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HillTop Records, 1777 No. Vine St. #411, Hollywood CA 90028
prev.: 6201 Sunset Blvd., #4, Hollywood CA 90028

-- Cassettes --

XM-121: The Joy Of Christmas
Cody Lyons: XMas Time Again (Hank Hughes)
Marjorie McIntire Watchek: Christmas Eve (Jon Beck)
Becky Clanton: Christmas Day (Katrina Campolo)
Rusty Stratton: Three Empty Stockings (Ira G. Baker)
Jon Beck & Choir: Snowmen On The Windowsill (Lois J. Burkett)
Becky Clanton: Happy Birthday To My Lord (Marie Rackley)
Cody Lyons & The HillTop Singers: The Joy Of Christmas (Joey Manago)
Jon Beck: Christmas Bells (Lillian K. Adams)
Cody Lyons: Christmas Harmony (J.P. Cuccia Jr., Ronald White)
Becky Clanton: Be With Me This Christmas (Mario-Greg Sala)
Jon Beck & Choir: At Christmastide (Karil Kruger)
Becky Clanton & Jon Beck: Lambs Of The Flock (Clyde H. McDonald)
Cody Lyons & The HillTop Singers: Santa Claus Bells (John Fox)
Jeanne Duran: Pretty Little Snowflakes (Katrina Campolo)
Jon Beck: Our Gift Of Christmas (Ira G. Baker)
instrumental: Hymn At Christmas (Karil Kruger)

LW-136: The Light Of The World
Cody Lyons: Where Are You Lord? (Joseph Olubadewo)
Rusty Stratton: Light Of The World (Joey Manago)
Jeanne Duran: I Can Do All Things Through Christ (Tricia Wilson-Dean)
Cody Lyons: A Place Called Heaven (Daniel H. Green, Rebecca A. Crummey)
Rusty Stratton: The Words Of Life (Ronnie Lee Watts, Sr.)
Cody Lyons: He'll Be Your Light (Trevia Lawson)
Jeanne Duran: The Window Of Love (Jennie S. Phillips)
Cody Lyons: Prayer For Revival (Dorothy B. Bilton)
Cody Lyons: Oh, What A Faithful Friend (William Butler)
Rusty Stratton: The Presence Of The Lord (Ronnie Lee Watts, Sr.)
Becky Clanton: God's Love (Dorothy B. Bilton)
Cody Lyons: But This Is Eternal Life (Joey Manago)
Rusty Stratton: The Sermon (Gene Brown)
Jeanne Duran: The Falling Away (Trevia Lawson)
Cody Lyons: Jesus Is The Way (Daniel H. Green, Rebecca A. Crummey)
Rusty Stratton: Misterios De La Vida (Alan De Los Santos)

LW-139: The Light Of The World
Rusty Stratton: Promises, Promises (William Campbell)
Rusty Stratton: We're Moving On (Caroline Draughn)
K.C. Martin: America, I Love You (Mary Frances York)
Rusty Stratton: Hell Train (Robert Short, Jackie McQueen)
Rusty Stratton: Time Of Promise (Thelma Castleberry Knox)
Becky Clanton: The Testimony Of Sister Novell (Novell Phillips, Archie K. Milton)
Rusty Stratton: Feels Like Fire ("Trudy" McFarland)
Rusty Stratton: Mercy Is His Name (Geraldine P. Eaden)
Rusty Stratton: The Golden Bus To Glory (Roy R. Carrington, E.G. Pearce)
Becky Clanton: I'm Free (Geraldine P. Eaden, James M. Skutchan)
Rusty Stratton: Body And Soul, My Lord (Shirley Ann Dates Zeigler)
Rusty Stratton & K.C. Martin: Going Home (Caroline Draughn)
Rustry Stratton: Voices From Within (Thelma Castleberry Knox)
Rusty Stratton: I Have Learned (Fred Harrington)
K.C. Martin: Singing And Shouting (Jack D. Simco)
Rusty Stratton: Can You Feel His Love In You (Rose Marie Walton)

CM-101: Country Magic
Just Call Her Pam (Tyrone Boyd)
15 other titles

AW-343: America
Cody Lyons: We're Gonna Make It (James H. Graham)
Cody Lyons: Diggin' It All Along (David S. Farner)
Ross Winters: Is This The Way Love Is Supposed To Go (Phillip "Dr. Phil Good" Wiggins-"Mr. Rob G." Greer)
Cody Lyons: Motorcycle Momma (Donald Kennedy)
Kathy Rider: Too Busy (Lucille M. Griswold)
Cody Lyons: My Crystal Rose (Gary Ackison)
Cody Lyons: Bambina Mia (Edmond Saltalamacchia)
Ross Winters: Tal Vez (Daniel Mares)
Cody Lyons: I'm All In Love (David S. Farner)
Cody Lyons: A Child's Dream (Donald Kennedy)
Ross Winters: Love Is A Lover In You (Laterrance M. Gibbs)
Cody Lyons: The Colors Of My Love (Gary Ackison)
Cody Lyons: Hanging Out (Phyllis Bricker)
Kathy Rider: Love Is What You Think It Is (Deborah A. Anderson)
Cody Lyons: Dreaming And Dreaming Again (Edmond Saltalamacchia)
Ross Winters: Ellas (Daniel Mares)

-- Cassingles --

D1-853: Rusty Stratton -- Brooke (Tyrone Boyd)
D-937: Cody Lyons -- The Tour (Tyrone Boyd) (2001)

