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MSR Records, 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA;
1978: 6381 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028;
c.1983: 5951 Venice Blvd., LA CA 90034

-- Singles --

TM-2874: Ron Davis -- Watch Johnny Carson (Phil Carroll; one-sided 45)
TM-2972: Rodd Rogers -- Dreams Of Love (Phil Carroll) (B-side is blank; label reads: "Do not play this side. This is a silent groove to improve the molding to your pressing.")
TM-2972/TM-3085: Rodd Rogers -- Dreams Of Love / Terri -- Yippee Hippee (both wr. Phil Carroll)
TM-3085: Terry -- Yippee Hippee / Danny & The Librettos -- Please, Won't You Be My Wife (both wr. Phil Carroll)
103: Neda Carr & MSR Singers -- I'm Laughing To Keep Back The Tears (Jacob Bergen)
105: Joan Clark -- You Made A Fool Of Me / You Left Me Yesterday (both wr. Eva Gyenes)
106: Don Blair & MSR Singers -- Lost Love (Lawrence F. Treptow) / Don Blair -- My Love Contract (Andrew Scruggs)
107: Don Blair -- Lonely Heart (Margareta Balint) / Be Strong Of Heart (Frank C. Hametner, Sr.)
110: Dick Kent -- Mary's Rosary / The Ranger Had Too Much To Drink (both wr. Phillip Daugherty) (despite credit, actual singer of A-side is Bobbi Boyle)
115: Bobbi Boyle -- My First Day In Court (Margurite Camille) / Dick Kent -- Arkansas (Carrie Robertson)
125: Dick Kent -- Winter Blossoms (Shirley Eustice) / Nothing But A Fool Was I (Helen Zorkowski)
127: Bobbi Boyle -- Dreamland (Phyllis Varisco) / Dick Kent -- My Dream World (Billie Dunn)
130: Dick Kent -- Pretty Smiles / Old School Days (both wr. Barney Rinnert)
141: Dick Kent -- Holiday of Love (Charles Lee) / I'll Be (Tibi Soli)
145: Dick Kent -- The Man In The Moon Is Smiling (Emily Dixon) / When My Babe Bo Bo Takes Off For The Moon (Bertha Robertson)
149: Bobbi Boyle -- Baby, I Can't Count On Your Love / Dick Kent -- April Showers (both wr. Pearl Silas)
154: Bobbi Boyle -- Blueberry Lane / Dick Kent -- Back To Birmingham (both wr. Mrs. Fred Leason)
156: Bobbi Boyle -- Space Birds (Phillip A. Doherty) / Dick Kent -- My Little Diane (Thomas Rafferty)
158: Terri Lynn -- A Dolly For Christmas (Roy Lee) / Dick Kent -- A Red Rose Always In My Heart (Josephine McElroy)
159: Bobbie Boyle -- Lost Brother (Constant M. Gurklis) / Somebody's Little Girl (Florence Winn)
162: Dick Kent -- Christine (Marvin Trytten) / Bobbie Boyle -- Sunshine And Rain (Margaret Wiggins)
164: Dick Kent -- Dear Dorothy (Earl E. Thornton) / For You My Love (Yarmilla Vavrinec)
165: Dick Kent -- The Magnet Of Love (Stanley Kiddon) / Be My Valentine (Melba Taylor)
167: Dick Kent -- The Moon Is A Moon (Holly Robinson) / Whether The Weather (George Ann Mirre)
168: Dick Kent -- Tell Me Doc (Eddie Kay) / Bobbie Boyle -- Jehovah Our God (John H. Kelly IV)
170: Gene Marshall -- Young Generation (Janice Walsh) / Knocking Baby (Del Ridge)
171: Bobbie Boyle -- Swing It (William W. Wilson) / Dick Kent -- If We Can't Be Lovers (Sara Bea Searcy)
172: Dick Kent -- I Dreamed I Was An Astronaut (Rodney Penley) / Want To Be Loved (Hattie Courrier)
173: Dick Kent -- I Love Marge (Phil Carroll) / Broken Blossoms (Ruby Glass)
174: Dick Kent -- I Know We've Met Before (Louise Martone) / Bobbie Boyle -- Goodbye My Love, Goodbye (A.B. Pearce)
179: Dick Kent -- It's Winter Now (Helen Crain) / Emptiness (Estella Lane)
181: Dick Kent -- Suzabella (Mary Alice Donnelly) / Ohio Moon (Clarence Mowery)
182: Dick Kent -- The Tree And Me (Louis Ferraro) / Gypsy Love (R.C. Stangler)
187: Rodd Keith -- You're My Girl / Why Did You Go (both wr. Earl C. Trott)
192: Rodd Keith -- Ship For Home (Ray Klassen) / As I Look Back (Mary Medonald)
193: Rodd Keith -- Lettuce And Lace (Mildred Goodman) / Beatle Bop (Mary Turner)
194: Rodd Keith -- The Old Swinging Gate (Harriet Jenni) / Treasure (Arthur Renshaw)
196: Rodd Keith -- My Paradise Of Dreams (Sally Kustreba) / Harry's Girls (Vera Clifton)
197: Rodd Keith -- My Twin And I / My Memory Book Of The Past (both wr. Phyllis Varisco)
198: Rodd Keith -- My Darling (J. Wist Strong) / Baby It's Alright (Robert James Norton)
200: Rodd Keith -- I'm Mending My Heart With Tears (Marjorie Brown) / When The Leaves Turn From Green To Gold (Allena Whitford)
303: Rodd Keith -- Strawberry Flower Box (Anthony Desales) / Bobbie Boyle -- He Belongs To Someone Else (Ruth Tarchala)
304: Rodd Keith -- Spite (Ruth Goodman) / Can't You Understand (Otis McKinnon)
305: Bobbie Boyle -- I'm Glad You Came Back (Pleaza Green) / Rodd Keith -- All The Way (Blanche Streicher)
306: Rodd Keith -- I Don't Care (Jim England) / In The Arms Of A Stranger (Robert Lee Moore)
307: Rodd Keith -- Rain Ring (Joanne Zuppan) / Lynn Fare [aka Rodd Keith, singing in falsetto] -- Better Days Are Coming (Corrine Mazzacone)
309: Rodd Keith -- Gypsy In My Soul (Robert Trautman) / The Sky's The Limit (writer unknown, due to label damage)
315: Rodd Keith -- My Friend's Apartment (Simon Henrickson) / I Just Followed My Heartbeat (Arthur Knight)
317: Dick Kent -- Don't Call Me, I'll Call You (Bill & La Verda Hudson) / I Love To Live In Loveland (George A. Hoyt)
319: Dick Kent -- My Mother Dear (Paul Turcotte) / Just A Simple Phrase (Charles R. Zunt)
321: Dick Kent -- Peoples Plea (Seth A. Baker) / The Alaska Polka (Henry A. Stensland)
322: Rodd Keith -- Vacation Time (Aneita A. Guernsey) / Dick Kent -- It Did Not Hurt My Broken Heart (Elma Karki)
323: Rodd Keith -- You Went Away (Martha C. Morgan) / Won't You Please Come Home (Helen Crain)
326: Dick Kent -- Take Love For Your Therapy (Troy F. Ake) / Pucker Up (Jim Liebhart)
327: Dick Kent -- Magic Rodeo (Junior Fairfield) / The Resurrection (Margaret Wiggins)
330: Dick Kent -- You Went Away (Martha C. Morgan) / The Virtues Of Love (A. M. Kalsheker)
333: Rodd Keith -- Then I Knew / Bobbi Boyle -- Darling Sue (both wr. Bettie A. Naples)
334: Rodd Keith -- Cliche Lover (George E. Curless) / Bobbi Boyle -- Who Do You Need (Sydney K. Russell)
336: Rodd Keith -- Astronauts (Mrs. D.J. Scroggins) / Dick Kent -- My Gift To You (Ludie E. Stone)
340: Rodd Keith -- Banana Split Rag
344: Dick Kent -- A Spanish Ranchero (Karole K. Snyder) / Do You Love Me Too (Roy Gustafson)
346: Rodd Keith -- The Winds Of Change / After The Wind (both wr. James H. Boyden)
359: Rodd Keith -- Corpus Christie (Bertha Kenslow) / Bobbi Boyle -- A Thousand Goodbyes (Angie Guitare) (A-side is about Hurricane Cecilia)
362: Dick Kent -- A Sitting On The Moon (Peal Healy) / Give Me Back My Heart Dear (Betty Ann McHan)
365: Bobbi Boyle -- My Basket Of Sunshine (Mildred A. Beyer) / Dick Kent -- Out Of A Storm Came A Rainbow (Herbert Howe)
366: Bobbi Boyle -- Little White Church (Glenn M. Connell) / Rodd Keith -- You're Groovy (Belle Baptista)
376: Dick Kent -- Take A Walk Around The Corner Tonight (Gale & Gary Morse) / The Ballad Of A Train That Went To Sea (Pearl E. Cudney)
377: Dick Kent -- New Dawn (John Daniels) / They Call Me The Loner (Vera H. Hickey)
378: Dick Kent -- You're Spoiled Rotten (Mary McDonald) / Astronauts, Astronauts (Helen Crain)
382: Bobbi Boyle -- Our Time Will Come / Why (both wr. Carol L. Calvin)
385: Dick Kent -- As Long As Life Lasts / The Game Of Make Believe
388: Bobbi Boyle -- Suddenly In Love (Pauline Podhy) / I Had A Heart (Margaret Jackson)
392: Rod Keith -- Turnin' Wheels (Karine Bunner) / Memories I'd Live Again (C.M. Covey)
395: Dick Kent -- Time Is Moving On (Ida Woodard) / Walking On The Moon (Romona Turgeon)
399: Bobbi Boyle -- Take A Moongram, Mr. Moon (Dorothy Hall) / Dick Kent -- Timeless Love (Dennis Coburn)
402: Dick Kent -- Last Moment / Antigua
403: Dick Kent -- The Back Roads Of My Mind (Wilson Rue) / Bonnie Hart -- Remember To Say (Noami Samuels)
407: Dick Kent -- A Fairy's Dream Of Wonder (Blanche Streicher) / Could You Remember (Laura White)
408: Dick Kent -- I Want To Go To Heaven (Jessie Darling) / Lonesome For You (Bernard M. Carter & Olga Carter Ennis)
409: Dick Kent -- Dreamland (Irene Moore) / Bobbi Boyle -- When The Mockingbird Sings (Neva Thompson)
410: Dick Kent -- Watching You (Joseph A. Cheek) / The Cat's Meow (Myrtle M. Snow)
413: Bobbi Boyle -- Hurt Me Just A Little (Linda Hargroves) / Nancy Cole -- This Little Fool Has Had Her Fill Of You (Gary M. Maroney)
414: Dick Kent -- Time And Again (Rose M. Spadea) / A Prayer For Peace (Ann Arrowood)
415: Dick Kent -- Shifting Sand (Blanche Streicher) / The Old Stoned Church (Jerry Lysne)
421: Dick Kent -- A Penny For Your Secret Thoughts (William Wunsch) / On A Drowsy Night In June (Marie E. Young)
423: Rodd Keith -- My Love (Alice Allen) / Dick Kent -- Hot Pants (Arthur Renshaw)
427: Dick Kent -- Long Time A-Searchin' (Sir Francis Basil) / My Love (Vernon K. Wickliff)
429: Rodd Keith -- Outer Space Man (Carolyne Beverly) / Bobbi Boyle -- Will I Ever Love Again (Sammye Inez Carroll)
432: Dick Kent -- My Blue Eyed Antenette (Mary Spiewak) / Mississippi Walkin' Blues (Obie Ayers)
433: Dick Kent -- Faith Is The Answer (Mabel B. Stevenson) / The Song Of The Robin (William F. Wunsch)
434: Dick Kent -- In Loving Is The Doing (Jerri F. Kyle) / Purple Shadows (Nina E. Gray)
435: Dick Kent -- I'm Afraid To Go Home (George Prothero) / Bobbi Boyle -- She Talks About Him (Raphael Nicastro)
437: Dick Kent -- Hot Pants Plus (Henry E. Canty) / Bobbi Boyle -- Witchcraft (Sandra Mary Jimenez) (handwr. on label: "11-15-71")
441: Fred Carson -- Beautiful Redbird (Callie Harris) / Pam Ramsey -- Gold And Love (Joseph Muller)
443: Bobbi Boyle -- Just For You / Life (both wr. Raymond F. Moberly)
444: Dick Kent -- Les Amies De Liberace (Edith J. Olson) / Your Smile Makes The Blues Fade Away (Russell S. Baker)
450: Dick Kent -- Only One World (Norma and Lowell Dyer) / Bobbi Boyle -- Not Free To Love (Liz De Mangone)
463: Fred Carson -- Happiness Supreme (Ethel Manning) / There's A Hippy Girl In Town (Roland E. Woods)
464: Dick Kent -- Voice Of An Angel (H.R. Challenger) / Fred Carson -- Jesus Walked Among Them (Annetta Stanton)
465: Dick Kent -- In Space With You (Mathilda Wader) / Fred Carson -- With These Hands (Josephine Vanadio)
466: Dick Kent -- Count On Me (Morris Owens) / Bobbi Boyle -- My Sailor Boy (Edna Rohe)
470: Dick Kent -- Power Of Love (George T. Shannon) / Bobbi Boyle -- Hanging In The Air (John Olynyk)
472: Bobbi Boyle -- So Nice To Know / It Rained (both wr. Elizabeth Readnour)
473: Fred Carson -- I'll Cross My Heart (John Donovan) / Bobbi Boyle -- I'm Keeping My Promise (Ruth Woodson)
474: Bobbi Boyle -- Seeking (Ray Richarson) / Dick Kent -- Oh! Juanita, My Sweet Senorita (G.B. Ridgway)
475: Dick Kent -- Let My Heart Be Broken (Orba Reed) / Bobbi Blake -- Teardrops In Her Heart (Viola McDowell)
478: Fred Carson -- Cloud Nine Blues (Henry B. Batson) / Dick Kent -- Mild Breeze (Zelma Wright)
479: Fred Carson -- Ships That Pass (C. Ireland) / This Is My Love (Edgar H. Taylor)
486: Rodd Keith -- Happy Hobo (John Porta) / Fred Carson -- The Negro Hunter (Ruby Land)
487: Dick Kent -- First Quarrel (Sharon M. Dame) / I Guess I Always Knew (Nan Leslie)
492: Dick Kent Come Join Us (William F. Svoboda & Freda J. Svoboda) / Can't You Say No? (Belle Baptista)
493: Dick Kent -- A Mommy Angel (Mary Smith) / Brother Open Up Your Eyes (Donald R. Smythe)
494: Bobbi Boyle -- Kick The Habit Of Hate (Revene G. Sater) / Dick Kent -- Tell Me, Tell Me (Julio DeJardens)
495: Dick Kent -- Now It's All Over (Bernice Berkley) / Bobbi Boyle -- New Season (Helen Ledford)
498: Dick Kent -- Water Moon (Albon O'Rielly) / Bluebird Hill (Florence Smith)
503: Dick Kent -- Highways And Byways (Allen M. Wasvig) / A Beautiful Song (Joseph Cameron)
505: Bobbi Boyle -- Neptune (Della Dossett) / Dick Kent -- Tender Love (Lennox Trejo)
513: Bobbi Boyle -- Tormented (John Olynyk) / Dick Kent -- Santa And His Snowmobile (Ervin Handrich)
515: Fred Carson -- Angel In The Sun (Violet Mickles) / Dick Kent -- Passion Again (Robert M. Thompson)
516: Rodd Rogers -- Let Me Live Again (Verna Walker) / Fred Carson -- A Land That Was Made For Love (Martin W. Drexel)
517: Fred Carson -- Dreamland Villa (Carl E. Anderson) / Rodd Rogers -- Tell Me That You're Lonely (Ernest Rose, Jr.)
521: Bobbi Boyle -- Destination Moon (Roger Hoskins) / Dick Kent -- You'll Find A Rainbow Someday (Irving Kraft)
523: Rodd Rogers -- Coming Home From Viet Nam (Vincente San Nicolas) / Cracka Da Coal Boys (Violet Mickles)
526: Dick Kent -- I Have Been Dreaming About Her (Richard L. Smith) / Rodd Rogers -- Your Love Is Enough For Me (Pete L. Jackson)
