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-- Singles --

VEP-2: Ralph Vobruba -- Sights Of Love (Ralph Vobruba) / Luis Marcelo Fernandez -- After All (Luis Marcelo Fernandez) // Thunder Black -- Flying High On Rock And Roll (Melvin Bittner, Jr.) / Girl Joey -- Proud To Be Gay (Joey Manago) (vanity pressing; not a song-poem record)
Y-35: Carlton St. John -- Bass Me (William Sheppard, Jr.) / Stephanie Allen -- Endless Love (Leona Billow) // Stephanie Allen -- If I Had My LIfe To Live Again (Lizzie Hunter) / Stephanie Allen -- Yosemite Valley (Keith C. Daulton)
Y-36: William LeBlanc -- Demon Lord (Mary E. Ramirez (GIZZ)) / Trendy -- Baby I'm Crying (Eddie Stout & Jackie Stout) // Charles Clark -- From Mess To Success (Michael Kasberg & Lois A. Kasberg) / Carlton St. John -- Peace In Our Generation (Lizzie Hunter)
Y-76: Carlton St. John -- You Warm Up The Sparkle (Rebecca Brooks) / Stephanie Allen -- Dreams (Hilda E. Morales) // Charles Clark -- Love Is Not The Answer (St. Clair Jacobs) / Erica Laine -- How Are You, Honey? (Maria Leite)
Y-91: Carlton St. John -- Sight Can Be Blind (Rebecca L. Brooks) / William LeBlanc -- Path Of Dreams (Suzanna Barrett) // Carlton St. John -- Keep Your Monkey In Its Cage (Earnest Head) / Stephanie Allen -- Keep Your Love Fire Burnin' (Richard Strauss)
Y-98: Carlton St. John -- A Matter Of Time (Edward M. DePaola) / Carlton St. John -- My Lady Lisa (Edith F. Head) // Carlton St. John -- Christmas Day! Holy Day! (Germaine Rose Jolly) / Stephanie Allen -- Our Flag (Clinton A. Roberts)
Y-116: Stephanie Allen -- She Likes To Honky Tonk (Katherine L. Pangle) / William LeBlanc -- You Don't Love Me (Mr. Alvin Johnson) // Marie Duvernay -- It's Not My Fault (Cynthia Woods Joyner) / Charles Clark -- I Cry A River Of Tears Over You (Unity McGinlay)
Y-163: Bobby Parker -- Stealin' A Little Lovin' / Tanya LaRose -- Down Deep Within My Heart // Stephanie Allen -- My Dear Green Mountain Home / Charles Clark & Charise Shelly -- What I Want For Christmas (all wr. Dorothy Deane Catchpaw)
Y-172: Charise Shelly -- There Should Be More In Our Hearts (Sandra Sproling (w: Sandra Kay Sproling, m: Record Co., employer for hire)) / Bobby Parker -- The Desert Storm (Kenneth Everett) // Dave Sharky -- Border Of Paradise (Neil Higgins) / Charles Clark -- Heart (Virginia I. Millen, Gary & Bruce E. Mattis) (©1992)
Y-190: Hollywood Quintet -- He Loves You (Bill Faraci) / Stephanie Allen -- Devil In Disguise (Louise Spears) // Stephanie Allen -- Portrait Of Love (Eileen Chin) / Charise Shelly -- Right Place (Fox-N-Fitzgerald & Ronald Dudley)
Y-195: Dave Sharky -- Unknown Star (Shigeharu Cash Noguchi) / Cream Of The Crop (Don Vezina, III) // Rudy Valentine -- I Got Something (William Jackson) / Don't Tell Me I Know (Melvin Jones & Marcus Meeks)
Y-227: Charise Shelly -- No Pain In Glory (Wanda G. Maynard) / Olympic Song (Tamara B. Latham) // High Above It All (Timothy A. Hughes) / Jesus Is With Me Still (Pearl Finney, Ron Finney)
Y-231: Bobby Parker -- Depression (Doris "Light" Mansell) / Charles Clark -- Roses From The Romantic Love Movie Roses (John Stoutmire Music Associates) // Stephanie Allen -- The Wings Of Love (Connie Renee Taylor) / Bobby Parker -- No More Searching (Paul A. Burns)
Y-233: Stephanie Allen -- Opus In Rhythm (Wizard S'Naz) / Bobby Parker -- Walking In The Rain (Karl Anglin) // Charles Clark & Stephanie Allen -- Like Yourself, Be Yourself, Love Yourself (Mary P. Phifer) / Stephanie Allen -- If You Want To Be As Happy As Me (Michaela Sakis)
Y-254: Charise Shelly -- Lonely Nights (Warren Lee "Chill Boy" Gardiner) / Charles Clark -- American Dream (Miriam McKee) // Charles Clark & Stephanie Allen -- Darling (Rolly Briones) / Stephanie Allen -- A Saint's Prayer (Merine Martin)
Y-263: Stephanie Allen -- Things At Home, Won't Be The Same (Larry Lewis Strawder) / Stephanie Allen -- Broadlay Radio T.V. Courtesy (James Wilson) // Charlie Clark -- Precious Angel (Jason Ostman) / Charise Shelly -- Agape (Cephus Love)

-- Albums --

HAR-2: Music Of America
Lance Feldspar: You Just Barely Love Me (Robert E. Crawford, Lillian J. Crawford)
Stephanie Allen: You're The One For Me (Sweet Boy Anthony Rose)
Carlton St. John: Hollywood Rappin' (Smash)
John Burroughs: Donna Dimple (Stan Sas)
Hollywood Quintet: Paradise And Back (Zek Nab, Zepell D.)
Erica Laine: Give Your Heart (Randy Rivera)
John Burroughs: There's No Smile On My Face (Michael J. Mormul)
Beverly "G": Angel Don't Cry (George Pratt)
John Burroughs: My Sweetheart (William O. Bailey)
Stephanie Allen: Our Love (Karla Wells)
Carlton St. John: Love Is Life, And Life Is Love (Charles Sorce)
Carlton St. John: Lonely Feeling (Frank X. Lynskey)
John Burroughs: And Love Me Tenderly (E.C. Kratzer)
Hollywood Quintet: Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day (Sue-Lorraine Robison)
Erica Laine: America (Melanie Davis)
John Burroughs: Far Beyond The Distant Shore (Arthur M. Carter)
Carlton St. John: Roxanne Queen Of The French Can-Can (Jack Duryea, Lorene Duryea)
Stephanie Allen: I'm Addicted To Your Lovin' (Ken Garland, Cheri Cason)
produced and arranged by Steve Louis

HAR-6: Music Of America
Stephanie Allen: Sweet Man Of Mine (Sally Brown)
Lance Feldspar: Hitching To Austin (William Douglas Bays)
William LeBlanc: There's A Place Called Heaven Somewhere (Sister Lucy Hollingsworth)
Beverly "G": Love From Nine To Nine (Jestine G. Roper)
Erica Laine: Missing You (Shirley B. Firebaugh)
Carlton St. John: Good Morning To You My Love (Thomas Walmsey)
William LeBlanc: Be Easy On Me (Jonathan Franklin)
Beverly "G": This World We Live In (Brother Rapture)
Lance Feldspar: Stardust In My Eyes (Vera M. Cochell)
Stephanie Allen, Lance Feldspar: A Mysterious Relationship (Mi 'Shell, Chilly "T")
Lance Feldspar: While The Party Goes On (Edna E. M. Wagner)
William LeBlanc: Hello There Little Girl (Diggan d'Adesky)
Beverly "G": Savior (Alex "PE" Nwigbo)
Erica Laine: Nocturne (Kir Kuklowsky, Elizabeth Kuklowsky)
Carlton St. John: My Ma Told Me Life Is Fine (Robert Novill)
William LeBlanc: Just For The Record (Doug Newell)
Beverly "G": I Believe I'm Gonna Make It (John Basil Sabree)
Lance Feldspar: Felicity (Dr. Albert E. Long)

