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Preview Records, 6311 Yucca, Hollywood CA;
then: 6425 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028

-- Singles --

1002: Rodd Keith -- Down The Mississippi-Ippy-Yi (George Poole) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Drifting Driftwood (Viola Pickering)
1003: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Miracles Still Happen (John Kelly IV/Rodd Keith) / Song of the Palms (Louis Valente/Rodd Keith)
1004: Rodd Keith -- Run Spook Run (Marie Bragg) / I Should Have Known (Winona Ann Howard) (label stamped "Feb. 3, 1966")
1005: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Gravy Train (Jewell Perry-R. Keith) / Rodd & Linda -- We Belong Together (R. Moberly-R. Keith)
1006: Rodd Keith and Linda Claridge -- I Need A Lonesome Gal (F. Reynolds-B. Roberts) / Linda Claridge -- A Little More (M. Baychuck-R. Keith)
1007: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- I'm So Lonely (Donald Bailey-R. Keith) / Things Are Changing (Jessie Horne-R. Keith) (handwritten on label: "1-30-66")
1008: Frankie Fredericks -- You Never Tell Me (Olive Fennell-Del Katcher) / Timmy Thomas -- All I Want Is A Home (Emil Konvalin) (note: Timmy Thomas is a female singer)
1009: The Raindrops -- I'm Home With The Stars (Alberta Belin) / Rodd Keith -- I Died Today (A.E. Lawson-R. Keith)
1010: Rodd Keith -- Next Time (Mary Dickson Vinyard) / You'll Be Alright (Emmet Erway)
1014: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Day Dreaming (Norma Jenkins-Lew Tobin) / The Raindrops -- Red Grow The Roses (Helen Zorkowski)
1016: Jan Blakely & The Raindrops -- Love Him Now (Helen Secre) / The Raindrops -- Dreaming Of A Dream (Bernice Jones)
1018: Rodd Keith & Jan Blakely -- If I Should Lose You (Helen Zorkowski) / Sheila Lord -- Treat Him Nice (Lino Lakey)
1019: Rodd & Judy -- Santa Fix My Toys For Christmas (Helen Bereza) / no artist credited (though sounds like Rodd & Judy) -- They Can Never Change My Mind (no writer credited)
1020: Rodd Keith -- Long Gone Blues (Jack Kittrell) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Gee But It's Great (Helen Wieckowicz)
1022: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- I'm Lucky Today (Bertha Dwinell) / Sweet Sweet Kisses (Dorothy Griffin)
1023: Judy Layne & The Raindrops -- Just Runnin' Wild (Stuart Sherman) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- You Can't Fight It (Rose Ann Gang)
1024: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Don't Make My Heart Miss You (Peter Pirro) / Please Take My Heart Along (Dewitt Unruh)
1025: The Raindrops -- After You Went Away (Alice Richardson) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Tomorrow's Heartache (T. Hanaoka)
1026: Rodd Keith -- I'll Climb The Steepest Hill / A Guiding Light (both wr. John Montague)
1027: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Drifting On A Cloud (Ray Simon-Ray Hibbeler) / The Raindrops -- Golden Moments (Spurgeon McWilliams)
1028: The Raindrops -- Without You (Marguerite Baker) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- I Just Don't Care (Betty Fisher-Rodd Keith)
1029: The Raindrops -- To The Sons Of America (Lucy Lorse-Lew Tobin) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- God Bless Our Soldier Boys In Viet Nam (Hazel Erickson)
1030: Judy Layne -- I Have To Pray (Alice Britton) / In The Garden Of Creation (Gertrude Johnson-Betty Strickland)
1031: The Sunbeams -- I Fell In Love With One Of Satan's Angels (Johnnie E. Harris) / All Because Of You (James Pride)
1032: Rodd Keith -- Must I Forget / Judy Layne -- Why (both wr. Helen Zorkowski)
1033: Judy Layne -- Oh Me My Goodness (Paul Westbrook) / Same Old Feeling (J.L. Adams)
1034: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Telephone Call (Ruby Cox) / Sometime (Lucia Baker)
1035: Rodd Keith & Judy Layne -- Passenger Train Rock (Lino Lakey) / Judy Layne -- Shadows (Sik Ho Chak)
1037: Judy Layne & Rodd Keith -- Landslide On The Mountain Of Love (Florence Malott) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Would You Care For My Heart (John Ivazis)
1038: Judy Layne & Rodd Keith -- I Want To Tell You (Terry Huff-Gene Brooks) / The Sunbeams -- His Love Won't Last (Flora Ruiz)
1043: Judy Layne -- Take Time To Make Sure (Patsy Bridged) / Judy Layne & Rodd Keith -- You're Gonna Think About My Love (Douglas Benson)
1044: Terry Allen & The Flappers -- Zoot Suits / Rodd Keith -- Yellow Bag (both wr. Pedro Medalle)
1049: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Alone At A Table For Two (M. Carroll-G. Brooks) / Magic In Her Eyes (Cornell Coe, Jr.)
1050: Suzie Smith -- Imitation Flowers (Lyle R. Beaird) / It's Spring All Over Again (Anna Mae Sokol-Jimmy Rocco)
1051: Judy Layne -- Days Gone By (Earl Odom) / Rodd Keith -- Into My Dreams (Sievers-Carlson-Baxter)
1055: Rodd Keith -- What Happened (Jimmy Burns) / She's Gone Away (Henry Mabry)
1057: Rodd Keith -- This Is Goodbye (Gina Sefton) / I'm At A Loss For Words (Elliott Countess, Jr.)
1060: Rodd Keith -- Red Roses Of Summer (Helen Zorkowski) / Not Guilty (Christine Brewer-R. Keith)
1065: Judy Layne -- Explosion Love (C. Brunette-V. Marion) / Rodd Keith -- Don't Cry Darling (Thelma Angos)
1066: Rodd Keith -- I Still Love That Girl (Can You See?) (Lionel Phillips) / Sheridan (A.E. Stevens)
1067: Rodd Keith -- You're The Girl For Me (Frank F. Amodeo) / Cloud Nine (John Kelly IV)
1068: Rodd Keith -- Isn't It Enough (T. Hanaoka) / Unfaithful (James L. Day)
1069: Rodd Keith -- My Heart Is Empty And Blue (Helen Zorkowski) / It Happened Anyhow (Frona Rogers)
1074: Rodd Keith & The Go-Getters -- Great-A Big-A Blue Eyes / Go Go Girlie (both wr. Don Gaydick)
1076: Rodd Keith -- My Carolina Woman / The Singing Hills (both wr. Helen Selre)
1078: Rodd Keith -- I'm Going To Vietnam (P.V. Fay) / Island Of Love (Louis D. Wisner)
1087: Rodd Keith -- Let Jesus Lead (He Satisfies) (Mable Woods) / Faith And Prayers (Cramer-Carleton)
1088: Rodd Keith -- You're Just A Picture To Me (Ronald Perchard) / Poor Little Joe (Isaac King)
1089: Rodd Keith -- Forever (Lou Preti) / One Love (James Laymon)
1091: Rodd Keith -- Give Me Back My Letters (Perry Novak) / I Was A Fool (Roger Phillipp-Harry Ingers-Kenneth Ingers)
1092: Rodd Keith -- Oh, Oh, What A Girl (Bernice Thompson) / Bury Me Deep (Biki Baker)
1095: Rodd Keith -- Sawdust (Joseph E. Barrett) / The Sands Of Sebonay (Les Morris)
1096: Rodd Keith -- If I Didn't Have You (Freddie Jones) / Holiday (Alma Helen Flamey-Gene Brooks)
1097: Rodd Keith -- Memories Of Yesterday (Carl Mathew) / Get Wet (Nick Croshaw-Gene Brooks)
1098: Rodd Keith -- Would You Look For Me (Eva Y, Curnette) / My Heart And My Conscience (Sadie Round)
1099: Rodd Keith -- Here I Stand Alone (Joseph Lettuce) / Why Should I Cry (Rufus Holman)
1100: Rodd Keith -- I Loved Nancy (Conrad Abbott) / Los Angeles City Lights (Kenny Kelly) (handwritten: "Aug. 3 '66")
1101: Judy Layne -- Night Song For Dreamers (Irene O'Brien) / Dear Johnny (Mary Redman)
1102: Rodd Keith -- This Day Of Love (Al Starns-Ronald Buck) / Your Lover And Me (Waldell Clark)
1105: Rodd Keith -- Stars In Your Eyes (Katherine Martin) / Sea Of Sadness (Arturo Laulo)
1108: Rodd Keith -- That Eternal Flame (Frederic Harris) / Love Lost Miner (Samuel E. King)
1112: Judy Layne -- Where Are You Tonight (Candy Harris) / Just Sittin' And Waitin' (Anna M. Sievers)
1114: Rodd Keith -- Set Me Free (Stanley Martin) / Darling You're Still In My Heart (James H. Sherrod)
1115: Rodd Keith -- I Want You To Know (Ben Gazzaway) / I Cry And Cry (Russell Bija)
1116: Rodd Keith -- I'm Never Coming Back To You (Shelby Howell) / Just For You (Dolores Tackett)
1117: Rodd Keith -- Candy (John A. Hiles) / Your Silly Smile (Fred Birbarie)
1119: Rodd Keith -- My Shattered Dream (Jayne Seward) / Crazy Love (Garnette E. Smithe)
1120: Rodd Keith -- Touchdown War Dance / Tee-A-Wanna Tan (both wr. Austin Bailey)
1121: Rodd Keith -- Drifting Down The Mississippi (Issel-Hosey-Gordon) / Change My Ways (Ted Hanaoka)
1123: Scott Carr -- Ain't Turnin' Back / My Ship Did Not Return
1124: Milford Perkins -- Twenty Years Hard Labor (Dorothy LaPell-Rodd Keith) / I Fell In Love With One Of Satan's Angels (Johnnie Harris)
1125: Todd Baker -- Train I'm Riding (Baker-Garvin) / Storm Waves (Todd Baker)
1126: Judy Layne -- I Just Wanna Be Free (Chas. Latiolais) / A Little Girl From Shantytown (Herouart-Brooks)
1127: Rodd Keith -- Put Me Back In Your Dreams (Rosann Rooney) / Evergreen Shores (Higgs-Brooks)
1129: Rodd Keith -- I've Got Tears In My Eyes (James Hinton) / You'll Be All Right (William Owen-Bob Roberts)
1130: Honey Twins -- See How My Baby Dresses (Rhonda Willis) / Rodd Keith -- Space Song (Rose McCullough)
1133: Rodd Keith -- Oh Pretty Baby (Irene D. Rose) / Gone (Ruth Amor-Gene Brooks)
1135: Rodd Keith -- I Wanna Rock And Roll The Moon Back Home (Ray Simon) / You'll Cry (Sarah B. Jones)
1136: Rodd Keith -- Heartaches And Wishes (Betty Colson) / Here I Am Alone And Blue (Maxine Minkler)
1141: Rodd Keith -- Don't Leave Me (George King-Gene Brooks) / Loving You (Kenneth J. Fuhr)
1142: Rodd Keith -- Swingin Vines (Helen Fielder) / You Are Perfection (H.A. McEwen)
1143: Rodd Keith -- Our Go-Go World (Majore Cook Dodge) / All I Know (Ethel Jeffries)
1144: Rodd Keith -- A Little Quarrel / Rosa Lee (both wr. Rose Madaffri)
1145: Rodd Keith -- What Did I Do? (Jim Chalt, Sr.) / You Are My Love (Biki Baker)
1146: Rodd Keith -- Bye Bye (George Kovacs) / Don't Go Away (And Leave Me Broken Hearted) (Hugo Oberg)
1149: Rodd Keith -- Too Much In Demand (Marie Coss) / My Treasure (K. Crowe)
1150: Rodd Keith -- Blue Heartaches (Maude Bundy-Gene Brooks) / Nothing Matters But Your Love For Me (Riggs-Brooks)
1151: Rodd Keith -- Ever-Ready Man (Joseph Randolph) / Let's Go Savage You And I (Bob Davis)
1153: Rodd Keith -- How Could I Be So Blind (Perry Novak) / Exotic Woman (Douglas Thomas)
1155: Rodd Keith -- The Kokomo (Washington-Marsh-Lee) / You Must Be Out Of Your Mind (Robert Ramsey) (handwr. on label: "11-7-66")
1158: Rodd Keith -- You Make My Heart Tick (Margie Bish) / Wanted, Somebody (Millie McGee)
1159: Rodd Keith -- They Tell Me But I Don't Care (Benzed E. Lomax) / Something's Cookin' (Theodore Stokes)
1160: Rodd Keith -- The Rain (Joseph Barrett) / I Still Recall (Ted Hanaoka) (handwr. on label: "11-7-66")
1161: Rodd Keith --You -- They All Say You (Francesca Contessa) / Cry Upon My Shoulder (William A. Kellogg)
1162: Rodd Keith -- The Sway (Tom Bolden) / Come Sit Beside Me (Myrtle Lam-Lew Tobin)
1165: Rodd Keith -- The Watchin' Man (Hathaway-Pitts) / Love (Jabara-Marsh-Lee)
1168: Rodd Keith -- Blithely Now My Friend (James Spangler) / Sweet Cider (Mrs. John Sinnett)
1171: Rodd Keith -- Teenage Romance (Billie Sue Miller) / This Feeling In My Heart (Gilbert Joell) (handwr. on label: "11-28-66")
1172: Rodd Keith -- You're The Answer To All My Dreams (Marguerite Welty) / A Park Bench In The Rain (Eddie Fish)
1173: Rodd Keith-- Oh! What A Night (Alberta Ashworth) / Tell Me (Lillian Hawthorne-Gene Brooks)
1174: Sonny Marshall -- Dry Up Those Tears / Oh, Give Me Back My Cowboy Boots (both wr. Johnny Roberts)
1175: Rodd Keith -- Going Space Traveling (Jane Anita Khoo) / Roses, Beautiful Roses (Mrs. D.M. Raymer)
1176: Judy Layne -- I Still Worry About You (Dorothy Spence) / Rodd Keith -- Memory Lane (Florence Sallows)
1177: Rodd Keith -- A Little Bit Hasty (Hedy Parker-Betty Leister) / Wonder Why (Candy Harris)
1178: Rodd Keith -- Let Me Walk (Virginia Thomas) / Rodd Keith Singers -- Keeping Up With The Joneses (Madelon Cole) (handwr. on label: "11/28/66")
1179: Denny Miller -- Thought (William L. Carroll) / Why? (Wilma Trucke-Gene Brooks)
1180: Denny Miller -- I'll Never Release You (Gladys Baker) / Darling Forgive (Adolph Schmidt)
1181: The Downtowners -- Here Comes The Santa Claus Parade (Henry Wanda) / Mother-In-Law Tie Up Your Dog (Lina Lakey)
1182: Gene Marshall -- I Never Knew How (Ted Bolin-Gene Brooks) / Come Back My Love (Margie Lee Johnson-Anne Blocker)
1183: The Downtowners -- Every Kiss Goodbye (Grace Brainerd) / Moon Stand Still (Fern Baker)
1184: Milford Perkins -- The Vacant House (Alma Simpson-Gene Brooks) / My Mother (Elnora Sutphin)
1185: Milford Perkins -- Trouble (Leroy Powell) / That's What I Am (Bobbie Anderson)
1186: The Downtowners -- You Wouldn't Listen To Reason (T. Hanaoka) / All Is Fair In Love And War (Lani E. Hilton)
1187: Milford Perkins -- Love Is Not To Be Lonesome (Adolph Schmidt) / Rodd Keith & Keith Kwire -- What Is Love (Elise LeBeau-Gene Brooks)
1189: Rodd Keith -- You Don't Have To Alibi (Ethel Pitts) / It's You Again (Ray Simon)
1192: The Down Towners -- Christmas And Love (Angeline Benneman) / Sweetheart America (Josie Butera)
1196: Milford Perkins -- Come Back Into My Arms Again (Grace Brainerd) / Love Is Like A Diamond (Julia Pruett)
1198: Michael Brett -- The Memory Of Your Love (Doris C. Kinsley) / I'm Just A Lonely Dairy Boy (James Granville, Jr.)
1201: Rodd Keith -- Hopscotch (Michael A. Sullivan-Paul Miller) / Am I To Blame? (Fred Birbarie) ("September 30, 1966" stamped on sleeve)
1202: Rodd Keith -- Don't Stand There Idly Waiting (Robert Ramsey) / False Love (Carol St. Hilaire)
1206: Milford Perkins -- The Rainbow Roller Coaster (Mrs. Phillip LaDuke) / Teasin' Me (Chas. Weippert-Gene Brooks)
1207: Judy Layne -- Walking Softly (Hedy Parker-Betty Leister) / California Moon (Estella Beachboard)
1208: Rodd Keith -- I'm Standing At The End Of The Rainbow (Clarence M. Boness) / My Living Doll (Joseph Pugel)
1209: Rodd Keith -- Poor Old Heart (LaVee Anderson) / I Wish It Could Be Me (William Sandone)
1210: Judy Layne -- I Found My Love In The Arms Of A Stranger (Eleanor Hildebrand) / A Play Love (Germaine Bouveur)
1212: Rodd Keith -- The Sun Shines Tonight (Theodosia Palmer) / Rossann (Italo Iacch)
1215: Rodd Keith -- Oh, Baby, Don't Go (Henry Williams) / Since My Baby Left Me (Glenn Earl Johnson-Gene Brooks)
1216: Rodd Keith Singers -- Run, Darling, Run To Him (Sonny Guerra-Sharon Guerra) / Winter Time Is Snugglin' Time (Dorothy Lafayette)
1217: Rodd Keith -- Goodbye My Darling (Betty Stanley) / Why Don't You Sing A Happy Song (Yolanda Bridges)
1218: Rodd Keith -- Gonna Walk To Heaven (Donald McKinstry) / The Strength Of God (Pauline Jimerson)
1219: Rodd Keith -- Whirlwind (H.G. Rosenberg) / Cause My Heart Has Made Up Its Mind (Ward Wykoff)
