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Hollywood Hitmakers
Hollywood Hitmakers, 7080 Hollywood Bl., Suite 114, Hollywood CA 90028

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72N: Rodd And The Hitmakers -- Rodd In Velvet
The Dogwood Tree (Louis Tilton)
Guess What Mutt (Merle A. Stearns)
The Light Of Truth (Mary Lou Trias)
Life Is Not The Same Everyday (Archie Swindell)
Hard Up For Humor (Tom Denton)
Dream World (James A. Morris)
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Jimmy Webb)
Volcano (Harry Hudson)
Wonderful Names Of Jesus (Kathryn Dowell)
Tippin' Inn (Carroll Evans)
Kissing (Warren & Ariail)
Under Your Spell (Charles S. Williams)
Love You (Irene O. Gulledge)
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Ewan MacColl)

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