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Dear Songwriter,

We have been receiving letters from songwriters such as yourself from all over the country asking for our assistance in helping them pursue their song writing career. We know very well how difficult it has been for the unknown songwriter to achieve success and recognition.

We are also aware in view of today's economy how very difficult it is for most songwriters to spend their hard-earned money in pursuit of their song writing ambitions.

We know how very costly it is to produce a recording comparable to today's and yesterday's great hit songs, and worthy of presenting to record companies and recording artists in hopes of achieving success.

We have taken it upon ourselves at this time to make available the following at our own expense:

A. A beautiful musical setting created by our professional writers worthy of your lyric.

B. A magnificent recording utilizing up to a 30-piece pre-recorded background orchestra that will truly give greatness to your words.

C. Upon approval of your recording we will order *100 EP commercially pressed cassettes of your song.

Each author will receive for their own personal use 10 cassette recordings of their song to be used for promotion and all remaining copies will be sent to record companies, publishers, and recording artists in the hopes of securing a release of your song.

You will receive the names and addresses of those record companies, publishers, and recording artists who have received a copy of your recording.

A letter will be enclosed with each cassette requesting that the record company, publisher, or recording artist contact you personally if they are interested in the release of your song.

All the above will be done at no cost to the authors whose lyrics have been considered worthy of our time and expenditure.

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Authors will be limited to one lyric only, so please send in that lyric which you believe is most commercial. Please enclose a fee of $3.00 to cover the cost of handling, mailing, and reviewing your lyric. All lyrics not accepted will be returned to their respective authors.

A contract will be entered into between the author and the [...] Publishing Company whereas all royalties that may be derived shall be divided as follows: 90% to author -- 10% to the [...] Publishing Company.

Each author will be required to absorb the cost of $1.90 for each cassette to be mailed on their behalf or the total cost of $190.00 to cover our cost of mailing out the 100 cassette copies of your song.

Personal checks will delay the production of your song for 2-3 weeks in order for your check to clear. It would be therefore advisable to send in your mailing fee by money order or cash. Payments may be made in full or a deposit of $40.00 will get your song on it's way, 3 additional monthly payments of $50.00 will be acceptable.

Please complete the enclosed general information letter and return with your lyric and $3.00 reviewing fee for each lyric.

Sincerely yours,

[...], President
[...] Publishing Company

*EP (2 songs each side)

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