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7113: The Real Pros -- Wishing (Ronald Tabella) / I'm Waiting (When Will That Day Be?) (Charles Novak)
7201/7202: The Real Pros -- Deep Freeze Mama (Alberta F. Lancaster) / Teenage Queen (Frederick Herrick) // Just Pretend (Marguerite J. Smith) / Disneyland (Maria Mrowiec)
7205: The Real Pros -- I Will Be Cheating Too (S. Priam) / I'm Having My First Heartbreak (Randy Johnson)
7225: The Real Pros -- Wondering Memories (J.C. Waters Brown) / Kitchen Table Boogie (Earl A. Van Alstine)
7248: The Real Pros -- Christmas Message In A Buddhist Land (Alejandro T. Dela Cruz) / Chained To The Shadows Of Your Love (W.L. Goodbread)
7249: The Real Pros -- My Billy (Clara M. Johnson) / Tonight (Gladys Sam)
7250: The Real Pros -- I Need You (Mary Ellen Bowers) / Wedding Gown For Sale (Emma Towsley)
7252: The Real Pros -- The Girl I Loved Sometime (Brendan Aucoin) / I Had A Dream (Walter M. Cannavan)
7258: The Real Pros -- This Is The Time (Madeleine Demirgian) / Lying Fisherman (Jack Silver)
7302: The Real Pros -- Is It Life / Take A Look At Yourself
7308: The Real Pros -- This Old World (Abel Rodriguez) / Like The Sunshine (Faye Hagwood)
7324: The Real Pros -- How Many Steps (Sharon Simpson) / True Blue American (Lee Roy Singleton)
7325: The Real Pros -- Timber Of Pine (Grace Akins) / It's Too Sad To Say (Willis E. Wood Jr.) / The Time Is Here (J. Millward Warren) // Creole Girl (Alvin Grosenick) / We're Giving Up Something Funky (Alfredo Grant) / Rain On The Roof (Georgiana Vunk) (©1973)
7330: The Real Pros -- Love Is Just A Hurting Game (Naomi Lynch) / I Didn't Mind (Glen Johnson) (©1973)
7341: The Real Pros -- Sing Away Sorrow (Bradley A. Hodge) / Marion (Dennis C. Trainor) (©1973)
7344: The Real Pros -- Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (Cheyne Cartwright) / Bowler's Request (Lisle E. Bigelow Sr.)
7360: The Real Pros -- When You Meet (Someone You Love) (Jacqueline Menard) / First Love Affair (John Gillooly) / Hurricane Myth (Thomas L. Christison // The Day We Said I Do (Emma S. Martin) / I Don't Want To Say Goodbye (Millie Hutchinson) / The Legend Of Sam (Harold F. Boulette, Jr.) (©1973)
7405: The Real Pros -- You Are My Sweetheart (Guadalupe H. Reyna) / Don't Let Them Pull Us Apart (Henry Smalls) / Swan Song Of A Prospector (Nick and Mary Mellick) // Dinner, Candlelight And You (Mildred C. Noe) / You Are The One For Me (Susie Sturdivant) / Sweet Orphanage Child (Willie E. Jordan) (©1974)
7410: The Real Pros -- I'm Sorry (Jack P. Burlakos) / She's No Little Girl Any More (Darl J. Lehman) (©1974)
7412: The Real Pros -- It's You, Cherokee Lou (Marvin Utter) / Love At First Sight (Alice M. Farnell) (©1974)
7413: The Real Pros -- Why Are We In Love Apart (Ovide McKendall) / Hurry On Home (David L. Woodard)
7422: The Real Pros -- The Broken Home (Ollie E. Cooper) / Love Is (Gloria Chenoweth) (©1974)
7423: The Real Pros -- A Special Something (William Thomas Helm) / A Million Miles Apart (Vera Jean Olsen)
7441: The Real Pros -- Good Morning, My Children (Bertha Hale) / Search Out Your Soul, American (Vaughn Galloway) (©1974)
7458: The Real Pros -- God Took The Sunlight (Genevieve McDonald) / Dear Lord Above (Annie B. Warren) (©1974)
7461: The Real Pros -- Think Of Her As A Stranger (Gerald Berreth) / The USA Of Today (Donald F. Brashears) / Teenager's Lament (David J. Kandolph) // It's Hard Loving Someone That Doesn't Love You (Joseph Byrd) / The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (Lynn Thompson) / A Fool's Fool (Patt Hoppes) (©1974)
7463: The Real Pros -- She Was Keeping Score (Wanda F. Gibson) / A Fan (Barbara Minko)
7476: The Real Pros -- The Ups And Downs (Alfred Heath) / My And My Wheels (Richard A. Lerz) (©1974)