530: Dick Kent -- Sweet Moment In The Shadows (Samuel H. Slattery) / Bobbi Boyle -- Run Devil Run (Emma Bechler)
538: Rodd Rogers -- There's Love In Everything (Cecelia Reeker & Billy Baskette) / Fred Carson -- Treat Her Tenderly (Gunter W. Andersohn)
541: Bobbi Boyle -- Don't You Rush Me Baby (Berry McGhee) / Roger Myles -- There's A New Day Every Morning (Mabel M. Jost)
543: Rodd Rogers -- What Is It (Lexie Mitchell) / Bobbi Boyle -- Song Of The Sea (Blanche Pierce)
545: Rodd Rogers -- A Cowboy's Sacrifice (Mrs. John P. Gorzaika) / Debbi Davies -- He Still Cares (Rudolph Atkinson)
546: Bobbi Boyle -- An Old Family Picture (Ruby E. K. Paglinawan) / Debbie Davies -- Wishing (June Estes)
548: Bobbi Boyle -- Tampa Bay / Dick Kent -- Sunrise Of Youth (both wr. B.V. Orphey)
551: Dick Kent -- I Can Dream (Rosa Newman Myers) / A Soldier Of Fancy (Ray A. Moyer)
552: Bobbi Boyle -- Gathering Boughs For My Wedding Day (Myrtle Wilkins) / Rodd Rogers -- Ain't Gonna Be No Doggone After Awhile (William Jeter)
553: Bobbi Boyle -- Arbor Of Dreams (Della Dossett) / It's Time To Say Aloha, Friend (B.V. Orphey)
554: Dick Kent -- I Want To Hold You (R.M. Olander) / Because I Love You (Evelyn Rossman)
555: Fred Carson -- I Have A Dream (Bill Welch) / Bobbi Boyle -- Happy Go Lucky Heart (Muriel Weiland)
560: Dick Kent -- My Crazy Heart (W.C. Block) / Bobbie Boyle -- Strolling In The Park (Lucille Derenburger)
563: Dick Kent -- My Pocket Knife Won't Keep Time / Bobbie Boyle -- Smiles And Love (both wr. B'Dee)
564: Swingers -- Wish I'd Never Known Your Love / Dick Kent -- Song To September (both wr. Allan Collier)
567: Debbie Davies -- Come Home (Mildred Olsen) / Fred Carson -- Come Sunday (Richard Tiberio)
568: Bobbi Boyle -- To Please You (Beverly Cramer) / I'm Crying, Trying (Mary Geneva Almon)
569: Bobbi Boyle -- Some Day My Dreams Will Come True (Virginia Dale) / Don't Cry, Hon (Nina Mae Cullison)
576: Debbie Davies -- Don't Stay Away So Long (Omar Reisinger) / Fred Carson -- You Take The Pretty One (J. Lewis Clark)
577: Dick Kent -- Sweeter In The Bucket Seat / Rodd Rogers -- Sweeter Takes A Ride In The Bucket Seat (both wr. William G. Martin)
579: Fred Carson -- The Weeping Rose (Samuel Thompson) / Bobbi Boyle -- You're Not For Me (Karen Houston)
581: Dick Kent -- Snowflakes In The Sky (Edna Gibson) / Padre, Padre, Tie The Knot (Julie Jordan)
584: Bobbi Boyle -- Rubber Heart (Annie Miller) / Fred Carson -- Count Me In (Mabel Lucero)
587: Dick Kent -- Will You Think Of Me? / Rodd Rogers -- Rock And Roll Is Back Again (both wr. Patrick O'Hare)
588: Dick Kent -- You're Too Cute For Words / Always Together (both wr. Fred L. Chitester)
589: Bobbie Boyle -- Sound Of Waves / Dick Kent -- Oh Me Achin' Back (both wr. Claude Ireland)
596: Fred Carson -- Dream Tango (Allen M. Wasvig) / Dick Kent -- A Man And His Bottle (John Lamberti)
597: Dick Kent -- A Love Is A Love Is A Love (June Rogers) / When The Sun Shines On The Roses (Mary Susan Ullock)
598: Bobbie Boyle -- The Man I Love / Rodd Rogers -- Mary's Launderette (Mary Niemy)
599: Bobbi Boyle -- Palm Springs, California (B.V. Orphy) / Dick Kent -- Twilight Blues (Eris Goff)
600: Dick Kent & Bobbi Boyle -- You've Got Me Surrounded (James E. Bixler) / Fred Carson -- Mona Lisa Girls (Scott M. Goodman)
606: Rodd Rogers -- Why I Love You (Roy Gustafson) / Bobbi Blake -- So It's Always Been (Ronald Wortman)
615: Roger Dare -- What A Time We'll Have (James Lary) / Fred Carson -- Your Yesterdays (Fred E. Sollie)
620: Debbi Davies -- Opportunity (Hazel Wood) / Fred Carson -- Magic Land Montana (Allen M. Wasvig)
624: Fred Carson -- Go Go Go With The President / Dick Kent -- Mirror On The Wall (both wr. Mary Neimy)
625: Bobbi Blake -- The Marching King (Charles E. Fletcher) / MSR Singers -- Beautiful Washington (William Peterson) (owner's note: "the King in question in Martin Luther")
627: Dick Kent -- I'll Go Insane (Moses Brown) / Rodd Rogers -- Real Thing (Paul Marks)
629: Dick Kent -- Come Back To Me Now / Please Drop The Charges (both wr. Gretchen Murray)
632: Fred Carson -- Attorney At Law (Jerry Skinner) / Another Song (Russell Egan)
639: Fred Carson -- Easter Time (Ruth Stewart) / Bobbi Blake -- Christmas Card (Esther Muniz)
643: Dick Kent -- The Golden Hills Of California (Norma Dyer) / Bobbi Blake -- Too Late (Maureen Hansen)
645: Bobbi Blake -- Someone Will Never (Rance Williams) / Dick Kent -- It's Your Hangover (Ruth E. Fowler)
647: Rodd Rogers -- New Moon (Laura Furniss) / Romantic Moon (Linda S. Zurcher)
649: Bobbi Blake -- You Borrowed My Heart Long Enough (Mary Ann Miller) / Fred Carson -- Goodbye Punkin (Bill Masbruch)
650: Bobbi Blake -- Melvin Google / Fred Carson -- Wandering Priest
654: Fred Carson -- The Men That Fight For Our Country (Ruth Tarchala) / Bobbi Blake -- Daddy And Mother (Ethyl J.S. Miller)
655: Harry Brooks -- Outside The Chapel (Frank Gallagher) / Fred Carson -- Giving Hate Its First Defeat (Helen Mosley)
658: Dick Kent -- Pagliacci / Rodd Rogers -- Happy Guy (both wr. Albert V. Jessen)
661: Dick Kent -- Love (Mary D. Hargis) / Debbi Davis -- Phoney Tony (Jermaine R. Jolly)
666: Dick Kent -- The Comet Song (Beulah Mae Butler) / A Message Through Prayer (Harriet Franz)
667: Dick Kent -- The Tag Along Song (Wesley Miller) / Some Day (Hazel Orner)
676: Bobbie Blake -- Poor Mr. Baker (Myrtle M. Snow) / Shame And Pain (Lucile Barnhart)
682: Bobbi Blake -- Midnight Dream (Madeline Jurovic) / Grandmother's Red Roses (H.O. Blankenship)
683: Bobbi Blake -- How Long Does It Take To Mend A Broken Heart? (Florence Zimmerman) / Let's Take The Time (Thelma Branson Norwood)
684: Harry Brooks -- Watergate / Dick Kent -- Moonlight (both wr. Dorothy Hilliard)
690: Rodd Rogers -- Maury, The Christmas Mouse (Phyllis F. Budroe) / Fred Carson -- My Favorite Star At Christmas (E.W. Miller)
694: Bobbi Blake -- Forever Now (Stan Bourne) / Dick Kent -- Light Of Love (Lela C. Conner)
695: Bobbi Boyle -- The Bird Song / Bible Camp '37 (both wr. Rita J. Frankum)
699: Dick Kent -- The Immortal Danny Mose / Bongo, King Of The Jungle (both wr. William H. Treadway)
703: Dick Kent -- Santa Claus Sweetheart / Is Santa The Man In The Moon? (both wr. Lillay Winton Daniels)
706: Bobbi Blake -- Donday's New World Lullaby (Derald James Heaton) / Dick Kent -- Why Don't You Believe Me? (C.J. Gellizeau)
711: Dick Kent -- This Was My Life (Lillian Hunter) / Paul Lee -- Broken Dreams (Elma I. Bowman)
712: Dick Kent -- Love You Like Roses / Kiss Me And Make Me Forget (both wr. C.B. Campbell)
725: Dick Kent -- Lonely Lonely (Frank C. Martinez) / Rodd Rogers -- Now Only For You (Wilbur McFarland)
727: Bobbi Blake -- Parent And Teenager (Imogene McCracken) / Fred Carson -- Nipper (Charlotte Reed)
730: Dick Kent -- I Will Think Of You (Anna Del Vecchio) / Sailing On To Victory (Marguerite Davidson)
743: Fred Carson -- The Heart Of A Lonely One Bleeds / Dick Kent -- This Potent Love (both wr. Robert E. Bradford)
749: Dick Kent -- Lois / Under The Sunshine, Sunshine Of Happiness
750: Dick Kent -- Queen Of The Night (Lillian B. Smith) / Lucky Eight (Robert McBlair)
755: Bobbi Blake -- Can You See? (W.G. Block) / My Love Is Gone (Margaret White)
756: Dick Kent -- O Love Of Mine / It Happened Last Night (both wr. Robert E. Bradford)
758: Dick Kent -- More Truth Than Poetry (Mattye C. McCall) / Bobbi Blake -- Where On Earth Is Tiny Tim (K. Comet)
759: Dick Kent -- Minstrel Song (Tim Wambolt) / Bobbi Blake -- Travelin' Man (Shirley J. Martin)
761: Rodd Rogers -- City of Big D / Sweet Thing (both wr. Ollie Caldwell)
762: Rodd Rogers -- Waiting (Norman West) / I Paid A Dollar For The Moon (John E. Barrow)
765: Bobbi Blake -- Lazy Moon (Eugene E. O'Steen, Sr.) / Dick Kent -- Bless The Trees (Molly Johnson)
768: Bobbi Blake -- Wind Kiss (Doris Ann Kelley) / I Wonder (Helen McCormick)
778: Rodd Rogers -- I Can't Figure You Out / Dick Kent -- Over You (both wr. Hugh Thorne)
780: Dick Kent -- Old Jezebel / Bobbi Blake -- My Prayer (both wr. P.M. Roney)
805: Dick Kent -- So In Love Am I / My Little Burro (both wr. Nolan F. Hebel)
807: Bobbi Blake -- I Can Tell (Beulah Norton) / Dick Kent -- Butterfly (Dana Garisonas)
812: Shari Lee -- Some Day / Daddy Please Come Back (both wr. Grace Burch)
814: Dick Kent -- Just Try To Whistle And Sing / For Just A Little While (both wr. Marie C. Crone)
815: Fred Carson -- Just Can't Seem To Understand (William R. Dyson) / A Lover's Quarrel (Lois E. Heinecke)
816: Shari Lee -- My Mistake (Beverly P. Hunter) / My Life Is An Empty Room (Mary C. Morris)
819: Bobbi Blake -- True Love (Gertrude Rube) / Just A Dream (Hilda Wheeler)
820: Dick Kent -- The Greatest Gift / No Detours To Heaven (both wr. P.M. Roney)
821: Bobbi Blake -- The Only Thing In This World (Nick Panopoulos) / Through The Years (Angie Richter)
828: Dick Kent -- One Soul Love (Julius Ganious) / Bobbi Blake -- I've Got The Blues Over You (Florence Morin)
829: Bobbi Blake -- There Will Be No Tomorrow / This Isn't The Way A Marriage Should Be (both wr. Meredith Silva)
833: Dick Kent -- Someone To Love Me / Don't Fall In Love Too Easily (both wr. Henry H. Jager)
834: Dick Kent -- If You Love Me As I Love You / Thunder (both wr. Fred L. Chitester)
837: Dick Kent -- How Can You Go Wrong With That (Faith S. Hilton) / You'll Be Mine Someday (John De Robertis)
839: Dick Kent -- Saving Thoughts Of You / Bobbi Blake -- Life's Highway Past My Door (both wr. Benito L. Viloria)
841: Bobbi Blake -- Tell Me, Baby (Dorothy E. Dennison) / Dick Kent -- Come A Little Closer (C. Oliver Nelson)
843: Dick Kent -- The Chess Board (Hazel Sullivan) / Eternally (Pepe Gebeau)
844: Dick Kent -- Nashville (Barney E. Duffany) / Bobbi Blake -- It Didn't Seem (Bob Goldman)
848: Bobbi Blake -- What Is A Home Without Love (Mary Louise Gould) / Rodd Rogers -- Space (Josephine G. Frost)
849: Dick Kent -- My Lovie Dovie Heart / Help Me Make You Happy (both wr. Tony Fuhringer)
851: Bobbi Blake -- My Husband, Lover, Friend (Mary Bolton) / Time (Esther R. Bader)
852: Dick Kent -- Love Is All Around Me / You're The Flower Of Love In My Garden (both wr. Frances Mediate)
855: Dick Kent -- Breath Of Life And A Heartbeat Away / My Little Dream Girl (both wr. James L. Duren)
857: Bobbi Blake -- Chance Meeting (K. Comet) / When I Took My Marriage Vow (Evelyn M. Peer)
861: Dick Kent -- Penny Millionaire (Stacy Fenley) / Bobbi Blake -- Nothing More (Marcia Strelka)
862: Dick Kent -- Carissa (James M. Colna) / Tears Of Regret (Hope Combes)
863: Bobbi Blake -- Twilight Shadows / If I Ever Needed God (both wr. James L. Duren) (owner's note: "Blake is obviously not the vocalist on either side.")
864: Dick Kent -- Times About (Thomas Guygax, Sr.) / Bobbi Blake -- Riches (Charles Walter Harris)
865: Bobbi Blake -- The Gypsy Fortune Teller / Dick Kent -- The Lonesome Traveler (both wr. H.J. Sofianos)
866: Bobbi Blake -- Invisible You (Roberta Louise Mele) / Handle With Care (Anthony Heban)
870: Bobbi Blake -- What Is This Thing You Call Love (Macie Gist) / Left And Right (Delphine C. Tezon)
888: Rodd & Teri -- The Devil's Daughter (Ruth Tarchala) / Bobbi Blake -- NATO Nations (Helene Knollman)
896: Bobbi Blake -- Loneliest Guitar Picker In The World / Dick Kent -- Come On Back To Me (both wr. Dennis C. College) (owner's note: "Blake is obviously not the vocalist on the A-side.")
2101: Bobbi Blake -- Dancin' Shoes / Dick Kent -- Fiddle Dee Mee (both wr. Althea Hammon)
2102: Bobbi Blake -- Alone / Free (both wr. Jan Kimble)
2103: Bobbi Blake -- Catalina / Dick Kent -- Old Saddleback (both wr. Pan Duncan)
2106: Dick Kent -- If I Could Live Like The Little Birds (Pearl Gist) / Bobbi Blake -- Thanks To The Lord (Luciana Glasgow)
2118: Bobbi Blake -- Darling, Don't Gamble Your Wife (Sue Balbirona) / Guardians Of Peace (Greg Jarosh)
2125: Bobbi Blake -- Sometime Somewhere (Lillian Taylor) / Dick Kent -- Why Has The Dream (Velji Masani)
2126: Dick Kent -- Fantastic Bolero / Teddy Bear Hug (both wr. Janet Strella)
2127: Dick Kent -- My Ozark Mountain Home / She Makes It On Time (both wr. Novalene Ferguson)
2128: Bobbi Blake -- He Was There / Ever Since You Married (both wr. Dolores Carena Bell)
2131: M. Eve Morgan -- I Operate On Love / Happinessville (both wr. M. Eve Morgan)
2136: Bobbi Blake -- Chariots Of The Gods (James Charters) / Dear Sister (Merva Veinot)
