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Royal Master
Royal Master Records, Inc., 6820 Fleetwood Dr., Nashville TN 37205;
then: 4200 (and 4201) Central Pike, Hermitage TN 37076;
then: Country Music U.S.A. Productions, PO Box 140441, Nashville TN 37214; 615-883-9600

-- Singles --

8605: Craig Southern -- Dixie U.S.A. (Gene Simmons/George Deaton) (same song on both sides; prob. not a song-poem record; ©1986; pic sleeve; DJ copy; from RM album 19865, see below)
9010: Craig Southern -- Guilty (1990)
9111: Northern Gold -- Woman In Control (A. Zanetis, Jr., J. Zanetis, S. Carlisle) (©1991; same song on both sides; pr. Alex Zanetis)
9203: Scotty Dangerfield -- Made In The U.S.A. (1992)
number unknown: Loren Alan Lindsay -- Two Times Love (Divided By You) (L.A. Lindsay) / Guilty (Alex Zanetis) (prob. not a song-poem record)

-- Albums --

1001: Elvis: A Tribute From His Fans
Jim Ward: To Elvis With Love (Robert Demsko)
Jaye Pauley: The King (Nancy Fields)
Jaye Pauley: Elvis (Lulu E. Townsend)
Jaye Pauley: A Tribute To Elvis (Wanda Owens)
Jim Ward: Elvis Above (Eva Avery)
Jaye Pauley: He Gave Us Elvis (Ernestine Chapman)
Jaye Pauley: Rest In Peace, Elvis (Rose Crow)
Matt Vincent: Lisa Marie (Edith Ansel)
Jaye Pauley: Tribute To A Singer (Mary V. Lamson)
Jaye Pauley: I Love Elvis (Betty Wyke Gearing)
Jaye Pauley: Elvis Is Gone (Alexander Oliver)
Matt Vincent: Elvis (Linda Sims)
Jim Ward: The Infinite Star (Juanita Vick)
Jaye Pauley: The King's Last Farewell (Jack W. Cartwright)
liner notes read: "Elvis is gone but his memory will live on through his music. This album, comprised of songs written by Elvis Presley fans, is their way of saying "Thank You" to a very special person who gave so much of himself for their pleasure and entertinment [sic]."

3003: Elvis We Still Love You
Gina Val: Elvis, Our Special Star (Clara Nunnery)
Matt Vincent: It's Elvis (Viola Mann)
Jim Ward: To Elvis With Love (Mozelle Zuelzke)
Gina Val: Elvis (Nadine Bunger)
Gina Val: Elvis, From Childhood To Fame (Mildred Jean Brown)
Jim Ward: We Miss Elvis (Phebie Bush)
Matt Vincent: From Tupelo To Fame (Jack Townsend)
Jim Ward: May The King Still Reign (Winston Feser)
Matt Vincent: The King Of Rock & Roll (Virginia L. Christner)
Jaye Pauley: Elvis, Awake To Sleep No More (Wayne Davis)
Jim Ward: To The Memories Of Elvis Presley (Isaac Machuca, Jr.)
Matt Vincent: Lisa Marie (Violet Maxine Spotts)
Jim Ward: Elvis (Loretta Garrett)
Matt Vincent: In Memory Of Elvis (Kenneth Leon Brandt, Sr.)
music by Jim Ward & Alex Zanetis

4004: Elvis Will Live On!
Jim Ward: Elvis In Heaven (Elaine Uken)
Jim Ward: Memories Of Elvis (Ruby Mayol)
Matt Vincent: A Dream About Elvis (Mary Lou Bricken)
Gina Val: Elvis Is A Star (Marie Nowka)
Gina Val: The King Of Rock & Roll (Charlotte White)
Jim Ward: Graceland Memories (Harris de Scott Evans)
Jaye Pauley: Elvis (Jeanette Foster)
Gina Val: Lonely Teardrops Tell Elvis (Carolyn Dillard)
Gina Val: In Memory Of Elvis (Dorothy Hamilton)
Jaye Pauley: Elvis, Why Did You Quit? (Buanna L. Greenlee)
Jim Ward: Elvis In Concert (Etta Lee Lantz)
Jaye Pauley: Lisa Marie (Andrew Crisci)
Matt Vincent: Elvis (Robert Dale Setterbo)
Matt Vincent: El, What Are We Going To Do Without You? (Floyd McLester)
music by Jim Ward & Alex Zanetis
liner notes same as 1001, except "entertainment" spelled correctly

1111: Songs From Across The Land
Jaye Pauley: I Remember September (Amy L. Toombs)
Jaye Pauley: You're Free (Amy L. Toombs)
Jim Ward: A Wonderful Dad (Lorene Shaw)
Jim Ward: My Memories (Roy Bynum)
Jim Ward: Just A CB'er (George Mann)
Gina Val: He Must Come Back (Mary Accardo)
Matt Vincent: Boy In A Bar Room (Garnette Phipps)
Matt Vincent: Big Man (Roger Vance)
Gina Val: My Love, Take Care Of Me (Doris Nyander)
Jim Ward: Lonesome (Viola Sanders)
Jim Ward: Love (Viola Sanders)
Jim Ward: This Tender Feeling (Cleo Schneider)
Jim Ward: Freuline Be Mine (Robert Kuegel)
Gina Val: Trusting Heart (Marion Stephens)
Gina Val: Careless Moments (Dell Hood)
Gina Val: Mother's Love (Elva Hull)
Jim Ward: It Has To Be Spring (Harry Numsen)
Jim Ward: To Mom On Her Birthday (Nancy Owen)
music by Jim Ward and Alex Zanetis