1220: Rodd Keith -- Untrue Darling (Oscar L. Hart) / Satin And Lace (Gladys Hartman)
1221: Milford Perkins -- The Richest Man in Texas (Sulo Hellen) / I'm Just a Lonely Guy (Louella Bearden)
1222: Rodd Keith -- Too Late For Tears (Dorothy LaPell) / Don't Look Back Babe (Richard Barshinger)
1223: Rodd Keith -- A Little Bit Old (Robert Badon) / The Stars Were Wrong About You (I.M. McConnell)
1226: Judy Layne -- Door To My Heart (Alice C. Martin) / The Awakening Of Love (Hilda Boeckel)
1227: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Touch Me Not (Luther Robinson) / A Penny For Your Thoughts (Elmer Bell, Jr.)
1228: Downtowners -- Raindrops (Adolf Schmidt) / My Wife Ain't Lazy (Lindell Haley-Gene Brooks)
1230: Rodd Keith -- Sweetheart (Lucia Baker) / The Angel Of Love (Jesus Rodriguez)
1231: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- If You Were Mine (Don McKinstry) / Must I Forget (Marie Tamplen-Gene Brooks)
1232: Rodd Keith -- Sorry, Baby (Mary Karjula) / There Is Love Within My Heart (Maria Colluria) (note similarity of two song-poets' names)
1235: Rodd Keith -- This Little Flame (Bertha Grace Ashley) / My European Girl (Oaklie Douglas)
1236: Rodd Keith -- Forgive Me (Ozra Lee Womack) / Don't Laugh At Me (Floyd Vaughn-Gene Brooks)
1237: Keith Kwire -- Yesterday's Love (James Garitson) / Milford Perkins -- Blue Memories (Shirley Jenkins)
1239: Lindon Bridges -- My Heart Is Crying (Zelda M. Gulish) / Just As Sure As There Are Rainbows In The Sky (Shirley Chism-Gene Brooks)
1240: Judy Layne -- Too Young To Cry (Karla Lightle) / Why Don't You Take Me In Your Arms (Helen Secre)
1241: Rodd Keith -- Vietnam Sweetheart (Irana Dellar Hoffner) / Living High (Lester Bauers)
1242: Rod Keith & The Raindrops -- The Merry-Go-Down (Ray Bon Giorno) / I Have Lost Her (Whyley-Marsh-Martell)
1243: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Everybody Tremble (Mattie Ridgeway) / You Silly Clown (DJ Wayne Dennis Shin)
1244: Rodd Keith -- A New Song Is Born (Lee Taylor) / Darling, Darling, Darling (Keep Me) (Willie J. Smith)
1245: Rodd Keith -- A Thing Called Love (Mathew Brown) / Don't You Tempt Me (C.V. Botello)
1246: Rodd Keith -- Teardrops And Water (Paul Segura) / I Wonder Who's Holding Her (Bill Huey)
1247: Suzie Smith -- Teenage Soldier (George Harkness) / Foolish Heart (John Ledford-Gene Brooks)
1250: Rodd Keith -- Soft Brown Eyes (Cathie B. McDowell) / A Lover's Choice (Dudley C. Bradshaw)
1251: Rodd Keith -- Atomic Wise (George W. Peters) / Lost In Space (Lena Roy)
1252: Rodd Keith -- Why Do I Want You (Leon-Marsh-Lee) / My Wild Heart (Grace Brainerd)
1253: Rodd Keith -- Just Two More Years (Verdon C. Curtis) / Tears In My Heart (Ethel Bessette)
1254: Rodd Keith -- Two Different Worlds (Marie Garza-Gene Brooks) / There Was A Time (Norma Le Nova)
1255: Suzie Smith -- A Wishful Dreamer (Dorothy Kistner) / Rodd Keith -- You're My Baby Now (Grace Brainerd)
1257: Rodd Keith -- Ship Of Love (Rex Hodges-Gene Brooks) / Country Life (Gail Dobrywada)
1259: The Raindrops -- He's A Beast (Edna Blake) / Can You Dance A Polka? (Sylvester Ipsaro)
1261: Rodd Keith -- Dreams (Sophie D. Moss) / This Love I Have For You (Marie Cogburn)
1262: Rodd Keith -- Gloria (Douglas H. Tindall) / Slow It Down (Lee Roy Williams)
1263: Rodd Keith -- I'm Your Happy, Happy Guy (Grace Brainerd) / Loving You This Way (Edward C. Faith)
1264: Rodd Keith -- Wine Sweet Lips (Manuel Guinn) / When You Were Here (title is most likely a misprint, as Rodd clearly sings "wish you were here" throughout the song) (Norman Schnitzler)
1265: Rodd Keith -- Unspeakable Love (Margaret Balint) / Big Black Train (Roland Harralson)
1266: Rodd Keith -- Cancel My Order For Love (Thelma Dye) / Danny's Return (Fredrick Fargnoli, Jr.)
1268: Rodd Keith -- Mexico Blues (Alvin Eggie) / Night Club (Lindell Haley)
1269: Rodd Keith -- Neilida (Victor F. Morante) / Why Do I Go On Dreaming? (Glenna Mae Milam)
1270: Rodd Keith -- Without Your Love (Curtis Blake) / The Ballad Of Juan Rio (Juanito deDenny)
1272: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- You Don't Know (Al Perry) / Those Dreams Just Won't Stop (T. Hanaoka)
1274: Rodd & Suzie -- You'd Better Go (Martha Nunn) / Suzie Smith -- Jamie (Anthony Carangi)
1276: Rodd Keith -- Lost In Dreams (Ernie Rodimel) / Oh, Baby, Please (William Moore)
1278: Rodd Keith and the Raindrops -- The Oklahoma Sooner / Falling Teardrops (both wr. Newton LeMarr)
1280: Suzie & The Raindrops -- Good-bye My Soldier Good-bye My Love (Wesley S. Walker) / Suzie Smith -- The Key To My Heart (Martha Floyd-Edzell Lane)
1281: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Country Boy (David Nagele) / Suzie & Rodd -- I'm The Wife (Dolly O. Stech-Curran)
1284: Rodd Keith -- You're A Goddess-Queen Of Angels (Cleatus R. Cockram) / Johnny's Gotta Go (Darrell R. Zeisler)
1285: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Tomorrow Is Another Day (Artin Tellalian) / Rodd Keith -- The Angel Band (Ruby Land)
1286: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Goodnight (Curtis-Scerra-Susser) / Rodd Keith -- The Show Is Over (Barbara Thacker)
1287: Rodd Keith -- It's Love (Phyllis Carter) / Milford Perkins -- News Like This (Fred Furcht)
1288: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- I Love You So (Wilbert Johnson) / Strange Goddess (John S. Abiol)
1289: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- I Wish I Had Someone (Irene Jones) / Rodd Keith -- Sally (Ronald Platzner)
1290: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- I Cry And Cry For You (Geraldine Coffey) / A Shoulder To Cry On (Dorothy Hall-Lew Tobin)
1292: Rodd Keith -- It Was Only A Dream (William Herzog-Lew Tobin) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- It Means That You Love Me (Andy Solveno)
1293: Rodd Keith -- El Dorado (Paul Bostic) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- If I Had My Life To Live Over (Delbert Lee Morris) (handwritten on label: "8/67")
1294: Suzie Smith -- My Dreams (Ronald Adams) / Why Did We Meet Too Late? (Marquita M. Durden)
1296: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Jesus Is Your Friend (Myrtle Irene Walker) / Like The Lord Said (Robert Henderson-Gene Brooks)
1297: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Don't Feel That Way (Bessie Carolyn Love) / Your Dream Girl (Howard Hayward-Gene Brooks)
1298: Suzie Smith & Friends -- Mammaw (Nellie Riggs-Gene Brooks) / Suzie Smith -- If This Is Your Idea Of A Joke (Jennie H. Baldwin)
1299: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- You (Theodosia Palmer) / I Could Care (Grace Brainerd)
1300: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- October Smiles (Vera M. Graham) / Thoughts Of My Baby (Manuel Gwynn)
1302: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- A Letter To My Baby (Viola C. Middleton) / I Want A Love (Nugent E. Golden)
1303: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- My Pledge (Jean Marino) / He'll Answer You (Willie A. Green)
1304: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Spring Is Here (L. Clarkson) / Give Me Back That Lovely Feeling (Adolph E. Schmidt)
1305: Rodd Keith -- Lzy [sic] Lovin' Baby From New Orleans (Dave Totten-Bob Roberts) / Roses For You (Grace Brainderd)
1306: Rodd Keith -- Just A Touch Of Heaven (Paul G. Beshears) / Lost Soul (Lucia Baker)
1307: Jo Ann Page -- I've Been Waiting For You (Portia LePage-Bob Carleton) / My Disappointment (Ray Tailleur)
1308: Millicent Markee -- Don't Take A Chance (J. Andrews) / Hands Across The Sea (Ginger Scarbrough)
1309: Rodd Keith -- Star Lighted Heaven (Robert Collins) / Keith Kwire -- Let's All Hail America (Nellie Galotti)
1310: Rodd Keith -- Tear Drops (R.G. Houston) / Lonesome For You (Flossie Waltz)
1311: Rodd Keith Singers -- Song For Marie (Alan Peron) / Rodd Keith -- Been Everywhere (Henry Pritchard-Lew Tobin)
1312: Rodd Keith -- Broken Heart Strings / Love Songs Remind Me Of You (both wr. Newton LeMarr)
1313: The Raindrops -- Lovability (Trudy Bassler) / Rodd Keith -- I Left My Heart With You (Ed McDonald)
1314: Chick Sandone with Eddie Carter & The Sunset Ramblers -- That's Where I Want To Be With You / I Wish It Could Be Me (both wr. William Sandone)
1315: Nita Malone -- That's The Way It's Supposed To Be (James Hollis) / Rodd & Nita -- I'm Sorry We're Through (Preston Eugene McKart)
1316: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- We'll Be Happy (Richard Gross) / I'm Loaded With The Blues (Richard C. Young)
1317: The Downtowners -- This Gal (Paul Sights) / The Pink, Pink, Lady Of Malibu (William J. Quarry)
1318: The Downtowners -- Need Your Love / I Love Lovely Chinese Gal (both wr. Al Perry)
1319: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- I Know (Ethel M. Hancock) / I'll Never Hold You Again (Ozra Lee Womack)
1320: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Torment (Baltazar Pacheco, Jr.) / Sometimes-Someone (Ronald O. Chandler)
1323: Rodd Keith -- My Crying Heart (Guss Higgs-Gene Brooks) / The Secret In My Heart (Lila Lester)
1326: Rodd Keith -- Blue Bird (Billy R. Ford) / Sad Memories (Robert L. Collins)
1327: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Pulling In And Pulling Out (Jimmy Cannon) / Don't Throw My Love Away (Rosalie Madaffri)
1328: The Downtowners -- First Comes The Rain (Ron Puskarich) / They Were Wheeling And Dealing (John J. Chereck, Jr.)
1329: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- It Only Takes A Moment To Fall In Love (Louella O'Meal) / Rope Me A Good Looker (Robert Berg)
1330: The Marionettes -- I Want A Guy (Bertha Sampson) / Rodd Keith -- Tell Me Baby (Wilbert Johnson)
1331: Rodd Keith -- No Trespassing (Margaret Roedel) / The White Elephant Stomp (Dorene Lee)
1332: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- My One Desire (Kenelm Beach) / On My Way To New Orleans (Richard McGinnis)
1333: Rodd and Nita -- We Need Money (Lino Lakey) / Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Sandy (Fred Bordass-Gene Brooks)
1334: Rodd Keith -- I'm Sending You This Letter (Bob Hill) / Nothing Can Stop This Love Of Mine (Hugh McCoy Wilson)
1335: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Stop This Pain In My Heart (James West) / Nita Neely & The Raindrops -- Baby It Isn't Fair (Thurman Davis)
1336: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- A Trace Of Romance (Carlos Barford) / Love Is The Greatest Thing (Hayvert Collins-Caleb Collins)
1337: Rodd Keith -- I Left My Heart In Prayer (Oscar Shafer) / I Couldn't Get Away From Love (Melcenia E. Bunk)
1338: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Don't Wait Too Long (H.R. Jenkins-Gene Brooks) / Our Senators (Reynolds Amick)
1339: Jerry Britton & The Downtowners -- Lazy Old River (Al Doherty) / The Downtowners -- Baby, I'll Give It To You (Christopher Perry)
1340: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Lonely Nights (Danny Jackson) / The Stranger (John Hubbard, Jr.)
1341: Nita Craig -- If I Could Only Change Things (Lillie White-Gene Brooks) / I Have A Number (Vern Morehouse)
1342: Rodd Keith -- My Pipe Yellow Dream / Nita & Rodd -- Someday When The World Is Weeping (both wr. Helen Secre)
1343: Rodd Keith -- There Is No Maybe (Connie Frieburg) / Nita Craig -- Fantasy (Lena LaRue)
1344: Nita Newton & The Raindrops -- If I Could Only Change Things (Lillie White-Gene Brooks) / Rodd & Nita -- Jolly, Jolly, Santa Claus (Cleatus Cochran-Lew Tobin)
1345: Rodd Keith -- The First Time I Saw You (Julie Geisler Conklin) / Thanksgiving Day (Martha E. Nunn-Stewart O. Nunn)
1346: Rodd Keith -- You Taught Me (Coy Pearce) / Unlucky Me (Lulu M. Finn)
1347: Rodd Keith -- A Wonderful, Wonderful Love (Rhoda Johnson) / Spring On The Desert (Doris June Jeffcoat)
1348: Rodd Keith -- Set Up Two Glasses (Jay H. Parker) / Please Mister Postman (Mildred Kinder)
1349: Nita & Rodd -- Memories Of Mine (Paul Beshears) / Nita Lloyd -- Snow Bound (Charles Chism)
1350: Rodd Keith -- I Found You Under The Moonlight (C.C. McGowan) / Second Hand Love (Andrew J. Baker-Gene Brooks)
1351: Rodd Keith -- Louise The Girl Of The Golden West (Eddie Franklin-Lew Tobin) / Mother's Room (Eleanora Smalls)
1352: Downtowners -- Talk To Your Angel (Edelmire Leon Guzman) / Rick Russell -- I've Been Hurt So Many Times (C.B. Simon)
1353: Rodd Keith -- Say Goodbye And Go (Dorothy Laver) / Let It All Happen To You (J. Loveday)
1354: Rodd Keith -- June I Love You (Vincent Lewis Jr.) / The Wandering Man (Hovie E. Kruse)
1355: Rodd Keith -- Why (Millard J. Schwalm) / You're Leaving Me (Thomas Caserta)
1356: Rodd Keith -- I'd Give A Million (S.R. Lovell) / Go Fly A Kite (Chester Okulski-Edward Mergner)
1357: Rodd Keith -- Evening Shadows (Bill Huey) / We Kissed Goodbye (Alma Parker)
1358: Rodd Keith -- My Lovely Star / Reseda (both wr. Alan Peron)
1359: Milford Perkins -- At Your Door / Nita Thomas -- River Of Sadness (both wr. Nick Barnes)
1360: Rodd Keith -- Your Picture Doesn't Talk (Mel-Bea) / The Harp Waltz Played On (Nan Thomas)
1361: Rodd Keith -- I Love Him So (G. Hutchinson-J. Chas. McNeil) / You Are The One And Only One For Me (Herman Sanders)
1362: Rodd Keith -- Green Bermudas (Dwight Saul) / Too Late Now (Joe A. Baugher)
1363: Rodd Keith -- All Alone And Blue (Topsy Barr) / How Can A Man Overcome His Heartbroken Pain (James Fuller)
1364: Nita Thomas -- Golden Love (Betty Brown-Lew Tovin) (sic; this is clearly Lew Tobin) / Howard My Love (Edith O. Bittorf)
1366: Rodd Keith -- Tired Of Waiting (Lee MacKisey) / Every Woman Is A Star (Manuel Guinn)
1367: Rodd Keith -- I Dreamed Too Long Woke Up Too Late (Braxton King) / Another Lonely Day (John Gay-Gene Brooks)
1368: Rodd Keith -- Look, Look And See (Floyd Jasper Hardee, Jr.) / Rodd Keith -- Winds Of March (Walter Aiken)
1370: Rodd Keith -- Nobody Knows What Love Will Do (Lon Streator) / Friends Are Few (Eleanora Smalls)
1371: Rodd Keith -- I've Been Around (John E. Dowdy, Jr.-Lew Tobin) / I'm On My Way To Success (Ruth L. Temple)
1373: Rodd Keith -- The Green Bug (Jean Mollo) / Baby Talk (Louise J. Coleman)
1375: Rodd Keith -- That Brigh [sic] And Sunny Land (Myrtle Irene Walker) / Serenade To A Rag Doll (Layne Hollingsworth)
1376: Rodd Keith -- Pretty Boquet (Paul Beshears) / My Judy (Con Barth)
1377: Rodd Keith -- Coming Back To You (Thomas Whyley-Lew Tobin) / Trapped By Your Love (Fran Budny)
1378: Rodd Keith -- To The Person (Melchor Carnate, Jr.) / Jo Ann Albert -- Goodbye My Darling Goodbye (Marie Smith-Jack Covais)
