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Tin Pan Alley
Tin Pan Alley Publications, 1587 Broadway, New York 19 NY
1955: Tin Pan Alley, Inc., 1650 Broadway, New York 19 NY
then: Tin Pan Alley, Inc., PO Box 405, Radio City Station, NYC 19 NY
then: Tin Pan Alley, Inc. Lake Grove, NY 11755
then: TPA Records, Tin Pan Alley, Inc., Box 7438, Sarasota, FL 34278
motto: "Profiles in Music"

Note: Tin Pan Alley was, in most respects, a typical song-poem label. But a tiny extra helping of musical ambition allowed them to turn out a distinctly more professional-sounding product than their competition. An indicator of their illusions of legitimacy is the fact that their labels featured the actual stage names of the respective performing artists, as opposed to the white-bread pseudonyms so commonly found on song-poem records.

Tin Pan Alley was founded in 1941 by Jack Covais, a 27-year-old violinist who had been born in Italy but emigrated to Brooklyn with his family while still a youth. Covais started his songwriting career as a lyricist, with musical settings to his words made in fleeting collaborations with semi-established songwriters, a fitting parallel to his eventual career as a song shark. Covais' personal songwriting efforts were sincere attempts to succeed legitimately but, unable to hook up with an established publisher, he wound up self-publishing instead, using the name Tin Pan Alley Publications.

Covais certainly had the huckster's flair for dizzying hyperbole, as this excerpt from the back cover of his 1943 song "Let Freedom Ring" attests:

Jack Covais, the author of "Let Freedom Ring," was, before this score, an unknown composer. To-day he is blazing a name for himself that is fast becoming a house-hold word. ... We proudly hail the greatest musical classic ever conceived in this time and generation, in this historical period of world conflict, in which "Let Freedom Ring" plays its greatest musical role.
Note that the song he claims put him on the map is the same one whose very release that claim accompanies. I could see where his name might be "fast becoming a house-hold word," but I can't fathom how it could have happened quite that fast.

As is often the case, the stiff competition and general cliquishness of the straight music industries drove Covais to increasingly blur the edges of his business practices. By 1943 he was already dabbling in song-poem publishing, and by 1953, if not earlier, Tin Pan Alley had become a full-blown song-poem operation. For the song-poem work, Covais changed hats from lyricist to composer. It was also around '53 that the emphasis of Tin Pan Alley's product shifted from printed to recorded music.

It is Tin Pan Alley's earliest recordings, featuring name acts knocking out material submitted and subsidized by amateur lyricists, that makes the company stand out from the pack. These sessions were mostly in a jump or post-swing vein at first, then doo-wop and rockabilly were added to the label's repertoire of styles. Tin Pan Alley's recordings are remarkably full and lively compared to the limp product of other song-poem companies, yet there's something about them that sets them apart from legitimate records in those same styles. For one thing, it's disconcerting to hear such accomplished musicians tear into ridiculous songs such as "Buck Teeth And A Pony Tail" or "Ho! Ho! If You Eat Me." (Other memorable Tin Pan Alley titles from this period include "Love Is Like A Cigarette," "A Heart Is Like A Zoo," "A Fat Man In A Compact Car ," "The Glory Of Evil," "Heart-Smashing Daddy" and "But She Loved A Cat, In A Rex Harrison Hat!") Besides the silly lyrics, another disorienting factor is that Tin Pan Alley singers would approach the material with a slightly scaled-back version of the kind of loopy exaggeration that characterizes more obvious-sounding song-poems. On the whole, Tin Pan Alley sessions were convincing simulations of real music, but the singers' subtle "wink" is a tip-off to hipper listeners that this record is still nothing but a goof.

Covais was charging his customers roughly $300 to produce their song-poems, double and triple what his competitors were able to get. Although he cut corners by recording only at ricky-ticky semi-professional studios, the steep fee still enabled him to use six-piece combos including some of the top session players in New York. Guitar legend Mickey Baker and tenor sax giants King Curtis and Sam "The Man" Taylor were among the musicians who worked numerous sessions for Tin Pan Alley.

Tin Pan Alley's session leader was George "Teacho" Wiltshire, a pianist, arranger and conductor well-known and highly-regarded behind the scenes. Briefly a member of Louis Jordan's Tympani Five, other big-time acts for whom Wiltshire worked include King Pleasure (including his 1952 hit, "Moody's Mood For Love"); Wilson Pickett, The Drifters and Solomon Burke for Atlantic; The Jive Five and The Exciters for United Artists; and Chuck Jackson, Gene Pitney and Tommy Hunt for Scepter.

