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Services and Products

This brochure is presented to you so that you may have a better understanding of the services and the products that we are making available to you. Please refer to this brochure to answer any questions that you may have pertaining to our services and products as they are outlined in our literature.

Evaluation of Material

All material is evaluated on the basis of its resulting in a suitable recording, and not on the basis of the likelihood of its achieving commercial acceptance. No person or persons can pre-determine the results of any song. This lies in the hands of someone greater than all of us.

Unsuitable Materials

There are many songs and lyrics that cannot be recorded due to the fact that they would not result in suitable recordings because of the length of the lyric, inability to read the lyrics, offensive lyrics, or lyrics that may be an infringement upon other songs. We will be unable to accept song material that fits into the above category.

The Acceptance of a Song

Nothing in our literature is intended to imply that writers may reasonably expect that upon our acceptance of their material their song will ultimately be released by a record company, nor is it intended to imply that their song will earn royalties from the sale of records, sheet music, or other sources. Our acceptance of a song or lyric merely indicates that we have found your material to be suitable for recording and that in our opinion it will result in a beautiful recording comparable to many of today's great songs.

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Your Recording

The recording you receive is a hand-cut demonstration record to be used for demonstration purposes and unsuitable in its present state for release. Your recording, as beautiful as it may be, is made available to you to be used for presentation. It would be a compete waste of time and money to demonstrate a poor recording of your song. This is why we try to make each recording as beautiful as our combined talents will allow. Our primary interest is in providing you with a beautiful melody and a great recording.

Most writers certainly could never afford the great cost involved in the production of a truly magnificent and great recording as done by many major record companies. It is truly far beyond your means and the means of most songwriters. The recording that we will produce of your song will be comparable and certainly just as beautiful, and will have the greatness and brilliance of those recordings produced by the above companies. When you listen to your recording, it will truly be like a dream come true. It will be beyond your wildest imagination. If your recording is not all that we have claimed it is going to be, you may return it to use, and it will be re-recorded according to our guarantee.

Pre-Recorded Orchestrations

The pre-recorded background orchestrations and vocal choruses are made available to you to enhance your song. Due to the initial costs involved in the procurement and in the production of each orchestral background, it cannot be limited to the use of your song alone. It is used, as we have indicated, in order to give your song depth, brilliance, and a little bit of greatness. In order to produce a pre-recorded orchestration, the background music is recorded by an orchestra. Then the singer may record the song over the pre-recorded track at his own convenience, eliminating the necessity for the orchestra being present when he records. This saves a great deal of time and money, and this is the way most songs are being recorded today. This effect is exactly the same as if the vocalist were recording with the orchestra.

We select that particular orchestral background from our orchestral library that we feel is best suited to bring out the brilliance of your particular song.

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It is this background orchestra and chorus plus a great vocalist that will be most instrumental in adding greatness to your song. Your song will come alive with the sound of music in the way you have always hoped and dreamed of hearing it.


As you perhaps know, most songwriters do not read or write music. They compose a melody in their heads, making notes or changes on the lyric sheets. Then they go to a local recording studio and make a demonstration recording of the completed song. This is exactly the way your song will be recorded. Our writers will work out the melody that best suits your lyrics. They then record your song at the studio with the melody they fee best suits your song. This allows the artist to interpret the song any way that he or she feels best. The end result of such a recording is indeed great. It is very difficult for any artist to read a lead sheet and have the interpretation that is very necessary in the creation of a great recording. Only when the artist is free to interpret the song, using the phrasing and innotations that are uniquely his, can full justice he done to your song.

Our writers are holders of Doctorates in Music, and this achievement is due to their unique ability to create truly beautiful melodies. We have worked with many professional writers, but we have never had the privilege and honor of working with more talented and inspired writers.

Our Products and Services

Nothing is intended in our literature to imply that the purchase of products or services that we make available to you will cause, or substantially contribute to, or materially effect, the either the commercial success or acceptance of a song or recording to a writer's financial enhancement. The products and services are, in our opinion, of the highest quality obtainable. As we have indicated in our correspondence, it is not an easy task to obtain recognition in song writing or to have a song accepted by a major recording company or with a well-known artist. Once again this lies in the hands of someone greater than us. Our primary interest is in providing you with a beautiful melody and a fine recording.

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There is no person or persons who to our knowledge provide the same recording services that we are making available to you. We therefore cannot represent that the cost of our product is substantially less than the cost charged by other companies or individuals for a similar product.

In order that you may be truly aware of the greatness of your recording we ask you when you receive your recording to bring it to any recording studio, or musician or any qualified persons in the recording industry. If they do not agree that your recording is everything we said it was going to be, or if they do not agree that it is truly one of the most beautiful recordings that money and talent can produce, just return your recording to us and we will re-record it again according to our guarantee. We can also guarantee that you will receive the most outstanding and the most beautiful recording that it is possible for anyone to produce.

Why God Gave Us Friends

God knew that everybody need Companionship and cheer,
He knew that people need someone Whose thoughts are always near.
He knew they needed someone kind to lend a helping hand ...
Someone to gladly take the time to care and understand ...
That's why God gave us friends.

God knew that we all need someone to share each happy day ...
To be a source of courage when troubles come our way ...
Someone to be true to use whether near or far apart ...
Someone whose friendship we'll always hold and treasure in our hearts ...
That's why God gave use friends.

by Dean Walley
The Entire Staff

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