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Song-Poem Swap Shop

What the deal is
With several years of collecting song-poem records under some of our belts, we have accumulated a useful batch of duplicate items -- e.g., trade bait. In order to facilitate an active exchange of these records, the AS/PMA has created this Swap Shop page.

The AS/PMA's solitary role in this exchange will be to post a list of records each respective trader is making available, with the trader's contact information. It will then be up to an interested second party to contact and negotiate with the trader directly.

We have no idea if this is gonna work or not; consider it an experiment. We are wide open to suggestions for its improvement, but if your brainstorm requires the acquisition of sophisticated programming techniques, you can save your breath.

How it works
E-mail to us the inventory of records you are making available for trade. Presuming the record is already listed in our discographies, the label name and number of each item will be sufficient. We will then grab the further details from our database, saving you the effort. Could it be easier?

  Perhaps it could, because you will also need to indicate the condition of each record on your list, using standard record grading techniques and terms. If an item is spectacular-looking, e-mail us a clear and colorful scan (JPEG, pre-sized) and we'll try to include it alongside your listing. Make sure you let us know which e-mail address (or other contact information) you want included with your listing, and wait for panting song-poem fans to start beating a path to your computer.

Trader beware
While we have nothing against the auction or outright sale of song-poem records, for now, at least, we are limiting this page to trades only; as such, we will not publish any dollar amounts. However, we can't prevent the two parties from arranging to buy and sell, rather than trade, when they finally connect with one another.

Our hope is that each trade works out to the mutual benefit of both parties. Experience, however, suggests that that most likely won't always be the case. If a trade goes awry, don't shoot the messenger. The listings on this page are posted caveat emptor, and the AS/PMA accepts no responsibility for the behavior of its users.

We hope you score some cool records for yourself. Have fun, and let the swapping begin!

Trader: Phil Milstein
Contact: fxxm[at]
Note: All of the following are 7" 45s. Most are originally from the collection of the songwriter or performer.

Abbey 686: Sandy Stanton and The Panics -- Everyone Needs Someone (Stanton-Solovay; this side is not an amateur submission) / If You Feel The Way I Do (Steve Mosberger) (translucent yellow vinyl). Condition: G+ (B-side of label discolored)
Abbey 1064: Sandy Stanton and the "Swinging Strings" -- Heartaches Coast To Coast (Sandy Stanton; this side is not an amateur submission) / Boomerang (Charles Hofmann-Sandy Stanton). Condition: VG
Action 1120: Stich Stampfel & The "Singing Strings" -- Don't Know Who You Are / I've Loved And I've Lost (both wr. Hermann Stampfel). Condition: NM (unplayed)
Action 1138: Stich Stampfel & The "Singing Strings" -- The Poet Who Ran Out Of Rhyme / If I Could Only See Your Face (both wr. Hermann Stampfel). Condition: NM (unplayed)
Air 5044: Joan Auborn with Orch. -- Mother Nature's Music (Jack A. Curry; lyrics by Daniel Whitehead Hicky, uncredited) / You Mean The World To Me (Carrie Lan Loon) // Cara Stewart with Orch. -- I Never Get Enough Of You (Frances C. Stelzer) / Sonny Marshall with Orch. -- Love Me (Peter W. Johnson) (1962). Condition: VG+
Command Performance 110: Donnie Elbert -- Your Red Wagon (You Can Push It Or Pull It) (Dallas-Elbert) / Who's It Gonna Be (D. Elbert-C. Zippon) (See note on the provenance of this record at the Command Performance page.) Condition: VG+
Fable 1061: Sandy Stanton & the "Swinging Strings" -- Will It Be You, Or Be Me / Love Is A Girl (both wr. Robert Lyle-Sandy Stanton). Condition: G+ (slight warp; plays through, but crackles a bit at warped area)
Jay Bird 1028: Barbara McNeil -- Words Come Easy / The Waitin' Was The Makin' (both wr. Bob & Dick Chamberlin) (©1974). Condition: G+
MSR 2255: Dick Kent -- Last Of The Big Spenders (Nick Tallerico) / On Blackness (Victor Gadsden). Condition: NM
MSR 3052: Mimi Bradley -- Mary And Martha (Janice A. McDonald) / Dick Kent -- I Follow Thee (America Romero) (©1982). Condition: G+
Preview 1300: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- October Smiles (Vera M. Graham) / Thoughts Of My Baby (Manuel Gwynn). Condition: VG+
Sterling 711: Gary Roberts -- Time Can Tell (T. Sobie & Lew Tobin) / Never Mind (Elizabeth Barsimantov). Condition: VG+

Non-song-poem (but related):
Challenge 59346: Ramsey Kearney -- Night Go Away (Wayne Gilbreath) / Soft Lips And Sweet Perfume (Dave Burgess) (Ramsey Kearney is a noted song-poem recording artist, best known for the infamous "Blind Man's Penis.") Condition: G+
King Of Music 11083: Stich -- To The Aisle (Weiner-Smith) / I Believe In You (Bobby FIscher-Ricci Mareno) (Herman "Stich" Stampfel is the great writer and singer of Action 1120 and 1138; see above.) Condition: NM (unplayed)

Trader: Don Bolles
Note: Most of the following are unplayed. Contact the trader to be certain of the condition of specific items. This is the same list as on the News page, meaning that the trader is willing to trade or sell these items.