1379: Rick Redman -- Alone And Blue (Grady Lusk) / Rodd Keith -- Happiness (Melcenia Carter Bunk)
1380: Rodd Keith -- Hilltop Love (Joseph A. Carmel) / No More Singing The Blues (Louis McKay)
1382: Rodd Keith -- I Got The Blues (Edith Rees) / I'm Lucky To Be Loved By You (Claude Bodden)
1383: Rodd Keith -- She's A Pretty Girl (Panfilo Di Matteo) / Trying To Make A Day (Noble D. Wilhoite)
1384: Dan Critchfield -- Out West Where You Belong (Mary Lou Blondheim) / Rodd Keith -- Surprise Me (Renaldo Ray)
1385: Rodd Keith -- Go To Her (William J. Doss) / Ding Dong Summer Love (Youngdale-Hosey-Gordon)
1386: Rodd Keith -- My Love Is True (J.W. Smith) / Ecstacy [sic] To Frenzy (John M. Kurzawa)
1387: Rodd Keith -- If This Is Love (Ray Bon Giorno) / So Glad I Came (Mona Williams)
1389: Bonnie Barnett -- What Difference Does It Make (Linn E. Nicholas) / What Happened (Willa Smith)
1391: Danny Dahrlin -- Shadows (John A. Granger) / Dreams Of Yesteryear (Loretta Doyle)
1393: Rodd Keith -- Turn Off Those Cheatin' Tears (George Prothero) / Chatterbox (Ben Claxton)
1394: Bonnie Graham -- Silver Wedding Song (Fred Cwynar) / I Confess (Otis Wilder)
1396: Bonnie Graham -- Happy Rain (Mamie Stinson Patterson) / Go On Crying (Ray Hanson)
1398: Bonnie Graham -- The Future Of My Heart (Nelda Radakovich) / I Need You (Betty Jane Hagen)
1399: Dan Monday -- Shattered (Elmer Dodrill) / Moonbeams On Your Shoulder (Rodney Hill)
1400: Bonnie Graham -- Been So Long Ago (Maurice Fritz) / Dan Monday -- Keep A Song In Your Heart (Harry P. Gullipher)
1401: Bonnie & Nita -- I Just Can't Go (T. Hanaoka) / I'm Never Late (Richardson-Marsh-Susser)
1402: Rood [sic] Keith -- The Eyes Have It (Manuel Guinn) / Rood [sic] Keith -- The Dream (Constance Dalton)
1403: Rood [sic] Keith -- Do The Turkey (Benny Green) / Bonnie Graham -- Come On Strong (Eugene Hall-Lew Tobin)
1404: The Downtowners -- Deep Inside Me / Rood [sic] Keith -- Great Fever (both wr. Paul Beshears)
1405: Rodd Keith -- Heaven Only Knows / What Good Is Love If We Are Through (both wr. Mary M. Johnson)
1406: Rodd Keith -- Those Dreams We Dreamed (H. Sampson) / Dan Monday -- Look At Me (Riley Bennett Jr.)
1407: Bonnie Graham -- I Just Knew In My Heart (Grace Brainerd) / Dan Monday -- Now We Have Thought It Over (James Granville, Jr.)
1408: Bonnie Graham -- Time Out For Tears (Floyd Golly) / I've Got The Blues (Elisha A. Horsey)
1409: Dan Monday -- Please Don't Forget Me (Carl C. Howell) / I'm Sorry I Ever Met You (Maggie Jones-Marsh-Lee)
1410: Dan Monday -- An Airplane Trip (Anthony Gerace) / I Am A Real American (Brother Curtis Joyner)
1411: Bonnie Graham -- The Love Trip (Carol L. Abbott) / The Lies That You Told Me (Edith Rees-Gene Brooks)
1412: Dan Monday -- Could I Ever Forget (Gladys Read Whipple) / Bonnie Graham -- Love (Verneal Kell)
1413: Bonnie Graham -- He's My Chocolate Baby (May Riddle) / Bonnie & Nita -- Dance With Me (H.P. Reddick)
1414: Bonnie Graham -- I Dream Of You (Minnie Richardson) / A Fool Am I (Breffni O'Rourke)
1415: Rodd Keith -- Bye Love (Marie Dobson Hagan-Lew Tobin) / As The Wind Blows (Robert Lamar Perry)
1416: Bonnie Graham -- One Night (Judy Kay Tygart) / He (Grace Brainerd)
1417: Rodd Keith -- Country Boy Blues (Jesse V. Crowe) / That's My Mission (Robert E. Rose)
1418: Nita & Bonnie -- The Graveyard Rock (Ash-Marsh-Susser) / Bonnie Graham -- Tiny, Tiny Heart (Ray Hanson)
1419: Bonnie Graham -- My Part Of The Game (Wayne Fordham) / Forever (Willie F. James)
1420: Dan Monday -- It's The Same Old Song (Don Rainey) / Just Drifting With The Times (Minnie Kuckelman)
1421: Dan Monday -- Darling I Ain't Coming Back Home (Robert E. Farris-Gene Brooks) / Downtowners -- Speak Right Up (Albert B. Cannon)
1422: Rodd Keith -- My Dream (Marion T. Pine) / I Met An Angel Outside Of Heaven (Fred Siegle)
1423: Rodd Keith -- To Drive Her From My Mind (Lynn Bell) / I've Come Back To Your Arms (Caviness-Brooks)
1424: Rodd Keith -- Real Old Yankee Doodle Dandy (Rex Schafer) / In Memorial (Charles Bergstrom)
1425: Rodd Keith -- You're Leaving Me (Thomas Caserta) / Dan Monday -- Tears In The Chapel (George Kristof)
1426: Rodd Keith -- She Loves Like Crazy (Frank Sereno) / Great Big Case Of Love (Lucille Stewart)
1427: Bonnie Graham -- Moonlight In Paradise (Joseph A. Jackman) / Gardenia (Halyard)
1428: Rodd Keith -- You And I (Sharon Davis) / Mother's Love (Louise Roulett)
1429: Beulah Hayes -- My Love Is Here For You (Steve Chambers) / It's A Lonely Road (Ruth Jean Brown)
1430: Don Sanford -- Lillie Lee (Lilyan McKelvey) / The Beat Of Pagan Passion's Call (Carol Abbott)
1431: Dan Monday -- A G.I. Pledge (L.C. Simmons) / General Custer's Story Remains Legend (Susan Howard)
1432: Rodd Keith -- Where Is The One (Karla Lightle) / Dan Monday -- Mary Rita (Verna Mariana)
1433: Bonnie Graham -- Ode To Love (Ronald L. Rose) / Be Honest (Andrew Scruggs)
1434: Bonnie Graham -- Don't Come Back (Anne Milewski) / Sweetheart Steve (Jessie Davidson-Gene Brooks)
1435: Rodd Keith -- Realization (Richard Hagen) / I Got To Have All Your Love (Hugh McCoy Wilson)
1436: Rodd Keith -- This (Michael Christian) / Marchita (Lon F. Stafford)
1437: Alan Poe -- The Beautiful Iris Of Tennessee (June Sweet) / Will You Be There? (Willie Davis Stranger)
1438: Bonnie Graham -- Listen-Listen (Frank O. Foreman-Gene Brooks) / Train Of Destiny (Aurelio Martellacci)
1439: Alan Poe -- Week End Man (Beatrice Williams) / I Want My Soul To Rest (Emma C. Hunter)
1440: Rodd Keith -- Under The Old Hickory Tree (Cora E. Kibler) / My Loving Wife (Lidda Everhart-Gene Brooks)
1441: Rodd Keith -- Back Again And I Don't Know Why (Grace Brainerd) / Pick-O'-The-Pack (Orleta Smither)
1442: Alan Poe -- Love On A Saturday Night (Willie Edwards) / Mini Girl (Charles Winston)
1443: Rodd Keith -- That's Livin' (Golda Duncan-Gene Brooks) / Just An Evening Dear With You (Al Doherty)
1444: Rodd Keith -- I Am All Alone (Susie McKanney) / The Lord Holds His Hand (Herbert H. Rublack)
1445: Rodd Keith -- Stroll Through The Wild Flowers (Esther Alexander) / The Mountain Bear (Elizabeth Smith)
1446: Alan Poe -- A Beautiful Serenade (Bernice Zolck) / Bonnie Graham -- I'll Always Remember (Patricia Enill)
1447: Rodd Keith -- You Didn't Care (Katherine Rosenfelt) / A Touch Of Romance (Theodore Swinson)
1448: Rodd Keith -- My Little Crying Machine (Richard Olson) / My Woman And Love (Sam Piizzi)
1449: Rodd Keith -- I'm Not Lonely Any More (Kenneth M. Smithers) / Time (Edward Mergner-Chet Okulski)
1450: Rodd Keith -- Do The Pig (Jessie James Reed, Jr.) / Shadow Of Love (Manila Rowe)
1451: Rodd Keith -- His Hills And I (Tillie Furbee) / Dry All Your Tears (Loretta Doyle)
1452: Rodd Keith -- In The Springtime Of Our Love (George K. Harrigan) / Don't Pin Your Dreams On A Rainbow (Winona O'Byrne)
1453: Rodd Keith -- You Only Want To Hurt Me (Elmer Jordan, Jr.) / It's Over-It's Done (Biki Baker)
1454: Bonnie Graham -- T.V. Love (Ella Hickok) / Rodd Keith -- Life Of A Trucker (Edward Miles)
1455: Alan Poe -- That Smile (Gus Engelking) / Rodd Keith -- Cold Night (John Bacon-Thelma Parker)
1456: Dan Monday -- Forever Loving You (Clarin Tribodeaux) / The Thrill Of Love (Cecil J. Mathews)
1457: Alan Poe -- The Love Goddess (R.C. Crossland) / Coal Haul Blues (Doris C. Allen)
1458: Alan Poe -- Daddy Light A Candle (Thelma C. Cannon) / Come Back To Me -- Come Back To Me (Ruth Tarchala)
1460: Dan Monday -- I've Cried Those Tears (Brogdon-Jimp) / Rodd Keith -- Because Of A Broken Heart (Carlos Woolen)
1462: Bonnie Graham -- Little Doggie (Gladys Sapp) / Comes The Lonliness [sic] (Al Perry)
1465: Alan Poe -- She'll Never Kiss Me Again (Marie Krasnosis) / Sweet Ginny (Alfred M. Fulton)
1467: Alan Poe -- Every Kiss, Every Tough [sic -- prob. should be 'Touch'] (James A. Gilmore) / Of Every Skin (C.N. Flower, Jr.)
1468: Rodd Keith -- Cry A Little Tear For Me (Ray Cherry) / Lady Of Pleasure (Ivan Edwards)
1469: Rodd Keith -- She's A Naughty, Naughty Baby (Eddie Sikora) / Locked In My Heart (Ela W. Holley)
1470: Alan Poe -- More Than One World In Love (J. Henry Autry Jr.) / Crazy Dreams (Claude De Herrera)
1471: Dan Monday -- Just One Step Behind You (Virgie Bohanon) / Looking For Love (James Bailey)
1473: Rodd Keith -- Standing There (Mary E. Richard) / Baby Let's Not Grow Old (Freddie R. Fultz)
1474: Bonnie Graham -- Let's Fall In Love Again (Francis M. Mutale) / Just A Bit Old Fashioned (F.H. Tucker)
1475: Teri Marsh -- The Jacks And Jills (Victor D. Harris) / Rodd Keith -- Desert Sand (Verna Dunn)
1476: Rodd Keith -- The Girl I Once Knew (Odin Bremseth) / Think Of Me (Percy Fahie)
1477: Rodd Keith -- These Are The Things (Herbert Johnson) / I'm In Love With An Angel (W.O. Hicks)
1479: Rodd Keith -- Playboy's Paradise (Edna C. Bontrager) / Take Two Lips (Walter C. Rhoades Sr.) (handwritten on label: "12/1/68")
1481: Alan Poe -- Snow Will Fall (Joseph Zenone) / Tell Him Baby (Michael Moore)
1483: Freddie Flagg -- You're The One I Wanted (Alberta Belin) / The Wonder Of You (Gus Kraus)
1484: Alan Poe -- Dance Jimmy Dance (Thelma Wilson) / There's A Great Time Coming (Hazel Culbertson)
1485: Terri Marsh -- Bones (Rosie Graham-J. Daffa) / Rodd Keith & Terri Marsh -- It's Raining (Milford Headley)
1486: Rodd Keith -- Don't You Ruin Mr. Moon (Maurice Mayes) / This Must Be The Real Thing (H.A. Coleman)
1487: Alan Poe -- To / Lovely (both wr. Annie F. Foreman)
1488: Randy Rudolph -- Nobody, But Nobody (Jordan Fountain, Jr.) (Sue Carlson-John Baxter) // What Is Love (Jessie M. Nord)
1490: Alan Poe -- Wouldn't It Be Wonderful (Daniel E. Stelli) / Tears And Time (Nathan Holt)
1491: Rodd Keith -- If I Don't Have You (Doug Smith) / Dan Monday -- A Guy A-Looking For Love (William Johnson)
1492: Alan Poe -- Luster Galore (G.A. Bamisendu) / Pain, Pain, Pain (Susie Gettis)
1493: Alan Poe -- Jealous Heart (Laura McCameron) / Sweet Tomorrow (Jack J. Dixon)
1494: Alan Poe -- I've Been Thinking Blues (Howard H. Edwards) / I Am Not Going To Be Your Fool (Willie Batchelor)
1495: Rodd Keith -- Somewhere Someone Waits (Ethel Lawson) / 'Til I Die (Bill Bolerjack)
1496: Rodd Keith -- Kim (Wes Oakland) / Terri Marshall -- Darling Please Come Home (Doris C. Allen)
1497: Jerry Carr -- How Long Should A Dream Last (Smokey Heydorn) / Love Turned Me On (Tony Crocco-Lew Tobin)
1498: Dan Monday -- Pretty Girl (G. Marianna Connors) / Follow The Stars (Magdalene E. Martell)
1499: Freddie Flagg -- Why Can't It Be Me (Grace Brainerd) / Just Don't Want To Cry (James L. Harris)
1500: Terri North -- All Alone (Melissa Qualey-Lou Frohman & T. Quigley) / Humming, Buzzing Sound (Lanora Smith)
1502: Nita Thomas -- Too Young For A Broken Heart (Ray H. Baird) / Dan Monday -- That Beautiful Land Of Texas (Nina Kampmeier)
1503: Freddie Flagg -- This Moment (Norman Lee-Lee Duskin) / A Little Bit Of Heaven (Mildred B. Harrison)
1504: Randy Rudolph -- Magic Charms (L.C. Simmons-Marsh-Susser) / Freddie Flagg -- Judy (Joseph MacMillen)
1505: Alan Poe -- Brave Young (Helmuth) / Ain't Got Nobody (Exie Hart)
1506: Eddie Carter & The Sunset Ramblers -- Railroad Stomp (Eddie Carter) (other side unknown; from Rockabilly Hoodlums, vol. 2 compilation CD)
1508: Dan Monday -- Love In Your Heart (Ruby Seamark-Lew Tobin) / First Turn Left On The Moon (Durward Beard)
1511: Alice Landry -- Yours With Love (Joan Williams) / Dan Monday -- Darling Lets Make Amends (Joseph Beauregard)
1513: Bonnie Britton -- My Land (Ivan Bajan) / Kissin' Kinfolk (Lorene Schwab-Carlson-Baxter) (Note: the two sides are by two different "Bonnie Britton"s)
1515: Alan Poe -- Why (Kinchen Britt) / Terri Tyler -- A Sweet Song (Lavone)
1516: Teri Marshall -- The Things They Say (Jacky Johnson) / Rodd Keith -- You Changed My Life Completely (Ali Fiumedero)
1517: Dan Monday -- Just One More Time With You (Maedora Spring) / Bonnie Graham -- Keep Your Love Locked (Robbie Hunsucker)
1518: Rodd Keith -- I Want You (Christopher Coladuer) / Don't Treat Me Nice (Felipe Espino)
1519: Rodd Keith -- My Crying Heart (Kay Cole-Jay Cole) / My Imagination (Peter R. Beyerinck)
1520: Jerry Costa -- A Card For Christmas (Anna J. Pless) / The Raindrops -- Among My Memories (Jacob Sallo)
1521: Dick Burton -- Dancing Doll (Florence Hamelin) / Let's Do It Again (Esther Edens)
1522: Randy Rudolph -- Ho, I Got To Find You Baby (Leon Davis) / Angel Face (Grace Brainerd)
1523: Bonnie & Paul -- My Love (Danny Ray Oaks) / Alan Poe -- Ride (Bessie F. Gillis)
1524: Teri Jackson -- I Can't Take It (Della Me Cole-Gene Brooks) / You Got It Baby (Elysano H.W. Jansen)
1525: Rodd Keith -- The Mini Skirt Fad (Roy Kindall Clardy) / Waiting For The High Tide (John Slusser)
1526: Rodd Keith -- Heart To Heart Talk (Wm. & Alta Mae Buchbinder) / My Love Is A Lonesome Thing (Alyce McCartney-Rodd Keith)
1527: Fred Boswell -- A Cabin By The Stream (Lloyd F. Cooper) / You May Search And Search (Barry Jennings)
1528: Dan Monday -- Bobby (J. Adrain Kennedy Medure) / Rodd Keith -- Si-Rocco (Halyard)
1529: Randy Rudolph -- Untrue Love (Ray Gustin-Elizabeth Funk) / I'm Glad I'm Who I Am (P.G. Bradley)
1530: Fred Boswell -- A Solid Rock (Lenore Hannemann) / I'm In Heaven When I'm In Dreamland (Mabel Henriksen)
1531: Dan Monday -- Come And Dance With Me (Norman Lee-Lee Duskin) / Because Of The Way I Feel (Emojean Monson)
1532: Rodd Keith -- I Will Try (Robert Sarrazin) / Same Way About Me (Joe Chavez)
1533: Rodd Keith -- Welcome Back (George Valentine) / Fred Boswell -- I Just Can't Take It Any More (Clifton Cummings)
1534: Beverly Adams -- Beyond The Rainbow (Betty J. McIlwain) / Rodd Keith -- Only Fools Are Lonely (Gerald L. Dunham)
1538: Dick Mason -- The Dream (Daniella Santiago) / Jerry Martin -- Love At First Sight (Mary Mincheff)
1542: Dick Mason -- What Is Love (Phillip Cota, Jr.) / When You're Away From Me (Sam Piizi)
1544: Teri Mathews -- Oh My Honey (Oliver Rostick) / This Book Has Three Kisses (Arthur Ebel)
1547: Fred Hamilton -- A Star Alone (Hazel Boren) / The Downtowners -- Among My Memories (Jacob Sallo)
1549: Rodd Keith -- What Happened To You (Harry J. Rose) / I'm Leaving (Donald Hoffman) (autographed by Harry J. Rose)
1551: Teri Mathews -- I'll Gather Happiness (Helen Heath) / Dick Jones -- Sweet Soul Baby (Harry E. Smullen)
1554: Randy Rudolph -- I Kept A-Knocking (Annie Douglas) / Dark Corners Of Confusion (Sam D. Caldwell)
1559: Jerry Lee -- Tears Into My Eyes (Pearline B. Garner) / Margaret (Margaret Futas)