HAR-9: Music Of America
William LeBlanc: In The Twilight Of My Years (Andy Sinay & Mickey Codian)
Lance Feldspar: You Hurt Me (Leo Gibson)
Erica Laine: Funny You Should Mention Love (Dr. W.G. "Griff" Walker)
Stephanie Allen: Two In Love (Dionicia Uribe de Romo)
Lance Feldspar: Permits Toni (James Wilson, Jr.)
Lance Feldspar: How Much Love You Have For Me (Carmen Santiago (Carmina) & Annete Oyola)
Carlton St. John: She Took My Heart (Michael Paul DiSano)
Jimmy Roland: Dreams Of Martin Luther King (Frank B. McClellan)
William LeBlanc: Here Is Your Dolly (Henry Arana)
Erica Laine: Darling You (Curtis D. Roundtree & Michael P. Roundtree)
William LeBlanc: Whisper Low (Gabriel Walker)
Stephnie Allen: Loving You (Henry Arana)
Lance Feldspar: The City Of Gold (Wanda Byrd Cook)
Stephnie Allen: Freedom In The U.S.A. (Henry Stahla)
Erica Laine: I'm Waiting For You (Joseph Stanton-Stankunas)
Lance Feldspar: Of Free Men (Sue Zimmerman)
Stephanie St. John: I'm Still Pressing (Rev. Edmond I. Clark)
Erica Laine: Priceless Treasure (Paul N. Quinn)
pr. & arr. Steve Louis

HAR-20: Music Of America
Erica Laine: My Friend (Sherri Ann Smith)
Carlton St. John: All I Need Is You (Wilfred O. Daley)
Charles Clark: Where Did Our Love Go? (Rolf A. Petry/William Warmus)
Stephanie Allen: Consider (Maxine (Hanson) Smith)
William LeBlanc: Listen (Danny Lewis/Jimmy Lewis)
Charles Clark: The New Found Land (Paddy O'Brien/Daithi Sproule)
Erica Laine: The Dancing Polka (Gerald F. Schwind)
Carlton St. John: Love Of Love (Bobbie L. Hicks Jr.)
Stephanie Allen: Love Comes Too Late (Neville Smith)
Erica Laine: I've Got The Hilly City Blues (Patty (Cake) Lee)
Carlton St. John: Hello Charlotte Meet Cindy (Howard O. Traylor)
Charles Clark: Hopefully Yours (Vance Bowden Smith/Patricia Rae Masselink)
Stephanie Allen: It Won't Go Away (James A. Nutt)
William LeBlanc: I Loved You So Long (Grace Moresco)
Charles Clark: Old Pennsylvania (William O. Bailey)
Erica Laine: The Dream (Robert Fleischer)
Carlton St. John: By The Candlelight (Daron Turner)
Charles Clark: Giving You Back Your Love (Frederick)

HAR-21: Music Of America
Erica Laine: He Is Real (Wayne Coleman)
Carlton St. John: Don't Be Too Hard To Get (Gloria Audrey)
Charles Clark: Blue Romance (Edgar A. Kouyela & Roger Kouyela)
Stephanie Allen: (He's A) Love Takin' Heart Breakin' Truck (S. Jean Church)
William LeBlanc: You Keep Me Singing The Blues (David T. Brown)
Charles Clark: Talk To Me (Mel Alcantara)
Erica Laine: A Word To Say (Alan Wickman)
Carlton St. John: A Fool In Love (Catherine Makar)
Charles Clark: Love Comes My Way (Grover F. Berumen)
Erica Laine: Love (Ethel Lee Frierson)
Carlton St. John: Brown Skin Woman (Parker Granison)
Charles Clark: God Bless Our Country's Ladies (Glenn Stephens)
Stephanie Allen: Love Hype (V.Y. Smith)
William LeBlanc: Hills Of Tennessee (Larry G. Poore)
Charles Clark: Over There (Claude Bessette)
Erica Laine: Since You Went Away (Louis D. Izzo)
Carlton St. John: Oh Please (Brian Fortson)
Carlton St. John: Calm The Storm (Angela Taylor)

HAR-23: Music Of America
Trendy: Can't Catch That (Joseph Foster)
Charles Clark: Light Blue Ribbons (James Allen Ebner)
Erica Laine: A Lamp To Our Feet (Everlyn Wheeler)
Carlton St. John: Making Love In The Stars (Eugene Cook)
Stephanie Allen: Love Disease (Donald Gary Hunter)
William LeBlanc: No Way Of Knowing (T. Freeman)
Stephanie Allen: Dearest One (Frances Di Vello)
Erica Laine: Timid As A Mouse (Melva J. Lunceford)
Trendy: Automatic Love (Leonardo Rodz)
Trendy: I'm Falling Deeply In Love With You (Alizibit Stella-Mason)
Charles Clark: Before I Knew You (Larry Tutcher)
Erica Laine: Please Be Here (Lois Hibdon)
Carlton St. John: It's Just What You Make (Robert Janoski)
Stephanie Allen: Come Back When You're Free (Guana D. Dunbar)
William LeBlanc: Demon Lord (Mary E. Ramirez (Gizz))
Stephanie Allen: Endless Love (Leona Billow)
Trendy: Baby, I'm Crying (Eddie Stout & Jackie Stout)
Charles Clark: Just 'Bout Me And You (Michael Marconi Jr. & William Brickey Jr.)

HAR-25: Music Of America
Stephanie Allen: The Angel (Elizabeth Auer)
William LeBlanc: The Melt Down Boogie-Woogie (Maurice Herbert Little)
William LeBlanc: Out Of Your Cheating And Your Lies (E.B. Hanson)
Erica Laine: Freedom (Leola Walters)
Charles Clark: Hold On (B. Johnson)
Carlton St. John: Through Your Imagination (Warren D. Lynum)
Stephanie Allen: Wake Up, Mister (Juanito Tremble)
William LeBlanc: Lilacs In Mama's Yard (Al Hollman)
William LeBlanc: It's Up To You (A.R. Piper & Richard Gardner)
Stephanie Allen: A Whole Lot Of Love (Larry Jernigan)
William LeBlanc: The Ballad Of MacLeod, Best And Banting (W.R. Kerr)
Wiliam LeBlanc: A Hope For Love (Nathaniel Lee Criss)
Charles Clark: Without Your Love (Sabine Wilson)
Carlton St. John: Better To Have Loved (Oner Brewer Jr.)
Stephanie Allen: Jesus Is The Answer (Lena J. Carter)
Carlton St. John: I Love You (Lawrence Flowers & Gloria J. Flowers)
William LeBlanc: To Be A King (Reggie L. Rude)
William LeBlanc: Let Love Survive (Noel Aaron Trowers & Brent Houston)

