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Hollywood Song Jubilee
Hollywood Song Jubilee, 6000 Sunset Blvd., Suite 207, Hollywood CA 90028; 213-462-0691

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JA-7: 1990 Hollywood Song Jubilee
Laura-May Howley: It's That Kind Of Day
Jeff Evans: City Mist
Daniel Boucher: Love Stay Close To Me
Vincent Crici: Me Without You
John Finnesey: What About The Children
Rory A. McLean: Let It Rain
Richard (Doc) Gill: Laura Lee Now
Andre Kerek: Hitman
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cowles & Linda Cowles: Could This Be The Christ
R.J. Stinger: Scratching Again
Ray Owen: A Stone's Throw From Nowhere
Jimmy D.: Train Song
Richard (Doc) Gill: Under The Mulberry Moon
Dewey Hill, Jr.: At The End Of My Rope
Russo: Maurauda
R.J. Stinger: Love Makes The World Go Round
April Higuera & Aurea Suarez: Break Down The Wall
Paulette Howard & Bill Pickard: Going Nowhere With Nothing In Mind
Leonard Friedman, Ethan Ries & Clay Mills: Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
John Finnesey & Deedra Tari: Faded Away

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