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Century 21
Century 21 Records & Tapes (a division of World Wide Music, Inc.), 6760 Selma Ave. #11, Suite 1422, Hollywood CA 90028
1981: 7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 114, Studio A, Hollywood CA 90028

-- Albums --

CTO-0167: The Trendsetters -- The Super Sounds Of Today
A Smile Will Cheer The Way (Lottie A. Lederer)
Sweet Love Of Mine (Bessie Williams)
Time Machine (Kevin Springer)
Reflection Of Your Love (Nelson N. Byfield)
A Long Road (Polly Fay Allen)
Road Back Home (Helen M. Flippo)
I Fell In Love With A Stranger (Mary M. Brewer)
Give Me Trust (Philip M. Tarbell)
Clementine (Cliff Hanger)
My Brother (Theresa Ann Serna)
Truck Driver Paul (Bobby J. Saucier)
When I See You (Livrado F. Mendoza)
Why (Tommy Patterson)
She's A Teen Age Queen (Ernest L. Martin)
Baby, I'm Sorry (John Fillerman)
Susan (Charles L. Ziegler)
I Got Lucky (The Day That I Met You) (Harold P. Canode)
Careless Love (O.B. Ward)

CTO-1057: The Trendsetters -- The Super Sounds Of Today
Do What You Can (John Gillespie)
Lady Samson (Earl E. Wyer)
Play The Part (Martha Lee Davis)
Your Letters (Carrie D. Nash)
Many Tomorrows (Nancy Dale MacLennan)
Wondrous Power Of Faith (Adolph J.G. Babel)
An Eagle Flew By (Adolph J.G. Babel)
Hand-In-Hand (Adolph J.G. Babel)
A Man Without A Woman (Belynda Louise)
You Went Away (Michael McGee)
Cast-Asides (Joseph Paul Wolfe)
Never Ever (Johnie F. Harris)
Electrified Feeling (David L. Fayne, Jr.)
Super Lady (Ed Miller)
I Dreamed I Went To Heaven (Ruby C. Hills)
Oh! Little Darlin' (Robert B. Trippett)
You (Karen L. Rasmussen)
Careless Love (Coni Suzette)

CTO-1277: The Trendsetters -- The Super Sounds Of Today
The Falling Raindrops (Sydney J. Archer)
I Don't Know Why (Roy B. Roddy)
Illusive (Lee Larsen)
Tears In My Eyes (Elias G. Moutsioulis)
Slow Down World (Lonell Nolen)
Our Summer Day (Steven Gozner III)
My Son (Herbert A.J. McEwen)
Day To Day (Daniel E. Patterson)
Careless Love (Belynda Louise)
I Got Love In My Heart (Delois Clemmons)
To Josh, My Friend, Whom I Love (Billy Lee Prather)
My Lonely One (Harry A.U. Broker)
A Love Sonnet (Debbie Brett)
What I Need Is You (John Charles Miller)
A Song Of Winter (Randy F. Lyle)
Listen My Children (Donna Fasching)
Clementine (Coni Suzette)

CTO-2277: The Trendsetters -- The Super Sounds Of Today
As Each Day Passes (Sylvia Petrovic)
Tender Is The Moment (Wulf D. Kort)
I Don't Have To Go (Harry A.U. Broker)
Honey, Happy Anniversary (Marcelline J. Bandy)
Missing You Darling (Marcelline J. Bandy)
Banking On Your Love (Roger Breaux)
My Baby (Lorna L. Day)
The Planet Of Love (Russell C. Mitchell)
Oh My Darling Clementine (Belynda Louise)
The Sweetest Love (Theodore R. Bess)
All I Ever Wanted (Monya Lee Heikkila)
Dreams Of Yesteryear (Rosa Montgomery)
How I Feel About You (Oscar Pedro)
Me And Little Joe (Everett Jerome Mullis)
I've Found Happiness (Jean Kelly)
Oh, That Last Half Mile (Ethel I. Benge)
I Really Don't Know (John Beierle)
Careless Love (Coni Suzette)

CTO-6177: The Trendsetters -- The Super Sounds Of Today
Mankind (Sheri Lynn McGathy)
There Will Be No Beer In Heaven So They Say (Kenneth J. Camp)
The Only Trouble With Runnin' Away (Donnie R. Mullican)
Honky Tonk (Clifford C. Keene)
Call Me (Houston Monroe)
Hymn Of Praise, Power And Joy (Wilhelmina McClellan)
Please Try To Understand (Andrew Murcko)
Her Alibi (Donald A. Martin)
My Gal Sal (Coni Suzette)
Will It Happen (Debbie McCarter)
Sis (The Only One I Had) (Shirley Hochstedler)
Dedicated To My Husband, Jurij (Irene Chrebtow)
To Be Old (And Poor) In America (Paul Fuller)
God Made You Wonderful (Glenn C. Buechly)
U.S.A. (James Warren, Jr.)
Handle With Care (Jang Lye)
My God's Alive (Gussie Miller Lee)
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (Belynda Louise)