7509: The Real Pros -- Can't Go On Without You (James Lary) / Two Bands Of Gold (Marian L. Longeway) (©1975)
7510: The Real Pros -- I'll Try You Again (Phelma T. Washington) / Just For You (Noble D. Wilhoite) (©1975)
7511: The Real Pros -- The Swing Of Spring (James R. Fearnley) / A Super Kind Of Woman (Joe Rossi Jr.) (©1975)
7514: The Real Pros -- I Just Want To Love You (Willis Mayes) / Don't Advertise What You Can't Sell (Jesse F. Robinson) (©1975)
7515: The Real Pros -- My Reason Is Jesus (James H. Rose) / Down In The Valley (Mary Everett) (©1975)
7516: The Real Pros -- In Love With Elvis / My Love For You (1975; A-side included in bootleg compilation CD Elvis Mania II)
7520: The Real Pros -- Grave Of An Unknown Soldier (Eddie F. Kidd) / Dana (Patricia Lewis) (©1975)
7522: The Real Pros -- Give Me Country Music (Isaac Machuca, Jr.) / On Your Wedding Day (Maxine McKillip) (©1975)
7524: The Real Pros -- Baby I Miss You (Willie L. Walker) / Free (Fred E. Slater) (©1975)
7525: The Real Pros -- Thy Love (Judith Taylor) / My Best Playmate (Lisa Ganda) (©1975)
7526: The Real Pros -- I Love You (Ming S. Ureta) / On A Hill (Clifford Lyons) (©1975)
7527: The Real Pros -- Is This Really Me (James R. Mapp) / Am I Losing You (John A. Wounick, Sr.) (©1975)
7528: The Real Pros -- The First Time We Met (Michael Gibson) / Foolish You And Foolish Me (Hank Fountain) (©1975)
7529: The Real Pros -- April's Love (A. Z. Davison, Jr.) / C'mon Sunshine (Leo McMullen) (©1975)
7530: The Real Pros -- Lady I'm Glad (Clarence Glaude) / American Pie Father (David Junkin Heard) (©1975)
7531: The Real Pros -- Springtime Blues (Edita L. Bergado) / Don't You Know I Love You (Ann Marie Kehoe) (©1975)
7532: The Real Pros -- Don't Marry Just For Money (Lenore A. Rastella) / I Believe (Shirley Mae Fancher) (©1975)
7609: The Real Pros -- From A Teen To A King (Lily S. Peugh) / Too Sweet To Be Forgotten (Neville Williams)
7612: The Real Pros -- Walk Through My Mind (James Cox) / Shot Me Out Of Sight (Gilbert Sullivan)
7711: The Real Pros -- To The Woman I Love (Matthew Brown) / Easy Come, Easy Go (Tina Ann Harvey) (©1977)
7713: The Real Pros -- I Remember It All (Owen E. Humphrey) / Let's Dance To The Disco Boogie (Phillip Wilson) (©1977)
7715: The Real Pros -- Sky Diver's Lament (Evelyn Felbert) / The Perfect Show (K. Marquez Henderson) (©1977)
7717: The Real Pros -- The Stage Of Life (Joseph Cilenti) / Home Town Blues (Dud D. Hetebrink) (©1977)
7720: The Real Pros -- Just Another Friend (Karen Franklin) / When Love Is Gone (Willie Cole) (©1977)
7822: The Real Pros -- Lovin' You Baby (Corinne A. Humphrey) / In A Dead End Line (Herminio Franco) (©1978)
7824: The Real Pros -- Justice (Melvin A. Taylor) / Colleen (Larry Tolbert) (©1978)
7836: The Real Pros -- The Memory Of Elvis Presley / We Got The Blues
7849: The Real Pros -- He Left Without Saying Goodbye (Dennis C. Williams) / I Love You (Carrie Fraser)
7967: The Real Pros -- Riding Down Old Mustang Trail (Mary Kenyon) / One More Week (Terry M. Dunn) (©1979)
8007: The Real Pros -- The World's Tribute To Elvis Presley / Yesterday's Love
number unknown: The Real Pros -- Message To Our Teenagers (1971; listed in ad in Billboard, a fake record chart for Brite Star)
number unknown: artist unknown -- I Have Brazilia On My Mind (Rose Wilder) (1976)

-- Albums --

CRE 2: The Real Pros -- To Elvis With Love
Elvis, Oh Elvis (Frances Fink)
King Elvis (J.J. Kinalluk)
To Our King (C. Schupp)
The Legend Lives On (E.L. Silvera)
The Time Has Come (M.F. Bartholomew)
A Love So True (R. Korus)
To Elvis With love (Z.M. Mann)
This Was The Man (S. Hale)

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