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Star-Crest Recording Co., 6602 Lexington Ave., Hollywood 38, Calif.

-- Singles --

1: Tony Rogers -- Sin Duda / Fickle Baby ('61)
40: Tony Rogers with Orchestra -- Waiting For My Baby (W.L. Tisdale) / Down In The Valley (Millie Lancaster)
90: Tony Rogers -- All Yours (Ruby Sanders) / Linda Collins -- That Old Man Of Mine (Violet Carter)

-- Albums --

2800: Tony Rogers, Robert Ravis & The Tip Tops -- Music Of America
Fancy Rock And Roll (Harrison)
Oh Lovely One (Callis)
Cheer Up (Whittington)
Rock N' Roll Babe (Brantley)
There's No Business Like Your Business (Cummings)
Lazy Ole Man In The Moon (Burnett)
Don't Blame Me (Hardy)
The Call Of The Whippoorwhill (Wilson)
The Old Jailor (Eberly)
The Key To Your Heart (Chapman)
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Moore)
Dixie Land (Emmett)
T.V. Birdie (Zay)
I'll Meet Her On the Ten-Fifteen (Roedding)
God Stands In The Shadow (Foreman)
I'm Not Afraid (Green)
The Senorita And The Brave Matador (Oldham)
The Birds Have Hushed Their Singing (Killingsworth)
My Heart Belongs To You (Holland)
Husband And Wife (Jetter)
Romaine, The Breezes Whisper Your Name (Cloward)
Cindy Sue (Barnes)
translucent red vinyl

3000: Tony Rogers, Robert Ravis & The Tip Tops -- Music Of America
Just Sing A Song (Galin)
I Don't Know (Sweener)
My Calla Lily (Alty)
I'll Keep On Loving You (Weber)
So Wonderful (Peters)
Weary, Weary (Butcher)
Are You Lonely? (Wideman)
A Heart Was Once Sick (Hitchner)
Red Headed Fred (Groce)
My Little Boy (Willoughby)
Old Black Joe (Foster)
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (Jonson)
Sweet Music Fills The Air (Allen)
The Guy That Was Very Very Shy (Craig)
The Earth At Night (Dobbs)
No Parting Ever (Cooper)
My Forty-Four! (Davis)
Sweethearts Again (Brown)
Every Lover's Heart (Evans)
Rosena (Austin)
Why Walk Away? (Alana)
Why Not Come With Me? (Largo)
translucent red vinyl

3200: Mary Martell & Tony Rogers -- Music Of America
Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean (Becket)
Good Night (Pottinger)
Just A Little Tugboat (Hageman)
Forever Yours If Your Heart Says Yes (Jaszewski)
When The Golden Leaves Are Falling (Reinbold)
Take Me In Your Arms (Costello)
The Little Grey Rabbit (Pitoniak)
I'm Happier Unhappy With You (Bratton)
Pretty As You Please (Prince & Rogers)
The Floridian (Sabiston)
Corner Of Tennessee (Martinez)
Your Love Is Not Forgotten (Gorham)
Come On Home (Nuzum)
There's Something About You! (Head)
Too Long, Too Long (Poole)
I Love You So (Hamilton)
In The Sky (Cristiana)
My Precious Love (Shea)
Rock N' Roll Rocker (Radtke)
When I Said Good-Bye (Pride)
I'm Just Crazy For You (Bacy)
Broken Hearted (Clare)
dark red vinyl
wr. in marker on back cover:
"Happy birthday, Elsie / June 26 1960 / Your brother, Carl"

4600: Tony Rogers -- Music Of America
Columbia, The Gem Of The Ocean (Becket)
Give Me Your Heart (Darby)
Oh Beautiful Night (Asztalos)
Farewell Blues (Hendren)
My Wedding Dream (Robinson)
True Love Has Splendor (Schrader)
Blue Shadow Lane (Smith)
If Wishes Grew On Trees (Reedy)
Out Of Blue Skies (Watson)
I Want You (Paul)
The Years I've Been Away (Russell)
Dixie Land (Emmett)
Just A Simple Kind Of Love (Cooper)
Alone (Kinsman)
Rock 'N' Roll Blues (Junk)
I'll Never Know (McFarland)
Return To Love Chaudbey)
Flying With The Geese (Morris)
You'd Better Get Ready (Williams)
My Future (Adams)
June Time (Secrist)
Forever We'll Be In Love (Maggs)