2145: Dick Kent -- It's Love Night Tonight / So I'll Cry A Little
2146: Bobbi Blake -- I've Never Stopped Loving You (Helen L. Collier) / Dick Kent -- My Very Own (Andrew Crisci)
2148: Bobbi Blake -- The Nondescript / We Shall Hear The Heavenly Sound (both wr. William J. Carroll)
2152: Bobbi Blake -- Love Is Just A Four Letter Word (Beverly A. Garoutte) / Dick Kent -- Baby (Michael Kominsky)
2153: Bobbi Blake -- Little Rock (Fran Wilkerson) / What Is Love (Larry Harrell)
2157: Dick Kent -- The Days Of Yesteryear (Joel W. Ellis) / O-K By Me (Laura Clark)
2160: Bobbi Blake -- This Night (Ann Morris) / Dick Kent -- Stagflation (Alfred Sturgeon)
2162: Bobbi Blake -- Goin' To Die, Little Fly / Our Son (both wr. Louise Andrews)
2164: Bobbi Blake -- Rochester New York Blues (Anne L. D. Bohrer) / Beggar Of Love (Grace Brown)
2166: Dick Kent -- How It Always Goes / Then Came You (both wr. Bob Goldman)
2176: Bobbi Blake -- Swinging / Frank Carr -- Mud Puddle (both wr. Billie Jenkins Rapien)
2178: Bobbi Blake -- You're Counterfeit (Esther S. Winslow) / Dick Kent -- Oh Dear Heart (Arline Hainline)
2183: Dick Kent -- Temptation Got The Best Of Me / No Need To Be Blue (both wr. Gustave G. Hansen)
2187: Dick Kent & Bobbi Boyle -- Little Green Frog / Bobbi Boyle -- You Gotta' Be My Baby (both wr. Pan Duncan)
2191: Dick Kent -- Make Me Learn To Desire (Andrew Crisci) / Every Day Of My Life (John A. Scarpace)
2194: Dick Kent -- Struck By Love (Anita Lanza) / Bobbi Boyle -- Let Me Hear What The Lord Has To Say (Emma A. VanRensselaer) (owner's note: "Kent is obviously not the vocalist on the A-side.")
2196: Dick Kent -- Shining Star (Cornelia Tolbert) / Rusty Lee -- Joggin' (Earl E. Marsh)
2203: Dick Kent -- The Restless Dead (Golda Calkins) / Bobbi Blake -- So Tenderly (Phyllis C. Campbell)
2204: Bobbi Blake -- Run My Son (Maxine P. Gaines) / A Woman (Francis Samuelson)
2207: Bobbi Blake -- I Got A Record (Margaret Flenory) / Dick Kent -- Unlock My Chains (Stanley Jones)
2208: Dick Kent -- Share Your Love (Julius Ganious) / Bobbi Blake -- They Sure Treat Me Beauty (Mickey Longo Pfister)
2211: Bobbi Blake -- I Believe (Nancy Stepro) / Dick Kent -- Hi Liz B (John Foster)
2212: Bobbi Blake -- One Magic Morn (Deborah Ann Hall) / I Was Once A Hero (Gail Pollard)
2220: Dick Kent -- Closer Together / Together Forever (both wr. Leonard Billenstein)
2221: Dick Kent -- Our Last Goodbye (William Taylor) / These Are You, My Love (Vickie Wilkin)
2238: Dick Kent -- My Land '76 (Mary A. Reinmiller) / Old Glory (Amanda J. Allen)
2240: Dick Kent -- Rat A Tat Tat, America (Florence Timm) / Loving You Is My Ambition (John White)
2241: Bobbi Blake -- Our Flag On The Moon (Vida M. Crane) / Dick Kent -- Moonlight Waltz (Jo Yacono)
2242: Bobbie Blake -- There's A Place In His Heart / I Feel The Blues Coming On Me (both wr. Beverly A. Costa)
2248: Bobbie Blake -- Bluebirds (Eugenia Adams) / Coo Chie, Coo Chie, Coo Chie Coo (Rose Skoda)
2255: Dick Kent -- Last Of The Big Spenders (Nick Tallerico) / On Blackness (Victor Gadsden)
2256: Dick Kent -- Wee Little Boy / That Day (both wr. Claude Ireland)
2259: Bobbi Blake -- Put On / Bobbie Blake -- Say It With A Smile (both wr. Melba Taylor)
2263: Dick Kent -- All Of My Heart (Ann Kerger) / Say You Will Be Mine (Chris Wright)
2268: Bobbi Blake -- 'Till The Stars Come Down (W.F. Yearwood) / You're In My Dream (John A. Scarpace)
2270: Dick Kent -- Just For You / My Darlings Gone And Left Me (both wr. Ben Green)
2271: Dick Kent -- Maker Of Smooth Music / Bobbi Blake -- Street Walking (both wr. Darla Arnetta Price)
2272: Dick Kent -- The Loly Pop Tree (Clayton Moss) / Daddy's Song (Robert Ray Soliday)
2273: Dick Kent -- I Wrote Love Letters (Lois M. Hampton) / Martha Jean (Albert Ramey Jr.)
2274: Dick Kent -- Hang Ten / Teenager (both wr. Pat Duncan)
2276: Dick Kent -- The Moon Is Out (Richard Doerr) / Bobbi Blake -- Fatty Patty (Louise M. Bush)
2277: Bobbi Blake -- Just One More Time / I Couldn't Believe (both wr. Edith M. Green)
2278: Bobbi Blake -- Prayer For Today (Charlie Taylor) / Dick Kent -- Shed No Tears For Me (Tina Neville)
2279: Bobbi Blake -- The Blue Skies (Mary Bentley) / Dick Kent -- Heaven Made Me Just For You (Julia Fields)
2283: Dick Kent -- Splendor Is The Gift Of Spring (Maurice E. Foster) / Bobbi Blake -- Restless River (Margaret Coyle)
2286: Bobbi Blake -- Shadrach, Meshcak And Abednego / The Road (both wr. Hilda)
2289: Dick Kent -- Everybody Has A Thing To Do (Cherie Visco) / Bobbi Blake -- Good (Thomas J. Guygax, Sr.)
2290: Dick Kent -- If You Don't Say "I Love You" Anymore / Mind Of Mine (both wr. James L. Gatten)
2298: Dick Kent -- A Sinner's Plea (Abner O. Andrew) / Lord Lord Lord (Dru Ervin)
2299: Bill Joy -- One Long Story / America, I Pray (both wr. Wilson Goold)
2313: Bobbi Blake -- The Hill With The Will / If I Had A Nickel Or A Dime (both wr. Sylvia Payne)
2321: Bobbi Blake -- The Sunshine Of Your Face / Hello Misery (both wr. Tiel Faulkner)
2322: Dick Kent -- Sweet Honesty (Kennard Carter, Jr.) / My Darling Wife (Nicholas J. Kabanuck)
2339: Dick Kent -- And Then It Came / What Can I Say (both wr. Les Longman)
2340: Bill Joy -- Memories Linger (Mary Weir) / Dick Kent -- Shellbager (Thomas J. Guygax, Sr.)
2341: Bobbi Blake -- Love Feelings (Eric Angibeau) / Ernest (Nora A. Gonzalez) (handwritten on sleeve: "'Ernest" really pathetic")
2342: Dick Kent -- Christopher Columbus And The Compass (Chester T. Finley) / Bobbi Blake -- Love Fancy (Eugenia V. Finley)
2344: Dick Kent -- Forgive Me For Not Loving You (Louis F. Piejko) / My Little Safety Prayer (E.C. Williams)
2345: Bobbi Blake -- Bowling Alley Bowling Alley (Eva Jenkins) / Dick Kent -- Goosey Lay Down That Golden Egg (Harald V. Hansen)
2346: Dick Kent -- A Night Without A Star (Natalie W. Alder) / Bobbi Blake -- Almost (Eleanor Fish)
2347: Dick Kent -- Eternity (James W. Clare) / Oh Yes I Will (Suzie Hirt)
2349: Dick Kent -- SOSOS / What I Like About You Is Me (both wr. Tiel Faulkner)
2354: Dick Kent -- Infinity / Your Guardian Angel (both wr. Berni Francis Schiller)
2359: Bobbi Blake -- Oh Baby (Martha Maratre) / Dream Of Dreams (Barbara Loefer)
2360: Bill Joy -- Our World (Grace Collins) / Dick Kent -- Yesterday Again (Danny L. Wilhide)
2362: Dick Kent -- Born Out Of Darkness (Dee Locust) / Tell Me So (Vivian C. Lepant)
2364: Dick Kent -- My Growing Love (Rosella Brice) / Young Love (Rose S. Clayton)
2369: Bobbi Blake -- Reaching Out / If It Takes My All And All (both wr. Hazel McCain)
2370: Bill Joy -- My America / Week End Girls (both wr. Anita Lanzo)
2371: Bobbie Blake -- Heartbreak In Your Eyes / Dick Kent -- Old Man Time (both wr. Ken Smith)
2373: Bobbi Blake -- Don't Ever Leave Me / Boogie Woogie Sam
2377: Bobbi Blake -- Wicked Woman (George Kovacs) / Dick Kent -- Everywhere You Go On Christmas (Grace Gray Gitzen)
2378: Dick Kent -- There's A Rainbow Over America (Tarsia Rossiter) / White Mountains (Marget Siska)
2387: Bobbi Blake -- What Is Love / The Rain And My Man (both wr. Wilhelmina Cormier)
2389: Dick Kent -- Rocking Chair And Momma
2390: Dick Kent -- Darlene
2391: Bobbi Blake -- The Gotta's Got Me (Lottie Lederer) / Dick Kent -- Someone I Love (Stan Page)
2392: Dick Kent -- My Wish For You (Wilma K. Stock) / Bobbi Blake -- What A Meeting (Cordellia Ellis)
2396: Dick Kent -- People Are Changin'
2399: Dick Kent -- My Loneliness / I Miss Those Kisses (both wr. Nicholas J. Kabanuck)
2400: Bobbi Blake -- God Is The One / Trust My Jesus, Trust Him Now (both wr. Martha Nickens)
2401: Dick Kent -- When Twilight Comes / Joy Bells From Jesus (both wr. Ernie F. Post)
2402: Dick Kent -- Cock A Doodle Do / Bobbi Blake -- Four And Twenty Big Black Crows (both wr. Chester T. Finley)
2403: Dick Kent -- Young Man From Nowhere
2405: Dick Kent -- Beyond The Great Divide / United We Shall Stand (both wr. William R. Meinke)
2412: Dick Kent -- Kick Around / To Serve Your Need (both wr. C.J. Adams)
2413: Bobbi Blake -- Betsy And Her Goat / Dick Kent -- Gretchen's New Dish (both wr. Chester T. Finley)
2421: Bobbi Blake -- Take Me In Your Arms (Ron Gibson) / Bill Joy -- Santa's Wish (Joan R. Borba)
2423: Dick Kent -- Christmas Candles (Delton Rose) / Like A Woman In Motion (George D. King)
2424: Dick Kent -- Candle Light (Allen F. Green) / I Need You (Jim Pimenta)
2427: Dick Kent -- Smile The American Way / There's A Rainbow Over America (both wr. Tarsia M. Rossiter)
2431: Bobbi Blake -- Cloose Your Eyes [sic] / Bill Joy -- Joni Ann (both wr. Al Humphreys) (sleeve stamped: Dec. 28, 1977)
2432: Bobbi Blake -- Stranger In My Arms / Way Down Deep Inside (both wr. Wanda Dale Houston)
2433: Dick Kent -- Christmas Candles (Delton Rose) / Like A Woman In Motion (George D. King)
2435: Bobbi Blake -- Walking Down Penn Avenue (Mary McCann) / Dick Kent -- Dear Mom (Lois Ann White)
2436: Dick Kent -- Things Don't Seem The Same (Ruby E. Smith Long) / Bill Joy -- The Face Of An Angel (Pauline D. Waselchok)
2438: Bobbi Blake -- It Won't Hurt Anymore (Mildred Potteiger) / I Will Always Remember (M. Evelyn Dickerson)
2440: Bobbi Blake -- Making My Time / May I (both wr. Catherine Maida & Connie Pisciotti)
2442: Bill Joy -- Bored Can't Cope Want Out / Reminiscing (both wr. Mary Wisniewski) (label stamped: Dec. 23, 1977)
2451: Rusty Lee -- My Sweet Sugar Said Goodbye (Clarence W. Horn) / Bobbi Blake -- Born To Be Free (Marie LeBlanc)
2452: Dick Kent -- Sweet Baby, I'm On Fire (Clarence W. Horn) / My Symphony Of Love (Corrine Sprowls)
2454: Bobbi Blake -- Hip Hooray / That's The Way That This Love Goes (both wr. Dennis L. Okrie & Clem Stanley)
2461: Bobbi Blake -- My Heavenly Search / Dick Kent -- Moonbeams And Dreams (both wr. Mary Lee Shore)
2463: Bill Joy -- Love Is A Golden Thing (M. Shirley Minick) / Dick Kent -- My Woman, Can I Be Your Man (Al Humphreys)
2464: Bobbi Blake -- Love Is A Fragile Thing / Joe Is Such A Good Joe (both wr. Ilah Haynes)
2468: Dick Kent -- More And More Each Day (Emily Peterick) / Paradise Isle (Jim Parr)
2472: Bobbi Blake -- Betsy And Her Goat / Gretchen's New Dish (both wr. Chester T. Finley)
2474: Bobbi Blake -- I Want You / The Poet (both wr. Linda Garrard)
2475: Roger Bonnette -- The Hell With You (radio version) / The Hell With You (home version) (both wr. Jimmy Lewis)
2477: Dick Kent -- My Dream / The Fourth Of July (both wr. Ruth Buchwald Dace)
2480: Dick Kent -- If In His Hands (Marian McCreight) / Is That You, Lord? (Will Holtsberry)
2486: Bobbi Blake -- They Called Him Joe (Verna Shellenberger) / Dick Kent -- Happiness (Mary M. Parsons)
2488: Bonnie Micheli -- If My Tears Could Bring You Back / Rodd Keith -- It's Too Late For Tears (both wr. Dorothy LaPell)
2495: Bill Joy -- The Roamer (Edward C. Miller) / Bobbi Blake -- Horror Scope (Laszlo K. Matyus)
2496: Bobbi Blake -- Too Many Babies (Ila M. Pollock) / Dick Kent -- A Moment Of Madness (Hal Newcomb)
2499: Dick Kent -- Love Divine (Mary Lee Shore) / I Just Keep Praying For You (Edward E. Siebott)
2501: Dick Kent -- A Talk With The Lord (Mattie Lindsey) / Waiting, Help Me Wait (Evelyn Elizabeth Smith)
2503: Bill Joy -- Love (Stanley Near) / Dick Kent -- Love Beyond The Mountain (Les Morris)
2504: Dick Kent -- The Sailor's Anthem / Elvis The King (both wr. Wesley Earl Falterman)
2522: Dick Kent -- I've Found You / Bobbi Blake -- Searching (both wr. Nellie Barnes) (©1978)
2525: Dick Kent -- Don't Turn Your Back On The Saviour / Call Me Some Good News From Home (both wr. Richard Ashworth) (©1978)
2526: Dick Kent -- Thin May Be Beautiful, But Fat's Not So Bad / Give Me A Lot Of TLC (both wr. Richard Ashworth) (©1978)
2528: Bobbi Blake -- Heavenward Bound (Alice C. Goss) / Dick Kent -- Won't It Be Wonderful There (Rev. Mary Graves) (©1978)
2529: Bill Joy -- Melody Of A Vagabond (Margareta Koehler-Linsky) / Bobbi Blake -- Do You See What I See (Lillie M. Bryant) (©1978)
2530: Bobbi Blake -- An Autumn Song (Ida J. Hinsa) / Honey, I Really Want You (Cheryl J. Deal) (©1978)
2531: Dick Kent -- Love Near And Right (John Harrison Wilson) / Love Food (E.M. Kutschinski) (©1978)
2532: Dick Kent -- It's Just Like Being in Heaven (Adelard Lapierre) / Good Bye Irene (Joe Sterba) (©1978)
2533: Dick Kent -- Crying In Her Dreams (Al Roble) / Alaska Line (Araldo Aransibia) (©1978)
2534: Dick Kent -- Marisa / Bobbi Blake -- For Love Is True (both wr. Lorraine M. Bayer) (©1978)
2535: Dick Kent -- Hawaiian Surf (Bernie F. Schiller) / Bobbi Blake -- My Friend (Dawn C. Allred) (©1978)
