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Tropical Records, Box 2076, DeLand FL 32720
then: RR1, Box 569, DeLand FL 32720

Note: According to Savage Lost, Jeffrey Lemlich's excellent sourcebook of Florida record information, Tropical Records was a label "operated by Bob Quimby as an outlet for compositions by the National Songwriters Guild," a songwriters club Quimby also operated.

It is not entirely clear which of the Tropical releases are true song-poem recordings, since Quimby also did many straight-on vanity pressings and some "legit" releases as well. (He also for a while was publisher of The Nightcrawlers' one-chord masterpiece "The Little Black Egg.") Also, the National Songwriters Guild served as much to match lyricist members with composer members as it did to have its own paid composers working over customer lyrics, the latter, of course, being the benchmark of true song-poem music. Those Tropical records which I believe to have no song-poem involvement I have left out of the discography.

Further complicating the discographer's efforts is the fact that Tropical apparently sometimes used the same release number on more than one record. Go figure.

One item of trivial interest: Tropical seems to have been the preferred label of lyricists partial to the "candle" metaphor. Do a quick search on that word from within your browser and see what I mean.

-- Singles --

17419/17420: Laney Jones & Chordvettes -- Almost Persuaded Him (Glen Sutton, Billy Sherrill) (not a song-poem) / Little Heartthrob (Fred Cook)
18591/18592: Mixed Emotions -- I Lied / Marie (Feb. '67)
106: Bar Room Boys -- Border Queen / Bad Gin
106: Betty Jayne -- In The Darkness / Charles Vickers -- Come On, Baby (both wr. Valenti-Philipp)
108: Lee Hazen -- Don't Know A Thing About Money (Bishop-Way) / Rana Leggett -- One More Lesson (Bishop-Polonskee)
109: OFfBeEts -- Double Trouble / She Lied (1964; not a song-poem record; note: this group, with a slightly revised lineup, was aka We The People, the Florida garage band behind such great records as "You Burn Me Up And Down" and "In The Past")
110: Craftsmen -- Diddy Wah Doo / Today In Omaha
111: Craftsmen -- My Honey / Big Foot Wallace
112: Charles Conlon -- When God Comes To Call / Charles Vickers -- He'll Understand (both wr. Bowdish-Ewing) (c.'65; Conlon was lead singer of The Nightcrawlers)
116: Rayna -- The Bank Of Love / Lee Hazen -- My Love For You Has Come Back Again (both wr. Joe B. May, Jr.)
118: Charles Vickers -- Did You Have A Good Time / Every Day's Blue Monday
119: William Austin -- Somewhere Along The Way / I'll Never Forget Her (wr. Austin; prob. non-song-poem vanity)
120: William Austin -- Feudin' & Shootin' / F-86 (wr. Austin; prob. non-song-poem vanity)
122: Arnold Fowler & Golden Valley Boys -- Dim Lights And Thick Smoke / Soldier's Last Letter
123: Earthmen -- Hey, Hands Off She's Mine (Esther Farnsworth-Pamela Wysong) / It's Gotta Be Love (Esther Farnsworth-Wylton Snyder)
124: Surftones -- Secret Admirer / Charles Vickers -- Mammy Lou (c.'67)
125: Charles Vickers -- Where Do The Teardrops Go / I'm Trying To Believe I'm Through
126: The Brewed -- Lifeless Love / State Of Mind (c.'68)
128: Country Church Singers -- Jesus Was A Helpful Man / And He Heard Me //Who Else Is Listening / Divine Guidance & Revelation
129: Ronnie Knull & The Sand -- Crawfish / Leah
130: Bobby Williams & His Mar Kings -- Darling, Here Is My Heart / All The Time
135: Betty Bond -- I Couldn't Leave You Lonely / Country Church Singers -- A Perfect Way
136: True Heavenly Gospel Singers -- Nobody But You, Lord / Ain't It Sweet To Know
137: Earthmen -- She's My Girl / Save Your Love For Me
138: Jim Lea -- World Without Love / I Better Go
139: Charles Vickers -- No, No More Tears / Can't Get Anywhere With You // If I / Wondering, Wondering
140: Tammie Johns -- Soul Searching For My Baby / Soul Power (both wr. Sullivan-Sherman)
141: Mighty Willing Gospel Singers -- All The Way With Jesus / Have You Got Your Ticket
146: Pancho And Cherie -- Danny Boy / El Rancho Grande
147: Roger Hamilton & Odds & Ends -- I'm A Mojo Man / Something's Wrong (c.'69)
148: Blue Brass -- Every Day The Sun Will Rise / One Night Stand
152: Johnny Sutton & The Yondermen -- Yakety-Yak (no wr. credit; despite title, this instrumental is apparently the same tune as the Boots Randolph song "Yakety Sax") / Tryin' To Make A Dollar (Sutton)
153: Gospel Days -- I've Tried Jesus / Holdin' On By Faith
154: Whipperdoos -- Playback / Daytona Beach
155: Lance Hall -- I'll Light Another Candle (Chuck McCarthy) / Betty Bond -- A Bit Of The Sunshine
156: Jim Lea -- Just Pass Me By / Country Church Singers -- Let's Pray Every Day
157: Rubber Band -- Oh, What It Is / Flashback
159: Surftones -- Be My Girl / I'm One Of The Bad Guys
159: Earthmen -- Happiness / You've Got To Be Kidding
160: Earthmen -- I'm Living It Up / Holy Cow, Great Balls Of Fire!
162: Jim Lea -- Flower Child / Leftover Love
164: Charles Vickers -- That Little Honey Bee / Jim Lea -- You Can Light Another Candle (Chuck McCarthy)
167: Heavenly Trumpets -- I Want To Rest / O Not Enough Love
168: Bruce Eller -- The Little Sports Car / The Florida Waltz (both wr. Eller)
169: Betty Bond -- I Remember / Night
