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902: Dick Rogers -- I Understand Him / I Wouldn't Hide The Moulding Rock (both wr. Willie F. James)
903: Dick Kent -- Everytime (Grace Brainerd) / George's Song (George Herman Coppage Jubilate)
913: Dick Carr -- With All My Heart (June Cooper) / Bobbi Dell -- Portrait Of Innocence (Donald King, Craig Fletcher & Jon Stiles)
925: Rodd Keith -- Finding Your Love (Smith Daniel Giles) / Fred Carson -- Hurry Back My Love (Betty Mackell)
931: Fortune -- Astrologer (Rita H. Silva) / Dick Charles -- A Poet (Thomas Guygax, Sr.)
932: Fortune -- Ho Chi Minh Trail / You're Coming Back To Me (both wr. Frank Louis Rowe)
935: Fortune -- Be Good To Your Baby (Henry De Giorgio) / To My Beloved Myrtle (William H. L. Davis)
936: Fortune -- Traffic Lights (Andy Jackson) / Spring (Doris E. Huber)
937: Fortune -- Your Song / Race Horses Have Funny Names (Harry W. Tavener)
938: Fortune -- A Little Bit North And Way Out West (Henry DeGiorgio) / Mary Jane (William F. Svoboda)
942: Fortune -- Blue Bird Blues (Lewis A. Sinclair) / Jakey Stuff (Beryl Newman)
945: Fortune -- Red Headed Baby Doll / That Gray Haired Sweetheart Of Mine (Forest S. Prowant)
946: Fortune -- One and Only (Raymond F. Moberly) / Them Wailin' Blues (Freddie J. Lightfoot)
947: Fortune -- I Saw The Light (H.D. Simpson) / Grapes Born Of Vine (Daniel F. Edwards, Jr.)
956: Fortune -- Last Bus To Memphis (Billy Jay Neill) / A Place In Your Memory (Gina Knepp)
957: Fortune -- Walk A Tight Rope (Charlotte McClintic) / Luxury Of Lies (Edsel M. Johns) (lead singer believed to be Dick Kent)
965: Dick Kent -- Once A Time A Turn (Edsel M. Johns) / I'm Pushing For Love (William Scarborough)
969: Fortune -- Something Of Value (James Poitier) / Bobbi Blake -- The Key Is Still There (Isadore Ivy)
972: Dick Kent -- Just Remember I Love You (Robert Carlton) / Bobbi Blake -- Common Sense (P. Marcelle Brown)

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