1212: Thoughts ... Feelings
Jim Ward: There's A Brighter Light (Dorothy Vick)
Gina Val: Where (Felix Valencia)
Gina Val: Love's Hard To Do (Jerry Jacks)
Jim Ward: White Satin And Lace (Gerald Heyder)
Jim Ward: Around The Corner (Holly Long)
Jim Ward: Your Love Makes Me Feel So Good (Larry Brown)
Matt Vincent: All The Friends Have Been Taken (George Wazeck)
Gina Val: Here With My Luna Love (Christine Campbell)
Jim Ward: Dusk (Jeanine Ralstin)
Matt Vincent: You Are My Passion (Regina Burton)
Jim Ward: Love Isn't Everything (Doreen Harmon)
Jaye Pauley: Do You Remember (Emma Towsley)
Jim Ward: The Other Woman (Wanda Knecht)
Matt Vincent: Make Sunday A Special Day (Doris Smith)
Matt Vincent: Broken Promises (Clarence Johnson)
Jim Ward: Working Chant of A Woman (Mary Nycum)
Matt Vincent: This Fancy Of Loving You (Gary Edwards)
music by Jim Ward and Alex Zanetis

1313: Songs For All Seasons
Matt Vincent: Hands Of Christ (Thomas Carter)
Gina Val: That Little White Church In The Country (Mary Kindlein)
Gina Val: Friend In The Sky (C.F. Nicholson)
Matt Vincent: Satan's Prison (Fred Swan)
Jim Ward: When We Stand Before The King (Hettie Crabtree)
Jim Ward: A Place Beyond (Jean Leas)
Matt Vincent: It's Gonna Be Christmas (Bernada Cooley)
Matt Vincent: Mother Will Always Pray (Freda Jennings)
Jim Ward: My Friend Is Jesus (Floyd Gray)
Gina Val: Behold I Stand At The Door (John Townsend)
Matt Vincent: My Saviour Is A Special Man (John Townsend)
Jim Ward: The Bible Stands (Doris Payne)
Jim Ward: The Old Country Church (Anna Mary Vermie)
Matt Vincent: God's Beauty (David Baker)
Jim Ward: Here I Am, Here I Stand (Paul Leever)
Jim Ward: Guide Me Jesus (Auba Husky)
Jaye Pauley: God Above (Mary Grasso)
music by Jim Ward and Alex Zanetis

2121: Just For You
Gina Val: Help Me, Lord (Stella Cronin)
Jim Ward: I Want A Soul Saved For Christmas (Barbara Wymore)
Matt Vincent: Lay Up Treasures In Heaven (Roscoe Stephens)
Bo Ross: Share (George Taylor)
Gina Val: I See Many Mansions In Heaven (Dora Steuer)
Matt Vincent: We Need A Little More Religion (Ada Roberts)
Jaye Pauley: Wedding Song, Could It Be Me (Linda Yurek)
Matt Vincent: Release (Irma Campbell)
Jim Ward: Never See My Darling Anymore (Grace Horyna)
Gina Val: Goodbye Reno (Mae Whitfield)
Matt Vincent: Come Meadows (Jeanine Ralston)
music by Jim Ward & Alex Zanetis

2727: Songs From The Heart
Matt Vincent: Sky Diver's Lament (Alvin W. Finks)
Matt Vincent: Go On And Chase Your Foolish Love (Roscoe Miller)
Linda Lane: Let's All Say "Merry Christmas" (Lenny Simmons)
Matt Vincent: Lester Flatt, Bluegrass Memory (Wilma Harrell)
Linda Lane: Little House In Heaven (Frances Dill)
Linda Lane: Oh, Lord (Laurie Ann Kowt)
Gina Val: Watch And Pray (Thomas Moses)
Linda Lane: Catch A Rainbow (Nick Edmonds)
Linda Lane: A Tribute To God's Golden Oldies (Linda Lane)
Linda Lane: Home (Dennis Strausbaugh)
Will Gentry: A Heartful Of Pain (Herman Wilson)
Will Gentry: I'm Feeling Ashamed (Willie Johnson)
Will Gentry: Magic Lasts To Eternity (Nicholas Lucarelli)
Will Gentry: Dark Sea Of Memory (Joann Foster)
Will Gentry: It's A Sad Thought Of Believing (Edward Hendrix)
Will Gentry: 200 Years (Irving Hull)
Will Gentry: Wooden Cross (Edna Dyess)
Will Gentry: No Longer Drifting (Edna Dyess)
Will Gentry: I Have A Beautiful Doll (Thelma Peace)
Will Gentry: I Will Stay Until Tomorrow (Alice Ponce)
music by Jim Ward and Alex Zanetis; music by Will Gentry