2536: The Sisterhood -- September Love / The Moment We Met (both wr. Jane Harris) (©1978)
2537: Dick Kent -- Elvis, The King Of Rock And Roll (Mary Urrutia) / Bobbi Blake -- Love (Lee Anna Wright) (©1978)
2538: Bill Joy -- It's Time (Shirley Williams) / Bobbi Blake -- Spring Meditation (Katarina Trgovcic) (©1978)
2539: Dick Kent -- Poker Face / Bobbi Blake -- I Like Yellow Things (both wr. Tiel Faulkner) (©1978)
2540: Bobbi Blake -- Caviar And Champagne / We Miss You, Dad (both wr. Tiel Faulkner) (©1978)
2542: Dick Kent -- My Love (Jane Harris) / Bill Joy -- Chain Of Darkness (Glen E. McDowell) (©1978)
2543: Dick Kent -- If There Were No Love (In The World) / Put A Lot Of Loving (In Your Living) (both wr. Fred V. Womack) (©1978; handwritten on label and sleeve: "To Ina with Love Dad")
2545: Dick Kent -- A Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow / Baby, Don't Let Nobody Change Your Mind (both wr. Verlie Sharpless) (©1978)
2549: Bobbi Blake -- Raindrops / Sad Situation (both wr. Sarah Bushinski) (©1978)
2551: Bobbi Blake -- Somewhere Up There / Bill Joy -- A Portion Of Your Love (both wr. Hazel McCain) (©1978)
2552: Bill Joy -- From An Old Man To A Young Man / Wine (both wr. Burroughs C. Mills III) (©1978; A-side is said to be a tribute to Freddie Prinze)
2553: Dick Kent -- Beyond The Sunset / Faith, Hope And Charity (both wr. Jo B. Comberiate) (1978)
2554: Bobbi Blake -- Friendship (Jenny Brindley) / Dick Kent -- Will Someone Buy A Pretty Flower (Dollie A. Walta & Judy J. Walta) (©1978)
2557: Bobbi Blake -- Should've Gotten It Straightened Out (Nellie Sample) / Dick Kent -- Could This Be Love (Robert O. Green) (©1978)
2561: Bobbi Blake -- I Understand The Love Of Jesus / The Lord Is Good (To Me Each Day) (both wr. Donald M. Hinrichs) (1978)
2563: Bobbi Blake -- Caroline, Caroline / Could You Love Me Anyway (both wr. Donald M. Hinrichs) (1978)
2564: Bobbi Blake -- A Dream Of Old (Can Never Be Told) / I'll Love Again Someday (both wr. Donald M. Hinrichs) (©1978)
2565: Bobbi Blake -- The Promise Of A Secret Love (Donald M. Hinrichs) / When Will The Sun Shine (Donald M. Hinrichs & Mary Jean Schurtz) (©1978)
2566: Bobbi Blake -- My Heart Sank Deep In Shame (Donald M. Hinrichs) / I'm Walkin' Out That Door (Betty Hinrichs) (©1978)
2568: Dick Kent -- Going Back To Where I'm From / I Like To Hold My Baby Tight (both wr. Alfred M. Martin) (©1978)
2571: Dick Kent -- Hey Love (Robert Pisko) / Say You're Mine You Lovely Doll (Clarence W. Horn) (©1978)
2575: Dick Kent -- Darling, Where Are You? (Aale Kingo) / Bobbi Blake -- I Thought They Would Last ("Buddy" Joseph Larage) (©1978)
2576: Dick Kent -- Azalea Queen Ida (Helene Knollman) / A Seed From The Old Rugged Cross (Martha L. Hodge) (©1978)
2579: Bobbi Blake -- I'm Gonna Run Away With Santa Claus (James A. Cassaro) / Swingin' Door Gal (Paul Casey Jones) (©1978)
2580: Dick Kent -- Billy The Kid (Charles Kenny) / Bobbi Blake -- The Little Gold Crown (Lorraine Halasz) (©1978)
2582: Dick Kent -- Daddy, What Is Love / Excuses, Excuses (both wr. Clifford R. Heady) (©1978)
2583: Bobbi Blake -- I'm So Lonesome / Surrender To My Arms (both wr. Donald M. Hinrichs) (©1978)
2584: instrumental -- Autumn Nocturne / Bobbi Blake -- Season Of Joy (both wr. Donald M. Hinrichs) (©1978)
2585: Dick Kent -- Freddie, If You're Listening / Bobbi Blake -- Frustration (both wr. Anita Lanzo) (1978; A-side is tribute to Freddie Prinze)
2589: Bobbi Blake -- Israeli, Oh Israeli / My Heart Belongs To Greece (both wr. Helena Kosta Tsigunis) (©1978)
2591: Bobbi Blake -- Use It Right (Odie Jones) / Bill Joy -- Love Me Baby (Roper McNair) (©1978)
2592: Dick Kent -- Make Believe Your Rose (Andrew J. Cook) / Bobbi Blake -- Grandma's Girl (Clayre E. Whiteman) (©1978)
2593: Bill Joy -- Move Me Back To The Mountains (Richard A. Ashworth) / Bobbi Blake -- Feelings Of A Man (Irene Z. Lopez) (©1978)
2602: Bobbi Blake -- Lonely And Blue (Melba Blake) / Dick Kent -- Our Love Grew (Elizabeth I. Higashi) (©1978)
2611: Dick Kent -- Elvis, King Of Rock And Roll / Come On Baby
2618: Bobbi Blake -- When I First Met You / Yesteryears (both wr. Gwenetta M. Williams) (©1978)
2621: Bill Joy -- He Paid The Cost / Dick Kent -- Wisdom And Cherub Eyes (both wr. Randle R. Wilson) (1978)
2622: Dick Kent -- Octopus Woman, Please Let Me Go / The Flying Horse Of Thunder (both wr. Randle R. Wilson; ©1978)
2625: Dick Kent -- Dreaming Of You (Mary L. Dean) / I Love You Just The Way You Are (John P. Braga) (1978)
2630: Bobbi Blake -- Don't Waste Your Time (On A Two Timing Man) (Alene J. Carroll) / I Won't Cry Anymore (Mickey Redfield)
2632: Bobbi Blake -- My Eternal Love (Karen Gutheit) / Lips Were Made For Kissing (Edna Stile) (©1978)
2633: Bobbi Blake -- A Little Homesick (Genova Baker) / Before Today (Alice Parszik) (©1978)
2634: Bobbi Blake -- Sagittarian Woman In The Year Of The Horse (Pauline D. Waselchok) / Dick Kent -- Don't Love Me So Much (Aale Kingo) (©1978)
2635: Dick Kent -- Feel The Feeling (Howard Miller) / Out To See My Woman (Jimmy Hawkins) (©1978)
2637: Bill Joy -- When I Am Alone / Bobbi Blake -- Letter To My Secret Friend (both wr. Helen Kosta Tsigunis) (©1978)
2639: Dick Kent -- Hopin' These Doors Will Open / Can't Sleep With You On My Mind (both wr. Angie Leo) (©1978)
2640: Dick Kent -- Only For You / My Future (both wr. Harold Holte)
2641: Dick Kent -- Oh Caroline / Our Paradise (both wr. Harold Holte)
2642: Bobbi Blake -- Baby, I Love You So / Actions (both wr. Ruth J. McMahan) (©1978)
2643: Bobbi Blake -- The Yo-Yo / The Key Word (both wr. Ruth J. McMahan) (©1978)
2647: Bobbi Blake -- Where's My Daddy / Show Me You Love Me (Sandra Durrant)
2651: Bill Joy -- Life And Writing / Bobbi Blake -- Rip Off Fear (both wr. Rampersaud Toolsie)
2652: Dick Kent -- Dream World / Hazel Eyes (both wr. Robert Wright) (©1978)
2654: Bill Joy -- Someone For Me / Bobbi Blake -- Talk To The Lord (both wr. Mary A. Ozoskey) (©1978)
2678: Dick Kent -- Cat Tails (Irene S. Holoway) / Space Man (Evelyn Stockholm) (©1978)
2681: Dick Kent -- The Gift Of Love (Joan Tiknis) / Bobbi Blake -- Don't Just Too Hard (Leeanna Wright) (©1978)
2685: Dick Kent -- Dear Elvis / My Angel
2689: Bobbi Blake -- My Teenage She / My Best Day Ever (both wr. Ronald Vergith) (©1979)
2695: Dick Kent -- Hand In Hand (Pat Hempstock) / Bobbi Blake -- Kindness Wins Love (John Harrison Wilson) (©1979)
2699: Dick Kent -- I Forgot Everything But You / Bobbi Blake -- On A Night Like This (both wr. Margaret Molchan) (©1979)
2707: Bobbi Blake -- My First Kiss (Adele Dunmire) / The Last Time I Saw You (Vicki Marie Anderson)
2715: Bobbi Blake -- Darling Come Back To Me (Margaret Molchan) / Disappointed (Raymond Gatten) (©1979)
2744: Dick Kent -- Elvis You Followed Your Dream / Bobbi Blake -- Make Believe Lover
2751: Bobbi Blake -- Living In A Haunted House / I Wanta Make Love (both wr. Ernest R. Andregg) (©1979)
2753: Bill Joy -- Battle Hymn Of The Aging / Our California Home (both wr. Carl Becker; ©1979)
2755: Bobbi Blake -- Daily Prayer / When I'm In Doubt (both wr. Fred L. Chitester)
2763: Bobbi Blake -- Please Don't Take My Heart / Mickey Heller -- Whether It's Right Or Wrong (both wr. Edith Ritz) (1979)
2766: Dick Kent -- Sailing Alone (Marie Hoffmeister) / A Leaf Of Gold (Grace Bolian) (©1979)
2767: Dick Kent -- A Tribute To Elvis Presley / The Stranger
2768: Liza Evans -- Quail (Leona Willford) / Stolen Love (Angelo Finocchiaro) (©1979)
2769: Dick Kent -- Never Seen A Thing (William Siemers) / Liza Evans -- Yea, That's Me! (Bev Blackwell) (©1979)
2771: Dick Kent -- Dance, I'm Gonna Take My Baby (Tanya Yvette Hayes) / Save A Space For Rainbows And Dreams (Darlene Teeter) (©1979)
2772: Bill Joy -- The Messer Round (Eddie Bonham, Jr.) / Dick Kent -- Just In Time (Pat C. Rogers) (©1979)
2773: Bobbi Blake -- We're Number One (John McBride) / Bill Joy -- Grin And Bear It (Hattie Spencer) (©1979)
2775: Bobbi Blake -- My Mother (Edna Rosival) / Dick Kent -- If I Live (Charlotte Roman) (©1979)
2781: Bill Joy -- Rodeo Cowboys / Guilty (both wr. Melba Taylor) (©1980)
2783: Bobbi Blake -- Everybody Has A Job To Do / Dick Kent -- There's A Heaven In The Sky Above (both wr. Frank Leeper) (©1980)
2785: Bobbi Blake -- A Secret Is In My Heart / One Day On Monday (both wr. Dorothee Kuracinski) (©1980)
2786: Bill Joy -- Dance Keep Your Body Hot / Dick Kent -- Your Body's Makin' Eyes At Me (both wr. Ray Harris) (©1980)
2788: Bill Joy -- It's The Season / Oh Rose (both wr. Randy DeMott) (©1980)
2790: Bill Joy -- The Prairie / Liza Evans -- Why Kiss? (both wr. Everett Francis Briggs)
2792: Bill Joy -- Goodnight My Love / New In Town (both wr. Ernest R. Andregg) (©1980)
2799: Bobbi Blake and Dick Kent -- Fire And Ice (Ann K. Holt) / Liza Evans -- I Heard You (Shirley Alford) (©1980)
2803: Bobbi Blake -- Almost Morning Now (Bright McWhorter) / Bill Joy -- 1933 Was The Year (Elva M. Hull) (©1980)
2808: Bill Joy -- On A Frosty Christmas Morning (Lonnie L. Moore) (©1980; same label mistakenly on both sides, so other side unknown)
2809: Bobbi Blake -- Keep It In Time / Sweet Gentle Thoughts Of You (both wr. Doris Lehner & Ralph O. Tate) (©1980)
2810: Bill Joy -- Love Is Wonderful / Dick Kent -- I'll Chance It (both wr. Elaine Hagen) (©1980)
2814: Bill Joy -- Nassau, Bahamas / Baby, Let's Disco (both wr. Rudolph Bastian) (©1980)
2819: Bobbi Blake -- Our Love (Margaret Ann Murphy) / Bill Joy -- Danglin' (Bob VanOsdol) (©1980)
2820: Bill Joy -- I Want To Dance (A.D. Covington) / Love Is (Robert Metcalf) (©1980)
2821: Bill Joy -- Happiness (O.L. Brannaman) / Bobbi Blake -- Autumn Love (Janet R. Kearney) (©1980)
2826: Bill Joy -- At Any Hour (Marina A. Orsi) / Dick Kent -- The Waterfall (Ella Hall) (©1980)
2827: Bill Joy -- Love Lost (Dian Collins) / Bobbi Blake -- The Name Of The Game (Marina A. Orsi) (©1980)
2829: Bobbi Blake -- Walk By The Sea (Angela Miller) / Bill Joy -- On The Mountain Top (Warren & Sallie Fogle) (©1980)
2830: Bobbi Blake -- Love Again (Mildred Susan Cunningham) / Bill Joy -- Give Me Time (Gordon A. Fleming) (©1980)
2831: Dick Kent -- One Woman's Sufficient For Me (Richard Haye) / Bobbi Blake -- Practice Your Rhythm (Glenn Blubaugh) (©1980)
2833: M.S.R. Players -- For Liza / Rituel Melodique (both wr. Henry Wendell Kissling) (©1980)
2834: Bill Joy -- At The Cross Roads / Livin' In Sin (both wr. Valence Nichols) (©1980)
2835: Bill Joy -- The Chains Of Love / Bobbi Blake -- Don't Take A Chance (both wr. Bob Roth) (©1980)
2836: Bobbi Blake -- Our Sweet Memories / Yesterday's Memories (both wr. Ruth M. Young) (©1980)
2841: Dick Kent -- The Finest Prettiest Gift (Oscar M. Gomez) / Bobbi Blake -- We're All Just Passing Through (Frank Leeper)
2842: Bill Joy -- How Long Are You Staying (Mary Urrutia) / Bobbi Blake -- My Pillow's Wet (Brenda Lee Bryce) (©1980)
2843: Bill Joy -- Freckled Face Girl (Budinka Miekuz) / Bobbi Blake -- Hour After Hour, Day After Day (Stephanie A. Soren) (©1980)
2844: Bobbi Blake -- To My Darling Children (Penny Koehler) / Falling Stars-Falling Dreams (Marcy Wilkinson) (©1980)
2849: Dick Kent -- How Long? / Love Can Be (both wr. Lillian Kniess) (©1980)
2851: Bobbi Blake -- Life Is Sweet / I Wish I Were A Bird (both wr. Rosie Baba) (©1980)
2852: Bobbi Blake -- Disco Roller (Patricia Napolitano) / Dick Kent -- Let Well Enough Alone (E.H. Little) (©1980)
2857: Dick Kent -- I'm A Choosey Kind Of Guy (Sheila M. Nickerson) / Your Needs Are Taken Care Of (Barbara Minor) (©1980)
2863: Dick Kent -- Listen My Friends (Keith R. Heineman) / Bobbi Blake -- Problems (Dorathee Koracinski) (©1980)
2864: Bobbi Blake -- Maybe It's Time To Change (Sheila Higdon) / Dick Kent -- Young Beautiful Love (Michael Mancell) (©1980)
2867: Bobbi Blake -- Smiles / Bill Joy -- Boasters And Braggers (both wr. Fred L. Chitester) (©1980)
2870: Bill Joy -- George And Kay / When You Are Low And Feeling Blue (both wr. Fred L. Chitester) (©1980)
2872: Bill Joy -- Blessed Ole' Santa Claus / Bobbi Blake -- The Fatal Wedding (both wr. Emma Dyer) (©1980)
2874: Diana Kay -- Darling, Come And Walk Along / Woke Up Suddenly From A Dream (both wr. Seth & Anna Mae Baker) (©1980)
2876: Dick Kent -- For Some We Loved (Mary Mapa) / Bobbi Blake -- Sacred Silence (Hilde Bird)
2882: Bobbie Blake -- One Starlight Dream / Whispers In The Rain (both wr. Michael Stranger)
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-- Albums --