HAR-28: Music Of America
Charles Clark: Do You Believe In Santa Claus? (Maggie Sanfilippo & Jo Sanfilippo)
Erica Laine: Journey's End (Elizabeth King)
Stephanie Allen: Easy To Say (Michael Soriano)
Carlton St. John: I Like The Way You Move (John Holyfield & Vert Berry)
William LeBlanc: Baby Call On Me (Charles V. Vance)
Sue Romm: You've Gotta Have Love (Cliff Ketchum)
Charles Clark: My Life, My Life (Melvin R. Cornelius Sr.)
William LeBlanc: Portrait Of Susan (Jason Rue)
Stephanie Allen: Just Believe (Hug McKinney)
Charles Clark: Power They Want To Get (Anne)
Charles Clark: Ready For Rock (Tim St. John-Dreams)
Hollywood Quintet: Opus 3, No. 2 (James Harold Hughes)
Erica Laine: Trickster Blues (Denny Tate)
Stephanie Allen: Love Damage (Jeff Baker)
Carlton St. John: Fly High, Fly Fast (Musa N. Garpiya)
William LeBlanc: A Cold Day In December (Roger W. Maglio)
William LeBlanc: Blue Night (Rol Castell)
Erica Laine: Brown Eyes (Karen Renee Brown)
William LeBlanc: Our Love (James L. Chislom)

HAR-31: Music Of America
Erica Laine: Needing A Sweetheart (Laurence D. Murdoch)
Carlton St. John: It Was A Broken Heart (Dwayne Sanders)
Charles Clark: Don't Forget, I Love You (E.C. Brockway)
Charles Clark: The Champ Of Love (Lavon Thomas)
John Muir: Maybe In Time (Chester Edwards)
Erica Laine: I Wanta Be Different (Roby James)
Carlton St. John: Everytime We Kiss (Joe Kerlyn & Jerry Jaye)
Charles Clark: Discovery (Larry Parnell)
Charles Clark: Shake It And Pop It (James R. Tall)
Erica Laine: We Feel The Same (Vanessa & Kevin Hicks)
Carlton St. John: And Heaven Was Mine (Richmond Robinson Sr. 1st.)
Charles Clark: Leftover Teardrops (Arlene Williams)
William LeBlanc: I'll Make It (Joseph F. Day)
William LeBlanc: Illinois Farm Lands (Darryl E. LaRocque)
Erica Laine: You Are My Only Love (Kathleen Lyon Vaughn)
Erica Laine: Sweet Caress (Melva J. Lunceford)
Charles Clark: Failed To Find The One I Love (John D. Sutton)
William LeBlanc: Have You Ever (John A. Klein)
William LeBlanc: I Like What You Do (Jerry Kyser, Charles Lake, Billy Beck, Ronald Nooks & George Roebuck)

HAR-32: Music Of America
Stephanie Allen: Love Recall (John D. Dilworth)
Erica Laine: My Momma Didn't Raise No Dummy (Louise Holmes)
Charles Clark: She's A Lady (Donald Crawford)
Carlton St. John: Looking For You (Robert Srmabekian)
Stephanie Allen: So You Remembered To Forget (Kitty (Carson) Luce)
Charles Clark: Think Of Somebody You Love (Hop Hopkins)
Charles Clark: Before I Made You Blue (Tom Hanlon)
Carlton St. John: Only Memories (Marvin E. Plank)
William LeBlanc: Love Has Ended (Elita)
William LeBlanc: This Is The One For You, Linda (Wayne E. Johnson)
Erica Laine: Exotic Dancers (Raymond L. Fields)
Charles Clark: Play It Cool (Chris Curcio)
Carlton St. John: I Found My Love (Robert Roth)
William LeBlanc: The Justice Of Edward F. O'Day (Urban Pope)
Charles Clark: Glenda (Melody Cy)
Charles Clark: Passage (Robert V. Lindner)
Carlton St. John & Stephanie Allen: Sand Box Castle (Harold E. Williams Jr. (Buddy))
Stephanie Allen: That Love Is Mine (Ms. J. B. Radcliff)

HAR-35: Music Of America
Erica Laine: Love (Where Are You) (Solomon McQueen)
William LeBlanc: Summer (Kenneth Yanow)
Stephanie Allen: Hard Hat Alone (Jan Fillinger)
Stephanie Allen: Let's Have A Big Party Fun (Leon (Dr. Blueberry) Jefferson)
Carlton St. John: Searching For Your Love (A'Shaunte)
Carlton St. John: Playin' The Game Of Love (Phillip Anderson)
Carlton St. John: Love Is Coming (Joseph Solomon & Cynthia Williams)
Stephanie Allen & Carlton St. John: The Passing Years (Kathleen R. Murphy & Richard A. Rossback)
Stephanie Allen: I'm Lonely In The Night (Gordon Washington)
Carlton St. John: Walking In The Air (Alfonso Vidales)
Stephanie Allen: Thank You, America (Henry Pham)
Stephanie Allen: Mister Right (Irving Slayton)
Stephanie Allen: When Santa Comes Down (Gino Civitarese)
Stephanie Allen: Perfect Lovers (Evaristo (Lito) Perez)
Stephanie Allen: Doing The Best That I Can (Charles R. Bernard)
John Fluker: Linda (Jesse James)
William LeBlanc: Tunnel Of Love (Kenneth Yanow)
Carlton St. John: I Knew It Was Love (Russell C. Dukes)
Carlton St. John: I Once Had A Daddy (Eric M. La Rock Jr.)

HAR-37: Music Of America
Erica Laine: Love (Yolanda Sellers)
Stephanie Allen: I Once Had A Hold On Love (Aurelia V. Bracewell)
William LeBlanc: The Winds Of Time (Joan Bettis)
Carlton St. John: Dreaming (Dudley Alexander, Jr.)
Charles Clark: My Treasured Pleasure (Donald Hardy)
Stephanie Allen: Blue Grass Country Music (Anthony Gary)
William LeBlanc: Tell Me You Realize (Gerald Woolfolk)
Charles Clark: Yellow Roses (Virgil Russell)
Charles Clark: Fire When Ready (Rich Dagenhart & Jo-Jo & Question)
Stephanie Allen: Love Gives My Heart The Jiggers (Glenn Stephen)
William LeBlanc: Miami Vice (Barbara A. Graham)
Charles Clark: Come To Maryland (Helen M. Saville)
Charles Clark: C'mon Up (Kelly Guy)
Stephanie Allen: We'd Like To Go To The Moon (Alcide Godbout)
Stephanie Allen: Please Come Back To Me Darling (George Wilson)
Charles Clark: Good Footin' (Jeffery S. Barnhart)
William LeBlanc: Barbary Coast Carousel (Jack Duryea & Lorene Duryea)
William LeBlanc: Why Not? (Stanley Rod)

HAR-38: Music Of America
William LeBlanc: I Will Seal It With A Kiss (Joseph Breitenbach)
Stephanie Allen: Some People In Love (Jennifer McCowan)
Stephanie Allen: Love Shine (Peder Morehouse)
Carlton St. John: The Girl Of My Dreams (Kenneth L. Ghee)
Carlton St. John: Everybody Is A Dreamer (Wm Truesdale)
Erica Laine: Tears (Dan Hobson)
Erica Laine: Dreams (Vachel Bernard Kemp)
Steve Day: So Many Faces (Cliff G. Ball, Sr.)
Stephanie Allen: Sin No More (Carl N. Duncan)
Stephanie Allen: Boy Just Wants To Make A Living: (Alvin Addey Adewunmi)
William LeBlanc: O'Calories (J.R. Cecil)
William LeBlanc: Angels Don't Go To Bar Rooms (Essie Dillon)
Erica Laine: In Living Memory (Paul Wingate)
Charles Clark: From A Hobo To A Dressed Up Bum (Virgil H. Davis)
Steve Day: Bad Drugs (Kenneth T. Magalion)
Charles Clark: I Left My Heart (Glenn Trotter)
Stephanie Allen: Morning Light (Ramona R. Coley)
Stephanie Allen: The Child Is Safe (Mrs. Arlene Pourroy & Ross D. Harrington)
Hollywood Quintet: Oh America (Jean Marquis Tse)
Stephanie Allen: Roses And Dreaming (Kurt A. Jaensch)