2828: Songs From The Heart, vol. III
Will Gentry: Thank You, Dear Lord (Robert Trippett)
Matt Vincent: I Didn't See It In Time (Homer Simpson)
Linda Lane: Proud To Be A Country Girl (Mildred Cassidy)
Matt Vincent: Jesus Set Me Free (Mildred Cassidy)
Linda Lane: I Love You (Delbert & Hazel Snedeker)
Will Gentry: Mary In The Morning (Glenn Wagner)
Matt Vincent: Live In Gal (Rose Bradshaw)
Linda Lane: Look Around (Kathryn Allbritten)
Linda Lane: Born Again (Mary O. Fairley)
Linda Lane: He Lived (Lavell Evans)
Linda Lane: I Will Keep My Date With Jesus (Susie Carlyle)
Linda Lane: I Have Made My Peace With God (Susie Carlyle)
Linda Lane: Be Still My Heart (Mary O. Fairley)
Will Gentry: It Seems So Hopeless (Larry Kitchens)
Matt Vincent: John Wayne, The Man (Delbert & Hazel Snedeker)
Linda Lane: Jesus, My Precious Saviour (Berthat Ragsdale)
Will Gentry: Oh Yes, My Name Is Lucille (Shirley Miner)
Matt Vincent: Meadow In Season (Douglas Powers)
Will Gentry: White Lilies (Darylene Taylor)
Matt Vincent: The Itinerant Performer (Valence R. Nichols)
music by Will Gentry

3030: Songs To Remember, Vol. V
Matt Vincent: Divorced By Old Lady Bee (Lyle Walker)
Will Gentry: Gone (Edna Herman)
Will Gentry: Antique Love (Paul McConnell)
Matt Vincent: Little Do You Know How Beautiful You Are (Ellis Chandlee)
Will Gentry: The Valley of Sin (Les Drager)
Matt Vincent: Mom, I'm Home (Jean Sowder)
Will Gentry: We're On Strike (Marvin Greene)
Matt Vincent: The Sweet Tomorrow (Victor A. Young)
Will Gentry: Cross Roads Of Life (George Taylor)
Will Gentry: You're Always An Outsider (Carol McMickle)
Will Gentry: I Can't Stay Any Longer (Sandra Jackson)
Matt Vincent: I'll Spend Eternity Loving You (Purnell Church)
Will Gentry: Fair to Middlin' (Chick Sandone)
Linda Lane: Let Me Come Down (Dovie Akin)
Matt Vincent: One Ride Too Many (Emil Konvalin)
Matt Vincent: Lenore, My Love (M.T. Weatherly)
Linda Lane: Where My God Is, Hope Is (Mary F. Dixon)
Matt Vincent: Jamie (Terry Westby)
Matt Vincent: Love, Love, Love (Victor A. Young)
Linda Lane: You Were Meant For Me (Purnell Church)

3939: My Gift To You, vol. VI
Linda Lane: Lover's Life (Codrey Allen)
Linda Lane: I'm Nobody's Fool (Yvonne Schofield)
Linda Lane: Belief In God (Debbie Marcozzi)
Linda Lane: No More Blue Mondays For Me (Penny Koehler)
Matt Vincent: Living In The Country (Sean McDonald)
Linda Lane: In The Joy Of The Morning (Harriet & Martin Strause)
Linda Lane: Blue Deer (Caroline Quinn)
Linda Lane: Friend (Amelia Teck)
Linda Lane: Bad Mistake (Phyllis Burns)
Matt Vincent: Gotta Get Back To The Forrest (Lisa Monique Rogers)
Linda Lane: Only (Amelia Ross)
Jim Ward: The Year Of Thirty-Four (Walter R. Holmes)
Matt Vincent: Good Old Mother & Dad (Mervin C. Mohney)
Matt Vincent: Asked Ma About Pa (Willie Williams)
Matt Vincent: Prime Time (Frank M. Hampp)
Linda Lane: A Mother's Love (Susie Burcham)
Linda Lane: Smitty (Betty L. Smith)
Linda Lane: In Love (Dennis I. Strausbaugh)
Matt Vincent: Sweet Loving Woman (Prince "Lord Lyrics" Braynen)
Linda Lane: Love Took My Heart Away (Christopher Dean Snooks)

4141: Hit Songs Of The Future
Matt Vincent: No More Rambling (Joseph E. Lawson)
Matt Vincent: You Are Special (Estelle Vardaman)
Matt Vincent: A Friend Or Foe? (Curtis Lee Berry)
Linda Lane: God (Thomas Logan)
Linda Lane: Sweet Jesus (Sophelia M. Conley)
Linda Lane: Love (Ruth Olsak)
Linda Lane: Memories (Patricia Reid)
Linda Lane: Oh Lord, Help Them To Pray (Virginia Runner)
Matt Vincent: Woman's Love (Leon M. Bedford, Sr.)
Matt Vincent: United We Stand (Leon M. Bedford, Sr.)
Linda Lane: God Loves You (Clara Bergstrom)
Linda Lane: Me Without You (John Stevenson, Sr.)
Linda Lane: One Day (Marie Veerayen)
Matt Vincent: Flirting Red Head (Margaret Genentz)
Matt Vincent: Typewriter Blues (Jimmy Spence)
Matt Vincent: I'm Feeling Blue (Jimmie Steele)
Matt Vincent: I Will Cry A Million Tears (Josephine Roberts)
Linda Lane: Blue Jay (Kathleen St. Pierre)
Linda Lane: The Sparkle In My Eyes Is Gone (Mary Bell)
Linda Lane: Don't Scorn Me (Zulene Garcia)
music by Alex Zanetis and Jim Ward

