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-- Singles --

5001: Roger Smith -- Be Bop Boogie (Curry-Fox) (April 1959)
5002: Roger Smith with Orchestra -- Daddy (J.E. Brown-Jack A. Curry) / I Lost My Blues To The Rock And Roll (Mrs. Harold Cauthen-Jack Curry)
5003: Roger Smith with Orchestra -- You're The One I Love (Jewel Pattishall-Jack A. Curry) / My Airplane Crash (J.H. Bynum Jr.-Jack A. Curry)
5008: Nancy Sherman -- Shedding Tears (Vivian Brunette-Jack Curry) / Darling My Heart Cries (Cordelia M. Patterson-Jack Curry)
5010: Nancy Sherman with Orchestra -- My Song (Lilian Thompkins-Jack A. Curry) / Tears Of Fate (Mrs. Jessie Watts-Jack A. Curry) (Feb. or March '60)
5013: Bobby Vernon with Orchestra -- Teach Me A Song (Joe E. Andrade-Jack A. Curry) / Love Can Be Found (Harold Porankiewicz-Jack Curry) (March '60)
5017: Drake Morgan with Orch. -- Misty Ring Around The Moon (Francis Plewa) / Northern Lights (James Alsup) // Roger Smith with Orch. -- You're My Keen, Teen, Queen (Claude P. Darr) / Is It True (Thelma Jiles)
5018: Roger Smith with Orch. -- Making Love By Radio (Norval Pollard) / Roger Smith with Orch. -- Oh! Mayme (Pearl Keiner) // Gwen Reynolds with Orch. -- Lovey Dear (Selvyn Moore) / Rod Barton with Orch. -- My Baby Face (Bernard L. Jones)
5022: Nancy Sherman with Orchestra -- The Echo Of Your Footsteps (Lewis Beatty) / Loving You (C. Bernard Killens) (Sept. '60)
5024: Sonny Marshall with Orch. -- Teen Mathematics (Cordelia M. Patterson) / Sonny Marshall with Orch. -- If You Love Me (Gilberto Feliciano) // Joann Auborn with Orch. -- I Cried Blues (May E. Glenn) / Gwen Reynolds with Orch. -- Candy Box (Evelyn Phillips)
5027: Cara Stewart with Orchestra -- Sugar (Walter Greenlaw-Gladys Meaux) / I'm So Blue (Walter Greenlaw-Winnefred Anderson) // Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- I'll Always Love You (Tom Marabella) / You Want To Cry (Charles J. Suttle)
5033: Jo Ann Auborn with Orchestra -- The Stars (Ora Lee Nelson) / Gwen Reynolds with Orchestra -- You Gave Back My Letters (Kathryn Barcroft) // Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- Forevermore (Lloyd W. Hutchins) / Sugar Babe (Stanley C. Teramoto)
5037: Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- Shack-A-Tack (Selvyn Moore) / Gwen Reynolds with Orchestra -- Lovey Dear (Selvyn Moore) // Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- I Never Dreamed (That To Me You'd Take) (Thelma Ankrom) / Our New Flag (Ellen K.C. Bergquist)
5039: Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- My Search Has Ended / Memories and Moonlight (both wr. Vernon Hamlin)
5041: Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- Bubble Gum Betty (Jack and Esther Curry) / Fateful Love Meeting (Joseph Abita) // Joan Auborn with Orchestra -- I Keep Prayer (Margaret Wiggins) / Lynn Ready with Orchestra -- A Night For Love (Cleveland E. Jones) (c.'59)
5042: Sonny Marshall -- Flowing River
5043: Sonny Marshall with Orch. -- Rosy Cheeks (Mig Gordon) / Roger Smith with Orch. -- She's Different (Willie J. Arbee) // Jo Ann Auborn with Orch. -- Lullaby (Eva Wolley) / Drake Morgan with Orch. -- Sitting By The Wishing River (Joseph S. Tupa)
5044: Joan Auborn with Orch. -- Mother Nature's Music (Jack A. Curry) [lyrics by Daniel Whitehead Hicky, uncredited] / You Mean The World To Me (Carrie Lan Loon) // Cara Stewart with Orch. -- I Never Get Enough Of You (Frances C. Stelzer) / Sonny Marshall with Orch. -- Love Me (Peter W. Johnson) (1962)
5045: Hasil Adkins And His Happy Guitar -- She's Mine / Chicken Walk (both wr. Hasil Adkins; July 1961, Hasil's first record; 300 copies, some w/ picture sleeve)
5050: Jeff Reynolds -- Now's The Time / If You Want Me (both wr. Tom Clare) (late 1961 or early 1962)
5051: Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- American Bandstand / Mr. Fish And The Worm (both wr. Arthur E. Harrison)
5053: Roger Smith with Orch. -- I'm So Happy (Zack Miller) / Roger Smith with Orch. -- She's So Sweet (Stanley Washington) // Billy Burnham with Orch. -- Oh, Daphne (Anthony Griffin) / David Lee -- Keep On Trying (D. Lee-E. Freeman) (owner's note: "'Oh, Daphne' is uninhibited by such quaint relics as rhythm, rhyme, or simply choosing the expected note, it stands out as a paean of free-form music." Record guide description of "Keep On Trying": "Crude group ballad.")
