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Magic Key
Magic Key Productions, Inc., PO Box 5670, Santa Monica CA 90409-0670
then: 568 S. Main St. #302PMB, Cedar City UT 84720
currently: Magic Key Productions, 7095 Hollywood Blvd., Ste. 608, Hollywood CA 90028; e-mail:

Note: Magic Key Productions is the missing link between the present day and the original MSR company.

Art Kaufman began working for MSR in 1977 while still a music student at UCLA, taking up some of the workload that poured in following the death of Elvis. (Tragic news is to the song-poem industry what the Christmas season is to retail.) Kaufman remained with the company even after the volume of business subsided, composing and singing for MSR until their demise in 1983.

When MSR was about to go under, owner Ed Zinkow offered to sell the business to Kaufman. Kaufman couldn't afford the asking price, but as a compromise he did purchase MSR's customer list. From that list arose Magic Key in 1984, and they've been at it ever since.

Art Kaufman is constantly introducing modern technology to the ancient song-poem industry. Magic Key's innovations -- innovations, at least, for the song-poem world -- include the first known releases on compact disc, the first known website, the first publicly-promoted e-mail address, and the first self-hosted MP3s.

-- CDs --

MKP-001: Songwriters International
David Fox: One Day (George E. Videto)
David Fox: Night Time Whispers (Van Dee Garner)
David Fox: Let's Try Love Again (Wilfred Vanover)
David Fox: We're Makin' Memories Together (Tommy G. Carter)
David Fox: Don't Know How To (Michael Andersen)
David Fox: Gone Without Goodbyes (Orin Marmorine)
Rebecca Weidner: Bubbles In The Wind (Mariana Dupree)
David Fox: With Borrowed Banjo (Mark W. Haggerty)
David Fox: The Loneliest Man In Town (Clarence Leonhardt)
David Fox: Summertime Love (Marcus Oyagha)
David Fox: Plant The Seed You Want To Grow (Bonnie Zaborski Beck)
David Fox: Another Cloudy Day (Henry Thorne)
David Fox: The Rainbow (Charles Hopkins)
David Fox: Let Me Be The One (Michael Finley)
David Fox: Miracle Of You (Eric Churches)
Karen Whittemore: Searching (Lavee Peterson)
Karen Whittemore: I'm Being Me (Lori "Peanut" Hyer)
Karen Whittemore: I Can't Find Tommorow (Lesley Bryce)
David Fox: Caravan (Gary Forney)
David Fox: What Love Is (James Williams)
David Fox: Lisa Valdez (Van Nuyen)
Rebecca Weidener: Miracle Of You (Little Anderson)

MKP-002: Songwriters International
David Fox: Tu Sei (Frank A. Moretti)
Gina Pack: Love (Charles Hopkins)
Gina Pack: You Touch My Heart (Thelma Farrell)
David Fox: In God's Time (Norma Jean Thomas)
Karen Whittemore: Love Is The Greatest Treasure (Elizabeth Cotton)
David Fox: Mrs. Newell's Up In Heaven With Jesus (David Saylor)
Karen Whittemore: Elvis Superstar (Joy E. Presley)
David Fox: Blue Coral (Nancy Salerno Muir)
David Fox: You Left Without Telling Me Why (Wayne Loveless and Lucille Gray)
David Fox: Midnight Blues (Ruth L. Todd)
David Fox: Peace (Bernice Hooks)
David Fox: For All It's Worth (Jo Marie Cassill)
David Fox: Getting Through The Night (Drew Dunham)
David Fox: God Speaks (Bernice Hooks)
David Fox: Heavenly Sunlight (Nancy Storlie)
David Fox: She Came To Me (With Her Whispers) (Van Garner)
David Fox: Excitement Of The City (Mary Anita Sherriff)
David Fox: Lightning (Jimmie Seamount)
David Fox: Comfort Zone (Bonnie Zaborski-Beck)
David Fox: Light From The Lighthouse (Wilfred Vanover)
David Fox: Someone (Van Garner)
Curt Harpel: Indian Summer Love (Sylvia Stearns)
David Fox: Non Violent Taekwondo Troopers (Caglar J. Singletary)