4242: Hit Songs Of The Future, Vol. II
Linda Lane: The Sisters Four (Shirley Kirkley)
Linda Lane: Hello, My Love (Martha Crawford)
Linda Lane: My Sincere Desire (Mable Strong)
Linda Lane: Let Me Love You (Lisa Clark)
Linda Lane: Rise Up Again and Again (Lucretia Dickinson)
Matt Vincent: The Devil's Demon (Deanna Horton)
Linda Lane: Hold On to the Hand of Jesus (Emily Partridge)
Linda Lane: Heaven Walks In (Emily Partridge)
Linda Lane: Wishing (Maxine Hall)
Linda Lane: But Not For Me (Maxine Hall)
Linda Lane: Whisper to Me (Etta T. Colley)
Matt Vincent: Judy (Bill Zittritsch)
Linda Lane: Sweetened by Your Love (Carol Fowler)
Linda Lane: Wonder What Love Can Bring (Mary Ann Suarez)
Linda Lane: A Work of Praise (Marjorie E. Morrison)
Linda Lane: My Dreamboat (James Blair)
Linda Lane: Slow Down, My Son (Gary Charles Henty)
Linda Lane: A Vision of Life (Lula K. Friesland)
Linda Lane: Someone Who Believes in Me (Ethel Kuder)
Linda Lane: Lovin' In the Midnight (Rebecca Dowell)

4343: Hit Songs Of The Future, Vol. III
Matt Vincent: I'm Not A Fool (Bobby Griffith)
Matt Vincent: Don't Give Up Your Dream (Phillip Gomez)
Linda Lane: G.I.'s Child (Pauline LeBlanc)
Matt Vincent: I'll Be Back Home (Casey Sue Revoir)
Linda Lane: I'm Going To Climb Upon That Mountain (Phyllis Fryman)
Linda Lane: His Blessed Holy Name (Ann Thompson)
Linda Lane: Parents (Sandra Thorsby)
Linda Lane: My Happiness (Geraldine Coffey)
Linda Lane: Mother's Love (Johnnie Tounsend)
Linda Lane: Say You'll Love Me (Carmen Wallace)
Matt Vincent: Can The Lord Depend On You? (Ruth McKisic)
Linda Lane: Carest Thou Not (Mildred Louise Knight)
Matt Vincent: I Want To Be A Loving Man (Carmelo Maldonado Alvarez)
Linda Lane: Elvis, Oh Elvis (Inez Leonaa Blandon)
Linda Lane: Tennessee Waltz (Charles Faylor)
Matt Vincent: Football Season (Millie Nelson)
Linda Lane: Lord, Suffer This To Be (Evelyn Jones)
Matt Vincent: Back Home On Saturday Night (Ronald W. Johnson)
Matt Vincent: Just Remembering (Jim Gronniger)
Will Gentry: Pennies In My Pocket (Judith Frazier)

4444: Hit Songs Of The Future, Summer Edition
Matt Vincent:
Whiskey Friend (Marlin Woods)
Linda Lane: New Heartaches And Old Memories (Joe & Ada Calucci)
Matt Vincent: As Long As This World Keeps Turning Around (Joe & Ada Calucci)
Linda Lane: You'll Be In My Heart Forever (Cary Shal)
Linda Lane: There Will Always Be Love (Andres Mendez)
Matt Vincent: Gonna Make It Big In Nashville (Jesse Bond Jr.)
Linda Lane: All I Ask From Life (Wanda Colbert)
Linda Lane: Top Of The Stairs (Ann Dodd)
Linda Lane: Ecstasy Greeted Us (James E. Robinson Jr.)
Matt Vincent: Heading Out Of This World (Frank Swan)
Matt Vincent: Music, Music, Sweet Music (Geneva Reed)
Matt Vincent: Sweet Kisses (Geneva Reed)
Linda Lane: All Of My I Love You's (Wilma C. Fleetwood)
Linda Lane: The Mississippi Legend (Bracey White)
Matt Vincent: She's Gone Forever (Abe Fehr)
Matt Vincent: Dreams (Gordon R. Ravn)
Linda Lane: I Want To Give You Everything (Carmen Wallace)
Linda Lane: A Day Is Born (Eva Waddell)
Matt Vincent: I Can't Take It No More (Mary Baker)
Matt Vincent: Dollar Down, Dollar A Week (David Baser)

5656: Hit Songs Of Tomorrow
Matt Vincent: Bo Derek On My Mind (Nick R. Schroeder)
Linda Lane: With Jesus Into Heaven I Shall Go (Wilemine Weidmann)
Matt Vincent: Buxom Lady (Richard Alva)
Linda Lane: Just For Today (Margaret Coles)
Linda Lane: A Lifetime Of Living And Giving (Betty D. Fitzgerald)
Matt Vincent: Jane (William L. Bongard)
Linda Lane: Tears Help (Barbara Davis)
Matt Vincent: Marry Me If You Love Me (Paul Sully)
Matt Vincent: Oh, Elisa (Gerald LaBerge)
Matt Vincent: You're The Girl (Brent Smith)
Matt Vincent: A Special Love (David Clark)
Matt Vincent: On The Wings Of A Dove (Joyce Liston)
Linda Lane: I'm Just A Cheater (Craig A. Hollon)
Linda Lane: I'm In Love With A Memory (Linda Briscoe)
Matt Vincent: Spring The Trap (Dorothy B. Wight)
Matt Vincent: The Greatest Feeling (Jack White)
Linda Lane: Heartaches And Pain (Shirley Taylor)
Linda Lane: Lonely (Joyce Burger)
Linda Lane: I Remember (Bruce Simmons)
Linda Lane: Take A Little Time With Me (Margaret Pledger)

