Kid Again (George Good)
Roburt Anderson: Song For June (Ted T. Crites)

HL-111: Hallelujah
Kate Miller: Jesus I'm Ready (Thomas R. Davidson)
Larry Donaldson: Coming Back To Take Me Home (William Anthony Woolery)
Jon Clarke: Heaven Knows What (John Louis Garland)
Jon Clarke: The Tree Of Eternal Life (Lucille Altson)
Kate Miller: Vision Of Heaven (Shirley Childress)
Jon Clarke: In Conference With God (William Hovey Cobb, Jr.-Margurite Cobb)
Larry Donaldson: He Is Lord (John Harry Das)
Jon Clarke: God Is My Sunshine (Vicky Tyler)
Kate Miller: Where Are You Going To Hide? (Michael Jerome Bartowsheski)
Jon Clarke: I Praise Your Name, Oh Lord (Same Oliveri)
Jon Clarke: God Is Gracious (Maryann Jokela)
Kate Miller: On The Mountain Top (Mrs. Mary I. Snyder)
Larry Donaldson & Kate Miller: In My Home (Michael Boehnlein)
Jon Clarke: My Savior Is He (Dawn Frutchey)
Kate Miller: Messiah (Patricia A. Poole)
liner notes: "Hallelujah features the best and most current Gospel Music being written by new, talented songwriters and performed by artists and musicians who are well established in the music industry. From all over America and various parts of the world, Hallelujah is a mother lode of Spirituals, modern gospel, rock-gospel, and country-gospel that will amaze and move you by the rich variety of ways which we, the people, sing Hallelujah."

-- Cassettes --

HGC-589: Hollywood Gold
Kate Miller: This Is Love, This Is Life (Dennis Duda)
Jon Clarke: Red Means Stop (Michael Rose)
Kate Miller: I Couldn't Care Less (Willis Richards)
Kate Miller: A Long Time Ago (John Wheeler)
Jon Clarke: Reflections Of You (Lori Williamson)
Kate Miller: Stay Away From Me (Chris Romeo)
Jon Clarke: Long May It Rain (John Wheeler)
Kate Miller: Just You And Me Again (Chris Romeo)
Kate Miller: Tomorrow's Tears (Travis Warnken)
Jon Clarke: Home Fires (Dennis Duda)
Kate Miller: Has Her Sweet Love? (Rosemary Chandler)
Jon Clarke: I Wonder Why (Diane Van Middlesworth)
Kate Miller: Successful Persuasion (Beatrice Elaine Odom)
Kate Miller: Oh, Good Grief! (no writer named)
Jon Clarke: Love Triangle (McKinnon & Hill)
Kate Miller: Thank You For The Good Times (Julie Johnson)

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