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Boney Records, 900 Prospect Avenue, Norfolk, Nebraska

Note: The source in which the Dusty Williams record was listed had the label name spelled as Bony, but for the others, each found in different sources, it was listed as Boney. It's possible that these were two different companies, but more likely that they were the same and that one of the sources simply had the name spelled wrong.

-- Singles --

Boney 101: Shorty Avery & The Swingsters -- Oh Please Forget Me / Don't Know Why (1962)
Boney 103: Randy Hawkins & Fred Pike & The Bluegrass Nighthawks -- Pike's Tune / Dream, Dream, Dream (1963)
Boney 201: Jim Hall -- Rock Me To Sleep In The Saddle / Riding On My Tractor (1960)
Boney 202: Dusty Williams & The Stringbusters -- A Penny For Your Thoughts / I'm Putting All My Heartaches In A Basket (both wr. Hall-Dyck, Durham)
Boney 203: artist unknown -- Don't Fall And Break Your Pretty Little Neck (Jim Hall-Tommy Durkam-Margaret Cain) / I Want To Settle Down (Inez Brumbelow & Joyce Hodge) (1961)
Boney 204: Jim Hall & The Radio Pals -- I Walk A Road / I Talked To My Heart (1962)
Boney 205: Bob Scott -- Mellow Guitar / Broken Hearted (both wr. Bob Frick)
Boney 207: Mike Sarlo & The Footstompers -- 3 Hrs [sic] Till Noon (Sarlo) / You My Darling, I Adore (Sarlo-Smith) (probably not a song-poem record)
Boney 208: Don Castle & The Hiliters -- Lois Marie (Don Castle) / I'm Glad For Your Sake (wr. uncredited)
Boney 209: Billy Beal -- Cold Dark And Deep / Wrong Talk // Sing Me A Blue Song / Getting Geared To Go (songwriters unknown, although possibly wr. by Beal himself) (perhaps not a song-poem record; 1967)
Bony, number unknown: Dusty Williams & The Stringbusters -- Don't Crawl Back To Me (Kratz & Ludwick)

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