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Safari, Box 375, Nashville TN 37202
also: Distributed by Nashco, 602 Inverness Ave., Nash., TN 37204; 615-297-8029
also: Distributed by Nashco, 1200 Division, Room 202, Nashville TN 37203; 615-254-5884

-- Singles --

1000: Ramsey Kearney -- Joy In The Morning (Kearney-Stough-Hampton) / (Even If It Kills Me) I'll Die Lovin' You (Will Gentry) (Note: "1975" handwritten on both sides; possibly not a song-poem record)
SR 1001: Ramsey Kearney -- Cattle Call (Tex Owens) / Jack Benny's Fiddle (Will Gentry-Neva Lyons) (©1977)
SR 101: Ramsey Kearney -- White Man's Blues / Evergreen Love (both wr. Ramsey Kearney) (©1981) (Note: not a song-poem record)
SR 102: Ramsey Kearney -- Bluesday / I Don't Wanna Do It (If I Can't Do It With You) (both wr. Ramsey Kearney) (not a song-poem record)
SR 103: Ramsey Kearney -- Don't Call Me (I'll Call You) (Frank D'Antonio-Ramsey Kearney) / Something Of Value (Bob Mitchell-Ramsey Kearney) (produced by Frank Kearney)
SR 104: Ramsey Kearney -- That's How Much I Love You (Eddy Arnold-Wally Fowler-Graydon Hall) / My Love For You (Ramsey Kearney)) (©1982) (Note: not a song-poem record)
SR 105: Ramsey Kearney -- Gone With The Wind (Ramsey Kearney-Don Vinson) / Country Colors (Ramsey Kearney-C.F. Grossnickle) (©1982)
SR 106: Ramsey Kearney -- You Can't Drive Me Crazy (Ramsey Kearney) / It's Time To Go (Ramsey Kearney-Buddy Thomas) (©1983)
SR 107: Ramsey Kearney -- Put On Your Love Tonight (Rick Lance) (same song on both sides; ©1983)
SR 108: Ramsey Kearney -- I Found Love (When I Found You) (Ramsey Kearney) / Emotions (Mel Tillis-Ramsey Kearney) (©1984) (Note: not a song-poem record)
SR 109: Ramsey Kearney -- The Lone Ranger (Richard D'Antonio-Ramsey Kearney) / Love Is (Ramsey Kearney-Ray Wages)
SR 111: Ramsey Kearney -- It's Time To Go (Ramsey Kearney-Buddy Thomas) / From One Lover To Another (Ramsey Kearney) (©1984)
SR 112: Ramsey Kearney -- Kisses And Coffee (Jay Marshall) / I Think It's You (Robin Zackery-Ramsey Kearney) (©1984)
SR 113: Ramsey Kearney -- You Know Who You Are (Ray Wages-Ramsey Kearney) / China Night (Shina No Yoru)
SR 114: Ramsey Kearney -- King Of Oak Street (Alex Harvey) / Je T,Aime [sic] Beaucoup (I Love You Very Much) (Ramsey Kearney-Lois Sommers) (Note: 1985; possibly not a song-poem record)
SR 115B: Ramsey Kearney -- I Wouldn't Blame Jesus (Tommy Floyd-Dale Fox) / Country Music Singer (Ramsey Kearney)
SR 119: Ramsey Kearney -- Ramsey's Monkey (Buddy Mize-Ramsey Kearney) / Ramsey Kearney with "Little" Roy Wiggins -- Each Minute Seems A Million Years (Alton "Cook" Watson) (Note: not a song-poem record; A-side is about a real-life legal battle Safari owner Ramsey Kearney incurred in 1989 with a neighbor who complained that Ramsey's pet monkey Marty would sit on the neighbor's garage roof, masturbate and make threatening gestures; with pic sleeve, including photo of monkey and story notes.)
SR 120: Ramsey Kearney -- Your World (Ramsey Kearney) / Love Machine (Senita Walker-Ramsey Kearney) (1991; A-side not a song-poem)
SR 8674: Ramsey Kearney -- Gold Bottle (Shorty Hall-Neal Merritt) / Hang On Broken Heart (John Shampine-Ramsey Kearney)
SA 601: Michele Cody -- Merry Christmas Elvis (Jack Toombs) / All I Want For Christmas Is My Daddy (Richard Koehn) (©1978; pr. Ramsey Kearney)
NR 9338: Ramsey Kearney -- More Waters On The Beans (Alma Jackson-Will Gentry) / Life Begins At Forty (Jan Zachery-Peggy Leftwich)

-- CDs --

SR 105: Ramsey Kearney -- American Troubadour
Pocahontas Tennessee (Ramsey Kearney)
Indian Love Call (Harbach-Hammerstein-Fliml) (Ramsey Kearney)
Days Of The Buffalo (Ramsey Kearney)
Sons Of Mother Earth (Ramsey Kearney)
Caught Between Two Worlds (Ramsey Kearney)
Geronomo P.O.W. (Tommy Crelia-Ramsey Kearney)
Osceola (Anita Owens)
Nunna Dayall Zunn Yee (Where They Cried) (Joan White-Ramsey Kearney)
Crazy Horse (Ramsey Kearney)
Chaco Canyon (Ramsey Kearney)
Waken Tanka (The Great Mystery) (Ramsey Kearney)
Okeefenoke (Land Of Trembling Waters) (Ramsey Kearney)
One Horn [aka The Horn] (Path Finder) (Ramsey Kearney)
The Mighty Mochay (Ramsey Kearney)
Running Bear (J. Richardson)
Kawliga (Hank Williams-Fred Rose)
Son, Don't Go Near The Indians (Lorene Mann)
Cherokee Charlie (Tommy Crelia-Ramsey Kearney)
Half Breed (Tommy Crelia-Ramsey Kearney-Rusty Adams)
Navajo Joe (Charles Shows-Ramsey Kearney)
Crazy Crazy Times (Ramsey Kearney)
Call Of The Drums (Powwows) (Ramsey Kearney)
aka "Historic Series"
"Days Of The Buffalo -- Native American Folklore"
liner notes: "In grade school (second grade), I drew pictures of the Native Americans in color chalk and displayed them on the blackboard when we had Indian culture the week before Thanksgiving."
owner's note: "This CD is misqueued -- "Crazy Crazy Times" begins with a repeat of the entire "Navajo Joe" track!"

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