6161: Hit Songs Of Tomorrow
Linda Lane: Turn To God (Agnes Warner)
Linda Lane: My Love (Agnes Warner)
Matt Vincent: Highway (Mario Mariani)
Linda Lane: It Would Give My Heart A Thrill (Eva G. Daniel)
Linda Lane: Love Come To All (Rosalie Williams)
Matt Vincent: That Day (Leon Matthews)
Matt Vincent: In Arizona (Gehard C. Zarth)
Linda Lane: Where Will We Be? (Mae Belle Chappell)
Matt Vincent: Young Hitchhiker (Melba Hall Price)
Matt Vincent: No Baby Around (Gene Hoselton)
Linda Lane: The Unknown Soldier (William E. Jansen)
Linda Lane: I Thank The Lord (Tina M. Behnke)
Matt Vincent: Yesterday (John J. Stolzenbach)
Linda Lane: Indian War Drums (Dorthea Weinsteiger)
Linda Lane: Daddy, I Love You (Levita E. Metzger)
Linda Lane: Freedom Is (Katherine Tutty)
Linda Lane: Take The World But Give Me Jesus (Clarence & Linda Britt)
Matt Vincent: Dollars (Loe C. Curtis)
Linda Lane: Unfaithful (Charles Tiso)
Matt Vincent: Lying Love (John L. Wiley)
music by Alex Zanetis, Jim Ward

6262: Hit Songs Of Tomorrow
Linda Lane: Gathering Treasures (Emily Partridge)
Linda Lane: Don't Hurt Me Anymore (Rawle Carter)
Matt Vincent: Silky Skin (Allen Jude Solomon)
Linda Lane: Because Of Love (Trina Gleaves)
Matt Vincent: Born Loser (Burnetha Locklear)
Matt Vincent: Sinking Of The Arctic Explorer (Reuben Blake, Jr.)
Matt Vincent: Pretty Lady (Lewis Lewchuck)
Linda Lane: For You And Only You (Robert J. Liebel)
Matt Vincent: My Dream Girl (Dan W. Hannas)
Matt Vincent: Lovin' Just For Fun (Joseph Salvato)
Matt Vincent: Come Back Girl (Joseph Salvato)
Linda Lane: House Of Love (Martha Blessinger)
Linda Lane: Peace Of Mind (Martha Blessinger)
Matt Vincent: Ballad Of Wayne Gretzky (Royce McWhirter)
Linda Lane: Restless Love (Winnifred Stanley)
Linda Lane: Will You Bring Me Flowers Three Times A Day? (Herman Rewis)
Matt Vincent: The Man Behind The Whistle (Robert Moews)
Linda Lane: A Simple Gold Band (Floyd Grasty, Sr.)
Linda Lane: Loving You Is All I Want To Do (Elizabeth Ann Hess)
Matt Vincent: Low Down Woman (John H. Jordan)

6969: Hit Songs Of Tomorrow
Linda Lane: How To Grow (Kenneth Goodwin)
Matt Vincent: All I Do Is Sit And Cry For You (John T. Rader)
Linda Lane: Goodbye Darlin' (Gertrude Turley)
Linda Lane: Baby, Walk By Me (Americo V. Velaquez)
Linda Lane: The Falling Autumn Leaves (Elizabeth Bossard)
Linda Lane: Little Boy (Jessie Berrow)
Linda Lane: Look, Look, Look All Around (Rose M. Broecker)
Matt Vincent: A Sinner's Song To God (Walter Wuest)
Linda Lane: Don't Come Knocking On My Door (Venna Smith)
Linda Lane: A Rose (Goldie M. Bentley)
Linda Lane: I Long For You (Danny Crider)
Linda Lane: My Heart (Danny Crider)
Matt Vincent: On Trial (Ralph Amundson)
Matt Vincent: Don't Turn Away (Jeffrey S. DeMers)
Linda Lane: You Left Me For A Three (Martha Mercer)
Linda Lane: Living Again (Peggy Murphy)
Matt Vincent: Love Letter (Anthony J. Jacevich)
Linda Lane: A Song (June Videon)
Matt Vincent: Sweet Evelyn (Kenneth Betz)
Linda Lane: Fear Of Losing You (Edith H. Stewart)

7000: Peace Through Love And Song, vol. I
Joyce Paul: Christmas White (Lillian Stabile)
Linda Lane: Why Am I Worried Tonight? (Jackie M. Hodge)
Matt Vincent: Ain't Looking Back (David A. Chapman)
Linda Lane: Maybe I Was Wrong, Maybe I Was Right (Beverly Hyatt)
Matt Vincent: The Universe Is In My Arms (Paul Michael)
Joyce Paul: Okay For You (Millicent D. Johnston)
Matt Vincent: Write Me A Country And Western (Millicent D. Johnston)
Linda Lane: Last Beat (Wendy S. Lynn)
Matt Vincent: Don't Be Angry With Me, Jesus (Mae Goode)
Joyce Paul: Rainbow's End (Marcy Jo Knox)
Joyce Paul: How Can I Ever Forget (Margaret El Sharkawy)
Joyce Paul: Where Shall I Go? (Margaret El Sharkawy)
Joyce Paul: The One I Love (Leyanda Phillips)
Linda Lane: Stars (Judy McNeal)
Matt Vincent: Samson The Alligator (Ruby Bledsoe)
Matt Vincent: Running 'Round (Barbara V. Lowen)
Matt Vincent: Add Another Mile To My Time (Lupe Devance)
Linda Lane: You Sold Me Out (Nona E. Lewis)
Linda Lane: O Come On Back (Russell Larsen)
Matt Vincent: Yes, He Did (Myrtle Cook)
music by Alex Zanetis, Jim Ward

