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Bryte/Brite Star
Bryte Records, distr. by Brite Star Record Prod., Newbury OH
Brite Star, 728 16th Ave. South, Nashville Tenn. 37203; (615) 244-4064

Note: There's a lot of confusion about this family of labels. Bryte, Brite Star and Roy would appear to be unrelated to each other but for the appearance of Bobby Boyle (a male singer, as opposed to the female Bobby Boyle on Nu-Sound or the female Bobbi Boyle on MSR) and the intertwinings of various addresses in both Nashville and Newbury, Ohio, which pop up on the labels like the plastic rodent in a Whack-A-Mole game. Those listed above hardly detail the variety of addresses from those two cities found on these records. Further clues indicate that Bryte and Brite Star were parts of the same operation, perhaps at different times.

Complicating things further is that many of the releases in this family seem to be closer to vanity productions than true song-poem recordings. We persist in listing them here because several of them remain strong contenders to have been song-poem releases, which, if true, would immediately tar the whole set of interrelated companies with the song-poem brush. When in doubt, leave it in.

The first volume of David Allan Coe's often-contradictory series of autobiographies briefly discusses the first time he had one of his compositions recorded. The artist was Bobby Boyle, and the record was for an Akron, Ohio company called Bright [sic] Star Promotions. "Tex Clark was the owner," Coe wrote in Just For The Record (1978; privately published). "I told him all about my [criminal] past. He assured me it was my musical future he was interested in, not my past. My musical career had started. . . . I changed my name to David Allen, and my first song was recorded by a young singer named Bobby Boyle." Coe told us in a brief e-mail exchange that Boyle and he were childhood friends in Akron, and that Boyle's dad owned a bait and tackle store there, but he would give no other details about this record. The record doesn't appear in any David Allan Coe discography that we've seen.

West Virginia rockabilly wildman Hasil Adkins had his run-ins with Brite Star. Adkins hired Tex Clark to promote several of his records, including "The Hunch"/"She's Gone" on Roxie in 1963 and "Heartaches Over You"/"My Blue Star" on Adkins' own ARC label in 1975. Adkins claims that Clark failed to fulfill his promises to him, and was busted for mail fraud soon after their 1975 deal. Evidence supporting Adkins' version has not yet materialized, although based on what everyone else says about Clark's operation, it doesn't seem hard to believe.

The legendary song-and-dance man Tiny Tim hooked up with Brite Star for a pressing and distribution deal in 1971. For Tiny's account of that incident, see our Vic-Tim page. Also found there are other song-poem-related anecdotes from Tiny's long and strange career, and another Brite Star ad.