CTO-7067: The Trendsetters -- The Super Sounds Of Today
It's Time To Become Serious In My Life (Jay Vance Huff)
True Hearts (Ollie L. Lamey, Jr.)
Shadow On My Heart (Tom Stark)
Salt And Pepper (Mrs. Marjorie M. Stewart)
She Couldn't Even Tell Me Goodbye (Donnie Harmon)
A Coal Miner's Son (Clyde R. Hill)
If I Could Have My Way (Mrs. Mary Ann Tadlock)
It's All Over (Evelyn Frees)
Careless Love (Coni Suzette)
Angel With No Wings (Boyden McCumber)
Christmas With Little Girls (Euna F. Emerson)
The Prayer Divine (Adolph J.G. Babel)
Southern Cowboy (Monte Paul)
Baby, Don't Feel Sorry For Me (Byron G. Miller)
I Want To Love And Be Loved (Johnie F. Harris)
I Never Did Get Over You (Johnie F. Harris)
I Saw A Vision Of You (Harold P. Canode)
A Man Without A Woman (Belynda Louise)

CTO-9067: The Trendsetters -- The Super Sounds Of Today
That's What I Believe (Herbert A.J. McEwen)
We Met Only Yesterday (Audrey A. Lail)
Love Will Be Smiling (Margie Layman)
Century 21 (Kookie Kay)
Who Is To Blame (Ann Johnson)
Out Of The Blue (Albert Davis, Jr.)
Since Our Acquaintance (Robert J. Paletsky)
Some Sweet Day (Josue Santiago)
My Gal Sal (Cy Attica)
Don't Look Back Look For Tomorrow (Pat Berry)
One And A Spare (Virginia Gerlach)
Driftin' (Dewey R. DeMott)
Someone Loves You (Martha M. Mason)
That Crazy Woman Has Gone Too Far (John D. Turner, Jr.)
If Ever I Forget (Marie L. Murphy)
Start All Over (Carmen Ruiz)
A Man Without A Woman (I.B. Cipher)

SS-102-S: The Trendsetters -- Super Sessions Of The 80's
I'll Never Get Drunk Anymore (Kitty Holley)
Why Jesus? (Jefferey W. Fetterhoff)
Don't Blow Your Smoke On Me (S. David Sloan)
Better, Wiser, Happier (Clara Brinker)
Bitter Tears At Night (Wayne Whitehead)
Tortillas And Frijoles (Crisoforo Esquivel)
Boogie Down With Me (Andrew Kitchen)
Mary Jane (Paul Sueoka)
I Stand Alone (Steve Johnson)
April Springtime (Helen H. Cromwell)
Don't Ever Fall (Zelma Pickett)
The Love I Feel For You (Cathy Maronna)
Wild Rose Of Alberta (Lloyd Shoebottom)
Summers And Winters (Avi Dhillon)
A Love Letter To You (Robert L. Demsko)
Things Never Went Right For Me (Carl Potorti)
My Girl (Carol Piatt)
My Redhead (Howard Bennett)
My Dreaming Grounds (Mack McCoy, Sr.)
Secure (Thomas J. Guygax, Sr.)

SS-103-S: The Trendsetters -- Super Sessions Of The 80's
Skateboard Wizard (Donna Underwood)
Women's Lib (Angela H. Schlafani)
My Heart Is Wherever You Are (Elea Nora Ries)
I Believe In Jesus (Sally J. Brown)
Hate -- No Never (Dana Lee)
Just To Prove I Loved You (Lena S. Kunkel)
I Don't Care (Rosalee Madaffri)
I Threw My Dreams Away Last Night (Wilks Hinson)
That Night Fever (Verna L. Nicolaisen)
I Can't Let Go (Anna Belle Riffle)
Summertime (Viola Byars)
Do We Ever See? (Robert Morrison)
Whatever, Forever (Darwin M. Dodson)
Waiting (Charley Miller)
Sweet Feeling (Timmy Boley)
Mystery Woman (Lee Willie Bryant)
Hold On To You (Christopher Janas)
Picking Petals From A Daisy (Mallcy N. Chism)
Love (Samuel A. Foster)
Seek The Lord While He Is To Be Found (Ila Mae Allen)

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