201: Bonnie Braye (label: Bonnie Clive) -- Anna My Love
Anna, My Love (Betty Tenney)
A Broken Heart To Mend (Dorothy Seeley)
Dig Me Baby (K. Gorham)
Indianapolis (Maxine Lee)
As Long As I Live (Gina Sefton)
Breaking Up Never (W.L. Cox)
Hand And Heart (Ruth Hawthorne)
Hidden Love (Jennie Lee)
Why (Ova Henry)
I'm Trying To Make Him Call Me Honey (Linda Effinger)
Eternal Love (Beal Arnold)
I Don't Understand Why (I. Caplan)
You And Me (Grace Brainerd)
The Postman (Paul Beshears)
I Hurt So Bad Baby (Alvin Lewis)
Mister Moon (Bill Burr)

202: Neda Carr & Rod Rogers -- Top Tunes
Double Talk My Buddy (Justine Goodwin)
Wherever You Are (Isaac King)
The Flitting Firefly (Azalea Taylor)
Driftwood (Grace Ford)
Blue Sky (Arthur Monette)
I've Got A Girlfriend (Michael Molkenthine)
Hippy Happy Land (Irene Walker)
It's Too Late For Tears (Florence Beck)
Teardrops (Betty Olsen)
Dooby Doo (Lillian Elliott)
Every Soldier Needs A Sweetheart (David Jennings)
Magic Island (Daspina Theodoron)
Girls And Roses (Herbert Rublack)
You're Everybody's Darling But Mine (Anna Gay)
The Fire Of Love (Terrence Kerlin)
In The Stillness Of The Night (Orrin Carr)

203: Ron Davis -- Musical Gems
Rock And Roll My Honey (L. Howell)
Claudine (Perry Novak)
Autumn Gold (Marie O'Berry)
The Golden Years (Marie Powell)
Songs Of Grace (Gordon Shoemaker)
The Old Maple Tree (Ruth Trow)
I'll Always Love Only You (Owena Marchman)
It's A Mystery Called Love (Maxine Lee)
It's A Wonderful Night (Ola Mayberry)
I Had To Live In Dreams (Macario Lauzon)
Escape From Society (Calvin Cole, Jr.)
Ding A Ling (Lucille Coffer)
Watch Johnny Carson (Phil Carroll)
The Two Of Us Are One (A. Vellia Brulee)
Carrie (Victor Barbadillo)
Down In Reno Town (Steve Chambers)

204: Terri & Rodd -- Sell Out And Move
Fifty 'leven More (John Myers)
Lost Yesterdays (Valeria Brockerville)
Sweet Susie Ann (Emil Burke)
Crying For You (Clyde Nix)
Somebody Else (Kim Loroch)
Once More (Eva Gyenes)
A Trip To The Moon (Tom Wanek)
That's What I'm Doing Now (Francis Markley)
Dance With Me (H.P. Reddick)
Those Good Old Days (Bud Nielsen)
I'm On My Way (Joe Sloat)
I Want Someone To Love (Lawrence Denton)
I've Been Loved (John Johnson)
Just Like A Rose She Was, My Mom (Hugo Oberg)
You My Love (Marie Dodds)
Sail Away To Dreamland (Eugenia Newman)

205: Rodd Rogers & Terry Peters -- Sunshine And Soul
Groovey Girl (Bob Cook)
Because Of My Love For You (Chuck Forster & E. Fike)
My Uncle Sam (Forrest Sanders)
It's Not Right (Andrew Gordon)
Give Him-Give Him (George Chuisano)
Adios My Amigo (Richard Dorff)
How Do I Know (Vivian Peterson)
This Is Our Night (Kay Hogan)
My Darling-That Story (Richard Barnes)
Happy Ending (M. L. Olsen)
Thirty Pieces Of Silver (Edward Christener)
Dreams Of Love (Phil Carroll)
Would I Dare Give My Heart To You (Marie Gorham)
I'm Glad You Call Me Darling (Helen Reid)
The Sun Was Rolling Down (A. Pilipak)
Knee Deep In Love (W.B. Batten)

206: Terry & Rodd & The Librettos
You're My Queen Of All The Flowers (Warda Humble)
Be Happy Go Lucky Like Me (C.L. Abbott)
A Dolly For Christmas (Ray Lee)
A Letter To Mr. Webster (George Terchiak)
Perhaps In Time (Eileen Riddle)
Yippee Hippee (Phil Carroll)
The Lesson (Edward Christner)
My Only Wish (Johnny Mullins)
Love Has The Last Laugh (Virginia Battel)
So Many Loves (Thomas Asa)
If I Had My Way (Lazarus Todd)
How Do They Spend Christmas In Heaven (Rita Bernard)
Psychedelic Baby (Nancy Strubbe)
Too Many Times (Florence Trento)
Something In The Night (Walter Cutts)
Don't Give Up Hope (John Kelly IV)

207: Teri, Danny & The Librettos
Love Me And The World Is Mine (Sylvia Stevenson)
My Love (Grace Riviezzo)
I Am Dreaming You're Dreaming Too (Helen Klus)
Set Me Free (Johnny Bruno)
The Lips That Touch Liquor (Minnie Milligan)
Don't Sell Your Smiles (Rod Ogle)
My World Is A Stage (Anna Bailey)
Love Is A Rainbow (Phil Carroll)
You're All That I Live For (Hank Fountain)
My Paradise Of Love (Marguerite Mitchell)
Geraldine (John Rozsa)
Evenings In Shadows (Betty McIlwain)
Rainbow Cotton Tails (Gertrude Gale)
The Evening Is Approaching (A. Pilipiak)
Our Marriage Is On The Rocks (John Kelly IV)
Knock At My Door (Agnes Pressley)

208: Teri, Danny & The Librettos -- Future Songs Of Success
A Bachelor's Song (Elmer Schaber)
Peace, It's Wonderful (Louis Tempesto)
Please, Won't You Be My Wife (Phil Carroll)
Freedom's Bell (Barney Rinnert)
XMas In July (Edward Christner)
Marcia May (Cathie McDowell)
Could We Dream (Helen Klus)
Uncle Sam (Rosealon & Doll)
Let's Go To School (John Kelly IV)
Always Be True (John Rozsa)
Me (Raymond Moberly)
Soon It Will Be XMas Time Again (Chuck Foster & E. Fike)
I Can't Get Along With You (Logan & Betty Greenway)
On This Day (Raymond Moberly)
The Space Man Said (Wallace S. Lewis)
I Knew I Knew (Vincent Ujcic)

209: Rod Rogers, Teri Summers & The Librettos in Something For Everyone
Wake Up Heart (Eleanor Sowder)
I Cross My Heart (Lillian Haik)
Something In The Night (Walter Cutts)
City's Hospital Patients (John Kelly IV)
Hurry Back My Love (Betty Mackell)
Nativity (Maree Myer)
Empty Castle (Tom Houchens, Jr.)
A Dreamy Waltz (Minerva Kenworthy)
Let's Enjoy Ourselves (Armando Rapone)
Lonely Heart (Harold Mosher)
You're An Angel Come From Heaven (Helen Wright)
Those Tender Moments (William Quarry)
It's Worthless Without You (Sven Swanson)
Season's Greetings (Raymond Moberly)
The Best Behind The Wheel (Edwin Kniffel)
Santa Claus Goes Modern (Sven Swanson)

210: Rod, Teri & The MSR Singers in Variety Songs For '69
The Devil's Daughter (Ruth Tarchala)
More On Ode To Billy Jo (Marjorie Holloway)
Richard Nixon (Floyd Thompson)
I Can't Believe (Harold Mosher)
Queen Of Your Heart (Eve Richards)
I Built My Love (Mamie Justice)
Chosen Duty (Tommy Robbins)
The Resurrection (Ruth Tiller)
The Dawn Of Day (Floyd Thompson)
The Torch Of Fire (Frank Argenio)
Happiness (Hilda Washington)
Get Off Your High Horse (Walter Great)
I've Found My True Love (John Kelly IV)
Down By The Rio Grande (Bertha Robertson)
Beat Of The Traps (Dorothy Schneider)
Lift Every Voice And Sing (James Johnson & John Kelly IV)

211: Cleveland Becker & The MSR Singers -- Once Around And Out
My Old Pal (H. Holmes)
Isle Of My Dreams (Smith Gilmore)
The Big Round Table At My House (W.F. James)
If I Just Had A Little Patch Of Ground (Lona Hagstrom)
Lady, A Thousand Pardons (Margareta Balint)
Shiney Moon (Chestina Stewart)
Walking The Blues (Nellie Taylor)
My Life Is Wasted Without You (H.C. Mosher)
Let's Get On The Ball (Nora Carter)
Canadian Moon (T.G. Wardrope)
Mop Top (John Mackell)
Hold Fast Your Dreams (Morris & Rahming)
There Is A Woman For Every Man (Carolyn Tester)
Weep Not (Frank Hametner, Sr.)
The Well Of Love (Wilma Crane)
I Take A Fancy To Nancy (Phil Carroll)