1561: Jerry Lee -- Whispering Raindrops (Naomi Grabus) / Rodd Keith -- Here Time Comes (Roger A. Johnson-Gene Brooks)
1562: Kris Arden -- It's Hard To Cry / Makes My Heart Stop Flopping Around (both wr. Walter Greenlaw)
1563: Linda Dahrling -- Poor Little Sparrow (Mary Emily Brink) / God Bless You (Maurice L. Christian)
1564: Fred Flagg -- What Have I Done To Lose You (Robert Stevens-Geoffrey Balckmore) / Free Again (Nilde Bingham)
1568: Rodd Keith -- Sweetheart Nioma (William M. Kelly) / When I'm Gone (Elbert Howlin-Gene Brooks)
1570: Rodd Keith -- Obey Your Heart (M.J. Hinton) / My Dear Honey Lulu (Otto Marks)
1572: Alice Landry -- The Moment (M. Jackson-S. Marsh-T. Lee) / Linda Lacey -- Coffee Pot Song (Helena Paris)
1573: Fred Flagg -- You Little Trouble Maker (Earl D. Breitbarth) / Cooky Kid (Peggy Ann Westlund)
1575: Rodd Keith -- A Darling Maiden (John A. Billups) / Tangle Of Love (Joseph Zenone)
1576: Rodd Keith -- A Lot Of Lovin' (Bernice G. Zolck) / Baby You're Just A Lovin' Thing (Herbert Lewis)
1578: Fred Flagg -- Bridges Are Made To Cross (Dudley Bryan) / As Much As I Do (Victor Attard)
1579: Fred Flagg -- Why Do I Love You As I Do (Rudolph Vickers) / Rock My Baby To Sleep (Helen Watson)
1580: Fred Flagg -- You Go Your Way-I'll Go Mine (Mamie Justice) / Baby Let's Go (Vernon E. Torian)
1582: Rodd Keith -- How Can I Wait (Daisy Grant) / Falling In Love With My Shadow (Victor Wall)
1584: The Gospels -- O Jesus My Saviour (Wilhrlmina [sic] Talbot) / The Laredos -- Saucers In The Sky (Neill Lidholm) (A-side feat. Rodd & Teri; B-side is led by Rodd)
1585: Fred Mercer -- Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (David Brown) / Turn The Lights Off (Mike Sullivan)
1587: Ron Perkins -- All You Really Need Is Love (Edward Schimpf) / A Joke (Lillian Hoppes)
1592: Edith Thompson -- You Pick The Next One (Dorothy Randle Clinton) / The Ninth Commandment (Mrs. John D. Vanderwaters)
1593: Rodd Keith -- The Pratt City Blues (Andrew Scruggs) / Ron Perkins -- When My Baby Starts To Bawl (M. Ibrahim)
1594: Fred Hastings -- Left Over Love (Evelyn Wandry) / My Dream (Virginia L. Harris)
1595: Fred Hastings -- What Goes On In Lover's Lane (Harry Mohamed) / Golden Sunset (Herman Dougherty)
1596: Fred Hastings -- Los Angeles (Manuel L. Lemes) / Springtime (Ronella M. Hanger)
1597: Ron Miller -- Early One Morning (H. McCuller-G. Brooks) / A Fool Will Never Change (Leon Kidd)
1598: Fred Hastings -- Oh Friend Of Mine (James M. Sweet) / The First Kiss (Willie Winkler)
1599: Rodd Keith -- American Peace March (Henry Volz) / The Love Of Jesus (Virginia Thomas)
1600: Donald Perkins -- I Tried You For My Love (Harold High) / Edie Grant -- The Ways Of A Fool (Fred Stewart)
1602: Fred Hastings -- Here's To The One I Love (Sizemore-Brooks) / My Secrets (Henry O. Oliver)
1603: Dan Monday -- You're On My Mind (Carlos Barford) / Rodd Keith -- Someday (Lorenzo Myers & Gene Brooks)
1604: Marilyn Myles -- The Only One (Rudell Grissett) / Millicent Millard -- Say When (Robert H. Paice)
1607: Ronald Dorsey -- Miss Dottie Jane (Margaret Adams) / Am I Loving You Right (Nathaniel Biddings)
1612: Fred Marshall -- My Valley Of Tears (Edward Gaudet) / Ronald Dorsey -- Hollywood Town (Michael Molkenthine)
1616: Ona Ray Scott -- I'll Always Love You (Richard and Ona Ray Scott) / Dan Munday -- Candy (Leon Autrey)
1619: Ron Randall -- Goodbye, Woman, Goodbye (Roy Lewis Jr.-Lew Tobin) / Pete Harper -- Take My Hand And Walk Beside Me (Fred J. Miller)
1620: Gene Gantry -- Song Of Laughter (Mrs. Sigourney Jones) / My Days (Joan Murphy)
1626: Gene Marshall -- Love Flows Like A River / Pete Harper -- He Brought Joy To My Soul (both wr. Pinky Williams)
1628: Doris Pickett -- Ache-Ache-Ache (Mary Montgomery) / Beneath The Moon (Herbert Coleman)
1629: Gene Marshall -- Goodbye My Dear (Nellie Chenalloy) / The Trip (Barbara P. Thompson)
1630: Gene Marshall -- Come Dance With Me (Katherine Castelani) / Mozel (Larry Goldberg)
1631: Fred Fountain -- From Here In My Heart (Robert J. Okruhlik-G. Brooks) / Millicent Millard -- Open Heart (Myrtle Louise Sweet-E. Susser-S. Marshall)
1632: Gene Marshall -- Down By The Old Blue River (Karl Cadell) / Take Care Of Your Homework Woman (Joseph Clark)
1634: Pete & Pam -- Here And Now (Raymond Johnson) / Robie Russell -- Put Your Paycheck On The Table (Betty M. Lee)
1635: Gene Marshall -- This World Was Planned (Willie T. Hayes Jr.) / I'm Afraid Of Losing You (Edward J. Lynch)
1637: Gene Marshall -- Crazy Bargain Baby (Neil Kucera) / Goldie (Roy Melsha)
1638: Gene Marshall -- America (Marie Tedsen) / My Heart Is Breaking (Blanda J. Steigner)
1639: Gene Marshall -- All You Ever Did Was Tear Me Down (Mary Houchins, Jr.) / Thinking Of You (Joe Anderson)
1640: Gene Marshall -- Loving Each Other (Robert Donald) / Born Loser (Robert Anjeski)
1641: Barbara Foster -- You Don't Care / There Is Never A Day (both wr. Helen Zorkowski)
1642: Gene Marshall -- Dig, Dig, Girl (Donaldson Alves) / When You Darling (Valenti-Marsh-Lee)
1643: Barbara Foster -- He's A Mighty Good Man (Fairey Bell-Gene Brooks) / But That Was A Long Time Ago (Margarette Sloan)
1644: Rood [sic] Keith -- Dreaming By My Side (Ida May Gillan) / Gene Marshall -- Memories Of Seville (John A. Graham)
1648: Fred Flagg -- My Own Home State (Barnett-Marsh-Susser) / Gene Marshall -- I Had A Dream (Javier Esparza)
1650: Barbara Foster -- I Didn't Want To Fall In Love / Gene Marshall -- We've Gotta Go To The Moon (both wr. Grace Brainerd)
1652: Gene Marshall -- Are You Coming Over For Dinner On Christmas Day (Jacob Sallo) / Going To The Moon (Lino Lakey)
1657: Gene Marshall -- Elaine / American Girls (both wr. Willie Winkler)
1663: Fred Flagg -- Roses (Josephine Bourke) / Don Perkins -- No Time For Romance (Velma Samuels)
1664: Gene Marshall -- Hello Sweet Barbara / It's Clock Time (both wr. Fred L. Smith)
1666: Barbara Foster -- Love And Kisses (Jeanette Shuttleworth) / That's When Your Heartaches Begin (E. Quattrocelli)
1667: Gene Marshall -- Just Another Guy (Ozro Lee Womack) / Velvet (E. Ewing Deets)
1669: Gene Marshall -- Footsteps On The Moon (Jack Loewen) / I Can't Make You Cry (George H. Pass)
1674: Gene Marshall -- Another Tomorrow (Julia Haugen) / Transplanted Heart (Georgia Kalb)
1678: Barbara Foster -- Somewhere There's True Love For You (Hughes-Marsh-Lee) / Burning Flames (Lillie Mae Wiggins)
1686: Barbara Foster -- Loving In My Heart (Marie Petteway) / San Clemente's Not The Same (Myron Ace)
1687: Gene Marshall -- Hitch Your Wagon To The Moon (Tina J. Murray) / Love Is For You And Me (Grace Brainerd)
1690: Richard Flagg -- Love, Oh Love (Orthnell Morris) / Fred Simmons -- My Secrets (Ella Hickok)
1691: Gene Marshall -- Walk The Street (John P. Smith) / Outer Space (Clara Adams)
1692: Barbara Foster -- You Turned Me Up-side Down (Willie Pearl Lennox) / Georgia In June (W.L. Aechternacht)
1693: Gene Marshall -- Do You Want To Be My Baby? (Bridges-Womack-Susser-Marsh) / Barbara Foster -- This Time (Willie H. Brown)
1698: Frank Keating -- Giant Mines (Martin Kolenko) / Yesterday's Raindrops (Mrs. Lee Scott)
1699: Frank Keating -- I Work For You / About Your Love (both wr. Edgar H. Jordan)
1700: Gene Marshall -- The Bowling Song (Frank J. Kammetler) / Irishman's Haven (Clarence E. Burr)
1701: Gene Marshall -- A Love That's Merely A Dream (Walter N. Scott) / The Young Generation (Sam Piizii)
1702: Barbara Foster -- One Way Or Another (Joe Wallace) / My Man (Mary Axline)
1704: Frank Keating -- Rose Behind The Bar / Mother's Day (both wr. Phillip A. Daugherty)
1705: Ronald Drake -- I'm So Tired (Enola Neville) / Gene Marshall -- Stormy Winds (William E. Bute)
1706: Gene Marshall -- Viet Nam (Erna Deveau) / Because You're So Nice (John Barna)
1707: Gene Marshall -- Once My Own (K. A. Barton) / Do It While You Can (Martin Massey)
1713: Gene Marshall -- Angry Words (Helen Nedrow) / Darling I'm Crying Over You (Truman Manning)
1714: Joan Oliver -- Temporary Love (Willie H. Brown) / Gene Marshall -- Sharyn (Raymond Takemoto)
1715: Gene Marshall -- Scars On My Heart (Wilberene Allen) / I Need You (Kenneth Sweeney)
1721: Ken Roberts -- Do Me Mister Buddy (Vince Rich-Gail Simms) / Generation Gap (Robert Brewer)
1723: Barbara Foster -- My Loved One (Christine Brooks) / Black Man (Mott A. Wells-Lew Tobin)
1725: Ken Roberts -- Dreamy Green Eyes (Dorothy Kubiak) / Who Was It Walking In My Dreams (Lillian Cate-Gene Brooks)
1727: Gene Marshall -- Let It Be Honey (Paul Sights-B. Micucci) / Life's A Dream (Carolyn Grant)
1736: Gene Marshall -- I Don't See Why (Edith Hopkins) / Lovely You-Please Say Yes (Sidney Hooper)
1737: Ken Roberts -- Memories (George Kelly) / Gene Marshall -- We Are The Men Counting Sheep (Joshua Watson)
1738: Gene Marshall -- Wild Oats In Clover (Bert L. Kile) / Grow Young With Me (Katherine Hanford)
1739: Gene Marshall -- Nurse, Nurse (Waskey Walls) / You Made Me Blue (George Coleman)
1741: Gene Marshall -- I'll Come Back To You (Gerald Edison) / I Love You, Oh I Love You (Carol Symms-Dorothy Symms)
1742: Barbara Foster -- Sunnie (V.C. Childs) / Gene Marshall -- How Lucky Can A Country Boy Be (Lewis R. Buchanan)
1743: Gene Marshall -- Are You Ashamed? (Joseph E. Boehm) / You Just Don't Know (Smith Pettiford)
1745: Pete Harper -- Since My Baby Left (O'Neill McPherson) / Ken Roberts -- Keep Walking On (Fred Kaempfer)
1746: Gene Marshall -- Green Bottles -- Blue Bottles (Carole C. Ward) / I Wish I Had Never Met You (Rose Lowe)
1748: Gene Marshall -- You're Not My Type / God's Skyways
1750: Barbara Foster -- The Way To Hold Your Man (Susie C. Lewis) / The Mailman's Task (Beulah Wheeler)
1753: Gene Marshall -- Lovers the Greatest Thing (Jeanine Weed) / Echoes So Far Away (Arturo J. Pamaong)
1755: Dorothy Caldwell -- You're Too Late (Ora Mae Stearns) / Ken Roberts -- She's Got Everything (Leon C. Howard)
1762: Gene Marshall -- Dear One (Grace Brainerd) / Love Me Now (S.L. Evans)
1765: Gene Marshall -- Black Is Beautiful (Clifton Moore) / Remember You (Willie F. James-Gene Brooks)
1766: Ron Perkins -- The Game Of Love (H.A. Coleman) / Barbara Foster -- Please Let Me Go (Louise Moore)
1768: Gene Marshall -- Honky Tonk Devil (Emma Buck) / Shut Up And Quit Talking (Dianne Foster)
1770: Gene Marshall -- Goodbye Sweetheart (George Pickard) / I'm Sorry (Chris Milo)
1771: Gene Marshall -- Love (Lee Brookside) / Little Twinkle Starlight (Othelo J. Landry)
1773: Gene Marshall -- The Faded Coat Of Blue (Rev. Alva P.J. Amann) / Doing The Wagon-Na-Gal (V.C. Childs)
1774: Gene Marshall -- World Of Tomorrow (Alice Fajardo) / Evelyn Christmas (James Wilson Jr.)
1775: Gene Marshall -- I Just Can't Live This Life Any More (Stanley Karas, Jr.) / Men Of The Three One One (Tom Roets)
1776: Gene Marshall -- The Christmas Party (John Rozsa) / The Deer Hunters (Lula Mae Cora) ("worst fidelity ever; nearly unlistenable")
1777: Gene Marshall -- Cruising On My Motorbike (Harold Owens-Bob Roberts) / Prayer For Jamey (Havelyn Sing)
1778: Barbara Foster -- The Moon Bug (Sophie Hodge) / Just A Lonesome Maid (Sadie D. Brown)
1781: Gene Marshall -- Someday I'll Find A New True Love (Emma O. Huffman) / Ken Roberts -- Blueprints On My Heart (Sharon L. Wilkie)
1782: Ken Roberts -- I Don't Really Care Anymore (Geneva Munday) / House Divided (Betty Jackson)
1784: Gene Marshall -- It's Up To You (William J. Roberts) / Walk The Streets Of Happiness (Al Monday-Mike Rodgers)
1785: Barbara Foster -- Who Does God's Work Will Get God's Pay (Adelaide Ridgely-Gene Brooks) / He's The Best Guy (Anita Sherman)
1789: Gene Marshall -- Everything Is So Beautiful (Eustace Morton) / I'm Tired Of Being Hurt (Royal D. Hylton-Gene Brooks) (handwr. on label: "Feb. 71")
1798: Gene Marshall -- Put A Little Love In Your Heart / Mini Lailoni Of The Phillipines (both wr. D.L. Connell)
1801: Gene Marshall -- If I Had The Power (Limuel Arthur, Sr.) / We Can't Pretend Anymore (Daniel Rojas)
1806: Gene Marshall -- A Hui Hou Kaua (Until We Meet Again) (Pearl Martufi) / Come Fly (John Hearn)
1807: Gene Marshall -- Let's Get Acquainted / Our Future And Plans (both wr. Raymond Moberly)
1808: Gene Marshall -- My Poor Pancho (Alice Fajardo) / Just A Man (Edwin E. Robinson)
1810: Gene Marshall -- Too Busy (Ina Blanchard) / You For Me--The Only Girl (Elsie Miller)
1819: Jerry Armstrong -- Gypsy Heart / Ken Roberts -- There's A Reason (both wr. Nettie Terrell)
1820: Ron Perkins -- The Game Of Love (H.A. Coleman) / Ken Roberts -- Sock It To Me Baby (Ardell Robinson)
1826: Gene Marshall -- Peppermint Canes (Ada Anthis Pritchett) (1971)
1827: Gene Marshall -- I'm Still Carrying A Torch For You (Glenna Cole) / I'm Sending You This Message (Ann Moran)
1832: Gene Marshall -- Minnie The Space Age Babe (Bertha Robertson) / What Is A Man (Bill Ramsey)
1834: Gene Marshall -- Free Of You (Maria Johnson) / Doing The Things (Rose M. Broeker)
1843: Gene Marshall -- Your Beauty (Walter Spruill) / I Read The Letter (Guy Rotondo)
1844: Gene Marshall -- How Long Must I Pretend / Don't Take Your Love Away (both wr. Chris Prashad)
1845: Linda Layne -- Please Release Him (John Henson, Jr.) / Somewhere In Heaven (Jose C. Barcinas)
1850: Gene Marshall -- I'll Never Let You Go (Nick & Claire Matrella) / Sweet Tina Lee (Richard C. Young)
1855: Ron Chester -- A Lover's Dream (LaWanda Cater Smith) / Gene Marshall -- Living By The Track (Annie P. Smith)
1858: Roberta Foster -- Deep River Of Suriname (Arthur E. Gorre) / Bonnie Herron -- Come Back Darling Ted (Mitzi Hast)
1865: Gene Marshall -- That's What Makes It So Cool (Albert Hendrix) / A Man Is A Man (James E. Brown)
1869: Gene Marshall -- If You Ever Leave Me (Rose Spadea) / I'll Never Forget You (Norman LaPlaunt)
1870: Gene Marshall -- The Amazing Helicopters / This Is Our Country (both wr. Chick Sandone)
1872: Gene Marshall -- The Lily Pond Over There (Rosina Semmermaker) / Peaceful Valley (Wellman E. Gerke)
1873: Gene Marshall -- I'll Go Out Of My Way (Oliver Lee Harrison) / Walk The Brooklyn Bridge (Joseph Falk)
1876: Gene Marshall -- I'll Take It Like A Man (Grace A. Duncan) / Watch Over Me (Ollie Kenyard)
1884: Gene Marshall -- Youth (Barbara J. Haverstock) / Love Is The Only Answer (Monica Paulette Seymour)
1886: Gene Marshall -- It Hurts (Vincent M. David) / Susan James -- Lonely Hours (Joseph P. Marques)
1887: Gene Marshall -- Convicted Man (Tommy C. Molden) / I Went To A Honky Tonk (Mordina)