5054: Jeff Reynolds -- Just A Hobo / I'm Just A Lonely Dairy Boy (1962)
5056: Cara Stewart with Orch. -- A Carolina Love Song (John M. Sigler) / Blue Memories (Jerry D. Perkins) // Sonny Marshall with Orch. -- There Was No Goodby (Pearl Kelner) / Here I Go Again (Norma Le Berth)
5057: Joan Auborn -- Song Of The Everglades (Jack A. Curry) / Cara Stewart with Orch. -- Your Petrified Heart (Jimmy N. Littleton) // Joan Auborn with Orch. -- Safe Harbor Baby (Thelma Ankrom) / Sonny Marshall with Orch. -- Goddess Of Love (Lilyan Van)
5060: Sonny Marshall -- Bubble Gum Betty / Instantly (1962)
5065: The Ambassadors -- Keep On Trying / The Switch (c.'56; listed at $2000 in vocal group price guide)
5066: Cara Stewart with Orch. -- It Seems Like A Year (Ruth Robbins) / Crying Myself To Sleep (Dan Stanich) // Roger Smith with Orchestra -- In Summertime (Maud M. Selle) / Billy Benson with Orchestra -- My Heart's Door (Cecil Normand)
5068: Bob Brown with Orch. -- Could It Be You? / What Does Christmas Mean To You? (both wr. Tom Clare)
5070: Cara Stewart with Orch. -- These Things I Will Always Remember (Pearl M. Geddings) / Spring Time (Emma Goins) // Bob Brown with Orch. -- Let's Twist (James Granville) / Cara Stewart with Orchestra -- Yogi Bear (Lucy Brown)
5071: Bill Salt -- No Other Girl (George W. Palmer) / Mel Bailey with Orch. -- A Dollar Down (R. H. Brockett)
5072: Bob Stone -- I'll Always Want You Near / Ooh I Love You, Ooh I Do (both wr. Alcie Ann Keirn)
5073: Joe Stanton -- The President's Lady (Estelle Murphy) / Pony Tail (Estelle Murphy) // Joan Auborn with Orchestra -- Dreams Of Fantasy (Marguerite Blickensderfer) / Poor Girl, Richman (Neva Jo Moore)
5075: Carl [sic] Stewart with Orch. -- Christmas In The Pocnos [sic] / Good'By [sic] Mr. Hard Luck Good-By (1962)
5077: Bob Brown -- You're My Lucky Number (Christy Angel) / Lang Crosby -- Little Bell (Bright McWhorter) // Sonny Marshall -- Ben Sira In The Garden (Geo Rosenbalm) / Cara Stewart -- Song Of The Burmese Land (L. Hazlewood)
5078: Sonny Marshall -- God's Bouquet / Bob Parker -- How Much Do I Love You (both wr. Arthur E. Harrison) // Joan Auborn -- Meaning Of Love (M. Edith Tamayao) / Cara Stewart -- I Love You So (Myrtle Scott)
5079: Sonny Marshall -- Don't Tell Your Mother (Joseph Jakubowski) / Kisses (M. Selle, G. Brooks) // Cara Stewart -- The Soldier Who Was True (Audrey Rash, G. Brooks) / Sister Lee Congo Christians -- Dark In Sin (Johnny H. Thomas)
5080: Cara Stewart & The Lee Hudson Orchestra -- There's No Place Like Chicago (Robert J. Gordon) / Somewhere Along The Trail (Hathcock-Parker-Hudson) // My Hillbilly Boy (Morris-Stelzer) / When I Look Into Your Eyes (Inez Mealing)
5081: Sonny Marshall -- You Put Your Britches On Just Like I Do (Chester Stockton) / You're Not Mine Any More (Norman C. Gifford) // Rod Barton -- Rock And Roll Blues / Skeleton Blues (both wr. Harry S. Reynols)