Gus Colletti, an "agita"-type band singer who could belt and croon with equal brio, handled Tin Pan Alley's pop songs during this period. He was either gifted or cursed with a Brooklyn accent as thick as Bowser's from Sha Na Na, bearing in mind that Bowser's was faked. Colletti started recording for Tin Pan Alley in his early 20s, when he was still naïve enough about the workings of the record industry that he was willing to accept payment in copies of the records rather than cash. Impressed more with the possibilities for the song-poem submission "Without Your Love" than with the original session to record it, he paid $300 out of his own pocket for a Wiltshire-arranged remake, with the black trio The Wanderers singing backup. Colletti still performs periodically in the New York area.

Some of the singles on Tin Pan Alley were split between Colletti on one side and The Melloharps, also from Brooklyn, on the other. The Melloharps were an established act, whose "Love Is A Vow" on Do Re Mi is prized by collectors. Even their records on Tin Pan Alley are worth some serious jack, such as "What Good Are My Dreams" / "Gone" (157/158), identified as a $700 item in one of the more reliable price guides. (This record was later released in a much-cheaper "repro" edition, as was another Melloharps 45 on Tin Pan Alley (145/146), "I Love Only You" / "Ain't Got The Money.")

Randy & Sandy is an unknown entity, but their "My Little Skipper-oo," a session from 1957 or '58, is a hot little rockabilly number, with a wild, squawking tenor solo.

Tin Pan Alley's recordings, while still not quite "right" by the conventions of their respective genres, are consistently a cut above most other song-poem records of the day, especially in their arrangements and overall fullness. As Tin Pan Alley moved into the 1960s their sessions noticeably weakened, especially in the vocal department. They sounded much more like what we expect from song-poem music than the earlier ones did, yet they were still bigger, zippier and more reliably fun to listen to than the average el cheapo song-poem productions. "Child Of 69," "B-Bomb Baby" and "Hawk And Gun" are particularly stunning examples of the later Tin Pan Alley style, and some of the religious numbers listed below are also quite good.

Covais died in the 1960s, with a brother taking over Tin Pan Alley and its companion company, Broadway Music Productions. Eventually Jack's nephew, Sal Covais, gained control of the company and relocated its headquarters to Sarasota, Florida, where, as of this writing, it continues to operate.