HAR-39: Music Of America
William LeBlanc: See Saw Lover (D.S. Campbell)
William LeBlanc: One Step From Love (Mark Gore)
Beverly "G": Recipe of Love (H.T. Arneson)
Beverly "G": Losing Your Love (Laurene Corley)
Charles Clark: Who's The Best? (Muriel Wesley)
Charles Clark: Forever (Jeffrey K. Hoskins)
Beverly "G": Explain It, Baby (Darlene Hagan)
Beverly "G": Little Jessica (Grace Moresco)
Charles Clark: I Stepped Out On Her Before She Stepped Out On Me (Larry Leslie)
Charles Clark: Wasting Your Life (Frank H. Marcum)
William LeBlanc: It's For Real, The Way You Make Me Feel (Rudolph Pryor, Jr.)
William LeBlanc: Ache All Over (Roychester Dale, Sr.)
Erica Laine: Wishing Upon A Dove (Dee Day)
Erica Laine: I Want You Back (Shirley Lea Trotter & Everlea Trotter)
Carlton St. John: Special Lady (Michael Green & Andrae Monroe)
Carlton St. John: Looking For Love (Sunday T. Ademoroti)
Erica Laine: There's Love At The Rainbow (Bruce Brown)
Charles Clark: I Love You (Mohamed Nasser (Mad Max))
Charles Clark: Much Of You (Michael L. LeGary)
William LeBlanc: Cadillac Woman (James Bryant)

HAR-40: Music Of America
Melody Zane: Ballad Of The Broken Heart (Florence Rausch Ehlers)
Melody Zane: You Didn't Thrill Me (Gloria H. Paige)
Charles Clark: Joy Spoken In Rumba (James Wilson, Jr.)
Charles Clark: Double Love (Jarrell E. Bowlan)
Charles Clark: Country Hoedown (Harold E. Williams, Jr.)
Erica Laine: Not Just Now (Libbie F. Gerry)
Erica Laine & Stephanie Allen: A New Beginning (Leonardo Montanaro)
William LeBlanc: Cecilia (Delfina Reve)
William LeBlanc: Stronger Than Before (Elton Hill)
William LeBlanc: Seek And Destroy (Tim Maurizzio)
Stephanie Allen: Kattin' Around (Del Johnson)
Stephanie Allen: A Fool In Love (Mary Willie)
Erica Laine: Love Like Ours (Irving Slayton)
Erica Laine: I'm No Good Without You (Celia Kitt)
Charles Clark: Lonely Man (David Jones)
Charles Clark: When My Dreams Come True (Bette E. Wetherhold)
William LeBlanc: I'll Beg You Please (Rob Janoski)
William LeBlanc: Love In The Human Zoo (Ivo Antic)
Melody Zane: East Of The Sun (Rodney K. Hayashi)

HAR-42: Music Of America
Erica Laine: Children Are Crying (Robert E. Reeves & Benthe Waastad)
Carlton St. John: Keep On Loving You (Andrew Lee Watson)
Carlton St. John: Beloved (Ray)
William LeBlanc: What Are Grandmothers? (Ruth G. Finch & Don McHan)
Charles Clark & Steve Day: Adam Alone (True Spirit)
Charles Clark: Purple Rolls Royce (Eddie Kendrick)
Stephanie Allen: My One Dream (Babe M. Young & Celia Terry)
Stephanie Allen: Love Is Love (John Guernsey)
Charles Clark: She's My Midnight Wine (Dot Campbell & Jerry Llord)
Stephanie Allen & Charles Clark: Mother Of My Love (Chuck Chase & Annette Crowley)
William LeBlanc: Your Love Is My Life (Martha Gutierrez)
Stephanie Allen: I Dream In Color (Terry Abrass)
Stephanie Allen: Grand Alma Of Chicago (James Wilson Jr.)
Charles Clark: Darling, I Love You (Deborah June S. Goodwin)
Stephanie Allen: From The Single Woman To The Married Man (Joanne Garrett)
Stephanie Allen: You're My Rainbow (Sir. Johnnie Earl Fountain)
Charles Clark: Standing In The Fire (Scott A. Garside)
Stephanie Allen: Make Me Feel The Way You Do (Genii Bie)
Charles Clark: Life's No Easy Street (Tom Hill)
William LeBlanc: Cajon Queen (Paul H. Glass)

HAR-45: Music Of America
Charles Clark: Fun Song (Vance Cline)
William LeBlanc: Song For The Radio (Robert Bryan)
William LeBlanc: Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas (Robert Opie Landon)
Charles Clark: The Mountain (Sylvester Shaw, Jr.)
Stephanie Allen: Grandma's Pumpkin Pie (Sally Z. Frye-Matthew J. Swayne)
Charles Clark: Let's Dance, Let's Dance (Rosa A. Thompson)
William LeBlanc: Who's That Man Dressed In Black (George Nash)
Charles Clark: Heart Of The Point (Gary D. Hansen)
Charles Clark: The Bavarian Waltz (Gerald Schwind)
Melody Zane: Do The Best You Can (Orlando Tick Dew)
William LeBlanc: This Star-Filled Night (Jim Symington)
William LeBlanc: Nothin' Else To Do (H.T. Arneson)
Charles Clark: Enough (Rodrigo C. Alvarez)
William LeBlanc: Slipping Away (Rhonda Wales-Anthony Wales)
Stephanie Allen: Grand At Las Vegas (James Wilson, Jr.)
Charles Clark: Super Explosion (Calvin McKinnie)
Charles Clark: Liberty Lady (Harmey S. Hyatt, Jr.)
William LeBlanc: Just Can't Be (Bonnie Louviere)
Charles Clark: Christmas Time Again (John O. Herron)

HAR-48: Music Of America
Charles Clark: Ain't Got Time (L.G. Pierce)
Erica Laine: Theirs For A Song (Jimmie Lee)
William LeBlanc: Whiskey In The South (Ryan N. Wilson)
Stephanie Allen: Anthemic Star (James Wilson Jr.)
Charles Clark: My Love For You (Francine D. Guernon)
Stephanie Allen: Looking Back (Beverly A. Pekas)
William LeBlanc: Dawn To Sunset (Theresa Stevenson)
Erica Laine: Is This Love? (Sama Elerian)
Charles Clark: A Bouquet For Me (Hattie Benson)
William LeBlanc: Still, I Love You (Braiiaa Senthil)
William LeBlanc: Everything, I Am, I Owe To You (Bob Jackson & Tim Parker)
Erica Laine: Fantasy Fire (Toni Stutson)
Stephanie Allen & William LeBlanc: The Burnwell Kid (Andrew Scruggs)
Charles Clark: The Ballad Of Rose Connelly (Mike David Minns & The Leafs)
Erica Laine: Whatever Happened To Love? (Diane E. Shaw)
William LeBlanc: That's How I Wrote This Tune (Keith C. Daulton)
William LeBlanc: A Song -- (For Your Love's Return) (Judy White)
Erica Laine: Dig You, Babe (Denise Collins & Ms. Delores Collins)
Stephanie Allen: America Is Mine (Deborah June S. Goodwin)