1902: Gene Marshall -- Thanks Mister Handel (Howard Spier-Walter Brandin) / Hold Me Tight Baby (Hattie B. White)
1906: Gene Marshall -- Happiness And Love (Mary Crawford) / Before You Say Goodbye (R.M. Theroux-M. Aivaz)
1911: Roberta Foster -- Walk A Little Closer (Verlon Armstrong) / Rodd Keith -- Bring Us Together (Mary Cox-Art Cain)
1916: Gene Marshall -- The Touch Of Love (Edna Larson) / Fly To The Moon (Benjamin Bastian)
1922: Rodd Keith -- Love (Samuel Mumford) / Gene Marshall -- Crazy House Twist (William Bridges)
1923: Gene Marshall -- Loving A Girl Like You (Lino Lakey) / Live A Life Of Love (Cathy Thompson)
1925: Gene Marshall -- Must You Quit Me Baby (Esther Lee Singleton-Ray Hibbeler) / Police-Police (Celia Tolliver)
1933: Gene Marshall -- In Your Arms I Belong (Edwin Slocum-Gene Brooks) / Home Town Gal (Bill Mirau)
1928: Gene Marshall -- You Are What I See (Carol Sue Munzing) / Not Owned (Evelyn Thomason)
1929: Terry Wills -- Two Little Girls (Fanny Stone-Gene Brooks) / Barbara Foster -- This Country Of Ours (Rose M. Broeker)
1933: Gene Marshall -- Let Me Serenade You (R. Cremer Thatcher) / Golden Memories (Eileen M. Erb)
1938: Gene Marshall -- The Place Of My Kin (Carmen L. Alejandro) / Never Had A Dream As Real As You (Frederick Marshall-Gene Brooks)
1939: Gene Marshall -- Woman You Ought To Be Proud (Mosey Morris) / The Objectors (Jewel V. Wiemert)
1940: Gene Marshall -- Someone Special (Porter Washington, Jr.) / So Lonely (Ada Doris Collins)
1941: Gene Marshall -- The Abolition Of Mankind (Hector Reyes) / Life (Sarah DiMuzio)
1948: Barbara Foster -- Leprechaun (Frances Prouty-Lew Tobin) / Gene Marshall -- Lost And Found (Frances Prouty)
1949: Gene Marshall -- Helen Goodnight (Helen Clak) / Terri Wells -- My Doll Jane (Laura Osgood)
1950: Gene Marshall -- Every Time I Hold You (Robert Wright) / You Gotta Lay It On The Line (Louse Heustess)
1955: Gene Marshall -- I Can't Believe (Nick Matrella) / The Leaves Are Falling (Jerome J Novaks-Gene Brooks)
1957: Gene Marshall -- I Need Someone (Mary E. McLain) / You Made Me A Winner (Samuel Watson Jr.)
1958: Gene Marshall -- I Will Come Back From Vietnam (Walter Jakszyk Sr.) / The Word Of Love (Larry Cieslinski)
1961: Gene Marshall -- Love Her Much More (Phil Newton) / Night Wind's Lullabye (Mira M. Vest)
1968: Gene Marshall -- If (Glorie Shorey) / So They Say (Bobby Anderson)
1969: Gene Marshall -- Between The Pages (Lloyd W. Caudill) / Come To Me (George Wilson)
1972: Gene Marshall -- Time and Again (George T. Pennington, Jr.) / Lover's Quest (Ruth I. Taylor)
1973: Gene Marshall -- Lonely Hours (Joseph Marks) / Vacation Time (Louis S. Covert)
1975: Gene Marshall -- I'm A Puppet (Ralph Nicastro) / On Top (Tom Klemanski)
1978: Gene Marshall -- Please Don't Play Me For Your Fool (Annie Ruth Newton) / The Old Moon (Barney Duffany)
1979: Gene Marshall -- Unknown Love (Alex Liftee) / Put Your Heart In Storage (K. Westfall-R. Kearney)
1980: Gene Marshall -- I'm Not Free (Mary Adeline O'Banion) / Can't Stand To Be Alone (Harry Wallace Jr.)
1981: Gene Marshall -- Divine Exhortation (T.J. Warren-L. Tobin) / Remember Me - A P.O.W. (Walter D. Watkins)
1982: Gene Marshall -- I Didn't Believe In Miracles (Lilian M. Dziama) / Dating On A Dime (J.S. Gill)
1983: Gene Marshall -- Lost And Found (Vincent O'Neil) / I Missed You Last Night (Norm Benson)
1984: Gene Marshall -- Blood, Sweat And Tears (James R. Savage) / You Hold The Key To My Heart (M. Til McNamara-Brooks)
1986: Gene Marshall -- Under The Moonlight (Virgie Day-Lew Tobin) / Walking Around (Bob Rodriguez)
1988: Gene Marshall -- One More Lonely Mile (J.A.Scoggins) / Bobby Foster -- Winner Take All (Joyce Parker) (Bobby Foster = Bobbi Blake)
1990: Gene Marshall -- A Proud Town (Robert Kiko) / Pale Pink Magic (Marguerite J. Smith)
1991: Gene Marshall -- Castles In The Starlight / Big Beatle (both wr. Jacob Salle)
1993: Gene Marshall -- One More Lonely Mile (J.A. Scoggins) / Goodbye My Love (Willie C. Fallings)
1994: Gene Marshall -- My Cheatin' Heart (Albert Hendrix) / My Pretty, Pretty Little Girl (Mack B. Fertek)
1995: Gene Marshall -- Please Don't Call Me Again (Lois Helseth) / Cupid's Thing (John E. Lester)
1997: Gene Marshall -- Help (Brad Gill) / Girl You're Beautiful (Richard Greene)
1999: Gene Marshall -- What's Wrong With America (Clarence Harden) / Please Let Our Love Grow (William A. Magness)
2000: Judy Layne -- Every Dog Has His Day (Gertrude Feith) / I Don't Know About You (Rodd Keith) (Note: as if to celebrate Preview's bimillenial record number, this is the only known case of a solely Rodd Keith composition on a song-poem label; both sides arr. & cond. Rodd Keith; A-side stamped "Feb. 16 1968," handwritten: "Plug Side.")
2000: Gene Marshall -- Blue Mood (Al North) / A Mother's Lonely Child (Norman LaPlaunt)
2001: Gene Marshall -- Won't You Talk To Me? (Sudley Priam) / Never Ending Job (Rosamond Rioux)
2004: Gene Marshall -- My Date For The Prom / 'Till I Hear From You (both wr. Marguerita M. Baker)
2009: Gene Marshall -- She Looks Like An Angel / I Don't Like Livin' Apart (both wr. Larry W. Reed)
2010: Gene Marshall -- I Try (Nick Matrella) / You Used Me Baby (David Johnson)
2118: Gene Marshall -- Then There Would Be Nothing (Jack Hunsucker) / My Only Island (Tyrone Weekes)
2119: Gene Marshall -- Forgive Me Darling (William R. Dyson) / Let Me Live Again (Lewis R. Buchanan)
2120: Gene Marshall -- Blue Sky (Roger Bailey) / The World Stood Still (Edgar H. Allen)
2124: Gene Marshall -- Taking Down Your Picture (Mabel Kruesel) / It's A Beautiful World (Ethel Thompson)
2126: Gene Marshall -- Life And Myself (John Shaloub) / I'm Just A Vagabond (John Rozsa)
2127: Gene Marshall -- Never See Jeannie Again / Monogram (both wr. Phil Newton)
2128: Gene Marshall -- All Alone Again Tonight (Grace Brainerd) / Caravan (Grace Liebenow)
2131: Gene Marshall -- God Is Not Dead / When The Glory Of The Lord Came Down (both wr. Tressie E. Hartin)
2134: Gene Marshall -- Summer (Mathilda Moreels) / Everyday Life (Nita Stryker-Ray Wilkes)
2135: Barbara Foster -- Will I Ever Find My Love (Alex Ott) / Gene Marshall -- Nashville Bound (Larry Swanson)
2137: Gene Marshall -- Wanted (Audrey Allen) / I Will Open The Window To My Heart (Earl D. Woodruff)
2139: Gene Marshall -- The Story Of William Calley / President Richard Nixon (both wr. John Montague)
2141: Gene Marshall -- Won't You Straighten That Young Tree (Louis Payton) / Why, Johnny, Why (Dorothy Burke)
2142: Gene Marshall -- We Want Dick, We Want Dick, We Want Dick / We Want Dick And Spiro, We Want Dick And Spiro, We Want Dick And Spiro (both wr. Alain Peron)
2143: Gene Marshall -- No Man's Land (Donnie Pierce) / A Fool (A.L. Hernandez, Jr.)
2146: Gene Marshall -- Go Ahead Tell All Your Friends / I Really Care For You (Richard Ray)
2147: Gene Marshall -- Doubts Of Love (Steve Nielsen) / I'll Dip My Pen In Sunshine (Marie Haste-Gene Brooks)
2148: Gene Marshall -- Please Remember / I'll Wait For You (both wr. Roy E. Miller)
2150: Gene Marshall -- God's World (Mrs. Edmund Frels) / I Love You As You Are (Katalin Horvath)
2151: Gene Marshall -- The Scarlet Grass (Maxine Ruggieri) / Johnny Walker Run (Howard E.C. Karras)
2153: Gene Marshall -- Scat Car Scat (Joe Gallucci) / It's Not Right (James Neal, Jr.)
2160: Gene Marshall -- John The Revelator (Bertha Jenkins) / The Spoiled Millionaire (Edward Magouirk)
2165: Gene Marshall -- Sweet Lies (Ruben Ledford) / Cold Feet And Warm Heart (Mrs. Fred Leason)
2174: Gene Marshall -- Love Is Not What You Think It Is (Lavern Munlin) / Hungry For Your Love (Wilbert Roberts)
2177: Gene Marshall -- Glimpse Of A Devil (Bobby W. Cook) / Darling While You're Away (Cynthia Coletto)
2175: Gene Marshall -- What Happened To Our Love (Vincent O'Neill) / Put Your Words In Writing, My Dear (Tom Klemanski)
2178: Gene Marshall -- Jesus Will Be Hanging Around Your Side (Arden Dazen, Sr.) / Watching Sally Grow (Edward N. Lesher)
2181: Roger Wilson -- Found A Love Last Night (Walter D. Watkins) / Jealous Love (Ouida Tatum-Gene Brooks)
2186: Gene Marshall -- Love Is More (Robert W. Drake) / Ebony (James Wilson)
2188: Gene Marshall -- Grown To Be A Man (Brad Gill) / Tomorrow (Edgar H. Allen)
2189: Gene Marshall -- How Is Life My Friend (Irving Frederick) / Love, Love, Love (B.J. Farmer)
2192: Gene Marshall -- My Memories Of You / To Live Is To Die
2203: Gene Marshall -- The Gambler (Clara Heiple-Gene Brooks) / Knock On Any Door (David Allen Morgan)
2205: Gene Marshall -- Christmas Calls Again (Ann Post) / You're Just As I Remembered You (Alberta Belin)
2206: Gene Marshall -- My Prayer (Harry Heath-Ruth Daron) / I'm Free At Last (Luther B. McGehee)
2208: Gene Marshall -- Going Away Blues (William Warfield) / Gene & Teri -- Wandering Blues (Henrietta A. Looper)
2209: Barbara Foster -- The Memory Of This Wedding Ring (Dolores Carney) / You're Bound To Be The Devil's Son (Bernice Richardson)
2210: Gene Marshall -- I'd Rather Be Me (Emanuel C. Worthy) / The Magic Of Love (Anne L. Holly)
2213: Gene Marshall -- I Still Wonder (Cecelia Marini) / Since The World's In A Flame (David Mitchum)
2216: Gene Marshall -- Main Street Blues / I'm Crying Out Loud (both wr. Juanita McCray)
2218: Gene Marshall -- To The Adirondacks (John Shalhoub) / Lovely As The Days Of Spring (Norman La Plaunt)
2219: Gene Marshall -- Ninety Nine (Dorothy LaPell) / Better Than Wine (Pearl R. Dickerson)
2221: Gene Marshall -- Black And White (Vincent O'Neill) / How Long In The Ghetto (Anneice McCrary)
2222: Gene Marshall -- When I Come Home At Night (George L. Worden) / Don't Leave With A Sad Heart (Les Reitan)
2229: Gene Marshall -- The Great Richard Nixon / President Richard Nixon (both wr. John Montague)
2231: Gene Marshall -- Ship Of Fools (Princess Celine) / Right From The Start (Dorothy Nicholson)
2233: Gene Marshall -- Short Dresses And Panty Hose (Edward Wheeler) / I Am Beginning To Love You (Moses Josiah)
2239: Gene Marshall -- The Magic Touch Of Your Beauty (Jacob Sallo) / Nostalgia Of Love (Antonio Siciliano)
2246: Gene Marshall -- I Want You Back (Clarene Weil) / Wait For Me Darling (Jerry Fermantin)
2249: Rod Keith -- Sykesville Blues (William Dyson-Lenny Bohager) / Get Down And Wiggle It A Little (James O. Middleton) (Note: this record also exists in an alternate version, with "Rodd" spelled with two Ds)
2254: Gene Marshall -- Blue River / Do I Miss You (both wr. Don Whitmer)
2256: Gene Marshall -- I Know You Will (Winston Burt-Tobin) / Death Of Carolyn Joyce Barbour L.D. (Barbour-Gene Brooks)
2257: Gene Marshall -- Come Back To Stay (Jesse L. Hoaby) / Not Alone (Eva Berner)
2260: Gene Marshall -- You Won't Get Hurt Anymore (Bobby W. Cook) / I Take Your Word For It (Eval Arzu)
2262: Gene Marshall -- The Love Of Harmony (Dee Lamptey) / Out In The Woods (L.C. Holloway)
2263: Gene Marshall -- Silver Coins And Paper Money / Barbara Foster -- Animals, Birds And Fish Love Calls (both wr. Charles W. Scoggins)
2264: Gene Marshall -- All We Can Do Is Hope / Groovesville (both wr. Len Earl Newkirk)
2265: Gene Marshall -- My Wonderful Lord (Mabel B. Stevenson) / Nature's Got A Lot To Give (Dolly P. Hornberger)
2266: Gene Marshall -- Helpin's Livin' (Leroy "Skeet" Hummet) / Doralee Or Pearl (Donald Pinckney)
2268: Rodd Keith -- Take Your Time Before You Fall In Love / Now I Can See Where I Made My Mistake (both wr. Charlie Thomas)
2269: Gene Marshall -- My Baby's Gone (Donald Livesy) / My Heart's Just A Stepping Stone (Ted Bolin)
2271: Gene Marshall -- Lovely And Young (William Hill) / I Love You With All My Heart (Thomas Burrichter)
2272: Gene Marshall -- Lovely Form Divine (Charles W. Scoggins) / Stop The War (Melba Stovall)
Gene Marshall -- My Star Of Love / Every Moment Of The Year (both wr. Mary Odle)
2275: Gene Marshall -- I Have A Mountain To Climb (Edna Gibson) / Let Him Shine On Me (Breanda Alexander-Gene Brooks)
2277: Gene Marshall -- A Heart Set Free (Ernestine Beggs) / Highway (Sydney King Russell)
2278: Gene Marshall -- Hold Me Darling (Marie Stauffer) / The Time Has Come For Me To Join Honey (Julie Whitham)
2279: Rodd Keith -- I'll Still Love You Anyway (Isaac James) / Gene Marshall -- Past Thirty (Dan Angell)
2280: Gene Marshall -- The Didgeridoo (Viola P. Dickerson) / So Close To Heaven (H.G. Sutterlin)
2281: Gene Marshall -- Pockets Full Of Dreams (Eugene Hatcher) / Going Our Way (Paul A. Pirozzi)
2283: Gene Marshall -- Love Can Strike You In The Strangest Places (Grace Brainerd) / I'll Wait For You Forever (Alberta Berlin)
2284: Gene Marshall -- Look Around The Corner (Paul L. Humes Jr.) / I'm Just A Poor Tramp (Curtis C. Billinger)
2290: Barbara Foster -- I'm Fragile (Louis Vass-Eugene Pienta) / Heart Broken Widow (Sue Konnick)
2293: Gene Marshall -- Memories And Love Letters (C.E. Fleming) / Linda Joyce Could Drive A Rolls Royce (Barbara Seckinger)
2296: Barbara Foster -- Didn't Care (Cassandra Barton) / Gene Marshall -- Look At The Way (Daniel Pulliam)
2298: Gene Marshall -- I'd Have Heaven If I Only Had You (Herman Charles Hawkins) / Tears Are Falling Just For You (Velma C. Madison)
2302: Gene Marshall -- The Hanging Tree (Bertha Youngson) / This Is Your Country-This Is My Country (Gertrude W. Bell)
2306: Gene Marshall -- A Tree Stood Tall / Crossing The Bar (both wr. Ora Pate Stewart)
2308: Rodd Keith -- Peaceful Valley (Virginia K. Newbrough) / Nobody But My Lady (Paul Gibson)
2310: Gene Marshall -- A Wrinkled Note / Walkin' To Work (both wr. Chick Sandone)
2312: Gene Marshall -- Unseen Hands / Star Bright (both wr. Robert G. Kiko)
2313: Gene Marshall -- Two Flames / Up On The Steep (both wr. Willie F. James)
2314: Gene Marshall -- Yes, I Dreamed I Was A Prisoner (Gleason Perry) / If I Had A Heart (Jeanette Walbourn)
2318: Gene Marshall -- Mary Here's What I Do On Su [...] / Spring Which Never Dries
2319: Gene Marshall -- Headed For God's Kingdom / Gone Home To Be With Jesus (both wr. Charles L. Waters)
2321: Gene Marshall -- County Of Old L.A. (Jim Sullivan) / No Time To Anchor (Ione E. Brown)
2324: Gene Marshall -- I Am Wealthy In Love (Ben Babin) / A Place We Can Call Our Own (Daniel J. Rosati)
2326: Dean Curtis -- Dream West Virginia (Dennis Tenney) / And I Can't Tell The Day From The Light (William Francisco)
2329: Gene Marshall -- Time Has Come To Stay (Richard W. Marks) / Pam's Gone (Al Knifese)
2332: Gene Marshall -- The Reason I Need You (Norman Lee) / Must You Blame My Heart (Arthur Bozeman)