-- Singles --

101/102: Verle Clapper & The Sunset Rhythm Boys -- What's It Gonna Get You? / I Never Knew (both wr. Jack Covais) ("early '50s C&W obscurity"; red plastic; 45 and 78rpm )
111/112: Teddy Ronson & The Al Lomardy Orchestra -- For A While I'll Remember (Cady-Covais)/How Many Times? (Burdette-Covais)
113/114: Teddy Ronson & The Al Lomardy Orchestra -- That Journey Way Up There (Newberry-Covais) / Gas And Oil (Douglas-Covais) (red vinyl)
115/116: Benny Sinacore & The Al Lombardy Orchestra -- My Black-Haired, Blue-Eyed Baby (Danny & Peter De Rtio [sic] & Jack Covais) / I Won't Let You Go (Scott-Covais)
117/118: Benny Sinacore & The Al Lombardy Orchestra -- Please Return Those Kisses (Loos-Covais) / I Didn't Know (Dorwart-Covais) (red vinyl)
119/120: Teddy Ronson & The Al Lomardy Orchestra -- Give Me This Night (Erickson-Covais) / An Empty Pocket (Underwood-Covais)
123/124: Benny Sinacore & The Al Lombardy Orchestra -- A Million Stars (Bledsoe-Covais) / Jacy Elmo & His Religious Trio -- Follow Me Home (Jason Stargle) (red wax)
127/128: Carmen Taylor & Orchestra -- Really True (Cirgen-Covais) / It Takes Two (Orlando-Covais) (above artist name: "Featuring Billboard's 1954 disc-Jockey poll winner")
129/130: Carmen Taylor -- You Never Really Loved Me (Jones-Covais) / Love Is Everything (Grimm-Covais) ("Featuring Billboard's 1954 disc-Jockey poll winner"; Taylor previously recorded for Atlantic; red vinyl)
141: Teacho Wiltshire -- Love Your Loved One
142/143: Teacho Wiltshire, His Piano & Orchestra -- Are You Willing (Metcalf-Covais) / Working Overtime (Tygart-Covais) (description on A-side label: "Performing the One and Only Rock 'n' Roll Waltz!")
143/144: Teacho Wiltshire, His Piano & Orchestra -- Working Overtime (Tygart-Covais) / Waters Of Telufa (Palmer-Covais) (same version of "Working Overtime" as on 142/143; note carryover of 143 number)
145/146: The Mello-Harps -- I Love Only You / Ain't Got The Money (both wr. Joseph Gowder) (Dec. '55; 78rpm (also 45?); not a song-poem record, as Gowder was Melloharps' lead singer; listed at $300 in vocal group price guide)
147/148: Teacho Wiltshire His Piano and Orchestra -- I've Got A Story Tonight! (Cherrier-Covais) / Check Your Heart (Perillo-Covais)
151/152: Tommy Adrian & The Bell Hops -- I'm Aleavin' (Taylor-Covais) / Jitterbug Heart (Belew-Covais) (description on B-side label: "Rock and Roll Waltz"; c.'56)
153/154: The Bell Hops -- Please Don't Say No To Me! (Wicks-Covais) / Merchant Street Blues (Caston-Covais) (1956; exists in a 78 release)
155: Lee, Lary & Nora -- Those Cheating Eyes / I Guess I'm Lucky
157/158: The Melloharps -- What Good Are My Dreams (Tempesto-Covais) / Gone (Dramchak-Covais) (Feb. '56; listed at $700 in vocal group price guide)
159/160: The Mello-Harps with Teacho Wiltshire -- I Couldn't Believe (Covais-Morris) / My Bleeding Heart (Covais-Perillo) (March '56; listed at $600 in vocal group price guide)
161/162: Phil Celia & His Peanut Pickers -- Peanut Pickin' Time In Alabam (Goodson-Covais) / Two Weddings (Short-Covais)
165/166: Phil Celia -- Winona (Walls-Covais) / Audrey (Schafer-Covais)
167/168: Alberta Jordan -- Puppy Love (Franzen-Covais) / Moonlight Among The Willows (Katie Lang)
175/176: (Introducing the Sensational) Pat Riley with His Tin Pan Alley Orchestra & Chorus -- Without You To Love (Lynch-Covais) / Get With It! (DeRosa-Covais) (1957; not the NBA coach)
179/180: Phil Celia & The Silver Tones -- Keep On Smiling! Pay Your Taxes! (Busio-Covais) / Phil Celia -- Give Me Your Love (Toney-Covais) (A-side "not a joke, but an exortation to patriotism")
183: The Bell Hops -- Please, Pretty Please
185/186: Pat Riley -- No Regrets Have I (Larsson-Covais) / The Proper Time (Perillo-Covais) (1957; not the NBA coach)
187: Teacho Wiltshire (also listed as Tin Pan Alley Trio) -- Coffee Break / Shut Eye (1957)
191/192: Frank Manell -- My Treasures (Nell Rushton) / Diamonds And Rubies (Gihring-Covais)