-- Singles --

Bryte 224: Jimmie Holt -- Bring Back Country Music / Little Rosa (not song-poem; 1962)
Bryte 225: Bobby Boyle -- Silver Wedding Day (Bertha Hughes) / On A Mountain High (Myrtle Barnes) (late '61 or early '62)
Bryte 226: Coney Carver -- Please Change Your Mind / Lost Heart (1962)
Bryte 227: Freeman Erwin -- It's Love / Living Doll (1962)
Bryte 227: Freeman Erwin -- Lover's Party / Out Of My Mind (both wr. Freeman Ervin) (1962; Bryte apparently released two different 45s with this same catalogue number)
Bryte 229: Tom & Jack with The Twintones -- Treasures Of Silver / Don't Make Me Cry (both wr. Jack Cole) (1962)
Bryte 229: Lenny Wright -- Baby Brown Eyes / 20-20 Vision (1962; Bryte apparently released two different 45s with this same catalogue number)
Bryte 230: Randy -- Waitin' For A Love / Today Is Just Another Day (1962)
Bryte 240: Roger White -- Mr. Bluebird / Childhood Sweetheart (both wr. Roger White) (1962; not a song-poem record)
Bryte 250: Bobby Boyle -- My Heart Just Cried (Al Cabin) / You Had Your Chance (Doris Knoll) (1962)
Bryte 251: Odie Workman -- Leaving Town Today / Just A Friend (1963)
Bryte 280: Werth Becker -- Dear Ma / Two Cups ('63)
Bryte 306: The Renaults -- March To Eternity / Rockin' With Joe (1962)
Bryte 306: Dick Joy -- Linger Down In Memory Lane / Where Were You (Wayne Castner) ('62)
Bryte 307: The Nite Caps -- Wildcat (J. Dugan) / Jimmy's Theme (1962; A-side is an instrumental)
Bryte 308: Eugene & The Cyclones -- Thunderbird / Don't Let These Things Happen (To You) (1962)
Bryte 800: Harmony Twins -- I'm On The Way To Glory / The Moon's No-Stoping Place For Me [sic] ('63)
Bryte 860: Eugene & The Cyclones -- You Mean So Much To Me / You Are My Sunshine (c.'63; B-side "a rockin' rendition of the old standard"; prob. not a song-poem record)
Bryte 909: Paynes -- Righteous Judge / Drunkard In The Night / Fallout Shelters / How Can I Refuse Him Now? / Joy Unspeakable
Bryte 12873: Rusty Ramey -- Bitter Tears / Counting My Teardrops ('64)
Bryte 80080: Pinky Pinkston -- The Fisherman / I Want To Go Back Home ('64)
Bryte 2601: Howard Collins -- Divorces Granted / Friday Blues ('64)
Bryte 1076: Howard Collins & Tommy Holt -- My Mind Keeps Wandering ('65)
Bryte 1206: Bobby Boyle -- I Ask My Heart A Question / My Heart Don't Hear You ('65)
Bryte 1234: Bill Gile -- Foolish Pride / You Will Pay ('65)
Bryte 6162: Eddy & Ann (The Weeping Willows) -- Night Train To Memphis / Beautiful Lies ('69)
Bryte 6677: Paynes -- He Knew Just What To Do / I'm Not A Sinner Anymore
Bryte 7002: Mary Madison -- World Of Make Believe / I've Left The Past Behind (no writers named, but presumably Mary Madison) (handwritten on record: "1965"; probably not a song-poem record)
Bryte 7601: Dick Johnson -- Funny How Time Slips Away / Lonesome Blues (no writing credits; A-side is Willie Nelson standard)
Bryte 7777: Red River Boys -- Big Sandy River / Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
Bryte 7778: Bob Whiters -- Sam The Tomcat / Thank You Mister Postman
Bryte 60708: Barbara Sanders -- Girl From The Mountain / While I'm Away (both wr. Bill Gile)
Bryte, number unknown: Randy & The Pahlem Valley Boys -- Waiting For A Love (1963)
Bryte, number unknown: Tom Conley -- Guilty (1963)
Bryte, unnumbered: Uncle Clyde -- Dear Ivan / Mother Went A Walking (no wr. cr.)
Bryte, unnumbered: Jack Cole -- Night Train To Memphis / Tonight I'll Cry Some More ('65)
Bryte, number unknown: Elsie Putnam -- Savings Account In Heaven
Bryte, number unknown: Bobby Boyle -- Rollin' Stone
Bryte, number unknown: Bob Withers -- Please Mr. Postman
Bryte, number unknown: Bobby Boyle -- Away From The World
Bryte, number unknown: Uncle Clyde -- Mother Went-A-Walkin'
Bryte, number unknown: Frank Darris -- Angel Face-Devil Mind
Bryte, number unknown: Blue Ridge Mountain Boys -- I'm Still A Fool
Bryte, number unknown: Ray Adams & Moon Mullins