2338: Dean Curtis -- Make Me Happy (Bracy & Hazley) / Gene Marshall -- Don't Step On My Little Red Shoes (Joyce Bumgarner)
2339: Dean Curtis -- All I Wanted / You Shouldn't Have (both wr. Stanley Chmura)
2341: Dean Curtis -- Tic Toc Melody (Leona Kay Roach) / Gene Marshall -- Blue Hollies At Noon (Mathew Swinton Jr.)
2342: Gene Marshall -- Lynda (Louis Widman) / Love Is Strange (David James Banks, Jr.)
2349: Barbara Foster -- I Won't Believe My Eyes Baby (Virginia Banks) / Never Fall In Love (Richard Feraco)
2353: Gene Marshall -- Nobody Has Made You Cry / My Love For You (both wr. Joseph Deleon)
2362: Gene Marshall -- I Want You (Zillah Howarth) / Let My Life Tell You Your Fortune (James L. Funk)
2363: Gene Marshall -- Years Too Late (Julia B. Robinson) / I'll Always Love You (Charles W. Scoggins)
2383: Gene Marshall -- Forever Young This Way (Adela Lopes) / Joy Will Come Tomorrow (Cynthia Coletto)
2386: Barbara Foster -- Out To Spite My Husband (Wanda Vasilewski) / Gene Marshall -- What Silence Says (Richard A. Lerz)
2388: Gene Marshall -- Waiting For You (Zygmunt Wojciki) / Speak Softly To Me (Archie Hanspard)
2397: Gene Marshall -- Holland (Melody Lane) / When I Come Home From Viet Nam (Leolita Llaguno)
2421: Gene Marshall -- You Broke My Heart (Alberta Belin) / Times We Used To Know (Lloyd Irvin) (handwritten on label: "9/19/73")
2427: Gene Marshall -- How Is Hurting (Polly G. Smith) / Some Fine Day (John C Matsuura)
2428: John Hector -- She Didn't Do Right By Me Kinda Blues / Nothin' I Can Do (both wr. Don McLeod)
2430: Gene Marshall -- My Heart (Lizzie M. Smith) / You Wait For Me My Son (Claudine Jones Watson)
2434: Dean Curtis -- I Don't Think I Want To See You Anymore (Charles Armstrong) / You Made Me Feel Wanted Again (Navona Talley)
2437: Gene Marshall -- I Told My Heart A Lie (William Hampton-Lou Tobin) / Have You (Gertrude Bell)
2447: Dean Curtis -- I Ony Want My Memories Of You (Grace Trujillo-Gene Brooks) / Lonesome Road (Edward A. Hutchins)
2448: Gene Marshall -- Why Lord (Dottie Sensinger) / The Memory Of You (David F. Anderson-Preston Coleman)
2454: Gene Marshall -- Richard Nixon In '76 / God Bless Richard Nixon (both wr. John Montague)
2468: Gene Marshall -- Tears Of Love (Kent Ruud) / Grandma's Rocking Chair (Alvin K. Medford-Gene Brooks)
2469: Barbara Foster -- Lullabye (Robert McBlair) / Christmas With My Dolly (Bessie De Prospero)
2473: Barbara Foster -- Lonely Street Light (Helen Misel) / A Beautiful Dream (Virginia L. King)
2494: Gene Marshall -- True Love (Mary Herrera) / My Darling You Should Know (John Verducci)
2516: Gene Marshall -- Me (Raymond Moberly) / Green Fingernails (Charlotte Strathman)
2520: Barbara Foster -- Tonight I Was Born (Lady Of Wonders) / The Night For A Broken Heart (Diane Kufro)
2551: Gene Marshall -- I'll Love You As Long As I Live (Mary Madsen) / Rainbow's End (L.D. Barbour-Gene Brooks)
2578: Gene Marshall -- Don't You Know It's Love (Dorothy Louise White) / So Long Little Brother-Hello Young Man (Colleen D. Williams)
2620: Barbara Foster -- Dick You Were A Gentleman In My Eyes (Regina Krepasky) / Dean Curtis -- California Law (Robert L. Gilbert)
2622: Barbara Foster -- I Stopped Hanging On / Sometime Woman (both wr. V.E. Williams & Margaret Lovell)
2625: Gene Marshall -- Hail The Chief / In Old Charlie Company (both wr. John Montague)
2632: Gene Marshall -- Dorthy [sic] / Barbara Foster -- I Love You More Each Day (both wr. Ed Priscott)
2639: Gene Marshall -- Perhaps (Lawrence A. Shannon) / All Alone (Iva Mlenar)
2644: Gene Marshall -- A Child's Mind (Johnnie Hill) / Being Young Ain't Fun (Vernon S. Green)
2661: Gene Marshall -- All Alone (Vicki Robinson) / Charity (Antonio Gomez)
2672: Gene Marshall -- Beware (R. Cremer Thatcher) / Don't Throw It Away (Billy Ray Sweeney)
2682: Gene Marshall -- Someone Like You (Clarence Dixon-Lew Tobin) / Tears (M.M. Mattal)
2684: Gene Marshall -- Take Your Time And Love Me (Earl Hopkins) / Bobbie & Gene -- I've Got Friends (Frank A. Feudi)
2688: Gene Marshall -- All That Remains (Sheila De Renzo) / Patient And His Nurse (Harry Fineburg)
2692: Gene Marshall -- Keep On Truckin' (Jack Woltz) / Show Me (Chuck Huggins)
2697: Barbara Foster -- I Love You Baby (Lillie Mae Brown) / I'd Rather Be You (Pamela Kopack)
2700: Gene Marshall -- Your Rainbow's Full Of Gold (Rudolph A. Glass) / Your Brother's Keeper (Johnny Groves)
2701: Gene Marshall -- Angel Dreamer (Jose Hernandez) / Fisherman Fisherma'am (Edward Keshel)
2702: Gene Marshall -- You Were A Stranger (James Highman) / Hurry Home Thursday's Child (Glenn Williams)
2708: Gene Marshall -- Life-Love-Time (Nellie Yvonne Ruppee) / I Lost My Shirt (Violet M. Beresini)
2712: Gene Marshall -- Give Me A Forever Kiss / Blue Dreams (both wr. Janice Kazz)
2713: Gene Marshall -- The Little Rocking Chair (Hazel I. Duffy) / I Love Canada (Vincent Quaranta)
2720: Gene Marshall -- Saturday's Work (Floyd F. Gray) / As I Look In The Mirror (Sandra Finck)
2737: Gene Marshall -- Guilty Of Loving You (Nicholas Perez) / I Didn't Mean It (Tommy Mitchell)
2742: Gene Marshall -- I Never Thought I Would Miss You (Robert Hunter) / Smoke It--The Pot (Juanita Norberg)
2744: Barbara Foster -- Because I'm the Other Woman (Maureen Grills) / Come On Baby and Baby Me (Manuel Sanders)
2745: Gene Marshall -- Your Love Is Wonderful (Margaret Russell) / A Need For Love (Rosella Shaw)
2751: Barbara Foster -- When You Need Me (Elizabeth Waldrep) / Do (Sam Spada-Larry Conley)
2753: Gene Marshall -- Honey I'll Be Happy (Walter Ramey) / I Saw Something (Freelin Kidd)
2760: Gene Marshall -- Lonely Tears (James Lary) / How Can I Believe In You (Rose Wilder)
2764: Barbara Foster -- My Home In The Sky (Geraldine Bowling) / He Is Not Mine (Emily Marie Cratty)
2767: The Four Of Us -- My Model "A" / Pickin' Banjo Blues (both wr. Tom Busse) (from fall 1976 issue of Vellez Music News: "The banjo and the arrangement gives this record the flavor of the 20's and 30's. It's got a good beat and sound. Banjo lovers will get a kick out of this one.")
2769: Gene Marshall -- Lonesome Eighty-Seven (Corinda Marques) / The Big Boquet [sic] Of Roses (Ellis McKinney)
2773: Barbara Foster -- Scram Ram (pt. 1) / Scram Ram (pt. 2) (both wr. Frank Kammetler)
2787: Gene Marshall -- I'll Comfort You (Emily Gonslorowski) / Shy Boy (Johnny D. Groves)
2788: Gene Marshall -- My Lady Most Fair (John F. Nisson) / So Many "Minis" (Frank D. Louis) (A-side lyric: "Your beauty charms me so / It makes my manhood grow." B-side chorus: "So many minis / Little bitty minis / It's wild, clean out of sight / These gals are crazy / And I'm going out of my head / I wanna take one to bed tonight ... I'm gonna take one to bed tonight! Hey man, look at that one! Gettin' all excited now!")
2792: Barbara Foster -- Just Like Me (Ruth Moses) / Don't Tell Me Any More Lies (Regina Rizzo)
2802: Gene Marshall -- I Shall Manage (Alfred O. Enyekwe) / Panama Greeting America's 200th Birthday (Lino Lakey)
2816: Barbara Foster -- Hush Little Girl (Kathy Ferguson) / Change Your Tune (Sam Spada)
2817: Gene Marshall -- How Soon Is Soon (Ted Hanaoka) / A Natural Beauty (Harriet Wishon Davis)
2820: Gene Marshall -- Momma Sue (Larry E. Ross) / Who's Your Boyfriend Now (Chester A. Burgoff)
2821: Gene Marshall -- Mali / Say Mister Pusherman (both wr. Larry E. Ross)
2822: Gene Marshall -- She Is You (Ken Chartran) / All I Can Give You (Harold Davis)
2826: Gene Marshall -- A Dreamer's Mirage (H. Manbridge) / Selma (Edith Darby-Randy Oness)
2831: The Christmas Belles -- We're Getting Ready For Christmas (Sam Spada-Phil Davis) / Santa In The Snow (Ethel Thompson)
2833: Gene Marshall -- You Are My Heart (John C. Jones) / If You're Ever Coming Along This Road (Coyte F. Brackeen)
2834: Barbara Foster -- I Had To Talk To My Man (Geneva Jackson) / Mister Locksmith (Jacqueline Cole)
2837: Gene Marshall -- Do It Now (Mrs. Lee H. Shoemaker) / Deep Concentrative Moods (Gilbert Brooks)
2851: Gene Marshall -- Answer To: Take The Ribbons From My Hair (Neil Gibson) / Handful Of Teardrops (Dorothy T. Thomas)
2852: Gene Marshall -- Love (Christopher Owen) / You Bring Me The Sun (Michael A. Jackson)
2854: Gene Marshall -- Made Up My Mind (Willie Green) / 13 People Turned Away (Michael Meaux)
2861: Barbara Foster -- You're Building A Wall (Elizabeth Moran) / We Were Strangers (Liane Gallet) (handwritten on label: "3/76")
2862: Gene Marshall I Will Dance For You (Andre Skrastins) / From The Heart (Jimmie Wayne Wrights)
2863: Gene Marshall -- Lonely (Latricia Ann Bell) / I Will Respect Your Wishes (Prentice Lawson-Robert Schneider)
2866: Barbara Foster -- The Other Side Of Town (Delores Gould Gordon) / My Tear Soaked Pillow (Helen Gossett McKenna)
2868: Gene Marshall -- Hey Judd / Jesus Is Standing At The End Of The Road For Me (both wr. Larry Ross)
2878: Barbara Foster -- Come Now To Me Jimmy (Josephine Hermans) / Where Has It All Gone To (Sam Spada-Phillip Davis)
2881: Gene Marshall -- Repetitious Love / Irresistible (both wr. Donald Vereen)
2882: Gene Marshall -- I Need Somebody (Willie Edwards, Jr.) / Come On And Kiss Me (Paul Humes, Jr.)
2887: Barbara Foster -- Women's Lib / Gene Marshall -- House Full Of Pain (both wr. Judith Testerman)
2889: Gene Marshall -- Dream, Dream (Bob Mositi) / Poor Boy (Robert Flanagan-Lew Tobin)
2893: Gene Marshall -- Crazy Horse (Joe Salazar) / Too Late (E.C. Easterling)
2909: Gene Marshall -- I Would Be Blind To Give Up Your Love (Norman Queener) / My Love Motions (Constance Gail Henley)
2914: John Ricco -- Yesterday's Love (A. Roy Knight-Gene Mason) / Phoenix You've Taken My Life (Rodney Jones)
2919: Gene Marshall -- Changing Time (Wilbert Lee Wright) / Earth (Randall Johnson)
2922: Gene Marshall -- Ring Around Your Heart (Bedelia Adele) / Neighbors Gathered 'Round (Dianne E. Kollman)
2931: Barbara Foster -- Painful Learning (Robin K. Techey) / My Love For Roy (Doris Williams)
2982: Barbara Foster -- I've Made Up My Mind (Sam Spada-Phil Davis) / No Job Working Man (Geraldine Shannon)
3000: Gene Marshall -- Here's A Toast To Old Memories / The Squires -- Here's A Toast To Old Memories (instrumental version) (both wr. Alphonso Wyatt, Jr.)
3002: Bobbi Boyle -- The Fruit Of Self Control (Alice Wilson) / Gene Marshall -- There's Nothing I Can Do (Maria Narcisa Singzon)
3010: Gene Marshall -- Tomorrow Never Comes / Don't Cry, Little Girl, Don't Cry (both wr. Joye M. Plummer)
3012: Gene Marshall -- Marlo (Thelma Sahiberg) / Know Your Banana (Notlim Nohamcm [read backwards])
3018: Gene Marshall -- Climb The Restless Mountain (Barbara Macauley) / The Moonlight (Richard Schade)
3022: Gene Marshall -- Wondering / Barbara Foster -- Shadow Of Evening (both wr. Stenneth Wood)
3024: Gene Marshall -- You Are The Sunshine Of My World (Freddy Russell) / A Star Trek (Robert Wolford)
3025: Gene Marshall -- That's My Sue (Beatrice Trosky) / Your Face In The Mirror (Steve Mosberger)
3026: Gene Marshall -- A Flicker To A Flame (Richard Scott) / Sunshine Baby (Ulis Grant Brown)
3030: Barbara Foster -- In The Land Of Early Burly / Don't Be Blue (both wr. Joanne Emily Myers)
3032: Barbara Foster -- Being Reborn / Gene Marshall -- Heaven Is At Home (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
3036: Barbara Foster -- My Friend Jesus (Della M. Dyer) / Lullaby (Caroline Aue)
3039: Jack Keys -- The Ocean / Barbara Foster -- Lost (both wr. Johnny Lanza)
3040: Barbara Foster -- Blue River / Gene Marshall -- My Senorita (both wr. Ivan Childress)
3042: Gene Marshall -- Heaven Is What? / In The Gap (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
3043: Gene Marshall -- Friendly Randy Polka / Unusual Waltz (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
3045: Gene Marshall -- Darling, You Are My Everything / I Love You Baby (both wr. W.ĘClarence Fallings)
3046: Barbara Foster -- I Couldn't Say Goodbye (Alfred Lackram) / Long Time Ago (Marlene Frey)
3048: Barbara Foster -- Knowing You (Mutual & Marion Burton) / The Puppy Love Massacre (Johanna Nichols)
3052: Gene Marshall -- Just One More Time (Morris V. Perault, Jr.) / Pretty Eyes (Louie Covey)
3053: Gene Marshall -- Oh Jamie Girl (Marie Bostick) / Those Lonely Tears (Henry Robinson)
3054: Gene Marshall -- I'm A Big Mack Jockey (Anita Jezewski) / My Darling, How I Miss You (William Dival)
3057: Gene Marshall -- Heaven Is The Answer (William J. Beres) / Praise His Holy Name (Ronald A. Fegley)
3059: Gene Marshall -- Shake Your Good Stuff (Herman Earl) / All You Need Is A Fertile Mind (Francis (Sonny) Fernandes)
3060: Gene Marshall -- Who Created You? / Barbara Foster -- Clear The Cobwebs From My Mind (both wr. William George Hull)
3063: Barbara Foster -- Rock-A-Billy-Santa / Christmas When He Was A Lad (both wr. Marie Bostick)
3064: Barbara Foster -- Troubles Double More / Gene Marshall -- Free To Choose (both wr. Frank Feudi)
3068: Gene Marshall -- Soular Delight / Freedom From Fear Far And Near (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
3069: Barbara Foster -- Instant Grandmas / Gene Marshall -- To Mother On Mother's Day (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
3070: Gene Marshall -- Sunshine In Destiny / Common Heredity (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
3071: Gene Marshall -- Not Something But Entirety / Barbara Foster -- Greater Than Sum (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
3073: Barbara Foster -- My Prayer (Lorna Draper) / Broken Down Love (Thomas James)
3075: Barbara Foster -- Come Walk This Lonesome Road With Me / Gene Marshall -- I Love My Country (both wr. Thelma Peace)
3076: Gene Marshall -- Blonde Hair And Blue Eye Shadow (Raymond Henry) / Get Your Bibles Out (Cecelia Mae Walton)
3077: Gene Marshall -- Love Hurts (Robert Wilkerson) / Texas Baby (Edwin Wilson)
3117: Barbara Foster -- Constitution Love (Idella Payne) / When You Walk In (Wayne Adams)
3155: Gene Marshall -- As I See My Children Grow (Maria B. Stotts) / I Love You Forever (Ernest J. Squillace)
3165: Barbara Foster -- Bingo / Just For You (both wr. Michael R. Guesman)
number unknown: Gene Marshall -- Nothing Sweeter Than Love / Down In Cherry Lane (I Met Her) (both wr. Andrew McLaughlin)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Shadow Of Regret (Wilberene Anthony Allen)
number unknown: Rodd Keith -- The Eating Of The Apple / Abiding The Rule
number unknown: artist unknown -- How Can I Believe In You (Rose Wilder) (1976)
number unknown: artist unknown -- How Long (Mary M. Siano) (1978)