193/194: Marilyn Fiore -- Come On And Right, Right, Right The Wrong You Done Me, Baby! (Bradshaw-Covais) / He Didn't See Me! (Howe-Covais)
195: Jimmy Dee -- That's The Life For Me! (Bernard-Covais) / You Mean All The World To Me (Hughes-Farley)
202: Jimmy Dee -- Lonely / Manitoba Moon
206: Gus Colletti & The Clusters -- Hold My Hand (Beulah Michler)/ Without Your Love (Chaffee-Covais) (1958)
207: Gus Colletti & The Clusters -- Sample Kiss (Fortini-Covais) / My Darling, Wait For Me (1958)
208: Gus Colletti -- Sample Kiss (Fortini-Covais) / Without Your Love (Chaffee-Covais) (1958)
209: Gus Colletti -- Lost Lover Of Mine (Joe Coviello) / It Happened Because Of You (Richard Law)
210: Gus Colletti -- It Was Midnight On The Ocean (Bill McGovern) / The Girl I Left In Oklahoma (M.F. Michler)
211: Nina [Nino?] & The Gugliotta Sisters -- Teenage Rock And Roll / Hey! Honey
212: Gus Colletti -- Why Must You Cry? (Clarence Wallace Horn) (on label: "Presenting the one and only, and original, Indian-Rock And Roll") / Rhumba Blues (Jackson-Covais)
213: Gus Colletti -- She's My Honey (Michler-Patterson) / Love In My Heart (Norman Farwell) (c.6-58)
214: Gus Colletti -- At The Rock N' Roll Party
216: Gus Colletti -- Santa Is A Superman (Omer Rawhouser) / When Grandpa Planted The Christmas Tree (Peter G. Brandetsas)
218: Fran Gold -- Goody, Goody Good! (George-Covais) / Until You Say You Love Me (Dickenson-Covais)
219: Gus Colletti -- I'll Be There (Ludmilla Hoyman) / Just Let Me Live (Aida Craig)
220: Randy & Sandy -- Oh, I Forgot! (Henningsen-DeVita) / A Little Bit Of Love (Basson-Covais)
221: Fran Gold -- Jam And Jelly (Olive Briggs) / You've Got Me Spinning (Seawell-DeVita)
222: Rosalee Baker -- I Want You, I Need You (Seeber-DeVita) / Under The Red Powder Puff Tree (Sherwood-Covais)
223: Randy & Sandy -- My Little Skipper-oo (Anderson-DeVita) / Forever Yours (Fisher-DeVita) (c.'58)
228: Jack Verdi -- Two Roses (Dr. Herman-DeVita) / Because I Love You So (Hess-DeVita)
229: Jack Verdi -- When It's Moonlight In The Ozarks (Warwick-W. Dawkins) / The Moon Is Following Me (Spallina-DeVita)
234: Margie Sands -- Get Some Other Fool (Talmadge-DeVita) / My Heart's In Your Keeping (Nicol-Covais)
235: Bob Graulich -- Tell Me Before I Fall / Moonlight And You
236: Marcy Davis -- Full Moon Rock (Byrd-DeVita) / If I Could Have A Wand, Dear (Hildreth-Corvais)
238: Eddie Eltman -- God, You And Me / Honey Bee Bug
239: Johnny Williams -- You Went Away (Brock-DeVita) / I've Got A Hot Spot In My Heart For You (Anna Smith)
243: Rose Ella -- Mister Poker Face (Alma Hanson) / I'll Wait Forever (Brock_DeVita)
245: Frank Villani -- My Little Valentine / Carmen
246: Tony Miller -- Don't Say Goodbye (Monahan-DeVita) / That's The Way It Goes (Dunham-Covais)
247: Johnny Williams -- Big Seegar (Martin Mosch) / Daddy's Got Those Deep South Blues (Bullock-Covais)
248: Johnny Williams -- The Irishman (Graff-Covais) / Shut Your Eyes And Court Her Again (Chubb-Covais)
251: Johnny Williams -- Out Of The Crowd (Romine-Covais) / By Chance (Brock-DeVita)
252: The Blendairs -- My Love Is Just For You / Repetition (1959)
253: Fran Foster -- You Would Know (Van Dunk-Covais) / The Fountainbleau (Hildreth-Covais)
254: Ellen Wayne -- That's The Time I Miss You Most (White-Covais) / When I Said I Love You (Novicki-Covais)
260: Jack Verdi -- Between Two Fires (Caughman-DeVita) / They Don't Thrill Me Like You Do (Talley-DeVita)
261: Jack Verdi -- I Can't Sleep A Wink Over You (Carol Pecora) / The Love Bug (Timberman-Covais)
265: Ellen Wayne -- It's Too Late To Love You Now (Joseph Albe Jr.) / Crying (Hugh Brinigar)
268: Phil Celia -- The Last Dance / Someone
271: Ellen Wayne -- Don't Touch Me There! (Rosi-Covais) / The Night That I Met You (Elizabeth Burton)
274: Phil Celia -- Crazy For A Crazy Little Lady (Ezikiel Flores) / Sweet Dreams, Little Lady (Lynn-Covais)
279: Phil Celia -- When I Found Love (Kley-Covais) / Red Leaves (Mary Hayes)
284: Johnny Williams -- I'm Starvin' To Death (Richmond-Covais) / Cross The Raging River (Dawson-Covais) (January 1962)