-- CDs --

CDS-103: The Best of Hilltop
Rusty Stratton: Lost Time (Bess Ortiz)
Kathy Rider: Some Day He's Goin' Lookin' (Angie Andrews)
Rusty Stratton: Just A Dream Away (Marcia Foreman)
Rusty Stratton: He's Dyin' Tonight (Rob Lefever)
Cody Lyons: I'm Talking To You (Thad A. Jenkins)
Rusty Stratton: Happy Father's Day (Joey Manago)
Kathy Rider: Oh, Daddy Do You Know (Dorothy M. Carani (Angie "D"))
Rusty Stratton: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (Clay Corbett)
Rusty Stratton: Tennessee Mountain Home (Jimmy Ray Mink)
Rusty Stratton: Time (Pataricia [sic] Dian Nunn Moments)
Rusty Stratton: My Bad Bar-Hoppin' Baby (Joseph A. Schwan)
Cody Lyons: I'll Gamble On Love (R.O. Stidham)
Kathy Rider: Close Your Eyes (Velda Hiscott, Patricia Burney)
Rusty Stratton: My Mama And My Papa (Thad A. Jenkins)
Rusty Stratton: Emotion (Bill Champion)
Rusty Stratton: Hey Hey Hey Look My Way (Joe Schwan)
Rusty Stratton: Bread Of Life (Joey Manago)
Kathy Rider: I'll Never Let You Go (Angie Andrews)
Cody Lyons: Hard Copy News (R.O. Stidham)
Rusty Stratton: Giants Of Texas (Bill Champion)
Kathy Rider: Wooden Lady (Barbara Ann Nolan)
Rusty Stratton: Old Days In The West (Mountain Ray)

OB-102: On Broadway
Roy Stuart: I'm Tap Dancing Fast (Sylvia Stearns)
Cody Lyons: Angel Eyes (Jeremiah O. Schultz)
Cody Lyons: Christ Arose (Pearl Britton)
Cody Lyons: Life's Dual Highways (Dan Goodnow, Sr.)
Kathy Rider: Time Machine To Atlantic City (Barbara Ann Nolan)
Cody Lyons: Why Can't We Live In Peace Again (Durbin Rosario)
Cody Lyons: Divine Order (Everett Refior)
Kathy Rider: Dark Again (Hazel Boren)
Cody Lyons: Year Of 2002 (Lincoln Blackwell)
Cody Lyons: My Baby Brother (Janie Veach)
Kathy Rider: My Marie (Florence Angie Vanley)
Cody Lyons: Everything You Need Of Me (Ethel S. Davis Wink)
Cody Lyons: Windows Of My Soul (Dan Goodnow, Sr.)
Roy Stuart: Love's Finally Walking My Way (Betty A. McHan)
Kathy Rider: If I Had A Dollar (Gloria Vanderslice)
Cody Lyons: Atlanta (Rev. Claud L. Asbury/Hal Chanslor)
Cody Lyons: You Are My Savior (Betty N. Meador)
Kathy Rider: That's Why I Sing This Song (Ethel S. Davis Wink)
Cody Lyons: Dear Mom (Earl E. (Gene) Armstrong)
Cody Lyons: I Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (Lincoln Blackwell)
Kathy Rider: I Put The Wedding Pictures Away (Hazel Boren)
Roy Stuart: Dreams I Have Of You (Armando Giampa)
Cody Lyons: My Love Will Never Die (Antonio "Tony" Ellazar Vintayen)
Kathy Rider: You Can't Run Out Of Love (Barbara Ann Nolan)
Cody Lyons: America, My Country (Florence D. Schmalke)
Cody Lyons: Communing With Him (Pearl Britton)
Instrumental: Lucinda (Stella Reitz)
Instrumental: Love Is Worry (Son Quang Hoang)

MO-179: The Songs Of Tyrone Boyd
Cody Lyons: The Tour
Rusty Stratton: Brooke
Cody Lyons: Frankie's True To Malibu
Rusty Stratton: Just Call Her Pam
(all wr. Tyrone Boyd)

LL-101: Land That I Love
Cody Lyons: This Country (Manual Mattingly)
Cody Lyons: Freedom (Sandra Glassman)
Cody Lyons: Someone Like You (Tony Myers)
Becky Clanton: I Got Chicago In Mind (Dorothy L. Wells)
Cody Lyons: The Land That We Love (Carrie Reaves)
Cody Lyons: September Eleventh (Kent Times)
Cody Lyons: There Is A Light (Julie Aylesworth)
Kathy Rider: The Best Part Of Being An American (Joyce E. Campbell)
Cody Lyons: Short Cosmic Cantata (Dennis Glenn Collins)
Cody Lyons: Star Spangled Girl (Scott Andersen)
Cody Lyons: July (Pat Powers)
Cody Lyons: When You Said Yes (Norris C. Williams)
Cody Lyons: In This Land (Millie Weddles)
Becky Clanton: A Country Stayin' Free (Dr. T.A. Davis)
Cody Lyons: Memories Of 9-11-01 (Bettie Sheegog, Clyde Townsend, Bill Riley)
Cody Lyons: Thank God For America (Rev. Claud Logan Asbury)
Cody Lyons: America, Land Of Dreams And Love (Edmond Saltalamacchia)
Cody Lyons: Los Parques (Guadalupe O. Rodriguez)
Cody Lyons: The Land Of Liberty (Angie Richter)
Kathy Rider: America Is My Home (Elizabeth Norred Osbourne)
Cody Lyons: Our Land (Kermit R. Holt)
Cody Lyons: The Greatest Nation On Earth (Juanita Atkerson)
Cody Lyons: America Has Them Beat (Sam York)
Cody Lyons: America Cares About Your Derams (Arlene Luther)
Cody Lyons: Home Of The Brave (William F. Brown (Aleph Lamed))

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