7002: Peace Through Love And Song, vol. III
Joyce Paul: The Christmas Star (Elizabeth Gutta)
Joyce Paul: A Plan Fulfilled (Elizabeth Gutta)
Joyce Paul: God Heard Us Pray (Elizabeth Gutta)
Matt Vincent: Since You Left Me Babe (James Aldridge)
Matt Vincent: I'm Lonely For You (James Aldridge)
Joyce Paul: Falling Rain (Maggie Hartzfieldt)
Matt Vincent: Noah Build Yourself An Ark (Elora Pyles)
Joyce Paul: My Happiness (Anna Arletis)
Joyce Paul: Yodelin' My Daddy's Christmas Song (Virgil W. Archer)
Matt Vincent: Grandpa's Little Man (Hazel M. Black)
Matt Vincent: Keep That Eighteen Wheeler Rollin' (Phyllis B. Sitton)
Linda Lane: Countin' On Your Love (Phyllis B. Sitton)
Joyce Paul: If (Shirley M. Johnson)
Joyce Paul: Tonight's The Night (Suzanne Novak)
Matt Vincent: Loving You (Elva West)
Matt Vincent: I Wish I Knew (Frank Neuvonen)
Joyce Paul: Angel In The Making (Dottie Watson)
Matt Vincent: Morning Glory (George Parrish)
Joyce Paul: I'm Dancing (LaVerne Werner)
Joyce Paul: Hands (Joan K. Groves)
music by Alex Zanetis, Jim Ward

7003: Peace Through Love And Song, vol. IV
Linda Lane: Christmas Cheer (Margaret Miller)
Linda Lane: Chasing Memories (Arta McCulla)
Matt Vincent: My Mother (Frugie Warnick)
Matt Vincent: I Want You Back (Aubrey F. Helton)
Matt Vincent: I Saw The Light (Adam L. Langus)
Matt Vincent: I Could Never Leave (Joe N. Davis)
Joyce Paul: Golden Hours (Thornton J. Rogers)
Joyce Paul: Happy Anniversary, Darling (Rosa Lee Grant)
Joyce Paul: To My Poppa On His Day (Addie Jo Stoudmire)
Linda Lane: Tribute To America (Michael Grant)
Linda Lane: Thank You, Lord (Vivien C. Patrick)
Joyce Paul: The Rose Of Love (Judy Cox)
Linda Lane: Be Here Always (Sid Montgomery)
Linda Lane: You're What's Happening In My Life (Gloria Dulaney)
Matt Vincent: The Girl From The Sunny Hill Ranch (John J. Russo)
Matt Vincent: Unkept Promises (Otto Simberg)
Linda Lane: Lonely Hearts (Denise Moore)
Matt Vincent: Red Rose (John E. Campbell)
Linda Lane: The Unseen Hurt (Velma Pendleton)
music by Alex Zanetis and Jim Ward

7005: Peace Through Love And Song, vol. VI
Joyce Paul: The First Christmas (George A. Betar, Jr.)
Matt Vincent: Reflections Of A Lost Dream (Donald Rowan)
Matt Vincent: A Chance To Grow (Donald Rowan)
Matt Vincent: Day Of Rest (Flora M. Robertson)
Joyce Paul: Illusion Of Love (Alice J. Mills)
Joyce Paul: You Didn't Care (Anthony Gorski)
Linda Lane: Special Daddy (Ester MacKenzie)
Matt Vincent: The Way I Have Always Done (R.D. Wyatt)
Matt Vincent: My Life Is Worth Living Once More (David L. Rice)
Matt Vincent: So In Love With You (James E. (Sonny) Bryant)
Matt Vincent: Letter To Mama (Donald Flahive)
Matt Vincent: My Ship (Carl Williams)
Joyce Paul: I'm The Girl That Men Forget (Dorothy Ferruzzi)
Matt Vincent: Born Without A Name (Frances Messer)
Joyce Paul: Loveless (Dorothy Santiago)
Matt Vincent: How Do I Ask To Love The Angel (Randy W. Hudson)
Matt Vincent: It's A Father's World (Stephen Zande)
Matt Vincent: As One (John M. Davis)
Matt Vincent: There Will Always Be A Place, Dear, In My Heart For You (Peter J. Scarzafava)
Matt Vincent: Hobo Cowboy (Lou Miller)
music by Alex Zanetis, Jim Ward

