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Nada Records; Nada Music, Box 248, Lutesville, MO 63762
motto: "Say it with poetry, rather than prose / And everyone reads it, where ever it goes."

-- Singles --

1002: Sonny Marcell -- Letters On My Sweaters / You Didn't Break My Heart (both wr. Nellie Doud Allen)
1052: Harry Laurelle -- Apache Trail (Rock N Roll) / Campfires Aglow (both wr. Nellie Doud Allen)
1163: Lance Hill -- I Want To See My Pickaninny / Apache Trail (both wr. Nellie Doud Allen)
1235: Sammy Marshall -- When The Golden Bells Shall Ring / A-Carryin' My Soul To The Lord (both wr. Nellie Doud Allen)

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Globe || Jerome || Star-Light

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Discography ©2004 Phil Milstein