HAR-51: Music Of America
Charles Clark: Love Is Not The Answer (St. Clair Jacobs)
William LeBlanc: Ladies From The Far Frontier (Robert Spurre Modi)
Stephanie Allen: Whatever Happened To Love? (José Duvall)
Charles Clark: Things She Said To Me (Stephen Moore)
William LeBlanc: Make Sure I'm Hurting Right (Jim & Ray Cook)
Stephanie Allen: Too Hot To Stop (David Bryant)
Erica Laine: How Are You, Honey (Maria Leite)
Charles Clark: Our Love (Matthew Leroy Gilbert)
William LeBlanc: It Has Been A Long Time (Anneliese Hadeler)
William LeBlanc: Spring Flower (Milton Bryant)
William LeBlanc: A Hall Of Fame Award (John J. Turk)
Stephanie Allen: Leftover Teardrops (Arlene Williams)
Erica Laine & Stephanie Allen: Pasqualin O' My Love (Anthony Forte (from Italy))
Charles Clark: Miss Ruby Lee (Aud Sowell)
Cindy Blue: I Never Knew You Knew (Love Song For Two) (Judy C. Oust)
Charles Clark: Please Save My Poor Soul! (Samuel A. Vescio)
William LeBlanc: Tears That Cry (Ken Cornia)
Cindy Blue: Another Dimension (Virginia Davis Morgens)
Charles Clark: Sweet Sexy Thing (Clifton Williams)
Charles Clark: Bobbi (Elouise Ivey)

HAR-62: Music Of America
Charles Clark: Love You Forever (Pablo Velarde Jr.)
Charise Shelly: Thank You Jesus (Michele S. Plumb & Ruth E. Holleran)
Hollywood Quintet: No. 1 (Rudolph Nemeth)
William LeBlanc: Blame It On Love (Bruce Bowser & Jack Halstead)
Charise Shelly: Helping Hand (Ann Hunter)
Charles Clark: My Special Thoughts Of You (Victoria Singh-Ovid)
Charles Clark: (Still) Still In Love (Louis Bernard Jacobs)
Carlton St. John: Touch Inside (John Wesley Broughton)
Stephanie Allen: The Great Distance Apart (Anthony Acree)
Carlton St. John: Slow And Easy (James R. Swan)
William LeBlanc: The Green Mandala (Bruce Bitkoff)
Carlton St. John: When My Time Is Done (Fannie S. Jeffares)
Hollywood Quintet: Flying High With Angels Wings (Ester P. Bailey)
William LeBlanc: Love's Triangle (Earl Wood)
William LeBlanc: The Elvis Presley Story (Alexander Oliver)
Charles Clark: My Graduation (My Day) (James H. Butler)
Stephanie Allen: This Kris Kringle (F.E. Houtz)
Charise Shelly: Shadow Of The Night (Pamela Kuhns)
Carlton St. John: Then There Was You (Gary D. Rhodes)
Charles Clark: Wind Chimes In My Mind (Calvin Lamont Brooks)
Charise Shelly: Polishing Rust (Clay Zachary)
prod. & arr. by Steve Louis

HAR-65: Music Of America
William LeBlanc: Barrell Fantasy Poker (Anne Munro)
William LeBlanc: Heavy Metal Lyrics (Kristy Shingle)
Charles Clark: Turn Me On With A Sweet Love Song (Nicholas Levan Carter & Bernard Trotter)
Carlton St. John: It's Up To You To Turn On The Lights (Romel V. Wallace Sr.)
Stephanie Allen: Something In My Slipper (Bo Kere)
William LeBlanc: We Tried Everything (Before Anything Worked Out) (Nancy Jo Stephens)
Charles Clark: Santa, Please Send Rudolph (Deverol Walker & Ronald Walker)
Charise Shelly: Life Goes On (Stephen S. Rowland)
Hollywood Quintet: Melody Number 1 (Harold R. Purtell)
Charles Clark: Drinkin' And Lovin' (Dorothy I. Shaw)
Carlton St. John: Sexy Girl (Jake A. Ashworth Jr. & Herbert J. Moore)
Stephanie Allen: You Were There For Me (Seigel M. Bartley)
Charles Clark: Never Looking Back (Linda S. Okerson)
Charles Clark: A Sweetheart's Prayer (Olies L. Shotton)
Carlton St. John: President !! Kings (Mari Carmen Vega)
Charise Shelly: Someone To Hold (Joan I. Stende & Mary Stende)
Charles Clark: My Quiet Brook Runs Deep For You (Emil Platzke)
Stephanie Allen: Key To My Heart (Shannon Marie)
William LeBlanc: If Crack Is What You Like (Get Back) (Marion London)
William LeBlanc: Blest Be The Golden Tie (Emil Platzke)

HAR-75: Music Of America
Stephanie Allen: In My Dreams (Jenifer Coleman)
Stephanie Allen: Triumph in the U.S.A. (James Wilson, Jr.)
William LeBlanc: Rubber Hearts (Sam Kayes)
Carlton St. John: Ballad of John Kennedy (Thomas R. Murphy)
Carlton St. John: Where Shall I Be? (Fred Austin Henderson)
Marie Duvernay: You're My Specialty (The Total Package*Michael E. Collins)
Marie Duvernay: Love (Daisy Mae Clark)
Charles Clark: I'll Be There 4 You (Randolph Wright)
Charles Clark: My Love For You (Vito Virgilio)
Carlton St. John: Dry Your Eyes (Jerry Givens)
Carlton St. John: Don't You Know I Love You, Girl? (Adrian E. Glenn)
Carlton St. John: She's a Bluff (Michael E. Garcia)
William LeBlanc: Sometimes (Irene Pichlik)
William LeBlanc: Don't Give Up In America (Thomas Dove)
Charles Clark: One More Time (Jorge Severo)
Carlton St. John: Only You (Ms Marandia R. Porter)
William LeBlanc: You Take My Breath Away (James Sherlock)
William LeBlanc: I Don't Want to Cry Anymore (Ed. Keller)
William LeBlanc: Prince and Pauper (Mary K. MacDonald)
Dave Landon: Life Ain't Easy As A Red-Nosed Reindeer (David Lebkowsky)

HAR-79: Music Of America
William LeBlanc: Make It On My Own (Cameron Cassidy)
Stephanie Allen: Conscience (Lillian Phillips)
Carlton St. John: Never Leave Me (Major Melancholy) (D. Gabriel Toth)
Carlton St. John: No Times (Victor Von Pearson)
Charles Clark: Our Love (Randy Whaley & Will Gentry)
William LeBlanc: Victim Of Your Love (James A. Miller)
Carlton St. John: Love Is A Game (Sunny)
Carlton St. John: Don't Cry (Eddie Taylor, Jr.)
William LeBlanc: Sentimental Love (Carmela T. Ledwith)
William LeBlanc: It's Time (Peter Gun)
William LeBlanc: You Can Do What You Want To (Richard E. Campbell)
Stephanie Allen: Tender Blue (Dané LaVine)
Stephanie Allen: I Can't Help Myself (Madelyn Stevens & Will Gentry)
Charles Clark: Soledad (Sebastian Sangiorgi)
Charles Clark: From Tears To Joy (Mary Jane Mitchell)
Carlton St. John: Do They Know About Love (J. Pearl)
Charles Clark & Stephanie Allen: The Real Thing (Herbert K. Montgomery)
Charles Clark & Stephanie Allen: Used To Be (Nicole Bland)
William LeBlanc: Mmmm, Nice (Billy Tingler)
Carlton St. John: With Love (Keith Martz)

