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-- Singles --

6844: Will Gentry -- Queen Of San Joaquin / Our Uncle Sam (both wr. Roy Cameron-Will Gentry)
51586: Ramsey Kearney -- Let's Go Away Somewhere / Forgotten People (both wr. Wayne Bolton-Will Gentry)
51686: Ramsey Kearney -- A School Teacher's Dream (Annette Sluss-Will Gentry) / Hell Yes, I'm Country (Charlie Doolittle)
number unknown: artist unknown -- I'm Praying For You, My Son / Crying Softly (both wr. Jessie Burch) (1979)
number unknown: artist unknown -- I've Just Met The One I Love / My Pretty Cherokee (both wr. Andy Kubiak) (1979)
121181: Ramsey Kearney -- Rubber Legs And Gin (Les Drager-Will Gentry) / Just A Bikin' Along (Diane DeCurtins-Will Gentry) (©1981)

-- Albums --

608: Ramsey Kearney -- Together In A Song
Forever And A Day (Lois Jean Sommers & Will Gentry)
Call Me Elevator Cause I Always Get The Shaft (Ruth Young & Will Gentry)
My Love, Dearest Love (Asuncion Miranda & Will Gentry)
Just You And I (Asuncion Miranda & Will Gentry)
The Great Unforgettable John Wayne (John Vercher & Will Gentry)
That Old Stetson Hat (Walker Richardson & Will Gentry)
Peace Of Mind (Phil Hinkle & Will Gentry)
The Loveliness Of You (Sam Panson & Will Gentry)
Better Home And Gardens Cannot (William Lloyd Wiles & Will Gentry)
The Angels Wept (Donald Boyer & Will Gentry)
Black Boots (Sam Panson & Will Gentry)
Johnny Boy (Carl MaGuire & Will Gentry)
Praise The Lord (Agnes & Tonya Benoit & Will Gentry)
Let Me Love You All The Way (Laurine Campbell & Will Gentry)

611: Ramsey Kearney -- Lots To Look Back On
Lots To Look Back On (Tommy Whalen)
Your Tomorrow (Johanna Rowe)
Ne'er Be Afraid Of Darkest Night (Annie Lipsey)
My Love I Could Not Share (Clyde S. Richardson)
Earthquake (Garrett Davis Holt)
My Three Precious Rosebuds (Beulah Hand)
There's A City Called Heaven (Billy Faye Jones)
How Can I Say I Love You (Roger Prince)
Love Is Magic (Joseph Martin Jr.)
Country Music (Len Squires)
Gospel Bus (Martha Reinhart)
I Was Only Having Fun (Ronald Miller)

613: Ramsey Kearney -- I Write The Words
I Write The Words (Van D. Garner & Will Gentry)
Just Another Song (Nelson Barton & Will Gentry)
Flaming Eyes (Sam Panson & Will Gentry)
Country Love (John H. Huitt Jr. & Will Gentry)
Life Just Goes That Way (Judy (Jo) Nelson & Will Gentry)
Did You Ever Wonder (Sam Panson & Will Gentry)
My Western Swing (Clyde S. Richardson & Will Gentry)
Joggin (Len Stevens & Will Gentry)
I Dreamed About Hank Williams Last Night (Vance E. Allen & Will Gentry)
Three Rode To Tennessee (Ellis D. Chandlee & Will Gentry)
And It's True (Yvon Cormier & Will Gentry)
Don't Wait Until Tomorrow (Kathryn Newton & Will Gentry)
liner notes read: "I Write The Words is an album composed by todays promising writers of the Nashville Co-Writer Plan. It is through their sensitive use of the written word these songs are possible."

615: Ramsey Kearney* -- Reflections Of You
Reflections Of You (William Erickson & Will Gentry)
The Girl At The Table (Onie Walton & Will Gentry)
Dee Dee Prestige: My Love For Him (Mary Adams & Dee Dee Prestige)
Mama Toast With Jelly (Fred Mugford & Will Gentry)
The Night Before Christmas (Hugo V. Gurney & Will Gentry)
Stay My Love (June Enkers & Will Gentry)
That Age Old Problem (Theodore Safine & Will Gentry)
Trail At The Fork In The Road (Chuck Hafner & Will Gentry)
They Can't Take What Ya Never Had (Chuck Hafner & Will Gentry)
Play It Over (Ray West & Will Gentry)
Story Of A Man (Paul Statler & Will Gentry)
Goosepimples (Ervin H. Strub & Will Gentry)
Just For You (Viola Byars & Will Gentry)
Maybe Baby's Changing Times (H.J. Joe Stack & Will Gentry)
*except for "My Love For Him," vocals by Dee Dee Prestige