212: The MSR Singers -- Out Front
Don't Blow Your Cool (Lo Rye)
Love Is A Funny Thing (Edith Ruth Jones)
Squeaky Shoes (Barney Rinnert)
The Day Snowflakes Were Born (Chuck Foster)
Brotherhood (James Benning)
Green Eyes (Howard Ballou)
Oh Stately Pine (Frank Hametner)
Soul (Elouise Dunbar)
My Heart Is Paying (John Garrett)
Don't Grow Tired Of Me (William Quarry)
Never Leave My Heart Alone (Carol Perlman)
If I Had You (Albert Hunt, Jr.)
Live It Up (Ella Irelan)
I'm Just The Other Woman (Mary Clignett)
My Love (Elna Carter)
Beware The Green Eyed Woman (Florence Trento)

213: Singin Easy With The MSR Singers
My Brother And Me (Edna Metzger)
Only In The Way (Judith Young)
Where There's A Will (James Tester)
Monster Man (Charlotte Partin)
While In A Dream (Margaret Verret)
Stranger In My Dreams (Janice Fincham)
My Song (Martha Phillips)
Noah (Edward Christner)
I Met Her In San Pedro (Ralph Gallo)
The Saddest Story (John Kelly)
Night Of Nights (Carlos Dominguez)
Seattle Moon (Ollie Erdman)
Los Angeles L.A. (John Kelly & Rebecca Bergeron, Jr.)
Let The Light Shine (John Kelly)
I'm Just The Other Woman (Mary Clignett)
When The South Wind Brings My Love To You (Gretta C. Matison)

214: The MSR Singers -- Songfest
Coral Island (H. Holmes)
I'm Going To Get A Man (Katherine Rosenfelt)
Baby What Have You Got (Katerine Rosenfelt)
You're Just Wasting My Time (Lela Krassow)
God Wills It So (Bob Porter)
A Cause To Live (Naomi Grabus)
Chicken Leg (Michael Fraulino)
I Love The Piano (Julia Gajewsky)
Oh That Zipper On My Pants (Joseph Hetrick)
Leap Year (Viola Geist)
When The Light Turns Red (Pearl Templetom)
Greetings (Naomi Grabus)
Darling Is It Too Late (Constant Gurklis)
Whoopee I'm Happy (Katherine Castelani)
Night Of Nights (Carlos E. Dominguez)
I Want You With Me (Carol Lee Storms)

215: The MSR Singers -- Sunset Swing
From Out Of The Blue (Bea)
Losing Time (Dannie Sue Degener)
The Not Impossible Waltz On The Moon (Sven Swanson)
In Loving Remembrance (John H. Kelley, Sr.)
Wish I'd Never Known Your Love (Allan Collier)
Petrolina (Raphael Prosper)
My Secret Love (Henry Vanney)
Precious To Me (Vera Kelly)
My Devotion To Jesus (David Rollins)
Don't Be Afraid To Love Me (Judy Kropen)
Shooting Stars (Dorothy Henderson)
God's Happy Union (John H. Kelley, Sr.)
To Die Just Like A Man (Marion Ramirez)
I'm Just A Fool For You (John H. Kelley, Sr.)
From Slavery To Freedom (John H. Kelley, Sr.)
Beautiful Jesus (Iona Marie Sherman)

216: The MSR Singers -- Potpourri
What Have I (Liliian Janiec)
My Sighing (Crying Heart) (Rosaline Scardina)
Meet Father In Heaven (Jesse Haggood)
Lonely Tear Drops (Beatrice Shiramizu)
Sister, Sister (Kathyrn Roberts)
A Prayer To Love (Stephen A. Stone)
Memories Remain (Rickey C. Stinnett)
Legend Of The Dogwood Tree (Mary Kay Scalf)
Reunion Poem (John Kelley Sr.)
Peace Be Still (J.M. Textorious)
In The Golden West (Emma Jo Mohrman)
The Jury Vote (Louie Heinz)
To The Red Stocking Set (Jeanette C. Voight)
I Love Thee (Catherine Miller)
You're Different (Hattie Courrier)
Wedding Bells (Archie Swindell Sr.)
Chocolate Candy (Gladys C. Delaney)
Funny Man (Rozella McMurty)

217: Dick Kent with The Lancelots & Bobbie Boyle with The MSR Singers -- Peace Is A Song To Cherish
Joy Of Christmas (Cornell Weldon)
I'd Like To Spend Next Christmas (Sydney King Russell)
Happy Days Of Christmas (Lawrence Treptow)
A New Year's Dawning (Dolly O. Curran)
Season's Greetings (Raymond F. Moberly)
The Night Of Christmas (Ingrid Lustenberger)
My Christmas Prayer (Bettie Naples)
Santa's Coming Today (John B. Ranallo)
Merry Christmas Everyone (Phyllis Carter)
This Day (Jane Davis)
The Little Christ Child (Sydney King Russell)
Hope (Ruth M. Kattau)
Santa Claus Goes Modern (Sven M. Swanson)
A Joyous Season (Arthur Renshaw)
Snow Splash Holiday (Dwain Earl Ray)

218: Dick Kent with The Lancelots & Bobbie Boyle with The MSR Singers -- Peace Is A Song To Cherish
In The Chapel Of The Roses (Grace Brainerd)
My Heart's Desire (Velta Williamson)
Walking The Blues (Lawrence Treptow)
Not A Thing To Wear (William T. Taylor)
Me, Myself And I (Rose M. Broecker)
Walking Home To See Mom (Alex D. Ott)
Buttercup Hill (Marguerite J. Smith)
Would You Believe? (Marie K. Owen)
All For The Love Of Christmas (Jay Shelman)
Randy, The Lil Elf (Dan Vitale)
Alone On Christmas (Elizabeth Smith)
Christmas Will Soon Be Here (Lacey Burchett)
Christmas (Mrs. Fred Leason)
Let Us Be Gay (Azalea L. Taylor)
Oh, Stately Pine (Frank C. Hametner, Sr.)

219: Dick Kent with The Lancelots & Bobbie Boyle with The MSR Singers -- New Songs For '71
The Bells Of Freedom (Jeanette Katz)
Angels Seldom Ever Cry (Marguerite J. Smith)
Memories In The Night (Ann Cumberland)
Dizzy Heart (Ella Leonard)
A Few Kind Words (Pauline Podhy)
Midnight Walk (Maxine Lee)
I'm Throwing In The Towel (Ludie E. Stone)
Midnight In My Heart (Earl E. Thornton)
Love Turns And Walks The Other Way (Betty McHan)
Gypsy Love (Rudy Stangler)
We Were Strangers When We Met (Rose M. Broecker)
My Friend Bill (Bettie Naples)
I'm Walking Around With My Heart (Louis Josephson)
I Want To Go To Heaven (Jessie Darling)
Oh! Where Is My Girl Tonight (Jesse L. Hagood)

220: Dick Kent with The Lancelots & Bobbie Boyle with The MSR Singers -- New Songs For '71
Teasing Moon (Trebla Wohsyrram)
Make Your Life Happier (Irene Larson)
She Gave A Little Bit Of Heaven To Me (Pearl E. Cudney)
A Child Waiting For A Mother And Dad (Alex D. Ott)
Hot Pants And Leather Boots That Shine (Irene G. Winzer)
Love And Kisses (Elizabeth Readnour)
Do Right (Andrew Scruggs)
California City (Ruth Gifford)
My Heart Was Made For You (Ann Saroka)
Life Together (Jessie Darling)
My Honey Baby (Grace Brainerd)
Just Plain Lonesome (William T. Taylor)
Forty Going North (Willie Taylor)
Never Forget Again (Barbara Kirchner)
Mexican Gold (Marina Wilson)

225: The Sisterhood Sings The Gospel
Just One More Time (Florence Grover)
America Looking Ahead (Raymond Moberly)
Prayer Mystique (Charles Wilson Laughlin)
Light From Above (William F. Svoboda)
Last Day To See (Sherri Whiteman)
Let's Take The Time (Thelma Branson Norwood)
No Need For Mourning (Jessie Darling)
My Friend (Lorraine Lafferty)
Hymn To Faith (Marina Wilson)
The Deliverer (Jessie Darling)
When God Said Good Morning To Me (Florence Grover)
Touch Me When (Charles E. Fletcher)
From The Manger To The Cross (Edith Blight)
Be Honest (Andrew Scruggs)
The Face Of A Christian (Bernita McMahon)

227: Christmas Songs with "The Sisterhood"
Can You Believe As Children Do (Alice Sonesen)
Oh Glorious Lady Of Love (Blanche Streicher)
Holy Father Jehovah (Ruth Tarchala)
Precious Jesus (Alice M. Farnell)
Star Of Bethlehem (Rita J. Frankum)
A Joy To All (G. B. Ridgway)
Children Of The World (Frank S. Dionise)
Christmas Treat, Peppermint (Madeleine Jurovic)
Christmas Eve (Dorothe L. Coyle)
When The Lord Calls Your Name (Ruth Tarchala)
Isn't Christmas Wonderful? (Martin W. Drexel)
Make A Merry Christmas (Rita J. Frankum)
God's Love And The Snowflake (Ruth Haight)
Snow For Christmas (Mathilda V. Wader)
The Dreamer (Ruth J. Frankum)

230: The Sisterhood Sings The Gospel (alternate titles: Special Gospel Album; The Sisterhood/Gospel '74)
God Took Me Over The Mountain (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Only A Cross (Myrtlefern Dressler)
The Love Of Christ (Alice M. Farnell)
Man Oh Man (Edna M. Petch)
Oh Lord, Whatcha' Gonna Do (Dorothe L. Coyle)
A Streetcar Named Immortality (James M. Sweet)
My Saviour Calls (Alice M. Farnell)
God Needs Me (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Master, Master (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Triumphant Jesus (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Always Look Forward (Sarah Savage Rea)
My Mother (Charlotte Reed)
As I Climbed That Mountain (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Unusual (Fred L. Chitester)
If I Were A Sinner (Harold Richey)
Write Me A Letter Every Day (Fred L. Chitester)
Smilin' Jim (Alice T. Wilson)
Jesus, I Need Thee (Jane Wilson)

231: The Sisterhood -- Songs By Julia Scanlan
Autumn In Maine; Seventeen Years And Seven Days; You Are The Only One I Love; What Age Am I; Who Else Is As Lonely As I; Late In The Night; To Live Now; Chrysanthemums; Sunset In Grand Canyon; Letter To Mother; Come To D.C.; I Remember; Love Me; In Iowa My First Time; Teen Age Regrets

232: The Sisterhood -- Christmas Album/1974
At Christmas (Nafe Valenti)
Wilderness Prayer (Geneva E. Nelson)
Christmas In The Tropics (Pan Duncan)
My Merriest Christmas (Tony Fuhringer)
Years And Years Ago (Charlotte Reed)
Christmas Spirit (Harriett Goebel)
Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year (Russ. P. Davidson)
Courage And Faith (Grace Burch)
Come Savior (Leonor A Kobler)
Waiting For Santa (Elsie French)
On This Christmas Day (Marian L. Longeway)
The Genuine Christmas ( Harriet Goebel)
One Early Christmas Morning (Helen Davis)
The Babe That Was Laid In A Manger (Bess Gappard)
Little Children's Christmas (Grace Burch)
Merry Christmas Ltd. (C. Wilkerson)
If Only In My Dreams (Blanche Burke)

233: The Sisterhood -- Christmas Album/1974
Christmas Through The Eyes Of Children (Alice M. Farnell)
Light The Night With Candlelight (Ted Charles)
Yonder (Thomas Guygax)
The Little Brown Church (Rosetta Baker)
Merry Christmas (Alice Wilson)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Cuddly Puppy (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Season's Greetings (Raymond F. Moberly)
Bethlehem Star (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Christmas, Christmas (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Christmas Night Prayer (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Sing A Song Of Christmas (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Jolly Jolly Santa (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Christmas Is Beautiful (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Just Be Christmas (Dorothe L. Coyle)
A Good Old Fashioned Christmas (Miles H. Knappenberger)
This Is Christmas Time (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Our First Christmas Together (Mary Virginia Morris)

234: The Sisterhood -- Christmas Album/1974
You Can't Have Christmas Without Santa Claus (Ella Hickok)
Our Christmas Glow (Henry Stensland)
Aunt Dolly Sends Good Wishes (Dolly O. Curran)
Reaching Out For The Moon (Rose M. O'Donnell)
Deep Summer (Peg Winters)
Days Are Lonely, Nights Are Blue (Esther A. Curdo)
I Painted All The Heavens (Frank Argenio)
My Love Contract (Andrew Scruggs)
The Long Gone Blues (Jack Kittrell, Jr.)
The Twenty Fourth Of December (Rose M. O'Donnell)
Please Take Me In (Joyce Donofrio)
Love Me And I'll Love You (Edward Wiecek)
Happy Birthday Dear Jesus (Dolly O. Curran)
Growing Up Time (Robert Berg)
In Jesus' Name (Henry Stensland)
Rosebuds On The Vine (H. D. Simpson)

235: The Sisterhood Sings The Gospel
God's Got His Eyes All Over The Land (James H. Squires)
My Prayer (Al Angelov)
Open The Greater Door (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Good Morning Lord (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Grant Me Love (Dorothe L. Coyle)
Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul (Elaine T. Schweitzer)
We Thank Thee (Hazel Sullivan)
Awaken (Roberta Louise Mele)
The Way Is Straight And Narrow (Parnell J. Pierce)
Ring Those Church Bells (Jeannette C. Harley)
My Chapel Hand Prayer (Tony Fuhringer)
He Belongs To Someone Else (Ruth Tarchala)
Praise God When The Day Begins (Grace Burch)
Give It To God (Roberta Louise Mele)
The Old Swinging Gate (Harriet Jenni)
Pitch Some Woo (Fred L. Chitester)
When You're Away (Fred L. Chitester)
America Looking Ahead (Raymond Moberly)
Teach Me To Follow (Grace Burch)
The Guy Next Door (Dorothe L. Coyle)

236: The Sisterhood Sings Songs By Emma Jo Mohrman
My Christmas Dream; Will's Sleeping Peacefully; Our Country; My Lovely Star; That Wayward Cool Wind; Our Valley Ranch; In The Golden West; My Dream Girl; Our Will Rogers; Out On A Farm; A Lovely Queen; The Greatest American; Our American Air Force; No Good Bum Dog (all wr. Emma Jo Mohrman)