HAR-81: Music Of America
Carlton St. John: Don't Leave Me, My Clara (Omadath Lochan)
Steve Lewis Quintet: Sky Light (Rico Madariaga)
Charles Clark: Stealin' A Little Lovin' (Dorothy Deane Catchapaw)
Charles Clark: I Need To Know Your Love (James R. Tweed)
Charise Shelly: Love And Rock And Roll (Louetta J. Lyons)
Stephanie Allen: Come And Tell Me How Yah Feel (Rob & Shelley Roose)
Charise Shelly: My Sorrows I Sing (Poonam)
Stephanie Allen: We Love The Kingdom (James Wilson, Jr.)
Stephanie Allen: Looking Back (Mary Francis Foucault)
Stephanie Allen: Still Wild-Bill (Carole Corum)
Carlton St. John: Memories Of You (Rosemarie Griffin)
Carlton St. John: Wishin' You Were Here (Brent Eikhard)
Steve Day: Dark Love (Leslie D. Hannah)
Charles Clark & Stephanie Allen: 2000 Years (Love, Joy, Peace, Hope) (Frank Sikapa)
Charise Shelly: Dreaming (Steve Okerlund)
Hollywood Quintet: Opus In Rhythm (Andre Kroecher)
Steve Day: Shawn's Song (Robert S. Evans)
Charise Shelly: Mother Teresa (James Curtis, Jr.)
Charles Clark & Stephanie Allen: Fire Of Love (Susan Suter)
Steve Day: Then (John Doyle)

HAR-84: Music Of America
Charise Shelly: Ever So (Lee Ott)
Charise Shelly: What A Shame (E. Carol Radull)
Charles Clark: That Woman Leaves Me With The Blues (Bert Stieben)
Carlton St. John: The Glossy Came Hued (James Wilson, Jr.)
Carlton St. John: Sparkle (Roscoe Lunceford)
Stephanie Allen: If I Can (Denny Bruner)
Stephanie Allen: Crazy Mountain Lion (Patricia S. Tucker)
Charise Shelly: No Flowers (Eddy Taylor, Jr.)
Stephanie Allen: Crazy Dreams (Priscilla Bauch)
Carlton St. John: I Am A Black Man (Willie Ofe Simmons)
Charles Clark: Repentent Lover (K.K. Tieku)
Charles Clark: Message Of Advice, Young Blood (Eddie Mae Stickland)
Charise Shelly: Sing And Shout (Olufunke Aduwo)
Charise Shelly: Let Our Love Grow (Jim Short)
Charles Clark & Charise Shelly: Our Love Will Last Now And Forever (Nancy Jackson)
Charise Shelly: We May As Well Pretend (Anthony Michael Shugar)
Carlton St. John: Cuddle My Love (Jimell "Shockie" Warfield)
Carlton St. John: Freight Train (Edward F. Pawlowicz)
Stephanie Allen: (Today I Burnt) Your Old Love Letters (R.A. Gau)
Carlton St. John: Smooth Operator (Tracy G. Allen)

HAR-86: Music Of America
Carlton St. John: You Are With Me (Lionel Gilreath)
Carlton St. John: Sometimes I Feel (You Don't Love Me) (Eddie Spencer Carr)
Hollywood Quintet: Faded Photograph (James Olszewski)
Charles Clark: Over And Over (Jerry R. Babin)
Charles Clark: Andrea's Song (Brian D. Wright)
Carlton St. John: Too Long (Without Our Love) (Jerry Rodriguez)
Carlton St. John: Sinfully Yours (Walter David Elkins)
Charles Clark: Send Mother A Rose Or Two (Little Ommie)
Charles Clark: Funky On The Mellow Tip (D. Johnson & Alphonse Smith)
Charles Clark: Crazy Lady (Arturo Padilla)
Carlton St. John: Pump It Higher (Wesley)
Carlton St. John: Let's Talk About Love (Rubin L. Brown)
Stephanie Allen: You Don't Dream Alone (Merlene)
Charles Clark: We'll Spend This Night Together (R. Boser & Sharon Lawton)
Charles Clark: Love Is Around (Leon W. (Pete) Turney)
Stephanie Allen: Cold As Ice (Grover J. Garrett, Jr.)
Carlton St. John: Sweet Popsicle (Arthur Vasquez)
Carlton St. John: Everlasting Hifi (Iron-Man (The Yardy))
Charles Clark: The Edge (Roger Persson)
Charles Clark: You Captivate Me (Harry Skames)

MH-2: America Sings
Charise Shelly: Take Me To That Far Away Shore (Louise Manley)
Charise Shelly: I Heard The Lord (Francina J. Ivey)
Charles Clark: Jail With Plastic Bars (Henry R. Kattner)
Carlton St. John: The Tree Of Eternal Life (Lucille Alston)
Charise Shelly: Prayer Of St. Francis Of Assisi (Rita Benjamin)
Charles Clark: To Be With You (P.T. Hartman)
Stephanie Allen: It's Only A Dream (Rita T. Matarese)
Charise Shelly & Charles Clark: Do, Baby, Do (Willie Jackson Jr.)
Charles Clark: The Shadow (Conchita L. Carpenter)
Stephanie Allen: Loving Is Caring (E. Filchock)
Carlton St. John: Television Teasin' (Robert L. King "Hop Sing")
William LeBlanc: Visions (Leon Ireland & Katie Fox)
Charles Clark: Watching For The Postman (Louise M. Bush)
Charles Clark: Never In My Lifetime (Aaron Cummings)
Stephanie Allen: My Little Red Hot Tomato (Margaret F. Margetan)
Charles Clark: In His Holy Name (Velma L. Starr & Wm H. Cordle)
Charise Shelly: Dry Your Eyes (Clarissa L. Winchester)

HG-1: Gospel Jubilee
William LeBlanc: Praise The Lord (Jimmie L. Isom)
Stephanie Allen: Let Him Shine (Robbie C.)
Lance Feldspar: The Way To Heaven (Jimmy Gilbert)
Carlton St. John: Taking a Walk Down Boardwalk (John W. Bodnar Jr.)
Carlton St. John: Our God Of Love (Velma L. Starr & Wm. H. Cordle)
Erica Laine: I'm Going Home To Glory (E. Rose Sansome)
Erica Laine: This May Be the Day (Shirley "Alberta Martin" Huett)
Stephanie Allen: Thank You, Dear Lord (Omega Wagner)
Carlton St. John: Ride On, King Jesus (Lillie Mae Weldin)
Jimmy Roland: Am I Alone Without You? (Leroy J. Campbell)
Erica Laine: Praise Jesus (Gay Decking)
Stephanie Allen: I Turn Over Love (Mathis Lee Jr.)
Stephanie Allen: Do You Know Him? (Valerie L. Harris)
Lance Feldspar: A Carpenter From Nazareth (Loyal Pritchard)
Carlton St. John: There Is A Light (Linda L. Radeke & Henrri Smith)
Erica Laine: Look Up! Lift Up Your Head! (Dorothy VanHook)
Beverly "G": Lord, Help My Boy (Dr. Ruth Singletary)
Erica Laine: Wake Up, America (The Land God Made For You And Me) (Kathryn L. "Knight" Alderfer)
Lance Feldspar & Stephanie Allen: The Angel Appears To Mary (Lydia Regehr)