289: Phil Celia -- Tell Her Of You Love (Montgomery-Covais) / The Devil And His Wife (Tulloss-Covais)
300: Ellen Wayne -- The Song Of The Bad Bandido (James-Covais) / This Is What You Mean To Me (Missouri France-Covais)
303: Phil Celia -- Doggone! My Dog Is Gone (Elizabeth Booker Crist) / Midnight In Madrid (Alan W. Hall)
305: Phil Celia -- Tin Cans, Tin Cans, Tin Cans (J.E. Kendrick-G.P. Kendrick) / I'm Sorry I Put On Charlie's Shoes (Lee M. Westford)
310: Ellen Wayne -- Don't Look At Me With Those Eyes, Darlin (Lee M. Westford) / Oh, Dear Daddy (Farmer-Corvais)
316: The Deans -- Don't Let Her Cry Tonight / I'm Gonna Love You (both wr. William Derusha) (1963)
317: Johnny Williams -- The Morning I'll Never Forget (Lapacz-Covais) / Ellen Wayne -- My Lips Couldn't Answer (Ann Brown)
319: The Deans -- Pretty Nola
320: Phil Celia -- Doin' The Uggy Pug (Lelah Lucille Palmer) / Orbit Rhythm (Endres-Covais)
322: Ellen Wayne-- The Princess (Carrere-Covais) / Easy Come, Easy Go (Dunning-Covais)
323: Ellen Wayne -- All Through My Dreams Of You, It's True (Vernon Clark) / To Grow Old And Enjoy Life (Robert La Venture)
324: Phil Celia -- Oh, Sing A Song Of I-O-WA (Farmer-Covais) / If Butch The Rough Barber Man Shaves Castro (Niehoff-Covais)
325: Phil Celia -- Oh, Donna Bell (E.G. Barnes) / Hand In Hand We Walked (Arcaro-Covais)
327: Ellen Wayne -- I Miss You (Thomas-Covais) / I Talked to Daddy Last NIght (Rolan-Covais)
328: Lilian Mars -- I Would Try (Boss-Covais) / The Jokes [sic] On Me (Mandel-Covais)
329: Lilian Mars -- How My Laddie Found Me
332: Phil Celia -- Don't Play Around With My Heart
333: Phil Celia -- My Dream Girl (Loing-Van-Tyle) / Don't Know How (Dunning-Covais)
334: Lillian Mars -- Dance Of The Dishes (Brent) / Lillian Mars & Phil Celia -- Paradise Valley (Benson)
338: Phil Celia -- Couldn't Be True (Eisenstein-Croteau) / She Kissed Me In A Dream (Littlejohn-Covais)
340: Phil Celia -- Following A Dream
342: Phil Celia -- My Love For You (Jim Treadgold) / I Can't Believe (Ronald N. Winfield)
345: Lillian Mars -- I've Been Untrue (Toler-Covais) / Never Say Goodbye (Pantophlet-Dienna)
354: The Silhouettes -- I'll Follow (Ladd Anthony Sutherland) / "Lance" -- I Wish I Was A Cowboy (Brose-Covais)
356: Nick Fontaine -- Forget That Dream / Garden Rhapsody (both wr. William Henry Wilford)
359: Lance -- Darling Teenager / Nick Fontaine -- Two Little Irish Roses (both wr. John A. Morgan)
360: Cathy Mills -- Wedding Gown For Sale (Towsley-Covais) / My Village Across The Sea (Gang-Dienna)
361: Cathy Mills -- Time Flies (Emma Hartsock) / Cathy & Lance -- At's Ida May Doin? (Young-Dienna)
364: Cathy Mills -- That Flower (Lepacz-Dienna) / My Sad Heart (Purola-Covais)
366: "Lance"-- The Day We Reach The Moon (Victor V. Borgos) / I'm A Heart Broken Man (Merritt-Covais)
8-369: Cathy Mills -- The Little Grey Shack (McClatchy-Brooks) / Whisper To Me Mister Moon (Frances Walters)
8-371: "Lance" -- Fine Cars, Fine Cigars (Garland D. Mathias) / Troubles (Painter-Dienna)
9-374: "Lance" -- Hat Me Father Wore (Colson-Dienna) / Who's Going To Kiss You (Bowser-Dienna)
10-379: "Lance" -- Elena Roza (John Herczeg) / Jacqueline (Hill-Dienna)
11-381: Cathy Mills -- Little Biddie Bird (Lakosky-Dienna) / "Lance" -- The Wanderer (Floyd Philo)
12-384: Cathy Mills -- It Is Spring Again (Pesola-Tobin) / God Is Not Dead (Van Ohlen-Dienna) (1966)
13-388: Cathy Mills -- Drowning In My Teardrops (Pyfer-Dienna) / Look What I Got For My Very Own (Watson-Dienna)
13-390: Bob Gerard -- Snow Man (Randall-Dienna) / I'll Never Quit Livin (Ryan-Covais)
14-392: Cathy Mills-- Getting Out (Loe-Dienna) / Lost Dream (Rebic-Dienna)
14-394: Bob Gerard -- In The Sunshine Of Our Joy (Foley-Dienna) / The Bluebirds Call (Mabel Haskins)
396: Cathy Mills -- My Baby Has It (LaMarre-Dienna) / Seasons (Zuelke-Dienna) (1966?)
408: Cathy Mills -- Star At Love / Boundless (catalogue prefix unknown)
18-409: Cathy Mills -- That's Why I Fell For Him / Monster Hop (both wr. Gregory-Dienna)
