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Wolf Tex, Wolfe City TX
then: Box 157, Lancaster KY

-- Singles --

101: Carl Bonafede -- Story That's True / Werewolf
102: Sammy Marshall -- If You Forget Me I'll Die (Stanley Herron-Carrie Biggs) (1963)
103: Harold Montgomery with The Ray Johnson Band -- How Much Do You Miss Me (Harmon Stone & Stanley Herron) / No Graduation Kiss (Stanley Herron & Ron Honorak) (A-side is Sun-style rockabilly that's book-listed for $400-500; singer is the father of country star John Michael Montgomery)
104: Ralph & Roy with The Double R Gang -- Mountains In Kentucky (Joe Hawes-Herman Stone) / Miss Belle Of The Blue (eBay hype: "Good bluegrass on small country label I believe from the early '60s. This is (pardon the pun) grassroots bluegrass at it's very basic best. You collect Bill Monroe, The Osborne Brothers, Doc Watson and others? Add this to that collection. You'll be glad you did.")
105: Harold Montgomery & The Rhythmettes with The Ray Johnson Band -- Thank You Little Girl (Harold Montgomery-Stanley Herron) / Harold Montgomery & Bob Martin with The Ray Johnson Band -- Heaven's Clarion Call (A.W. Crawford-Herman "Billy" Stone)
1960: Roy Biggs -- Play Boy (C. Biggs-S. Herron-Dave Bratcher) ("Artist Roy Biggs, M.G. Guitar -- Nashville, Tenn.") / Gene Brooks -- That Things Would I Do (Stanley Herron-Rozella Briggs) ("Artist Gene Brooks, Coquettes") // Val Norman -- She Meant So Very Much To Me (J.P. Lawrence-Carrie Biggs) ("Film City, Hollywood, Cal.") / "Damita" -- I See The Lord (Carrie Biggs) ("Globe Co. -- Nashville, Tenn.") (January 1965)
10927/10928: Kris Arlen & M.G. Orchestra -- Evenin' Time (Stanley Herron-C. Biggs) / Little Girl In The Blue Blue Bonnet (A. J. Downing-C. Biggs) // He Lit A Candle / Move Over Little Wooly Lamb (Christmas) (both wr. Carrie Biggs)

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