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Nu-Sound Records, Box 40001, Nashville TN

-- Singles --

421: Keith Bradford -- Lonely People / A Whole Lot Of Crying (both wr. Jimmie Crane) (1977)
422: Keith Bradford -- Somewhere Elvis Is Smiling (Jimmie Crane) (same song on both sides)
426: Bill Billington -- Let Me Be Me / White Skies of Heaven (both wr. Bill Billington) (probably not a song-poem record)
432: Bill Billington -- All In Life's Game / Mama Was A Rockin' (both wr. Bill Billington) (probably not a song-poem record)
436: Tami Dougan -- Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (F. Rose) / I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You (H. Williams) (not a song-poem record)
444: Bill Billington -- Saturday Night At The Memories (G. Harrison-D. Diljon) / Bartender Woman (Bill Billington) (probably not a song-poem record)
1008: Rod Rogers -- Don't Be A Dope / Birds And Bees And The Stork (both wr. L. Smith)
1032: Jim Wheeler -- Snow Flakes Falling On My Head (N. Wallis) / Doing My Own Thing (L. Holt)
1061: Jim Wheeler -- What I Like (R. Bowen) / Hills Of Tennessee (W. Chapman)
1082: Jim Wheeler -- Seven Notches (E. Jayne) / Marvelous Grace (R. Jordan)
1084: Jim Wheeler -- Friendship / You're Like Countless Flowers (both wr. F. Caracciolo) (handwritten on sleeve: "4-7-76 Disco Shop $.10")
1089: Jim Wheeler -- I'd Still Be Loving You / If We Love (both wr. L. Gillespie)
1094: Jim Wheeler -- Awake / To A Fair Haired Lady (both wr. B. Yates) (handwritten on sleeve: "4-7-76 Disco Shop $.10")
1100: Jim Wheeler -- When Our Trials Are No More (M. O'Dell) / I Want You To Have My Baby (H. Phillips)
1150: Jim Wheeler -- That's How Great My Saviour Is (J. Hodges) / Never Again (E. Gaudet) (owner's note: "B-side is a groaner about quitting booze")
1152: Jim Wheeler -- Sue Mae (T. Girard) / Bonnie Haven -- Total Woman (Marguerite)
1232: Todd Andrews -- Let's Run Down To Funtown Tonight / Let's Immitate [sic] The Turtle-Doves (both wr. H. Jaeschke)
1256: Todd Andrews -- Come On, Love (M. Thompson) / Bobby Boyle -- Daisies On The Land (I. Harmon) (Bobby Boyle is female singer)
1257: Todd Andrews -- She's My Lover (R. Beiter) / Dearest One (J. Zawistowski)
1261: Bobby Boyle -- The Tree Of Life (E. Clay) / Things We Used To Do (H. Carroll) (Bobby Boyle is female singer)
1304: Todd Andrews -- He Will Always Be Remembered (M. Leccese; about Elvis) / It's Only You (D. Huffman)
1314: Todd Andrews -- The Pages Of Time (J. Simmons) / The Palace Roses (E. Gange)
1323: Todd Andrews -- Redneck Cowboy (S. Beatty) / Rorke's Drift 1879 (H. Poland)
1327: Todd Andrews -- Touched Me (W. Clearwater) / The Creation Of Elvis (A. Tranholm)
1339: Todd Andrews -- Nosey, Nosey People (A. Moss) / Bobby Boyle -- You've Got Me Down (P. White) (Bobby Boyle is female singer)
1342: Todd Andrews -- Tears Can't Bring Me You (F. Bailey) / This Love Is Real (P. Bracey)
1385: Todd Andrews -- Nothing To Do / The Right Moment (both wr. D. Nason)
1384: Todd Andrews -- Wonderous Holy Spirit / A Brand New Start (both wr. J. Barker)
1389: Todd Andrews -- There Can Never Be Another Rock And Roll King (N. Arp) / Fruit Of The Spirit (J. Barker)
1392: Todd Andrews -- How I Know There's A God (N. Ennis) / Don't Wait 'Til It's Too Late (S. Young)
1393: Todd Andrews -- Mean Woman Around (J. Townsend) / The Trumpet (H. Gonsalves)
1402: Todd Andrews -- Remember Tomorrow (H. Tillman) / The Home Of The Cherokee (Mrs. R. Bell) ("79N")
1418: Todd Andrews -- Heavy Burdens / Praise God (both wr. J. Lambert)
1419: Todd Andrews -- God's Angels / Heaven Bound (both wr. J. Lambert)
1420: Todd Andrews -- Meet Me In Heaven / Which Master (both wr. J. Lambert)
1421: Carolyn Boyle -- My Master / Todd Andrews -- Little Child (both wr. J. Lambert)
1439: Todd Andrews -- Rosa Was Not To Blame / Satan (both wr. J. Lambert)
1492: Bonnie Haven -- Our Boys In Iran / Todd Andrews -- Corn Bread (both wr. V. Martin) (A-side is spoken)
1502: Todd Andrews -- Living By Myself (Peter Avitua) / I Didn't Take You From Him (Mary E. Crawford)

-- Albums --

008: Todd Andrews & Bonnie Haven Sing Their Favorites
Mita Grandpa (Mrs. Lillian Filson)
Daddy's Gone (Patricia Moon)
I Gave You My Job (I Had For Twenty Years) (Martha Ackley)
Baby (Chip M. Holmes)
Grace (Robert Ray)
You Tell Me With Your Eyes (Tony Colling)
My Broken Heart (Alice Bell)
Empty Side Of Love (Balt W. Kramer)
Born Again (Floyd Outlaw)
A Wall Of Stone (Josephine Tucker)
I'll Always Belong To You (Rita Blanchette)
Santa's Special (Lillian Filson)
Love Turned Cold (Alice Bell)
Touching You (Pauline Hicks)
An Outlaw No One Will Ever Own (Tony Colling)

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