616: Ramsey Kearney* -- God Made Them All
God Made Them All (Ferdinand Sur & Will Gentry)
Just Your Memories (Jo Austin & Will Gentry)
He's Drinking Up My Profit (Kenneth Dalton & Will Gentry)
No More You And Me (Viola Byars & Dee Dee Prestige)
My Father's Gone Home (Lula Mae Kent & Will Gentry)
The King Of Kings (Glen F. Evans & Will Gentry)
"O" Willie (Onie Walton & Will Gentry)
Inflation Blues (Jimmy Walker & Will Gentry)
Kneel Down And Pray (Martha Reinhart & Will Gentry)
Broken Heart (Dominic Visco & Will Gentry)
I Wish You Good Morning (Mike Solunac & Will Gentry)
I Want The World To Know (Joan Caldwell & Will Gentry)
You Taught Me (Eleanor Hanson & Will Gentry)
Let's Give Jesus Back His Birthday (Vida Linden & Will Gentry)
*except for "No More You And Me," vocals by Dee Dee Prestige
liner notes read: "I feel that God has made this album possible as he directed each writer and expelled their thoughts in many different directions. This album ranges from spiritual, love, hurt inflection, to drinking up profits ... yes, God made them all."

622: Ramsey Kearney -- Flowers Of Love
I Just Came Back For You (Kitty Simpson)
Love That Didn't Last (Lottie Larson)
A Song To Feed Chickens By (M.L. Farrahay)
A Letter To Her Heart (Russell McKenzie)
Winnescheika (Dorothy Weinsteiger)
Kathy's Everything To Me (Mel Schlieff)
I Cried The Tears (Mary Williams)
Loving Wife (Frank Kempton)
Thank God For The Little Things (Marlene Wanner)
In Memory Of The Sweetest Little Dog (Opal Wilson)
Don't Cry (Mary Slody)
Everybody's Got To Have A Real Feeling (Francis Earl Williams)
all music composed by Will Gentry

629: Memory And Reflections
Ramsey Kearney: Friday Night (Randy Whaley-Will Gentry)
Ramsey Kearney: Heart Breakin Sweetheart (Clarence Huntington-Will Gentry)
Ramsey Kearney: Christmas Is For Love (Inez Brunner-Will Gentry)
Tommy Floyd: Standing By The Way Side (Jim Samuel-Will Gentry)
Tommy Floyd: Reverend Roy (Ellen Reppert-Will Gentry)
Ramsey Kearney: Love's Gentle Touch (Gardenia Maurin-Will Gentry)
Ramsey Kearney: Tomorrow's Memories (Alice Stevenson-Will Gentry)
Betty Holmes: From A Castle To A Cottage (Eunice Thompson-Will Gentry)
Ramsey Kearney: Blue Monday (Andrew Heller-Will Gentry)
Ramsey Kearney: The Right Road Home (C.E. Condon-Will Gentry)
Tommy Floyd: Range Of Love (Vena Mitchell-Will Gentry)
Ramsey Kearney: So Where Is The Best Looking Lady in Town (Dwayne Williamette-Will Gentry)
liner notes read: "We're making tomorrow's memories today, so since most of the song selections in this album are dealing with memories, both good and some sad, we chose to title this album Memories And Reflections. Thanks to all the co-writers for their sincere efforts and contributions to this wonderful album."

643: Country Music Singing
Ramsey Kearney: Country Music Singing (Navona Talley)
Ramsey Kearney: Summer Rain (Frances Davis)
Ramsey Kearney: I've Taken Everything But Your Wedding Ring (James E. Spence)
Ramsey Kearney: Happy Father's Day, Dad (Mazie Butler)
Ramsey Kearney: You Turned On Me (Deloris Gosser)
Ramsey Kearney: We Need More Loving (Frank Gesswein)
Ramsey Kearney: Are You Fooling Me (Benjamin Jones)
Ramsey Kearney: The Day Is Ending (Marion E. Horne)
Ramsey Kearney: Emerald Green (Frances Davis)
Ramsey Kearney: Dream Dreams With Me (Fairy Mae Madlock)
Ramsey Kearney: Bar Hopping (Wally Kibler)
Ramsey Kearney: Christ, My Inspiration (C.H. Churchill)
Dennis Wayne: Smiling Eyes (Paul Beshears)
Dennis Wayne: Hickory, North Carolina (Joe W. Rose)

