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Advance Records, 6376 Yucca Street, Hollywood CA; 213-463-2151

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1007: Cara Stewart -- Someone To Love / Bob Lobdell -- Christmas Moon (both wr. Hazel Larsen)
1010: Cara Stewart, Orch. Lee Hudson -- If You Were The Sinner (And I Was The Saint) (Tim Gayle-Jack Moon) / Dreams In The Stars (Jacob Sallo-Tim Gayle-Jack Moon)
1514: Dick Ralston -- (This Time) A Year Ago / Many Reasons (1960; might be different Advance)
1515: Don Lane -- Educate Me / Rainbow Isle (1960; might be different Advance)
3933: Karen Caple -- One Dab Man / Why Do You Care (1962; might be different Advance)
1101: Dick Castle -- If I Hurt All Over / On Lonely Street (both wr. Henry Marshall)
1102: Dick Castle -- To Be Part Of You / Tell No One (both wr. Henry Marshall)
1107: Dick Castle, Vocal -- Yellow Moon / I Came To You (both wr. Henry Marshall)
1114: Cara Stewart, Vocal (Lee Hudson Orch.) -- What Time Does The Last Moon Leave? / My Ladder Of Dreams (both wr. Henry J. Sommers; ad from Billboard issue of February 6, 1971)

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