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Star-Light, 1620 Edgewood Ave, Racine, WI
then: 40 Timmer Lane, Racine, WI

-- Singles --

1001 (number uncertain): Laurel & Miles -- Sweet Hawaii / Sunset Mountain (1957)
1002: Ken Davis -- Uh Huh, That's Right / Without Her Love (1958; not a song-poem record)
1003: Laurel & Miles -- What Good Would It Do Me / Tears, Heartaches And Memories (1958; not a song-poem record)
1004: Raper Brothers w / Silver Spurs -- Rock 'N' Roll Boogie / Rock Hop Bop (1958; not a song-poem record)
1005: Four Scores -- Busy Signal / Rattlesnake Boogie (1958; poss. not a song-poem record)
1006: Ken Davis -- Shook Shake / Echo Rock (1958; not a song-poem record)
1007: Harry Laurelle with The Silver Spurs -- Stop Before I Fall In Love With You / I Walk Alone And Wonder Why // Titania / You Are My Angel
1008: Harry Laurelle -- Bertram Ain't A Long Hair
1010: Harry Laurelle -- I've Never Been So Lonely / Hello You Pretty Thing
1011: Mickey Shore -- I Won't Tell On Santa (Fred Smith) / The Little Pet Shop (Marie Schubert Wasinack) (Dec. '59; singer is female)
1020: Mickey Shore with The Versatones -- Promise Me (Salvatori-King) / Somewhere In This World (Adolph Salvatori) // Harry Laurelle & The Versatones -- Kiss That Lovely Venus (Nina Ziegler) / Old Yet (Nina Ziegler)
1021: Bobby Pierce Combo with Paul Rushing -- I Cried Over You / Hop Scotch (1960; not a song-poem record)
1023: Harry Laurelle & The Versatones -- You Were Beggarly (Tony Sanchez) / Just A Little Gift From Heaven (Annell Penford) / The Bruton Blonde (Frank Allison) // I Can't Let My Heart (Ann Barter) / Will You Be My Treasure (Karina Hausch)
1024: Mickey Shore & Harry Laurelle -- No Date For The Senior Prom / I Cry Alone / Beautiful Michigan / Daddy Come Home / Swimming In Tears / My Old Mountain Home
1027: Harry Laurelle & The Velvetones -- God Knows What's Best (Rose Price) / Little Joe (H.L. Smith) // It Must Be Heaven (Karina Hausch) / Every Time And Any Time (Victor Ketola) (1961)
1028: Harry Laurelle -- Come Back Little Sheba / Harry Laurelle -- Echo Love / Harry Laurelle -- Custer's Last Stand / Harry Laurelle -- North Of Heaven / Harry Laurelle -- Blue Heart / Ilo Kay & His Trio -- Bagdad Fantasy (1961)
1032: Doris Labrasca -- Dregs Of The Dream / Hold Me Long // What You Do (When You Do What You Do) / Something In October (C. Edwards) (gm: "singer now teaches meditation and I had a very pleasant conversation with her a few weeks ago; song wr. by singer's friend")
1035: Vocal & Narrations by Harry Laurelle -- The Country Hick (J.W. Baughmann) / I'll Always Need You (Annell Penford) /I Wouldn't Trade Places With You (Annell Penford) // Love (Donald Taylor) / A Miracle (Harry Laurelle) / It's All True (Harry Laurelle)
unnumbered demo: Hasil Adkins & His Happy Guitar -- Song Of Death / Nobody Loves Me (both wr. Hasil Adkins)
unnumbered demo: Hasil Adkins & His Happy Guitar -- Do It To Me / Too Late (both wr. Hasil Adkins)
unnumbered demo: Hasil Adkins & His Happy Guitar -- Louise / (Come On And Do The Shake) With Me (both wr. Hasil Adkins)
unnumbered demo: Hasil Adkins & His Happy Guitar -- I Want Some Lovin' / Louise Wait For Me (both wr. Hasil Adkins)
unnumbered demo: Hasil Adkins & His Happy Guitar -- Let Me Tell You My Story / Is That Right (both wr. Hasil Adkins) (handwritten on label, probably by Hasil: "This one was made in 1958.")
number unknown: artist unknown -- My Heart's On Fire / Lonesome Lonely Lover (both wr. Florence Van Brock) (1964)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Wedding Ring Blues / Gonna Steal Your Heart (both wr. Florence Van Brock) (1964)
number unknown: artist unknown -- Who Told You / It's Never Too Late (both wr. Florence Van Brock) (1964)

-- Albums --

unnumbered acetate: Hasil Adkins & His Happy Guitar
The Cat Walk, You Don't Even Know My Name, My Baby Loves Me, If You Want To Be Loved, Can't Help It Blues; Give Me Back My Ring; Your Picture On The Wall; Goodbye Susie; Our Old Home Town; Come On Little Jenny (all wr. Hasil Adkins)

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