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Action Records, 6565 Sunset Blvd. (315), Hollywood CA 90028

-- Singles --

1001/1002: Ron Solovay -- Wedding Gown Never Worn / Don't Take My World Away (both wr. Ron Solovay) (not a song-poem record)
1051: Frank Perry & The "Big Action Sound" -- Bottlecap Millionaire / Scared Money (both wr. Stormy Gael-G. Vanderburg)
1077: Frank Perry & The Swinging Strings -- A Ranch In The Hills / The Lovely Moon (both wr. Lenore Martin)
1087: Dick Lee & The "Big Action Sound" -- Somebody Let The Cat Out The Bag / Sin (both wr. Luther Robinson-Terry Thomas)
1092: Frank Perry & "The Big Action Sound" -- Ask The Man The Reason (Phil Carroll) / Candy Sandy (Phil Carroll-Dave DeBoard) // Come To The Festival (Phil Carroll-Dave DeBoard) / Rock It To The Moon (Phil Carroll-Roy Kent)
1109: Dick Lee & The Big Action Sound -- A Weird Melody (Donald J. Carter) / It Hurts Me, When I Think of You (music: Donald J. Carter; lyrics: Nick Lassick)
1120: Stich Stampfel & The "Singing Strings" -- Don't Know Who You Are / I've Loved And I've Lost (both wr. Hermann Stampfel)
1132: Dick Lee & The "Singing Strings" -- You Will Always Be The One / One Of The Sweetest Things In Life (both wr. John F. Stone) (©1974)
1136: Dick Lee & The the Singing Strings -- God Alone Is Power / It Was God's Love (both wr. Rev. Peter DeRito)
1138: Stich Stampfel & The "Singing Strings" -- The Poet Who Ran Out Of Rhyme / If I Could Only See Your Face (both wr. Hermann Stampfel)
1142: Rusty Ray & The "Swinging Strings" -- A One And A Two / Magic Touch (both wr. Phil Carroll)
1143: Dick Lee & The "Singing Strings" -- Kisses / Bottle (both wr. Cowboy Joe Albe)
1149: Dick Lee & The "Swinging Strings" -- Do You Believe / When They All Go To Chicago (both wr. Phil Carroll)
1158: Dick Lee -- Dear Mr. President / Will You Always Be A Lady
1199: Frank Lane & The "Big Sound" -- Velvet Window (Larry Baxter) / All Summer Long (P.S.Parker-L. Baxter)
number unknown: artist unknown -- A Heaven Somewhere (Paul Ohrin)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Guidance Of Thee (Paul Ohrin)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Vehicle Speaks (Paul Ohrin)
number unknown: Duke Tintle (The Singing Cabbie) -- A Little Bird Told Me / What Makes You Turn Your Head (both wr. Duke Tintle?) (1971)
number unknown: Rod Rivers & His Big Action Sound -- The Dreams We Shared (Vincent Guy Mistretta-Rose Favale) / 'Twas On A Dreamy Night Like This (Vincent Guy Mistretta) (1971)
number unknown: artist unknown -- We Proudly Hail Our Police / To Love (Paul Ohrin) (1972)
number unknown: Stan Beard, with Doc Severinsen's Orchestra -- Beer Much Too Many / Wonderful (Paul Ohrin-Sandy Stanton) (1978)
number unknown: artist unknown -- A Talk With Patsy / Citizens Band Hammer Happy Mama (both wr. Mrs. Marvel Feltman) (1978)

-- Albums --

1113: The Big Sounds -- "I Wrote A Song For You!!" By: Ad Zielsdorf
The Day You Went Away; I Want You; There Was A Time Ago; Touch Me Tenderly; My Arms Reach Out; I Love You So Very; Without You; Dry Tears; There Are So Many Reasons Why; You Are Gone; When I'm With You; Why Did You Go; When God Made You; My God Does Live (all songs wr. Ad Zielsdorf)

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