Brite Star 774: Red Simpson with Roy Guyce & His Lonesome Valley Boys -- One Broken Heart Ago (Harley Richardson-Red Simpson) / Rollin' River In My Heart (Everett Red Simpson)
Brite Star 2006: Shorty & Ginger -- Dear Mr. President / Teardrops Are Falling (writers uncredited) (probably not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 2267: Kai-Ray -- I Want Some Of That / Trashman's Blues (both wr. Richard A. Caire) (not a song-poem record; 1961; A-side covered by The Cramps; B-side inspired name for The Trashmen, of "Surfin' Bird" fame, as both they and Kai-Ray were from Minnesota)
Brite Star 2425: Marty Martel -- She's Learned To Live With Me (Still Loving You) (George Riddle-Cheryl Williams) / A Cold Day In July (Dave Kirby-Glenn Martin) (A-side possibly not song-poem; B-side probably not song-poem)
Brite Star 2426: Carolyn Carroll -- The Little Things / Carolyn Carroll & Bob Smallwood -- I'll Sign The Papers (both wr. Bob Smallwood)
Brite Star 2429: Bob Smallwood -- Papa's Pride / Remains Of My Heart (both wr. Bob Smallwood) (not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 2431: Arthur Thomas -- Stepping Out On You / Woman Who Is Waiting (both wr. Arthur Thomas) (not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 2435: George Riddle -- Making More Love To You / I Can Drive You From My Mind (B-side wr. Johnny Colmus)
Brite Star 2438: Ken Myers -- Honky Tonk Blues (Hank Williams) / Blue Ribbon Bows
Brite Star 2446: Marty Martel -- Different Kind Of Misery (Dalton Roberts) / My Weakened Time (Marty Martel & Tex Clark)
Brite Star 2450: George Riddle -- The Greatest One Of All / My Eyes Finally Opened (both wr. George Riddle) (not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 2453: Troy Shondell -- This Time / Your Nobody's Child
Brite Star 2457: Batey Brothers & The Sound Of Bluegrass -- Setting You Free / Picking Up The Pieces
Brite Star 2459: Troy Shondell -- Rip It Up (unknown whether this is the Little Richard song; Shondell had a hit in the early '60s, and recorded also under the name Gary Shenton)
Brite Star 2470: Dawn Johnson -- Somewhere Between Us (Jim Hurley) / They Taught Me How To Yodel (p.d.) (produced and arranged by Johnny Dollar)
Brite Star 2496: Jess Green -- My Heart Is Broken / Smoke On 66
Brite Star 2862: Carl Tipton & The Mid State Playboys, vocal by Miss Sophie -- I Firmly Promise You (Walters) / Carl Tipton & The Mid State Playboys -- Jesse James (traditional) (pr. Johnny Dollar, eng. Al Gore)
Brite Star 5960: Sonny & Jack -- Jeanie Marie (S. Campbell & J. Avery) / Silver Wings (Merle Haggard) (arr. & pr. Johnny Dollar; B-side not a song-poem)
Brite Star 6767: James Arline -- Early One Morning (1969)
Brite Star 7826: Albert Barker -- Green Grass Don't Always ... [title incompl.] / Living My Life
Brite Star 7871: Sue Lloyd & William O'Donnell -- The Ballad Of Patty Hearst (Listen To Tania) (B. Elmore Lloyd-William O'Donnell) / Bill O'Donnell -- (You're) A Bird In A Cage (W.F. O'Donnell) (not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 7893: Ylanda Magee -- Mama I Want A Daddy (Ylanda Magee) / Satin Sheets (Jean Pruit)
Brite Star 7896: Al Barker -- Satisfaction By A Fraction / Better Days
Brite Star 7905: Jack Blakley -- There Goes My Everything (Dallas Frazier) / Never Ending Love (Donnie Young) (probably not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 7911: Gil Martinez -- It Happened Again / Keep On Walking (both wr. Gil Martinez) (not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 7918: Charlie Cochran -- Worthless Is A Fool Like Me / Deep Inside Me (both wr. Charlie Cochran) (not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 7919: Eldon King -- Til Lovin' You Is A Sin / Eldon & Esther King -- Flowers (both wr. Eldon King) (not a song-poem record)
Brite Star 7928: Shelby Wright -- Where Did I Go Wrong / Sad, Sad, Sad (both wr. Marie McLauchlan)
Brite Star 7966: George Riddle -- Where Can I Go / It's All Over Now (both wr. Leo Daniel Boyd)
Brite 9306: Dwight Todd -- Story Of Fer-Del / When The North Wind Blows (both wr. Todd) (not a song-poem record)
Brite Star, unnumbered: Enchantments -- Enchanted Mountain / All My Love (late '65 or '66)
Brite Star, unnumbered: Stairway To The Stars -- Cry / Dry Run (1967; prob. not a song-poem recording)
Brite Star, unnumbered: Jack Randolph -- The Shadows Of A Hony-Tonk [sic] (Howard Walker) / The Way We Treated Love (J.M. Johnson) ("Honky-Tonk" spelled correctly in dead wax)
Brite Star, number unknown: Bob Smallwood -- Papa's Pride (1972)
Brite Star, number unknown: Carolyn Carroll -- The Little Things (1972)
Brite Star, number unknown: George Riddle -- She's My Woman (1972)

-- Albums --

Brite Star 2210: The Best Of Nashville Country
Billie Jo Spears & Roger Ricker: If Your Leaving Don't Kill Me (Jim Hurley)
George Riddle: How Can I Love You (James Denton) (pr. Roger Ricker)
Jack Butwell: You're My Woman (Jack Butwell) (pr. Tex Clark)
Herman Wolf: What I Tell You Tomorrow (Herman Wolf) (pr. Roger Ricker)
Eldon King: Stop, Stop Pretty Water (Eldon King) (pr. Arthur Thomas)
Jim Harshaw: Going Down The Road To Nashville (Jim Harshaw) (pr. Roger Ricker)
Roger Ricker: Just Remember I Love You (Roger Ricker)
George Riddle: If She's Not Mine (James Denton) (pr. Roger Ricker)
Jack Butwell: Tired Hands, Weary Mind (Jack Butwell) (pr. Tex Clark)
Herman Wolf: When I Can Call Honey My Wife (Herman Wolf) (pr. Roger Ricker)
Eldon King: There's No Way To Make This House A Home (Eldon King) (pr. Arthur Thomas)
Jim Harshaw: Singer Half Rate (Jim Harshaw) (pr. Roger Ricker)
from liner notes: "It takes a great deal of talent to make it as a country music star today, however, even more than that, it takes a sincere and dedicated love for the business along with patience and determination to make the dream of Music City come true for a hard working artist in a world of so many. As you are enjoying the selections, we hope that you will capture the 'feel' that was intended for your total listening pleasure."

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