-- Cassettes --

T-101: Music Of America
Charise Shelly: Give Me Your Love (Priscilla Edgeston)
Charise Shelly: Just Give Me A Chance (Johnny P. Reyna)
Carlton St. John: Where Can You Find True Love? (Azariah Ben Israel)
Carlton St. John: The Freedom Of Nelson Mandela (Leon Carter)
Carlton St. John & Stephanie Allen: Window Of My Dreams (Frank Angle)
Charles Clark: How To Catch Um, Gal (David Gladden)
Charles Clark: Especially Me (Edith Owen Dickie)
Stephanie Allen: Love Is Real Forever (Patsy Grace Mason)
Stephanie Allen: Louisiana, He Wants To Come Back Home (Sylvia Jane Bullock)
Hollywood Quintet: An Hungarian Song (Cherie M. Hayes)
Carlton St. John: Bond Of Love (Patsy Grace Mason)
Carlton St. John: I Believe (Samuel Thomas)
Stephanie Allen: All The Time (Helen Cannon)
Carlton St. John & Stephanie Allen: That Passion Of Love (Brenda Petersen)
Tanya LaRose: He's A Loser (A Constant Abuser) (Deborah Doucette & Mark Tauenner)
Tanya LaRose: My Beautiful Quebec (Marie-France Murray-Ferguson & C. Sydney Ferguson)
Charles Clark & Tanya LaRose: Alone Without You (Juliet Yusuf)
Marie Duvernay: Where Is Paradise? (Sonia Reyes, Diana Reyes)
Carlton St. John: Victim Of Illusion (Angel Berryhill, Earl)
Mark Dudden: Angelic Airway (Mark Dudden)

T-106: Music Of America
Tanya LaRose: We Will Overcome (Allan Natachee Afaisa & Shasta Allan Apini Puge)
Tanya LaRose: I'm In Love With You, Babe (Phillip Hargrow)
Dave Sharky: On My Way (Robert Gaddis)
Dave Sharky: There Could Never Be Another You (Stephen R. Marois)
Charise Shelly: Unfailing Love (Alma Landry)
Charles Clark & Charise Shelly: Oh, Oh, Oh (Denice I. Salazar)
Charles Clark: Love And Lust (Mike Conoscenti)
Dave Sharky: 'Cause Sinning Won't Win (M.A. Johnson)
Charles Clark: Give Her The Hug (John J. Kennedy)
Charles Clark: Going Away (Hugh Trenton Durst, Jr.)
Stephanie Allen: Will You Dance (John J. Kennedy)
Stephanie Allen: Softly (John Tonkinson)
Charles Clark: If I'm The One You Love, Then Tell Me So (Herb Walton)
Charles Clark: Holdin' Old Memories (Billy Simons)
Stephanie Allen: Yes, Yes, I Love You (Alejandro Alonso H.)
Charles Clark: My Heart Don't Live Here Anymore (Philip R. Jackson)
Charles Clark: My Dad (Carol D. Selvoski)
Stephanie Allen: If I Had To Do It All Over Again (Elizabeth Sharapata)
Stephanie Allen: Hoot (Ray H. Angell)
Charles Clark: Star Might Trophy (James Wilson, Jr.)

T-179: Music Of America
Charlie Clark: Country-Bubbles (Dr. Carl F. Heyn)
Charlie Clark: Sky Trail (Charles B. Pyle)
Charlie Clark & Stephanie Allen: Just Got Back In Town (Sonny Ives)
Charise Shelly: Love Gambles (MC=S.P.K.A. Shay-Shay, Larry Athony, Sharonda Price, John Brown)
Charise Shelly: Love Is A Renter (Terry Robin Prill)
Stephanie Allen: Fail To Try (David Mieth)
Stephanie Allen: Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Judy Harris)
Bobby Parker: 18 With A Bullet (Todd P. Henry)
Bobby Parker: Flesh Tight (Mitchell Bone)
Bobby Parker: Rosemary (John D. Wall)
Bobby Parker: You Are Wonderful (John McDowell, Jr.)
Stephanie Allen: It's Not What Everyone Thinks (Barbara Carpenter)
Stephanie Allen: I Am A Moon (Constance Kay Reynolds)
Bobby Parker: Ghetto Trauma (Undre & D.R.E.)
Bobby Parker: To My Dearest Love (Ovell Hamilton)
Charise Shelly: Princess Of The Ghetto (Nancy Tisdale)
Bobby Parker: We Don't Love 'Em Though (Mr. Howard J. Campbell)
Bobby Parker: Living Dead Man (Alois Hlokomayo)
Bobby Parker: How Tender Can You Be (Image (B.B. Major) Helaire)
Charlie Clark & Stephanie Allen: Cell Block F-5-2 (Willie J. Beckham)

T-219: Music Of America
William LeBlanc: Always And Forever Will It Linger There (Gladys A. Farley)
William LeBlanc : What Will I Do Without You (Lori "Peanut" Hyer)
Stephanie Allen: There Was A Knock Upon My Door Last Night (Oren, Susan, Cynthia Maxwell)
Stephanie Allen: Love And Be Loved (Sally Ann Luchetti)
Stephanie Allen: He Tells Me It's Love and It Isn't A Sin (Reno S. Vizecky)
William LeBlanc: Baby's Mother (Raymond Randle II)
William LeBlanc: Love Me Right (Carolyn L. Ware)
Charise Shelly: I Will Always Love You (Odessa Scott)
Charlie Clark & Stephanie Allen: Somewhere--Someday (Rachael Stephenson)
Hollywood Quintet: Bomba (Bethany Fernandes)
Charise Shelly: I Love You (Norma King)
Charise Shelly: Drop Some Pounds (Wade Garnett)
Charlie Clark: Heart (Margaret E. Maxwell)
Charlie Clark: Oh I Know (Jerry Peake)
Charlie Clark: The World Can Be Yours (Adam Q. Hines)
Charlie Clark & Stephanie Allen: True Love (John Dzury)
Charlie Clark: Thought After Thought (J. Manuel Mendez)
Stephanie Allen: The Wild Wind (Ray V. Snider)
Stephanie Allen: Too Scared To Want To Fall In Love (Brenda C. Sayles)
William LeBlanc: Never Will I Say (Cedric)

T-223: Music Of America
William LeBlanc: On My Way (Steady Breeze)
William LeBlanc: When We're Together (Elliott M. Kidd)
William LeBlanc: When (Shantaem)
Charise Shelly: The Nightingale (Kathleen Lowery)
Charise Shelly: Fill My Cup (Cora Lee Montgomery)
William LeBlanc: To The Young Black Male (Doris (D.J.) Blakeney)
William LeBlanc: Take My Hand In Yours (Vishnu P. Joshi)
William LeBlanc: You Are My Lover (John Sedlack)
Charise Shelly: Did You Think Of Me (Charles Lenford)
Charise Shelly: No Defense (B.A. Boswell)
William LeBlanc: Our Love! (Sylvia (Sly))
Charlie Clark: When You Are Gone (Lanny Sanford)
Charlie Clark: Living Alone With Me (Mansouri)
Hollywood Quintet: Hype In Rhythm (Timothy W. Tolson)
Stephanie Allen: Johnny D. (Yva Rous)
Stephanie Allen: Give Me All Your Love (Thomasena Andrews)
Stephanie Allen: Roses On Your Pillow (Joyce Ann Hope Terranova)
Charlie Clark: Don't Forget Me, Little Darling (Julia Hasell, J. Chas McNeil)
Charlie Clark: It Was Good While It Lasted (Jeff Lewis)
Charlie Clark & Stephanie Allen: Miraculous Love (Marie-Marjorie Tremel)

