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131: Vocal Trio -- No Other One (Stanley S. Monaco) / Dreamy Melody (Millie Pilipovic) // Won't You Dream With Me Tonight (Mrs. Floyd Pollock) / A Second Chance With My First Love (Alvin Bebux) (musical director: Vincent Poli)
135: Vocal Trio -- Lacking In Love (Paul A. Freling) / Crying Heart (D.L. Jones) // Flying Saucers (Mrs. Wm. Nicholson) / Mother's Love (Percy Jackson) (musical director: Vincent Poli)
154: Ken Starr & Orchestra, vocal trio -- In My Dreams (John D. Reed) / Wherever (Agnes S. O'Rear) // She's My Rock And Rolly Baby (Mrs. Burrel Parham) / Be As Sweet To Me Tomorrow (Mildred Allison) (musical director: Vincent Poli)
200: Ken Starr & Orchestra -- I'm A Funny Little Snowman (Geo. LeBlanc) / True Love (Joseph H. Collins) // vocal trio -- Wheel Chair Blues (Margarette Hardcastle) (musical director: Vincent Poli)

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