170: Sensational Spiritualaires -- Give Up The World / Son Of God
170: Jim Lea -- The Doing Of Our Thing (Gilbert Prescott) / 5 O'Clock Friday (E.V. Gordy)
171: Charles Vickers -- Thunder Bay / Yes-es Of Yesterday
172: Charles Vickers -- Let There Be Another Tomorrow / Let's Go Back
172: Betty Bond -- Where In The World / Sentimental Tears
172: Charles Vickers -- If The Hat Fits / You've Gotta Meet Your Partner (note three different records with the same number!)
175: John E. Dallas & Heavenly Trumpets -- He Woke Me Up This Morning / Lord, You Know My Heart
176: Steve Summers -- Down The Trail / Whipperdoos -- Thank You For Thinking Of Me
177: Dan Feather -- Touch And Go / Memories
180: Northerners -- Sweetie Pie / Be A Packer Backer
184: Whipperdoos -- Happy Day / Betty Jayne & Whipperdoos -- Don't Cling To Me
186: Frederica LaFleur & Greater Faith Cathedral Choir -- Rock My Soul / Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
191: Steve Summers -- I Could Love You So Easy / It's Easier To Say Than To Do
192: Don Loving -- The Woeful Skunk (Karjala-Loving) / The Whipperdoos -- Who's My Neighbor? (La Sorda-Florence)
201: Ronnie Layne -- The Four Commandments / Broken Promise
203: Betty Jayne -- Witch Doctor Say / Black Candle & The Ghost
203: Diana Lee -- Allison's Candle / The Black Candle
205: Jerry & Johnny And The Buttermilk Biscuits -- Country Rock And Roll / Baby, Baby, Where You Been So Long?
206: William Austin -- Wanting To Feel You Close To Me / Sweet Love (wr. Austin; prob. non-song-poem vanity)
208: Whipperdoos -- Let Freedom Ring! / Charles Vickers -- How Many Times?
209: Lonnie Dahl & Joanne Westmoreland -- Abraham / Let Them Live
211: Bobby Franklin -- Dangerous / Baby Sittin' Baby
212: Whipperdoos -- Loving America
217: Ronnie-D -- Office Lounge / Hey Lawdy Mama (April 2, '79)
unnumbered: Dixie Ramblers -- Riding That Midnight Train / Pathway Of Teardrops
unnumbered: David West / Earthmen -- Bar On Heartache Row / Turn The Light Off //City Of Stone / He's Way On Top, Baby
number unknown: Betty Bond -- Wake Me Up Baby / Blue Bird Sky
number unknown: Blue Brass -- One Night Stand / Every Day The Sun Will Rise
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Oh Darling (1960)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- I Wonder (1960)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- When You Hit Me To The Heart (1961)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Take A Little Hint (1961)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Volcano (1961)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- You Got A Lot To Learn (1961)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Kissin' Fool (1961)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Teenage Rock N' Roll (1961)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Dancing Doll (1961)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Turkish Twist (1961)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Chubby's Twist (1962)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Stay Home Blues (1962)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- You Said It (1962)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Gonna Twist (1962)
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Why'd She Do Me That Way
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- The Height Of My Love
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Rockin' With Ruby
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Never Stopped Singin' The Blues
number unknown: Johnny Red & The Rockin' Redlanders -- Twist Pie
number unknown: The Surftones -- Speed Demons (1964)
number unknown: The Fastbacks -- 2 + 2 = 4 On The Floor (1964)
number unknown: The Offbeats -- Make Her Mine (1965)
number unknown: The Offbeats -- Lawdy, Lawdy (1965)
number unknown: The Offbeats -- Young And Able (1965)
number unknown: Lee Hazen with The Surftones -- Drag Baby USA (1965)
number unknown: The Surftones -- Surfbeat USA (1965)
number unknown: Rayna Leggett -- No Time For Tears / Talk, Talk (1965)
number unknown: Johnny Red with The Suftones -- Why Cry Baby (1965)
number unknown: Johnny Red with The Suftones -- You Kept Me Guessing (1965)
number unknown: Johnny Red with The Suftones -- Once Again (1966)
number unknown: Johnny Red with The Suftones -- Dancing With Strangers (1966)
number unknown: Johnny Red with The Suftones -- Humpty Dumpty World (1966)
number unknown: Johnny Red with The Suftones -- It's Gotta Be All The Time (1966)
number unknown: Johnny Red with The Suftones -- We Saw Them In The Sky (1966)
number unknown: The Surftones -- Take A Look At Yourself (1966)
number unknown: The Surftones -- LSD (1966)
number unknown: The Hallmarks -- Troubled Soul (1966)
number unknown: The Bytel Lums -- Stranger In The Night / Do You Know What It's Like (1966)
number unknown: The Deadbeats -- Can't Go On This Way / Trust Me (1967)
number unknown: Katie Froehlich -- Children In The Rain (1967)
number unknown: The Surftones -- Carnaby Street (1967)
number unknown: The Surftones -- Psychedelic Baby / Groovy Chick (1967)
number unknown: Pete Thayer -- Oceanside 4th Of July (1968)
number unknown: The Earthmen -- My Girl Go-Go (1968)
number unknown: Pete Thayer with The Surftones -- Children In The Rain (1968)