5083: Sonny Marshall -- My Darling Teresa / Broken Heart (both wr. Marguerite Blickensderfer)
5087: Dwight Duvall -- I Want Chu (Walter Greenlaw) / Sonny Marshall -- Those Doggone Mosquitoes (Arthur E. Harrison)
5088: Joe Stanton -- A Has-Been (Albert Maddox) / Sonny Marshall -- My Bon-Bon Baby (Herbert Youngdale) // Sonny Marshall -- Twist Little Twister, Twist (Cordelia Patterson) / Julia Abreau -- Give Me An Old-Fashioned Christmas (Fleischer-Lord)
5089: Frankie Day -- The Devil's Gonna Get-cha If You Don't Watch Out (Meyers & Lord) / Jeff Reynolds -- Betrayed Your Trust (L. Bud Bailey)
5099: Sonny Marshall -- Oh! Gail (Buddy Gay) / Sweet Mary Lee (Myrtle A. Blake) // Yea, Yea, Yea, Yeah, Boo Hoo / Beautiful Red Rose (both wr. Joseph Jakubowski)
5101: 'Lil Audrey -- I Wanna Marry Santa (When I Grow Up) (Bill Schuster) / Cara Stewart -- If I Can Forget (Eleanor Pugmire) // Sonny Marshall -- Christmas Is Just 'Round The Bend (Iola McNutt) / Cara Stewart -- Unbelievable (Eleanor Pugmire) (autog. by Iola McNutt: "To Iris & Lyle & Family")
5106: Sonny Marshall -- His Love (Robert Askew) / Wonderful Pal (Myrtle Blake) // Mystery (Jesus C. Arce) / Soleda (Jesus C. Arce)
5110: Jeff Reynolds -- Music For Four Footers (Fred Wolf) / Mary Kaye -- The Address Is The Same (Peral Geddings) // Mary Kaye -- Please Help Me, I'm Lonely (Lamar Westmoreland) / The Life I Wanta Live (Hattie M. Zachery)
5111: Sonny Marshall -- A Two Buck Fiddle (Paul Macpherson) / Cara Stewart -- I'm Trying Hard (Lamar Westmoreland) // Joe Staunton -- Get Yourself A Mountain Woman / Got My Mountain Woman (both wr. Fred Wolf)
5124: Ruby Rogers -- Come With Me My Billie / Rod Rogers -- Blue Butterflies // Joe Staunton -- Three Old Men On A Farm / Too Much Zoo (all wr. Fred Wolf)
5138: Rod Rogers -- Spanishtown Polka / Little Red Schoolhouse Polka (both wr. Fred Wolf)
5149: Vocals: Martha Schmachtenberger-Ron Krayer -- The Man In The Moon (Phyllis Carter) / Vocal: Martha Schmachtenberger -- My World Is Ending (Phyllis Carter) // Vocal: Peggy Snyder -- Tom Tom Pepper Choo Choo (Herb Youngdale) / Piano Solo: Morgan Walters -- God Specializes (Morgan Walters)
1506: instr. -- Corral Del Toro / Jerry Dale -- Sauce For The Goose
1511: Danny Lee -- Cold Winter's Night (Harvey Thompson) / Ronnie Risdon -- Last Christmas Home (Evelyn Mccoy) // Margie Murray -- Gone With The Wind (Carol Howze) / Ronnie Risdon -- The Street You Used To Live On (Luther Burch)
1520: Cara Stewart -- Moonlight On The Prairie / When I Met You Long Ago (both wr. Edward J. Lynch)
1521: Johnny Cargill (Sound Effects by J. Stevens) -- A Soldier's Prayer (D. Tyree) / Joe Stanton -- A Miracle Of Love (Wm. Indelli-L. Loth) // Phil Brito -- I'll Never Leave Miami (Jack A. Curry) / Roger Bailey -- Did She Break Your Heart? (Roger Bailey) (hand-written on sleeve: "R. Bailey -- Jim Nabors' cousin from Birmingham, Ala.")
