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Silver Star
Silver Star Record Co., 810 Church St., Nashville, Tenn.
also: Dist. by Sound of Nashville Inc., 160 2nd Ave. S. Nashville, TN

-- Singles --

1001: Tommy Faile -- Long Gone (T. Faile-A. Smith) / The Big Break Is On (A. Urban-M. Bell)
1002: Juanita Rose -- She Dropped The World In My Hands (J. Rose-J. Widener) / A Pillow Filled With Tears (Paul Anka) (both pr. Troy Martin; not a song-poem record)
1003: Simon Bowes & The Carolina Champions, vocal by David Davis -- They Poisoned Your Mind About Me (D. Davis) (prob. not a song-poem) / Too Deep In Heartaches (A. Urban-M. Bell)
1005: Tommy Faile -- Little Brother (D. Devaney) / End Of The Line (T. Faile-A. Smith) (both pr. Troy L. Martin)
1010: Richie Zack -- It's Written In The Stars (Vaughn Horton) / Take A Good Look, Mr. Mirror (Yvonne DeVaney)
1011: Sonny Marcell -- Someone Told Her A Lie (Burgeman-Williams) / Sammy Marshall -- Because You're Gone Now (Dee Olivetti)
1012: Curt & Edd -- In Shackles And Chains (Penny Joy) / Uncle Charlie (Curt Johnson) (poss. not song-poem)
1018: Floyd Sears -- Gallant Young Soldier (Joe Norris) / Lonesome Little Bird (Floyd Sears) (B-side not a song-poem)
1032: Margie Lane -- Mississippi River Blues (Jimmy Rodgers-L.C. McWilliams) / Time After Time (C. Veale) (A-side is prob. not a song-poem)
1042: Doug & Earl's Bluegrass Five -- Coal Miner's Life / Smoky Mountain Love (poss. not song-poem)

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Discography ©2004 Phil Milstein