7010: Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life
Linda Lane: Love Me One More Time (Huntley P. Christie)
Linda Lane: In My Soul (Rose A. Pope)
Matt Vincent: Repent (Crisoforo Esquivel)
Matt Vincent: A True Love Song (Conrad Wingler)
Matt Vincent: It's Tearing The Heart Out Of Me (Loree Futch)
Joyce Paul: I Let My Tears Fall With The Snow (Courtney Stevens)
Joyce Paul: I'm Walking Out (Frances Messer)
Matt Vincent: I'll Never Win (Gordon R. McDougall)
Matt Vincent: Sputter Sput (William L. Bongard)
Joyce Paul: Marty (Ann Garner)
Matt Vincent: The Boozer (Bruce Thacker)
Joyce Paul: Tears Shine Like Diamonds (Emily M. Findley)
Matt Vincent: I Missed You (Manuel G. Galvan)
Matt Vincent: Sad Story (Inda Mae Moore)
Joyce Paul: Faded Summer Love (Jeanette Abel)
Matt Vincent: Old Folks Home (Claude Earl Williams)
Linda Lane: Don (Eleanor Thornley)
Matt Vincent: I Wish (Paul Bellas)
Linda Lane: Nashville Blues (Connie Anzalone)
Linda Lane: Ben, Bennie, Benito (Margery Anderson)

7011: Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life
Matt Vincent: Don't Leave Me Singing The Blues (John Lacefield)
Joyce Paul: Remember (Saluda Z. Carrington)
Matt Vincent: Maybe I'm Wrong (Al Scriven)
Linda Lane: All Mine (Connie Lee Thompson)
Matt Vincent: I'm Teasing You (Earl J. Nicholson)
Linda Lane: An Evening Prayer (Jean B. Carpenter)
Linda Lane: Country Hearts (Susie & Bob Sovereign)
Matt Vincent: She Was Closer To 90 Than 19 Years Old (Al Doherty)
Matt Vincent: A Poem Concerning Drug Abuse (Joseph Mayka)
Linda Lane: Oh, Butterfly (Joan B. Borja)
Matt Vincent: The Plague Of Losin' You (Mary E.L. Brazell)
Matt Vincent: Honky Tonk Son Of A Gun (Joseph Yarbrough)
Linda Lane: When You Left (Annie Taylor)
Linda Lane: Lonely Hearts (Glenda Abraham)
Linda Lane: This Quiet Place (Gloria A. Rowland)
Linda Lane: Old Memories (Grace Calhoun-Rose)
Linda Lane: One Last Time (Jackie Thompson)
Matt Vincent: You Will Never Love Again (Martin M. Mundy)
Matt Vincent: The Happy Frog (Rex Alexander)
Linda Lane: I Was Thinking Of You (Sherry Gordy)
music by Alex Zanetis, Jim Ward

7017: Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life
Matt Vincent: Memories And Dreams (Tony Adams)
Linda Lane: Precious Moments (Lucy Hughes)
Matt Vincent: Angel By Your Side (Larry Hohmann)
Allen Scott: The Fires Of Love (Margaret Jonas)
Linda Lane: Not A Thing I Found Called Love (Linda G. Vestal)
Allen Scott: Steppin' Out Of My Dreams (Grace Leighton)
Matt Vincent: Just A Stranger To Me (Aubrey Cummings)
Matt Vincent: Blue Times (Aubrey Cummings)
Allen Scott: A Little Old Man (Eleanor T. Boyd)
Linda Lane: A New Love (Nancy Sanders)
Allen Scott: These Are A Few Of December's Sweet Blessings (Lyllian D. Cole)
Matt Vincent: Such A Breathtaking Night (Robert L. Union)
Linda Lane: On Our Fantasy (Lena Bennett)
Linda Lane: If God Should Go On Strike (Lena Bennett)
Matt Vincent: April Dawn (Violet Jackson)
Allen Scott: Flashback (Charles J. Westcott)
Linda Lane: Oath Of A Lover (Alicia M. Bates)
Matt Vincent: Outer Space Honeymoon (Myrtle Cook)
Joyce Paul: A Rainbow Of Tears (Myrtle Cook)
Matt Vincent: Have You Met The Master? (Myrtle Cook)
music by Alex Zanetis, Jim Ward

8020: Peace Through Love and Song
Linda Lane: Christmas (Marie K. Clark)
Allen Scott: Prophecy (Huntley P. Christie)
Joyce Paul: The Way Of Life Today With Jesus (Maggie Johnson)
Matt Vincent: How Happy We Will Be (Thornton J. Rogers)
Allen Scott: The Robin And The Hawks (Corinne Gostick)
Allen Scott: Fog In The Clearing (Terry Abbott)
Matt Vincent: Hands Of Time (Gene Fischer)
Allen Scott: Your Aching Heart (Heidi Reiner)
Linda Lane: To My Mother (LaRuby Beaugrand)
Allen Scott: Smile, Smile, Smile (Aud L. Martindale)
Allen Scott: I've Got Her In My Heart (Vondia Pitcher)
Matt Vincent: Get Out In The Sunshine (Vondia Pitcher)
Allen Scott: I Am The 7th Son Of The 7th Son (Vondia Pitcher)
Allen Scott: Two Ducks And A Drake (Vondia Pitcher)
Linda Lane: The Love That We Had (Irma DeVries)
Allen Scott: I Get The Blues (Harry V. Janey)
Joyce Paul: A Beautiful Flame (Leela P. Khadoo)
Linda Lane: Death Of A Loved One (Susan Klassen)
Matt Vincent: Ode To My Kidney Stone (Vivian Golder)
Allen Scott: Hand In Hand We Stand (Bruce Macmillan)

