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pronounced: "O-Dell"
1968: Odle Records, 416 Freda Dr., South Houston TX
then: PO Box 4065, Pasadena TX 77502
then: Odle Recording Company, PO Box 4335, Pasadena TX 77017 (also 77502); 649-5579

-- Singles --

101: The Texas Pioneers, vocal by J.B. Dunn -- I Want No One But You / You Only Want Me When You're Lonely (both wr. Mary Francis Odle)
103: Rick Wells & His Vietnam Service Buddies -- Out Of Sight, Out Of Heart, Out Of Mind / Green, Green Hills Of Maine (both wr. Wayne Baker-Mary Francis Odle) (©1968)
112: Two Plus Two -- Broken Dreams
116: Daniel Leal, accompaniment: Joe Cruz & The Country Cruisers -- Broken Home Of Pain / You're Like An Angel // I Wish / Crucified (all wr. Daniel Leal) (not a song-poem record)
119: Link Davis & Band -- Forget Me Not / The Face In The Glass // Kalinda / Cajon Doll (all wr. Link Davis) (prod. by Mary Frances Odle; not a song-poem record)
127: Bobbie Ray Sanders -- I've Made Up My Mind / Tell Them You Are Mine (both wr. Meron Long) (©1973)
133: Dick Lee -- I Always Cry (Mary Frances Odle) / A Letter Of Love (Leona Sanford) (©1974)
135: Danny L. Henrich -- Sweet Things Of Love / Summer Love (both wr. Danny L. Henrich) (©1974; not a song-poem record)
139: Dick Lee & The Action Band -- Oh Lord I Need You (©1975) / Just Give Your Heart To Jesus (©1974) (both wr. Mary F. Rollins) (record: 1976)
140: Dick Lee & The Action Band -- I'll Alway's [sic] Be With You / Let Me Love You My Darling (both wr. Mary F. Seberger) (©1976) (Note: Mary Frances Odle and Mary F. Seberger are prob. same person; she seems to have gotten married between 1974 and '76.)
142: Arnold McAllister & The Bill Gannon Quartet -- Lonely And Blue / Tender Lies (both wr. Arnold McAllister) (©1968, rel. 1976; pr.: Buddy Cole; arr.: Bill Gannon; not a song-poem record)
143: Dick Lee & Texas Pioneers -- Since My Baby's Gone (Mary Frances Seberger-Bobbie Beasley) / Te Quiero Mucho (Bob Kennard) (©1976)
149: Gerry Moore & Susan Carr -- Hello, Lonely World / I'll Always Be With You
152: John Butterworth -- Women, Cars, Clothes And Whiskey (Alfred Joe Benes) / The Hardest Thing To Do (M. F. Seberger) (1978)
158: Don & Brian -- Because Of You (Mary Odle-Brian Kalinec) / You Love And Care (Mary Odle) (1980?)
165: Terry Inscore & The Travelers -- Looking Back Over Our Life / Where Did Our Love Go (both wr. Mary Frances Seberger Odle) (1983?; price guide says of A-side: "Elvis imitator -- rocks")

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