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Process Records, Franklin, PA

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103: Rex Klingersmith -- My Ladder Of Dreams / Wade Holmes -- Actions Speak Louder Than Words (songwriters not identified, but both titles were issued (in alternate versions) elsewhere (Advance 1114 and Lectron 1963, respectively) as by Henry J. Sommers; 1965?)
107: Jim Hall & The Radio Pals -- Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Potassium (Lolla Mont Gue) / Mister Moon (Billie Mae Rhymer) (1962)
122: Smokey Monroe -- Your Old Love Letters (Johnny Bond) / Smokey Monroe & His Fiddle -- No Smokin' (arr. by Monroe) (prob. not song-poem; B-side is instr.)
123: "Doc" Casher & The R & H Ranch Hands -- Time Goes Slow (Marie Wilson-Skeeter Davis) / Conscience, I'm Guilty (Rhodes) (A-side not a song-poem)
128: Howard (Nick) Foley & The Rambling Esquires (vocal by Bill Neat) -- Slippin' Away (Gordon Sizemore-Roy Ellis) / Howard (Nick) Foley & The Rambling Esquires (vocal by Bill Neat & Rex Roat) -- White Mule (Gordon Sizemore-Rex Roat) (prob. not song-poem)
133: Lee Webb & The West Virginia Boys -- Four Walls (M. Moore-G. Campbell) / Once More (Dusty Owens) (prob. not song-poem)

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