1526: Kitty Kelly -- Your Heart Of Stone (N. Forslund-Marsh-Susser) / Glenn Vick -- Darling, Why Not Tell Me (Alice Arras) // Sonny Marshall -- Think Before You Speak (Isaiah Davis) / Face To Face (Lillian Fulton)
1527: Sonny Marshall -- Jolly Santa's On His Way (H. Williams-Wagner) / Keep Christ Our King In Christmas (Harold E. Williams)
1529: Sonny Marshall -- My Bonnie Connie (Buddy Williams) / Lies Of Love (Marka Williams-Wagner)
1530: Frank Laney -- I Love Panama (Perry W. Strickland) / Jim Reid -- All That Glitters Is Not Gold (P. Van Mourik-A. Cain) // Jim Reid -- A Doll With Her Nose In The Air (P. Van Mourik-Ken Richards) / Joe Freeman -- Hot Pants, Meow, Meow (P. Van Mourick-R. Layne)
1535: Sonny Marshall -- My Mini Ukulele Sweetheart (Harold Williams) / When Your Love Has Gone Astray (Buddy Williams)
1537: Rod Rogers -- This Precious Jewel / Hang A Bulb For Me (both wr. Ethel Clevenger)
1541: Bill Baird -- I Got Something To Cry About / Darling Love (both wr. Ray S. Burke)
1542: Joe Freeman -- In A Town In Japan (Arlee Clark) / Sonny Marshall -- Look (Lillian Fulton)
1547: Sonny Marshall -- South Bend, Indiana / Pretty (both wr. Dolly O. Curran)
1550: Sonny Marshall -- Doodle Bug Line / Joe Freeman -- Beautiful (both wr. Michael C. Stevens)
1552: Jimmy Thompson -- Channel, Channel / We've Got Problems // Roy Brown -- Just A Break / Late In May (all wr. Les Longman)
1553: Ken Richards -- Starlight (George Amerin-A. Cain) / Mary Clark -- Stop (George Amerin) // Ken Richards -- Burn Baby Burn / Seven Lumps Of Earth (both wr. P. Van Mourik-R. Kerns)
1555: Jim Reid -- Instantly / Ballad Of The Hungry
1558: Cara Stewart -- Chins On The Fiddle / Anna Marie -- Don't Send Me Kisses (both wr. Michael Steven)
1560: Roy Kent -- Back Home / Ronnie Layne -- Nosey Neighbors // Ronnie Layne -- Don't Go / Roy Kent -- It's Been Said (all wr. Richard Mitchell)
1561: Roy Brown -- One More Chance / Jan Snyder -- Should I // Joe Freeman -- You're Stalling / Roy Brown -- Lucky (all wr. Les Longman)
1562: Sonny Marshall -- The Purpose Of A Woman / Got To Take A Change (both wr. Ray Burke)
1571: Tony Markham -- Hollywood F-L-A (Jack A. Curry) / Sonny Marshall -- Hi Old Mistletoe (William H. Thompson) // Jan Snyder -- December Love / The Turning Point (both wr. Ella Daussmann)
1574: Tony Markham -- What Might Have Been / Leo Elliot -- Christmas // Sonny Marshall -- Out Of My Mind / Don Davis Jr. -- All By Myself (all wr. Les Longman)
1575: Johnny Cargill -- You're My New Inspiration (William C. Kuebler) / Joe Freeman -- Just A Beginning (Les Longman)
1580: Jimmy Dole -- I Saw The Good Lord / Organ by Sandy Stanton -- The Organ Rumble (Nebo Oliveira)
1584: Recitation, Sonny Marshall -- The Battle Of Hill 875 (Ethel Clevenger) / Grant Jennings -- Engineer On Old No. 7989 (Bert Rutkowski)
1585: Sonny Marshall -- A Heart Full Of Loneliness (William H. Thompson) / Jim Reid -- The Sound Of Your Voice (Ella Wagner-B. Payne) // Pat O'Dare -- Sixteen Guys (Evelyn Ireland) / The Sophamores -- Mama Wears The Pants (Mary Frances Odle) (further information)
1586: Roy Brown -- Only Yesterday / Love You Every Day // Jan Snyder -- I Been Thinkin' / Now I'm Believing (all wr. Les Longman)
1588: Tom Randall -- I Hail From Idaho / Buddy Blair -- I Want My Baby Back (both wr. Richard Mitchell)