MKP-003: Songwriters International
David Fox: There's Going To Be A Party Tonight (Mary Anita Sherriff)
David Fox: Harmony Between Daddy And His Little Girl (Norma Jean Thomas)
David Fox: Yellow Moon (Arthur Johnson)
David Fox: Woman (Vauve Gracieux)
David Fox: The Courtroom Blues (Joan Stertzbach)
Curt Harpel: Your Song And Mine (Denise Jankas)
David Fox: Connections (Bonnie Zaborski-Beck)
David Fox: Goodwives Of Goodwill (Carolyn Hartnett)
David Fox: Stars Of The Zodiac (Mary Anita Sherriff)
David Fox: Everyone Needs A Rainbow (Stella Lakey)
Karen Whittemore: Touch My Heart (Carolyn Hartnett)
Karen Whittemore: Laura's Dad (Gary Forney)
David Fox: Newport Beach (Nancy Salerno Muir)
David Fox: Beachcomber Wanderer (Mary A. Sherriff)
David Fox: Sal Mow And Tawney Dan (John O'Flaherty)
David Fox: My Secret Rose (Ruben Charleston)
David Fox: Wouldn't It Be Great (Louise Pepe Kukes)
David Fox: Wild Surf (Nancy Salerno Muir)
David Fox: Emily Ann (Elizabeth Cotton)
David Fox: Give Me That Country Beat (Charles Shows)
David Fox: Tell No Lies (Kevin Partee)
Rebecca Weidner: He Came To Visit Anyway (Lavee Cowley Peterson)
David Fox: Hello Sydney (Andrew Ristovski)

MKP-004: Songwriters International
There's Power; Ghost Dance; Upside Down; Tea For Two; The Shore; We Can't Let Feeling Bad Get Us Down; Fire Of Desire; Peace Is A Beautiful Word; Forever Texas; What Some Women Want; Come Worship Him; Sweetest Of My Memories; If Only Your Heart Was Made Of Gold; Brighter Days Will Come; All He Asks; Ambition Is Wonder; The Miser; Far Far Away; The Itch; Where Eagles Fly; Going Back Home; Carolina Blue; The Rhythm Of Time
writers and performers unknown

MKP-005: Songwriters International
One Man, One Woman; Secret Places Of The Heart; Passion; Me And You Baby; Time Like The River Flows On; I'm Not The One To Blame; Strut Your Stuff; Love Me One More Time; Like A Song; A Bourbon A Beer And A Scone; Married In Heaven; In Movies Her Beauty Is Gold; Life Goes On; Till Death Do Us Part; Got Something To Tell You; Our Dreams; It's Easy To Love; Why Baby Why; A Rose In The Meadow; The Heartache Blues; Come Into My Arms; The Picture
writers and performers unknown

MKP-006: Songwriters International, Volume 6 (The Best Of Magic Key!)
David Fox: We Make It Home (Jim Mason)
David Fox: That's Brilliant Girls (William Clark)
David Fox: Crystals (William Clark)
David Fox: Bop Rock Squirrel (Nilson V. Ortiz)
David Fox: One Who Dreams (D. Michael Dykes)
David Fox: No New Love (Ruth L. Todd)
David Fox: Need A Little Lovin' At Night (Tammy Howell)
David Fox: Body Of Riches And Famous (William Clark)
David Fox: Ride The Tide (B.J. Mathews)
David Fox: Forgiving And Forgetting (Bonnie Zaborski-Beck)
Nancy Salerno Muir: Wild Surf (no writer named)
David Fox: Stray Dog Incident (Dennis Sortin)
David Fox: Out Of The Darkness And Into The Light (Mary Anita Sherriff)
David Fox: Cry Me No Tears (Orlo Marlatt)
Karen Shay: Grandma's Rocking Chair (Marie Huss)
Sean Johnson: Jehova Sings Sweet Gospel (Tracy C. Fuller)
David Fox: Only Dreamers Never Die But Never Dreams (Poh Kok Tan)
David Fox: Sparking Time (B.J. Mathews)
David Fox: Oh How I Love (Ryan Sloan)
David Fox: In The Summer Of '79 (Ryan Sloan)
Gina Genuouves: I Want To Go Back To The Hills Of Tennessee (Sylvia Stearns)
David Fox: Just Another Redneck (Orlo Marlatt)
Elton Houck: There Is Danger In Your Smile (Elton Houck)
Helen Bates: Quickie Mart (Tammy Howell)

