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REO, 3923 Jackson NE, Minneapolis 21 MN

-- Singles --

2: Sonny Marshall -- Welcome Lovely Lady
5058: Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- Take Me Back To Dreamland / Welcome, Lovely Lady (both wr. Clarence M. Coffel)
5040: Sonny Marshall with Orchestra -- Minneapolis Blues / Cara Stewart with Orchestra -- Gee! How I Wish He Were Taller (both wr. Charles M. Coffel) (exact same tracks also appear on Echo 5040)
5086: Hennepin Minneapolis Knights Of Columbus Choral Group -- Down In The Valley / Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (no wr. cr.; dir.: H. Hoffinger, accomp.: Tony Shaffer)
5090: Sonny Marshall -- Minnesota Memories / instrumental -- Minnesota Dreams (both wr. Clarence M. Coffel)
5091: Sonny Marshall -- In Florida / Old Cape Coral (both wr. Clarence M. Coffel)
5128: Sonny Marshall -- Beautiful St. Croix / Hymn To A Flag (both wr. Clarence M. Coffel)
43785: Clarence M. Coffel -- A Nation's Prayer / no artist named (instrumental) -- Some Day (both wr. Clarence M. Coffel)

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