646: Ramsey Kearney -- Broken Heart
Broken Heart (Laura Fongate-Will Gentry)
Love's Not The Same (Steven Siler-Will Gentry)
I See In Your Eyes (Loretta Ann Kerr-Will Gentry)
He's Coming For Me (Frances Taylor-Will Gentry)
Forget-Me-Not (Isabelle Mensies-Will Gentry)
Sexy Senior Citizen (Constance L. Westfall-Will Gentry)
The Golden Alters (Lillian W. Nunley-Will Gentry)
You're Not Traveling Alone (Sandra Humphrey-Will Gentry)
Distrust And Pain (Melvin Alexander-Will Gentry)
Until Then (Florence Harrison-Will Gentry)
New Mexico (John L. Miller-Will Gentry)
Walk With Me (Kathy Hamrick-Will Gentry)
Angel In White (Isabelle Mensies-Will Gentry)
Daddy's Words (Daniel Berckenhoff-Will Gentry)
liner notes read: "I don't think its a disgrace to get a broken heart, but its painful if we keep it that way. When we love we take on the risk of being hurt. We can lose a loved one in death or to another person. So if this happens, we must pick up the pieces and continue on with life. We must prepare ourselves at all times. The songs in this album take us in many directions in love and life. So thanks Co-Writers for a job well done."

654: Ramsey Kearney* -- Red White And Blue USA
Red White And Blue; USA; Why Daddy Why; Kelly; Shadow Of Love; Lips; Looking; Empty Spurs; Thumbing A Ride; Cowboy; The Last Flight (all words by Thomas "Speed" Funari, all music by Will Gentry)
*except for "The Last Flight," which is sung by Mary Ann

655: Ramsey Kearney* -- Here To Touch
Come Let Me Out (Floyd Coon & Will Gentry)
Come Join Us (Floyd Coon & Will Gentry)
Teen Age Blues (Theresa Rosecrants & Will Gentry)
Melt Your Love (Theresa Rosecrants & Will Gentry)
Sooner Or Later (Linda Lamb & Will Gentry)
You Tore My World Apart (Linda Lamb & Will Gentry)
Honey, You Know I Love You (Floyd Mathews & Will Gentry)
I Gave My Heart Away (Leon Lambert, Sr. & Will Gentry)
Gonna Get Ya (Gary Odehnal & Will Gentry)
Someone's After Me (Catherine Demetriades & Will Gentry)
The Girl In The Yellow Dress (Allen Barnes & Will Gentry)
Cheating (Nannie Lou Ragsdale & Will Gentry)
Jesus Cares (Joyce Doyle & Will Gentry)
Joyce Ann (Joyce Doyle & Will Gentry)
Here To Touch (Shirley Park & Will Gentry)
Your Little Puppy (Nathan R. Jackson & Will Gentry)
liner notes read: "There are several changes and procedures that a butterfly goes into -- before it evolves into a beautiful butterfly. I think there are many forms of love. Love is also a process of many changes and feelings, as you will notice in the love songs of this album. A butterfly can be very elusive and so can love. Love can touch you in many ways. I think this album will touch your emotions in many different ways. We simply call it 'Here To Touch'."

667: Ramsey Kearney -- Walk Out Backwards
Walk Out Backwards (Marjorie Peters McIntosh & Will Gentry)
Driving In A Bricklin And Renting Out Limousines (Marjorie Peters McIntosh & Will Gentry)
Let's Pretend (Lois Wisnant & Will Gentry)
The Lady Still Stands (R.E. Lunt & Will Gentry)
What Would I Do Without You (Francine Guernon & Will Gentry)
Rockabye My Dolly (Annabelle Stolberg & Will Gentry)
Sarah (Robert Fossey & Will Gentry)
Two Different Mountains (Therese B. Rosecrants & Will Gentry)
Running With The Wind (Jean Gloria Ligoure & Will Gentry)
Old Time Gang (Marjorie Peters McIntosh & Will Gentry)
Gibby's Place (Marjorie Peters McIntosh & Will Gentry)
Our Love (Randy Whaley & Will Gentry)
Please Believe Me (Francine Guernon & Will Gentry)
label signed by Jean Ligoure and inscribed "The best is yet to come."

number unknown: Ramsey Kearney -- Broken Heart
number unknown: Ramsey Kearney -- A Man And His Horn
number unknown: Ramsey Kearney -- Don't Need A Moon
number unknown: Ramsey Kearney -- Country Music Singing
number unknown: Ramsey Kearney -- Memories
number unknown: Ramsey Kearney -- Behind A Song ("Contains some c/w classics and originals by Nashville Co-Writers/Will Gentry" -- in other words, song-poems)

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