238: The Sisterhood -- 1975 Christmas Album
Love Was Born To Guide Us (Eileen M. Winters)
Jesus, Our Best Friend (Mabel M. Jost)
Put Melody Back In Music (Mabel M. Jost)
Old Papa Mouse (Margaret Flenory)
My Dear Ones (Hazel Sullivan)
Be True (W.A. Scruggs)
Right For (Thomas Guygax Sr.)
During Evening (Thomas Guygax Sr.)
A Happy Day (Muriel W. Baughman)
Tears (Catherine Lee)
With Holy Spirit The Child Was Born (Joseph Micciche)
Those Elves Have Got To Go (Earl Wyler)
Sixteen Years Together (Billie Yates)
The Christmas Wish (Ken Cummings)
The Commandment (Nana Smith)
With Love With Grace (Nana Smith)

239: The MSR Singers -- 1776-1976 Country Western Album
As I Live, Love I Give (Sue Balbirona)
Our Land Of The Free (Grace Burch)
God Gave Us These (H.H. Swenson)
Pratt City Blues (W.A. Scruggs)
Gone To Texas (Perry H. Hopkins)
Lady Of Liberty (John White)
My Lover (Lester P. Rhodes)
Crying Heart Serenade (Joseph Letizia)
Three Hours And Twenty Two Minutes (Tom Dodson)
I Missed My Plane (Frances Amaro)
Live This Day (Eunice Schluenz)
Gold Coral (Sue Balbirona)
A Precious Thing (George Kovacs)
An Old Fashioned Prayer Meeting (June Estes)
There Is No Other Friend Who Can Take Your Place In My Life (Frances Mediate)
Little Curly Hair In A High Chair (Geraldine G. Pry)*
Leading The Way (Norma Lou Cummans)
I Just Can't See When I Cry (Vera H. Hickey)
Cowboy's Dream (Martin W. Drexel)
The Cold Cold Wind That Blows (Violet Eisenhauer)
*lyric is from 1940 hit of same title, wr. Charles Tobias & Nat Simon, rec. by Jimmy Dorsey & His Orch. (biggest version), Fats Waller and Eddie Cantor

240: The MSR Singers -- 1776-1976 American Bi-Centennial
Lord, We Need You (Ida May Reese)
Find The Jewels (Pauline Young)
A Pet Pigeon (Thomas J. Guygax, Sr.)
Hats Off To The USA (Nancy Norton)
I Love Loving You (Benito Viloria)
The Look Of Hope (Frank A. Feudi)
Change My Name To Santa Claus (Vera H. Hickey)
Sunny Days (Thomas J. Guygax, Sr.)
The Proposal (Alice S. Turner)
Living And Loving Is Free (Frank A. Feudi)
Hemisphere Country (Alice B. Norman)
I Went To Faraway Lands (George Phillip Theodore)
A Healing Fountain (Alice M. Farnell)
The Everlasting Rhapsody (Eugenia Adams)
When You Are Near (Enid McClure)
Say A Little Prayer (Geraldine G. Pry)
I'm Satisfied (Isaac B. King)
Love's Confidence (Eugenia Adams)
Because I Know I Love You (Benito Viloria)
The Sparrow (Thomas J. Guygax, Sr.)
When You Call Me That, Smile (E.L. Holbrook)

247: The MSR Singers -- Country Western With The MSR Singers
My Darling (Edith Matney)
I Am A Poor Man's Son (Grace Burch)
I Love (Bobby S. Ueno)
Just Walk On Out (Evelyn Thompson)
I Couldn't Believe (Edith M. Green)
Country Stars (Bonnie Wiedrick)
At The Time (Thomas J. Guygax Sr.)
Truckin' With Nellie (Mildred Bradshaw)
Bitter Sweet (Barbara Loefer)
I'm Comin' Home Lord (Joe Kropkowski)
One And Only (Raymond F. Moberly)
Dunkirk County Town (Dwain E. Ray)
(Am I) Too Old To Cry (Joe Kropkowski)
Topsy Turvy (Mildred Bradshaw)
My Sweet Sugar Said Good-Bye (Clarence W. Horn)
The Longer You Love Me (Issac B. King)
Hold On To Your True Love (Edith Matney)
Lonesome When I'm With You (Tiel Faulkner)
I Can't Believe (Edith Metza)
Ode To Dottie West (Jess G. Leach)

249: The Sisterhood -- 1977 Christmas Album
Christmas Bells Ring Out (Grace Burch)
Bright Eyes On Christmas Day (Grace Burch)
Sleigh Ride With Daddy (Bettina Corliss)
Christmas In Hawaii (Bobbie Dahlgren)
Dear Santa Sir (Leslie Baldridge)
Darling, I Have Your Love (Curtis Bazile)
The Christmas Waltz (Twila Brent)
It's Christmas Time (Werner A. Breuer)
Come, Sing The Carol (Tiel Faulkner)
Christmas In Mexico (Tiel Faulkner)
I Won't Be Home For Christmas This Year (Donald M. Hinrichs)
Santa Remember Me (Clarence W. Horn)
White Winged Angels (Barbara Loefer)
A Gift That Passes On (Myrtle Manoa)
On Christmas Eve (Bernie Francis Schiller)
Sleigh Bells (Henry L. Miller)

250: The Sisterhood -- 1977 Christmas Album
Santa And The Seal (Jane Maunula)
The Tree Nobody Wanted (Jane Maunula)
Ho, Ho, Ho (Dona Mere't)
What Is Christmas (Raymond F. Moberly)
The Bells Are Ringing (William And Joanne Myers)
Misery And Money (Mary K. McDonald)
The Mounties' Christmas Tree (Sydney Cheese)
The Best Present Of All (Lois Kribs)
When Twilight Comes (Ernie F. Post)
Joy Bells From Jesus (Ernie F. Post)
The Great Love Of God (Paul P. Roman)
Can't Santa Come In The Summer (Louis Toronyi, Jr.)
The Holy Family (Mathilde Bartyzel)
Please Santa (Joseph And Rosemarie Bello)
Happy Birthday Sweet Jesus (Louise M. Bush)

252: The Sisterhood -- 1977 Christmas Album
Jesus (Helen Lucille Becker)
Santa Claus (Helen Lucille Becker)
Christmas Time Is Time Of Giving (Leon P. Bryan)
I Thee Adore, O Holy Mary (Leon P. Bryan)
Rainbow Full Colors And Christchild Full Grace (Leon P. Bryan)
A Lonely Christmas (Hazel Boren)
Ole Year Christmas (A. Mack Gaither)
Christmas Is Here (Sara Klassen)
Christmas Mailing (Harold Morita)
All I Want For Christmas Is A Friend (Sgt. Gregory L. Rice)
A Man Called Santa Claus (Mary A. Ozoskey)
Let's Know Peace (Mary A. Ozoskey)
Be Kind (Andrew Scruggs)
I Love Christmas And New Years (Cyril Skoloda)
How Do You Do, Miss Christmasstime (Dolly Ann Smith)
By The Shore Of The Sea (Mary Urrutia)
A Gift Of Christmas Love (Benito Viloria)
Christmas Time Is Christ Most Time (Robert M. Garrick)
A Thin Santa Claus (Victoria Rashid)
Christmas Bells (Mary Alice Maston)

253: The Sisterhood -- MSR Special Easter 1978 Album
Easter Parade (Irving Berlin)
Lovers Serenade (C.J. Gellizeau)
Grant And His Grantarians (C.J. Gellizeau)
Because, You Loved Me (Benito Viloria)
The Echo Of Your Voice (Benito Viloria)
Mr. Easter Bunny (Clarissa Bailey)
Such A Lovely Easter Morning (Beverly Evan)
Dedicate Easter Completely To Him (Morris Lajiness)
I Sleep With An Angel (Albert S. Miller)
Golden Years (Bessie McGruder)
Here Comes Peter Cottontail (Steve Nelson & Jack Rollins)
If I Had An Easter Wish (Betty J. Pullam)
Just A Knowing (Betty J. Pullam)
My Old Blue Easter Dress (Hazel Boren)
Beside The Galilee (Harald V. Hansen)
Friendship's Old Shrine (Wallace S. Lewis)
Until I Met You (Steve G. Mosberger)
Easter Joy (Florence Nack)
Drift Spring (Andrew Scruggs)
Oh Easter Parade (Verna S. Shellenberger)

255: The Sisterhood -- MSR Special Easter 1978 Album
Easter Parade (Irving Berlin)
Only One Answer (Les Longman)
Our Pilot (Les Longman)
Love (Les Longman)
Pretty Little Girl On Easter (Wesley Earl Falterman)
King Of Your Heart (Wesley Earl Falterman)
My Jesus Loves Me (Melba Blake)
Risen (Audrey Frederick)
I Met A Friend (Ella Hintz)
A Special Day (Raymond F. Moberly)
Here Comes Peter Cottontail (Steve Nelson & Jack Rollins)
Break Up In The Spring (Nelda R. Knelson)
Storm At Eastertide (Nelda R. Knelson)
Give Us Lord, The Faith Of Daniel (Dorothy Deane)
Just To Have You In My Arms (W. F. James)
Here Comes The Easter Parade (Dona Mere't)
Pink Easter Egg (Cora McGivens)
I Sent A Letter To Heart (Loretta C. Schuster)
The Resurrection (Verlie Sharpless)
The Easter Bunny (E. L. Stuart)

256: Special 1978 Gospel Album ("The Sisterhood" Sings The Gospel)
How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine)
Standing By (Laura Bartlett)
Consecration (Laura Bartlett)
Jesus' Love Is Everywhere (Mary Bentley)
Save Me A Place In Heaven (Louise M. Bush)
Life Is (R.A. Emanuelson)
Dear Sir Jesus (Jo Ann F. Fisher)
Reach Out And Touch Jesus (Rev. Mary Graves)
God's Supreme Gift (Raymond F. Moberly)
Watchman, Find My One Sheep That Wandered Away (Verlie Sharpless)
Sweet Comforter Of Love (Verlie Sharpless)
Sinner Please (Verlie Sharpless)
Until Before Thy Throne (Grace Burch)
Come To The Altar To Pray (Jess O. Center)
I Gotta Keep His Rules (Tiel Faulkner)
Poor Sweet Jesus (Alice C. Goss)
What Would We Do Without Jesus (Ova Henry)
God Is The One (Martha Nickens)
Emmanuel (Leona Stewart)

257: Special 1978 Gospel Album ("The Sisterhood" Sings The Gospel)
How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine)
God's Grace (Rev. Sarah Bowles)
Sweet Peace (Rev. Sarah Bowles)
God (Ulia Alaskin)
Heaven (Sione Lavemai Finau)
Way-Side Cross (Lola Lynn)
He Took My Eyes So I Might See (Mary McCann)
Oh Lord, If You Hear Me (Gary Lee Rehberg)
Prayer of Faith (Charles Ziegler)
My Everything (Mary Lee Cox)
A True Faithful Friend (Mary Lee Cox)
God's Love Is All We Need (Benito Viloria)
Walk With Me Jesus (Benito Viloria)
Be Not Afraid (Sarah Lee Cook)
My God Is Love (Herminio Franco)
Our Refuge (Les Longman)
He's Not Gone, He's Just Away (Jeanie McMinn)
The First Signs Of Spring (Leona Reilly)

258: 1978 Country Western Album
Jambalaya (Hank Williams)
We Remember Elvis (Randy Chandler)
Elvis (Randy Chandler)
Nothing But Love (Kenneth Leon Brandt)
Photophone (Donald Allen Martin)
Heavens (Jeanine D. Ralstin)
Big Jack (Omer Reisinger)
Stay Away From That Man Of Mine (Rosemary Staup)
A Real Promise (Rampersaud Toolsie)
So Long Baby (Tiel Faulkner)
I Never Heard Of You (Tiel Faulkner)
I Need To Be Loved (Brenda Guillory)
Remember Me (Brenda Guillory)
Song Of The Ten Commandments (Roy Cochrane)
For You Elvis (Louise Nelson)
Ozark Homespun (Leona Reilly)
Made In U.S.A. (James Sollenberger)
Tribute To Elvis (Ludie E. Stone)

259: Country Western Album
Jambalaya (Hank Williams)
An Ode To Bing (Alice C. Goss)
Autumn Of My Life (Alice C. Goss)
It's Spring (Ulia Alaskin)
Golden Case (Grace Burch)
I'm A Farmer's Daughter (Miriam Hildreth)
The Best Things In Life Are Free (Edith Matney)
Love Is The Answer (Bertha Olbert)
Near Side A Heaven (William Svoboda)
The Friendly Ranch (Sophia A. Kelk)
Cora-Lee (Sophia A. Kelk)
Elvis (Pauline D. Waselchok)
I Love Having You Around (Pauline D. Waselchok)
The Legend Of Elvis (Clarissa Bailey)
Paradise Pudding (Thomas J. Guygax, Sr.)
Show Me The Way (Les Longman)
Me (Raymond F. Moberly)
First Love (Barbara Rogers)

261: 1978 Christmas Album
Thanksgiving (Fred L. Chitester)
Moonlight (Fred L. Chitester)
Write Me A Letter Everyday (Fred L. Chitester)
If You Go Along With Me (Fred L. Chitester)
Father (Fred L. Chitester)
That Christmas Feeling (Rev. Sarah Bowles)
There I Am (Tiel Faulkner)
A Christmas Hymn (Alice Goss)
New Year's Resolution (Iva R. Jorgensen-Hooten)
Thanks For Trying (Willie John Barnes)
Christmas Time Again (Dolly-O Stech Curran)
Merry Christmas (Herminio Franco)
The Heavenly Choir (Rev. Mary Graves)
Jesus, All My Love (Isabelle Mazenko)
Just For Today (Bertha Olbert)
Stranger In The Manger (Beatrice Seira)
We Have A New Born King (Verlie Sharpless)
A Stable Touched By God's Own Hand (Joyce Wright)

262: 1978 Christmas Album
Here Is Christ The King (Cynthia Alexis)
Only His Love To Give (Cynthia Alexis)
Baby, It's A Cold Night In December (Cynthia Alexis)
Welcome Christmas (Olive Brantley)
The Lord's Dream (Mario B. Gutierrez)
Always A Christmas (Raymond F. Moberly)
In Church (Melvin Schlieff)
Candlelight Christmas (Lewis Sinclair)
Dreams Of Christmas (Karren Taylor)
Use Me (Karen Gutheit)
There Is A Way (Karen Gutheit)
Jesus In My Heart (Karen Gutheit)
Angelic Host (Audrey Frederick)
I Won't Be Home For Christmas (Joseph H. Jordan)
Christmas Spirit (Irene Helm Modzik)
Christmas Bells (Verna S. Shellenberger)
Fill A Christmas Basket (B.J. Stainaker)
The Christ's Birthday Song (Beatrice Witt)

265: 1978 Christmas Album
The Birthday Of Jesus Christ (Sione Lavemai Finau)
The Lord (Sione Lavemai Finau)
Merry Christmas From Tonga, The Friendly Island (Sione Lavemai Finau)
Christmas Cheer (Joan Tomaini)
Remember God (Joan Tomaini)
A Prayer Of Thanks To God (Josephine Calcagno)
Distant Dreams (Susan Johnson)
God Cares (Joseph Pullum)
Christmas Events (Joseph Pullum)
Summer Breeze (Benoy Chowdhury)
Repeat The Age Old Story (Mary E. Kindlein)
How Long God (Fran Wood)
God Bless Old Georgia (William B. Smith, Jr.)

