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Following is a recreation of a promotional brochure issued by Ascot Music, Inc., a Hollywood song-poem company owned by Lou and Sylvia Frohman. The Frohmans sold Ascot in 1973, and its new owners promptly re-launched it as Columbine Records, a company still in operation today.

This brochure was sent out c.1962, but looks more like something from the mid-1950s. The photos in particular bear that wonderful "Gee Whiz" posed look symptomatic of industrial photography of that era.

I recommend that you click on the first photo, where you'll be taken to an enlarged view with caption. From there you can scroll through each of the photos in succession, their captions cumulatively telling a rather inflated story of how a song-poem record comes to be. When you're done, you can return to this main Ascot page to read the rest of the brochure.

How your poem becomes a song at

New songwriters are hitting the top everyday!
And most of them started just like you . . . with a poem

In Hollywood, California, star-making capital of the world, unknown songwriters are taking their first step up the ladder of success right here at Ascot Music, Inc.

Ascot starts with your poem and carries it through to the production of your record.

Pictured below are actual photographs of Ascot's staff members at work in modern high fidelity recording studios and in their offices. (jump down to continue reading text)

Never before in the history of music has the songwriting business been more open to new people. Many . . . in fact most . . . of the big hits today are written by people who were amateur poets (just like yourself) a short time ago. With Ascot's help, perhaps your poem can take you to fame and fortune.

Our Business Is To Help You
Our entire staff and all our facilities exist just for one purpose . . . to help you. If we feel your poem has merit, if it has the elements of success, we provide a professional melody that makes your poem a song. Our composers create a melody that matches the mood of your poem and best fits the demands of today's music market. When people hear your record, they know that this is a real professional job.

Meet Your Collaborators
Heading Ascot's composer staff are two men who know and love music. They take a personal interest in your song because they know how much it means to you. It means a lot to them too, because all their lives, music has been the most important thing in the world to them. Their careers in the music world, here in Hollywood and in New York have been long and successful. Here is the experience they put to work on your song:

Truman Quigley. "Quigg," as the people in radio, TV, movies and recording studios call him, has 27 years of music experience to offer you. Among his many "credits" are those of music arranger for the Phillip Morris Radio Show and staff music member of CBS in New York. Quigg has worked with many music "greats" such as Bob Crosby, Horace Heidt, Ted Fio Rito and Jack Teagarden, to name a few. Quigg has a natural "feel" for music composition that is respected by the music industry everywhere. He is also a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers.

Lou Frohman. Lou is best known to the American public as the conductor and arranger for the Hollywood musical comedy "Hit and Run," although music reviewers remember him best as conductor, arranger and composer of another long run musical, "Opening Night Review." Much of motion picture background music you hear at the theatre is composed and arranged by Lou. Lou is known as a real "pro" by the music industry both here in Hollywood and in New York where he was a well-known musical conductor. Although Lou has had many successes in his 32 years in music, he considers his work with Ascot, helping new people, like you, with their songs the most gratifying experience of his career.

Ascot Offers You Complete Service
As a part of Ascot's regular service, and at no extra cost to you, you receive two high fidelity records of your completed song. You hear your completed song played and sung by top professional Hollywood musicians and vocalists.

In addition, you receive ten "lead sheets" complete with melody, words and chord symbols. Anyone who can read music, can play your song from Ascot "lead sheets."

Ascot also secures a copyright certificate for you and sends it to you along with your records and lead sheets.

To help you sell your song, Ascot includes, at no extra charge, a simple, easy-to-follow song promotion "kit," so you can circulate your song among the "right" people . . . music publishers and recording companies.

The Song Is Yours
When your completed song is sent to you by Ascot, it is your property. Ascot makes sure you are protected by furnishing you with a copyright certificate (Form E) secured from the Bureau of Copyrights, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (Poems alone cannot be copyrighted -- only words and music combined.)

Fun And Fame
Whether your song makes you famous, or just gives you and your admirers pleasure, writing songs is a wonderful and creative experience. Whether your song brings you fame and fortune, or just the magnificent pleasure of creative endeavor, you'll be glad you wrote to Ascot.

Ascot Extras
At no extra cost, Ascot provides you with these extra services to help you with your songwriting career.

A free rhyming dictionary is sent to you with your completed records and lead sheets. This songwriter's aid is published exclusively by Ascot. If you do not use our services, but would like the rhyming dictionary, the price is $1.00.

Free promotional list. Ascot provides you with an up-to-date list of names and addresses of music publishers and recording studios so you can circulate your song among the right people.

Revision of your poem, when necessary. Ascot's professional writers "polish up" your words, where needed, to give them a more commercial or fitting meter. Another Ascot extra at no extra charge.

Copyright certificate service. Ascot secures for you an official copyright certificate from the U. S. Copyright Department in Washington D. C.. We obtain this for you at no extra charge.

Time payment plan. You may pay Ascot as little as $5.00 down and make your other payments in easy weekly or monthly installments.

Free alternate melody. When $20.00 has been paid, Ascot sends you a "lead sheet" (both words and melody) for your approval. If the melody does not meet with your full approval, an alternate melody will be furnished at no additional cost.

Free postage. In the event that Ascot finds your poem unsuitable -- that even with revision, it cannot meet commercial standards -- it will be returned to you at Ascot's expense.

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