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Sherwood Records, PO Box 275, Nashville 2 TN

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1012: Sammy Marshall -- There's A Teenage Star In Heaven (Josephine Atkinson) (one-sided)
1071: Damita -- Hi There, Hi There (Ali Fiumedoro) / Helpless (Arthur Miller)
1074: Cara Stewart with Lee Hudson Orchestra -- Mr. Memory (F. Leinweber-A. Korb) / The New Year Song (F. Leinweber)
1087: Sammy Marshall -- You're Kissing Sweet / I Could Never Pass You By (both wr. John D. Lemon-Mack Kayton)
1218: Roy Simon -- There Ain't No Woman Enough (Loretta Lynn) / World Without You (Roy Simon) (not a song-poem record)
1222: Roy Simon -- If I Ever Need A Lady (G. Crysler) / Home Alone (Roy Simon) (poss. not a song-poem record)
1272: Cordell Roberts -- The Man Who Walked Eighty Miles / The Little Log Cabin (both wr. Cordell Roberts) (spoken word; not a song-poem record)
1292: Lance Hill -- I'd Be A Millionaire / Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (both wr. by Beulah Norton & Ronnie Layne
1298: Lance Hill -- I Wish I Was A Hippie / Our Love Of Old (both wr. Edward Stanko)
1306: Lance Hill -- Old Glory Speaks / Letter To Uncle Sam (both wr. Laurel Stallard & Ronnie Layne)
1311: Bill Files -- A Sad Sad Story / Big Man (both wr. Bill Files) (not a song-poem record)
1325: Lance Hill -- Without the Wind / Bit Of Idaho Haven (both wr. Roy Matheson & Ronnie Layne)
1392: Lance Hill -- Just A Passing Memory / Was Going To Leave My Mother (both wr. Ray Gignac-Ronnie Layne)
1618: Larry Kirby -- Dolly's Up To Par (Kirby-Harper-Morrison) / People Are Going Country (Kirby-Dickens) (prob. not a song-poem record)
number unknown: Lance Hill -- On Old Boot Hill ('71)

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