-- Albums --

presumed to be song-poem albums:

165: Charles Vickers -- The Charles Vickers Album
Come On Down (Olga Wolkenstein)
Over Too Soon (Gunther Woschank)
If I ("Rebel" Fortini)
I Don't Want To Dream An Impossible Dream (Gene Aloe)
Witch Woman (Florence Trento-Gordon Florence)
Did She Mention My Name? (Henry G. James)
What More Can I Offer? (Albert McCauley)
Half-Hearted (James Harmon-Henry Marcus)
Raining Sorrow (Joseph Zavitsky-Helen Chaney)
A Million Clowns (Jessie Munro)
Twilight Lonely (Louis Petro-Bernard Reichman)
Soul Searching For My Baby (Mike Sullivan-Don Sherman)

220: Betty Bond -- Betty Bond Sings Pop
I'm Glad I Belong To You (Bess and Frank Grace)
Burned Once (Bernie Perry)
I Must Forget About You (Lionel Beauchamp, Harriet Ellis)
Big Boss Blues (Marguerite Boyles)
All Alone (Sonia Oliver)
Love Is Not What It Seems (John Drogas)
I'm Not In The Market For Love (Lloyd Evans)
In The Wrong Hands (Dick Lang)
Winter Wind (Randall Braman)
I Love Two Men (Dennis Tenney)
Am I Not Human Too? (Florence Christopher)
Till Death Do Us Part (Sonia Oliver)