-- Albums --

111: Here's Gene Marshall
Keep Talking Baby (Adolf E. Schmidt)
One And Only One (Raymond Moberly)
He Understands And Cares (Mabel S. Woods)
Two Hearts, One Dream (Ethel M. Hancock)
Blue Memories (Shirley Jenkins Buckley)
Love At First Sight (Mary Mincheff)
The Boy In Love (Joseph Zenone)
I'm On My Way To Success (Ruth L. Temple)
No Place To Go (Alice Lucas)
My Beautiful Star (Joseph Zenone)
A Tender Touch (Margareta Balint)
Give Me Your Heart Today (Alberta Belin)
I Miss You So (Peter R. Beyerinck)
Let It Be Honey (Paul Sights-B. Micucci)
Lift Every Voice (John H. Kelly-J.W. Johnson)
I Make Believe I'm With You (Mary Johnson)
I Will Never Know (Raymond Moberly)
Where Does A Dream Go? (Ethel Pitts)

112: The Moods Of Gene Marshall
Blues (Oliver Rostick)
Tonight (Hazel Culbertson)
A New Beginning (Phyllis Carter)
In Memorial (Charles K. Bergstrom)
When It's Springtime In Oklahoma (John Montague)
We've Been Strangers Too Long (William Sandone)
One After Another (Ted Hanaoka)
Bobby (J. Adrian Kennedy)
Just About All (Geo. W. Peters)
This Change Of Heart (Grace Brainerd)
Hiding Place (Hazel Boren)
That Smile (Gus Engleking)
I Was Only In Your Way (Chick Sandone)
Forever (Mabel Henriksen)
The Glow Of A Rainbow (Nilde Bingham)
My Aching Heart (John Montague)
Don't Ask Me Why (Nilde Bingham)
You Little Doll (Margie Bish)
A Little Quarrel (Rosalee Madaffri)
Holding Hands Under A Tree (Oliver Rostick)

