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Major Label
Major Label Records (a division of Cal Music, Inc.)
1975: 6760 Selma Ave. #11, Suite 711, Hollywood CA 90028;
1979: 7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 114, Studio H, Hollywood CA 90028

-- Albums --

L-1077: The Hitmakers -- Hit Sounds Of Today
Love (Virginia A. Wagner)
I'm Dreamin' My Life Away (Melvin R. Simms)
My Darling (Eddie Joe Bush)
My Poem (Johanna Dusold)
When I'm Alone With You (Lucille Verbrugge)
Sad Sally (Rose Henry)
Worldly Pleasures (Edna Canaday Niday)
We're The Type To Stick Together (Nancy C. Teems)
Clementine (Clem Entwine)
Times To Remember, Times To Forget (Hattie Potter)
Love Is Understanding (James R. Johnson)
For Once I Was Alone (Annette Johnson)
Forty-Five Is A Dangerous Age (Madeline M. Stopyra)
The Dark Haired Girl (Harvin Gwin)
Little Angel (Sally Sarensen)
On A Sunday Afternoon (Melvin McLean)
Baby, You're Beautiful (Fred E. Slater)
Careless Love (Faw Therless)

L-1177: The Hitmakers -- Hit Sounds Of Today
Feelings Of The Past (Harry A.U. Broker)
Rose Of My Love (Mrs. Willie Bloomfield)
In Love With My Wife (Albert B. Casolari, Jr.)
Just A Country Boy (Charles L. Ziegler)
Bojo's Magic Mojo (Keith Lynn Thurston)
Lonely For A Friend (Brenda F. Williams)
Trust And Love (Dorothy Blane)
A Letter To Mom And Dad (Donald H. Little)
My Gal Sal (I. M. Fereless)
If You Should See My Angel (Jack Hicks)
My Life (Mildred Pernell)
Sunshine Lady (Larry C. Griffin)
He's The One (Cliofas M. Alaniz)
How Can I Make You Understand (Janice Farrell)
I'm Me, I'm Me (Steve D. Black)
I've Made Up My Mind (Meron Long)
Faith, The Invisible Key (Gertrude Amidon)
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (A. Disciple)

L-1277: The Hitmakers -- Hit Sounds Of Today
Don't Walk Away From Love (Jory Due)
Wine Drinking Man (Billy Davis)
My Heart Cried Out For You (Richard G. Wild)
Something Wrong In Me (Phillip E. Wright)
My Dream (James Felton Ussery)
She Knew I Really Cared (Melvin Townley)
Counting (Donald A. Novak)
Teresa (John A. Thatch)
My Gal Sal (Torrey Pines)
The Mother God Gave Us (J.P. Wilson)
Hurt (Gussie M. Harrington)
The False Hero (Wil Ma' Pen)
This Woman's No Fool (W. Jean Nettleton)
Walkin' A Heartache (Harold L. Crowston & Albert F. Woolsey)
The Playing Of Sweet Music (Helouise Maynard)
Excitation And Satisfaction (Eustolia Calaycay)
Longing For You (Maria C. Siracuse)
Man Without A Woman (Fred Singleton)

L-1487: The Hitmakers -- Hit Sounds Of Today
She Said (For Real) (Earl Walter)
Someone (Donald Allen Martin)
This Morning (Rob Parmelee)
Using Her For Bait (Norris Jenson)
Love Is Wonderful (Joseph Drefko)
Is It True (Dock S. White)
The Waiting (Jeanette Dickerson)
You're So Far And Yet So Near (Juanita Watson)
Careless Love (Roman Hand)
What Would You Give (Frank M. McLamb, Jr.)
Why Did It End This Way (Dennis Yernesek)
Come With Me (Mary Lou Ball)
Rhythm And Coordination (Felipe Leon Pineda)
The Pay (Cecelia Mae Dixon)
Beauty (Shirley Mae Burr)
Let's Make This Wrong Right Again (Darlene Bowers)
When We All Get Home (Victor F. Formyduval)
A Man Without A Woman (Sol A. Tudo)

L-2057: The Hitmakers -- Hit Sounds Of Today
Wide Swinging Doors (Charlene Gray)
My Life On The Line (Billy R. Thompson)
My Friend (Sandra Ormes)
My Darling And Me (Daniel E. Priddy)
Troublesome World (James F. Everett)
We Were Made For Each Other (Marner Rae Smith)
Blindman's Blues (Herbert Swearinger)
We Searched And Found That Single Star (Patrick Kenney III)
Careless Love (Phil Harmonic)
Parting Is Hard (Bascom Stacy)
Rain, Rain, Rain (J. Louis Santos)
It's Trucking Time (Ruth B. Cecere)
My Marie (Lillie R. Franklin)
I Weep For The World (Mary S. Howard)
Yesterday (Maxine B. Watson)
I'm So Tired (Mrs. Otto Jaster)
I Felt Like An Orphan (Katherine Gould)
He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (Oral Sunday)

ML-2057: The Hitmakers -- Hit Sounds Of Today
I Don't Know Where I'll Be Tomorrow (Gene R. Hall)
I Cry For The Wind (Duwayne McNaughton)
Take It Easy, Take It Slow (Doug Maynard)
Love Is Free When It's Wanted (Jerry L. Powell)
Look Behind You Boy (Mario Banks)
He Wakes Me (Elsie McLean)
My Mermaid Of The Sea (Joe Rossi Jr.)
My Special Love (John Robert Davis)
Bill Bailey (Hughie Cannon)
Time Heals Everything (Delores L. Myers)
Holcomville Is The Place To Be (Robert Lee Stancil)
Precious Mother, Dear Old Dad (Navona Talley)
Hear The Whispering Wind Say (A. J. Woolbright)
A Prayer (Genevieve Dal Porto)
Life Is Here And Now (Curtis E. Hoover)
Separate Ways (Ray O. Barber)
With This Love (Michael L. Wilson)
The Yellow Rose Of Texas (Phineas Diddle)

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