19-412: Cathy Mills -- You Said Hello (Novicki-Dienna) / Everything Goes Round And Round (Hawkins-Covais)
21-422: Bob Gerard -- Salvation Army Lassie (Richarles Delane McPlastens) / My Cellophane Baby (Billie Madsen)
23-428: Cathy Mills -- Find The Way To My Heart (Seroyer-Covais) / Willy Nilly Over Billy (Sweet-Covais)
429: Cathy Mills -- Come Back Tomorrow / For Now And Forever
432: Cathy Mills -- My Broken Heart
24-433: Cathy Mills -- I Was A Dry Wishing Well (Milinich-Dienna) / My Romance For This Summer-Time (Lorraine Holt)
24-434: Bob Gerard -- Little Cherubim (Geoghegan-Dienna) / Grandma's House (Phillippi-Dienna)
24-435: Bob Gerard -- Joedy Is A Wise Guy (White-Dienna) / A Letter Home (C.E. Smith)
25-437: Cathy Mills-- Divine Love Called Mother Love (Dolores Hannah Johnson) / I Gotta One Kiss (Henerfauth-Dienna)
26-441: Madelyn Buzzard -- King Luther (Rosemary Karshis) / The Political Polka (Baldwin-Dienna)
442: Bob Gerard -- Stand Beside Me / Turn Back The World
443: Bob Gerard -- Your Smile / I Hear You Calling Me
27-445: Billy Grey -- What Love Is All About (Rosemary Karshis) / A Spot In My Heart (Larkey-Grady)
28-449: Madelyn Buzzard -- Without A Love (Seroyer-Dienna) / Nightmare (Nehrbass-Dienna)
31-462: Billy Grey-- Hawk And Gun (Raymond Talley) / I Gotta Know (Mike Jones)
32-465: Alice Prentiss -- Rough, Tough And Ready / My Lug (both wr. James M. Sweet) (date stamped: "Aug. 11 1969")
33-468: Alice Prentiss -- Don't Gamble With My Heart (Eddie Walsh) / I Will Walk With A Smile (Theresa Speidel)
34-473: Eleanor Shaw -- When We're Living On Top Of The Moon (Menz-Kent) / The Money Tree (Therese Lindhuber)
34-474: Billy Grey -- Tongue Tied (Johnson-Dienna) / I Am Just What I Am (Majorie R. Morrow)
35-478: Billy Grey -- The Blue Casino (Grover C. Cole) / A Circle Of Gold (Christeen Bullock Hogen)
36-481: Eleanor Shaw -- Dear Santa (Tony Samarin) / Come Back (Verda Grinde)
37-484: Eleanor Shaw -- Come Back, Oh Love, Come Back (Lucille Sommers) / Treasures (Johnson-Blocker)
37-486: John R. Taylor -- My World (Cyril R. Leo) / When The Day Kissed The Night (Clem Klem-Dieanna)
39-493: Eleanor Shaw -- Scars On My Broken Heart (Dorothy M. Wurst) / Xmas And You (William Frazier)
39-494: Billy Grey -- Beggar For Love (Edward Nicholson) / Let's Really Rock (Jim Gross)
41-501: Eleanor Shaw -- Bring Us Another (Alexander P. Lapacz) / I'm Gonna Travel, Travel (Lotta H. Dickinson)
43-508: Eleanor Shaw -- Junior Miss Song (Mary E. Farrell) / Flowers (Lorna Gorman)
43-511: Billy Grey -- My Heart Still Hurts (Roy E. Miller) / Give Me Your Love My Darling (Gemeinhardt-Tobin)
44-514: Billy Grey -- Teardrops In The Chapel (Chuck Staff) / No One Else (Romaszkin-Ross)
45-516: Eleanor Shaw -- Kindness (Iwanski-Conley) / I Can't Wait Until Next Christmas (Lois Vandy Griff)
45-517: Eleanor Shaw -- Holy Spirit / Noah (both wr. Larry Loco)
45-518: Billy Grey -- Revelations / The Ten Commandments (both wr. Larry Loco)
45-519: Billy Grey -- She's My Honolulu Baby (Doile D. Maggiorini) / I Cry Over You (Jamie Monat)
46-522: Billy Grey -- Cindy (Joseph Edwin Akers) / A Distant Star (Raymond Wenske)
46-523: Billy Grey -- Thankful (Reba A. Butler) / Triangles (Joseph P. Walsh)
47-526: Billy Grey -- I'm All Alone On My Homestead (Louis Bosza) / My Caroline (William H. Knapp)
47-527: Billy Grey -- Show The Way (Bruce Mason) / A Woman (Annie Martens)
48-531: Billy Grey -- When I Traded Hearts With You (Lona Hagstrom) / Oh Girl, Oh Pretty Girl (Henry P. Walsh, Jr.)
50-538: Mike Thomas -- The People Of The World (Jim Camp) / Stone Soul Sisters (L.C. Simmons)
52-547: Mike Thomas -- Forever / A Dream To Repent (both wr. H.A. Smokie Smoke)
53-548: Mike Thomas -- It's Spring (Carter-Covais) / Everything Seems Rosy (Otto Kourim, Sr.)
53-549: Mike Thomas -- Too Young (Theresa Steppat) / Freedom Boys (Glenn Dalman)
53-550: Mike Thomas -- The Magnificent Provider (Dorothy Kraft) / The Silent Sheriff (Harold W. Shearer)
53-551: Mike Thomas -- Love Is A Game Of Chance (Betty J. Blanchard) / Rain (Cis Attea)