unnumbered: Songwriters International (The Best Of Magic Key, volume 2!)
David Fox: Free Soul (Nicholai Nakissa)
David Fox: Desire Afire (B.J. Mathews)
David Fox: A Little Heaven In Your Eyes (Lester Dean)
David Fox: Room (Yumiko Yushimo)
David Fox: Salina Shuffles On (John O'Flaherty)
David Fox: Dangerous Guy (Poh Kok Tan)
Amy Baily: Tuna, Tuna, Tuna (Clara Sandridge)
David Fox: Sweet Revenge (B.J. Mathews)
David Fox: There's So Much Pain (Joseph Trammer)
Elton Houck: Woman Number 53 (Elton Houck)
Bobby G. Rice: Don't Let A Good Thing Slip Away (John Louis Garland)
David Fox: Newport (Nancy S. Muir)
David Fox: Lady Show And Tell (James E. Mason)
Sean Johnson: Open The Door (B.J. Mathews)
David Fox: Farmer's Daughter (Hjalmar Olson)
David Fox: Here And Now (Ralph Steven Herceg)
David Fox: The Boats And Beauties (Mark W. Haggerty)
David Fox & Stampede: Devil In Me (Arthur Kaufman (spelled "Kafuman" on insert sleeve -- in spite of the fact that Kaufman himself is the owner of Magic Key!)
Helen Bates: Tennessee Woman (Frank Dileo)
Karen Shay: It's Only Reality (Dan Kapelovitz)
David Fox: There Is No Dry Season (J.J. Scheuermann)
Gina Genouves: Rainbows And Daydreams (Orin J. Marmorine)

number unknown: Songwriters International (The Best of Magic Key '98!)
Fear No More; Friends Forever; It's Too Hot To Stop; Million Wishes; Home Security; On You From A Distance; What Do You See; The Fervent Prayer; Mommy And Daddy; Peace; Singin' Words Of Love; The Fallen Star; To Soothe An Aching Heart; The Universe; Sun Of Flame; Since You Have Been Gone; Love Me Forever; Goodnight To Me; Christmas In London; You Make Me Smile; Dancing With The Wind; There Is Something About The Rain; I Have Decided To Be Happy
writers and performers unknown

unnumbered: The Best Of Magic Key 98!, volume 2
Laurice Rowley: Make It Up (Ronald V. Fletcher)
Shawn Jones: Rock Your Music (BJ Mathews)
David Fox: Mother Natures Revenge (Marlene Simons)
David Fox: I'm Not Married (Franklin Speck)
Curt Harpel: I've Seen The Green (Harry Swanger)
David Fox: Talking Eyes (BJ Mathews)
Elton Houck: Liars Moon (Elton Houck)
David Fox: Aliens Stole My Dog (Gary Forney)
Curt Harpel: Tapestry (J.J. Scheuermann)
David Fox: This Pleasant Life (Moses Albert Jacob)
Curt Harpel: Crystals (William Clark)
Julie Larrabee: Heaven's Door Stood Open (Sylvia James [label reads "Syliva"])
David Fox: Chelsea Love (Exorcir Magaare Missionaries)
David Fox: Forever Friends (Bonnie J. Hickling)
David Fox: Lullaby (Nickolai Nakissa)
Gina Genouves: Lessons For Life [label reads "Lessons Of Life"] (Linda Franzen)
Francesca Bigler: The Front Man (Inola M. McGuire)
Gale Davis: On His Knees (Rick Loewen)
David Fox: A Soldiers Prayer [label reads "A Solders Prayer"] (Wilfred Vanover)
Shawn Jones: Are You Ready (Joan Pleasant)
David Fox: Goodnight To Me (J.J. Scheuermann)
Julie Larrabee: You're (Andrew E. Denton)

number unknown: Songwriters International (The Best of Magic Key '99!)
Wake Up; Waiting For The End; Potential To Be The Call Now; Guns Love And Whiskey; Torment; Lonely Love; Sunday Night Dreams; Impossible Love; Groove Miss Mommy; It Was My Grandfathers Farm; Let's Dance Like Robots; New Years Song; My Love My Friends; She Warms My Life; Imagination Flairs; In Confidence; Reborn Love; Now I See; I'm So Dog Gone Glad You're Gone
writers and performers unknown