unknown number (cover is missing): Songs Of Chuck McCarthy
Barbara Joyce: That Little Honey Bee (Chuck McCarthy)
Charles Vickers: I'll Light Another Candle (Chuck McCarthy)
Barbara Joyce: Help Me Keep On Growing (Chuck McCarthy)
piano by Rocky Solheim: Almost Persuaded
Ronnie Layne: The Broken Promise (Chuck McCarthy)
Betty Bond: A Bit Of The Sunshine (Chuck McCarthy)
Lance Hill: Help Me Keep On Growing (Chuck McCarthy)
The Country Church Singers: The Lowly Shepherd (Chuck McCarthy)
piano by Rocky Solheim: The Green Grass Of Home
Ronnie Layne: The Four Commandments (Chuck McCarthy)
piano by Rocky Solheim: Amazing Grace
Jim Lea: You Can Light Another Candle (Chuck McCarthy)

402: Charles Vickers -- Does Disco
Baby, What's Gonna Happen Tonight? (Wanda & Wen Allen)
Woman And Love (Theodore Stokes)
Shut Your Mouth (Wanda & Wen Allen)
Just To Get Her Out Of My Mind (Thelma Miller)
Tryin' To Keep You Out Of My Mind (Lee Alison)
Nightmare (Jim Kelly)
Livin' In Paradise (Donnie Covington)
Tug Of Love (Robert Bernasconi)
Black Widow Spider (C.U. Smith)
Disco Joggin' (Camille Beaulieu)
Crazy Knockin' (Bernie Perry)*
I Promised My Baby (Bernie Perry)
There Can't Be A Dream Without A Dreamer (Cliff Huddleson & Stacey Stevens)
*according to Florida discographer Jeffrey Lemlich, this is a remake of a song-poem Vickers first recorded in 1958

403: Charles Vickers -- Disco Pop For The 80's
A Brand New Face (Edward Culver, R.C. Culver)
I've Been A Fool (John Drogas)
So Lonely (James Miliken)
It's Significant (William Doane)
True Love Can Never Go Wrong (Ted Nagle)
You Are Mine (Wanda Allen, Wen Allen)
Please Walk Away (Wanda Allen, Den Allen)
Love Left Before I Woke (Larry Liljenquist)
How Many Years 'Til April? (Vyrl Burghart)
Gift Of Love (G.P. King)
Home For Me Is Only Where You Are (Sonia Oliver)
From The First Moment (Randy Braman)
Nothing Will Keep Me From You (Lionel Beauchamp, Duane Hannigan)

other song-poem albums:

Betty Bond -- Betty Bond Sings Country
Betty Bond -- Betty Bond Sings Pop
Mary Tippins -- Like There's No Tomorrow (Songs Of William Doane)
Ed Senna Songs Tropical -- It's Music Time

presumed to be non-song-poem albums:

Carl Harmeling -- Songs Of Faith
Joe Cowan -- A Rendezvous With You
Cecil Davis, Organ -- Cecil Davis
The Mustangs -- Country Music Our Way
Helen Richardson -- Dream
Shelly Taylor / Billy Glenn -- Everything That's Beautiful
Joe Cowan -- Fly Me To The Moon
Frankie Burke -- For Those Who Are Young
Joe Cowan -- For Your Dancing Pleasure
Patti & Marti -- Here Upon This Stage
Ted Merthe -- I Wish You Love
Helen Richardson -- I'm In The Mood For Love
Bernie McClellan -- Jeannie
The Hal James V -- Just For You
Ruby Paulk -- Just Ruby
Shelly Taylor / Leigh Rocke -- Let Us Entertain You
Joe Cowan -- Magic Of Music
Mike Reed -- Make It With Mike
Marjorie Haney -- Marjorie Haney
Tony Marco -- My Best To You
Tommy Dew -- Old And New
Dan McGraw Trio -- The Dan McGraw Family
Deland High School -- The Modernaires Of Deland, Florida
Gino Bellino -- The Real Thing
Shelly Taylor -- The Shelly Taylor Touch
Frankie Burke -- The Singin' And Swingin'
Jimmy King -- The Tune Kings
Grobholz/Grace -- There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder
Jimmy Major/Jay Horton -- Yesteryear

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