B-258: Cassette Album For Radio Promotion
Stephanie Allen: Christ's Return (Ismael Medina)
Charlie Clark: The Daring Marms (Beverly A. Hightower)
Charlie Clark: Corrupt Souls (Promise O. Gomba, Prince of Africa & Dready Jah-Best)
Charise Shelly: Wild Flower (Deniece Garrett)
Hollywood Quintet: Christina (Darryl Russell Kemp)
Stephanie Allen: A Broken Vessel (Freddie L. Bean, Tina)
Charise Shelly: Secrecy (Robert Reis)
Charise Shelly: I'm Tired (Sean Poole)
Charise Shelly: Once, Twice, Three Times (Little Smile, Tazouaout Salem as Elite)
Charlie Clark: Hear Me Now, Lord (Julia Allen)
Charlie Clark: Please Come Back & Melt This Ice (Altamont Brown)
Charise Shelly: Dare To Love Tonight (Angela Boddie)
Stephanie Allen: It's So Good, (So Good) (Angie Richter)
Charlie Clark: Always At Fault (Maxine Brooks)
Charlie Clark: Leave The Memories Behind (Elizabeth Hein)
Stephanie Allen: Strangers, Friends Lovers (Mary C. Delozier)
Charise Shelly: Let's Come Together (Pauline McKenzie)
Stephanie Allen: Love Revenge (Finn Birk)
Stephanie Allen: My Big Day (Joy E. Stone)
Charlie Clark: Honey I'm Sorry (Gordon E. Nelson)

B-277: Cassette Album For Radio Promotion
William LeBlanc: Domestic Violence Is A Deadly Sin (Isabelle Jones)
William LeBlanc: I Can't Talk To You (Ritch Greves)
Stephanie Allen: Missing Children (Charles William Jessop, Jr.)
Charlie Clark & Stephanie Allen: Miraculous Love (Marie-Marjorie Tremel)
Hollywood Quintet: Ethnicity (Detrina Moses)
Charlie Clark: Whiskey And Women (John E. Westholder)
William LeBlanc: A Long Walk Home (Henry Thomas)
William LeBlanc: Someone Else's Girl (Bernard Bradshaw)
William LeBlanc: Sing To Jesus (Phillip L. Sais, Samuel Guzman, Jr.)
Charlie Clark: America's Love Carrier (James Wilson, Jr.)
Charlie Clark: Somebody (Darlene Wilson Seay)
Stephanie Allen: Santa's New Helper (Bea Britton)
Charise Shelly: The Nightingale (Kathleen Lowery)
Charise Shelly: Fill My Cup (Cora Lee Montgomery)
Charlie Clark: The Love Of A Fool (Robert Watt)
Charlie Clark: Fly Away (Andy Van Grootel-Acid Reign Canada)
Stephanie Allen: Occupations (Bonnie Proesel)
Stephanie Allen: The Children Of The World (Nancy C. Short)
William LeBlanc: When I Went To Pray For Africa (Jennifer Kabiru Wayio Uzele, Julius Mutie Mutunga)
Charise Shelly: Praising God Along My Way (James Curry, Sr.)

MH-06: America Sings
Charles Clark: Come To Me (Violet I. Slatter)
Stephanie Allen: I Say Jesus (Annie White)
Charles Clark: Oh, Money Tree (Faye Wilhite)
Stephanie Allen: Tribute To Rick Nelson (Francine D. Guernon)
Charles Clark & Charise Shelly: The Michigan Waltz (Nellie M. Smith (aka Nan Rowe))
Charles Clark & Charise Shelly: Don't Disappoint This Lonely Heart (Jerry Givens)
Carlton St. John: Black And I'm Proud ((Dr.) Bonnie M. Hurd)
Carlton St. John: Every Day Is Just Another Day (J. Michael Villani)
Charles Clark: Escape (Rosemarie Griffin)
Charles Clark: Gotta Get Me A Car (Rob Janoski)
Charles Clark: Common Less Sure (James Wilson, Jr.)
Carlton St. John: We Need Thy Guidance (Wilbert S. Francis)
Carlton St. John: I'm Just Going To Fade Away (Robert George Knight, Sr.)
Charles Clark: Mama, Please Talk To Me (Ruth G. Finch)
Charles Clark: Crack Girls (Lee Ballard & Eugene Brown)
Charles Clark: Videotape Of Love, Videotape Of Lust (Jimmie Lee)
Charise Shelly: Christmas Memories (Terre Fermantin)
Charles Clark: Our Fantasizing Eyes (Stan Foldoe, Shirley Foldoe)
Charise Shelly: Heartbroken Soldier (Margaret Nealy)

RZA 4492: Music Of America
Charise Shelly: Reverie
Charise Shelly: California Place
Charise Shelly: Jesus, Jesus
Charles Clark: Shay
Charles Clark: I'm Not Trying To Hide This Broken Heart
Charles Clark: Suicide's Not Worth Giving Up
Stephanie Allen: One Lonely Moment
Stephanie Allen: Ross Perot
Charise Shelly: Now That I've Found Love
Charise Shelly: Love Song
Charles Clark: Sundown And Payday
Charles Clark & Stephanie Allen: Lover's Lament
Stephanie Allen: We Don't Need No Slue Foot Hangin' Around Here
Charles Clark: Goodbye My Love
Charles Clark: Drive By Lover
Stephanie Allen: Don't You Love Me Anymore?
Stephanie Allen: My Fantasy Man
Stephanie Allen: Temporary Relief
Charles Clark: Old Magnolia Tree
Charles Clark: Talkin' About Our Love
all songs wr. Tamara B. Latham

RYE 9442: Music Of America
Dippity Do! Dippity Do! Dippity Do!; This I Defend; That Good Ole' Butt; I Have My Heart Posted; Love Tricks; Honor Our Love; In The Moonlight; I Need To Be In Love; Calling On You Once Again; The Closest Think [sic] To Heaven; Cry Hurricane; I'm Tired; I Know Exactly Where You Are; Love Me Back; My America; My Passion; Drugs; My Maze; That's The Way It Goes; Share Me A Dream
artist(s) unknown; all lyrics wr. Rebecca Brooks

RZA 4764: America Sings
Stephanie Allen: Sprites Of Music
Charlie Clark & Stephanie Allen: I Love You So
Charlie Clark: Fast Life Whammy
Charlie Clark: Western Style
Charise Shelly: Love Is Like A Thief
Bobby Parker: Little White Lie
Stephanie Allen: Help The Children
Stephanie Allen: You Are My Life
Charlie Clark: Mountains Majestically Standing
Charlie Clark: Diane
Charlie Clark: Lessons Of Your Love
Charise Shelly: Mr. Cupid
Charise Shelly: The Vision
Charlie Clark: Started With A Marijuana Cigarette
Charise Shelly: A Prayer For Restoration
Bobby Parker: Fantasy's Daydreaming
Bobby Parker: London Summer
Charise Shelly: With My Sad Words
Stephanie Allen: Memory Dial
Stephanie Allen: We Both
all songs wr. Carl Eugene Brown

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