number unknown: Songwriters International (Country Magic '99)
Honey Bee; Always There; Carrie Ann I Do; I Hear Them Green Gree [sic] Hills A Callin Me; I Wish I Had The Easy Life; My Little Pool Hall Queen; I Can't Wait Forever; The Woman Is A Problem; Texas Moon Waltz; The Passing Years; Peace And Harmony; We've Ridden High The Waves; Take Now The Time; Getting Older; Desert Song; My Old Country Home
writers and performers unknown

unnumbered: The Best Of Magic Key 99!
Becky Bronson: Wake Up (Rosa Diaz)
David Fox: Waiting For The End (Gary Forney)
David Fox: Potential To Be The Call Now (Exorcir Magare Missionaries)
David Fox: Guns Love And Whiskey (Frances Campbell Vassi)
David Fox: Torment (Ms. Gloria Paterson)
David Fox: Lonely Love (A. Russomano)
David Fox: Sunday Night Dreams (James E. Mason Jr.)
Becky Bronson: Impossible Love (La Vee Peterson)
David Fox: Groove Miss Mommy (Exorcir Magare Missionaries)
David Fox: It Was My Grandfathers Farm (Chris Roney)
Robo Mann: Let's Dance Like Robots (Mario Vallone)
David Fox: New Year Song (Michael A. Burleigh)
David Fox: My Love My Friends (Exorcir Magare Missionaries)
David Fox: She Warms My Life (John Stoutmire)
Becky Bronson: Imagination Flairs (Oliver Lincoln Harris)
David Fox: In Confidence (Exorcir Magare Missionaries)
David Fox: Reborn Love (D. Michael Dykes)
Melinda Pfundstein: Now I See (D. Michael Dykes)
David Fox: I'm So Dog Gone Glad You're Gone (Frances Campbell Vassi)

unnumbered: The Best Of Magic Key 99!, volume 2
David Fox: Beautiful Road Home (Elizabeth Cotton)
David Fox: Love Live Apart World (Norberto Salinas)
Gina Pack: The Rainbow In Your Heart (Joleen S. Quintanilla)
David Fox: Who Me Joy (Chris Roney)
David Fox: Tricks Of The Trade (Craig Dawson)
David Fox: Don't You Know (J.J. Scheuermann)
Brooksby & Fox: Arabian Beat (Jeffrey A. Phend)
David Fox: Praise Our God In Heaven (Edward Douglas)
David Fox: 360 Degrees Of Seperation [sic] (Leotis Lamar Hargrove)
Laurice Rowley: The Miracle Of A Woman (Edward Morales)
David Fox: With Passing Chimes (Mark W. Haggerty)
David Fox: An Angel On My Cloud (Edward Morales)
David Fox: Peaceful Memories (Larry Tutcher)
David Fox: Carousel And Horse Drawn Carriage (Larry Tutcher)
Becky Bronson: Tender Love (Jim Bierley)
David Fox: Wasted Years (Charles Jacobs)
David Fox: Summer Nights (Holly Bianchi)
David Fox: Vanilla Moon (Myron J. Testasecca)
David Fox: Summer Kiss (Luis Ramos)
David Fox: Don't Let The Devil Win (David Bryant)
David Fox: How Many Last Times (Lanna Abrahams)

ES-1004: Rockin' In The Millennium
Roboman: R.O.B.O.T.S.

unnumbered: The Best Of Magic Key 2003!, volume 3
Gloria Pitell: Because Of You (Lynn Sanders)
Rochelle Richardson: You're So Special To Me (Naomi)
Gloria Pitell: The Girl You Left Behind (Jenell Timmons)
Gloria Pitell: Song Of Seasons (Lynn Sanders)
Ruth Ann Sharpe: Lonely Nights (Alex Lawrence)
Ruth Ann Sharpe: A Cloud And A Rainbow (Mark DeMers)
Rochelle Richardson: Into The Light (Jarlon Magee)
Gloria Pitell: Where Can I Go (Tammy Graham)
David Fox: In Dreams (Joan Batchelder)
David Fox: It Must Be Voodoo (Tyrone Boyd)
David Fox: Why Lady D (Mark DeMers)
David Fox: We Are One With Christ (Margaret Brueske)
David Fox: Look Up (Craig Dawson)
Andrew McCloud: Swallowed (Charliece Glenn)
Andrew McCloud: Unique Insanity (Jared Tiedmann)

-- Cassettes --

number unknown: artist unknown -- Asteroid Blues (Nilson V. Ortiz)

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MSR || Sacred Groves

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