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OVL-17: The Arthur Braun Expedition
artist uncredited: Introduction (Arthur Braun)
artist uncredited: Genteel Poverty Bound (Oliver Sai)
artist uncredited: To Be Or Not To Be (Oliver Sai)
artist uncredited: Rock Of Gibraltor (Oliver Sai)
artist uncredited: Avant Garde (Oliver Sai)
artist uncredited: Encounter (Oliver Sai)
artist uncredited (audibly: Bobbi Blake): Married Woman (Marie Roberts)
artist uncredited (audibly: Bobbi Blake): Voyageur (Oliver Sai)
Martha Oliveri: December Love (Oliver Sai)
Ava Rosenblum: Thinking Of You (Arthur Braun)
Arthur Braun: Reborn Friend (Arthur Braun)
Arthur Braun: I'd Sacrifice My Life (Arthur Braun)
artist uncredited: A Cloud No One Can See (Arthur Braun; Norman Charlton)
artist uncredited: I've Stopped Dreaming (To Start Living) (Arthur Braun; Ruth Durand)
Richard Grimes: The Fallacy Of Love (Richard Grimes)
"arranged and directed by Arthur Braun; associate producer: Oliver Sai; an Exotic Production"

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