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-- Singles --

MM101: Mike Marbee -- Cheatin' On You Honey (Mary Siano) / Why Can't I Be Yours (Robert Rose)
1005: Euphoria -- Everloving People / The Nicest Words (both wr. A. Shipman, M. Leach, M. Moore, J. Dipaolo, F. Corr, B. Cain) (1971; prob. not a song-poem record)
number unknown: Frank Bishop, Jr. -- My Horoscope / Aquarius (1971)
number unknown: Allen "King" Keller -- Take It From The Top (Smith A. Hopkins) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Chauncey's Meal (Sollie May) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Come Back My Love (Maude Myers) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- For Keeps (Ed Pines-Pam Barnett) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Handful Of Roses (Smith Pettiford) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- I'll Try To Find A Way To Understand (Annie Higgins) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Kiss A Rose (H.T. Jennings) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Let A Little Love (Franklin (Bob) Robb) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- One Lonely Letter (James Milliken) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Other Days And Other Loves (Walter York) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Release My Love (Virginia West) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Sex Queen Of The World (Al Blauvelt-Patsy Suzzetta) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Soul Power (Mike Sullivan) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Take It From The Top (Smith Hopkins) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- When Children Stray (Franklin (Bob) Robb) (1972)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Words Don't Mean Much (Forrest Markle) (1972)

-- Albums --

V-1: International Songwriters Club Proudly Presents Vicki Sings Songs Of Love
You Can't Make Me Over (Margarel Palmer)
To Me (Stanley Herron)
Longing For You (Azile Mason)
I Can't Get Over Losing You (Johnny O'Barnard)
I Won't Cry Anymore (John Welz)
The One I Love (Gertrude Moon)
Love Has Taken Its Toll (William Arbgast, Jr.)
Smiles That Fade Away (Rene Clouse)
How Sad This Love (Helen Beattie)
Knowing You (Lorene Phillips)
Big Beat Daddy (J. Dibrango-F.E. Wilson)
I Mustn't (William Indelli)
Don't Keep Me Guessing (Sollie May)
Loving You (Calvin Phlegar)
Lord, Let The Love Bells Shine (Violet Dooley)
Yearning (William Kuebler-P. Herbort)
Nothing But Happiness (Jewell Miller-R. Layne)
I Can Do Without Your Love (Florence Mandel)

2: Variety Talent
Frank Bishop: Soul Power (Sullivan)
Frank Bishop: Credit Cards (Burns)
Frank Bishop: Listen To The Music Of The All (Lasorda)
Frank Bishop: Sex Queen Of The World (Blauvelt/Suzzetta)
Frank Bishop: Don't Let Your Love Fade Away (Wood)
Frank Bishop: Life Living For Death (Herron/Rhodus)
Frank Bishop: Barby (Ellerman)
Frank Bishop: You'd Know Just How I Feel (Montford)
Frank Bishop: Come Back My Love (Myers)
Allen King Keller: Spring Love (Ruechel)
Allen King Keller: We Made Things Go (Albers)
Allen King Keller: The Man Inside (Schwartz)
Allen King Keller: Time Was (Grestick)
Allen King Keller: Color Me Out Of Your Life (Baldwin)
Howard Reed: The Blessed Jesus (Van Zandt)
Howard Reed: The Butterfly Of Japan (Donaldson/Dickey)
Howard Reed: I Love You Dear (Rupp)
Howard Reed: Sealed With A Kiss (Behrle)

5: Allen King Keller Sings
Let's Rock N' Roll Tonight (Jackman) (title on label: Let's Rock N' Roll)
Schemes And Dreams (Haskins)
Spring Tonic (Deluca)
Mariann's Sandman (Delaney)
I Could Love You (Bigg)
Red Red (Miller)
Gettiup Semi (Doak)
Your Jealous Heart (Richter)
Take It From The Top (Hopkins)
Deep End (Pistutnik)
100 Years From Now (Ramos)
I Pretend (Kolthoff)
Groovy Groovy (Carroll)
Love You Say (Reed)
Keep Off The Grass (Johnson/Perry)
Kiss A Rose (Jennings)
No Place For Us (Morgan)
Pickin' Chicken Bones (Lyle)
liner notes read: "King Keller has the extraordinary double combination of being equally talented in both instrumental and vocal fields. He has recorded and played with some of the finest stars of our time.¶King started his musical career as a jazz musician, and worked with the leading jazz greats. He studied voice and Shakespearean acting with two of the leading teachers in this country. Included in his musical abilities are expert performing and recording techniques on organ, piano, bass, guitar, drums, flute and trumpet. He takes great pride and pleasure in arranging and recording beautiful productions.¶King's unique vocal talents let him handle with ease any type, variety or range of song from country to classical. His shining point is the smooth and perfected way he sings ballads.¶He has performed on every form of media. King has done radio and T.V. commercials, appeared on interviews and variety shows and has worked in some of the nations top nightclubs and lounges.¶King has trained many people in the field of professional lounge and recording techniques. His instruction has benefited numerous people in the musical profession. All of his quite unique and developed methods will be available to the public under the 'King Kareer' Professional Training Course, soon to be available at your local stores.¶Our thanks to Allen KING KELLER for this fantastic performance."

unnumbered: Bolder Damn -- Mourning
owner's note: "extremely rare, sells for $600-$1200; legit Broward County four-piece"

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