55-557: Mike Thomas -- There Ain't No Reason (M.H. Mosely) / I Ain't Living, I Ain't Loving, I Don't Know
55-558: Mike Thomas -- Airplane Blues (Owen K. Johnson) / B-Bomb Baby (Ervin L. Gibson)
56-561: Mike Thomas -- My Lesson / Most Beautiful (both wr. Agnes M. Solan)
56-562: Mike Thomas -- I've Gone, Gone Crazy Over You / The Storm (both wr. Edward Rodgers)
58-570: Mike Thomas -- I Thank You Forever (Willetta L. Phipps) / I Remember The Night (Charles Gerald Karels)
60-601/60-602: Mike Thomas -- Two Hearts In Love (Lawrence J. Gangell) / So Close To Love (L.T. Letchworth)
62-618: Mike Thomas -- Why Must You Leave Me (Jerry Brooks) / Broken Affair (Dorothy Newman)
65-631: Mike Thomas -- Mary Flowers (James Wardlaw, Jr.) / Love Is The Answer
65-632: Mike Thomas -- Mock'ry Of Love (Clarence Camp) / Johnny (Joene Peel)
71-553: Mike Thomas -- Velvet Eyes And Satin Lips (J.J. LoPresto) / Baby, I Love You (Johnny Siggers)
71-554: Mike Thomas -- One Little Moment Of Day (Val Novicki) / My Kind Of Man (Agnes M. Solan)
71-555: Mike Thomas -- The Prisoner Of War Song (Richard Powliski) / no artist named -- What Do You Say Baby Beautiful Joyce (Frank E. Wilson)
67-642: Mike Thomas -- That Day That We Met / I'm Travelin' South Dear (both wr. Burnette Nicholson)
67-644: Mike Thomas -- Let's Dance Together (Eyo U. Asanga) / Oh Little Michelle (Jo Foehlick)
68-647: Mike Thomas -- Cleanse My Body (Linda Hayes) / Tomorrow I May Make The Headlines (Helen M. Wilson)
70-657: Mike Thomas -- Sad Memories (Robert A. Vick) / Scotty Prays (Arlene Witt)
71-664: Mike Thomas -- Best For Me / Blue Eyes, Golden Hair (both wr. Michael Loza)
71-665: Mike Thomas -- On A Hawaiian Moonlit Night (Laura S. Freeman) / Prayer For Today (Ernestine Whiting)
72-666: Mike Thomas -- Only A Heart (Ray J. Olson) / The Tear And The Rose (Jim Gloe)
73-674: Mike Thomas -- My Roadrunner / Love Is The Answer (both wr. Daniel E. Priddy) ("mid- and up-tempo garage psych-blues and psych-tinged rock")
74-675: Mike Thomas -- Memories Of A Man / The Barefoot Lad (both wr. Ocie L. Neal)
74-678: Mike Thomas -- Man And Woman (Iris Irene Gomez) / Youths (Eugene Barnes)
75-681: Mike Thomas -- Girl Of The World (Addie W. Bailey) / My Garden Wall (Patricia Kniepkamp)
76-688: Mike Thomas -- Shadows (Virginia Anderson) / He's My Lord, My Savior, He's My Friend (Jerryl Trommater)
77-693/694: Mike Thomas -- Los Alamos (Arthur P. Romero) / Before That Angel Came (Barbara Ziesmer)
78-704: Mike Thomas -- Let Us / Patty, Throw Away the Gun (both wr. Maria Fonseca)
79-709A/708B: Mike Thomas -- She Doesn't Know I'm Alive (Side Mullins) / Jesus Loves The Politician (James A. Leatherman)
80-711: Mike Thomas -- Ohio's The One / My Man, I Love Him So (both wr. Ruth Issacs)
81-717: Mike Thomas -- Looking Back (Thelma Barry) / Serpent In The Night (Tony Virbitsky)
81-719A/718B: Mike Thomas -- Vows In The Chapel (Polly Troster) / A Song Of The Future (Ian Drysdale)
82-725: Mike Thomas -- See Him (Robert I. Hatten) / Early One Morn At A Quarter To Ten (Monte Benoit)
83-728: Mike Thomas -- Such Misery / I Lie Awake Remembering (both wr. Barbara M. Svooney)
83-730: Mike Thomas -- I Was A Slave Too (Thomas W. Floyd) / I Wish I Had A Song To Sing (David L. Walker)
85-739: Mike Thomas -- Jesus Christ, The Greatest Man (John C. Freeman) / Gypsy Melody (Mae Miller)
798: Mike Thomas -- Brown Eyed Daisy
803: Mike Thomas -- Old Before My Time (catalogue prefix unknown)
98-805: Mike Thomas -- The Seasons Of Love (Eric Eifert) / It's A Sign Of Spring (Val Novicki)
103-828: Mike Thomas -- The Golden Rule (Jack K. Gillespie) / Demons In The Sky (Steve C. Johnson)
104-834: Mike Thomas -- When You Have Jesus, You Keep Living On (Charles Berry) / Country Style (Cecil Little)
104-835: Mike Thomas -- Son Of Liberty (Lane Marinello) / Christmas (Billie J. Smagula)
106-842: Mike Thomas -- I Don't Want You No More (Dora L. Tyson) / Fat Person (John Thomas Jordan)
108-852: Mike Thomas -- I'll Ask God To Save You Some Wings (Roger Johnson) / A Tribute To The King (Mary E. Dykes)