266: The Sisterhood -- MSR Special 1979 Easter Album
Good Friday (Ruth Meek)
Our Redemption (Ruth Meek)
Calvary's Message (Ruth Meek)
Easter Joys (Joseph Hashie)
Oh Holy Father (Joseph Hashie)
The Rain And My Tears (Willie John Barnes)
When Love Is King (Bertha Olbert)
Happy Easter (Adele Dunmire)
Thank You Jesus (Adele Dunmire)
We Go To Church On Easter Day (Adam Mrozowski)
In Beautiful May (Adam Mrozowski)
Easter (Agnes S. Carlson)
Love In A Smile (Ruby Ann Nichols)
The Name Of Easter (Verna S. Shellenberger)

267: 1979 Easter Album
The Risen Lord (Ruth J. McMahan)
He Arose To Save (Ruth J. McMahan)
Oh What Agony (Ruth J. McMahan)
The Grave Could Not Hold My Lord (Ruth J. McMahan)
Footsteps (Rev. Sarah Bowles)
'Tis An Easter Morning (Benoy Chowdhury)
We Jesus We Live (Ellen L. Hoffman)
My Children (Melvin Schlieff)
Jesus, He Was Not There (Joyce Wright)
Christ Has Risen (Alice C. Goss)
Easter Is On Her Way (Alice C. Goss)
Do Not Fear Mary Dear (Bill Chappell)
Easter Time (J. Luster Gibson)
Look Up To Heaven (Issac B. King)
Easter Dawn Is Here (E.M. Kutschinski)
It's Easter Time (Claude E. Reed)
Can You Believe (Marjorie E. Weyant)

270: 1979 MSR Special Country Western Album
If You Are Sad And Lonely (Fred L. Chitester)
Everybody Does It (Fred L. Chitester)
When I'm With You I Have No Care (Fred L. Chitester)
When I Go Along Life's Way (Fred L. Chitester)
I Love You So Much (Eugene Brown)
I'm Tired (Argie Nella Conner)
It's All Up To You (Jacky Elmaleh)
My Pappy (Kathleen Michelle Robertson)
Great Change In Me (Dolly Ann Smith)
Breathe The Air Of Freedom (Federico D. Gulle)
You Are The Beauty (Federico D. Gulle)
Dearest One (Beatrice Witt)
I Loved You Oh So Dearly (Beatrice Witt)
Reveille (Benoy Chowdhury)
I Kept On Loving You (Jeanette Currier)
Yearly Secure (Thomas J. Guygax, Sr.)
Lucky Star (Selma Schwarz)

271: 1979 Country Western Album
My Little Rose (Florence Walloch)
I'll Never Forget (Florence Walloch)
My Open Door (Florence Walloch)
The Kissing Hugging Kiss-Off (Emma Bechler)
So Hard To Say Goodbye (Corinne Heard)
Lolabelle (Edward Lenhurst)
When Grandma Was Courting (Ruth J. McMahan)
I Had A Dream (Annie M. Rhude)
Roly Poly (Elvin L. Jones)
Man Of Dust (Eva O. Avery)
My House (Eva O. Avery)
Sweetheart When I'm With You (Kathryn Schoonmaker)
Dreaming, Yes Dreaming (Kathryn Schoonmaker)
My Dear Green Mountain Home (Dorothy Deane)
Say Those Sweet Words (Gladys Kirby)
One And Only (Raymond Moberly)
I'm A C.B. Man (Leona Stewart)

272: Loving And Living by Jo B. Comberiate
Dick Kent: Beyond The Sunset
Dick Kent: Safety Song
Bobbi Blake: Smiling Through Tears
Bill Joy: The Beauty Of Life
Dick Kent: Faith, Hope And Charity
Bill Joy: You Are My Song
Bobbi Blake: Morning Glory
The Sisterhood: Christmas
The Sisterhood: Christmas Is A Nice Time
Dick Kent: Starlight Symphony
Bobbi Blake: I Can Dream, Can't I?
Bill Joy: Magic Moments
Dick Kent: Music Box Memories
(all wr. Josephine Bertolini Comberiate)

273: 1979 MSR Christmas Album
Cheer Up And Listen (Adam Mrozowski)
Let Us Give Our Thanks To God (Adam Mrozowski)
Holy Christmas Night (Hazel G. Angeline)
I Know It's Christmas (Louise M. Bush)
Memories Of You (Benoy Chowdhury)
No Other Day Like Christmas (Issac B. King)
The Yule Time Polka (Steve G. Mosberger)
I'll Be Your Harvest And You Can Be My Festival (Bertha Lee Tarver)
Just A Little While With Me (Margaret Volden)
I'm Wishing For A New Christmas (August J. Arnold)
Winter Harvest (Carolyn Bailey)
The Christmas Prayer Song (Beulah Mae Butler)
Keep That Christmas Spirit All Year Through (Dolly-O Stech Curran)
Your Christmas Presence (Edward C. Miller)
Just A Prayer (Dorothy Reinig & Ethel Justema)
Ole Time Christmas (Alberta Timmons)
The First Christmas (Florence Walloch)

276: 1980 Easter Album click for pic!
We All Have God On Our Side (Frank Leeper)
King Arthur's Reign (Frank Leeper)
The Old Easter Blessing (Richard Leon Smith)
Mother Of Easter (Richard Leon Smith)
Elsie May (Sydney Cheese)
The Children's Easter Hymn (John O. Cotton)
I'll Be Closer To Him (Ben Macrander)
I Endorse God (Helen Mosley)
A Face In The Picture (Ruby Pierce)
Elvis Presley, King From Memphis Tennessee (Stella M. Simpson)
God Took Daddy Away (John Patrick Walsh)
Our Mother Is Life Itself (Andrew Crisci)
White Carnations (Andrew Crisci)
He Died For Me (Florence Walloch)
A White Cross (Florence Walloch)
Our Blessed Mother In Heaven (Mildred Chisholm)
The Graves Will All Open (Ruby Land)
Born Without A Name (Mary K. McDonald)
Our Heavenly Father -- God (Helena M. McCurdy)
My Quiet Time (Harold O. Pifer)
Take My Hand (Dorothy Walker Reinig)
Our Eternal Love (Joan Tiknis)

277: 1980 MSR Special Country Western Album
You Are (Helena Eve McCurdy)
Only My Heart Can Tell (Helena Eve McCurdy)
Drifting Far Apart (Helena Eve McCurdy)
Love Is So Wonderful To Know (Helena Eve McCurdy)
Sinora (Shirley Alford)
When I'm Far Away (Harry Czarnecki)
You Broke My Heart (Margaret Ann Murphy)
What I Love (Vilante Bottomley)
No, Erica (Andrew Crisci)
Sometimes Feeling Blue (Ambrose Jacobson & Gene Lay)
No More Sheriffs in Town (Penny Keohler)
Life In The U.S.A. (Frank Leeper)
What Will She Be Like? (Robert E. May)
I Wasn't Alone When You Came (Rinkart E. Okorie)
Cow Punching Sam (Dominick P. Sicari)

278: 1980 MSR Special Country Western Album
The Right Side Of You (Al Zonni)
I Don't Need Your Love Anymore (Al Zonni)
Her Pretty Little Blue Bear (Frank D. Andrews)
The Dandy Dude In Dungarees (The Now Cowboy) (Alice Cummingham)
Don't Laugh Too Loud (Isaac B. King)
Our Future And Plans (Raymond F. Moberly)
Times Can Be (Gus Tullus)
I'll Wait Dear (Florence Walloch)
Little Things (Florence Walloch)
Old Glory (Amanda J. Allen)
That Magic Feeling Has Passed (Beverly A. Crozier)
Tears Are Falling, Falling (Catherine A. March)
Can It Be? (Mary K. McDonald)
Daddy, Please Come Home (Edith Ritz)

279: 1980 MSR Special Gospel Album
The Time Is Now (Ella Hall)
My Jesus Is There (Ella Hall)
Me And You Jesus (Julia Barniak)
Life's Hard Bumps (Dolly-O Stech Curran)
Californian Ridin' High (Audrey Frederick)
Our King (Thekla Johnson)
Jesus, Hear Me Now (Budinka Miekuz)
Be With God (Margaret Ann Murphy)
Someday Somewhere (Grace Burch)
Oh God! Help Me (Grace Burch)
The Lord Is My Partner (Josie Butera)
Sin's Prison (Freddy Joe Church)
There Will Come A Sweet Day (William Dibble)
I Lean On My Jesus (Edna Hodges)
Thank God I Can Raise My Hand Up (Barbara Minor)
God's Supreme Hand (Raymond F. Moberly)

280: 1980 MSR Special Gospel Album
Try God (Dawn Nolan)
By My Side (Dawn Nolan)
Song Of Prayer (Percival Benedict)
Faith Walk (Catherine Casey)
Mary Gave Us A Redeemer (Andrew Crisci)
Cheer Up Everybody (Federico D. Gulle)
There Is A Home On The Other Side Of The Mountain (Perry A. Laflin)
How I Love Jesus (Mae B. Van Zandt)
Lullaby Of Love (Georgia J. Simeroth)
When Jesus Comes Calling (Georgia J. Simeroth)
Man Was Made To Love Him (Bonnie Brady)
Strike A Happy Chord (Edna Clark)
God's Beautiful Pattern (Ruby Dowdy)
Mary, Queen Of Heaven (Alice C. Goss)
Heaven's For The Working Man (Janice A. McDonald)
When I Close My Eyes (Evangelio Negron)
Prayer (Gabriel von Wayditch)

282: A Gift Of Christmas Spirit For 1980 (2-LP)
Deck The Halls (Welsh traditional)
It Was Christmas Time (Frank D. Andrews)
The Rocking Disco Santa Claus (William Dibble)
Waiting For Your Smile (Nila M. Eyer)
Billy Owl (Doris Lehner)
Christmas Is Near (Johanna Rowe)
On A Frosty Christmas Morning (Lonnie L. Moore)
Long As I Live (Lonnie L. Moore)
God Manifest (Everett F. Briggs)
Christmas Time (Ella Hall)
Hushaby Lullaby (Lucille E. Pastor)
I Saw Jesus (Mae B. Van Zandt)
Hark The Herald Angels Sing (C. Wesley & F. Mendelssohn)
Santa Claus Santa Claus (John Patrick Walsh)
Wreaths Of Holly (John Patrick Walsh)
Cold December (Vi Fuquay)
I Found A Pearl (Marion Joy)
Christmas Time (Joseph Pullum)
The Holiday Of The Greatest Love (Amalia Ferencz)
Four More Summers (Amalia Ferencz)
Happy Birthday Jesus (Julia Barniak)
The Christ Child (Hettie Felty)
Always A Christmas (Raymond F. Moberly)
Are You Coming For Dinner This Christmas Day? (Jacob Sallo & Sheila Marsh & Tom Lee)

290: The Sisterhood -- Spring click for pic!
A special feature of MSR 290 was the inclusion of brief biographical blurbs and (in most cases) photographs for the song-poets represented therein. The links below will launch a pop-up window with the respective blurb and photo.
Spring Is Coming To Hawaii (Richard V. Burtz)
Spring Hear Heaven And Earth Sing (Richard V. Burtz)
The Love Of Spring (Richard V. Burtz)
Spring Please Hurry Signed P.D. (Richard V. Burtz)
Words (C.J. Falconer)
I Know It Must Be Spring (Raymond H. McGuirt)
Blossoms In The Springtime (Esther Ann Receveur)
Memories Of Yesterday (Frances Deidamia Sumner)
Love Your Brother (Jimmy Yeomans)
Bedtime Lullaby (Jay E. Minton)
Nearly All The Time (Jay E. Minton)
Root Of The Tree (Robert L. Bostic)
Praying Hands (E. Josephine Hermans)
Good Morning (Irene S. Holoway)
Honey Pot (Bertha Felder Littell)
Beautiful Bountiful Earth (Vivian E. Robinson)
You Are More And More My Love (Isaac C. Taylor)
Peace On Earth (Or A Nuclear Holocaust) (Olga Toman)

292: Rusty Chambers & Sheri Bond (& Tommy Barnes) -- That's Country
(Sheri Bond:) Riding Along Singing My Song (Richard Virgil Burtz)
(Sheri Bond:) Thought I Was Country (Richard Virgil Burtz)
(Sheri Bond:) This Broken Heart Of Mine (Mary Burks)
(Rusty Chambers:) Easy Shadows Of My Heart (Lena Maberry)
(Sheri Bond:) I Wonder If You Wonder (Pearl Teigen)
(Rusty Chambers:) Over (Hazel Carestia)
(Sheri Bond:) Hey Little Child (Stanley Harley)
(Rusty Chambers:) My Crying Days Are Over (Gerald L. Williams)
(Sheri Bond:) Every Morning Of Every Day (Ted Young)
Tommy Barnes: The Treasure Of A Little Boy (Amalia Ferencz)
Tommy Barnes: The Treasure Of Another Little Boy (Amalia Ferencz)

296: Vocals by Arthur Kaufman & Bobbi Blake -- Country Music '83
The Rose (Irene Larson)
God Bless America Again (Irene Larson)
The Ones We Knew (Everett F. Briggs)
Hope There's A Little Bit Of Grandpa In Me (Darwin Goddson)
You're The Memory In My Heart (Lena Maberry)
Silvery Colorado (Forrest T. Shaffer)
Never You Mind (James T. Biggs)
An Angel Came And Took Him Home (Hank Campos)
Happy Lonely And Wondering (W.O. Hicks)
My Beautiful Dream Girl (Gene Pescador)
Our Land Is So Grand (Vincent Solano)
I'm Ridin' Back To California (Isaac Taylor)

297: Vocals by Arthur Kaufman & The Sisterhood -- 1983 Gospel Album
Guide Me Precious Lord (Esther Hirschy)
Let's Rally To The Missionary Call (Esther Hirschy)
If I Be Lifted Up (Everett F. Briggs)
My Silent Prayer (Lillian Howell)
Jesus Gave Me (Dallas Moore)
The Bible (Mary V. Seat)
And A Little Child (Janice McDonald)
Forbidden Fruit (Janice McDonald)
Eternally (W.O. Hicks)
My Pilot (Claude Ireland)
Our Heaven Father Cares (Myrtle Mitchell)
I Was Born Alone In Life (Nick Panapoulus)

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