115: Ken Roberts -- The Start Of Something New
Keep Walking Charlie (Ted Hanaoka)
Edge Of Love (Edgar H. Jordan)
High, High, High, High (Margareta Balint)
I've Forgotten Your Name (Biki Baker)
Kalamazoo (Mary Axline)
Led By The Spirit Of God (Mary Adeline O'Banion)
The First Time (Grace Brainerd)
World Of Tomorrow (Alice P. Fajardo)
You're On The Run (Chick Sandone)
With Violins, Orchids, Moonlight And You (Jacob Sallow)
Inside My Heart (Ella Hickok)
Until Your Heart Wants Me (Alberta Belin)

239: Vocals By Milford Perkins & Mary Meadows -- Country Time--U.S.A.
Put Your Trust In God (Ella Ree Harvin)
Invite Me To Your Wedding (Audrey Allen)
Again (Juan F. Galvez)
I Took The Ribbon From Her Hair (Robert G. Kiko)
Cheating Lover (Carroll Edward Green)
Jesus Helps Me (Ethel Thompson)
Tears Among The Stitches (Meredith Silva)
Mary Doesn't Live Here Anymore (Rodney Jones)
You Made Me Feel Wanted Again (Navona Talley)
Since You Left Me (Lilia P. Marasigan)
Painful Learning (Robin K. Teachey)
In His Own Way (Bill Burr)
My Pappy (Francisca Bequeliz Kammetler)
Happy Birthday U.S.A. (Dolores Gould Gordon)
Happiness Is Loving You (Harold Doolittle)
My Journey's End (Meredith Silva)
Little House In The Desert (Rodney Jones)
These Lonely Nights (Chesley Albright)

240: Vocals By Milford Perkins & Mary Meadows -- Country Time--U.S.A.
Heart Music (Jan Fischer)
Grandma's Rocking Chair (Alvin K. Mefford)
That Great Book (Lacy Compton)
Love Is Like A Dream (Dennis Favreau)
Time To Go, Go, Go (Percival E. Benedict)
Blue Rose (Liz Frazier)
I Know He Will (Rose M. Broeker)
So Come On Home (Lilliam B. White)
Baby It's Cold, Cold, Cold (Ola M. Brown)
Thy Ways In Splendor (Jean Mollo)
Jerry The Butcher Man (Corinda Marques)
Nashville -- The Sublime (James Wilson Jr.)
Each New Morn (H. Manbridge)
Country Time U.S.A. (James Wilson Jr.)
Chained Forever (Julia B. Robinson)
Amtrack Eagle (James Wilson Jr.)
Bread For The Poor (Corinda Marques)

241: Vocals By Milford Perkins & Joanie Winters -- Country Time--U.S.A.
Noah (Francis J. McGurk Jr.)
I Thank The Giver (Emmett Gilbert)
When The Hurtin' Begins (George La Flame)
Love At First Sight (Mary Mincheff)
Life (Raymond Moberly)
Forgive (Jay Gee)
A Lady Called Lonesome (Joy Ann Reichenbaum)
The Duck Egg Walk (James A. Means)
A Man Without A Woman (Gulshair Khan)
Bright Lights And City Life (Gulshair Khan)
Beautiful Green (Dorothy M. Brown)
Number "9" (Jay Gee)
Tenderness (Frank A. Feudi)
The Hippies' Song (Gwendolene Lawson)
Come On Americans (Lindall Davis)
The Road To Love (Patricia Stephenson)
Back Then (Frank A. Feudi)

242: Vocals By Milford Perkins, Joanie Winters, Gene Marshall -- Country Time--U.S.A.
Won't You Give A Little Thought To Me (Cynthia Coletto)
Brother Blue (James W. Ayers)
Mother Song (Ora Pate Stewart)
Sunrise In The Valley (Dr. Europia Wilcox)
Have You Seen My Baby Anywhere (Floyd M. Bradshaw Jr.)
Pebble Beach (Ora Pate Stewart)
Tender Little Things (Donald Pinckney)
My Old New England Home (Joe Dzurus)
Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes (Eugene Pienta & Larry W. Brady)
Someone Who Loves Just Me (Chester A. Bergoff)
I'm A Stranger In My Home (Joseph Addae)
My Heart Will Always Be Here (Ray Galvan)
In The Beginning (Edith R. Skene)
My Dear Dear God (Gladys Ruppel Williams)
Shimmying Sadie From Alabam' (William Warfield)
Old Coyote Valley (Leona Willford)
Likewise (Ora Pate Stewart)

245: Vocals By Norma Jean Hawkins, Joanie Winters & Roy Wakely -- Country Songs Round-Up
Country Songs Round-Up (James Wilson Jr.)
No One To Dance With (K. Baijnauth)
If Dreams Should Fade (Etta Crooker)
Apple Tree (Zettie Pollocks)
Zany, Zany Lady (Thomas Johnson)
Jesus My Lord (Margaret Ziegler)
You'll Never Hurt Me Again (Freda J. Hurley)
Make Up (Anna G. Townsend)
Love With No Love (Ramdutt Jorawar)
Teardrops (Eva J. Breinager)
Sitting Alone (Genavie Richards)
Headin' For My Prairie Home (Joe Dzurus)
Love Is Life (Doris F. Walters)
You're A Wonder To Me (John H. Stanek)
Nature Is A Melody (Charles L. Ziegler)
Calypso Baby (James Wilson Jr.)
I Remember A Time (Paula Arguello)
It Can Be (Etta Crooker)

246: Vocals By Norma Jean Hawkins, Joanie Winters & Roy Wakely -- Country Songs Round-Up
In Lodi (Gary Truman)
Temptation (Juan Galvez)
Beyond The Rainbow's Rim (Alvina C. Chee)
Our Good Man Of The Times (Grace Brainerd)
You Don't Love Me Anymore (Eugene Pienta & Larry Brady)
If I Had A Nickel (Thelma Jackson)
Take My Ring (William Earl Jones)
Love Of Old (Jean Mollo)
Hold Me One More Time (Emett Gilbert)
Faded Rose On Her Gown (Glenn E. Oliver)
Tell Me I'm Only Dreaming (David M. Edler)
The Weddin' (Megg Howard)
Peep Eye Daddy (Ed Holbrook)
Southern Farmer (Corinda Marques)
Yesterday And Today (Marguerite McFarland)
We Get Old Too Fast (Ann Moran)
Our Future And Plans (Raymond Moberly)
Lover's Confession (Ray Drew Myers)

247: Vocals By Barbara Foster, Gene Marshall, & Johnny Ricco -- President Jimmy Carter We Salute You!
President Jimmy Carter We Salute You (James Wilson Jr.)
The Sabbath Day Is For Our Lord (Mrs. E.C. Williams)
Hoping For Tomorrow (Freelin Kidd)
Jimmy (Mrs. E.C. Williams)
Hats Off To You (Grace D'Ambrosia)
We Salute You Mr. President (Alvina C. Chee)
What A Man, A Man's Man! Jimmy Carter (Waskey Elwood Walls Jr.)
Love Of The People (Roland K. Tsuchiya)
Rosalynn (Edward J. Birmele)
God Bless You Jimmy Carter (Alvina C. Chee)
We Go Army By Issue (James Wilson Jr.)
Destiny (Juan Galvez)
Never Have To Go (Lacy Compton)
America (Mrs. E.C. Williams)
That Smiling Jimmy Carter (Rosa M. Broeker)
They Call Me The Clown (Francis J.M. Fidler)
Oh President U.S.A. (Corinda Marques)
Jimmy Carter Says "Yes" (Waskey Elwood Walls Jr.)

248: Vocals By Barbara Foster, Gene Marshall, & Johnny Ricco -- President Jimmy Carter We Salute You!
We Have A Dream (Charles L. Ziegler)
We Salute You (Tressie Hartin)
Peanuts For Sure (Gary Truman)
Hello Mr. President (Virginia L. King)
Yours Is The Love (Alyce Price)
May God Continue To Guide You Sir (Hermine Dixon)
Yes, Jimmy, You Changed Our Hearts (Alberta Belin)
Stride On America (Theodore Schubin)
Jimmy The President (Alyce Catherine Weightman)
President Carter We Believe In You (Billy Marks)
Jesus Is Knocking (Dewey A. Blevins)
Dedication (Ruth L. Temple)
I Have A Dream (Billy Marks)
Our Country, Mr. President (Joseph Dzurus)
America (Alyce Catherine Weightman)
Beauty Unknown (David Bruce Kotulak)
Peanut Man From Georgia (Ann Moran)

249: Vocals By Barbara Foster, Gene Marshall, & Johnny Ricco -- President Jimmy Carter We Salute You!
When I See A Church Steeple (Bright McWhorter)
Beautiful America (Gertrude Hilton)
Dawn Of Tomorrow (Josephine Hermans)
Viva President Carter (Lino Lakey)
I Would Rather Be (Ruth G. Jenkins)
We Thank Thee (Ruth Roberts)
Dear Jimmy (Emmett Gilbert)
I Love You Well (Laura Noeth)
Walking With My Lord (Mary DeLoriea & Ralph M. Smith)
Georgia Plains (William Jones)
The Eagle Must Fly (Mark Cristopher Robarts)
An Unknown And Outsider (Raymond Moberly (!))
We Were Born To Love (Arley Crist)
Jimmy Carter Is His Name (Lewis N. Ward)
Wake Up America (Alice Wilson, Cecil & Tony Tutt)
Tell The Homefolks "Hey" (Ed Holbrook)
Lament To A Great Man (Josephine M. Wenck)

301: Vocals By Gene Marshall & Barbara Foster -- A Song In Our Heart
Woman The End Is Near (Jean Molinari)
Start My Heart Beating (Grace d'Ambrosio)
Is It So What They Say About Texas (Harry P. Numsen)
Who's Gonna (Lewis N. Ward)
Definition Of Love (Hermine D. Dixon)
Living By Faith (Eddie W. Hill)
The Flowers (Ealey Bowman)
Love Came Too Late (Hattie Potter)
Hollywood (Gilbert Rivera)
Love Flame (Gilbert Rivera)
Jealous (Carment Soto)
Hail To Thee A Mighty Nation (T.J. Carter)
If She Brought You Loneliness (Mildred E. Brown)
You Steal My Heart Away (Alvina C. Chee)
Make Up Your Mind (Stephen W. Wentz)

302: With A Song In Our Heart
It's Not Very Often (George D. Griffin)
Oh Honey I Want To Go Home (Marjorie Galvan)
The Sweetest Girl In Town (Mrs. E.C. Williams)
And What About It (Donatus Martin)
An Earnest Prayer (Juan Kelly)
Listen To Me Baby (Thelma Jackson)
California Boy (Bessie Crews)
You Are The One For Me (Evelyn Bramblett Elliott)
Saul Became Paul (Bill Hale)
I Couldn't Figure It Out (Donatus Martin)
Hello Love, Let's Make Up (Mrs. E.C. Williams)
We'll Always Be Good Friends (Juan Kelly)
Hole In The Wall (John Tynan)
Please, Yellow Moon (Eugene Pienta)
Vododeodo Honey (Kiss Me) (Chester Bergoff)
no artists listed

376: Ace Mona & The Third Generation -- A Tribute To Elvis
In Memory Of Elvis The Great
Run Around, Ride Around
Black Bayou
Lisa, You're Still My Darling
That Faith Preaching Man
Dreams Come True
The King Of Rock And Roll Has Gone
In Memory Of Elvis
The Gold At The End Of The Rainbow
The Fifties Again
Hallelujah Elvis (Hallelujah He Is Lord)
God Bless The Day
Little Dollie
Elvis Will Be There
plus two more of unknown title

377: Gene Marshall Sings His Newest Favorites
We Got Love (Troy Eugene Packwood)
Song Of Mississippi (David L. Crowson)
I Found An Angel (Ann Lynch)
Silly Little Robin (Gladys K. Ballard)
Gathered No Moss (Patricia Hope Kingham)
I Dream Of You Dear (Ray Galvan)
Extraterrestrials (David B. Kotulak)
Love Me (Herbert E. Dickson)
An Infant Was Born (Ann Lynch)
Why Not Now (Ray Galvan)
I Believe (Betty Beckett)
Faithfully Yours (Jawad Ibrahim)
I Got This Feeling (Troy Eugene Packwood)
My Baby's Got A Barroom Heart (John York)
Ripe (David B. Kotulak)
Time To Change (Duard Wise)

379: Barbara Foster & Gene Marshall -- Many Moods
Mountain Home (Mary McManmon)
I'll Send You My Blessings (Abraham Francis)
Can't Seem To Make It Without You (Octavio Yescas)
Divorce Losers (Julia M. Gifford)
These Are The Moments (Frederick Herzog)
Will You Be Ready? (Ron Fegley)
Baby, We're Finally Free (Angela Puccio)
A Prayer To Santa (Mrs. Garrell Sanders)
South 40 Acres (Cecilia Mae Walton)
Don't Go Snooping (Mrs. Garrell Sanders)
There Ain't No Profit In Revenge (Abraham Francis)
If You Want To Love Me (Octavio Yescas)
Yesterday Gone (Julia M. Gifford)
United States (Mary McManmon)
Lisa (Frederick Herzog)
Glory In His Holy Name (Ron Fegley)
Don't You Know That I Love You? (Angela Puccio)
Our Mother (Garrell Sanders)

380: Barbara Foster & Gene Marshall -- Especially For You
Foolish Heart (Larry Carter)
Love Waits On The Borderline (Betsy Robin Schwartz)
I Know It's Going To Rain Before Dawn (Elbert Parks)
Don't Shine Me On, Pretty Girl (Dennis M. Olson)
Bell Saves Energy (Rampersaud Toolsie)
We Can Make It (Betty C. Garlitz)
That's The Way It Has To Be (Mohan Persaud)
Pretty Girl (Larry Carter)
You Fool Around (Veronica J. Green)
Two Stars (Christine Alison Bennett)
What's There In Your Kiss? (Kenneth W. Harding)
Sweet Honky Tonk Rose (Carl Barrette)
In Memory Of Elvis (Edward Hutchins)
Let's Get Together (William Guthridge II)
I Met The Master Face To Face (Mrs. Willner Johnson)
Dreams In The Stars (Jacob Sallo)
Mister Hombre (Ted Hanaoka)
Daddy, Elvis And Bing (Randy Richards)

384: Barbara Foster & Gene Marshall, special guest appearance by Ace Mona -- Singin' With Style
Poplar Bluff Missouri Is A Big Disco City (Claude N. Griffin)
Suddenly (Deosaran Jagroo)
The Meaning Of Love (Mildred Womack)
The Moon (Leonard H. Holder)
I've Been Missin' You So Many Days (Velma M. Roberson)
Feel The Love (Milton McFarland)
Funky Time (Glenn Snell)*
Just To Be Young Again (Angie Leo)
Make Our Love Turn To Light (Chris Perreira)
I Love Ya Baby (Angela Murray)
Insha Allah (God Willing) (A.H.K. Nasir)
Gwen, My Love (Nelson L. Hooper)
Jam-Dance (Eunice E. Plummer)
A Remembered Athlete (Marion Brown)
Lay One On Me (Pamela Lee Kopack)
The Strongest There (John Franklin)
Disco Crazy (Deosaran Jagroo)
A Country Music Cowboy (Angie Leo)
* vocal by Ace Mona

385: Gene Marshall & Barbara Foster -- Feelin' Like Singin' Country
Reminder Hymn; One Day In May; Elvis Presley; School, Peace And Prayer Power Now; Country Waltz; Through Life You Cannot Hurry; Oh Darling; The Guardian Angels; He's Call Raymond; I Can't Believe You Lied; Thank You, Lord; Truck Driver's Daughter; Blue Eyes On A Blue Day; Lonesome; Diesel Smells, Vapor Trails; Lorraine And Serona; If A House Could Speak; I Need You
songwriters and individual vocalists unknown

number unknown: Gene Marshall & Barbara Foster -- Side By Side

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