6600: Robert Ravis & Tony Rogers -- Music Of America
Oh! Susanna (Foster)
Little Flirt (Flynn)
Come Back (Medrano)
I'm Still In Love With You (Howard)
Lonely (Hudson)
Joy In My Heart (Allen)
Mountain Love (Crider)
Angel (Mick)
Honey, I've Got What It Takes (Ricks)
I Guess I'll Go Now (Lange)
Aching Heart (Peace)
Come Home, My Darling (Sears)
Speak Low To Me (Sterry)
Time (Spence)
I Am Not To Blame (Scicluna)
Down By The Grand Old River (Pottruff)
Come Closer (Pfaff)
Why Pretend? (Little)
The China Sea (Laughrun)
When The Last Leaf Falls (Jones)
Forever Together (Johnson)
Someday You'll Understand (Harrison)
Cute Little Thing (Harris)
Call When You Want Me (Gibbs)
Spring (Buell)
Underneath The Pines (Dixon)
I've Shed My Last Tear (Carter)
America (Carey)
translucent red vinyl

6700: Linda Collins & Tony Rogers -- Music Of America
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny (Bland)
Ghost Town (Coleman)
My Dreams (Carriker)
It's My Texas (Casas)
Cowboys Of The Range (Morden)
Whispers (Coleman)
It's All Over (Bullock)
The Wedding Ring (Aguiahian)
The Logger's Song (Burchett)
I Have No Tomorrow (Markel)
I'm Giving All My Love To You! (Branch)
Your Wrong Loving Ways (Allen)
Lonesome Walk (Lacroix)
Flickering Shadows (Allen)
I Hate Leaving You (Markel)
Love Is A Flower (Lazzaro)
I Hope Your Love Is True (Lamb)
All I Want Is Love (Harris)
These Problems (Kopaska)
Living Love (Haynes)
That's What You Say Every Time (Johnson)
Believe Me (Hamilton)
Dearest Darling (Miller)
A Changing With The Fall (Gaspard)
What Can I Do? (Froemsdorf)
You (Elizalde)
Dixie Land (Emmett)
translucent red vinyl

7700: Tony Rogers & Linda Collins -- Music Of America
Dixie Land (Emmett)
Be True (Palmer)
I Asked My Heart A Question (Butler)
What's The Matter With Me? (Laura)
Little Debby (Garver)
Tears On My Pillow (Greene)
Sweet Haven Of Love (Wood)
The Moon And The Rocket Gun (West)
Take Me In Your Arms (Jones)
It's All Right (Crockett)
Darling, Please Come Back (Bobb)
The Rock 'N' Roll Blues (Loving)
Mission Bells Are Calling Me (Jandert)
Without You (Reed)
Goodbye Sweetheart (Montgomery)
There's An Island In The Ocean (Habeck)
The Blue Eyed Boy (Davis)
On St. Patrick's Day (Hamilton)
Each Lovely Moment (Hope)
The Texas Moon (Graves)
Irma Lee (Ducrepont)
Dreaming Of You (Dukes)
No More Fooling Around (Bloodworth)
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms (Moore)

8500: Tony Rogers, Robert Ravis & Linda Collins -- Music Of America
South Of The Border (Kennedy-Carr)
Lonely (Mattingly)
My Party Doll (Cassidy)
Dodge City (Loomis)
So Many Tears (Hackett)
Sandra Lee (Gary)
I'm All Alone (Fowlkes)
Never Untrue (Gray)
Be Wise (Godbey)
Please Come Home (Geddings)
I Say To You (Glenn)
Thinking Of You (Ford)
Heart Breaker (Graves)
High School Wiggle (Evans)
Just A Country Girl (Crary)
Baby Doll (Chandler)
You're My Only Desire (Byrd)
Going Home (Bullock)
Broken Hearted Blues (Wood)
Lassie Mo-Hee (Barksdale)
I Want You Baby (Bolin)
Come Back Little Darling (Blackburn)
Around The World (Adamson-Young)
Edna (Winston)

NFTR-1: Tony Rogers -- New Favorites Of Tony Rogers
Why Did You Betray Me? (Jansson)
Walking By The River (Billey)
Antiques (Gronberg)
If You'll Only Say "I Do" (Burns)
There's An Unseen Eye Watching You (Atkinson)
River Of Love (Lokkin)
I'm Asking You (Ohnick)
You're So Wonderful (Baldwin)
Untold Dreams (Cowan)
Her Name's On My Locket (Okun)
Why String Me Along? (Christjohn)
Strange Lips (Helms)
The Dreamer (Balsom)
Like Is Made Of Dreams (Everett)
The Thanksgiving Song (Kuhn)
Remind Me (Ayers)
Building Castles (Meeg)
You're Just The One (Cooper)
Searching For You (Cozzy)
Don't Ever Say "Goodbye" (Blair)
By A Waterfall (Brown)
Don't Treat Me This Way (Glisson)
In My Dreams (Muranye)
My Heart Is Yours (Greene)
translucent red vinyl

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