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SI-109: Keith Bradford -- I Love America
I Love America (Carol Troutman)
Purple Hearts & Blue Angels (Jerry Furrow)
Disaster In The Sky (Jerry Furrow)
Unknown Soldier (Troy Clendenning)
Ballad Of The 82nd Airborne (John M. Outcelt)
Our Flag (Pat Bell)
Our America (Rose D. Bryczek)
Old Glory Reminds Me Of The Bible (Marian G. Lee)
Operation Heroes In Uniform (Gil Morey)
Soldier Love, Love, Love (J.A. Miscioscia)
Portrait Of A Soldier (Preston Strand)
They're Coming Home (Tom King)
Help All Nationalities (Lexter Greene)
The Will Of God (Dan Scott Ashwander)
The Unknown Soldier (Jesse F. Hooper)
Hands Across America (Edwin Keller)

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