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Note: Rockadelic is a respected label reissuing obscure psychedelic albums, primarily from the late '60s/early '70s. Their reissue of the heretofore-unknown Whitewood album is the only song-poem release in their catalogue, and it is only partially a song-poem record at that. For more on the Whitewood/Exotic story, see "The Crazy World Of Arthur Braun" on the AS/PMA News page.

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RRLP36: Whitewood -- Whitewood
Whitewood: Volcanic Eruption; Charisma; Pandemonium; An Enduring Love; Let My Soul Free; New World (wr. uncredited, but believed to be Oliver Sai)
Whitewood: Whitewood; Hoo Ah Polka; Victim Of My Mind; Marlene's Blues; Another Second Chance (For The Victims) (wr. uncredited, but believed to be Arthur Braun)
reissue of Exotic release

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