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Roy Records: Brite Star Prod., Newbury, Ohio
then: Roy Records: Brite Star, 209 Stahlman Bldg., Nashville TN

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49678 (18307/8): Bobby Roy -- Your Playing Tag With My Heart (Harold Dumontier) / Starlight Starbright (Sterling C. Rusk) / Nobody Cares For Me (Jerry Collins) // Vin Wilkie -- Juke Box Baby (Vin Wilkie)
7055: Bobby Boyle -- Set Me Free / I Guess (both wr. William J. Beck) (might be different Bobby Boyle than on Bryte)
16846 (20281/2): Bobby Boyle ("Vocal Inst. Ass.") -- In That Morning (Walter Sachs) / Lonesome Valley (Bill Laakson)

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