1592: Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orch. -- Any Dance, Any Dance (Stelzer-Perky-Latkovich) / Rod Rogers with Film City Orch. -- Nosey Guy Polka (Rose D. Perky-Latkovich) // Sonny Marshall -- I'm Sam The Handy Man (Edward Tumulty) / Ann Allen -- Show Me The Way (Les Longman)
1593: The Tropicals -- Say Goodbye (Les Longman) / Pat Phillips -- You Tell Me That Your Love Is True (William Moore)
1602: Joe Freeman -- My Nana (Alfred Guixogn-T. Rosen) / Margie Murray -- No Use Trying (Vernet Carter) // Joe Freeman -- I Got Joy (Robert Johnson) / Sonny Marshall -- The Saddest Story (John H. Kelley)
2504: Sonny Marshall -- There Could Never Be Another You (J. B. Pope) / America, Land Of The Free (Fred J. Cooke) // Margie Murray -- Ole Sammie (Mary B. Owen) / Jim Reid -- Evening Time (Emil Sekyra)
2507: Vicki Dee -- Me Only (Florence Jones-D. Orr) / Forgetting The Children (Florence Jones-L. Jackson)
2513: Jan Snyder -- A Place I Know / A Word To The Wise // Roy Brown -- We'll Get Along / Regrets (all wr. Les Longman)
2519: Roy Brown -- Captured / The Living End // Strings And Things / Ask The Stars (all wr. Les Longman)
2528: Joe Freeman -- Are You Giving Green Stamps, Baby? (John Grose) / Jim Reid -- Please Answer Me (Addie Jo Boatwright)
2540: Roy Riggs -- Man Was Made For Loving / Just Let Me Live (both wr. Les Longman)
2542: Roy Riggs -- From Here On / Foolin' (both wr. Les Longman)
2555: The Sophomores -- All The Time (Les Longman) / Barbara Stewart -- Crazy (Less Longman) // Joey Anderson -- All Alone (Les Longman) / Roy Riggs -- Once Again (Less Longman)
2557: Roy Riggs -- Words / My Goal // Nelson Fields -- Don't Tell Them / Anytime, Anywhere (all wr. Les Longman)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Forgetting The Children / Me Only (both wr. Florence M. Jones)
number unknown: Cara Stewart, Lee Hudson Orch. -- When We're Alone ... Alone Together / Get That Groovy Sound (both wr. Billy Owen & Ronnie Layne) (c.'70)

-- Albums --

1546: Cara Stewart -- Song [sic] Of Ethel Long
Silver Memories; Dolls And Toy Soldiers; Pop! Goes Another Bubble; Hep To The Blues; The Empty Old House; Spring Bouquet; San Diego De Alcala Bells; Blue Note Melody; I Ain't Got A Heart; Just A Photograph; Winter In My Heart; Born To Be Blue (all songs wr. Ethel Long)

5063: The Publisher's Favorite Songs
"Mostly Sweet Songs -- This Side:"
S. Marshall: Why Rain In The Summer? (K. Polack)
J. Reynolds: Just A Hobo (W. Cole)
JoAnn Auborn: Flowing River (K. Boston)
JoAnn Auborn: Walking In My Dreams (G. Allen)
JoAnn Auborn: Mother Nature's Music (J. Curry)
JoAnn Auborn: I Cried Blues (M. Glenn)
P. Brito: Singing In The Sunshine In Fla. (J. Curry)
JoAnn Auborn: Beautiful Dreams (E. Haar)
"Mostly Hot Songs -- This Side:"
Sonny Marshall: Bubble Gum Betty (J. and E. Curry)
Sonny Marshall: Dewdrops (M. LaRose)
C. Stewart: Sugar (Greenlaw-Meaux)
Sonny Marshall: Pin A Medal On Mary (T. Marabella)
P. Brito: I'll Never Leave Miami (J. Curry)
Roger Smith: Be-Bob Boogie (Wm. Fox, III)
Roger Smith: Rockin' And Reelin' (K. Barcroft)
Roger Smith: Roll On (S. Johnson)
J. Auborn: Song Of The Everglades (J. Curry)
Sonny Marshall: My Bible Don't Lie (C. Patterson)

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