8080: Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life
Allen Scott: A Corner Of Your Heart (Fern Lindblad)
Allen Scott: Dreaming (Fern Lindblad)
Allen Scott: Pretty Flowers Everywhere (Fern Lindblad)
Allen Scott: All That's Left Is Your Memory (Fern Lindblad)
Linda Lane: Country Roads (Inez Weeden)
Linda Lane: You're My First And Only Lone [sic] (Geraldine Raynor)
Allen Scott: Blue Eyed Elaine (Red Jackson)
Allen Scott: Bopping In Flip Flops (Margrett Eddleman)
Linda Lane: Everywhere I Look (Velora Buchanan)
Linda Lane: One Day At A Time (Velora Buchanan)
Linda Lane: Jesus Listen To My Song (Thornton J. Rogers)
Linda Lane: I'll Keep Singing The Blues Away (Thornton J. Rogers)
Linda Lane: Babylon Why Did You Fall (Bessie R. Tapp)
Linda Lane: Thank You Lord (Stephen P. Gallion)
Linda Lane: The Time To Be Happy (Betsy A. Claque)
Linda Lane: I Didn't Have Time (Helen Wood)
Linda Lane: Our Little Angel (Marie K. Clark)
Linda Lane: I'm Gonna Take A Trip (Gayle Hancock)
Linda Lane: A New Kind Of Letter (Dale Maddox)
Linda Lane: Christmas Time Is Here Again (Dale Maddox)
music by Alex Zanetis, Jim Ward, Allen Scott

9001: Songs Of Love, Songs Of Life
Linda Lane: Everything Is Just Right (Daniel Cowans)
Linda Lane: Hope In Despair (Daniel Cowans)
Linda Lane: Walking In His Light (Daniel Cowan [sic])
Allen Scott: You Gotta Move On (William DI [sic] Battista)
Linda Lane & Allen Scott: Our Greatest Sin (Sylvia A. Munsey)
Linda Lane: Another Bright Star In Heaven (Carolyn Gansz)
Linda Lane: Oh! The Joy, Oh! The Fun (Aud L. Martindale)
Linda Lane: Searching For Love (Sadie C. Axe)
Linda Lane: Beaches (Tom B. Sharitz)
Allen Scott: Airport (Tom B. Sharitz)
Allen Scott: Rockin' Blues (Thelma L. Carpenter)
Allen Scott: Bonita Roserita (Thelma L. Carpenter)
Linda Lane: Play The Last Waltz For Me (Pamela J. Callison)
Linda Lane: Baby Believe In Me (Geraldine P. Elliot)
Allen Scott: Doing Time (Donald Dasher)
Allen Scott: Rachel, Rachel (Cora E. Moore)
Linda Lane: Loneliness (Fernando Coleman)
Linda Lane: Washed Away (Jeffrey Bembry)
Linda Lane: Kiss (Adela J. Hobaica)
Linda Lane: Back To Bed, Feeling Dead (LaDonna Magness)
music by Jim Ward, Alex Zanetis & Allen Scott

19860: Alex Zanetis -- Are You Ready For The Lord
Are You Ready For The Lord (Alex Zanetis)
It's So Easy (Alex Zanetis)
You Gotta Look Up (Alex Zanetis)
Without His Love (Alex Zanetis)
Without You (Alex Zanetis)
Who Else But You (Alex Zanetis)
Dial That Toll Free Number (Alex Zanetis-Lola Griffin)
I'm Gonna Walk The Line With Jesus (Alex Zanetis-Steven Zanetis)
I Am The Captain (Of My Body And Soul) (Alex Zanetis-Steven Zanetis)
The Long Arm Of The Lord (Alex Zanetis-T. Davis-M. Rickman)
His Word Is Good Enough For Me (Alex Zanetis)
All The Way Home (Alex Zanetis)
©1986; produced by Alex Zanetis

19865: Southern Comfort
Craig Southern -- Dixie U.S.A. (Gene Simmons/George Deaton)
further information unknown

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CD-II: Country Music USA Favorites
Linda Lane: A Yellow Light In Your Window (Carolyn Szagesh)
Linda Lane: One Little Kiss (Carolyn Szagesh)
Linda Lane: A Mother's Son (Janice Applegate)
Linda Lane: A Flowering Love (Janice Applegate)
Linda Lane: Climbing The Stairs Of Heaven (Eloise Irwin)
Alex Zanetis: I Will Always Be Your Dad (Quincy Kimmons)
Linda Lane: Leaving You (Carrie Ellison)
Linda Lane: Leaving Betty Crockerville (Pamela Chase)
Linda Lane: How Sweet It Is To Know Jesus (Novella Isaaca)
Linda Lane: God Gave Us All He Had (June Lynch)
Linda Lane: Sweet Jesus (Bruce Horaz)
Linda Lane: Send Me An Angel (Harriet Perry)
Linda Lane: Words Can't Express (Shawn Andrew)
Linda Lane: Dreams (Shelia Henry)
Alex Zanetis: Last Supper (Joe Chapman)
Alex Zanetis: 1948 Packard Dream (Harold Hodge)
Linda Lane: Mother Of Love, Queen Of Hearts (Nella B. Jonessee)
music by Alex Zanetis

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