109-858: Mike Thomas -- I Love You (William Myers) / My Little Dog Tubby (Deloris McGee)
110-885: Mike Thomas -- Bing Has Left Us Before Christmas / It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without Elvis (both wr. Joseph Jordan)
113-876: Mike Thomas -- Beyond The Morning Star (Inez Cooper) / Beloved King (Jeanine Ralstin)
116-895: Mike Thomas -- Mother's Rose Garden / This Is America (both wr. Eugene Seidel)
118-902: Mike Thomas -- I'm So Lonesome Dear, I Could Cry (Perry Shields) / Spring Time Love (Frances Marion Gillis)
120-914: Mike Thomas -- Rock N' Roll King (Diane Lee) / You Are The Song (August Dallara)
131-966: The Melodiers -- A Tribute To Elvis The King / Her Great And Gracious Ways (both wr. R. Bockover)
133-980: The Melodiers -- Never Stay Away From You (James Jorge) / To Be A Light On Stage (Paul F. Murawski)
150-1062: The Melodiers -- St. Nick's The Name / Marie, My Babie (both wr. Frank Leeper)
150-1064: The Melodiers -- The Spirit In Every Man / Don't Let Yourself Go To Pot (both wr. Frank Leeper)
PA 1101: Elmer S. Galloway -- Your Voice Is Like A Song / Take A Cup Of Kindness (both wr. Elmer S. Galloway)
162-1123: The Melodiers -- I Do Believe (Hugh R. Beck) / Sometimes It's Sad (Lisa Jo Hayes)
167-1147: The Melodiers -- Joe (Jo Ann Miller) / I Don't Forgive You (Angel L. Colon)
167-1148: The Melodiers -- Lady Love (Dayle Grayer) / When You Are Miles Away (Dean J. Arnoldussen) (eBay hype: "Another classic. Both sides are very obvious rips of Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay" and The Rolling Stones "Ruby Tuesday" Hilarious!!")
167-1149: The Melodiers -- Freedom One (Dianne L. Mikkelson) / Barbra (Thadeus Jones) (eBay hype re: A-side: "Song poem insanity. This one blatantly rips off "Paint It Black" with ill-fitting lyrics. A classic!!")
169-1156: The Melodiers -- Darling, Just Look At Me (Ruth Garr) / A Red Rose For You (Eric Burnworth)
192-1272: New Image -- For One Night Only / Don't Blame Me (both wr. Barbara V. Lowen)
194-1281: New Image -- A Friend Is Daddy / Mother (both wr. Maxine Fitzpatrick)
196-1293: New Image -- Blondes In Black / America Needs A Hero
197-1299: New Image -- Baby Blues (Scott Shuler) / I'm Going To Heaven (Esther Martin)
198-1301: New Image -- It Was Bound To Happen / Only This One Night
200-1312: New Image -- I've Got The Wall Street Blues / The Cry Of The Dead (both wr. Jake Dyk)
205-1336: New Image -- Butcher Boy / Belinda
205-1340: New Image -- Give Me All Your Love / Lies Hurt Me More (both wr. Sullivan-Sellars)
206-1344: New Image -- Little Church In The Valley (Joe W. Rose) / Gorgeous Day In San Jose (Brother Gone)
206-1345: New Image -- Midnight Love / Yesterday (both wr. Ferdinand Peters)
207-1346: New Image -- Memories Of Faded Love (Willie Starr Nash) / Just The Thought (Brent Lick)
207-1350: New Image -- No Love Is Fair (Lisa Davis) / Let Me Be The One
229-1458: New Image -- All The World Has Something / Child Of 69 (both wr. Tyrone L. Oliver)
number unknown: Phil Celia -- The Ball Game Is Over (James Covais-George Washington, Sr.) (1955)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Mirror Of Reflections (Joyce Ashton) (1957)
number unknown: The Bell Hops -- Angela (Nick Cutrone) / Ring Dang Doo Ting A Ling (Larry Bene) (1958)
number unknown: Phil Celia -- Audrey / Winona
number unknown: Ellen Wayne -- To The Baby Jesus (Helene Marie Carrere-Jack Covais) (1960)

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327-178: New Image -- Profiles In Music
In Reality (Wendy Georgi)
Head of Mine-Heart of Mine (Wendy Georgi)
Lost Palms Of Africa (David Afribeh)
Confessions Alone (David Afribeh)
My Wish (David Afribeh)
That Universal Rhythm (Joseph Burgos)
Stand Up and Be Counted (Velma Captain)
I Was Born to Love (Harold McNairy)
Where Did The Cities' Friendship Go? (Harold McNairy)
I Thought I'd Never Feel This Way Again (Daniel Arnold)

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