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motto: "The Songs They Play Are On Vellez"

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unnumbered acetate: artist unidentified -- Just A Little Heart (Don Howe) (1956)
1401: Barney Spencer with The Vellaires -- Candles In The Chapel (Alma Tarvin) / Beginner's Luck (La Cour-Fraley) (1958)
1402: Verna Flynn with The Vellaires -- A Gypsy Once Told Me (Danti-Schew-Corwin-Diltz) / Unless You Are Near (Brum Below-McCrosson Fleury) (Note: About this latter song, the winter 1971 issue of Vellez Music News says, "A exuberant waltz number which will set your feet to dancing as well as dance right into your heart.") (1958)
1403: The Four Fellas with The Vellaires, featuring Mickey Turner -- Be There Baby (Francis Parkins) (Note: Of this side, the winter 1971 issue of Vellez Music News says, "Margo Spicer, queen of the Gardena Float in the Pasadena Rose Parade sang with Mickey Turner ... and this remained on a local Juke Box for several weeks playing regular by patrons of the cafe. On radio and in music stores outlets.") / Rock With A Redhead (Frank Kratz) (written in white-out on the label: "Our quota $200,000, (signed) Mickey Turner, (signed) Margo Spicer") (1958)
1404: Mickey & Margo, The Four Fellas with The Vellaires -- Hi! Honey, Baby Baby (Francis Parkins) / The Four Fellas with The Vellaires -- Hop, Skip, Jump (Andrew Clyde Diltz) (1958)
1506: James Arp -- Rocking The Blues / Not Too Young (wr. both unknown)
1507: Ray Phillips -- Our Tomorrow Ended Today / I'd Be A Fool To Keep On Loving You (wr. both unknown) (1960)
1508: The Allison Sisters, Jimmy Holliday's Band -- My Christmas Won't Be So Blue (Jimmy Manship) / Jingle Bells (1960)
1510: Vicki Farrell with Male Quartette & Orchestra -- Absolutely Positi'vly Love (Ludwick-Kratz) / Green Is The Color Of Spring (Francis Parkins)
1511: Vicki Farrell with Male Quartette & Orchestra -- Won't You Come And See The Man (Janie M. Cawthron) / I See Him (Cawthron-Morris) (1961)
1512: Jesse Atkins and His Echoes -- Two Fools (Lee Turner) / The Echoes -- Pink Sheets (Jerry N. Edge-G. Douglas Lyons) (late '61 or early '62; seems not to be a song-poem record)
1514: Jesse Atkins and His Echoes -- First Christmas (Johnsie Knight Atkins) / Santa's New Sleigh (Elayne Simpson Turner) (©1962)
1515: James Arp and The Tempest -- Not Too Young (To Love You) (Barney-Ludwick-Arney) / Let It Rock (E. Anderson)
1517: Jimmy Drake -- Kibble Kobble (The Flying Saucer Song) (Brumbelow-McCrosson-Diltz-Corwin) / There's More To A Wedding (Louis-Brumbelow-McCrosson)
1518: Jimmy Drake -- The Lean Green Vegetable Fiend (From 'Tuther Side Of The Moon) (McCrosson-Brumbelow-Spencer-Diltz) / Let's Face This World Together (Ethel Hiller)
number unknown (possibly unreleased): artist unknown -- Tweetie Tu (Albert Maddox)

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