Kay-Em albums (see Kay-Em page for individual song titles):
503: Gene Marshall & Barbara Foster -- Reflections From The Pen And Heart Of Michael Kasberg
504: Barbara Foster -- Barbara Foster Sings The Songs Of Michael Kasberg
505: Barbara Foster -- Jeremy Is Born And Other Michael Kasberg Songs: Become As Little Children
506: Dick Kent, Barbara Foster & Nadine Johnson -- What Does The Public Want To Hear?: Michael Kasberg's Latest Collection Of Songs
507: Gene Marshall, Barbara Foster & Joan Merrill -- "Be Thou Perfect" In God's Image, Man!: The Songs Of Michael Kasberg
510: Gene Marshall, Barbara Foster & Joann Wells -- A New Beginning: The Songs Of Michael Kasberg Dedicated To President And Nancy Reagan
512: Gene Marshall, Barbara Foster & Joann Wells -- Touch And Feeling: Dedicated To Education
513: Richard Kent, Barbara Foster & Joan Merrill -- Truth And Universal Truth: The Inspirational Songs Of Michael Kasberg
514: Dick Kent, Barbara Foster & Nadine Johnson -- Touching Feelingly: Michael Kasberg Re-Visited
515: Barbara Foster, Dick Kent, & Suzzane Welch -- Common Sense: (From Basic To "Spacic"), Songs From The Heart Of Michael Kasberg [aka Common Sense Is One: (From Basic To "Spacic"), Songs From The Heart Of Michael Kasberg]

Kasberg singles:
Kay-Em 701: Gene Marshall -- Oil Men Don't Need No Guns / No-No Yes Go-Go (both wr. Michael Kasberg; ©1979)
Kay-Em 702: Gene Marshall -- To Be What I Ought To Be (Free From Mad Greed) / To Be Perfect In Progress (both wr. Michael Kasberg; ©1979)
Preview 3043: Gene Marshall -- Friendly Randy Polka / Unusual Waltz (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
Preview 3068: Gene Marshall -- Soular Delight / Freedom From Fear Far And Near (both wr. Michael Kasberg)
Preview 3069: Barbara Foster -- Instant Grandmas / Gene Marshall -- To Mother On Mother's Day (both wr. Michael Kasberg)

other Preview singles:
1151: Rodd Keith -- Ever-Ready Man (Joseph Randolph) / Let's Go Savage You And I (Bob Davis)
1261: Rodd Keith -- Dreams (Sophie D. Moss) / This Love I Have For You (Marie Cogburn)
1270: Rodd Keith -- Without Your Love (Curtis Blake) / The Ballad Of Juan Rio (Juanito deDenny)
1280: Suzie & The Raindrops -- Good-bye My Soldier Good-bye My Love (Wesley S. Walker) / Suzie Smith -- The Key To My Heart (Martha Floyd-Edzell Lane)
1286: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Goodnight (Curtis-Scerra-Susser) / Rodd Keith -- The Show Is Over (Barbara Thacker)
1297: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Don't Feel That Way (Bessie Carolyn Love) / Your Dream Girl (Howard Hayward-Gene Brooks)
1300: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- October Smiles (Vera M. Graham) / Thoughts Of My Baby (Manuel Gwynn)
1330: The Marionettes -- I Want A Guy (Bertha Sampson) / Rodd Keith -- Tell Me Baby (Wilbert Johnson)
1332: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- My One Desire (Kenelm Beach) / On My Way To New Orleans (Richard McGinnis)
1340: Rodd Keith & The Raindrops -- Lonely Nights (Danny Jackson) / The Stranger (John Hubbard, Jr.)
1359: Milford Perkins -- At Your Door / Nita Thomas -- River Of Sadness (both wr. Nick Barnes)
1360: Rodd Keith -- Your Picture Doesn't Talk (Mel-Bea) / The Harp Waltz Played On (Nan Thomas)
1361: Rodd Keith -- I Love Him So (G. Hutchinson-J. Chas. McNeil) / You Are The One And Only One For Me (Herman Sanders)
1368: Rodd Keith -- Look, Look And See (Floyd Jasper Hardee, Jr.) / Rodd Keith -- Winds Of March (Walter Aiken)
1373: Rodd Keith -- The Green Bug (Jean Mollo) / Baby Talk (Louise J. Coleman)
1398: Bonnie Graham -- The Future Of My Heart (Nelda Radakovich) / I Need You (Betty Jane Hagen)
1407: Bonnie Graham -- I Just Knew In My Heart (Grace Brainerd) / Dan Monday -- Now We Have Thought It Over (James Granville, Jr.)
1408: Bonnie Graham -- Time Out For Tears (Floyd Golly) / I've Got The Blues (Elisha A. Horsey)
1409: Dan Monday -- Please Don't Forget Me (Carl C. Howell) / I'm Sorry I Ever Met You (Maggie Jones-Marsh-Lee)
1415: Rodd Keith -- Bye Love (Marie Dobson Hagan-Lew Tobin) / As The Wind Blows (Robert Lamar Perry)
1424: Rodd Keith -- Real Old Yankee Doodle Dandy (Rex Schafer) / In Memorial (Charles Bergstrom)

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